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  1. The gasket is available from A&I
  2. ASAP in Downing is not showing any, unless they maybe just tore something down and don't have it in inventory yet. The Salem, SD location is the only other ASAP location that shows one.
  3. One other thing, I have had a number of them that when the bearing fails it wrecks the bore in the housing for the bearing race and seals and then the bearings won't last. I have a machine shop that will rebuild them, either by welding or brazing them up and re-machining the bores or boring and putting a sleeve insert in the bores.
  4. Here is link to the official release of the new USA product. These are made in Dewitt, NE by Malco, in the same factory the original ones were made. https://www.eaglegripusa.com/product_cat/locking-pliers/ One on Amazon priced at $38.24 The first one I looked at on Amazon was out of stock. https://www.amazon.com/Malco-LP7R-Straight-Locking-Pliers/dp/B0924RJNPQ/
  5. Are you in Wisconsin? If so you might try these guys, they show to have one. One thing to be aware of is that the very early ones only used 3 bolts on the bearing retainer plate and later ones had 6 bolts which is a better deal, especially if you have a loader on it. I have drilled and tapped the early ones for the 3 extra bolt holes. All States AG Parts, Inc - Black Creek, WI 877-530-2010 Or Hy-Cap shows new ones in stock. If this lead don't pan out or you are not in Wisconsin, let me know as there are some other places around that show some.
  6. This should not be related to your recent oil & filter change, but I have seen this problem caused by a broken tube in the rear end housing. This tube comes off of the bottom of the 3pt valve/cylinder and runs down and the end of it sticks part way into the end of the hyd pump supply suction tube. It is sort of a super charge line that sends return oil from the 3pt valve area into the hyd pump suction tube. If this line has any sort of crack or hole in it above the rear end oil level it will allow air into the hyd pump circuit. If you pull the 3rd link cover you can see where it attaches u
  7. We have not seen a second failure in any of the red tractors that we installed the updated drum it. I can't sat that about the green ones though. I discussed this problem with a transmission engineer from JD and while they are aware of the problem, their contention is that it is an operator problem and not a design problem.
  8. Is the tractor used on any sort of large honey wagon or grain wagon/cart? If used in the hills and the operator allows the push to overspeed the engine/transmission they will fry the reverse clutch pack. Case IH has a revised clutch drum that bleeds the oil off behind the clutch piston and prevents what is referred to as "centrifugal engagement". We are in a somewhat hilly area of western Iowa and we see this problem in both the Red and green powershift tractors. A poster here by the name of Farmall advised me about the replacement reverse drum.
  9. Here is a copy and paste of a post I made a number of years ago that may give you some help on getting this job done correctly the first time. I have learned the hard way after having a 407 score several pistons in the first few hours (the very first time it was put under load) after an inflame rebuild that the only way to rebuild these engines (361 & 407) is to take them down to the bare block, have the block bored for oversized OD liners (My supplier offers them in .002,.005 & .010 OD for 361 & 407 engines and I use the .010) and after the liners are installed have th
  10. Interesting story. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Percy_Schmeiser
  11. If you are looking for a parts listing you might try here. http://www.trattore.com/Default.aspx
  12. Our camping group of 4 to 6 couples are looking for a place to ride UTV's this summer within a days drive from West Central Iowa. We are all in our mid 60's give or take a few years and mostly have Ranger type UTV's, so we are looking for scenic trails and not real difficult terrain. We are thinking maybe the Black Hills area of South Dakota, or the Cheyenne area of Wyoming, but are open to all suggestions.. We would like to rent lodging (AirBNB or VRBO???) large enough for us all to stay in one unit if possible, but we can split up if need be. If a place had beginner level river kayakin
  13. I am a Westendorf dealer and I can assure you that they offer many different mounting kits for the different tractors. Depending what tractor the mounts were on, and what tractor you switching it to, it is sometimes possible to make them work without too much trouble. But in some cases the mounts can be a lot different. Knowing what model tractor the mounts were on and what tractor you want to put them on would help. I am in western Iowa about 75 miles from where they are made and there are a lot of WL42's around here and sometimes you can find the mounts you need used. Be awar
  14. I've had this OTC branded one for probably close to 40 years. I don't remember for sure where I bought it, but it most likely came from an implement dealer that sold out in the 80's when the implement business was pretty tough. I started my business in 1976 and added a lot of shop equipment in the early 80's Replaced the cog belt a few years ago. These things also have a blow out safety plug in case you exceed the working pressure of the tester.......I am not sure what we did, but I know we blew it out at least once. The manual says it will blow if you exceed the pressure gauge max by 200
  15. Looks like a Gates PC707. Great hose machine and it will crimp the new style Gates one piece global ends. I have had one for probably close to 40 years (or more) and I make hoses almost every day. I did have to buy updated dies when I changed over to the new global ends, but that has been a long time ago.
  16. Link https://pifers.nextlot.com/public/sales/90941/lots
  17. I don't see how you can JUST change the dash supports........if you move the dash up you are going to need different shifter vertical shafts, steering lines and other linkage and then the radiator support is going need changed or raised up too.
  18. I thought the fuel tank and steering column support was taller on the 8X6 series. Basically that the the hood/sheet metal sat higher. What are the few parts you are referring to?
  19. I may be wrong, but I am thinking a D358 is too tall to go into a 706/756.
  20. pirlbeck

    Magnum 250

    This place shows to have one.......if they actually do or not you remains to be seen........I guess you will have to call them to find out. Or maybe you already checked with them? Machinery Parts Warehouse 844-679-7278 2702 May Rd. Peru, IL 61354 United States
  21. Gearclash, My helper Nate has been working on it and he has went over all of the PTO related wiring and he is generally pretty through. SDMan, We did have the controller software updated a year or so ago, that did not seem to change the problem. One thing I have not mentioned is this time the tractor came in on a trailer as it would not move because it would not engage the F/R shuttle clutch. A new reverse solenoid coil repaired that problem. I don't think that should of had a bearing on the PTO problem as the PTO problem has been cropping up for 3 years or so. The customer
  22. I think Farmall 1466 was saying is that doing a web search of the casting number above ( 379815r1) shows it to be a C-221 block.
  23. Sorry, I don't have the codes that my helper pulled, but I am pretty sure nothing jumped out like a "smoking gun". After we replaced the PTO solenoid/valve the PTO would not run until he did the configuration/calibration routine and then it worked normally and this is at least the third time it acted similarly. I think we have already removed the o-ring from the PTO sensor, but I will double check. Not sure on the past drivetrain failures issue, as the owner purchased it used. The hy-tran was recently changed and the filter has been changed pretty regularly. Thanks for your help!
  24. We have a customers MX120 that we just cannot keep the PTO working on for any length of time. In the past we could not get it to work until we did the PTO "configuration" routine, and then it would work. This time in the process of testing the system we found that the PTO would not run even with 12 volts jumped directly to the PTO solenoid, so we replaced the solenoid/valve assy. We then configured the PTO controller and it is working now. We have removed the wiring harness from under the cab, removed the loom, inspected and OHM tested the wiring, and checked all of the connections. We tested
  25. I never heard of FP Smith, but I found them with a google search. I will be giving them a call. Thanks!
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