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  1. those people from Franklin are a little different...
  2. I think I ground some HMEC (to feed) one year in late Sept. usually not ready for shell corn until late Oct or early November.
  3. Most of the rain for the last week-10 days has been hit and miss. 2 weeks ago, I was rigging up a water tank on a trailer to water the gardens. Then we got 1 1/2" of rain over 4 days, so I didn't need the trailer.Now its getting dry again. Wife and I went to Fry's in Muncy, Pa, for New Holland baler parts (2 1/2 hrs away), 10 days ago, and there was corn curling near the NY/PA state line then. 2nd cutting will be short.
  4. the field across the road from my living room window. I'm 6' tall. I also have some that is just over knee high. And some pictures I took from the flat while I was baling first cutting a couple weeks ago. New seeding in the foreground. First picture is the home farm, then the neighbors' places.
  5. when NY Farm Bureau sold Safemark, it was all I bought. Tires were a little hard, but they pulled good and wore like iron. I'm still running a pair that I put on the 3010 after the fire in 1989. Mine have a straight tread bar.
  6. I have a 241 baler next door in the barn (museum piece). I call it the "roll or puke" baler. it would either start the roll, or you would puke the mess out the back and try again. even money which one it would be. I'm a little surprised anyone had a good word to say about one. Not one of IH's better ideas.
  7. I pulled my 1456 in low 3 at the local fair. Weighed 11500#. Good TA. spun out. I was the first puller, and the guy unhooking said to try a gear higher, so I did. still spun out. Next year, pulled Hi 1, spun out. I planned to try Hi 2 the next year, but the pulls were eliminated.
  8. My RPM came today. I noticed the Scout right away. Nice!
  9. That is when that employee would be looking for a different job....
  10. happy birthday, John, FarmallTom, farmerjohn8910, and feedlot special. lots of active birthdays today.
  11. Goodrich TRactor parts in Newark Valley had an 826 that donated hood etc to mine in 2010. 607-642-3294
  12. sure glad it wasn't worse for your brother. Hopefully, any judge that gets involved will throw the book at the car driver, and make him pay for damages and a stiff fine too. Good thing there was a witness.
  13. thanks. Good way to start the day.😀
  14. Visiting Farmall land was going to be one of the stops on the way to RPRU. Now, we are probably not going at all.
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