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  1. Does it have an auto shutoff nozzle? If it does the small sense line could be plugged and it will act like it’s not pumping.
  2. My bet is on snowshoe! Had this happen to me. Lost a lot of hair over it. Valve clearance is tight, it warms up and expands and gets tighter and valves don’t seal and causes a miss or stumble.
  3. Sadly no. Spring planting was rough. Got started then 4 inches of rain and made a mess of fields we had planted. We mudded some in and finally finished planting June 5. Then on to making hay, chopped all the alfalfa and are baling grass now. Temps 90-100 this week so stuff is starting to burn up. Hopefully get back at it soon…
  4. nate

    504 farmall

    Just bout this one. Not sure what for… it is a 66 or 67 can’t remember so it would be a late one
  5. We don’t have a chopping head but one fall a bearing went out of stalk chopper late Saturday so we hooked up the brillion. Stalks were dry and basically snapped off. More bales and faster. Got done before the rain.
  6. It’s a 1256 row crop. Dad bought it with the lights in grille and no fenders. We added fenders we had laying around. It has long axles and a standard drawbar
  7. We roll grain/alfalfa fields and all soybean fields. Rolled some in front of corn planter this spring. We are south of brahamfireman and use the brillion for same reasons he stated.
  8. I will probably be the closest! 20 miles from you. Give me a heads up if you have extra time…
  9. Are you guys trying to reinvent the wheel? Get rims with the proper offset for the tires he wants to run and the tire rub will go away.
  10. I would agree 1968. Where are you located? I also have a 2856 and have been collecting serial numbers. You can PM me a name if you’d like. A pic of it would be great.
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