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  1. Jumper tube was good. Seal lip is facing hyd pump. had my brother hit starter with fuel shutoff. Heard a big gurgle before it started dumping oil from above. My next step is to dump more oil in to submerge suction tube and see if air intrusion stops, Or would this also cover up a possible rear end/ ta housing seal?
  2. Later model, sits level w platform and wire to grab to remove
  3. Oil is above full on stick before it is started. Oil is brand new viscosity oil. I’m sure we put a suction tube seal in when we did TA a few years ago. Thinking of overfilling it to cover suction tube seal to make sure that’s it. Then repair it if it is. Thoughts??
  4. It is, but still trying to figure out why, hitch pump got new o ring, cast cover as well, new jumper tube seal. I installed jumper tube the rest of way from filter side after I got pump installed so I know that is seated.
  5. How much oil dropping from above would be normal??
  6. Started working on one of our many breakdowns this fall. 806 was on auger, hydraulics and 3point quit and oil was getting aerated. I put new filter,jump tube o ring and seal and pump housing o ring. Dumped new oil in tonight, 3 point started working after worked air out. Seems like it is dumping a lot of oil from up above. Thoughts? Pointers?
  7. Wow! That would be a once in a lifetime deer!
  8. Picked this one up about a month ago. It’s stuck from sitting in shed. Hope to start working on it soon.
  9. You can also contract for less than the current market. If it is so easy, why bother farming, just trade grain on paper!
  10. Radials, no question. Better ride, better traction= more work done and less fuel used
  11. I would have a hard time not going to the service place and grab the puke by the neck that takes advantage of women like that…
  12. X3. The availability of parts in general is worth getting a 40/60. Used parts availability is way better also.
  13. nate


    That’s an interesting rig.
  14. Is there friction disk material in the hyd filter? My guess is synchro disks are shot
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