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  1. Cabs are easy to lift. Need a loader tractor or over head crane. Remove plastic dash around front window. Remove 6 bolts down along firewall. Remove plastic console on the right side hydraulic levers and range shift covers. Remove small triangle brace on the back 3 point lever console..2 small 10mm nuts on the inside. Remove hydraulic remote levers as a whole assembly in the cab and the small tin brace from levers to console frame. Unhook all electric lines...3 of them...2 in the front cab corners and 1 under the rear fuel tank. Heater hoses and AC lines get disconnected. Along with removing lower cab corners. Remove doors and rear window. Remove 4-1 5/16" nuts on the cab frame. Place a 4x4 or 6x6 in the cab against the front of thr "B" post and lift gently. You probably do not want the floor coming up as well. The use of a loader requires you to dive the pallet forms thru the rear window...a crane can be used over top in the same. I think I got everything mentioned.
  2. @5488Duke converted the steps and batteries
  3. Very nice! Enjoyed seeing the process from start to finish!! The reward at the end is priceless! Nice job
  4. IHC5488


    Where can I find a hydraulic pump for a 4586? Is there different sizes depending on the gpm? Anything will work I suppose. Right now we have nothing. Thanks, Matt
  5. Still ok...hasn't been used much. The one picture shows the seam coming apart a little.....
  6. Definitely looking sharp
  7. I can look at my extra drums as well. I am just west if Akron from you.
  8. Main tank was under the hood in front of the cab. Aux. tank was the behind the cab, yes an option
  9. Maybe when it's back to far, guys getting down of the tractor catch their shirts and coats on them and then end upside down. My 2 cents worth
  10. This is what I use to out all my decals on with... Clean the surface with a paper towel and small amount of product. Spray both the decal and the surface with product Apply decal, get it where you want. And squeegee out the air and product
  11. Finally got to the farm to get pictures. For some reason or another I think we had to tap out the hole where the long bolt goes into the transmission housing, that attaches the bracket and the cylinder to it.
  12. IHC5488

    5288 UK

    I believe that's the the French model with the ZF axle I think that's the only difference between it and the US model
  13. IHC5488

    5288 UK

    Don't see many of these in States. https://www.equipmentfacts.com/listings/farm-equipment/auctions/online/222505081/international-5288
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