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  1. hardknocks

    1086 cab removal

    dang that cab looks awsum.. great work.
  2. hardknocks

    1978 1600 loadstar

    good luck on finding parts.. they are hard to come by.. i have a 1977 1700 with a 446ci and i have had all kinds of nightmares trying to find parts
  3. hardknocks

    1066 hydraulic valve.... What's this screw?

    they are differnt size o-rings the screwdriver slot is to align the hole up to get the mounting bolt through. its a easy fix after u get lines out of the way
  4. hardknocks

    1066 hydraulic valve.... What's this screw?

    its very simple take the bolt out that holds the valves together and take snap ring out of top and pull it up and out there is 2 o-rings that need replaced on each one.
  5. hardknocks

    1466 front axle pivot ball question

    i had same issue. bought new pivot ball and no way it would go in. took new one to machine shop and had them turn it down to fit . seems rediculious nobody makes the original size. not every hole is sloppy. I have posted pictures in another post here of my project. u will just have to search for it
  6. hardknocks

    One of the nicest 5088 I've ever had here 100% original

    ACEM i bought him a service truck about 3 yrs ago. well 1/2 service truck anyway LOL
  7. hardknocks

    Tilt steering repair

    ive got a 1466 that flops everywhich way that needs rebuilt.
  8. hardknocks

    Owen and I have 5x88's coming out of our ears

    wheres my service truck.
  9. hardknocks

    Leaking hydraulics

    so i will take the valve off and rebuilt i guess. but it doesnt leak on the other valve just the one.
  10. hardknocks

    Leaking hydraulics

    Got a 986 that I spray with. My booms have a hydraulic cylinder on them to adjust the height. When I raise them up thy seep down on just the right aux and not the left one. Is it in the hydraulic couplers on back or is it the valve itself. It still has old style IH couplers and they seep down in a matter of minutes
  11. hardknocks

    1466 steering arms and pivot ball

    Mine was not froze. Slide right out
  12. hardknocks

    1466 steering arms and pivot ball

    That tractor I'm working on is a new t me 1466 that I'm doing repair s and painting on . I have never run into this problem bbefore. Thesteering arms that has the split and bolt is not mine it is a neighbor's I just set it on there to compare to what I have. And yes I have 6 other 66 and 86 tractors and I always take a breaker bar and a 6 ft cheater and tighned my steering arms down that way with no problem in the past. I was real suprised that the stay ball hike was in perfect condition. Not wore out.
  13. hardknocks

    1466 steering arms and pivot ball

    Well I guess I will be experimenting on this one.
  14. hardknocks

    1466 steering arms and pivot ball

    i think i will do that. machine the shank down. ihave new snap rings coming for spindles. do you still put the 450 ft lbs torque on the steering arms.
  15. hardknocks

    1466 steering arms and pivot ball

    What's bad is my hole where the ball is was not worn at all. It was tight fit still. Just the ball was worn itself and the housings. There is no way I can drive it in without drilling or turning ball shank down. The shank doesn't even begin to start in hole. I'm goibgvhave to turn shank down or enlarge hole. My understanding is you can't buy the original shank size anymore basically because they think everyone's hole is enlarged from the ball being loose. Well mine is in perfect condition so now I have to ruin a perfectly good hole