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  1. ny bill o

    The right green

  2. ny bill o

    Walked out the ER tonight , lucky to be here

    dennis, glad you weren't hurt worse. heal fast.
  3. ny bill o

    Grandstand video of my run Saturday nigh

    agree with Mark, great ride!!!
  4. ny bill o

    Should have bid higher?

    I'll say this about that... the New Idea loader is worth $1000-1500. that leaves $2500-3k for the tractor. I would have kept going. I have NI loaders on my 3010 and 4010. not quick-tach, so they stay on all the time. what I love about them is you can adjust the lift height easily. I use the 4010 mostly for stacking bales, and it can go 4 bales high. not sure I would do that with that 656, unless it had a cab to protect against the bale coming over backwards on the driver. fwiw.
  5. ny bill o

    Happy birthday ,Sledgehammer & Redflyer

    happy birthday, guys.
  6. ny bill o

    45 years ago

    I got married to my best friend. still good. and definitely not bored.
  7. ny bill o

    International 350 Utility

    about 10-12 years ago, there was a 606 high utility being offered as parts on Ebay. it had been pretty well scavenged by the time I saw it. some of the high utilities' emblems say "row crop" like one of my 656 high utilities.
  8. ny bill o

    Unexpected helper

    oh cute..... arrgh!
  9. ny bill o

    International 350 Utility

    350 U will have 28" back tires. 350 hi utility will have 38" back tires, as does the Farmall M. usually the bigger diameter tires will pull better. 350U weighs about 46-4700#, per tractor data. you could add rear weights to aid in traction. no experience in that regard. a good torque amplifier will be an advantage over other similar size models, unless the JD guys write the pull rules. they may not allow TA use. Dad had a 300U (with unloaded tires) when we were growing up. my brother and I called it the "traction master", because it had none. the Farmall 300 he had would walk all over it. maybe with added rear weights>>>>>? maybe your Ford 2000 might be a compromise?
  10. ny bill o

    Tractor Show Today

    having implements to go with the tractors really shows what we worked with. I was telling a friend about an Allis front unloading manure spreader (behind the D19) just the other day. friend got a funny look on his face...
  11. ny bill o

    tractor time at the local fair

    no different here. my 1456 was unhooked from the double rake hitch... the 1086 that won the class went 50' farther than the 2nd place Ford.
  12. ny bill o

    tractor time at the local fair

    our small local fair is this weekend. I took my 504 and BN to add to the antique tractor exhibit. Linda and I rode in the parade on the BN this morning. This afternoon was the tractor and truck pull. I entered the 1456 in the 12500# out of field class (planned to take the 1466, but it weighed 13750 on my scales last night). I drew the low number for pulling order, pulled 211.54' in high 1, took the repull and did 218.86 in high 2nd. good for third place out of 4, which considering everything, made me happy.
  13. ny bill o

    Let my Farmall M go after 23 years

    a tough decision for you, with as good an ending as you might hope for.
  14. ny bill o

    tractor ride pics

    nice pictures! that narrow front 806 gave me a start....Dad bought a narrow front/no fenders 806 my senior year of high school- moved up from a Farmall 300- talk about living high! my brother still has/uses it.
  15. ny bill o

    666 refurbished

    I'm just east of the intersection of I81 and I86, southern tier of NY. auction was 40 miles west of me. no idea how the 656 got there, but auction house gets stuff in from all over.