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  1. jimw

    “Reversed” loader tractors

    Damn good outfit for stacking hay back in the day.
  2. jimw

    When the snow goes the rigs come out

    Nice setup! Like the look 👀 of stacks on a dually but thought they would be loud? Never rode in one to no thou
  3. The one with the magnum serial I guess.
  4. So what shifting arrangement does the 54 pictured have.
  5. jimw

    Demon Hunter Art

    Each his own, listen to some stuff I shouldn’t, good work but anything with skulls is bad karma for me. Just gotta ask not trying to put words in your mouth? You don’t believe in god, but believe in demons? Never heard the lyrics so forgive my ignorance
  6. jimw

    Bought a 986

    Nice looking tractor
  7. jimw

    Serial tag on 1660s

    Just wondering about the upper right number on the tag for a a1660. Just bought a ih powerd one. Saw a Cummins one on auction and noticed/wondered what the 277 vs 221 ment. My combine in the middle has about 4300 hrs with good maintenance. But has water in the oil. Getting good at fixing these so wish me luck
  8. jimw

    Auction Results

    Even more so what about the 806? Happy for the owner both ways. Seems like a lot must of been perfect
  9. jimw

    Wind farms

    Here in ND the actually cost of MW produced by electricty is 32 to 45 dollars a Megwatt. From wind you get $45 from the government and still have the power to sell. So our electric bill went from 8 cents a kw to 13 to 15 cents a kw, plus some of your tax dollars on the other side. Guess that's cheap compared to some places but wouldn't have to be that hi either.
  10. jimw

    Wind farms

    Little late getting in here but have to leave my 2$, Wind power is basicly free ? I guess that's why our electric bills have sky rocketed. Companies are required to have 28% of there power come from green sources by I think 2020. Nationally coal is about $100mw nateral gas is about that to $120 mw although gas has not quite doubled in the last month, wind power runs about $150 mw and solar is $250. Companies are required to use wind power first. Not a hundred percent sure but I believe the subsidy is about $40 to 45 a mw. Hard to believe a 100mw coal plant employees 40 or so people, plus the workers in the mine, plus all the support staff and is still cheaper than the others. funny how wind is free, probaly employees 2 to 5 on site with some support staff and still costs more than coal or gas. Gas is good fuel but the left forgets its still a fossil fuel
  11. jimw

    A neighbour bought a new car!

    Beans must of ran better at your place😎
  12. jimw

    Visiting Minneapolis again.

    Good luck,
  13. jimw

    Combine Advice.

    Hate to run down a anyone’s combine , had a tr85 with a cat, always lugging down compared to a 414 in a a old 915. Also if u plug the rotors with green straw the doors r very small to dig it out of. Been there done that. Bought a salavage 1460 for 2000. Ran that for 8 years without sticking $500 in it. Best combine I ever had, moved to a 1480 and 1680 good combines but have cost more to run
  14. jimw

    Local auction

    Loud 1066 but boy it’s a pretty tractor
  15. jimw

    Auction truck today

    Was Intrested in this truck on consignment sale today, went for 6750 I think? Nice but to much for me. Has the Detroit