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  1. Life in Alaska

    AK, I've got a really nice factory IH wide front from a 560 that's for sale. It has the aftermarket short turn steering arms on it. $650 but shipping would probably be a killer from central Minnesota.
  2. 806

    I don't know who the guy is, but the 806 with the 86 series cab is from here in Minnesota. He also put one on a 560. I seen both of them at the Red Power Roundup in Albert Lea, he did a very nice job on them. I don't if Dirtboyz would know who the guy is, seems to me the guy might have been from down in that area.
  3. Road trip to Minneapolis.

    When you went threw Alexandria you were only 20 miles north of my place. The picture of the barn up close, that barn use to have a straight up and down hay loader on the front of it for small square bales. It looked like a hay conveyor but instead of a chain it had 2 augers, 1 on each side that lifted the bales straight up to the big door. When do you head back home?
  4. combine pump on tractor

    Like R Pope said the governor will more than likely not work to well. We put a DT 436 out of a 1480 in our 4386 and tried useing the combine pump. It just fell on its face the minute it started to pull down. If your only going to use it for a yard tractor or for light loads it would do ok but not in heavy loads.
  5. Stuff from old ihc dealership

    Same here Art, there's and old dealership 30 miles west of here that the old guy just locked the doors and left everything. He's still around but I have been told he's an ornery old coot and won't sell any of it.
  6. dairy herd sales

    Brother in law quit milking last summer before he got in to deep. He took it pretty hard but I talked to him today and he said he's sure glad he got out when he did. He was at the local sale barn last week and they had some top notch close up springers there and only got $450 a piece for them. It is definitely a sad state in the dairy industry and doesn't look like it's going to get better any time soon.
  7. Machinery Jockeys

    Around here the major dealers won't give you anything for your trade in's or won't even trade it in,so guys either sell it to a jockey or put it on a consignment sale. So you can find some nice equipment on jockey lots around here.
  8. 15.5 or 14.9s on a M

    I have an M that I used to tractor pull with that had 15.5's on it and I would usually be in the middle to lower end of the class. I put 14.9 Titans on it and first pull out got 2nd and continued to bring home quite a few trophies with it. For me the 15.5's would always spin out where as the 14.9's would dig down and hook up and go. Never been a fan of 15.5's since then.
  9. Terrible day! Pictures!

    Lol, I'm in the club that gave that H away! That's my uncle that delivered the tractor. We are giving a Super A away next year so maybe you can win that Old Tanker!
  10. starting my battle with algae

    660 driver, that's just the nature of the beast with those pumps on the 400 series engines. They all rattle to some point, some louder than others.
  11. Anyone going to LeSuer MN show

    Shoot, wish I seen this before the show Nate. We came down for the show and ended up buying some stuff on the sale so had to come back Saturday with a trailer! I remember seeing a guy with a Herrs shirt on, wish I new it was you would have said hi.
  12. Remember the Heald Haulers?

    Buddy of mine has 2 of them he still uses.
  13. 806 RD pump leaks

    Ok, thanks guys. I think we will try the rope trick for now and then I can tear into it this winter
  14. 806 RD pump leaks

    Hey guys, we brought home a 65' 806 with the RD pump on it. It is leaking from around the throttle shaft and from around a spring loaded screw under the rear of the pump. Does anybody know if these are seals or o rings and if we can fix them from the outside or does the pump need to be opened up? Thanks for any info, DuWayne