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  1. Got this at a local pawn store, was it a belt buckle or did it come off a machine
  2. Never cared for the electric style tranny, but I think u would have to go quit a bit newer to get a quieter cab. Tried balling with the 3588 I used to have and it was hard to get used to. It was the older style round baker u have to weave to start a bale.
  3. Will be checking this weekend. I’ll get u guys some pictures
  4. Congratulations, looks like it’s been a good life
  5. jimw

    Spotted scout

    Like to watch Matlock reruns, the heist episode had a nice scout in it
  6. 3100 lbs, wow didn’t think that little guy would be that heavy
  7. Those were called high lift loaders I believed, not sure how much higher they would lift. Not sure they would take a lot of abuse
  8. Bought a 240 industrial, can I haul it on a car trailer? Believe the tractor measures 82” wide
  9. jimw

    Small disk

    Like to see a picture of that. Workhorse of the day
  10. jimw

    Small disk

    I caN buy it, I think he wants a $100. Don’t really need it but it’s kinda cool
  11. jimw

    Small disk

    I don’t think horse disk, the hitch is all steel and made to hook up to a tractor, should of took a picture of it .
  12. jimw

    Small disk

    Saw this at a friends, it’s only 5 ft wide . Must be pretty old? Or for a pretty small tractor
  13. Those r the times u remember, I remember going to a WOO race at the red river speedway and it finished somewhat after 3am. Me and my dad and friends, wish I could do it again
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