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  1. Tony that young fella is on the right track with tractors... I just think you need to steer him straight and get him on one of your red beauties!!
  2. nate

    Cub Cadet Model 70 w/ k181

    You can put a 10 of 12 hp K series kohler in there without any modification.
  3. nate

    Auction score

    Wish I could have went. Found out about it the day before and it was a 4 hour drive...
  4. nate

    New 1456 and new to red power

    Nice pictures! Your 1456 is almost a match to my dads.
  5. nate

    Kohler k532 engine trouble

    Side tins are in the shed for it yet. Yes thrower runs off front shaft with a small double u joint that slides on as you click the blower on
  6. nate

    Auction score

    Cub original, sickle mower,. They listed a front brush mower I think??
  7. nate

    Auction score

    Looks like you got some nice goodies! Was this the sale in winter set Iowa???? If it was do you remember any prices of stuff?
  8. Someone used some paint on the steering column but otherwise original paint. And some of my others with original paint
  9. nate

    Kohler k532 engine trouble

    Today I got a coil to try from a garden tractor parts guy I know. Ran it for a bit with the old coil and still acted up. Put the (new) used one on and it ran good. I don't know hope that was it!! The model thrower I have on mine is a model 50. 46" wide. I know a guy that may have one.
  10. nate

    Kohler k532 engine trouble

    Has a single coil unit with both plug wires coming off of. Muffler is a couple years old and has good flow. I appreciate everyone's help so far!!
  11. nate

    Kohler k532 engine trouble

    Yes it will start acting up after load is applied I will check. Mine is a single stage thrower. The 400 is a black sheep and the frame width is different from all the other John Deere garden tractors I don't think I'm having icing issues. It has side shields and makes good heat under the hood.
  12. nate

    Kohler k532 engine trouble

    Have not had points cover off. Runs really good until load is applied. Have let run for 15 minutes wide open(no load) and don't miss a beat.
  13. nate

    Kohler k532 engine trouble

    Doesn't backfire at all. Have not put a gauge on to check compression but will blow your thumb out of the plug holes.
  14. Have a John Deere 400 with the kohler 532. Started having trouble throwing snow. Engine starts right up and runs fine. Running at full throttle it runs fine until you make the motor work throwing snow. Then it starts missing and running crappy. It will still run crappy if there is no load on engine. If you back off throttle to half way it runs nice again. You can then push it to wide open and still runs good until you start to load motor and then problems start over. What I have done new plugs, carb cleaned,good fuel flow from pump,new condenser My next step is to check the governor and the timing advance What do you think?? Thanks
  15. nate

    Making a purchase this weekend (pics)

    It all depends on how much you make in two weeks. Lol. Nice project!