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  1. 1480x3

    Reese Hitch

    on my f-350s I always have them built and mounted in a local welding shop
  2. 1480x3

    Reese Hitch

    Several around here have let go. all were old. 1 was pulling a trailer load of cattle, but no injuries to human or animal resulted. Good reason to get truck DOT inspected if you are unsure of condition , gives you a 2nd opinion from a guy who probly errors on the side of safety.
  3. Or just go to the mower dealer and get the " no air required/laminated ? " ones. Have had mine since 1988 and have never took one off for any reason and for the first 15 yrs cut 2000+ acres per year.
  4. 1480x3


    I my school, grades 1-2-and 3, the building was built about 1910 as a K thru 12 school for about 100 students. Mom & Dad both graduated from school there. 3 story brick construction. Big boiler on lower floor and bathrooms, kitchen and lunch room as well. Low clearance, maybe 7 ft in area of bathrooms and boiler, hallway ,etc. Big ductwork, water pipes wrapped in asbestos. Us boys didn't know anything about it but was really cool to finally be able to reach/jump high enough to slap those pipes and see the dust plum .
  5. 1480x3

    Another bale mover

    Will the spikes slide out of the wet bales, or am I not seeing the way the unit is attached at the bottom of the bucket ? Seems like it would just swing up when trying tp get out of bale.
  6. 1480x3


    Those are clamp style, bolts snap under high torque loads
  7. 1480x3

    Battery Chargers

    Got to get one soon myself as I have a loaner one from my nephew right now. Have had 2 from NAPA in last 40 yrs and both were working fine till they were killed by blunt force trauma by a set of duals. Neither could be revived, so currently looking. Sounds like I don't want a smart one, but I do like the alt test feature.
  8. Just what were they sold to the public as doing ?
  9. Dad had 2 of the Hawk-Bilt spreaders, they had tandem axels. Also had 3 new Hollands and 1 of them had a Hawk-bilt owners manual as they were the same spreader. Seems like hawk-bilt was also rebadged as a John deere.
  10. A new one was a mile from us back in 70s, saw it baling a couple times. Remember the owner telling about getting in a place where he could not get out of cause he couldn't turn and couldn't back up. His had a 540 PTO hyd pump drive similar to the ones on 400 cyclos, but was much bigger.
  11. 1480x3

    806 Grill latch spring install ?

    I'll check that again today, have dug around in there with picks and blew air in to check for crud and bits of old spring. thought I was at the bottom of hole but need to make sure. Thanks
  12. 1480x3

    806 Grill latch spring install ?

    Thanks, I'll keep trying. The old spring is 1 inch long + some missing, new spring #367833R1 is 3.75 inches long. just wondering if I need to shorten it. Trying to get it stuffed in the hole and compressed under the T-pin is proving to be a challenge
  13. Anybody know the trick to getting a new spring in the grill latch of an 806 ? Must not be holding my mouth right !
  14. 1480x3

    1660 Auger Issues

    on my 1480s and 2188 it takes forever for the unloads to fold in, but for some reason when the steering is locked left they have all moved fast. Don't seem to work to right, only left. Been that way as long as I remember. Don't recall if my 915 was like that or not. Sure someone will have an explanation.
  15. 1480x3

    Hydros - School Me On Them...

    Move the SR { hydro } lever to neutral position, no need to step on pedal, shift range lever to desired range. Now that said there are times when a slight movement will help with gear release or gear tooth engagement just like on a gear drive tractor.