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  1. That's the new bidding way, if any of the items get bid on the timer gets more time added to it. We have tried to buy steers on auctions like this and give up. Mostly because at the end of the auction listing, there is a hat or coat for sale and someone keeps bidding pennies on it to keep the other bids open.
  2. IHC5488

    1086 emblem

    They are put on with screws or the push clips in the day. Those were put on before the shell of the cab was placed into the ROPS. Also in the 88 series they started to delete them since that was the first place for cab to start.
  3. I work for the local power company and people are calling in all the time to have Trump signs removed from our poles. Well if we remove one we would have to remove them all, including garage sales, yard sales and who knows what else. Just leave it alone people and express your thoughts. Freedom of speech!!
  4. It's a 2455 loader. Yes it belongs to member on here, FarmallFan or BJ Kline
  5. Parker dealer near me bent everything I needed for a loader I restored a couple years ago. Did a really nice job and all in ½" . May have to zoom in a little bit.
  6. I am sure the people in the gas stations are getting tired of me not wearing a mask. And I am waiting for the day they tell me to leave. My theory is if they ask me to wear a mask to keep others safe and they think I am spreading it or sick my self, I am going to politely tell them that I am the healthy person here, you must have the covid as I see you are the one wearing the mask. Leave me alone and stay 6' away if you don't like me not wearing a mask.
  7. Those weights went on the bottom of the 5X88s as well. Mostly were used in the early MFD tractors to add more weight including the 12 suitcase weights to equal approx. 2000 lbs. I have made that bracket, weights and thru bolt. Matt
  8. Depends on what your looking for. Cab parts are pretty much the same as 5X88 series cab except the gear shift lever cover will be different. Transmission parts are basically an 86 series or 3788. Don't quote me there but I think they are similar. Decals might be available they Maple Hunter out if Indiana. What else might you be needing? Matt
  9. 786 open station would be a good option. Very good visibility, easy on and off. Will pull a 6 row planter and also a cultivator when needed.
  10. Can you wire brush the paint off the bottom serial number tag in the cab, those are stamped, so the numbers shouldn't disappear.
  11. Are suitcase weights still bringing a $1.00/lb or more these days? Weights in question are the 88 large handle with flat bottom, also there is a weight bracket and hold down hardware for it . TIA, Matt
  12. What's the bottom serial number tag say in the cab? It should be a stamped tag. Or put pictures on here of them.
  13. Just got to look in the right spot. Or know a guy who knows a guy!
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