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  1. The flex joint is there to flex/expand/contract. If you weld it again it will crack. They make small sections of braided flex tube. Maybe cut it out and fix it right????
  2. Atlas tractor That is located northeast of me can fix you up. They are well known for pulling parts
  3. There are guides hanging in the shed! Painter tape is quick, bright, easy to remove but not classy!!
  4. Cultivating doesn’t seem to be cool anymore but I ran through some corn a year or two ago
  5. Nice looking pair.
  6. I think you’re going to be getting the second hand smoke when they blow your doors off passing you! The governed vehicles that cannot go the posted speed limit are a danger to other people on the road imo.
  7. I saw your disk and talked to you at RPRU in Iowa. If it turns out like your disk it will be an awesome toy/tool.
  8. Small engine warehouse. Or google this number LT125-FLY-BV-1
  9. Danny. Found this on the net. Should help you get the info you need.
  10. Code p0301 is a misfire on cylinder #1. I’m not familiar with the Aztec but would lean towards a coil.
  11. Didn’t some farmers in the dakotas paint their tractors a certain color for their farm to deter from theft.?
  12. nate

    This Guy

    My dad works at a machine/fab/repair/welding shop. He is always happy when the customer brings him a ujoint to replace and greased it for the first time before they brought it to him to fix. Same with bearings.
  13. nate

    Who was this.

    Never understood the attraction to the game. Who needs a game to drink beer? Not me!!
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