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  1. Which tractor possibly has a note?
  2. That blows the theory of switching the serial numbers out of the water then. 4451 would have to be mfd tractor and obviously it is not.
  3. IH dealer, had to bite the bullet
  4. There is no reason your parts guy cannot price those things before they order it....everytime a part number is entered it gives you a price, location, if it's available and what warehouse or dealer store it could be at.
  5. Elbow grease and a wire wheel on a grinder will clean them up pretty easily
  6. 450 is similar to the 720s
  7. You think the Montana Ag society would have picked a certain 1066 looking shape, sorta like the one in their building.
  8. Was the gauge wheel optional or standard? Nice looking 211, is that yours?
  9. Lot of pretty red parts! The chrome on the engine will really make her shine when you get done.
  10. I know a guy who could fix you up.
  11. Definitely not worth keeping....leave it by the side of the road and I will pick it up. Matt
  12. I have never seen a lubrication chart like that one before.
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