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  1. Hey dad, think we need a new planter. The hitch pin bounced out, pretty sure it will cost more to fix than we paid for the 1st new 12 row you bought. 🙂
  2. The 12/24 John Deere system was a ploy to sell more corn planter monitors,had a neighbor who said corn planter monitors were actually intended to be a test device to confirm that the 12/24 system had good connections at all the grounds. 😁
  3. "Pounds per acre" is the title of the chart. The left chart is titled for metrics, "Kilograms per hector".
  4. Some day we will tell the kids "I remember the good ole days in 22 when gas was only $4.75, wish it was that now"
  5. 1480x3


    If i may ask what is your reason for preferring 38s ? Just curios.
  6. True, but not fully reconditioned, but yes very useable. Part of the reason i use it is to show em you still can do a days work with them old tractors. It is much nicer riding in a luxury cab though. My 4020s, 06,56 66 86, &88 tractors have paid a LOT of bills the last 40 yrs, not sure my 275 will ever "earn its keep" but it sure is nice. 🙂
  7. Put right at 10K in mine on 2007 including 4 new firestones [14.9x38], TA, brakes, PTO clutch/brake/seals, main clutch, hyd pump, new radiator, wiring, out of frame OH, pump & injectors, new drawbar, steering wheel, professional paint, and lots of small stuff like new hood screws etc. Several neighbors got on my case for putting it to work after that restoration. For the last 15 yrs i have worked it like a rented mule. Big augers, hay rakes, 6 rotor tedders, loaded fertilizer spreader, tandem manure spreaders make it snort. My reply to them is "show me where i can buy a 45 HP tractor on 38 inch rubber with live PTO, live hyd, 3 remotes, power shift, bar axle for 10k. It can be rebuilt again." It still runs good but i need to do some head work for long. But it has a lot of use since 07. Monties in chicago had everthing i needed in 07.
  8. I have a lot of dirt like that, if i live long enough in the perfect storm bean yields could hit 40 on it.
  9. Dad bought the 890 i still use in 1980 or 81 new
  10. Bump, also curios, sure someone will know
  11. Like Farmall Fan said, the yellow arrow red light is the equal to the trans pressure light on a gear drive.
  12. Back in the 90s i pulled a 32ft wilrich fld cult 160 mi home with my 86 F250 dsl. IIRC there were 2 basic widths of the center section and this was the wide one and the wings stood staight up so probly around 18 ft wide. Came from north of St Johns MI down to Angola IN. Biggest town was Charlotte and went right through town on Rt 27. towed good, did not sway like some disks i have pulled. There was one place i did have to back a half mile or so cause it would not fit through a bridge on a county road. After that i stayed on State roads.
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