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  1. Are both brake valve spools fully returning? How you describe the one pedal going down is how they act if one spool is partially extended..
  2. Thanks SD man, I am not sure how we are going to proceed, may have one of the local dealers take care of it. Thanks again!
  3. Thanks SD man! I ran out and pulled the codes and here is what I found. Inst 14019 this code was in the #2 spot, #1 was empty. eng 19505 trans 2800 trans 2808 pto 5001 ehr 4145 I can not find the instrument code or the trans 2808 code in my service manual witch may be because it is not new enough. I think it only goes to a 335. Could someone tell what the inst 14019 and the trans 2808 code is? Thanks!
  4. I have a customers who's recently purchased 2013 Magnum 340 wants to throttle down by itself, meaning the engine will go to idle with the throttle control set at the hi idle position. He said the display says something like (he wasn't 100% sure) KH+ when it does this. It has done this several times, I think the first time he moved the throttle control back to idle and then it worked OK and the second time that did not work so he just parked it. He did not try shutting it down and restarting it. He says tractor had a new engine due to the liner o-ring problem shortly before he bought it. One
  5. Happy birthday Jim, thanks for all of your help over the years!
  6. OK, thanks everone for the replies. The new sensor pot I just installed is a 1K pot, so I did not think I should need the adapter/resistor harness. I pulled the adapter harness off of my 1020 header thinking I was going to try it on this head if it had a 4K pot on it, but when I tested the pot it was a 1K, but it did test erratically so I replaced it with a new IK pot. I will try the adapter harness and see if that helps. Am I correct in thinking with the adapter harness that it swaps the pin out on 2 of the wires, so I may heed to either swap two wires of either the adapter harness or the co
  7. Would a 1440 use an engine oil pressure switch in the header lift/lower circuit the the newer machines? If so it is possible that the switch is bad in a certain RPM/pressure range?
  8. A number of years ago I installed header height control on my 1063 corn head used on my 1660 and it has never really worked correctly. I just cannot keep it from bouncing up and down, regardless of how I set the sensitivity. I installed an accumulator on the combine and I have tried different accumulator charge pressures and different valve opening settings, which may of helped a little. I just installed a new 1K pot as the old one appeared to have an open spot in the travel range and it made no difference. If I slow the rate of drop WAY down it works better but it sucks waiting for the heade
  9. I could be totally wrong on this as it was a LONG time ago, but I THINK IH had a TSB for un-wanted PTO disengagement that involved installing a slightly smaller diameter ball in the detent mechanism inside the valve spool.
  10. No it is the system pressure warning light that comes on.
  11. I have a customers 7250 that he has been complaining about the trans pressure warning light coming on at times. No other issues that he is aware of besides the light on at times. We had it in the shop several weeks ago and could not get it to act up at all. We did put a pressure gauge on it to see if we could figure out what was going on and the regulated pressure at the brake valve fitting with warm oil and 1500 RPM was 295 psi and we could not get it to drop under the 295 much at all trying different scenarios . Customer got the tractor home and is using it on a grain cart to load semi's a
  12. 886 would have a Cat II hitch, LH seals can be replaced by draining the oil and pulling the LH crank arm off, which can be easier said then done. Also, if the parts have a lot of wear, new seals can be a short term fix or they may not stop the leak at all.
  13. I have been using it on an almost daily basis for the last couple of weeks and while I don't see where it is an improvement at all and I do agree the lack of the NLA part numbers is a major flaw, I had been getting along OK with it until yesterday. As of yesterday, the only thing I can get it to display is the parts breakdown drawings and no part numbers or part descriptions. I am aware of the 3 selection boxes in the upper LH corner where you can chose from either displaying both the drawing and part number listing or just the drawing or just the part number/description listing and changing t
  14. What about a wheat-land, they had an external cylinder, and on the parts listing drawing it looks like hoses going to it. With the "new and improved" (NOT) parts website I can't get a description of the hose/line as it must NLA from Case-IH. Also, the OP could be calling the cooler hoses steering lines.
  15. Gate on baler won't stay closed when he starts getting any sort of bale in it. He also had problems with other implements dropping during road travel. I am pretty sure it is not a linkage problem, most of the time the linkage on an 86 series has enough "slop" for the spool to center itself.
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