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  1. Got my metal detector a few years ago, probably my freshman year in high school. Spent many hours metal detecting at grandpa's farm and at various spots in the fields where grandpa knew old homesteads used to be in the mid 1800s. Best find was my grandmother's wedding ring she lost probably 10 or more years earlier. Few inches in the dirt underneath the wisteria bush. I didn't even know she lost it, just found it by chance! Another good one is an 1848 large cent that I found in the field at one of the old homestead spots. When Grandpa was young he knew the grandchildren of the settlers there. Wish they were still alive so I could show them the coin and talk to them about the homestead.
  2. Hi all, I have been working on my grandpa's 350D that hasn't run in quite a while. He parked it after it started missing and never got around to looking into it. After taking the valve cover off it turns out that all it was was a pushrod fell off. Took the pan off and there was the pushrod sitting there with a couple bends in it but otherwise no damage. Cam looks good and we can still see the lifter so hopefully just needing a new pushrod. Can't figure though how the pushrod fell past the cam... Does anyone here happen to have a parts engine with a pushrod or know where one could be located? I have found that it is super hard to locate parts for these Continental D193 engines. If a new pushrod cannot be located we could always bend this one back into shape but it would be nice to get a new one in there. Thanks, Noah
  3. Yes you guys are welcome. I mainly did this for my family (including myself) but then thought that a lot of people here would probably also find it interesting since it features a lot of IH equipment and farm life of the 1950s in general. Bob, none of my family as far as I know has any intention of selling the farms, even once my grandfather and great-uncle pass away. We all are very close and many of us cousins enjoy helping on the farm. My parents have a home video of me at a young age (~3 years) talking about riding in the combine with Grandpa. Even today I come home from college on the weekends to help farm.
  4. Thanks for all of the kind responses. Yes those young kids are my great-uncle and grandfather. My grandfather is the young boy in the beginning with the dark hair and then later on the one who is graduating. It is neat to see them grow up through the videos.
  5. Hi everyone, I read the forum every once in a while and thought some of you might be interested in these old family videos that were converted last year because many feature IH equipment. This weekend I decided to upload them to YouTube so more of the family can see them and others who are interested in this sort of thing can see them too. Link to full video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jMATM_-1ZNE I also uploaded just short clips from the video of threshing, binding, baling, etc and if you are interested in just watching those short bits you can view them here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCjXw8y ... HbQ/videos A little back story. Most of the people in the video are my great-great grandfather Harry (77 years old at the beginning of the video), great-grandfather Edward and his sons (my grandfather and great-uncle). This is very neat for me to see after so many years especially because my grandfather and great-uncle still own the farm where all this took place. I enjoy helping out on the farm any chance I can get. -Noah
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