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  1. A few years ago teff was big here, it was planted after wheat. Got excelent stands no tilling it. August rains determined the yield of the 1 cutting which was usually pretty light. Due to the price of teff seed, typical low moisture of August, and time for only 1 cut oats are preferred over teff now as the "after wheat crop" here. Rarely would the teff get as big as yours is. Definately better as a primary crop than a 2nd crop
  2. In an earlier thread i mentioned a crash totaling my 37000 mile diesel C&C F-350, CC, 4x4. I had previuosly had 7 new ford diesels, 2 pickups and 5 C&Cs. I now have a 2021 F-350 crew cab, C&C, 4x4, XL, 430 axle, 7.3 gas, running boards, brake controller, 110 plug, and dual alternators. I now drive them less than 5000 mi a year. 2 of my previos C&Cs became grass buggies. My 2021 was $48949 out the door all fees and taxes paid. Hilsboro aluminum bed installed with gooseneck, rear bumper/reciever, and diamond plate under body box was $5800. You probly can get a better price as a fire dept and a regular cab is a couple thousand less as well. Like the 7.3 gas, handles 30,000 lb+ very satisfactorily. It thinks it's a diesel. gets 2 mpg less than my 6.7 did. Not quite as "spunky" as my 6.7 but very acceptable performance. If i was still towing 25000 mile a year at 30000lb weights, i would have went with diesel again but am only towing 3 to 4000 mile annually now.
  3. Thats what i used under mine, bubble wrap stuff. Came in rolls 5 or 6 foot wide, rolled down easy. I did use 2 inch styrofoam 2 feet in around the perimeter as well as inside and outside the footer vertically and my concrete wall below floor level as well.
  4. Every time i had that issue it was time to put new o-rings in the valve stack. Or just tolerate the mess if you want, did that for years also.
  5. Planning on taking mine to Grand Island for balancing in August. Got to get all the new iron on 1st. Took one from 1480#1 to the factory in 1989 for balancing. Bring yours to me, got room for 2.
  6. It would have been in the pile of parts taken out of my 7250 when the transmission was rebuilt by my CIH dealer in 2011. Used parts. Since it has been identified i know how long it has been around. Not 30 yrs as mentioned in my 1st post. Only seems like it. Also on that pile of used parts was what seemed like dozens of plates and disks as well as some other parts that are unfamiliar to me. Probly all from that rebuild. It looks to be OK to my untrained eye, but has 10000 hrs of use. Would not want to cause problems in some ones magnum so will just scrap it. There is a reason they are commonly changed as SDman says
  7. Thank you, just like to know what parts are before i take them to scrap. I located it on Messicks, but could not get to the picture or parts assembly. It will go on the truck now that i know where it was used
  8. Ya thats it, where does it go ?
  9. Found one of these while loading scrap today. Can anybody tell me what the application was ? Probly been laying around 30 yrs.
  10. Saw a semi a couple yrs ago that about a 6 step stairs pivoted out, think it was a freightliner
  11. Before my Esco hyd bead breaker on tires like yours i used my skid steer mounted tree shear. Could dismount practically any tire as long as it was not being used again. I knew i had a good thing when it shears a semi tire like my wife cuts a pie.
  12. Had a set of 14L-16 four rib on the 1486 that got thorns in them when they were new. Put 3 to 4 inches of "Multi Seal" tire sealant. Over a period of 2 to 3 years it pushed out through the holes and required additional product. The rotation of the tire kept coating the holes. It came in a 5 gallon pail with a pump and hose to hook to the valve stem. Looked like a thick white soup. It eventually seeped through the wounds in the tire, as said 2 to 3 years. The inside of the tire was clean and dry at this time. If you broke down the tire before it all seeped out we just scooped it up and put it back in the original pail. Product worked well and was easy to use.
  13. Got a weaver tire machine with bead breaker on the side, works well. Have done skid steer tires with it and nephew even did a semi tire with it. Also have a pneumatic bead buster i use on big tires, combine & tractor. Can't recall the make. Both tools work really well
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