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  1. IHC5488

    What is this Tube strapped to the frame rail?

    Was there a tube that was available for on land plows,. Helped the driver to keep his distance from the furrow. Had a chain on it to I think? Attached to the weight bracket or in the facinity.
  2. IHC5488

    Made a little progress finally!

    Got one of each, which one do you want??
  3. IHC5488

    Any Line men on here, You might like this.

    I have been a lineman for the power company now for 18 years. That's pretty cool..... I would be scared that some would use a chainsaw on it or an axe. If anyone would like to send me one I can get you my address!! 😁😁 Matt
  4. IHC5488

    Made a little progress finally!

    Still priceless!! Job well done and it's all yours. Matt
  5. IHC5488

    Something To Ponder

    Still pondering and still upset!!!!
  6. IHC5488

    5388 getting updated 😎

    Would like to see the inside of that cab and how it was designed.. Matt
  7. IHC5488

    Something To Ponder

    Agreed, entertainers and pro athletes can fall of the edge of the Earth any day now. My family and alot of other have have ran a farm all their lives and have seen the milk price it beef prices never change. Everyone gets a bonus, pay raise or can negotiate their salary, but not the farmer! I am just amazed how much fuel prices change everyday and milk goes down the drain. To be continued.........
  8. IHC5488

    88 Series Cab Interior Colors

    Burgundy, Western and black were the options from factory. The brown you have in your cab may have been from the time frame when Western wasn't available from aftermarket suppliers and it was the closest they had to match.
  9. IHC5488

    86 series seat

    Yes,. Seat carried over into the 88's. That's the handle facing toward the left that the spring fell out of. Thanks.
  10. IHC5488

    86 series seat

    Can anyone get me a photo of the linkage and spring assembly of the deluxe vertical acting seat that goes in the 86 series. I took it apart and the spring fell out and I don't have any idea how it goes back together....?? Thanks in advance. Matt
  11. IHC5488

    Made a little progress finally!

    The make over prices are "priceless"!!!!! Don't even add them up.
  12. IHC5488

    Made a little progress finally!

    Tractor looks great Mike, top notch job on all your hard work, from every nut and bolt turned and to the shine of the paint. Good for another 30 years and alot more dirt work..👍👍 Matt
  13. 18.4-38s makes it look small., But definitely looks likes like a 4" axle
  14. IHC5488

    Single Decals Made ?

    Some one may have them...what are you looking for?
  15. IHC5488

    50 series MFWD switch

    I have that decal,. Had 50 of them made. Matt