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  1. GT 570. Been in the family since Dad bought it secondhand in the mid-80s.
  2. I just got started last week. My ground is pretty well drained, so I doubt that the 1-2" of rain predicted for tonight will slow things down more than a day or 2. The dryer, however, is acting up. Pressure regulator needs to be replaced. I had 2 dryers full done before the regulator came in heat. Combine bin fills a gravity wagon, and 3 wagons fill the dryer.
  3. back in the 70s, our family butchered one steer a year for our own use. One year, the lucky animal was an Angus, that refused to go down and die. Think Dad shot it more than 6 times before success. (Not his first rodeo, either.) At the family group Christmas later, one of his siblings' gifts to him was a nicely simulated book entitled "Home butchering, or Get the Lead Out".
  4. AMEN! in my younger days, I put a gauge on the 656 that was my Dad's, used the plastic line that came with the gauge. It worked fine until several years later, when the plastic broke unnoticed while raking hay and drizzled all the oil out. Cost me an engine. And the use of the tractor for quite a few years.
  5. I bet that would be an interesting conversation.
  6. KWRB, I would say you got a real sleeper there, if you took it to a tractor show. Fwiw, a friend in Alabama got ahold of a B with a bad engine, wanted a 2 seat parade tractor, so found an A with a good engine and made the swap. A was used for yard art afterwards.
  7. there was a B with a cotton picker mounted, at the RPRU in Montgomery, Al. One of 2 experimental built, but the only survivor, iirc. Needed restoration.
  8. happy birthday, guys.
  9. dunno if there was a trailer involved or not. Hadn't thought about scrappers, but they usually go for generic stuff or that be cut into generic pieces. Haybine is 12' cut, and about 13' wide, so harder to transport. Fact is, I would have sooner seen the haybine disappear. Hate that thing. My mechanic referred to it as "job security". I think tractor would attract too much attention if it was just driven up the road, as there are quite a few neighbors (including me) who look to see who is going by this time. Grass where tractor sat all summer was dead. Grass where tractor was sitting today was greenish and slimy, so it was probably moved in the last week- 10 days. I talked with the close-by neighbors so they are aware. There are properties fairly nearby that are off of the main roads, and "summertime homes". Not accusing, but one possibility. Wife says it is a wonder we haven't been stolen blind before this.
  10. I used one of my 656 hydros to move a broken haybine out of the way by the shop, a couple months ago. I left it hooked up, at the other farm, in front of the barn, but a ways from the road. Had a few minutes this morning, thought I would get it parked in another spot. Key Was Gone. Looked behind tractor, and haybine tongue was on the ground. Then noticed that tractor was moved ahead about two feet. Hydro apparently has a valve on the forward side leaking by and will barely move forward, which is why I used it for moving the haybine in the first place. Backs up like normal. Good thing, I guess, or the tractor would have been gone. All I need is another key. And to fix the valve sometime.
  11. got both, but my 1456 would be the last work tractor I would ever sell.
  12. key phrase right here. With a smaller chopper, and none or 1 or 2 helpers, a dump wagon keeps everyone's time more productive. I'm fortunate to have mostly well drained land, and the 2+2 to pull the rig on the not-so-good land.
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