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  1. concussions are nothing to take lightly. a friend fell on ice in January, hit his head. sent home couple days afterward. still had headaches the next week. back into hospital, they found blood clot in brain.
  2. prayers for Mel, and Paul's family. things can change so fast.
  3. or if you didn't like that one, a different vendor has a nicer looking used one, but with the 2 end pins missing for $301. nice catch!
  4. ditto, Robbie and EJQ and ih5088 82
  5. when I got married in 1973, Dad's family car was a 1968 Olds 98 4 door hardtop. 455 fire breather. he replaced it with a 1975 Olds 98. also 455, but that one was still thinking about moving when the '68 would be halfway out of sight. what a dog. thanks, EPA, for nothing.
  6. 2 choices for loading and feeding silage- both 656 gas hydros with 2250 loaders. pushing up feed- lots of choices- 3 200s or a Super C, mostly depends on what starts well. spreading manure- for a long time, the 966 was the spreader tractor; for most of the last year, the White 2-105 has been hooked to the spreader. grinding corn meal, again several choices- 656 high utility, 1206, 826, even the JDs
  7. spike looks good. next, build him (or buy) a ROPS frame for the back end, so there is no way a bale could come down the loader arms onto him. a county farm bureau president a few counties over, had that happen years ago. he was in a wheelchair forever afterwards.
  8. Mike, I love bacon, especially when Linda cooks it for me. I usually don't feel like taking the time, myself.
  9. most mornings, breakfast is 2 cinnamon raisin english muffins with apricot preserves and milk from my neighbor's tank. if I have cereal, it is Wheaties and raisins, or Raisin Bran, and milk.
  10. another shot of the 656 with the bucket on it. we were putting down cement over gravel, then wetting and stirring the whole thing to make soil concrete for the bunk silo floor. about 1974 1973. me on Dad's 826 hydro that he bought new in 1971. my job was plowing with the 826 and 550 plow. we used that system, with no transmission problems, until he traded the 826 on a 1086 in 1978. so much for the "you can't use a hydro for heavy work" argument. 826 in my garden, after the Y-A-R cab was installed. 1975 my brother and 806, giving an Allis notill planter a real test in 1975. Mike still has the 806. the 806 with a different job. big old maple trunk. my 966 the day it arrived in 1984 966 and 575 spreader. spreader was probably the biggest piece of junk I ever owned. it would have made a dandy wood wagon. pulling the Allis wagon through the corn bunk while chopping 1985 966 and JD plow 1984 planting corn with the M that is still here. third tractor I bought (in1977), and I'm only the third owner. 1086 and 8312 mower on some rented ground chopping with the "new" (vs "old") 2+2 during a wet fall
  11. in the old picture, there was also a subframe for the New Idea loader that the 656 was still carrying when I bought it in 1989,so there is that, too.
  12. Dad planting corn in the mid70s. he bought the 656 new in 1968. the 656 a couple years ago in my farmyard.
  13. one of the longtime members here. hope its a good one.
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