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  1. Thursday. I was going to bale with the 826 hydro, but the valve core had other ideas. Waiting on the tire guy to put in a new tube. So Skippy, the gas 656 hydro scoop tractor, lost the scoop and did an admirable job of running the baler wide open. 3 wagon loads. Now the field can get plowed for corn with the 3588.
  2. My good BN (1945 model) was bought at a consignment auction, already looking good. I added the second seat, and made a step for each side so it is easier getting on. Mostly just a parade and show tractor, though it did make a round with a 1 bottom plow at Plow Day this year. I have another BN that is unrestored, and a 3rd BN that I bought for parts prior to getting the nice one.
  3. I passed on a good 735 5 bottom at the farm Bureau auction. It sold for $850 iirc, but I just didn't need it. Already have IH 700 6 bottom reset with Buster Bar IH 720 6 bottom reset on land hitch Oliver 546 5 bottom spring reset with Buster Bar IH 412 FH 4 bottom semi mount (2) IH 311 FH (2) IH #60 3 bottom trailer plow P&O 3 bottom trailer plow IH 209 FH IH C20 FH (2) JD 2 bottom 3pt hitch Several P&O 2 bottom trailer plows (maybe 6 or 7? including one 2-12") Oliver 1 bottom trailer plow (2) P&O 1 bottom 2 way plow 1 bottom FH plow for the 100 and another 1 bottom FH slat plow for a Cub Think that is all.
  4. Mike and I have our reservations made for the banquet already.
  5. price for 1 tooth starts at $310 and goes up from there, depending on the dealer. WHAT??? Guess I will go without.
  6. i have a 560 gas and a 560 diesel. Most of the plowing pictures have someone besides me driving them. The gas: The diesel: T The diesel has a starter from an 806, which really makes a difference in starting.
  7. and Operator- you can keep the dime.
  8. over 3" of rain (mostly) ending Sunday night/Monday morning. The river is over its banks onto the lower flats. Enough rain for awhile! The rest of this week looks showery.
  9. Dad ran a Super 717 and 2 row corn head with an 806. Only problem was one employee who started the PTO like a Ford would start it's PTO- its ON or its OFF. Took out the main gearbox once.
  10. I had not used the 826 in the field before and it impressed me. The 358 was smooth and powerful and sounded great under load. The hydro is stout and handled the disk well, even up a steep hill fixing washouts along the waterways. I am now a believer that a hydro can easily handle appropriate fieldwork! Agree! Dad bought a new 826 hydro in 1971, the year I graduated from Cornell. We had a 550 plow that had been pulled behind the 806, and the 826 got the plow, and the 806 got moved to applying Sutan, pulling a 12' Allis disk with a mounted 125 gallon spray tank and mounted spray nozzles, and followed by a 12' JD drag to apply and incorporate the Sutan. I plowed with the 826 and 5 bottom plow for the next 8 years with no hydro problems at all. Of course, the 826 was used for haying, chopping, manure spreading, everything we could think of, too.
  11. I was amazed that mine was in yesterday's mail. Usually, it arrives a week after you guys start talking about getting your issue. One thing I noticed right off was the story by 560 Dennis about his family's Farmall C. Nice job, and lots of pictures! Also enjoyed the "old time" (1920s) Peek of the Past pictures, especially the 1928 rolloff trailer for delivering Regulars
  12. We had probably the biggest turnout for a plow day here, ever, last Saturday. Everything from my 3588/6 bottom700 plow to a Cub Cadet that handled 3 bottoms to a JD M and my BN with 1 bottom plows. Even a Cockshutt 570 Super. 16 or 17 total tractors, usually around 12 in the field at once. The usual few breakdowns, lots of visiting, and a great (although late- store lost our pizza order) lunch break. Everyone got machinery loaded and I got my tractors under cover before the sky let loose with an inch of rain around 6pm. my fat finger in the way The R in the back broke it's crankshaft at plow day about 8 or 10 years ago. nice 300 utility once across the field with my late friend Steve's H
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