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  1. I had a bad leak in the lift cylinder on my baby Fargo dump wagon. My mechanic said he fix it if we could get it apart. Thing is huge and heavy. How to hold it after I drained the oil out of cylinder? This is what we came up with. 826 drawbar was just the right size to hold it from turning when we tried to unscrew the cylinder head. Assemblies I salvaged years ago from Lundell and Gehl choppers were the right height to match the drawbar and get it up off the floor. Unscrewing the head was an ordeal. Finally had to heat the barrel and use a 6' cheater bar on the 3/4" drive chain wrench to get the head off. The Farmall 400 drawbar anchored the rod to disassemble that. When Dave gets the new seals, we get to repeat the process in reverse. I hope to use the wagon Saturday to open more fields. It fits down 3 rows behind the Fox without running down corn.
  2. I just checked it and it worked OK.
  3. that is what I still have in the shed next door. There is a set of crushing rolls, under the knives and screen, so the corn and cobs are sized well. Beautiful feed. The spout is made so it can swivel and follow the wagon on turns. 2 springs about 30-36" long, one spring hooks into each topside of the unloading wagon. Except for when you forget to unhook said springs when changing wagons. Then they are about 6 or 8' long. I bought more springs for that thing....... Finally locked it like in the video.
  4. the 33 was a 2 row mounted picker. My pull behind Allis picker is half of a #33. The only thing on mine that might pass as husking area is the snapping rolls are extended well beyond where the ear snaps off/ rolls are knobby in that area. Yes, it does a crap job of husking. Tho, some of my problem was likely the corn variety.
  5. my first reaction, too. My brother had to replace one on his 806 b/c the old relief valve wouldn't pick up the discbine.
  6. guy that retails my shell corn, also picks about 15 acres of ear corn for sale to people that want ear corn. He uses a 2 row NI 325 picker. When I milked cows, I made a lot of high moisture ground ear corn. Started harvesting with 2 row snapperhead on 892 chopper, kept in 14x30 upright silo. Progressed to a NI 325 picker-grinder, made the best feed of any machine I have used. Then bought a 802 Uni/ chopper and 3 row head and filled 150' ag bags, finally progressed to neighbor's NH 2115 self propelled chopper with my IH 1063 combine head. I always figured I could substitute 1# of HMEC for 1# of shell corn, and the cows never missed a beat. Plus I got an extra ton of roughage every acre. 2 years ago, I had some picking corn that didn't dry down, picked it in the spring with an Allis Chalmers 1 row, just to see if it would pick corn. 1/2 mph it would- faster and it would plug. Finished the 2 acres with a NI 1 row.
  7. happy birthday to BJ and Orin and everyone celebrating today!
  8. you are right, Todd. Only thing about the same is the price tag. Definitely 2 different tractors.
  9. all I farm with is "vintage" equipment. Newest tractor is a 5288 and JD 750 TLB. No back orders for computers. Enough roofs and umbrellas to stay out of the sun.
  10. I bet that 1086 was on a semi at RPRU in Springfield this summer. Same price tag, iirc, and the truck and a few other things on the trailer could also be had at similarly inflated prices.
  11. Neighbor brought his 966 and discbine over to cut some of my extra hay for his cows. Toyota pickup following him. Double yellow line. Paul sticks his arm out to make a left turn into the driveway to the field. Starts to turn and guy is right beside him. Caught the side of the truck with the front tractor tire, truck's bumper or something damaged 966 front rim, back axle on truck tore loose. Paul thought the truck was going to roll, but it just ended up going the opposite direction of travel in the other lane. I was taking sweet corn to vegetable stand across from driveway, missed the excitement by about a minute. We put one of my spares on the 966, but it was really pigeon toed. Probably twisted the spindle. Paul mowed the hay with my 1086. Nobody hurt. Toyota left on a rollback.
  12. happy birthday, Bill and augercreek.
  13. they are castings on one end of a sure stand seeder AFAIK. any equipment parts yards out there?
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