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  1. IHC5488

    86 / 88 Cab Interiors

    Call this guy:. Mike Links 1 618-795-3950
  2. IHC5488

    5488 with magnum rear half project

    Danny,. You ever heard or talked to the guy who has the tractor beside yours at the Wisconsin round up? Wondering if he got it back to "original" yet? Matt
  3. IHC5488

    5488 with magnum rear half project

    It's listed in Mike's classified section for the owner.
  4. IHC5488


    I remember the 3488s from the race track,. Tried for a long time to get one of those. Thank you
  5. IHC5488


    Any pictures of it?
  6. IHC5488


    Thanks..after I looked at the photo long enough. It was the one on tractor house for sale. What was the other 3488 in the scrap yard like,. Worth looking at? Thanks, Matt
  7. IHC5488


    Welcome!! If you don't mind, where did you pick up your 3488 from and do you have a serial number? Matt
  8. IHC5488

    These 68s are just getting to high

    Engine parts are easy to find to.
  9. IHC5488

    886 wipers won't stop

    Is it a bad switch? On your climate control panel.
  10. IHC5488

    magnum wheel paint color?

  11. IHC5488

    Don’t Forget “This is Pearl Harbor Day ❗️

    They said on the news today that this was the first year no living survivors were able to make it back to the ceremony in Hawaii. I believe most of them are in their mid 90s and just weren't able to make the trip.
  12. IHC5488


    Serial number 685 is an 81 model. Only one tractor was made in in 1982 and the serial number for that tractor is 715.
  13. IHC5488


    Also with running a sentry box in your tractor, check the regulated pressure on the flow divider valve. Mine was low and I was having issues with steering. I am pretty sure low pressure will not let the clutch packs shift as they shouldas well. I believe a good pressure setting is in the 275 psi range but not over 300 psi at PTO speed. Matt
  14. IHC5488

    5488 powershift

    Any further development on this project?