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  1. ny bill o

    656 gas leak

    Good chance the fiber washer that seals the threads has deteriorated. Same material as found in carb seals. The solenoid just unscrews out of the carb. a couple of my 656s have a working solenoid and shutoff, and a couple of the other plungers have been operated on.
  2. ny bill o

    new to tractors

    That is a regular utility. A high utility would have 38" back tires. Check the steering box for slop. The 300 and 350 utilities were notorious for trashing the box, especially with a loader involved. Otherwise, a scrappy little tractor.
  3. ny bill o

    Abilene Machine Step Kit

    I just put a set of k and m steps on the 1466 last week. 18.4x38" on 38" centers. Biggest problem was i need a fourth step for some reason . I should have one off dad's 806 steps around somewhere.
  4. ny bill o

    Best hay tractor?

    Of all my tractors, if I had to pick only one to keep to use, it would be the 826 hydro. Versatile,nimble, and hp enough for most jobs. weight so you don't get pushed around in hills. And you can't beat a hydro for haying.
  5. ny bill o

    Some 1460 repairs

    good job!
  6. ny bill o

    corn silage

    those 88 series are the best styled tractors ever built.
  7. ny bill o

    corn silage

    that's Earl! actually, the 2150 is much more attractive.....
  8. ny bill o

    corn silage

    I used some maybe 15-20 years ago for a few years. when the dealer changed, I went with a different company. didn't go back for whatever reason.
  9. ny bill o

    corn silage

    I have used inoculant (silo guard 2, now IBA crop cure) on haylage and high moisture ear corn forever. never have used any inoc on corn cilage.
  10. ny bill o

    corn silage

    the corn in the pictures was some drier than I preferred, but by waiting for the longer day corn to ripen a little more, and then having to wait on more rainy days, that is the way it worked out. corn was changing fast while we waited. all the corn in the pictures has been heating (fermenting) nicely, and the chopper chopped it fine and has a processor that "grinds" up corncob and kernels, so pieces are finer and it will pack better. packing is just driving back and forth, like plowboy's picture shows. theheavier the tractor, the better. Earl weighs in just about the same as the 2+2, 15,000- 16,000#. the pictures are from last year's pile, but the same tractors were used this year. the blade on the 3588 is an upside-down dozer blade from an IH track loader that fits nicely with a quick hitch. I was running the 2+2, so a little hard to get pictures. the bunk packed well; we put the wetter corn on top of the drier corn.
  11. ny bill o

    Grandpa Ross

    my condolences to you both. prayers sent.
  12. ny bill o

    corn silage

    I haven't got the bill yet.....
  13. ny bill o

    corn silage

    the 2150 is named Earl. remember a claymation TV show in the 90's called Dinosaurs? the lead (father)'s name was Earl, and his job was pushing over trees. when I bought Earl, the name fit. I bought a snowplow from a ton and a half truck and built the frame to attach it to Earl. Earl has moved a lot of silage over the years. including the time his clutch finger broke while I was on top of a 12' high pile of corn, headed for the end of the pile. fun times!
  14. ny bill o

    corn silage

    Oliver 2150