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  1. 806JR

    Huron Hotels?

    There is something like 1200 camping spots on the grounds. We camped there last time and had a great time. And it never did get completely full.
  2. They don’t flow very fast but you could Try loosening or taking the fuel cap off. The vent in the cap may be plugged and that would cause it to flow slower.
  3. Dale, there’s still a fair bit of corn picked on dairy farms around that area and used for feed, I’m about 45 miles southwest of there and we still pick a couple cribs full each year to grind for feed. Actually going to grind some tomorrow.
  4. Had an M with an old trip bucket loader for sale this spring. Decent tractor but nothing special, listed it on Facebook for $1200, which was a very reasonable price for M in this area but just wanted to move it, normally a $1500 tractor here,guy messaged me all hot and bothered that he wanted it and wanted to come right away so he shows up 2 days later and looks at it and drives it back and forth maybe 25 feet and didn’t try the loader at all and then says he’s actually buying it for a buddy and his buddy only sent $900 with so would I take that. I told him the lowest I’d go would be $1050 but he kept up with the $900. Finally I told him I would let it go for $900 but I was keeping the $120 new battery in it. All of a sudden he came up with the other $150. Then 3 days later he reposted it on the same Facebook group for something like $2200 or 2400, come to find out he was just a tractor jockey.
  5. Pumps and coolers look great but we need pictures of the blue square body in the garage😎. Have a friend that’s into the old gas pumps and is in the process of setting up an old time gas station.
  6. All ready had it on the #70 5-16”s and plowed the heavy black dirt garden. Handled it great in 2nd gear. Steering is nice and tight and steers like a dream. Lots of experience with the 282’s and 301’s. I do have a #60 4-16”s that I can put behind it also. Need to get it on a dyno, when you crack the throttle, even in road gear it will get up and go and will leave a nice column of black smoke and and the way it pulled the 5 bottom it defiantly seems to be running really healthy.
  7. Well I have 3 of them in the shed now could just as well have 4!
  8. I guess I should have stopped by and took that M off your hands while I was up there, 😉😉
  9. I hate those deals, I know were there is a 1466 siting that is the same way, I’ve been asking about buying it for probably 7 or 8 yrs but the guy that had it says the deceased owners family won’t give him a price.
  10. Fix the few little issues it has and put a ta back in it, one of the previous owners took the ta and all the linkages out of it and then use it around the farm. Probably will take it to a couple plow days and do a couple antique tractor pulls with it.
  11. It was actually northwest of you a little bit, up by Phelps Mill.
  12. Have been wanting a 660 for a few years and found one that was in decent shape and for the right money. So Friday took the couple hour trip north into Old Tanker territory and brought this jem home. Needs some minor things done to it but over all is in good shape.
  13. Old neighbor did something like this back in the 80’s. He bought some land down in Texas and decided to haul a couple trailer houses down there from here in Minnesota. He bought a load star grain truck and shortened the frame up to make a trailer house toter. He had a buddy that would follow him in his pickup for if something happened, well on the way back home from taking the 2nd trailer down he blew the engine in the Loadstar. They had a hitch on the front of the pickup because they would tow it home so they could ride together. Well one of them climbed in to the pickup and they pushed the Loadstar back to to Minnesota. He said they pulled into a gas station and a guy gave them a weird look when they were gassing the pickup up and not the truck. He told the guy the old truck gets great gas mileage but the old pickup was thirsty. Lol.
  14. There is 2 truck salvage yards in Dawson Mn. Dawson truck parts and Midwest Truck parts. And there is Erickson’s in Jackson Mn. I would try Midwest first, they handle all kinds of new parts to. Midwest truck- 1-800-772-2359 Dawson truck parts- 1-320-769-2905 Erickson truck salvage- 1-866-800-8000
  15. Danny, yes the 600-650 systems work on there. I have a W9 with I’m assuming a setup off of one, it was on the tractor when we got it. The back bracket for the cylinder looks goofy on there because the 600-650 had disc brakes and the 9’s have band brakes so the not all the mounting holes line up. When we re do this tractor I’m going to make a rear bracket so it looks nicer and can bolt into the band housing bolt holes.
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