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  1. Had same problem here on 3688. Had to use loc tite on bolt and seems to be staying tight now.
  2. 3688 oil cooler failed. Oil and coolant commingled both ways. Looking for ideas to get oil flushed from cooling system. If this was covered in a previous thread please let me know. Thank you
  3. Didn't the 2+2 come with piston hitch and piston steering pumps originally? I think they both could be changed to gear pumps if they went bad. Also they don't have their steering pump on back of mcv. I think the tractor halves would bolt together. You might have to drop that big underslung steering pump and go with a pump on back of mcv. Also probably have to swap the hand steering pump. I think you could leave hitch pump alone. I sure there a ton of things I missing.
  4. I think 2350 was way to go for 686. Got a farmall 544 with 2250 on it. Also own three farmall 686 and I think they would wreck a 2250 pretty easy. Got to say that 544 with 2250 is a handy combo in my opinion. Be handier if it was hydro though.
  5. Many hours in the field/vehicle/barn/shop listening to him. 11am to 2pm in my time zone. He will be missed
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