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  1. Anyone saw this before. Maybe a illusion
  2. Looks pretty good in the picture
  3. I took the set bolt out , I thought with some prying and light tapping it would come off . Not the case thou
  4. So I can’t just slide the piece that goes over this off the other tractor ?
  5. Trying to get a 3 point off a non running tractor for a running one . Getting the lower portion to slide off that stub shaft on the bottom has turned into a bear. I haven’t tried to heat it yet as it’s greasy. Is there a trick to it ? It’s on a 5088.
  6. Thought this was cool if it was an old Re power and used .. Was P&H an earlier version of a GM diesel ? Any of you watch it sell on Auman auction . I think 7700
  7. jimw

    Old H

    I think it was just sold on auction. I can send former owners number if u want
  8. jimw


    Could be . Saved the pictures a week or two . Can’t remember what I did earlier today 🙄
  9. jimw


    Sorry it’s a 43
  10. jimw


    Auction somewhere I saw online . Can’t be many with a 3 point
  11. jimw

    Old H

    Saw this today when I picked up a snowblower. Hadn’t saw one of these in awhile. Liked the toolbox.
  12. Saw these in New Leipzig ND this fall. Kinda cool. Could of had a red one thou
  13. jimw

    Case eagle

    Saw this on a auction awhile ago
  14. 1st tractor I bought out of Sd, fixed and used . Then didn’t use so I sold it . Always like the cereal box one from Sherri out of Heritage Iron. Then the last one I bought a year or two ago to replace the one I sold .
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