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  1. nate

    George Besser Estate Auction Last Friday

    Dad went. Can see results on steffes auction site in archived auctions. Brought 24,500. Heard home will be Northwood Iowa
  2. nate

    RFD Delivery??????????????

    Just remember if you hang the box too low you may be liable, as snow plows have regs for box height as well
  3. nate

    Almost made it a week

    Don't worry, happened to us also. Same vehicle too. We didn't even make it home! Dealer made it right with us.
  4. nate

    Cream separators

    A few pics of the ones I have. Can anyone date these? My wife wanted one to plant flowers in and a collector friend offered me these. Told my wife and him there was no way I was putting these outside so I had to find a rough one to plant flowers in.
  5. nate

    International Harvester 1940's dealership

    You would be correct on the badging part Randy. I'll start a new thread w pics of the cream separators.
  6. nate

    International Harvester 1940's dealership

    I have a black IH McCormick deering one at home older hand crank and a maroon electric one also. I believe they were different brands of separators. McCormick, DeLaval and there was a few other brands. I'll post a pic of mine later if I remember.
  7. nate

    International Harvester 1940's dealership

    Those are McCormick deering separators aren't they Randy?? Great pics thanks for sharing
  8. nate

    Super MD question

    Does he mean it will only run at wide open throttle or does it run beyond rated rpm?? I have heard that the rack can get stuck in the pump causing them to only run at wide open throttle. Usually caused from gummy fuel and not being used much .
  9. nate

    I have a question about a Farmall 1206

    It would be a '66 if the number range that Matt gave is correct
  10. nate

    My Winter Project- 5488 Rebuild

    Very nice tractor and nice job on the repairs! Did I read that correct that it only has 2500 original hours???? Looks like you need another pair of drills for behind it!
  11. nate


    Make sure your radiator cap is good and make sure you are not overfilling the radiator.
  12. nate

    2nd 1256

    What I am referring to is what I would call a 3 piece manifold. Two end sections and a center section that turbo bolts to. Like this one
  13. nate

    2nd 1256

    First time I have seen a two piece manifold like that on a 407 motor. Looks like a decent tractor. But brought good money
  14. nate

    1688 combine

    I would guess that half of the farmers running combines are steering wheel holders and don't have a clue about the actual condition of their machine. If it takes the crop off and puts it in the tank it must be in good condition. Lol. Georges advice of hiring a good combine tech would be money well spent. Or look for one that has receipts for all the wear parts replaced. Usually if it smells like mouse piss run!!
  15. nate

    Small suitcase weights?

    I don't have a pic but had a chance to buy one at one time and let a friend buy it instead. Been kicking myself ever since. They are about 40-50lbs. Almost about square except for the notch to hang them on the bracket.