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  1. R those 10 bolt wheels ? Off a 50 series ?
  2. jimw


    The CO / global warming post was political ?? Guess I’m missing something here . Did someone call out a individual party ? I posted a graph the facts , I’m sorry if I offended. Maybe just not seeing it
  3. Guess we will never no but would guess u guys r right. I didn’t no but thought with the square hood it might be a 504
  4. Yes just the external parts. My 52 is missing the arms and has the lift cylinder. The 5088 is a non runner but has the arms but no lift cylinder
  5. Will a 5088 3 point fit on a 5288 ? Or is it not as heavy duty
  6. Think this could be a 504 ? Only have pictures to go by
  7. Nice project. I think I would cap them with a piece between and build off that.
  8. All nice, but really like that first truck
  9. A guy shouldn’t have to put gauges on under the floor boards for testing, I think there should be gauges on the dash for constant monitoring.
  10. jimw


    Good way to honor her , I think turkey isn’t as good as chicken cooked the same way
  11. I think the combine will clean up all right. I’ve always worried myself about things like this happening. Seems like the breaks never work in 14 and 16 series. Probably wouldn’t Of helped in this case. . Most important is your brother will be okay . Sucks what he’s going through but could of been much worse.
  12. My biggest implement is 20ft , probably wouldn’t enjoy running it all day , but I find it cool. And affordable
  13. This would of been a fun parade tractor. $2800 seems pretty decent.
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