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  1. Does anybody know part number for this expansion valve. It has o-ring and flare fittings. I replaced the evaporator couple years ago and I don't remember where I got the txv. I googled the numbers and no luck
  2. I do sell the viscosity oil. If you need any. 2.5. 5 gallon. 55 gallon. It is the same as cih. Before they changed
  3. i can sell you original hytran for lot less money than dealer and this is the original before they switched to shell. pallet quantity be cheaper becasue of shipping also have 15/40 and straight 30w before they switched
  4. Maybe I'm thinking wrong. After all. I've got a 414 apart right now also. I will look and double check. I've been know to be wrong many times because I have bad memory.
  5. I changed it over about 6 years ago. But engine went down so bought a used one instead of rebuilding it. Time is the reason in not rebuilding . Is all 360 have the dimples. None of my 400 series does
  6. Ive never seen a pan gasket and pan designed like this. Is this original? It's a 360. I've never disambbled a 360 either. But I've got NOS gasket and it doesn't have the dimples in it. I'm a little concerned about leaking now. This engine supposed to have came out of a 886. I purchased from junk yard and installing in a 656. Only reason I took pan off is to change front rimming and rear mounting plate.
  7. I replcaed the vaccum hoses i took the vaccum and right before the check valve it was 16in. and the needle qwivverd quite a bit 13-16 idiling. when you rev it up it goes to 16 in when you let off it goes to 20in. which that is marginal. down at the booster inlet it is 11-12 in . so my concerns is i dont believe i have enough vaccum. the booster is holding vaccum because when the truck is off and i pull the vaccum hose off there is still vacum present. when the gauge is at inlet to booster it is a constant 11-12 it is not quivering at all. so any ideas . thiunking carbon in intake maybe not allowing enough vaccum
  8. i replaced the master cylinder 3 times now. thats a long story . The last one is a brand new one not rebuilt. and replaced the hydro-vac again. still no brakes. i will have great brakes. then i go to stop and have really hard brake peddle that will barely stop the truck empty. i have bled and bled the brakes and bled some more. I have a power brakje bleeder ordered. Im going to try that. Im going to check my Vaccum also i believe it suppose to be 16" vaccum at a min. 20 is prefered from what i have read. im in the process also to adjust the brakes . i dont think thats the issue since i have brakes and good brakes and then i dont . but the adjuster is froze up on one side and i need to replace them. trying to cover all angles now..
  9. have a 1977 loadstar 1700. My brakes are good one min. And then the peddle is hard as a rock. I replaced master cylinder. Replaced the hydro vac under running board and bled all the brakes . Might have a perfect peddle one time then go to stop and they are hard as a rock. What could be wrong? This truck has air brakes on the rear axle. It has hydraulic brakes on front axle and one back axle. And then the tandam axle has air brakes. Need a little help if anybody has a clue what my problem is
  10. I just replaced mine with a bin master Standard Diaphragm Switch MODEL: BM45
  11. where is the heat shield in front of the tank its missing
  12. I broke a axle in my grain truck. and was wondering if anybody knew where i could get one or someone has one. p/n 455463c1 or 455463c2
  13. Yes. Have a 360 in my 656 I converted over few years ago. That is using gallon every 2-3 days
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