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  1. IHC5488

    5488 Sentry kicking out

    Is it low on Hy-tran?
  2. IHC5488

    5288 cab power

    Some of those solenoids are junk, put one in a rebuild of mine and it didn't last. Project was 3 years long and went to feild after that, roughly 50 hours on the tach and it quit.
  3. IHC5488

    5288 cab power

    I bet they were installed with one guy and no cab.
  4. IHC5488

    5288 cab power

    I would like to find the genius who put that in there. PITA to change out.
  5. IHC5488

    Tears on My Pillow

    Well no wonder your bike was sad, you kept leaving her out in the rain. Is it time for a new one or you giving up riding for a while? Matt
  6. IHC5488

    881 and 830 choppers

    Thank you
  7. IHC5488

    Dot approved?????????

    Did you stop and question the guy or advise him to use chains? Or watch him go out the drive and head down the road???
  8. IHC5488

    PTO Shield 5488

    Capitalize the S and it will make sense.
  9. IHC5488

    PTO Shield 5488

    Everyone has PMs
  10. IHC5488

    881 and 830 choppers

    Are these 2 models basically the same, I know there's a difference in paint color scheme but Are the knives, capacity, augers, blower all the same? Matt
  11. IHC5488

    My Winter Project- 5488 Rebuild

    Luke,. Looking very good!! It takes alot of work to get one of these 50 series back to tip top shape. 4 remote looks great,. The hardest thing to find is the steel lines back to the valves,. Just wasn't alot of them made that way. Looks good, thanks for the pictures and showing the work in action as it went. Matt
  12. IHC5488

    Need more leg room in the 15

    Enough room to squeeze a wire harness and a return fuel line in.
  13. IHC5488

    10 hole hubs

    Put my name on them. I will call you today if I get a chance when I am standing beside the fuel pump on the 54...... Thanks, talk to you later. Matt
  14. IHC5488

    10 hole hubs

    You still have any 10 bolts hubs left laying around for 4" axles?
  15. IHC5488

    Made a little progress finally!

    Oh boy your going to hate getting it dirty!