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  1. Underferth Till & Drill attachment for 750
  2. 1480x3

    Dirty trick

    Imagine their horror if they thought after a bite that it could be a GMO.
  3. Have seen one. There was an aftermarket kit that involved removing the hitch, adding 3 or 4 feet of frame, then reinstalling the hitch. In the late 80s / early 90s to make no-till beans more "palatable" to local farmers our chem/fert supplier put one on a new 750 in 1991. The previous 4 years they had contracted me to pull a Great Plains 15 ft involving the 'Basaplan" . Any of you guys remember that ? I was exceeding 2500 acers / yr with the 856 pulling that drill. Highest was a little over 3200 acres. Any how guys were used to the "fluff & plant" of the great plains drill. When the 750 came so did the coulter system so the client could see some dirt movement. Only ran it 1 yr then the coulter system went in the corner of lot to sell. Rotted there a while. I will have to ask what become of it. As I recall it seems like there was hyd lift on the coulters separate from the drill. Wish I could remember the manufacturer
  4. 1480x3

    Dirty trick

    Neighbor A always plants a pass of sweet corn, 8 rows, along edge of field on county road. East side of road one yr, west the next year per rotation. Any way a couple yrs ago neighbor B puts sign at state hwy intersection half mile down county rd that says " FREE SWEET CORN " and has an arrow pointing the way to neighbor A field. Neighbor A kept chasing people out of his patch till he got wind of the sign and took it down
  5. Always wondered how the belly bracket on a 2350 would work with the offset mfd drive on a 66 or 86 series ? Looks like it is modified a little for clearance. A better pic of the modification would be nice.
  6. I'm stomped. Sounds like you got all correct, seed has got to be missing manifold somehow.
  7. I don't have a " high tech" way to measure hole dia, so I took my plastic disc and put a round toothpick in the hole labeled .100. It filled it nicely and 16 toothpicks fit in 1 inch on ruler. There are 3 different shaped dimples on my disc with .160 dia labels for cotton, soy, sunflower, and popcorn, however only 1 option has a 8 row 144 hole choice. Upon measuring that hole, 3 toothpicks fit easily, therefore I think you got a soybean drum # 60649C92 or #548779R92 both of which are 8 row, 144 hole drums. Now the question is if you do have a soy drum and change to a milo drum, will that solve the problem ? I don't know. Is the drum your attempting to use for milo the same one you have used on soy in the past ? One thing I have always assumed, possibly incorrectly, is that all drum diameters are the same. It is possible that even if milo stays in the dimples in a soy drum and cutoff wheels drop it with the small seed it drops between drum and manifold. Drum diameters could be slightly different, not detectable to the eye, and position seed drop differently in proximity to manifold for big/little seed differences . Sorry for babbling on, hope some of these thoughts help. I'll be quiet for a while and listen
  8. In my book they talk about .100 is the minimum seed dia which would lead me to think the hole dia would be smaller yet . I am a 1 finger typer so i'm slow , i'm typing and getting new replies at same time
  9. Sorry about confusion I will stick to inches not millimeters in future So are you using a milo drum or one of the 2 144 hole soy drums. they look very similar but there is a difference
  10. Yes .100 or 2.54 mm. The soy drums are .160 and .180
  11. Ok , looked at book, sprockets good at 145002 pop. Next I looked at drum page, soy and milo drums different. 2 milo drums offered , 3 soy drums offered. I have IH part # 113274C2 which is a red plastic disc about 8 in diameter. Around the outside edge are 9 pockets of various drums to put seed samples in to select the proper drum. There is 29 different drums represented on this disc. Using this info on the disc along with the page headlined " adjusting and operating seed drums " it appears to me you need drum part # 58436C92 . That is a 144 hole, 8 row, milo/sorghum, 2.54 min. seed diameter drum with the "dimple style" for milo
  12. If your drum is turning a little faster than your corn setting you got to be in an OK range as far as sprockets go. Seed has to be missing the manifold somehow. Are you using a milo/sorgum drum ? Is a milo drum and soy drum the same ? I got to dig into my book, this is puzzling !
  13. You are using a milo drum ? Are they different than a soybean drum ? I think they are but its been almost 40 yrs since I planted milo with a 800.
  14. So you used the sprocket set for 36200 from the 36 hole drum chart, but you are using a 144 hole drum which should result in a pop of 144800 seed per acre. You are not using the sprocket set for 36200 from the 144 hole drum chart, which would result in a pop of 36200 per acre. Am I following your process correctly ? I would double check sprocket selection and pop charts
  15. Is the seed it puts on evenly spaced in row, or clustered together with large gaps ? Is your drum perfectly round ? I once had one that was slightly "ovaled" from less than careful handling. I didn't even notice it till my planter guru brought it to my attention. that was a corn drum. Milo might be more sensitive if the distance from manifold to drum gets a little wider. Ofcourse for every where it is wider somewhere else it would be closer
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