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  1. Mike, great pictures! I know from VERY limited experience about driving through running water. Don't Look Down! and Pray. is the rock being hauled for rip rap to try and keep the river from taking more land?
  2. for $150, she said "happy birthday!"
  3. I took the trailer to Preble to pick up a Farmall Regular, whose owner had lost the storage for it. when I got loaded, I noticed a missed call on my phone that I had left in the truck. it was my former herdsman from when we milked cows. I called him back and he asked if I had the tractor loaded yet. HUH? I'm 70 miles away from home, and out of sight from the interstate. turns out his nephew had gone by the field where the Regular was, with a tractor and grain cart, saw my DOT sign on the pickup, and knew who it was, and called his uncle. I had seen a 6130 combine go by, but the nephew must have gone by when the winch was talking, and I never noticed.
  4. I hand shelled some a week ago. either side of 30%. are you drying it or making HMC?
  5. jim's family is still pulling several tractors- 20 Mule Team, Third Generation 1066 and Fourth Generation
  6. keep on keepin' on, Ron. cold weather isn't the worst time to be laid up. at least that was what I told myself 3 years ago, when I was in a similar situation.
  7. I got $35. probably a little light for second, but whatever.
  8. thanks for all the birthday wishes, guys. I had a milk promotion roast beef dinner at noon, and our church Harvest Dinner at suppertime, so I was very well fed today. who knew that all that food would be so tiring? never made it to the IH auction, but the good news on that is that I don't have a trailer load of stuff to find room for in the toy box.
  9. quite a bunch of active members celebrating today. happy birthday, all. Jerry, you (and all of us) win again.
  10. 4x5 bales, 700-750#. they were stacked 4 high in the barn. the bottom row had some square edges in places. it made loading a challenge, for sure.
  11. 2nd cutting grass. easier to make than last year, but still a scarce commodity.
  12. happy birthday, guys.
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