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  1. Nice wheatland , like the tires on old 668
  2. Had one for a couple years, replaced my tr86. Never missed a beat never got hot compared to that cat diesel in the NH. Twice the combine of the 86. Bought a salvage 1460 thou after that and like it much better
  3. Kinda reminds me of part of a old hi wheel drill ? But says rake company? What’s u guys think
  4. Bought this at a garage sale with another piece for $5. Guy said it was his dads and even had the tag on it( he should of left it on there) . Was new never used
  5. Guess I would have two. TR86 combine. Drive a round work on it around. Plugged it once with green flax, well that was a day shot. To be fair it had a lot of hours when I bought it. IH75 pulltype swather. Seemed like one end was always in the dirt and canvases always stopping. Borrowed a versatile number 10 once swathed the whole field before I got off the tractor.
  6. Apparently diesel oil isn’t as good as gas oil. Seems like there almost always giving diesel oil away. I understand this 5 gal pail thing but gallon for gallon expect to pay at least $5 or more. Is there a good reason or are they screwing us
  7. Appreciate the pictures,
  8. The head has some nice bonco pans on it to do sunflowers 🌻, don’t u guys think a angled pto shaft would whip some??
  9. Any advice on the best way to run this, planning on a sprocket and mounting the new holland shaft solid with a bearing or hardwood
  10. Keep moving it around, thinking about pulling motor (it’s stuck) and getting rid of the rest. Kinda sentimental even though I bought for the tin on one I fixed up. Probably to far gone to fix up when u can buy a running one for 800 to 2000
  11. Got to think that’s Suzanne b Anthony, I was young then to, but just had blue jeans
  12. Definitely different, not all bad but I wouldn’t do it, each his own
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