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  1. Loader 2350 Boom Cylinder seal kit

    Just had a 2350 lift cyl resealed back in Jan. Took it to my hyd shop, 2 days & 111.75 $ later put it back on. 25/parts, 85/labor, 1.75/tax. Labor was 1 hr
  2. pto generator question

    yes, pto rpm determines voltage output
  3. There is still a little room on the back
  4. Tractor Supply Co.

    We have a rural king in the same shopping plaza as our TSC. I only go to the rural king if necessary . The store is an old Wal-Mart, huge, and the ag dept is clear in the back corner. I don't go to either one to "shop " I have a list of items that I know they have and at tsc usually less than 5 min in store. No crowd cause most " shoppers " are at the large rural king eating free popcorn. Rural king probly 6-8 times tsc in sq/ft here
  5. Most Regretted Farm Purchase

    JD 535 baler
  6. Tractor Supply Co.

    I like my tsc , but I know what to get there and what to get at CIH,JD, etc. We do have very knowledgeable people who call me by name. Shop there on average twice monthly. Have ordered stuff there, have left the 10% cupon at home and the checkout people just give it, tell them the price at _______ and they price match. Never have required me to bring proof, but I offer to. I think the PEOPLE make a huge difference.
  7. Have a friend who is retired DOT cop. Asked him once what the heaviest truck he ever weighed was, he told me this story. While in bed one night his phone rang. It was a village cop with a request for him to come weigh a truck. The village cop was attempting to stop the truck to just tell him to slow down as he was doing 35ish in a 30 but the driver went on to his drop off on the edge of town and pulled in the factory lot. At this point the officer had decided to ticket the driver for speed due to his failure to stop. As the cop approached the driver the driver said "you can't weigh me, you can't weigh me I'm on private property" This is when the phone call was made. I don't recall the exact figure but it was in the 180000 area on 5 axels. It was coils on the trailer. He had seen heavier on more axels. On another note I personally knew the guy from the Lodi Ohio stop. He grew up in my township. He was just the driver. Google Lodi Ohio overweight truck, probly will get story. Suposedly heaviest overweight ever caught.
  8. value of a 1066 black stripe low hours?

    I think pt756 means it had 160hrs when the gentleman purchased it, but has less than 1000 currently. Either way low hrs
  9. Firestone super NO tractions

    Once had a K20 Cheby that was my used oil disposal plan . Ran it years till reverse was all it had getting rid of 1+ gallon/ week of used hyd, engine, gear oil through the 400 cid. Engine never did fail, but oil & gas mpg was about the same .
  10. Forum issues

    Couldn't get on for a week. Took puter in for work, got it back and still couldn't get on . Finally worked yesterday.
  11. Gonna bring this up anyhow...

    45 years ago our gov gave certain people the " right " to end the life of another for whatever reason seemed ok . Today, 45 yrs later, many in our society don't value life. Suppose there could be a link ? To me the solution is simple, put the value back in life. It will take a couple generations to do that as it took a couple generations to get here. Not a quick fix, but there isn't one . No amount of gun legislation will fix this and it probly won't get fixed the only way I feel it can cause anyone who tried to fix it could not get re-elected . Therefore I suspect many more will become victims cause nobody really wants to face the truth. People must change from the inside out . Just my humble opinion for what it's worth.
  12. Identify the problem on this IH Farmall 1066

    Bet they were on a 6030 rowcrop as well, highly sought after to restore a large frame deere if you want to ditch the cab
  13. Identify the problem on this IH Farmall 1066

    45/46 and maybe 5020 rowcrop fenders , not 30/4020. could probly swap for nice original IH and get cash to boot to take wife out
  14. Case IH Cyclo 800 planter questions and parts

    Red seed treatment has been my monitor on 12row HRF 800 planter last 15 years, check the inside 6 at every end as I turn around. Will continue working well till cataracts get in sensors. I do get off and walk around every 6 rounds or so. Did buy new 800 & 900 6 rows that had monitors in the 80s , they were the basic ones and worked fine