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  1. dunno about the seal and bearing, but this invoice was in the box with water pump parts for (I think) Dad's Super C. Check out the prices. Current price on the spindle is $57.13 . The hub doesn't show up on Messick's site.
  2. I have put a hydraulic jack under the ball joint to force it into the steering arm harder, to chase the tie rod threads.
  3. get in line. there are several people already in it.
  4. 1026 hydro. Mike and I went to an auction that had a nice 1 owner, way back in time, to get it. But it sold for more than Dad allowed us (we worked for him at the time). I always liked that model. Boxcar Magnum Allis D14 or D15- I sold the D14 I had to get $$$ toward the 4010. I had put new oversize rear tires and a nice paint job on Allis while I had it. But really, guess I'm like Tyler- I have more than enough tractors to do what farming I'm still doing, and I get tired of the constant maintenance on them, some more than others. My 826 hydro and the 1456 are the last 2 working (as opposed to show/parade) tractors I will ever sell. Of course, by then I will probably be 6 feet under anyway....
  5. if it was a utility, it would have had the swept back front axle like my high utility.
  6. you are right- it is a C20. Came out with the Super C.
  7. I would think the hole by the arrow is just to reinforce the twist that the belt pulley would put on the casting. It doesn't look like it had a bolt in it previous.
  8. 20 years ago, I had a rented hay field that the owner's grandson and his Mom thought it would be fun to run a field car around in. Unfortunately, the shield over the cat converter fell off and got chopped up when we did first cutting. Noticed the shrapnel when we dumped the load in the bunk, and tried to scrape it all off the pile. Still cost me 2 cows. It happens.
  9. I haven't seen any more snakes than normal. Thankfully no rattlers at all. Super wet here too.
  10. that hay loader is almost twice the width of any I have ever seen. see something new every day, I guess.
  11. I have been to 10+ Roundups. The rules for 2022 listed are no different than rules from most of the others. Loading/unloading, show book photos, parades, demos- leave it parked otherwise. If you think dodging golf carts is bad, try adding in tractors...
  12. I have a major fiber optic cable going the width of my farm. Last winter, work started on running a second F.O. cable next to the first one from the 1980s. Flags everywhere. Miserable cold and snow. When spring came and the snow melted, I found several dozen of the flags (orange squares on 2' wires) that the crew missed picking up, and several boulders that the cable plow had brought to the surface. Plus, they had hooked into the old "1000 strand wire" cable that was used before the fiber optic, and there was bunches of that sticking up out of the ground. Good thing it was almost all corn ground instead of hay, but the potential for a chopper contaminating cow feed was there. I don't have metal alert on my rig. I can only guess what farmers further up the line are dealing with this summer. The company PR guy did his best to make things right, but I was PO'ed to have to deal with any of it. I did get a nice flat doorstep rock out of a boulder that I had to skid across the field because the scoop couldn't pick it up. And a nice 3/16 pin punch that the crew dropped in the snow. That's about it. My heart breaks for the Vt farmers. Like living in a ticking time bomb. You know more cows will drop, just not who or when.
  13. happy birthday James. Hope it was a good one.
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