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  1. neighbor happened onto a 544 diesel with ROPS and fast hitch at a consignment sale. under $3k. I'm jealous. its his raking tractor.
  2. if that isn"t a show tractor. I don't need to know what is. verrry nice! should be a fun drive.
  3. 269 was replaced by the 273, which was replaced by the 310, which was replaced by the 311. all were the smallest models of their series. biggest difference in the balers was the 311 had a vertically travelling feed chain, like the older 270/271 models. 268/269/273/310 all had horizontal feed chains. vertical made much nicer shaped bales. one reason I loved my old 270.
  4. there was a NH 270 baler here that I bought with the farm in 1980. the farmer said it worked good but didn't throw worth a darn. I tightened up all the belts between the flywheel and thrower, and then it would throw to the second wagon back if I asked it to. the 270 burned up in the barn fire in 1989. i had a JD 24T for a little while, ok but nothing to write home about. then heard about a NH 311 owned by a guy that had bought it new and had quit farming severals years back. the baler was never cleand out and the remains of the hay bales in the chamber were about 8" high. cleaned it out, greased it, and I have had a great baler ever since. I also have a NH Super 77 that needs a motor, or (preferably) a pto driveline, under cover next door. also a similarly designed Massey harris #1? baler, and a Case 132? baler, all of which might get played with if I live to 130 yrs of age.
  5. happy birthday, Eric and Max and all.
  6. as long as it is a 186. otherwise, forget it and bring me my 826 hydro.
  7. localized is the key word. we got 1/2" in less than an hour here on Saturday. neighbor 3 miles down the road didn't even have puddles. 30 miles west, about 4", all from the same storm. I'm baling the last of the first cutting today. wet fields are still getting marks in the ground from tires. Oren, did you figure out where you saw the 5288 and chopper? Otego/ Oneonta area? or is there another rig like that out there I'm not remembering?
  8. my neighbor Harry was way ahead of you, then. Farmall A #501 and his Cub both had plows, his AV had cultivators. I agree, implements on tractors are interesting. Implements by themselves tend to be bulky and hard to haul. for example, my McC rope and slat hay loader. I briefly thought about bringing it, but events worked out differently. not to mention, impossible for me to pull in the parade....
  9. my Hoosier 5 run seeder is in the background from 12:06 to about 12:18.
  10. I was going to the picture area with Harry's AV, stablemate to A #501.
  11. that would be my guess- just a guess.
  12. there was a 5x88 out in the back parking lot, hooked to a batwing mower....
  13. pretty nice shaped bales for the first time out. I have an 848 round baler. I have to force myself to wait and get enough turns of twine on a bale. also, if your baler has air bags like mine, make sure they are aired up correctly. i run mine at 38 psi, makes a tighter bale that way.
  14. I did well at the parts corral too- the heavy/higher cost stuff sold. the pickup bumper was about 4 or 5" higher when I hooked it up after the show than when I unhooked it with the stuff in the box.
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