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  1. Yes two rings. Both were on the hayracks at first and then one moved to the big items when the online started. A lot of running back and forth to catch what I was interested in.
  2. I kind of think there was a crowd of guys from Quad Cities/Davenport buying the hayrack items to put on Facebook/Craigslist/Ebay and resell. So they figured if they could make $10 they were ahead since the hayrack items were brand new. It was a weird auction.
  3. That 1566 they barely got going and they had to give it quite a bit of ether. It did look straight and ran well after starting but $18500 was still way too much in my opinion. And with how poor it started it may need injector work done too, could've just been the cold too.
  4. I was there and stuff went high. The cheapest H went for $400 I think and it needed at least one new tire and a lot of work. Most of the engines on the project tractors were stuck and would have taken a lot of work. Even the engine on the painted up 706 WF was stuck, someone broke the fan belt trying to turn it over. I was interested in the Cub but once I opened the gas tank and got a good whiff of bad gas and saw all the shellac I was out. It wasn't stuck but pretty rough and it went for $700. The two quonsets (80' together I believe) sold for $24,000. Grandpa bought his 80' with two ends in the 80s for $6,000. The only deals were the 1640 combines with Cummins. The one that was running brought just under $10k and the other one supposedly ran but they couldn't get it started and it sold for just over 5k. Same guy bought both. The whole auction was weird, the guy just bought the stuff on sale at Menards, Harbor Freight, etc. and put them in storage containers and sheds. 10 brand new bicycles from the 80s to today. Tons of new shovels and hand tools, probably 10-15 .177 air rifles and everything probably went more than what the guy paid for it. Some of the shovels went for $40 and I asked some of the Amish boys who bought the air rifles how much they paid and they said $110 and some brought $160. These weren't anything special, just break barrel air rifles. It was neat to see some of the items like the 4586. They started it up and it was neat to hear it run. But overall everything was expensive and cold. Really cold. After I got home I didn't want to go out again because I was still cold.
  5. Just took this picture Saturday of Grandpa's 450 diesel when I was unloading beans. I've been running it quite a bit on the auger this fall. When I was younger I didn't start it because I wasn't sure about the whole start on gas procedure. After I finally did it once I realized it isn't any big deal. Great-grandpa bought it new in 1956 and the tach rolled over once before it quit working many years ago. Now it is the main auger tractor, along with the 350 diesel. Has its original work clothes on. Has gone through 2 heads back in the day. -Noah
  6. Hi all, I have been working on my grandpa's 350D that hasn't run in quite a while. He parked it after it started missing and never got around to looking into it. After taking the valve cover off it turns out that all it was was a pushrod fell off. Took the pan off and there was the pushrod sitting there with a couple bends in it but otherwise no damage. Cam looks good and we can still see the lifter so hopefully just needing a new pushrod. Can't figure though how the pushrod fell past the cam... Does anyone here happen to have a parts engine with a pushrod or know where one could be located? I have found that it is super hard to locate parts for these Continental D193 engines. If a new pushrod cannot be located we could always bend this one back into shape but it would be nice to get a new one in there. Thanks, Noah
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