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  1. That's 30 minutes from me....first I have heard of it. Thanks
  2. Danny, @DirtBoyz07 What Is the most memorable or rarest paint job that you have done? Matt
  3. They sure did make'm pretty! Shiney rear rims to make it sparkle too!! Wonder why the yellow and white implement rims off to the left??
  4. Not bad, still has the seat cover on it
  5. Put a volt meter on them and then turn on your light switch. Those should be the lower cab corner lights
  6. Let me check my local boneyard and my other supplier of 88s
  7. #12 is your part. Where do you live? Should be some salvage yards near you.
  8. I know on an 88 series you cap them off. You do not want the oil to be continuously flowing. I would assume the 86s are the same way
  9. https://www.redpowermagazine.com/forums/topic/82177-uk-modifications-to-the-525488/
  10. https://talk.newagtalk.com/forums/thread-view.asp?tid=686497&DisplayType=nested&setCookie=1
  11. I wonder if he has gotten anywhere with it?
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