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  1. 1480x3

    Is your combine ready

    Planning on getting it out tomorrow
  2. 1480x3

    1066, where to bolt speed multiplier on PTO?

    I'd get a different mower unless there is a reason you have not told us that requires hyd drive
  3. 1480x3

    Drying Soybeans in a bin

    Highest I have binned were 21% that was in 2017. Have put many in the 16 -18 range through the years. Never have used heat, only air and stirrator. Come out in spring/summer at 13 - 14. Like to have some 11 -12s to stir in but not always possible. In 2014 doing last fld in Dec one semi load was 26, they went to elevator. I can tell you at 26 don't let the pile over the bubbleup auger get very high. Dump as soon as it gets covered. Also that day 2 jds [ neighbors ] were helping and my AFX was leaving them in what little dust there was.
  4. 1480x3

    Where will it end. LOL

    at some point it will require wheels under the unload auger, probly have to be electric or hyd drive. Optional LONG unload will cost as much as a new 1460 was.
  5. 1480x3

    Moving centers on axle mount dual rims?

    Find a guy who wants to run duals on a combine behind a 6-30 hd then trade him your dual for his
  6. 1480x3

    810 reel, flex head

    I had an 810 as my 1st grain head. Didn't know they made an 810 flex head. Mine was ridgid with a Hart Carter floating cutter bar. Did pretty good on soybeans at the time, changed a lot of knives when those steel fingers got into the cutter bar though. Can't remember how we fastened "up" the cutter bar for wheat, sure it had to be done or the crop would have a tough time "climbing" that step if the head was not lying right on the ground.
  7. 1480x3

    MX270 Auction Price

    One brought 21 on auctiontime today IIRC, also a couple wks ago one brought 20 at Richie bros with deep Michelin 520/46 duals and deep frt duals, 10000 hrs but decent tractor with new hyd pumps done at case dlr
  8. 1480x3

    1440 rotor speed

    probly bad motor then
  9. 1480x3

    Corn In a Dryer Bin Question

    x2 Have done this many times
  10. 1480x3

    1440 rotor speed

    Reverse the 2 conectors and see if the rotor will speed up but not slow down. This will tell you if you have a motor or wire/switch problem
  11. 1480x3

    Who else procrastinates on getting combine ready

    I get mine ready the 1st rainy spell after I have begun harvest
  12. 1480x3

    Magnum 275 trans choices

    Thanks for the info, bought one today that is a regular 18 speed
  13. 1480x3

    Magnum 275 trans choices

    How many choices are there. I see them advertised with 18s and 19s, is this correct or is somebody confused. Is there a 30 mph choice as well ?
  14. 1480x3

    Actuator warranty

    I'm pretty sure if you tell them they will send you a new one and a call tag for the return
  15. 1480x3

    Gehl 2500 skid loader

    Might just be the drive chain on that side, Dad had one from 74 to 78. Drive chains were lubed daily with slurry from the cows through the drain holes in bottom of axle/chain housings.