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  1. I just think the 2wd tractor is getting hard to sell, the 88s are a good tractor, guys are still asking good money for them. Are they worth it, I don't know....farming isn't real good right now to be buying anyhow but the ads and sales I watch,. Nothing is moving.
  2. 88s are getting harder and harder to sell...... I have a 5488 in cant sell....always looking for the right piece of equipment to trade....
  3. I live just south of the I-71 I-76 interchange....guess it depends when you come thru. 76 is a good route to take over, Akron is sometimes a pain to get thru, but after that you can pick up I-80 after Youngstown and smooth sailing from there
  4. IHC5488

    My rainy days!

    Getting closer.... And more rain tonight, been a great day!!
  5. Looking for someone to a pickup and delivery in Ohio for me on their way by. Matt
  6. IHC5488

    My rainy days!

    I believe the accident was caused by the tranny failure. When the tractor tires locked up, that forced the wagons down and around the right side of the tractor from the sudden stop of the tractor and the wagons pushing. Wagons could have been damaged a whole lot more, the incline and hill in the ditch didn't let them roll over as far.
  7. IHC5488

    My rainy days!

    My brother told me he was going less then 10 mph when he started to go down the hill.
  8. IHC5488

    My rainy days!

    This photo is the one that baffles me, mostly my fault but I don't know. My finger is pointing to the lo/reverse shift rail hole in the back range section. In that hole was top side detent ball from the rail, not supposed to be there and it allowed 3/8" "stop" for the rail to not go all the way into reverse and rounding over all the shifting collars.
  9. IHC5488

    My rainy days!

    Tractor is going back together in the past week.
  10. IHC5488

    My rainy days!

    Better look at that gear. took my range shafts out as well and decided to go thru those. Shaft on the left had the detent balls fallen out of it and were between the sycronizers and flattened from being shifted on. Pads were shot on the discs as well along with spacer discs.
  11. IHC5488

    My rainy days!

    I started to make a few phone calls, conclusion: had to be split and start looking for damage. to this day, I am not sure what happened. We have some ideas but just don't know. All the sycronizers discs in the speed transmission were bare, no pads left. Above photo shows the gear missing teeth for what ever reason.
  12. Last fall with last load of beans going to Mill. as you can see, we didn't make it. Nobody got hurt, no other traffic was involved. Damage was left side steps, shift linkage on speed transmission and bent battery box, good thing I know where to get those. Red wagon needed 2 rims, torque tube, and a tie rod. Green wagon was fine. Repaired the red wagon and drove tractor back to shop and thought everything was fine, needed the new shift rod to know for sure. Put a new rod on tractor and couldn't get it to shift right and gears were banging around inside. Shut down tractor and pulled out the hydraulic filters, boy did I have a lot of unwanted metal in the filters and laying in the bottom of the tranny.
  13. Should he check the plug connection in the bottom right-hand corner of the cab for corrosion, do you have flashers and turn signals?
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