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  1. nate

    MN fall pics

    And this was yesterday after some snow melted. Now they are saying more snow for Sunday.
  2. nate

    MN fall pics

    Some of the dirty work
  3. nate

    MN fall pics

    She is being kind of nasty lately. Sure wish we could have finished tillage before this mess....
  4. nate

    MN fall pics

    It is a late model 1480 with the Bosch pump. Just over 4000 hours
  5. nate

    MN fall pics

    A few pics along the way this fall. Got done with harvest as early as I can remember. Have been stopped with tillage by Mother Nature, Snow!
  6. You better get some ammo of your own and practice. You don’t want her to outshoot you the first year! Hunting and the outdoors are a great time to spend with kids.
  7. Do service work on a bright blue 379 Pete. Pulls really hard.
  8. @farmall51 he posted dimensions a while back. They are called IH trylon sign
  9. Here is a pic of ours. The head is new to us this year. Finished beans today a tool shield off to blow it off and figured I’d take a pic
  10. Just adjusted ours. The nuts need to be tight against the bushing inside the spring. You have to move the top and bottom nuts up on the rod to compress the spring more to get to 5-1/2”
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