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  1. The threaded square washer was one **** of an idea!!!! Not to change the subject
  2. What's wrong with the 2208?
  3. Do you have a parts book or a better description? If you have a parts book type it into Google, sometimes things just pop up for you.
  4. Gear clash.....they all do it. The Magnums do it as well.
  5. 4786 with a 16 bottom automatic reset plow. 7488 with a 30 ft. 596 disk 5488 MFD, (already owned) with a 900 12 row corn planter. Matt
  6. I think that guarantee is in all the owner manuals as well
  7. Still have it, my brother and I use still between the both of us. Had to put a little money into it again this year but still going strong. Matt
  8. Good to know. My reason for the grease gun was so I could stop standing on my head while trying to pump grease when working on the combine. Seems easier to just pull a trigger. Thank you everyone for their input and replies. I have DeWalt tools, I like their products and have had good luck with them. I prefer the Milwaukee impact over the DeWalt because of the torque ratings so I figured I would start a small Milwaukee collection.
  9. Anyone use the battery operated grease guns? What kind? Reliable? Go with brand from the same batteries and tools previously in tool box? Milwaukee, DeWalt, Lincoln?? Thanks for your help. Matt
  10. Should be a black stripe hydro 100 somewhere on here. Guy in Indiana owns it..... Takes it plow days and I believe it's been to Rantoul for progress days. Here's a picture I found. https://images.app.goo.gl/G8ZEWiuJ4mf1tPyb8
  11. How far do you have to transport it? Most farm equipment I wouldn't think would pick up more then a ton....I am sure that planter weighs more then that.
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