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  1. I ran a 55 standard as a kid working for a farmer. He was also a machinist/blacksmith and this 55 had the biggest, heaviest built Farmhand style loader I've ever seen. The bucket was massive, built from 1/2" sheet steel, about 9 or 10 feet wide and had cable curl. I'm guessing it was all shop built by the owner. It had power steering and no road gear. Top speed about 6 mph. The guy who owned it really liked it. I thought it was big and clumsy. But that's pretty much any standard tread tractor with a big old cage style Farmhand. The tractor itself seemed to ne a pretty powerful and capable machine.
  2. Charlie turned 1 today. He's a growing boy!
  3. Actually it's a homemade tool for holding the fuel pump pushrod up when installing a new fuel pump. You can put a bolt in one of the holes on the front of the engine to hold it up but I learned the hacksaw blade trick from an old mechanic I worked for when I first started out. Since then I've always had a hacksaw blade bent to fit in my toolbox.
  4. Anybody know what the hacksaw blade sitting on the air cleaner is for???
  5. Yup Fatman Mustang II suspension I installed in about 1993. Good eye!
  6. We're having a big town celebration this summer. My 2 boys and I are getting my 56 Chevy and my dad's 64 Chevy ready for the parade. The 64 was my grandpa's that he bought in 68. My 56 I bought in 1987 after I graduated high school. It is a factory V8 pickup but it always ran a little warm with the 350 and automatic that I put in it. So we're putting in an aluminum 4 row radiator with electric fan. Problem is that there isn't room for the radiator and fan between the original radiator support and engine. So we moved the radiator support to the 6 cylinder position for extra clearance and I'm putting in a long water pump and moving the alterator to the right side from the left. Found out the V8 radiator support mounts don't work in the 6 cylinder position so I have to take 6 cyl mounts from another pickup to make everything work. Always something! Hopefully we'll get it done in time.
  7. Ooohhh...Grand Forks...that makes me cold just thinking about it! I dated a girl who went to UND in the late 80s and early 90s. Visited there a few times in the winter. I remember it being cold and windy with no hills whatsoever.
  8. I lnow this isn't really tractor related but I have these old wheels from an Essex Motor Car. They were on an old trailer my dad had. Still in really nice shape. They are 20 inch and have some old military truck tires on them. I patched the tube on one of them when I was about 13 years old. That was my introduction to multi piece rims. Dad was both mad that I did it on my own, not knowing anything about them but also proud that I figured out how to do it. As far as teenagers go, I think I was pretty contentious about the job. Anybody else have any interesting old things laying around?
  9. My grandpa's family started farming in the USA in the late 1800s with horses, then steam. Grandpa's first gas tractor was a Waterloo Boy. After that he had an N Ford then Farmall H, M and IH 300 utility. I'm guessing he had something between the Waterloo Boy and the N but I don't know what it might have been. He always said that the Waterloo Boy cured him of ever wanting to own a JD.
  10. S 10. It was a kit for mounting the body on an S 10 frame but it didn't work as well as the manufacturer claimed it would, and they've since gone out of business. It has a 4.8 LS engine. It will be a very nice driver.
  11. The shop working on my late brother's GMC called and wanted me to take a look at the progress so far. Ride height is much improved. Not perfect but a lot better than it was. It will probably drop a little more as the new springs settle and the rest of the parts are installed. Today marks 1 year since he passed.
  12. You are right about the D312. I have absolutely zero complaints about my D312. Easy starting and just all around a good running engine.
  13. Dad ran a 2010 as a mowing tractor for the city in the 80s. It was the biggest piece of junk ever. It was bought to replace a Farmall A and after having it about a week he was wishing they had kept the A. It spent more time in pieces getting stupid problems fixed than it did on the job. It got traded for a new Belarus within a year or so from when they bought it. The Belarus was almost as bad.as the 2010.
  14. I have a 6 foot Mowhawk that I use on my Hydro 70 diesel, about 70 hp. It has no problem whatsoever even in tall grass and weeds. Not sure what it would do with an 8 footer. The 6 foot will pull down the M pretty good in tall grass.
  15. I have quite a few Barcalo wrenches, but none like that. Must be a pretty early wrench. I always liked their box ends with the angle built into the design instead of just a bend in the wrench. Don't know that I've ever used one of the open ends very hard though.
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