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  1. nate

    Anybody ever seen....

    Couple series older but same frame. Dad on the 656
  2. nate

    Tough old survivor

    One where it has to work year round judging by the snow on the ground
  3. nate

    Which weights??

    The ones BJ found look correct
  4. nate

    Keep going or stop in tracks?

    It will look ok until the oil collects dust and dirt. I would get some rubbing compound and use that and wax after for a protective coat. You should get similar color back out of the oxidized paint
  5. nate

    2018/19 snowmobile trips.

    Ralph. I'm just amazed at all the great photos you take. If you ever give up farming it could be your next job! Nate
  6. Spark plug fuel flow from tank tank vent low oil shutdown sensor things to look at not necessarily in any order
  7. nate

    Anyone with experience with Midland Firearms?

    The customer is always right. Order it and make him happy. If it's junk it's his problem and he got what he payed for
  8. nate

    MN auction results. 786YAR cab

    I crawled in and out. It wasnt much different than the factory cab. I think If IH had put park towards the rear of the shifting pattern you would have far less complainers. The cab was very quiet running at quarter throttle. Not saying it's better than the IH cab but far better than one on a 56 series.
  9. nate

    MN auction results. 786YAR cab

    468 cultivator. $400
  10. nate

    MN auction results. 786YAR cab

    450- $5400 615-. $1500 with all 3 heads 230 windrower. $1700
  11. nate

    MN auction results. 786YAR cab

    1086. 8600 hours $11,800 856 . $7200
  12. Went to a sale today. Few auction results and pics 786-. 10,000 plus hours. Same farm its whole life. $8600
  13. nate

    Maybe I should slam my hand in a door now

    Good luck Pete! You could drop them off and head northwest an hour and I could give you the .50 cent tour. Lol
  14. I thought they were studs into the bottom of the tank?? Someone will confirm. If they are just turn them out.
  15. nate

    Parts Haul

    A lot of nice parts there. Surprised there is that much left down there. I am glad we don't live close to each other. We would be fighting over stuff left and right. I see you are like us and look for the rubber knobs. The repo stuff is just garbage and rots away in a year in the shed.