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  1. The line that you are asking about crosses over to the left side of the tractor drops down and connects to the second port from the bottom on the rear of the MCV, just like it is shown in J-Mech's schematic above. Sorry, but I don't have a camera available for a picture right now.
  2. Here are a few shots of the remote valve on a 574 that I have the fuel tank and fenders off working on the brakes. Not the best pictures, but it might give you some idea of what you need to look for. I don't know what the deal is with the cobbled up return hose, but it will get changed before it leaves here. I hope this helps.
  3. I have a 574 torn down for brake piston o-rings and one of the brake disks is worn to where the grooves are gone, so I am wanting to replace it. The other one looks very good, so I am going to leave it up to the owner if he wants it replaced or not. This is a later 574 with SN of 112713 which makes it a 1976 model if it matters. Anyway, when looking up the brake parts, it appears that there is a sub number for the brake disk and the brake piston with a note that if you replace either the piston or the disk you need to replace both the parts together (disk and piston) with the later number also. The problem is the piston is $420.00, so I don't want to replace it unless it is required. A&I shows a brake disk part number 114622C2 and they make no mention of have to replace the piston when using this disk. Anyone ever run into problems replacing the disk without the piston? I also have a question about the piston o-rings. The parts listing shows 3 o-rings used on each side, 2 of which are the actual piston o-rings and the other one must be an o-ring that seals the differential carrier to the rear end housing. This third o-ring is required because the ID of the brake piston seals with an o-ring that sits in a groove in the OD of differential carrier, so any leak between the differential carrier and the rear end housing would be a leak in the brake piston area. How necessary is it to replace this third o-ring and will I run into any problems trying to pull the differential carrier off, doing one side at a time? Thanks!
  4. We got the PTO working by tearing down and cleaning the solenoid valve. Put it on the dyno for a little while to be sure it didn't slip under load and ran it for several hours with no load and it never kicked out. I guess at this point we will let the customer have it and see if it keeps working. Thanks for the help!
  5. Got it figured out......had a blown o-ring in the flow control on #3. Thanks!
  6. Thanks for the reply! Yes, all the other valves work normally, and dead heading 1 or 2 also makes #3 flow normally. What is getting me is that usually if the problem is in the signal circuit in one valve, then the problem valve is the only one that will work and all the other valves or functions will not work correctly.
  7. Along with the PTO problem this MX120 we have in the shop has a problem with the #3 aux remote valve. The customer was trying to run a hydraulic motor on a corn drag and it will only power the drag when the steering wheel is held to the full left or full right. The loader is connected to #1 and #2 remotes and works normal. Appears to be a problem in the signal circuit for #3. Just wondering if someone more familiar with these tractors could point us in the direction we need to head. Thanks! Pat
  8. OK Glenn, thanks for the update.
  9. Are you saying you by-passed the PTO controller? If so, does it not engage very aggressively? Thanks!
  10. I am researching a MX120 PTO problem that we have been fighting off and on for couple of years. Was there ever an update to this PTO problem? I take it that CIHTECH sent out a PTO controller to try, but I am wondering if that was the fix or not.
  11. AgParts offers an optional bushing for the IPTO shaft/gear for a TA equipped tractor similar to what a factory TA delete tractor used. The AgPart part number is 384186.
  12. Is there a chance that the campgrounds will fill up towards the weekend? To early for me to make definite plans, but maybe I need to get campground reservations just in case. Probably head up Thursday afternoon/evening. Thanks!
  13. Tractors with factory TA delete are built as highcotton has described. The ebay pictures shown are for either tractors with TA or tractors with an aftermarket TA delete kit. To answer your question, the retainer, IPTO shaft and bearing should come out after the 5 cap screws are removed. You may need to tap sideways on the release bearing carrier tube to break it loose.
  14. Auto trans and stock HP. This summer it started shifting funny just before we left for the west coast trip. It started doing the 1-2 shuttle shift at very light throttle, usually pulling a slight hill.This was just a day or two before we were planning on leaving and I didn't have time to mess with it before we left. Didn't notice it much on the trip, but then this fall I left it hooked to our fifth wheel with the pickup cord plugged in and the camper power cord not plugged in and ran the truck batteries dead and since then it has very delayed up-shifts. I am thinking I am just going to change out the governor pressure transducer and the governor solenoid with some of the upgraded parts that are out there. Also, I talked to Goerand Transmission's tech line and he thought the very delay up-shifting could be a problem with the Output Speed Sensor located in the overdrive housing of the transmission. I have pulled a goose-neck trailer and the fifth wheel besides the truck camper, but I am going to be pretty disappointed if it has internal trans problems at 80,000 miles. Truck gets parked in winter and I am busy with other projects right now so it is on the back burner. I also think it may be starting to crank just a little longer before it starts at least from what I remember it did in the past, and occasionally idle a little rough, so I am going to pull the injectors out and either replace them or send them in to have them tested, as I don't want to risk a damaged piston. Have you had any issues with yours?
  15. I have an 06, 5.9 and I check the injector line clamp bolts every oil change. I have never broke an injector line, but the truck only has 80,000 miles on it. We put a truck camper on the back and take long distance trips (Iowa to Alaska, Iowa to west coast, Iowa to Canadian Rockies) so I keep a spare #4 line. While I have never needed it I, have supplied others with it until they could get me a new replacement.
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