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  1. That's make sense to me. While it's sitting there over night I can see it filling up with snow.
  2. What would be the difference if the wind blows the snow in front of a radiator on a 1486 or thru the top of screen on an 88? Just curious, wouldn't it all be the same effect?
  3. Ok. The 5088 cast centers thru me for a loop. I like the look of those on there. And the 10 bolt hubs
  4. Mt. Hope,. You talking my neck of the woods now.
  5. Those were the best. Never got a headache when we bought our 5088, but sometimes still had to ride in the 1086 up by the side windows..
  6. I was just messing with you, always good to see a complete restoration from start to finish. Thanks for sharing the finished project.
  7. I am more curious about what your painting grey! You must have found something down in the bunker on level 6!!🤔🤣. Matt
  8. That's just wrong!! Not one picture of the restoration. They may have painted white just to make it more visible to the railroad guys, just a thought.... Matt
  9. Looks like Adam West and Burt Ward had some leftover parts.
  10. I can send some, how many do you need?
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