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  1. I apologize, this truck has 60 thousand miles for 29000, comparable ford is 32 33 thousand, I drive 30000 miles a year and run a work car that gets 25, I really like driving a truck and tell myself I deserve this 😉.
  2. thanks for the help. had kind of talked myself into it but never have gotten or needed a warrenty on a 1/2 ton truck, they just seem to go and go
  3. this ones at 60 thousand. The extended warranty is $3995. Better mileage would be great but I hate to spend it all on a warranty. I'm a little afraid of not buying the warranty. But I've talked myself into buying the truck but also wonder if I should buy a Chevy or ford. They can also have problems but have good to me.
  4. Looking at there eco diesel in a 2015 with 60 thousand miles, very nice pickup. I do lots of driving so that’s why I’m interested. I’ve read about the bearing failures and other stuff on forums but have to believe that overall there good trucks . What do u guys think
  5. I would originally say he is high, but I thought land was high in 2002 also . Buy it if u want it , those chances don’t come everyday
  6. Pretty neat tractors always liked them, talking to some neighbors that had them said they were miserable to run , I can’t imagine any worse than other rigs of the day. In hard pulls they would try to hop I’m told. There where a few around might still be one left here
  7. Plenty for it I think, I guess if I was interested I wouldn’t post it till after the sale. U never no how many more bidders there are
  8. jimw

    If duals rule ?

    They also sold a 4586 for maybe 3 and a 4566 for 5400 . The 66 had 20.8 x38s on it the other one 34s
  9. What do Triples do? Watched a sale today in MT . The 15 brang about 5200 and the 48 about 27000. Don’t see them set up that way everyday.
  10. jimw

    Getting wet

    Those first two Picts could of come out of the sales flyer
  11. Yes it’s a good sport , enjoyed going when the kids were in it, congrats
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