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  1. Bought a TriStar for the wife. We had just started looking for a shotgun for her and went to the gun shop and stumbled on a 20 gauge used that was like new condition. It fit her well and we bought it. It has been good. Had one problem, lost the bolt handle hunting one day. Called TriStar and wanted to buy a new one. They got info and sent one out free of charge. I thought that was nice of them. I would buy another.
  2. nate

    Raccoon trap

    Just put a couple small marshmallows in the dogproof trap. You’ll have one by morning.
  3. at 55 plus years old. They weathered the storm OK. I bet this old iron could tell some crazy stories
  4. nate


    Hard to tell from pics but sure looks like original paint with a replacement motor! A little rubbing compound and the rust should come off the hood. Looks like you found a nice one.
  5. It’s called a teat Rick. And I’m not even a dairy guy! Lol
  6. It doesn’t matter where they came from if they never got grease...
  7. The drive gear that has wear or pitting on the gear I would throw away. It will only chew up the other gears. Have you mic’ed both driveshafts where they ride in bushing? Are they comparable?
  8. Im not trying to be a smartas$ but what are you trying to accomplish?? Just curious. Crop looks good!
  9. They will fit on. The only difference on some rims is the spacing of the “drivers”. The bumps you mate the wheel lug with so the rim doesn’t spin.
  10. I think you need to get a little thicker skin. I just ignore people like that. I advertise stuff a bit higher than I want, they make a reasonable offer, I counter and we both are somewhat satisfied.
  11. 856 has about 9400 hours on it now.
  12. These old IH’s just have treated us well. The 5288 has 8600? Hours on it.
  13. First time my son is running his grandpas 5288
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