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  1. Never saw a 710 toggle trip, I didn't think toggle trip came out till the 720. thought the 710 was only offered in auto reset or what we called spring trip . Backing up to reset is what we called spring trip like our #70 plows were.
  2. They do have a track machine though, you just can't put steel tracks over the tires
  3. Have many ssl attachments including 6ft bush hog & tree shear. As I read through this thread I am so happy that I own a JCB. Exit at any boom height, wide easy entry/exit, unequalled visibility, easy access for maint, and good hvac system in a roomy cab
  4. 1480x3


    Think there was a kit at one time, maybe from Hy Capacity
  5. Graduated with a guy exactly like the guy in the challenger. My classmate had a charger with the " 6 pack " & his mental state was just like the guy in commercial
  6. 18 x 42 on my insides and just kept my 20 x 38 duals, probly 25yrs like that and they seem ok. Even if you have 18 x 38 duals just find a used pair of 20s and mount them, unless you want new
  7. I thought the sign was on the fence and maybe the location was Preble, IN at firemans park
  8. More loader tractors around here on the 150+ hp than 150- that are used regularly on farms. This does not count the M, 460, wd45, 530 jd, etc sitting around the home owner lot that get used occasionally. On working farms 200 hp not uncommon at all.
  9. 1480x3

    Poly for 1063

    I believe it is about $400 cheaper to buy the "6 row kit" than to piece it together not taking any price increases into account that may come along. The jackknife style adds $300 to $400 as well to the kit price. $3200 for regular kit, $3500 for jackknife kit, $3900 for jackknife pieced together + price increases but they do have a couple 10% off sales every year also.
  10. 1480x3

    Poly for 1063

    Found right fender & snout at Leesburg, a Worthington ag location an hour from me. Will pick them up tomorrow. Am going with the jackknife style. They have some centers in stock so might get a couple to get started.
  11. 1480x3

    Poly for 1063

    Thanks for the info & the pm, don't know how to reply with a pm. Have tried unsuccessfully a few times so gave up
  12. 1480x3

    Poly for 1063

    Do they "jack knife" for storage ? Not that it's a deal breaker, just wondering. Saw them online but no pricing on the site I was on .
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