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  1. Nice rig . How’s the Gehl compare to other brands . Don’t see any around here.
  2. 3 days gong give much time for stopping
  3. Saw that to. Wondered if it was a scam . Good luck with it looks pretty good
  4. jimw

    7.3 help

    Depending on year could be low on oil
  5. Brakes ? You don’t need no stinking brakes
  6. jimw

    460 std

    I think I heard that before. Makes sense
  7. jimw

    460 std

    Not no’ing the early history did the standard tractors come out first . And then the farmall. So the standard was the standard. Possibly cheaper to build .
  8. jimw

    460 std

    I think dad always said wheat land tractors were for big fields . Usually those tractors didn’t do chores and sat all winter . Just kinda how I remember it I no there where lots of loaders on wheat lands to
  9. jimw

    460 std

    I don’t no all the details . But I’m pretty sure the decal standard was factory. Seems like tractors from Canada to Kansas have them . I guess I’ve never saw a wheat land decal on anything but a 06 , has anyone saw one on a 56 series?
  10. jimw

    460 std

    Rarer than a SH-TA ??? Be nice to see the serial number tag
  11. Looks like the v6 . Good old motors
  12. Guess I sound like a downer. But lots of hrs listening to thirties farmers. They pushed these experiences on their kids and this affected how they lived. Really was a time when it was hard to tell the well off from the not so well off. I really like the 50 series and finally got a chance to own one about 2014
  13. I agree to always having a radio in the cab thing . I don’t think a lot of u understand how poor or conservative those old farmers were. Pretty much all big and appear to doing well farmers would have a big field tractor and an older loader tractor. Some young farmers who broke with dirty thirties dads were ridiculed for expanding and then probably loosing the farm. Poor mangers they were called. moms uncle farmed till he died in 84 with a D case . New paint was a waste of money. Try getting him to pay extra for a radio.
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