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  1. Tony, I have never been around a wire tie baler. Are there different parts for wire? And I really think parts would wear out quick pulling wire through. Baled plenty with twine.
  2. I think his tail wheel is in a furrow and the plow just laid over funny. I don’t see any rocks but it’s a small pick on my phone. Nice looking 1256!!
  3. Just like any spreader, check the chains and beater. 1066 should have no problem, hills or not
  4. Yes you are correct!!!
  5. Using this to help diagnose neighbors tractor. Brother brought it home from work a while back, they were throwing it away. Tried to adjust to zero with no luck.. Led me to this, Think she’s junk!!
  6. nate

    1872 hydraulics

    We just figured it out. Previous owner had the lines mixed up on the power steering ports. The had the “out” port and the “aux” port mixed up so the power steering worked but it was dumping oil rather that feeding the auxiliary valves. There is a few things on this thing we are wondering about previous owners mech ability. Crank seal was leaking and it was clearly wrong seal. 1/16” away from crank!!!!
  7. nate

    1872 hydraulics

    So we checked a few things quick. Has 300 psi charge pressure which I believe is high. Took out charge relief and implement relief valve and springs are in tact. That is all I had time for.
  8. So my brother just bought a 1872. Bought it knowing it had issues. The hydraulic lift does not work. The cylinder is fine. There is absolutely no hydraulic pressure to the cylinder. The power steering works just fine. Any ideas??
  9. I get a kick out of people making fun of the mirrors that extend way out. If you’ve ever pulled a gooseneck trailer the standard mirrors suck! Of course most people don’t even know what the mirrors are for anyway.....
  10. Blaine, We had a straight pipe on the 14 chopping corn one fall. That was all it took. If you weren’t driving it it sounded good. Put a factory muffler on and that 407 with four roller pump is so smooth and quiet you can listen to the radio on an open station and watch the smoke roll!!
  11. Looks good Aaron. Little by little. It all takes time! And of course some coin!
  12. I agree the rear shaft is out of phase. Don’t worry about the tin tab. Put some lock tite on it and call it good. You do not worry about trans output and diff yoke being the same. The yoke ends of shaft have to be the same like someone posted.
  13. She’s a beauty Tony. You have tried to fit something on a shaft and know better than to try to “drive” it home. Been there done that! Lol
  14. What do you consider low oil pressure?? Does it run good otherwise??
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