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  1. $51,000........ I should sell mine!!
  2. Same here...hours doesn't matter. Original engine, inline fuel pump, good sheet metal, 3 or more remotes, good mechanically, shift good
  3. Yes they have them. And are very proud of the 35T. The 24T is available from aftermarket companies.
  4. Slop, play, wore out.......dam spell check..... LOL
  5. Drive and driven double sprockets on the left side...24T and 35T
  6. Check the slop in the front axle, definitely where it pivots. Does it have a sentry box in it? No weights!!! Matt
  7. Anyone have a good source for parts on the older heads? 1063 and 1054 seem to have the same parts. TIA, Matt
  8. Head looks kind small! But I am sure gets the corn off in a hurry.
  9. It's the C3 that you want the suffix of the number....not the C1 or C2....part numbers didn't have A or B in them. I am not knowledgeable enough on the C4s.....but I think this is what CaseIH offers now.
  10. I have always wanted a 7140 with a bad engine.
  11. The cab will come off by removing the 4 large cab mount nuts. 6 fire wall bolts that are around the front windows on the bottom. Remove seat, but not necessary, brace in behind the seat, all the plastic around the levers and wiring harness should be unhooked..... Hard for me to remember with out having one in front of me. There maybe a piece of steel plate that needs unbolted in behind the 3 point position controls that pushed up against the rear fire wall. I think it's easier to leave the floor deck and fuel tanks on until cab is off, just that much more weight that doesn't need lifted up and over the rear fuel tanks. I can try and answer any other questions you may have or show some pictures if I have them for you. Thanks, Matt
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