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  1. Didn’t have a clue, probably used them years ago but forgot 🙄
  2. Saw this at a guys place today, think it was made at a mine that closed
  3. Kinda what I thought but wasn’t sure
  4. Guy said there off a 1066? I don’t think so but maybe a industrial version?
  5. jimw

    236 on Auction

    Sorry, 235 caseih , same as a 234
  6. jimw

    236 on Auction

    Went to a small estate sale today, a lot of good industrial tools, this 235 had a bid of 2200 2250, they no saled it. Seemed to run nice
  7. jimw

    Worth keeping

    I was wrong. With where I thought it wen then,, but yes bottom end swivels and appears to be a grease cup
  8. jimw

    Worth keeping

    Had this in my drawer for years. Used to know what it was now only think I no
  9. Never saw any like this before, little different
  10. Ahead of its time once again
  11. jimw

    1660 coolant leak

    Not sure, this one at about 4300, pretty sure this cylinder was leaking. Did not pressure it up though
  12. Got a 1660 from a guy with coolant leaking in the oil, said it never got hot, number 4 piston looks 👀 kind of suspect, replaced it and changed out all the o rings. Hope it holds
  13. jimw

    Pulling surflex

    Never saw one with seed boxes till maybe 10 years ago some guy from Canada posted one in action online . Calling it the original no-till. Probably worked good for the times
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