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  1. This is the most important part. Get stem to top and get it jacked up. Fluid loss should be minimal then.
  2. Geez Bitty, you would think he would have a big smile on his face. Nice deer!
  3. I would let Bates figure it out and send you the correct parts. You obviously know why it doesn’t work together but why makefit an expensive part
  4. I can’t speak for all models but we did a new Chevy 1 ton and they were compatible with each other.
  5. We’ve installed quite a few of the airlift systems with the wireless remote. Have not heard one complaint. I say they are expensive also but you do not loose the soft factory ride when not towing and it’s adjustable for different loads.
  6. Is the fuel tank vent working? Take the fuel cap off when it starts loosing power and see if it recovers.
  7. I wouldn’t believe hardly any those hour meters. Leave the key on, racks up hours….. pull the fuse no hours put on tractor….
  8. I hardly recognized him. He went in for a trim since the last time I was BSing with him. Lol
  9. nate

    I'm moving!

    We are still not fully moved in to and have everything where we want in dads shop. Just too much to do. Make sure you get MTO’s guest bed set up. I’m sure he’s itchin to visit you!!
  10. Just an observation but why are most people so fond of mossberg out east? Hopefully you get your savage, I’ve had a rifle on order for over a year now…
  11. Is the spring intact and installed correctly that is behind the magnet? They can wedge the magnet if missing or installed wrong. The 10000 lb and up axles get pretty spendy throwing parts at. Good dexter backing plate assemblies are 2-300, drums are 300, plus bearings and seals
  12. Be sure to share some pics with us when you get time Bill!
  13. That is the biggest negative for me also. We hate long bar short bar tires and trade them out hopefully before the glass rattles out of the cab!!
  14. Looks like a good ol tractor yet Dale! A good bath and it will look pretty nice.
  15. nate

    IH weights

    3414 backhoes and similar. Wider bracket would be for under nose of 4100/4156 4wd tractor.
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