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  1. Can anyone give me some prices on what bales go for sold out of field? Size is 5X6 round. Feel free to put prices on other sizes to. Thanks, Matt
  2. IHC5488

    2166 feeder

    Seat sensor?? Just throwing it out there
  3. Thank you!!!!! I have 18+ years of service as an electrical lineman. I tell everyone that my job is 365/52/7. Phone rings non stop. In town, out of town, to another State, always on the move. THANK YOU, Matt
  4. I thought you were going to say something else was gone!!!! Put my stomach in a knot there for a minute. Matt
  5. Here's a black one installed on an 86 series. Not factory but looks ok.
  6. Is there a trick to change out the springs or dismantle the clutches. They are mounted right up beside the other row unit which makes the bolts and springs difficult to remove? Matt
  7. Holy moly, $180.00 per weight!! Come and get them. Large handle, flat bottom, IH logo, brackets and angle iron.
  8. Dave Durhammer, by the airport. 330-715-8675 Matt
  9. As long as it doesn't end up like the case ih parts look up pages.
  10. That's the new bidding way, if any of the items get bid on the timer gets more time added to it. We have tried to buy steers on auctions like this and give up. Mostly because at the end of the auction listing, there is a hat or coat for sale and someone keeps bidding pennies on it to keep the other bids open.
  11. They are put on with screws or the push clips in the day. Those were put on before the shell of the cab was placed into the ROPS. Also in the 88 series they started to delete them since that was the first place for cab to start.
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