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  1. Also a notch in the right hand inner step going out the door, also can be access door to the top of your battery. Matt
  2. I was a visitor to Mike this morning but I am sure my story isn't as exciting as the one in heritage iron. Matt
  3. Blame the guy who rewired it. He's always been a little shady.
  4. Here's a short window on an 86 cab, (3788) you can see the deeper drip edge between the window and the white part of the cab above the glass.
  5. I think 7 of them!
  6. Where you located.....i have a few laying around for either size.
  7. Yes. .wasn't it for the eternal cup of life!!πŸ˜‚
  8. There is a 186 hydro MFD on tractorhouse right now out in Iowa.
  9. Take your pick, but choose wisely 😁
  10. Better add another 54, but w/square axleπŸ˜„
  11. 966 hydro by itself is fairly rare, I think you got something there.
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