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  1. nate

    What is it?

    That is why I asked here! Lots of informative people.
  2. nate

    What is it?

    Thought your first response was a joke. Learned something new. Thank you! Thanks for the links Cattech!
  3. nate

    What is it?

    More pics of the whatcha ma callit
  4. This one is not too far from me. Guessing not sold new here. I also know of an open station MFWD magnum working on a farm not far from me.
  5. nate

    What is it?

    It's a C demo that is missing the tag🙁. I would say it's a parts rig or a big restoration project! Going to a swap meet this weekend
  6. nate

    What is it?

    What is it? Came with some stuff at an auction sale.
  7. Churning plenty of mud feeding cattle...
  8. Yours and dads 14 look similar. Lol
  9. Went to my local historical society tonight. They had a presentation put on by Kory Anderson the builder of the 150 Case road locomotive. It is just remarkable the work he and his help did to recreate it. The persistence and hard work is hard to believe. I will be going to see this beast this summer in Rollag,MN!!
  10. nate

    Team update

    Good luck! Very few can have an experience like that. Hopefully you are having a good time?
  11. Why is there two different tires on it? Were you checking out the look of them before you decided?
  12. Well..... The remotes were leaking and they didn't like the oily mess so they put those lines on so the oil dumps back into rearend. Basically made a mess instead of fixing the problem. My friends and I call that home made accessories. Lol
  13. Just think BJ. If you still would have had that loader the battery change would have only been 20 minutes!!!
  14. nate

    Dead 1460 transport

    No, wish they were, the 1460 we use is a later electric over hydraulic machine
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