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  1. Dad told a story about a local who went for his Army physical during WWII. Guy didn't get out much, to say the least. When it came the appropriate time, the Sgt or whoever told him "need a urine sample, use one of the cups over there". Guy says "huh?" repeats a couple times, finally Sgt says "piss in the cup over there". Guy says "whut, from here?" loud enough the whole room heard.
  2. I think we all KNOW better than what we DO, a lotta times. You were one that paid. Praying for quick healing.
  3. 940 miles for me. We brought the Cub Loboy the first time it was there, probably bring it again if we go.
  4. happy birthday, Dan. and ih willie too. enjoy your day. Buy another corn picker or 2.
  5. Could it be a screen or filter has plugged again, if there is a lot of crud floating around in the system. Maybe dump the hyd oil and start with new oil?
  6. you mean like this one? I saved it years ago for parts stuff. I think the only thing I ever used off it was a 7/8" universal and shaft. PO had taken the elevator off for a silage conveyor. This Allis picker was at the 2017 HCOP. I visited with the owner, and he was worrying that he should have brought his WD instead of the B it was hooked to. Sure enough, he went about 100-150 feet before the picker was plugged full and he had to pull out of the row to unclog it. It looked great, but the B ground speed was too fast. Owner obviously had a sense of humor.
  7. ny bill o

    my 1460

    We had a warmer day yesterday, and the combine got washed off to put away. 2wd, 1983 model, but not sold until 1985. I'm the second family to own it, 12 years here. This is the first time in years that I have been done before Thanksgiving. The cats were all excited, because it was almost suppertime.
  8. here are a couple videos. They both look like a decent crop of corn. One picks a lot cleaner of husks than the other, probably the corn variety. Antique 1961 John Deere 2010 , Allis Chalmers Single Row Picker Picking Corn - YouTube Allis Chalmers Show: 2020 Corn Picking With The 1940 WC - YouTube A friend that was dying of cancer gave me his picker, because he said he knew I wouldn't junk it. It had set for years under the tree line. The first year, all I did was get everything to turn. By then all the corn was combined. The next year, too much patching of holes where the
  9. credit for photoshop abilities...
  10. this is what I got in the spring. But I think it was the variety and harvest timing. The corn never dried down in the fall, and you can see a lot of the ears were snapped off 3/4" below the cob. If they had broken loose at the cob, more of the husks would have gone with the stalk. I was going 1/2-3/4 mph according to the hydro speedo. If I went faster (like 1 1/2mph), the ears would plug up in the back of the snapping rolls. The video of the guy with the mounted picker, he seemed to be moving right along without stopping. The WC doesn't have the power director like the WD had.
  11. I didn't hook onto mine this fall. I picked some leftover 2019 corn in March, but it wouldn't feed thru fast at all. There is a you tube channel that shows picking with one side of a WC- mounted Allis picker (this is half of the mounted one, from what I have read), and he was moving right along. I think mine just needs more tinkering. Good luck with yours.
  12. My 784 has the H pattern. My brother's 784 has the zig-zag shifter. Dunno which came first. I like mine better, ala 06 vs 56 shifting. Go from 1 to 4 w/o messing with 2 and 3.
  13. I wore out the wheel on the mouse, scrolling back and forth, trying to figure out what the metal thing had to do with the topic at hand.🤔 Anyway, those are some powerfull pictures. How often do you have to replace seals and wheel bearings in those machines? I presume you must focus on where you want to go when crossing, and not look down to the water. I guess you must get used to it. Not for me.
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