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  1. Just wondering the weight of a 25ft flex head. Moved 20ft 8 and 9 hundreds around with a dual loader, have been told never work on the bigger header?
  2. jimw

    IHC auction

    Anyone no where the 1256 went to. I bid to 55 online but was to rich for my blood. Looked like a good one
  3. jimw

    No steering 5088

    Small hand sized hydraulic splitter beneath your feet, piston is rough. I emery clothed mine and works fine so far
  4. I’m with dale, my dad had a w9 he put hydrostatic steering from a old gleaner, made a heck of a loader tractor
  5. Check out those inside weights on the 54, 500lbs maybe? That 81 52 sure ha some sun damage on the dash
  6. Not trying to start a fight, Just when I grew up pretty much each farm was run by a family. These people didn't look for someone else to do there work. Being from up north it was surprising when I was down in Nebraska 30 years ago how many places had Mexicans doing there work. Now that has spread to up here in the Dakotas also. I remember one outfit that paid there guys 600 a month and they worked 7 days a week. That's no life for anyone. Guess I see the extreme examples as we all have to work for someone. Just grew up different I guess
  7. Times have changed? No one wants to work 12, 16 hrs a day for very little pay, now there are some guys that pay very well. No people in Nebraska who make 40 50 grand a year plus vehicles and housing. I guess my biggest problem is this new American way of having 6 Mexicans do your work while u sit on your phone all day, country would be better off if we all only took on what we can handle ourselves. But that’s just my opinion
  8. Damn good outfit for stacking hay back in the day.
  9. Nice setup! Like the look 👀 of stacks on a dually but thought they would be loud? Never rode in one to no thou
  10. So what shifting arrangement does the 54 pictured have.
  11. Each his own, listen to some stuff I shouldn’t, good work but anything with skulls is bad karma for me. Just gotta ask not trying to put words in your mouth? You don’t believe in god, but believe in demons? Never heard the lyrics so forgive my ignorance
  12. jimw

    Bought a 986

    Nice looking tractor
  13. Just wondering about the upper right number on the tag for a a1660. Just bought a ih powerd one. Saw a Cummins one on auction and noticed/wondered what the 277 vs 221 ment. My combine in the middle has about 4300 hrs with good maintenance. But has water in the oil. Getting good at fixing these so wish me luck
  14. Even more so what about the 806? Happy for the owner both ways. Seems like a lot must of been perfect
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