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  1. jimw

    Any buy a tractor

    Hope it’s good, haven’t had anything from there since it’s been a creamery. Thought maybe that outfit was headed to your place Dale.
  2. Had to pick up some meat at Drake ND today, between Harvey and Anamoose I met what looked to be a super nice 1256 or similar standard tractor with duals and a ice cream box cab. It had a JD 148 or 158 loader on it. Should of turned around and chased it down and got a picture, it looked super nice. Just don’t meet rigs like that everyday
  3. Didn’t read it well. Was just thinking there was a old fellow from Barnsville Mn that was a tractor guy. Thought his name was John Thompson? Common name I suppose. I also could be wrong,
  4. jimw

    Rowse Dumprakes

    mine was 42ft I think, used it to rake up flax straw. Think I paid $250 and then sold it later for $150. It was shot when I got it but worked for what I needed it for
  5. jimw

    Clean energy?

    If it’s free energy why do your rates go up. The electric company can make 13 percent profits in my state. They plan to invest a hundred million dollars the next 5 to 7 years. Do the math. If farmers had to take care of the environment the way coal plants do Pretty much none of us would farm. That is what the democrats want from us though, We really are all in the same boat. Who doesn’t want a better environment but people who farm usually understand common sense to
  6. jimw

    Clean energy?

    Searcy u no coal is pretty bad? Where do u get your information? Coal is very clean anymore. Thats steam coming out of those stacks not smoke. Also provides hundreds of good jobs. They were making windmill blading up in grand forks Nd. Now all the trucks come from the west. China! That’s who makes most of the blades now. A friend went to a meeting where they were wanting to put windmills on his land. They don’t give u a lot of facts. One fellow was really pushing, my friend didn’t recognize him. So where do u live he says, well just up the road, let me rephrase that we’re do u hang your hat? Turns out he live 120 miles away and just owned some land locally. Just like the people back east. Not in my back yard!! There is a reason the electrical companies want them, more money in there pockets way of government and raised rates
  7. Looks like a good start to a nice tractor
  8. All in fun, they all could keep u warm, in my old age I’d take the IH quilt
  9. How did u convert that 962 head to a bottom drive. I used a PTO shaft on that 960 nh head and haven’t been real happy with it
  10. jimw

    Odd fenders

    Tractor showed up online, nice rig but fenders must be custom built
  11. Saw this online, never saw one, not sure if it’s a loner or if there were several. Owner calls it a 6 cylinder funk conversion
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