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  1. Visibility is a little better with a 2350 over a 2450, lower posts out window, and if young or inexperienced operators are used a 2350 offers more stability due to lower lift height. But they are out of your specifications since you want a new loader anyway. I have both and they are nice loaders though
  2. During blizzard of 78 neighbor had failure due to using 3pt V-plow from prolonged use in reverse, so PTO use not the issue. Several others had same issue however on silage blowers but all were inadvertently left in reverse
  3. did my 2188 a couple winters ago. Poked around on it for about 3 weeks in the shop. Removed tire and used every demolition tool I own on the extraction process. When all "rot" was gone cleaned up and put several coats of paint on . Got some new curly supports & filler plates [ front & back ] from Case, liners & plastic cleanout kit from shoup. Bolts from Fastenal & a set of swivel head gear wrenches for those nuts in the "ravine" that your hand wont fit in. Would not want to have to hurry that job, but was very thorough with it and it turned out very well.
  4. $170 from shoup for the kit
  5. Might work, I know of a WD-45 not far from me sitting in a shed that would be the perfect horse for that baler. Let me sleep on it. Hate to make any rash decisions !
  6. Thanks, If I take anything out I feel like I'm being deceptive though
  7. Only interest I've had, don't let BJ see this !
  8. Have had this posted on bulletin boards, no calls, need help. FOR SALE JD 1508 BATWING 1 owner, quite possibly the ugliest one in existence that still functions. Has never cut brush bigger than a 4x4 could run over. Gear boxes don't leak oil as long as you don't put any in them ( has had gun grease in them for 10+ years ) Greased any time something broke. Not a shield on it so don't let wife or kids ride on it, mother in law up to you ! 4 hard tires good, folding cylinders were OK last they worked before hoses were ripped off. Has vibration, possibly more than 1 source, but with good radio & air ride seat you get used to it. Doesn't require inside storage, has some paint left. 1000 RPM but 750 feels better. Includes some spare parts that ain't broke but not many. All season use as snow blower, wood splitter, or to level off a semi load of gravel. Comes with a handful of 6011 welding rods & an old Lincoln "buzz box" I found in the hog barn. Already has some welding on it, but still needs enough to become experienced at welding. Has a really tough CV joint as it has busted several PTO shafts off tractors. Selling cause I think something is getting worse on it & I can't find what it is. Serious lookers only as there is considerable risk in demonstrating. This mower has sentimental value to me since I used it to cut a marriage proposal to my 1st wife in a CRP field back when it had only been rebuilt 1 time. Most REWARDING mowing I ever did ! 1500 firm ( might take less if cash & paid before you see it ) Call Tim after supper before bed.
  9. Every baler I have owned that had actuators have had them fail at some point. The 1st three balers made it to 20000+ bale before failing. My current NH7090 net one failed at around 10000 & was replaced with a NH one that didn't make 1000. On the 1st 3 balers I simply put the twine one on the net position & they lasted as long as I had the baler. The 7090 is net only however there is also one on the slice mechanism, but I use both. NH would not warrant them so I went to shoup at about half the price. Ordered 2 to have a spare & went through about 4 in 2000 bale. Shoup backed it all. At my suggestion I had NH tech out to make sure all was OK on baler & no problem was found. Carry a new one when baling with date & bale count written on box of previous install. No issues for 5000 bale now but carry one cause can be changed in 15 min if in hand. The NH ones are all not the same for diff balers, twine, net, slice as the torque ratings are different & prices also. Think all the same part # at shoup
  10. Is your transmission ok, it appeared to free wheel down the ramps unless you pulled the lever "full" back as you were backing down.
  11. The stick on my 806 has been ground off since I got it about 25 yrs ago. I just keep oil touching whats left
  12. That's what I did, couple minutes with grinder. My 806 is only one I got with the short shaft, also one of the few 1000's here not snapped off yet
  13. That's what I figured. New question, was the regular fast hitch offered on the 1206 ? I have never seen one on a 1206
  14. Even if the size of all was correct I have my doubts on attaching to a fast hitch implement due to the angle of the arms, but it has been a long time since I looked at a 1206 3pt. Seems like when pulled in narrow to be parallel with prongs on imp that would be way to narrow
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