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  1. I like 3, 4 & 5. Ball game would require 6 ft spacing and you couldn't enjoy your #4 with #3!
  2. Not a problem, I enjoyed the engine talk to, not much going on these days. Has been easier to do road construction with people staying at home.
  3. IHC5488

    Hi clear

    The black weights are the MFD 5X88 series and also for that era cotton pickers.
  4. What happened to the 5488 prototype? 🤣
  5. If you can't find a manual you can print pages from the: CaseIH website and under the parts catalog you can find what you are looking for. https://partstore.caseih.com/us/parts-search.html#epc::mr48604 Matt
  6. Found one of these.
  7. Those fenders turned out good
  8. Would the 100 lb weights that say 148347C1 been used on the cotton pickers machines? Possibly 2wd combines that need more weight on the rear axle? Seen pictures of weights in theses locations but never an actual.
  9. Good looking tractor, did you get a rack of front weights with it? Tractor looks clean, straight and ready to go to work! Matt
  10. Crown in road isn't going to help either. your roads may be crowned alot to get the rain water to run off
  11. You'll love your 5488. I was able to sell mine this past month so I am down to just one.
  12. Is the 5088 in comparison to the 1086? The 52 is closer to the 1486...... Just curious.
  13. You can find 4th remote tractors out there in the salvage yards. I have found parts this way for the ones I have added. Got lucky one time and found a complete NOS in the box out if Indiana back in 2006. Hardest parts to find are: 2 hydraulic tubes from the valve. 4th remote lever for in the cab and tan handle. Tan flow control, which could be painted. Can still buy the black ones from IH. And the larger return tube come from the end cap back down to hydraulic pump filters. The rest of the parts can can from anywhere else on a salvage tractor. The bolts or studs to hold the stack on can be made or possibly bought some where, the measurements are in the part book for those. Matt
  14. I have a used kit for an 88 tractor. Was able to salvage it out of the cab.
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