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  1. Wilson was the first name of the previous owner of the 1468.
  2. Yes,. I stated above about jumping the solenoid.....it was to test only not a permanent fix. Thanks for throwing that info out there.
  3. Jump the solenoid, go from there.
  4. IHC5488


    Very true, as long as people need electricity I guess I can keep getting out of bed every morning. As long as they pay their electric bill. Oh and drink more milk and support your local dairy Farmer. Matt
  5. Used to be the old saying of " Ertl, just like the real thing only smaller!". I think you have taken over on the custom toy making market!
  6. I would think calcium in duals just make them hard to handle when mounting and dismounting. Might be a good way to get hurt.
  7. I have a brand new cab on my 5488 and it let's in the dust. I keep trying to seal it up as well. I think most of it comes from opening the doors and getting in and out.
  8. Went to Napa yesterday to get antifreeze for the tractor. Was looking for something that won't corrode the radiator and was environmentally safe. They now have 11 different colors and who know what else at other stores. Are any of the colors compatible with each other? Can you mix them together if you were in a bind and the store only had certain products? Thanks, Matt
  9. Wow,. Very nice Brian. Better have BJ order a 2455 for his 186!
  10. IHC5488


    X2,. Looking great. You got the 10 bolt IH hubs on too!!
  11. You would think the glass coating would have broke or at least "spider webbed" I don't see anything.
  12. Doors are on the tractor, right side is shut, left side is just open.
  13. Great story,. Looking for a positive to the story. Matt
  14. IHC5488

    IH radiators

    And it's out! Pain in the A$$.
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