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  1. When i bought my electric over hyd the dealer got a new controller that worked with that system. When i ordered my next new truck the dealer and i sat at his desk digging through a 2 inch thick manual to find technical info on the compatibility of the factory controller on the Dexter pump. My pump model was compatible with the ford controller. System works really well.
  2. Just looked in my owners manual. Part #49 bolts to the bottom of the standard drawbar. Very detailed instruction on proper mounting of this is given along with diagrams.
  3. I inquired in a thread some time ago if anyone had one of these or had seen/experienced using one. There were no replies. The 700 semi mount onland has no front furrow wheel. I believe the 700 trailing plow was made later than the 700 semi mount, or at least came later in production but i could be wrong. Now the hitch you have pictured is in my 700 plow owners manual. It shows the semi mount and the hitch in your picture but no trailing. Now the hitch in your picture, i believe is a semi mount, sort of, for a non 3pt tractor. It appears as though that the same cylinder that regulates the fr
  4. I ordered mine with E/H disc, 10 weeks later dealer calls, says trailer is here. I go to get it, walk lot & see one exactly like i speced mine but drums and the pump is under the trailer, not up on the tongue. Somebody screwed up. Couple months later the correct trailer arrives. That is why i wanted discs. Can change pads fast.
  5. So when a bale is complete all the operator has to do is stop travel till it tells you to move again when everything is working correctly ?
  6. One day in 06 i couldn't stop my 30 ft tandem dual electric brake trailer for a school bus. After delivering that load of hay i stopped at a trailer dealer on way home and ordered a new trailer with electric over hyd disc brakes. Now i can actually wear out brake pads instead of pitching them with all the other parts that just rusted up after wearing off 30% of the lineings. Figured a new trailer was WAY cheaper than a school bus.
  7. The "Bale Slice Plus" that i have on order has a "25% heavier belt declutch" according to the list of different components on this model a dealer from WI gave me. I asked him why and he said due to a high failure rate. That was news to me as i have ran several to 20000+ bales and have never laid a wrench on any belt declutch. Fun fact- on my 1st 3 balers, NH 850s, after wrapping you shut the PTO off, opened tailgate, started PTO ejecting bale, closed tailgate. Damage to twine resulted if PTO was left on.
  8. Got rid of my ripper probly 4 or 5 yrs ago. Never seemed to find the time to use it that also had correct soil conditions. When i ran it in to wet conditions i just made the compaction deeper instead of shattering/fracturing the soil
  9. I just think the "Glory Days" of the diesel light truck are fading fast thanks to Al and his friends. Heck of it is I'm not sure when looking at the whole picture there really is any environmental benefit anyhow.
  10. All i will say is i'm glad there were not cameras all over the streets and in every ones hand/pocket. And when a piano goes over the wall off the top level of an 8 level parking garage at 2:30 AM a lot of nearby lights come on !
  11. My 7090 is right at 20000 bales, endless belts, bale slice. been a good baler. Couple times a summer needs a box of tines on pickup, usually after the rocky straw fields. Got a 560 Bale Slice Plus on order for next summer. It will have the 5 bar pickup with rubber mtd teeth. I'm 60 so it will be my last, but my buddies remind me thats what i said about the 7090.
  12. 1480x3

    1680 Milo

    The 1st time i had to remove the lower screen on my three 1480s and my 2188 they went to the shed, not back in the machine. 30 plus yrs of no lower screen use. Mostly corn & beans with some wheat & rye. Can't remember any dock for FM, not saying never got docked but its been decades if it happened. But have never ran milo, so my experience is probly useless.
  13. Only know of one 766 in these parts, guy only had it around 4 yrs. Seems like it was a gas, were there gas ones ?
  14. Try to locate a 370000 mi 2013 diesel, crew cab drw, 10 ft flat for valuation. It's a unicorn. Found a few similar but 100000-200000 mi. Yes sales tax was in valuation negotiations.
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