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  1. How do you keep the aux valve in float.all three just goes back to center. I purchased a GP turbo max. And book says to leave wings so they can float.book says if winngs cant float will bend something
  2. yes and i did find some the bolts are froze in them going try to heat them up and get the bolts out. the parts book also shows 5088 being the same wedges
  3. Went to move hubs on axle on my 5488. They where so tight and rusted i ended up twisting one of the bolts off. So i had to torch both wedges out. I tried heating and cooling and nothing worked. Now im in need of a set for one side. Does anyone know of any.
  4. 38's are everywhere here and are easier to come by. 42's are a higher priced tire
  5. see bunch different prices from 230.00-500 but the all look exactly the same with the adapter . is there any diffence in quality or they all from china .
  6. what is the normal on offset i see 8" and 11"
  7. I want 38. Have him get in touch with me this 5488 I bought has 42 on it. I would rather have 38
  8. So your saying if I have 16” on inside tire and 18” on dual the dual will be a little shorter on height. How much difference would it be. And would it hurt anything running 18” and a 16”. Or should i put a 38” rim with 20.8 x38 on. I understand they would be same height as a 42 then.
  9. Would the 18” give me trouble with 18.4
  10. Found these rims. Does anybody know if they would fit I think they will
  11. Yes and they have 1. But I felt like they was overpriced.
  12. I would rather have 38” but tractor already has 42 cost more to change back
  13. Worthington wanted like new price.
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