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  1. I have never used dicamba, but have planted all dicamba beans several years and have allowed my neighbors to help out with my herbicide costs and weed control. working good so far.
  2. Needs a little longer gear shift lever !
  3. Don't grease, never wore a ball out but have had to replace a trailer hitch on my gooseneck as it wore clear through and the latch was carrying the weight on the shoulder of the high rise ball
  4. Think there is somebody making a 40 or 42 ft
  5. 1480x3

    Road Trip

    Probly 20 yrs ago seems like we bought a tape or CD at the John Wayne museum that guided us to the covered bridges as well as giving info on them. Was a nice way to spend the afternoon.
  6. As said in the original post, info in the vin # identifies the vehicle as a commercial truck. Some creditors are not interested in working with commercial vehicle finance. Also true with some insurance companies. How ever some banks and insurers have better deals for commercial vehicles. My insurance premiums on 5 F-350 cab & chasis I have purchased new since 99 have been dirt cheap compared to a pickup. Plates also and I don't get farm plates which would probly be cheaper yet.
  7. Have shifted 06 to 86 & 2+2 no clutch, You mention semi tractors. My 1st, a 9670 with 13 speed I was leaving the mill one night loaded & as I was in the 2nd to 3rd shift, still learning, in short turn, and did something wrong. Sounded like a shotgun going off in the cab, truck jerked then went on as normal. Was telling a buddy about it and I said " don't know how anything can sound and feel like that and not break a tooth off something" . Never did have any issues with that in several more years.
  8. 1480x3

    No till drills

    I have pulled my 750s, single not in tandem, with my 4020s and bigger and we have some hills. Got 2 hills that my custom hire anhydrous guy can't make it up with his 8420 50 inch dualed with 11 shank applicator, he has to go down only a few passes. Same when I plant & combine and back when we use to till. When I was renting the 750s uot they were pulled with everthing from 350 HP articulates to a farmall 400. The neighbors biggest tractor was a 400 and his farm was flat to a slight slope and he asked if his 400 would do it. told him one way to find out. Had good loaded 14.9s, 2nd gear, 42 acres was a long day. Mine have dolly wheels, 2pt rare as the dollies are closer to openers on for better following of contours on sharp breaking areas.
  9. I could do that with the H & MTA, but not the 300 or 400. Had to be careful with the curly shift lever .
  10. 1480x3

    No till drills

    I use to rent out 2 750s back in the 90s and was delivering one to a neighbor and the farm he wanted it at had a gate that you went straight off a 90 degree corner on a gravel road. It was getting dark in the evening and we were approaching the corner when I noticed lights on a car coming toward the corner from the other direction, off the corner I went to beat the oncoming car with all being fine. Went to pick it up a couple days later, took about 3 tries to get it between them gate posts in the daylight and rubbed as well. Guess I should have waited till dark to get it.
  11. 1480x3

    New shop

    This is my 2nd summer with A/C in shop. Got a unit on casters about 2/3 the size of a stove. Think it is a Fridgidare. Has a flex pipe for exhaust & a window insert to hold pipe. Only use it maybe 10 days so far. When it's in the 90s and I have to work on something I get it in and keep the doors closed. I can't get it to 70, but 78 to 80 is achievable and the humidity is gone. Makes it comfortable
  12. 1480x3

    New shop

    I got a quote of $11000 installed. When I went to buy my pex, insulation, pump, clamps, and misc except for my boiler [ 75 gal water htr ] I asked if they had heard of the $11000 guy. Didn't tell them I got a bid from him. The reply was yes, they supply him with a lot of materials. I put mine in myself. Took my nephew and me about 2 hrs to put down insulation and clamp pex to wire mesh. Was a very simple job only 1 zone. Nephew is my concrete man and this was a 1st time of doing in floor heating for him. I put it in my farrowing barn in 91. Every thing that went under the concrete came home in an 8 ft pickup bed accept the wire mesh, $530 some dollars. 1300$ for water heater, $900 for a half sheet of plywood with pump, valves, gauges, expansion tank, manifolds, themostat & some cord all assembled by place I bought it from. Attach board to wall, hook pipes from floor to manifold, hook water htr to red & blue pex on board, fill with RV antifreeze, plug in, set themostat on 65 . Runs me around $1000 per winter for LP.
  13. 1480x3

    New shop

    In 16 I put floor heat in my new 40 x 48 and it cost 3400$ . Didn't even price or consider anything else but thought it was as cheap as a furnace, could be wrong though since I didn't price anything else. But my house furnace cost about 3000$ in 05.
  14. Both my 4020s needed oil pumps to cure that, bearings might have helped as they were over 10000 hrs. Started out coming on at low rpm and got to where it would come and go as high as 1800 rpm. Majored 1 a few years after oil pump, other one is beginning to use oil.
  15. You can still use the coffee, you just store it in a cake pan for a week.
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