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  1. I need a shaft for the seed drive on my 800 planter. part #141412C2 . dealer said it is NLA. 7/8" hex shaft, 22 1/2" long. Mcmaster Carr doesn't show any shaft stock. anyone know of a place to look?
  2. I welded a 7/16 washer, then welded a 1/2" nut to washer, on one of the 3/8" platform bolts on the rusty 200. head of bolt was too eroded to have any corners to grip with any 6pt socket. worked like a charm.
  3. holstein heifer calves are the $20-30 ones, bull calves are higher. I sure wish that I could get $1500 for a springer. I'm selling haylage to two neighbors who are out of feed. the wet fall kept both corn and haylage from getting completely harvested.
  4. ny bill o

    What is it?

    then I'm guessing that it won't go to the swap meet, unless you can trade it for big $$$.
  5. to clarify- the guy plowing when the axle broke, thought he might want to buy the plow. so I told him to try it out. beautiful silt loam soil/no stones or anything, shorter rows, etc. after the wheel broke off, guy tells me "that plow pulls hard. I couldn't pull it in 2nd gear, I had to drop to first." he was plowing about a foot deep. with a plow with 14" bottoms. plus where it broke, he was just dropping into the other furrow, so there was more sideways strain on the axle. he wasn't a farmer. and didn't buy the plow.
  6. plow days will be the first weekend in May. I have a C-20 2 bottom plow that did it in last time.
  7. I finally got everything put together on the rusty 200 that lost a wheel during plow day 2016. I got the axle housing and cap from a Super C that Gordon76 has; axle came from a 230 at Wengers. it took time to fix, as I worked on it when there wasn't something more urgent to do. finished in time for plow day this year.
  8. ny bill o

    What is it?

    I have to say, it is the nicest one I have ever seen...
  9. ny bill o

    New member

    welcome from just over the border, near Binghamton. I had a barn fire in 1989, saved all the cattle except 7 calves. rebuilt a 120 cow freestall/parlor, milked until 2015, sold the milkers, kept the heifers and started up again, until a year ago. this time, I'm done milking for real.
  10. great idea on how to grab it. you would never move it like that here. even 15' high on a plywood skid would gather up all kinds of wires.
  11. ny bill o

    Mixed twins

    in 40 years of farming, I had never had a heifer twin to a bull that was fertile. supposed to be 8 or 10% good or something. so when I got the next set, I gave them to my neighbor, since they were tiny and wouldn't bring anything at the sale. you guessed it- the heifer was all there and calved. I did have one set of triplets- 2 heifers and one bull. one of the heifers was a breeder.
  12. from the prices on the website, doesn't look like a shortage of money at that sale.
  13. he and the article both said "25% of the farmland in Lehigh Valley" has been lost. not surprising, given the population pressures there. we saw it in the turn of the century when our daughter was going to college in Allentown. housing developments where there were corn and soybeans the year before. no one is fudging those numbers.
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