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  1. No. Different piece. Went and hooked drill up and it raised it fine for about 20 acres and then slowly quit working
  2. I got new hitch pump in and had good pressure for 4 hrs and then no pressure at remotes verified by gauge. Took hitch pump out thinking blown oring. Well oil looks like has liquid metal I’m thinking it’s bearing out. What you guys think? I have a lot of movement on the pto shaft that the hitch pump runs on. I tried upload video but not allowed video I might put dial on it and see exact movement
  3. Well i found most of the rest of the pieces. And It definitely looks like the ring that holds the clutch disk in pto. I have owned this tractor since early 90’s and have always repaired my own pto’s and don’t ever remember one of these missing and there is still one on the pro that is in th tractor now. So it’s a mystery
  4. It is .108 thick. And I laid it against a old clutch pack retaining ring and it matches up. I’m going to pull pto today and take a look
  5. Here are measurements it does look like pto clutch basket ring. And for previous work. I’ve had pto out this summer but no major work on rear end. Had a ta put in 3 years ago
  6. Since hytran is drained I will pull pto and take a look. Will keep you updated
  7. Is the quill that large in diameter I’ve been in those but can’t remember the size.
  8. Changing out hitch pump in a 1086. I draining all fluids and always wipe out all the hytran. When I reached my hand through the hutch pump hole and to the rear of tractor I pulled this big snap ring or half of one. So where could this have possibly been?
  9. What you mean reducer/reverser. You mean the pig tail
  10. I understand. Where u coming from on overlooking. Things it’s easy. I’ve just leaving dealer. And he’s bringing this head out. Tomorrow. I’ve fought this head. For 4 years. Had 3 mechanics and me. And father in law look. They said get rod kit. Do away with cable. So maybe this head. Will work. Im not replacing it just because of float. There is many other issues. So here is serial number. So maybe if auto float doesn’t work.I can call u direct if you willing
  11. They are not feeding in from cutter bar. And real has all fingers. And pulled back and down. Right behind the cutter bar there is a raised ledge. They are hanging on. I put pigtail on and it operators up and down but on manual. Nothing on auto.
  12. Ok I’m thinking about getting a upgrade to my head now. I’m pulling my hair out. My head is got a lot of issues besides the float.it does not feed in from cutter bar.Found a 2006 head. Will that one work on my 1688. They said it would and are willing to let me try it first. And do I still need pig tail. To make float work.If I do how do I know if I need to switch wires
  13. Yes use fleetcharge. Made just for diesels and buy it premixed so it’s right. I buy by 55gallon drum. Lot cheaper
  14. I have ordered the pigtail from case and it will be here Friday. I will tackle it again when I put the pigtail on. Thank you for all the Info this is much appreciated With all you guys knowledge I should get this fixed
  15. I’ve got voltage all the way down. 3.1volts. All the way up is 6.8 volts. How do you lower the top number
  16. Ok thank you I will try that. I just had engine running but separator or head. Was on running
  17. Ok. I have no power to plug. Been chasing wires. And I’m on right side of cab. With panel removed no mice damage there is a relay. Which I swapped out and still nothing. The three wires go into a round 14 pin connector that plugs into a black box. I’m thinking the power is coming in through the black plug Which I have no power at plug on any pin. Only power I find is coming into relay But I can’t find any coming out of relay. Now I’m stumped powe is coming in at the two red wires with green strips
  18. Ok thanks for all the input.
  19. Moving to another field it started smoking and lost all power. And pretty much quit. An it set overnight and lost all water to pan. The temp gauge started climbing and it got hot. I’ve noticed all spring it seemed to be losing power. And the oil pressure was lower than what it normally would run. I don’t have time to send to machine shop and then go over crank and clean block. Was thinking just get a reman. And swap out tractor wouldn’t be down as long. It is my tillage tractor.
  20. So does the roller cam motor have the same grind as a flat tappet it’s just roller. Because roller would be a better option. And what about heads does the intercooled engine have a different flowing head. My engine is a inline pump
  21. It’s no big deal to change all the exterior components. I want make sure it’s going to perform correctly. And withstand longevity Is a intercooled engine have different pistons. Or different head
  22. Here is what’s in it now. And it has the inline pump
  23. Thanks everyone. For your input. I’m still trying work it out. I’ll let you know how it goes
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