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  1. Ever Done Something Really Stupid

    At least no one got hurt! I have done quite a few things. Pissed at first but I least you're alive to be mad.
  2. Vintage Aerial

    Thanks for sharing. Found what it looked like before I put my place together. Lots has changed!
  3. 706 leaking oil at pedestal

    More than likely the steel lines on top of the bolster. One of them probably rusted through from sitting in dirt for a lot of years.
  4. Stainless IH logo from Rock Island

    I sure hope you don't have the same first name as someone else!
  5. 3588 hinge pin realignment

    you will need to line top up with bottom to get correct placement.
  6. Hay baling with 5288

    Works just fine. Have a 1000 pto on this one at farm
  7. Gold 1026

    Looking great! Some spendy bling to make it pop. Nice job Nate
  8. Shotguns

    Remington 870 express 12 gauge would be a cheap good dependable gun. Remington did just file bankruptcy but there are millions of those guns out there. You would want some kind of bird shot #6 or bigger for snakes and rifled slugs or buckshot for pigs. Rifled slugs are for smooth barrels and sabot slugs are for rifled barrels. Best advice I can give is go to a well know gun shop in your area and ask the same question you just did. Remember to be safe! Guns don't kill people on their own! Nate
  9. 500 hour M on page 33

    if you google the phone number it comes up as Dennis Miesner like was already posted. Call him up and get the story! Who knows maybe he didn't even paint it and just bought it the way it sits. For better money value it should not have been painted but it is what it is! Nate
  10. National garbage collector

    Let me guess. Waste Management??? Dirty ******** kept raising my garbage service because of fuel surcharge. Told them I didn't give a damn how much money it cost to drive their truck. I signed a contract for xx amount and if they wouldn't honor it told them to come get their can. Said I would have early cancelation fees. I told them the original persons name I dealt with and they finally said they would work it out for me. Really ****** me off what BS fine print some places will go through.
  11. Front differential out

    Does the truck spin very much? Snow or off-road. I was told they will burn themselves up in no time if power divider is not locked in. They use a brass/bronze thrust washer and they are not pressure lubed. Power divider has went out twice on my work truck. Both times when I have gone on vacation in the winter! Nate
  12. 4156

    The weights under the fenders the same as the slab weights on the front of a 560? Look like it.
  13. 4156

    All the 4156's I have seen were yellow with white panels. Nate
  14. You think you are having a bad day?

    Chalk up another fine job by dumb dumb Dayton. Funny how much money got pissed away and nothing to show for it. But guess what it will take this much more and it will be fixed. Yeah right. Don't worry the hard working Minnesotans will pick up the tab....
  15. Rims & Tires

    The idea is to get as many lugs on the rim in as many wedges in the wheel as possible. 4 lugs should be enough. Nate