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  1. I bought a brand new ram with the 5.9, owned it 8 months and calculated i was more than paying for a new diesel. So i sold it to a neighbor who was a chrysler man, he loved it, it was a 3/4 ton. He drove it 200000 mile hauling a cattle trailer. Put 1 jasper engine and 2 or 3 transmissions in it through its life. His next one was a diesel. I bought my 1st new diesel then. lost $500 on the ram. My godzilla powered F-350 gets better MPG than the ram.
  2. Always heard the speeds were not right on the CDC powered 16 series till the 44,66,88s came out. Was there a kit or update to correct that ?
  3. You want large wire concaves for corn & beans. The "standard" combine could very well have large wire concaves.
  4. Neighbor blew the windshield and enough silage to mostly fill the truck cab into one a few yrs ago when truck couldn't pull a hill. After that they chain the truck to the chopper in some places
  5. seems very reasonably priced for the last 2wd 5488 in todays market. JMHO
  6. Mine have all been that way since the 1st one in 91. There is also 2 levels of serration available now iirc, don't think i had a choice on my early ones
  7. My dad used to talk about the ford in the silo, he said they talked about it when he attended Purdue.
  8. Have run only SCH bars since 91 on 16.5, 20, & 22.5 ft 820s and 15, 20, & 30ft 1020s. Have been very satisfied with them. In answer to your question, I have always put the floor pan clips on top directly under the nut on the guard bolt and have had no issues.
  9. You're on a roll, strike while it's hot !
  10. My 1480s were supposed to have brakes ? Always thought the emergency brake was dropping the head !
  11. My electric company guy told me to use gas exactly for the reasons you mention.
  12. Easily keep my 40x48x18 at 65 degrees with a 75 gallon LP water heater in northern IN, 9 mile from MI line. Actually wish i had a 40 gallon. Have lots of insulation.
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