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  1. IHC5488

    Unusual Farmall H

    One of one, better get it bought and put in the barn.
  2. Is this tractor still around or did it get sold to the public?
  3. Do you have any pictures of the inside of the cab. That's going to make a nice tractor.
  4. What kind of money did they sell for? You have a serial number on the 5488? Thanks for the pics Loren. Matt
  5. IHC5488

    88 and 86

    If I had that 88 tractor with loader and bales spears I would staged it as well. You never know when the prime opportunity will come up and you could get yourself a real nice Deere lurking across your property! One the other hand, nice setup between the 2 tractors. What size is your 88, maybe a 5088 looking at the rear axle? Nice view thru the hills as well!! Matt
  6. Was the cab added? Just curious, I see the door stripes are different. Either way a 786 with a full cab is pretty cool... Matt
  7. They like to eat aluminum as well to sharpen their teeth.
  8. Nice looking tractor, get it cleaned up and fix a few things it sounds like and you will have a nice tractor. Great find on your part . Matt
  9. It is, but I am hoping it's still on!!
  10. Any of the 3 models could have had the lift cylinder added. It was an option.
  11. Old headliner fell down, doesn't matter how many hours are on it, age gets to them and they fall down or the foam deteriorated. Someone replaced it for the sale or just to make it drivable and not hanging on your head. They were all black.
  12. Sentry box and is in working order. Tires are good and not bald.
  13. IHC5488

    5488 mfd

    If you can split it and get the tranny out yourself you will be right around your 5k mark. Might want to do a Master clutch while your in there.
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