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  1. I had 77 4070B.318 with a 13 spd 4.11 rears.5" straight pipes could be heard 3 miles away but wasn't any louder in the cab than with mufflers. Loved that truck.
  2. sking


    Just went back and read the article. That truck now resides in Orleans,Indiana.
  3. sking


    Good friends with the guy that owns that truck. Matter of fact I was supposed to have taken it to the Louisville truck show but couldn't make it. Former owner spent 100 grand on it then passed away.
  4. As to the comment above about Cat parts I can testify that it's completely true.I just got through this week with a 98 day rebuild of a 6NZ.Parts were almost nonexistent. I had to source at least 50% myself as Cat couldn't find them.No turbos,no cams,no rockers,no front covers,no injectors. I spent days on the phone calling dealers to find this stuff. At least I still got my Cat warranty. Where did all the parts go?
  5. sking

    Buying parts

    I have a C15 cat in a Caterpillar shop being rebuilt (only 49000 miles on platinum rebuild).Injectors from cat are 55 days out,cylinder kits coming from 3 different places,rod brgs from another,mains from yet another.Told me that I should be thankful thankful that I don't have a new engine as there are no parts in the pipeline and no idea when there will be.
  6. I've loaded beside him in Abilene at Landrieu before.It's his unit number.
  7. Under normal conditions both rears shifted at the same time, no neutral. With the power divider engaged the front axle would shift all 3 ranges and the rear axle would stay in low.Really interesting experience with about 60,000 on.
  8. I had a 72 cab over freightliner with a 335 Cummins that put 420 hp to the ground with a 5 spd and 3 spd air shift twin screw.On Mt Eagle I would watch for the big Pete's in the left lane beside me to start to move the stick then flip the button and leave him in a cloud of smoke. With the power divider in only the front rear-end would shift. Don't ask how I found that out!
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