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  1. It was a great show that probably took twice as much work with the rescheduling. Howard (Nebraska cowman) did an excellent job with the beef barn and the different decades of IH. And thanks to everyone that brought something to show!
  2. nate

    Why not a bolt?

    Just a guess... when they assembled them it’s easier to set the box on some studs rather than align to start a bolt
  3. C’mon. That’s like ripping one end of the present open and quitting! We need more pics!!!!! I have a brother to that one without front scratch.
  4. Great to meet all of you! It was a good time chatting with you fellas!!
  5. Thank you everyone! Been at the roundup in Huron. Great time!
  6. nate


    The engine is mounted in the 82 series solid. The series before, quietline used rubber mounts that give issue. Maybe some bolts fell out???
  7. The work will be there when you get home Blaine. You’re going to regret not going!!
  8. Dad is headed out in the morning. I will be on my way early Friday. 2 loads of old iron.
  9. nate

    Coin shortage

    She should have threw a fit and if the wanted an even number it should have went in her favor
  10. This is from the rodeo in Effie MN. Now the attorney general is suing the rodeo owners. They let people destroy Minneapolis but they sue someone for having a rodeo. Makes sense right??🤪
  11. The comparison is that they turned it up a bit. 1206 has around 13hp more
  12. We have an H that did as you describe. The bearing to the right in the pic was toast. Welcome to the forum. Let us know what you find. It is just a pic off the web
  13. Nice looking tractor. Did you put the year a round cab on it? I noticed it’s one made for a 66 series.
  14. If anything people should go just to see your beautiful collection Randy!
  15. Will be there! Will stop by Pete. There’s a bunch of prairie dogs out there maybe try a few in the smoker?? Lol
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