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  1. Dakotah toys in Madison Sd. They will have everything you need. They have a website
  2. 806JR

    Farmall M

    I only live 10 miles from Glenwood. Brownies used to be kinda high on their tires but have gotten really competitive on them the last year or two.
  3. I wouldn’t be to worried about it filling up. There’s something like 1200 camping spots on the grounds. We camped there at the last Roundup and it never got completely full.
  4. The guy that has that is defiantly one of a kind. He’s located in Pierz, Mn. He always thinks his stuff is top notch and worth a mint.
  5. Work for a manufacturing company and between our 5 shops we are running right around 100 welders. They are all Miller. We tried Esab and Lincoln but wouldn’t hold up against the Millers. I have a Miller 210 that I bought new 15 years ago and has been a damn good welder. Only problem I’ve ever had with it was had a circuit board burn out that cost me $300 to have fixed. I wouldn’t be afraid of a Hobart either, they are just Miller’s homeowner version. A buddy has a Hobart from Fleet Farm that is the same size has my Miller and has had no problems with it.
  6. You will have to run the pressed steel and 9 bolt hubs for the 34’s. There isn’t a 34” cast center that will fit the 560 axle. The first 560 i had came with 18.4-34’s on it and would really scoot down the road.
  7. Was there yesterday. Yes it is a must see sometime in your lifetime. If you really want to take your time and see everything it would take 2-3 days. They have something for everyone from threshing and field demos with horses to what is called the Sandbox which is all kinds of old construction equipment running, they have a whole set of buildings like an old mainstreet that has all kinds of things for the ladies, hit and miss engines everywhere you look in the woods on the hill, miniature land which is all 1/4 scale working steamers and threshers and balers and a mini sawmill, 3 different full
  8. 806JR

    Huron Hotels?

    There is something like 1200 camping spots on the grounds. We camped there last time and had a great time. And it never did get completely full.
  9. They don’t flow very fast but you could Try loosening or taking the fuel cap off. The vent in the cap may be plugged and that would cause it to flow slower.
  10. Dale, there’s still a fair bit of corn picked on dairy farms around that area and used for feed, I’m about 45 miles southwest of there and we still pick a couple cribs full each year to grind for feed. Actually going to grind some tomorrow.
  11. Had an M with an old trip bucket loader for sale this spring. Decent tractor but nothing special, listed it on Facebook for $1200, which was a very reasonable price for M in this area but just wanted to move it, normally a $1500 tractor here,guy messaged me all hot and bothered that he wanted it and wanted to come right away so he shows up 2 days later and looks at it and drives it back and forth maybe 25 feet and didn’t try the loader at all and then says he’s actually buying it for a buddy and his buddy only sent $900 with so would I take that. I told him the lowest I’d go would be $1050 but
  12. Pumps and coolers look great but we need pictures of the blue square body in the garage😎. Have a friend that’s into the old gas pumps and is in the process of setting up an old time gas station.
  13. All ready had it on the #70 5-16”s and plowed the heavy black dirt garden. Handled it great in 2nd gear. Steering is nice and tight and steers like a dream. Lots of experience with the 282’s and 301’s. I do have a #60 4-16”s that I can put behind it also. Need to get it on a dyno, when you crack the throttle, even in road gear it will get up and go and will leave a nice column of black smoke and and the way it pulled the 5 bottom it defiantly seems to be running really healthy.
  14. Well I have 3 of them in the shed now could just as well have 4!
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