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  1. Don’t no much about it , remember the advertising for the kits . Looked at a 3788 one time with the 4 speed kit so it can be done one way or another
  2. jimw

    What is it

    Wow was I off, thanks
  3. jimw

    What is it

    Had this in the toolbox awhile , figured it was for a dial indicator? Maybe not
  4. 1206 wheat land tribute, ? Let’s see the pictures
  5. I’m sorry put in the 656s serial
  6. Just bought this from a friend, has the 282 I believe, seems pretty decent. He says the head gasket leaks. Should make a good tractor
  7. Not every year will be good, I feel like the last decade or so has been pretty decent. Yes struggles with to much rain at times but better than average. The crop farmer will get a check to help out. I do feel sorry for livestock people as they got to eat something. I remember hunting hay up in the 80s , not real fun. Keep going we’ll get through
  8. jimw

    Pink combine

    Saw this in Minot, believe there advertising for sweet corn
  9. 160,000 , new 7.4 motor at 140 ! No rust , Sitting on a gold mine ?? ?
  10. Always good to have another 86 series
  11. Hate to be stupid, what’s the asking price??
  12. I have the cheap runnings one also. Really like it . My son went and bought a pit boss which has a meat probe . I’d go that route next time
  13. Did u plastic gauge it on reassembly, teacher at trade school was Anal about this . Guess I never have for my own use.
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