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  1. I assume it is trailing ? Never saw the semi mount in as an 8 btm. Wouldn't think either would be over 7500 even in auto reset. But bet the trailing would be the heavier one though.
  2. My 856 & 1066 both have horns with steering cap switches, just have never seen a horn switch on a 56 or 66 any other way. Only seen the button on 06. As you mentioned reliability, neither of mine work anymore. 🙂
  3. I learn something every day. Never knew of a horn button on a large frame 56 or 66, thought they were only on the "cap" of the tilt wheel.
  4. Had my 3588 for 20 yrs now, used a little oil when i bought it and still does. Done nothing major to it, had 2400 hr when i got it. Need to put a clutch in it one of these winters, don't recall ever changing hyd filters, probly should do that some day. Think there are 2 small odd ball filters in cabinet, they might be the ones
  5. The two 10s were only ones with factory turbo. 186 NA436, 3488 NA466. IIRC 100 had a NA436 & the 966H had a NA414.
  6. Use a 20.8x34 as a boot ?
  7. Currently custom mow just a little shy of 1000 acres a year, am a $16/acre. Been going up about a buck an acre the last 3 or 4 years. Mow for 1 client and have for 25 yrs, they consider my rate low. Now have a NH 316, previously ran a 7460, 1441, 1441, 1431, 1431, 1431. Time to trade again as soon as the money is right. The guys i mow for got a new JD C500 last summer, hitch swivel gearbox failed on 2nd day of operation. They traded a 4 season old 956, 57K to trade, stuff is crazy high. My 316 has 7 seasons on it, as old of one as i have had & dealer want 32K to trade, i'm waiting to do a little better. The green paint is a little higher. Maybe i should pull the trigger now, don't know.
  8. Cab for when taking your goose neck load of cattle to the sale barn in january
  9. Thought it was in there
  10. IIRC my 856 owners manuel has a section on the adjustment of the overcenter clutch, but i could be mistaken. mightg be my 806 manuel
  11. OK as long as the dump truck is empty, right ?
  12. Ours did that, guess i thought it was normal
  13. I think i would want a little bigger blade ! 🙂
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