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  1. Check and make sure you have good grounds. Not sure how volt reg is mounted on a Polaris. If it is mounted on chassis make sure there is a ground from chassis to engine. Or maybe a bad volt reg out of box???
  2. The smaller collectibles brought very good to crazy money in my opinion. The cub cadets and some tractors were reasonable if you figure the money out in to them.
  3. Sorry to derail thread, But we need pics of the whole 14 with front scratch!!
  4. nate


    Turn it off and try to convince everyone you know to turn it off. Only way to send a message to the organization!
  5. nate


    Looks to me like they mated a Farmall rear half to a standard (industrial) front end. It has a Farmall tag.
  6. Check the small cables that link the batteries together. Or maybe a couple batteries are toast
  7. Don’t see his mouth but he looks happy!?
  8. Quite the nice collection Carl. That is one to be proud of!!
  9. Don’t care for the look. Not going to ruin the look of my old classic cubbies with tires like that on them
  10. I suppose a 8n and WD allis is next....
  11. Awesome! Thanks for sharing. Old reliable lived a few towns away back in the day it looks like
  12. I’ll ride shotgun!!!
  13. Curved brake pedals and disc brakes makes it a super to me...
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