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  1. IHC5488

    17 gpm hydraulic pump - what's the best source?

    What are you putting it on?
  2. IHC5488

    Ih 544 wiring

  3. IHC5488

    Tractor camping!

    Tony you better start up your RV and push that big green blob out the back of the shed!! New shop looks great and the remodel looks well in to the bringing back stages. After you get that green tractor pushed out, you should park an "88" series in there to fill the void. Matt
  4. IHC5488

    48 below and no power

    THANK YOU!!!!! I am one of those guys.
  5. IHC5488

    Looking for a square front axle to go on 5488

    I edited my early post ☝️☝️☝️☝️☝️ Yes, both are needed
  6. IHC5488

    Looking for a square front axle to go on 5488

    Head south and look for the 1844 cotton pickers, they had the same axle underneath them. I can't remember, out think you need the bolster as well from the cotton pickers. Others will chime in more than likely. I looked up part numbers for both, the cotton pickers axle and bolster are the same as the 5X88 series.
  7. IHC5488

    Looking for a square front axle to go on 5488

    I read your question as if your looking for the whole tractor? If the whole tractor is what your looking for expect to pay $25-30 for a good well taken care low houred machine.
  8. Originally we're $79.99 per box.
  9. IHC5488

    Purchasing 5488 s/n-4421

    Yes it was a chrome exhaust pipe in it, I was trying to figure out the serial number switch story.
  10. Those are from Hamilton Collections. There's 25 boxes in all that go with that set. 187-....... Is the part numbers.
  11. IHC5488

    Purchasing 5488 s/n-4421

    Is this the tractor with the BFG radials you were talking about?
  12. IHC5488

    Some more proof of the powershift 50 series 👍😎

    I need to see this in person, but can completely understand if the owner doesn't want visitors.
  13. IHC5488

    Purchasing 5488 s/n-4421

    Danny, Love these old photos, Thanks, Matt
  14. I thought painting the loader and putting it back on was going to be a real chores. It ended up being pretty easy, when it's completely dismantled it's easier to handle and put back together. The worst part of job was putting back in the 2 lift cylinders for the boom, those things are heavy!! Matt