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  1. 4156

    Needs weights on that rack up front and some tillage equipment behind it!!
  2. 6588 fuel gauge.

    Look under 2+2 series tractor. http://cngco.com/wiring_diagrams.html
  3. 6588 fuel gauge.

    I know on a 5088, 5288, and 5488 you must unplug the auxiliary tank wires from the main harness under the cab and then by taking those 2 connection points and put them together to complete the circuit back to just the main tank. The 60 series may also be setup this way. Need to find a wire schematic for those tractors and it will tell you. The wire color usually is blue and blue white on these tractors for the colors if that helps you chase anything down.
  4. Pto sheild for 5488

    https://partstore.caseih.com/us/parts-search.html?csid=075a873c8b923ec7ba4fb63b5ccf8616&sl=EN&currency=#epc::mr65620ar374825 47,48&49 are probably what you looking for.
  5. Pto sheild for 5488

    Do you have a 1000 only or 540/1000. I have a 540/1000 on my MFD. The PTO is out of a Magnum and I wanted the look of the 50 series shield. The shield that goes on the single 1000 will fit on the 540/1000 Magnum ptos. I will get you a photo next time I am at the shop. Matt
  6. Pto sheild for 5488

    Been there. Took me about a year to come up with the right one... Matt
  7. Stupid question about 88 series seats...

    Here is that seat. I have seen it in my early 3488 #515 and the 5088, i think an 82 model out farm had it as well. I think that seat was also used in the 6X88 2+2s as well. Not sure on that but as the 50 series progressed that seat seamed to disappear as it was mechanical and they started to change over to hydraulic.... But in the picture it's folded up and can be put down for a buddy or half way for the arm rest. Was used in the Western interior package only???
  8. 1466 steering arms and pivot ball

    That must be nice! I got one that I have PB blastered, put a turbo heater on it, torches with heat, chain jack on it back to the rear axle and it won't budge.....
  9. 1466 steering arms and pivot ball

    How did you get the knee extension out if the axle tube?
  10. Look here boys a very cheap IHC 5088 in Kansas

    That tractor is right down the road from. It's a southern tractor is all I can tell you. If I needed another project i would go get it but right now someone else can take a stab at it.

    Foot throttle may have been in Europe only
  12. 5488 All-Wheel Drive Hand Pump

    Does the square front axle 2wd use the same hand pump? Maybe able to find one of those? Matt
  13. Case 94 vs IH 50 Series

    Thats the first one of those I have ever seen...... I need to find one of those!
  14. Interesting From Down South

    I am not seeing that,. Which pictures?
  15. door keys for 86/88 series

    Its fairly simple to unlock an 86-88 series door, It only works on the right side door though. Matt