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  1. post office better outfit the mail carrier with a crash suit. Can you imagine the shower of glass on the driver when a turkey hits the windshield? I'm sure there is some rationale for the height of the body, but it sure wasn't aerodynamics. A good crosswind would tip it right over. Ugh!
  2. that is what led to this whole debacle. I showed up with some hay she wanted. She says "oh I got that alternator already." So stupid me, thinks "well I have tools in the pickup, might as well change it while I'm here." Which went fine until I got to the tiny metric bolts in the back. I work on broken balers, tractors, etc, which have no tiny metric crap bolts involved. I thought I put everything on the front seat of her pickup, but apparently not.
  3. Happy happy to IHC5488 and Mark.
  4. Still haven't made it to where the truck is. A close-by neighbor has a same generation Dodge. I went over there this morning. The top bolt on that alternator is SAE, 3/8"x2". I have similar sizes of both metric and SAE to take when I get time to finish the change.
  5. my condolences. That was a full life, between family, farming, travelling, and volunteering.
  6. I volunteered to change an alternator on a 1997 Dodge half ton pickup, after people closer to it than me, didn't step up. Long story short, the cap screw that holds the top of the alternator to the bracket seems to have been abducted by aliens. My question is, is that bolt SAE or metric? Before I make the 15 mile trip again. I have lots of SAE bolts in the shop, but would need to get a metric bolt if that is what the threads require.
  7. I thought it was a nice video. bittersweet, too. When I sold my 120 milkers in 2015, I had pictures of loading the cows onto possumbellies, and the trucks leaving, and the cow's first milking in their new home. Still a little hard to look at. But I kept all the heifers, and we were milking 50 (all first calf heifers) in a year, and over 100 when I sold them again in 2018, with a somatic cell count I wouldn't have believed if I hadn't seen the numbers come in every month. Loading the cows that time was easier to see. Your brother in law and family probably made a good decision to get
  8. water pump bearing getting weak and silly, so lets the fan tick on the shroud?
  9. what is the clay bar/ what does it do? the half of the hood looks great!
  10. ny bill o


    what is the oil level in the crankcase doing after adding 4 gal? iirc, the only fill on the side of the engine is in the front, and it goes to the crankcase. All the hydraulics use the oil under the seat. I grew up on a 300 utility with a hand trip Superior loader. The Farmall 200 has the hyd reservoir under the gas tank. totally different system from a 300 utility. What is the loader doing/not doing? Does power steering work?
  11. happy birthday, and to Bud081 and TD25-504 too!
  12. 1256, POs park lock failed, down a hill and into a pond. Getting it out did most of the outside damage.
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