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  1. He wouldn’t look 👀 that good doing it, that’s for sure
  2. Most of the people going to sturgis r older people looking for a good time not trouble. And I would bet almost all love there country
  3. jimw

    Dead people

    One of the first farms I rented years ago, when the old man died they couldn’t find pall bearers,
  4. jimw

    Good ratchet

    Seems to be decent, craftsman copy??
  5. I have a 76 1586 with the black tack and the 77 has a chrome tach, is one rebuilt or did they have different ones in different years. Also do they come apart easily I can’t read the hours on the one
  6. Hard to figure, 20 some years ago I had a thousand dollar credit at sears . Asked for a increase to buy a 1800$ lawn mower and they turned me down. Went to acme tools a little embarrassed to ask for anything, they approved me for 8000$ to buy a 1500$ mower. ? Same thing happened with vehicles when I was 20.
  7. People need to follow them home and let them see how it feels . Until there is pushback it will never end
  8. jimw

    Snap on breaker bar

    Yeah the swivel
  9. Kinda of a neat snap on breaker bar, the offset end is kinda of handy at times and sometimes not so much
  10. Nice tractor, r those hub duals? Or combine rims on it? Looks good thou
  11. Probably shouldn’t of posted it here. Wasn’t trying to hijack your thread hydro, just kinda fit in with big tires and 1256s
  12. Saw this one local, never really liked the truck front end conversions. But this looks like a piece of real Americana
  13. jimw

    Neighbors h

    Thought this was cool, course I no how I’m voting
  14. jimw

    What is it

    Saw this advertised, is it homemade or factory? For pulling airplanes maybe?
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