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  1. good point, but maybe he just needed that tire excuse to get the new tractor (presumably with more creature comforts) past SWMBO.
  2. Dan, I think you need a front end loader, and a cotton picker for your 8. They should cover about every possible use you could have for it. Oh, maybe pulling Bitty's barrel train, too.
  3. Dad wanted a bigger tractor than the Farmall 300 we had in 1967. After trying out 6 or 8 new tractor brands, including a new 706, he heard about a 1964 806 for sale in the Finger Lakes that had been used one year to run an irrigation pump, before the owner died. It arrived- narrow front, no fenders, one remote. (He did buy the 550 plow that was demo'ed with the 706). But what a horse!! This is after it was here several years, with a Schwartz wide front. It got fenders a couple years later, from the new 826 when the 826 got its cab. My brother still has it, 12000 hours on the original never-op
  4. iirc, it was built just about 3 months before Pearl Harbor, so from helping out the war effort in food production.....
  5. my 1941 Farmall A serial number is stamped AA 77351. The double A letter is different shaped from the A in the model designation. I can't find a double A prefix in my list of options. Ideas?
  6. When the D15 was new, the local Allis dealer thought Dad should try one out. It was the only Allis that Dad tried that I wished he had actually bought. I had a used one owner D14 when I started farming on my own. Had to sell it for money towards a bigger tractor.
  7. the 2 upper weights will fit a 240/340. and maybe the Super C/200/230? the lower weight should bolt across the 2 side weights pictured. my 240 with weights attached. I don't have any of the slab weights to show. Think I paid $60 for the pair. Must be nobody else at the auction knew what they fit.
  8. and right now, Tyler is out smashing just his big toe with a hammer, since the price was more than the $50.
  9. so that's where all those 70's Ford pickups went.
  10. I got fed up with the drawbar on my 560 always hunting for where it wanted to be. I disconnected the tel a depth and ran the drawbar from one of the 2 remotes. It goes up and down when and as much as I say. Problem solved.
  11. Richard brought it to 2003 Bloomsburg RPRU, and after the Red Power group got done admiring it, he asked "anyone want to drive it?". Heck yes, I took it for a spin. Thanks, Richard.
  12. 2*20*Y means that particular part was cast on Feb 20, 1953. Based on the hood/grille, most other major parts should have date codes in the range of x*x*D E F G H or J (1958-1963).
  13. I bought the older looking one from a tractor jockey that has sold me several tractors. I finally had enough power and traction to open up the White 598 plow that I had at the time. Also found that the 3588 turned shorter than the 1086, when I broke the hitch right off the plow. The first one walked on water so well that I wanted another to put on the planter. Sold at a NY sale as a "clean midwestern tractor". Must have been their planting tractor, as the wheels are all the way in. They are both 1980 models, only 132 numbers apart. I guess they ha
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