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  1. Saw one north of me a few times on snow removal duty. Not sure if it was a true black stripe but it was yellow and had the black stripe decal. Wish I would have gotten closer to it and checked it out.
  2. I would pull the starter and see if anything is noticeable. You could just have gotten a bad reman. Or if you don’t want to work on the tractor anymore you could sell it to me! We would love a 3488 to use on the farm.
  3. nate

    IH DC-3

    Fratzke’s was 15-20 minutes from me. I don’t remember it but I have a few advertising items from there.
  4. My brothers got it torn down. I helped a bit today. Got some pressure washed and Have some welding to do from a hack repair and some welding to do on the saw discs
  5. The gearbox on top changes speed to run the drum and a pulley on top to run the auger on each end
  6. That’s a tough looking 756! Like it all except the front fenders. Different strokes for different folks!
  7. There is going to be a bunch to take apart I think. Corn is still green surprisingly. Leaves on bottom are turning though
  8. Thanks, we have a parts book, just hard to tell if there are shortcuts. It has green and yellow blades on it so parts came from deere.
  9. Anyone ever take one of these apart? Any tricks? We started on it tonight, have to replace seals in both drums.
  10. Hope all goes well. It should be as much work getting cab and loader off as the rest of the repair
  11. Dale, I know the principle of the dump rake, but what do you do when hay is uneven? Do you just dump and make short swaths where it is heavier?
  12. We only got 3/10. Cokato to the west of us got 3” I was told. Not going to be much of a crop here. Geez the smoke is thick today.
  13. Did it plow hard since there has been no rain? Looks like it layed over nice
  14. I went to the Allis show in Hutchinson MN on Friday. Over 90 degrees again so I checked out the swap area and made a quick run through because I had other plans later in the day. Just a few pics I took
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