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  1. Is that the one coming up in a big collection in LA I believe ?
  2. Had 2 lincolns , early ones they were good till they just wore out. In the mean time I acquired quite a collection of 18 volt dewalt tools so I got a dewalt 18 v grease gun. It is a huge upgrade from my lincolns. But they were probly 20 yrs old when I got the dewalt about 5 yrs ago, so i'm sure a current Lincoln is way improved over mine. I stuck with 18 v to match my drill, impact, etc and have no regrets. Am on original 2 batteries that are pre 2010, have a new, unopened 2 pak that I bought on sale a couple years back. I'm sure there is a better grease gun than my dewalt but I am 100 % satisfied with mine and since you have a line of 18v dewalt tools that is what I would get unless the tools/batteries are about whipped
  3. 1480x3

    8920 Magnum

    I had my 7250 5-6 gallon overfull once and it didn't like it. It was ok in field working at low speeds but seems like oil temp light would come on at higher speeds. It had a leak that I didn't have time to fix that day and I needed to knock down 150 acres of hay that day to keep the chopper on schedule. By late in the day enough had leaked out, hearty drip/not stream, that level was at normal full and by night fall 4 or 5 gallon low. Put new hose on next day and all OK
  4. Hope you got a buddy that owns a pharmacy from the looks of all that other stuff !
  5. My 915 had the flip up shield like that as well as the dash like this one. I really liked that combine. Served me very well for 3000 hrs
  6. Predator calls, I get about 3 a week. I usually just hang up on them. Sometimes it's my wife.
  7. Can't help with your problem as I have never owned any of that series, but welcome to Red Power. This will get you bumped back to the top of page. good luck.
  8. 20 yrs ago there were 3 guys within 5 mile of me that could make their own hose, today none. They gave it up cause $ to keep inventory. A fert/chem/seed dealer 11 mile away has made hose for 40 yrs. Probly 25 yrs ago they also became a distributer- warehouse for a fitting co. Don't ever recall them not having in stock what I needed.
  9. Got your #, will call soon, got absessed tooth, high swelling & pain, sorry for delay, look forward to talking to you, probly call Mon, went to ER this AM
  10. To me it would be logical to see an increase in cases, however not do to states opening up although that can't be ruled out, but more likely to increased testing because it is becoming more available daily to 1000s of people. Getting easier every day to get a test. More tests = more cases. just my humble opinion
  11. 100 inches with no duals, 154 inches dualed
  12. In In mid 90s I had a redesigned bracket fabricated to hold the hyd pumps. took care of those issues.
  13. Doubt if I could get $1000 for mine. Been very dependable, had it 33 yrs. Don't use it much, just for stuff I don't want to do with a nice tractor, tough nasty jobs. Got 24.5 duals so it floats good. Some parts are NLA but have been able to find what I have needed used. Brakes are a challenge to keep working for me, but mostly cause I only use it about a week a year. It was the right decision in 1987 at $6250 with new rubber and 2700 hrs vs the 8440 I was looking at for $13500.
  14. 1206, 1256, 1456, 1466, 4620, D21, 2255, G1350, 1155, 1270, 1570, & a 5488. In 4x4s a 4366, AC440, Case 1470, Oliver 2655, MM 1600, IH 4300, WA 17, 8020, Vesatile 1156, Stieger Tiger, MF 1805, & a 9370 Quad Track. I know, weird collection but my perfect collection. All muscle tractors. I got 1 so am started. might get 1 more if I live long enough.
  15. 1480x3

    1066 width

    Definitely looks wide, but I am pretty sure it would still have enough tire on my 102 that it would stay put.
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