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  1. ny bill o

    Mystery Part topic

    I have seen some of those hooks around here, but I don't know what they are either.
  2. ny bill o

    USS Hornet

    I am amazed that the lettering on the hood is so readable. i wonder what it was made of?
  3. ny bill o

    606 Diesel Hi-Clear

    they were unique. I have 3- a 350 HU, a 656 HU that Dad bought new, and a 656 row crop. neighbor across the river used to have another 656 HU. a friend has a 460 HU which was the first 6 cylinder tractor I ever drove, but he won't sell it. the 606 HU should be the rarest, especially being a diesel.
  4. ny bill o

    1941 Farmall H

    looking good! I'm just catching up on this topic. I watched the video of your daughter's solo. she was sure being careful. make sure she keeps her thumbs outside the steering wheel spokes. if one front wheel should catch a rock, that steering wheel will spin so fast, the driver is apt to get a broken thumb or 2. not likely where she was driving, but somewhere else, possible. just something to learn on Hs, Ms, 300s, etc.
  5. ny bill o

    Dad's birthday

    Jere, today would have been my Dad's 92nd birthday. what a coincidence! here he is doing the job that was his, in the mid '70s. I plowed, Mike disked and sprayed, and Dad planted. I still have the 656 Hi Utility he is driving. Dad died in Nov 2008, the night before the National IHCC auction was in western NY. I never realized we shared the date. happy birthday, LD and Don.
  6. ny bill o

    Bought this more for Dad then me, but I like it too!

    those things are slick!
  7. ny bill o

    Find this way too often

    toasty! including the perp, if he happened to be asleep when it lights.
  8. ny bill o


    no C-F-A nearby, but when we went to Alabama last spring, we found out how good their food and service was. Yum!
  9. ny bill o

    So Walmart is good for something.

    you gonna let your hair grow and get styled like on the box, so's you're authentic while you build it???
  10. ny bill o

    856 Custom fuel system

    including the return line going into the bottom of the tank instead of the top?
  11. ny bill o

    856 Custom fuel system

    friend is working on an 856 Custom. the fuel return line from the pump goes into center area of fuel tank and then down into bottom of the tank, with a check valve in the line, like 826 has. other 856s had the return line going into the top of the tank. this tank is different than the tank on the regular 856 sitting next to the Custom ( shallower, etc). was this return line routing common to the Customs, or did someone change things around some time during its life?
  12. ny bill o

    Sitting in children's hospital

    just saw this... hang in there Shelby. I'm glad things went OK.
  13. ny bill o

    1975 Dodge XCNT8 Real Truck

    I have loved that style Dodge since I saw one the first time. that would make one honking silage truck. not so sure about the engine tho...
  14. ny bill o

    I D this grille

    I just called Harry that has A #501. that one has the countersunk holes with the Dzus fasteners, and the bottom hole is back where this one is. for some reason, it also has a hole under the crank hole, too. Harry also has a late '39 A, but that one has the bolt/washer instead of the dzus. I think Al wins the cake today!
  15. ny bill o

    I D this grille

    for what used grilles are worth, I can flatten out the holes and put it on a tractor. of course, for $2000 for wall art, I might reconsider.....