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  1. I like to read the star herald, they always have a farm and ranch section on Sundays. Thought u guys might like this
  2. Dumb question but could u have bad gas ? My truck seems to get water in the back coil on the drivers side , it runs pretty crappy until I clean it out . Also a 04 v10
  3. If you don’t need the wide stance I would slide the axle in. Always felt there stronger that way
  4. jimw

    Saw this

    Saw this in a yard , hope there red guys
  5. Who are the guys, a band I assume
  6. jimw

    Cute allis

    Saw this at a garage sale . They wanted 800 ,
  7. jimw


    Any of you buy this rig, don’t see many anymore
  8. Nice pictures, looks like a happy kid on that last photo
  9. jimw


    Less maintenance than a round baler , No belts
  10. jimw


    Loaders have come a long way
  11. jimw


    See this sold out in sandhillers country for about 12 1300 hundred. Wish I would of saw it before the auction. Kinda of a neat piece
  12. Sledgehammer is not entirely wrong. I think he is referring to VARs , Volt-amp reactive. I can’t really explain it well but on generators you can adjust it . I believe we would run about -6 on the generators. After the windmills came we would run -15 or -17 if I recall to balance out the smaller wind generators . I was told electric motors run more efficient and last longer at that -5 or - 6 . For some reason the 1 to 3 mw can’t regulate them as well as 70 or 600 mw unit. Sorry I’m a little vague but the power companies were and are struggling with this
  13. Neighbor up the road used a W4 and a AR jd . To b fair grandpa had a U Allis also .
  14. Lots of M gas engines out there , my grandpa ran his 640 acre farm with a W6 . It will still be running when these Chinese ones r long gone
  15. Always thought they made good Equipment, anyone ever run one of these
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