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  1. believe they said the picture was taken 1967 ?
  2. they said the experiment station was 50 years old
  3. Built like a bricksh—-house,
  4. There is a time and place for everything. I respect this form and think highly of the members, but anyone who doesn’t think were in a struggle for our freedoms I believe is sadly mistaken. In times like these anyway to help each other to communicate is very important when there shutting down every avenue they can. Even the liberal view point to persuade me it’s gonna be alright is better than no info at all. Are we not Americans. Our fathers fought for the right to have your opinion valued. Thanks to all
  5. Nice old tractor, better than a new one
  6. Sorry dads706 we cannot hope for 2024, if it is not now how could it be 2024. The voting machines won’t get any better with the left in charge. Can anyone believe people of any religion or race would want the chaos that went on this last year. ? No there are darker forces as play
  7. Merry Christmas, is that your barn with the star on it? Really beautiful. If I where to live anywhere other than where I do it would be the Sandhills! Drive through on occasion, worked west of Allianice 30 years ago. No place like it!
  8. jimw

    1920s Combine

    Probably can’t help but would like to see a picture
  9. Put some elbow grease into that 15 and it will look it just came off the lot
  10. Saw this 1256 on auction. Think it went for 6300. I Forgot about it or may of ran it up a bit. Looks like a nice tractor
  11. Maybe a good picture of your little front wheel assist, is it a 574? Looks small on the spreader
  12. jimw

    R/C vehicles

    Not the first ford I saw with a Chevy motor, 😳. — laughing with u not at u 😎.
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