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  1. That's supposed to be Landpride.
  2. I've loaded beside him in Abilene at Landrieu before.It's his unit number.
  3. Under normal conditions both rears shifted at the same time, no neutral. With the power divider engaged the front axle would shift all 3 ranges and the rear axle would stay in low.Really interesting experience with about 60,000 on.
  4. I had a 72 cab over freightliner with a 335 Cummins that put 420 hp to the ground with a 5 spd and 3 spd air shift twin screw.On Mt Eagle I would watch for the big Pete's in the left lane beside me to start to move the stick then flip the button and leave him in a cloud of smoke. With the power divider in only the front rear-end would shift. Don't ask how I found that out!
  5. The wife and I had the privilege to haul the first engine for Doc back from rebuild in Grangeville,Idaho. The looks on their faces when t opened the engine can was priceless,not a dry eye in the hanger.Got a tour of the plane and took many pictures of what looked like miles of wire and cables.Heard several stories of B29's too.We will never forget that day.
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