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  1. HA! This is funny Blaine. Lookin for some parts and you got another project and a whole lot more cash to spend..... happens to the best of us. Just make sure you get the wife’s done first!
  2. We had a blue gear that was Calhoun as well as some Calhoun boxes at one time.
  3. Just tell them to haul it to you to fix. Trip charge will look pretty reasonable then!
  4. Some 560’s came factory with 34” on pressed steel I believe. We had one with that setup. It was a good match
  5. Get a couple flags and a magnetic blinky light and give er!!! For higher speed pickup tires on implement rims will be better
  6. And the last of them. The miniatures
  7. 2nd time there. I’ll be going back!
  8. Pics of wife and kiddos on first pic. Engine is being operated by my wife’s friend Tiffany that she met through scrapbooking. She just got her operators license to run her family’s Case.
  9. No problem. I didn’t even get a pic of either of the full size trains that run around the show grounds.
  10. But... there’s more.. even #1
  11. The couple that let our boys throw coal in the firebox saw us along the parade route and asked if the boys wanted a ride. They jumped at the opportunity. The huge scratch built case 150. The quad track does not look very big by it And also a pic of a 1/4 scale with the 150 behind it
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