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  1. afaik, Fox only used 2 types of mounts. the early heads had 2 upside down Vs that fit over pegs on the side of the intake raddle, and a threaded Tee bolt that locked the head down. I'm talking early-mid 60's. the other mount went on more like a corn head on a feeder house, iirc.
  2. try Works Sales in Indiana 812-534-3472. they have been Fox dealers for a loong time. also try Fox Forage Equipment Enthusiasts group on Facebook. lots of people all over the country.
  3. that is a really nice one. I have my Dad's 410 in the shed next door. it had never set out either, when he ought it. he had a 4 row head for it, though you had to go slow to keep from choking the combine. 3 row would match up nice. still, it gave the cleanest corn of any combine since. unfortunately, you need to find the right person (collector) to get much over $6-700 for it. maybe put it on a massey site or yesterday's tractor combine forum.
  4. happy birthday, guys. Gordon, the 200 that got your tool box/seat support gets used every day to push feed up to the heifers. your axle on the other 200 made it to plow day this spring.
  5. those are a cone washer that mates up with the adjuster. I would think it would be risky to try and set the shear bar without the right washer. if you were close to me, I could rob one off my old 718.
  6. mine is shiny and goes nice in parades. one of my last choices of my tractors to do actual field work. fairly gutless, and as noted before, verrry slow in reverse. I would hate to have a loader on one. main reason for owning mine is, between my brother's and my tractors, we have the whole 06 series except a 706. there were a couple around here when they were new; they got a reputation for the fan bearing going out and fan hitting radiator.
  7. my 1964 R190, former fire truck. I put a 15' platform dump from Dad's 1950 L180 on it, and he and I built the silage body in the early 90s. self opening tailgate. my first silage truck. another picture. truck had been in use for quite a while when these were taken. 2003 GMC with 22' dump.
  8. my 806 Wheatland has the short shaft. Knight manure spreader PTO wouldn't latch, until I ground a little off the end of the universal.
  9. thanks, Tim. same milker and pump as mine, just a different base and power source.
  10. Linda and I went to the NY state fair in Syracuse today, to see The Mavericks. free admission to the fair today for seniors (that's us), and free concert at Chevy Court. even though it was showering rain, we stayed reasonably dry in our Family Dollar $1 rain ponchos and trash bags. SUPERB concert by Raul Malo and the band. almost 1 1/2 hours long. they did one song that might have been a Bruce Springsteen song that I can't figure out the name of. its driving me nuts. saw (I think) their buses when they left for Massachusets for tomorrow's show. Grand way to spend the day!
  11. we have it here, too. if you don't spray (organic), puts a quick end to blueberry season when they arrive, usually early-mid August.
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