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  1. Agree but I believe the 45 was 122 hp which to me puts it in the 125 hp category of tractors is what I was getting at . But I could be mistaken on the 45s rating
  2. 1480x3

    Bulk oil setups

    So your suppliers min del is 275 ?
  3. 1480x3

    Bulk oil setups

    Mine are 275 each, with 125 being min delivery works well, 2 deliveries a year covers me
  4. 1480x3

    Bulk oil setups

    Our CIH dealer supplies bulk on farm storage at no charge. Minimum delivery 125 gal, can mix and match hytran & no 1 . Pricing on oil is lower than me taking barrel, tote, etc to dealer to fill out of there bulk supply. They been doing this probly 3 yrs, I've been on deal 2 yrs+. They have a lot of customers on it. Tanks are new and nice. Mine are gravity, pumps and meters are available at a charge
  5. 1480x3

    How good (or bad) does your 806 diesel start?

    Wonder why he couldn't get any body else back in 16, your doing plenty by offering to even look into it for no charge now IMHO
  6. 1480x3

    How people dont think! I will never understand

    That spreader cost me 100 bucks a load to own, but I only owned it for 2 loads at least. It went to scrapper, but I do still have 4 decent 10x20 8 lug wheels that still have good air after 15 yrs. forgot about them , maybe ok deal after all
  7. 1480x3

    IH 1086 locking up

    Look the bull gear over very good, a missed hairline crack on a tooth is easy to miss and will require a do over possibly requiring the purchase of another bull pinion shaft when a tooth gets messed up again. Don't ask how I know this.
  8. 1480x3

    Hy-Tran Best/cheapest place to get?

    Just got 85 gal delivered to my shop pumped into my bulk storage that CIH provided me at no charge for 1147.50 $ or 13.50/gal. I will be receiving a 100$ rewards card from CIH because of a lubricant / filter purchase greater than 1000$ . Net final price of 12.32/gal delivered bulk
  9. 1480x3

    The most reliable tractor models

    Safe bet to say tractors with LOTS of hrs stayed in the field well equating to good reliability, at least till they became wore out or no longer provided the technology the owner required or wanted. Every component of a tractor had to be right for the tractor to be deemed reliable, think of the 856 tractor with a hyd system a 2805 Massey had. Excellent eng & powertrain + bad hyd = nonreliability. One weak link and your in the shop not field
  10. 1480x3

    The most reliable tractor models

    It looks like reliable and long life are being used interchangeably here. I have the 856 Dad bought new, 12k+ hrs, hard work 1st 7k as in 6-18 710 and 2 row chopper etc. Yet to have pan off, injector out, or valve cover off. Did have pump done years ago and probly 3 TAs. Only time I recall it left me sitting was when pump shaft broke. Today it would do anything I asked it to do, but would much rather ride in 7250 or Mag 275. My 1486 has been almost as reliable. I know the 86 series is not thought of as fondly as others by many, but in 17k+ hrs the times it didn't make it home can be counted on 1 hand. That being said 3 of those were major as in the nut on lower shaft, bull pinion issues, and ring/pinion. Rest hyd lines. I bought the 14 new when I was 18 and the 1st 12k hrs it was tortured. Eng oh 2x but no down time as they were planned. Also will do what asked of it today, but 7250 & 275 nice rides. Both the 8 and 14 are 1 owner tractors. Next my 7250 I bought with 9200 hrs on tack in 09. it is almost to 13k and has yet to leave me stranded. Not bad for a USED tractor that was 15yrs and 9000hrs old
  11. 1480x3

    5288 Burgundy Floormat

    Your original has no carpet, just all rubber mat ? That would be a difference between 50 series and 86 series then.
  12. 1480x3

    5288 Burgundy Floormat

    Mine is part carpet and part vinyl. My 14 did not have a full mat, just a vinyl center section. That being said I'm sure one could be custom done somewhere. Just $$$
  13. 1480x3

    5288 Burgundy Floormat

    I still have my floor mat/carpet that came with my red power 14 when new. It probly could be restored as a lot of it's life I had a pc of carpet on top of it, but it is in rough condition. Is the shape of the mat/carpet the same for the 86 series, 50 series, and the 2+2s ?
  14. 1480x3

    3488 info needed

    Think the DT stands for Diesel Tractor, DTT would be Diesel Tractor Turbo. Been discussed before and seems like that was the resulting conclusion. Think the pistons are not the same, but don't recall the differences