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  1. 😀 We put oats in the silo ONCE, know exactly what you mean. Did lots of balage, works great.
  2. Did you scroll through all 6 or 7 pages ? Graham had an eye for value. He sold his BIG steamers while living along with semi, lowboy, etc. Not into that vintage of stuff myself, but IIRC his biggest was a Case 100 or 110 HP steam traction engine. Seen it on a big plow a few times and also on the pulling sled a couple times.
  3. Probly got 10 or so of them. Have 1 right by my office door that had hung there several years when a buddy of mine with better sight than me was looking at it and casually said "looks like you got a dead steer in the feedlot". Got a magnifying glass for a better look and sure enough there was that nearly finished white steer that kicked off behind the dirt mound in the feed lot in middle of summer that i didn't find till a day or so later looking like he gained 700 lb in 1 day, if you know what i mean, feet up in the air at about 45*. In the picture about 30 other cattle are circled around
  4. Don't know the answer to your question, but welcome to the forum.
  5. 1480x3


    There was a time 15 years ago or so that if you were at "go time" and your tractor went down your choice might be having your dealer do repair which in my case they give me a loaner or 2nd option have one of my 3 independant shops do it 8 to 10 weeks out for $10,000 less. I used option 2 and bought my 806 to keep me going so no rush on the repair. Didn't really expect a $1500 tractor to last more than a few days. Thats all it needed to do, but it is still going strong. Don't think that would work since the 806 to 50 series are all at collector prices today, but that 5488 may have cost way le
  6. I am not clear on what you mean when you say "the settings are often the same but the speed changes" ?
  7. The Graham Sellers collection, July 25 2020, Coldwater Michigan, Auman Actions on site & online. Nichols & Shepard 235,000. Rumley 180,000. About 40 more steamers, oil pulls, gas, and his 3588 he bought new.
  8. Mine is cheaper delivered than me taking containers to the dealer, usually runs right at 13. Dealer supplies tanks in my shop at no charge. got 1 for hy-tran and 1 for 15-40. 125 gallon minimum total delivery, example 75 hy-tran and 50 No 1 equal the 125. Smaller delivery ok if you can wait till truck going by.
  9. My bulk hy-tran has been delivered by a viscosity truck, will be interesting to see if my next delivery comes from a bulk shell truck.
  10. Looks to me like it is two 4586s and one 4568. There were no 4568s around here that i'm aware of, don't think i have ever seen one. a few 4586s were around though. Was a 4768 ever made ? I don't think so, just asking.
  11. 1480x3


    Is the grill missing ? Looks like it's there to me
  12. They are there, hard to see
  13. Our sale barn has always covered injury or death loss in transit or at sale barn. Don't know if they have insurance or just do it on their own. It is very prompt as it is paid right on the check with the rest of the load
  14. 1480x3

    8930 MFD

    The lid has a little more "flex" on the yellow bucket oil. 😀
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