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  1. Always wanted to swap the 5088 to pioneer. Made these as I don’t use the tractor a lot. Will I be happy or will these just disappoint
  2. Home made muffler eliminator

    Not sure if this works but on 5088 the muffler was good. basically the inlet had some small holes and was deadheaded 90 degree to the outlet. I reached down there with a torch and cut a opening throu the outlet to the inlet. Haven't tried it yet but seems like it should be the same thing. Of coarse you don't get the nice small clean pipe under the hoad. But really what do I need under there anyway.
  3. Super A

    Have seen about the same set upon M's and 9's and 6's. works good as you have live hydraulics
  4. Pull type combines

    When I bought my 1482 tried to buy a 25ft honey bee for 2500 from rdo in Bismarck ND. Guy in washburn bought it and used it. everything was hydraulic drive on it. stopped by last year guess he passed in 09. He had sold me his 17.5 head and I also bought a 856 from him. He claimed only 2 of those big heads were made for IH pull types
  5. ji case sentry modules

    While I'm on 50 series tonight, Was looking at my sentry module and it has JI case tag on it. So at some point it must of been replaced. Suppose it doesn't matter a lot as it could of been 30 years ago. Is there anything on the tag to see if it's had any updates. Will post a picture of tag
  6. radar on 5088

    wasn't sure. kind figured that but was hoping for more
  7. radar on 5088

    The display shows the mph. is this radar based or just a best guess. Was that a option for 50 series or would they of all had them? Trying to get it set up with my cyclo planter.
  8. 1066 Boost ???

    Did you just hook it to the center of the intake manifold. Picture would be nice
  9. Old wakashaw engine

    Been around since 53 or 62? Notice the generator is by studabaker
  10. Allis tag

    Little off on the measurements maybe 6 x 18?
  11. Allis tag

    This is about 8 by 14 inches and heavy. It is off the condenser which collects the steam off the generator and turns it back to water
  12. Foot pedal for hay sweep

    Tag said it was the pedal for dumping on a hay sweep. Kinda cool not sure it was $30 cool, unless u needed one
  13. Old wakashaw engine

    Backup Generator at the old plant I work at. Runs on natural gas. Shows about 4900 hours.
  14. millbank SD IH dealership

    My 5088 came from Valley International. I suppose that's the Titan dealer that shutdown? Would of liked to call them and see if they had any records on my tractor? I no Renches out of Garrison had all the info on tractors worked on there. Nice to have the history on your machines.