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  1. ive split many tractors before and it takes me no more than 4 hrs to split. 4 hrs to but back . and im giving plenty of time for splitting and reasmbling tractor only. and these are cab tractors with AC. so lets say it took 15 hrs thats 1500.00. parts i dont know exact price. 600.00 for clutches and id say that is on high side. as long as nothing else is wrong. total 2100.00. oh lets through in supplies 100.00 no whewre near that. dont forget 134A because you waasted what you recovered. 20.00. oh 75.00 to use recovery machine because we woudnt want this guy to pay for the machine on
  2. ordered the diaphram style. going try that. got it in yesterday and its pretty good size unit. i see where it would work great. just have to get it mounted in the correct place on the grain tank
  3. does anybody know what it cost to replace the PTO clutches . I understand it has to be split to replace them. i got a estimate for 5000.00. this is a neighbors tractor and i told him that sounds ridiculous. i told him my opinion would be 2000.00.
  4. will that sensor use my existing wires
  5. yes its the flapper style.. so what you are saying the grain is going under the flapper and then not letting the flapper move. you are saying drill the flapper so the grain hits the screw and shoves on it to make contact instead of going underneith
  6. Well it works every ye I manually move the switch but doesn't work half the time with grain. Yes the tinking on top of cab is a pretty good sensor. Would likebth pre sensor to work better. Lpl
  7. What can I replace my bin extension grain tank sensor with. It doesn't work half the time
  8. i work for a natural gas compressor station and stanless steel swedge will hold the pressure no problem they are rated at 3000# we can not buy anything under 3000#
  9. Has anybody used one of these they say they will replace every disk you have and are much better than a GP
  10. Did they put a Detroit engine and automatic in a loadstar. Like a 1975 model year
  11. i end up putting a lite in line after the switch. and ran new 10 ga to solinoid. when i turn key on its lite up and after started it goes out. so now im guessing if its not charging the lite will stay glowing when its running
  12. You have a part number for replacement
  13. It's putting out. 14.47 volts. So. It's working. I put a bulb. In line. With. Switch. Tractor off light shines. Running. Not lite. Thanks guys
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