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  1. 1466 steering arms and pivot ball

    Mine was not froze. Slide right out
  2. 1466 steering arms and pivot ball

    That tractor I'm working on is a new t me 1466 that I'm doing repair s and painting on . I have never run into this problem bbefore. Thesteering arms that has the split and bolt is not mine it is a neighbor's I just set it on there to compare to what I have. And yes I have 6 other 66 and 86 tractors and I always take a breaker bar and a 6 ft cheater and tighned my steering arms down that way with no problem in the past. I was real suprised that the stay ball hike was in perfect condition. Not wore out.
  3. 1466 steering arms and pivot ball

    Well I guess I will be experimenting on this one.
  4. 1466 steering arms and pivot ball

    i think i will do that. machine the shank down. ihave new snap rings coming for spindles. do you still put the 450 ft lbs torque on the steering arms.
  5. 1466 steering arms and pivot ball

    What's bad is my hole where the ball is was not worn at all. It was tight fit still. Just the ball was worn itself and the housings. There is no way I can drive it in without drilling or turning ball shank down. The shank doesn't even begin to start in hole. I'm goibgvhave to turn shank down or enlarge hole. My understanding is you can't buy the original shank size anymore basically because they think everyone's hole is enlarged from the ball being loose. Well mine is in perfect condition so now I have to ruin a perfectly good hole
  6. 1466 steering arms and pivot ball

    no the aftermarket is on coreectly it just slides all the way down. it is flat on top and underneath where it is on splines is steps
  7. 1466 steering arms and pivot ball

    So snap ring will hold it up when you put 450ftlbs on the nut. That steering arms is a neighbor's to try out and see if it would work. I will post pic of original arm
  8. 1466 steering arms and pivot ball

    Working on 1466 an took everything apart an cleaned and painted. Went to put back together and when I put steering arms on they locked the steering up. I haven't changed anything but put new thrust bearings on them. Neighbor had a new arm and tried it out and it bottomed out and locked it up. I went to replace my pivot ball because the ball itself was wore not the hole. Well got new ball but is too large to go in hole. The ball didn't fit cap correctly either. So I ordered one from case and it fit cap but it was too large for hole also. I have enclosed puctures
  9. 1586 and vacuum planter

    12 row. 7200 and splitter rows are finger pickup. Main rows vacuum
  10. 1586 and vacuum planter

    Neghbor asked if his 1586 would work for a 7200 vacuum planter. His is the closed system. I told him yes it would. Am I correct on this. Heis wanting to purchase this planter and wanting to make sure before he bought. I told him he could invest in a PTO pump if it didn't but he said didn't want to spend the 600-900 dollars for the pump
  11. New tool to tool box

    Reamer for 66 series steering cylinder upgrade
  12. New tool to tool box

    Just picked up this to add to my tool box. What a find!. Brand New never been used in original box. Browsing eBay. And came across it.
  13. 756 steering

    whats the update.. interested
  14. removing the front axle pin on 1466

    it was pushed up against the tractor where the stay rod mounts. but it was my concern also.
  15. removing the front axle pin on 1466

    had a little hard time removing the axle pin from the front axle. Heated the front bolster up around the pin as hot as my little torch could and used a enerpac to press the pin out. end up having 12000 lbs of pressure on the pin and still had to take a sledge and beat on front of bolster to get it to jar loose. it was tight. as you can see the bushings was wore completely out.