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  1. It's putting out. 14.47 volts. So. It's working. I put a bulb. In line. With. Switch. Tractor off light shines. Running. Not lite. Thanks guys
  2. I got the alternator from O'Reilly's . I do not have a resistor or bulb in line. I will try what acem. Said. . it had very little magnetism when I touch screwdriver to the bearing end
  3. got it to work added the washers to make up the diffrence. thanks for all the suggestions
  4. NO!!!! im in process of painting the tractor..... the sheet metal is off Due to that fact .. and new wiring is going on. i ended up having to put the tractor back to use for a short period of time. so iI'M TEMPORARLY putting minimal wires on. so it will charge. You dont know me so before you jump to conclusions you might need to consider the whole story. you WILL NOT find one of my tractors half axx'ed. all i wanted was some friendly advise not negativity. thats what this forum is for ADVISE not Criticism.
  5. there is no sheet metal on the tractor whatso ever so its very simple to eliminate the old wiring by just running a new one to starter. to me anyway Thanks
  6. i will run a new wire from alternator to battery and try that will update
  7. So I have it wired correct
  8. hardknocks

    782 engine

    I actually bought a brand new deck for mine and just switch all the spindles. And pulleys. Same exact deck.
  9. hardknocks

    782 engine

    http://www.smallenginewarehouse.com/Repower-Old-Equipment/Repower-Cub-Cadet/. I gotta engine from here and it was by on ready
  10. They tested it before I left the auto parts store and it was putting out the correct voltage and yes the lug has constant power. So what does the resister do. I've had them go bad. And won't charge. But it's bypassed
  11. Got a 1066. That I have all the wiring off. Due to painting. But needs arise. And have to use it. Long story short can't. Get it to charge . This is how I wired. The alternator. Battery to key switch.,,,key switch to alternator. Lug on alternator. To battery. And from lug on alternator. To spade connector. And it won't charge. And it's a new alternator green wire is from key switch
  12. No mine is fiberglass. Thefoam. I'd glued to this.
  13. Was going to replace the headliner when I took everything apart the trim and everything the whole fiberglass fell out well I had to use the tractor so I put the top back on and it might be ugly but it cools and blows more air without the headliner in. I also block the air filter off in the back so no dust can get in
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