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  1. jimw

    Neat old truck

    Saw it in town, not sure the whole story
  2. He tells me it’s a case but no model number
  3. Says it’s a case Ih disk, not a 490 or 496 thou, what do u guys think, square shaft
  4. Sure we all like a deal, your wrong they don’t win the 2 against 1 deal as I’m the one spending my money. If there honest buyers then if I’m outbid so be it. I think Steffes auction will list items at a certain price with zero bids. Least I no there’s a reserve. I do think there a lot more jockeys selling equipment to Mexico and other places. Just hard to believe with all the hard times we here about things are selling where they are
  5. Yes, l have been looking at a few things. All u hear about is how hard farmers have it. Yet I think auction prices are as high as they’ve ever been. I think also bidders are pushing their own items up?
  6. Thanks for the help, appreciate the help
  7. Funny how it is. A guy at work was telling me he would like to get a cheap 180hp tractor and look for a old pull type chopper, I laughed and said your 806 would do just fine. Dad ran a IH 2 row for years with his 806, he was always impressed how it handled it
  8. Use it in the spring to haul fertilizer but blew out the right side tires. . Would anyone even work on these rims? Handy rig for my size operation
  9. Would like to put this on one of my tractors, I don’t think dad ever bought anything from them. but I always was anxious to look when we drove by. like the egging cab one as I lived in that area for 3 years
  10. Are these old ford wheels? Is there anything to replace them
  11. Replaced a injector once and it hydrolocked. Usually the o ring leaking by below the injector . Changed mine and was good, good truck when it ran but made me walk more than all my other trucks combined
  12. Could be for rolling nail heads while horse shoeing
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