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  1. In the locale want ads
  2. jimw

    Is this a B

    I guess I like H just because it’s smaller. Like having a A international in the corner of the shop
  3. jimw

    Is this a B

    I was told I could have, if it would of been a h I think I would of took it for who nows why. It’s quite a ways from me so probably leave it sit
  4. jimw

    Is this a B

    Friend that doesn’t now anything about tractors sent me this, I myself no very little about 2 cylinder JDs, is this a B ?
  5. Nicest one I’ve seen in person for a long while
  6. If someone pulled the floor pan the wire connection often doesn’t get hooked back up
  7. Couldn’t get financing 🙃, have to keep what I have
  8. jimw

    Seemed cheap

    Not sure what these run but seems cheap maybe was something wrong with it??
  9. I believe the 50 went for 32 or 3400 hundred
  10. Anyone buy this one? Looks pretty rough but at least it has tires. Really like this case but to rich for my blood
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