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  1. Federal mogul. Which is ironic because Tenneco owns them
  2. We put a FP diesel kit in my brothers tractor. It came from restoration tractor sales in PA
  3. You can pull both levers off to see what’s going on. Remove tin cover at your heels remove pins to aux valves. Then remove two bolts for hold down and unbolt cast from right side 3-4 that supports levers. Prolly a broken pin or a weld broke. Much easier to sort out on a bench.
  4. Basically a little wider than the tires to do heavy tillage with that 120 to go 4-5 mph. This one is more it’s size.
  5. How many rounds are you going to miss with being you’re worrying about dissipating heat? Asking for a friend…
  6. @red_reaper Not sure if you’ve seen the last couple
  7. nate

    RPRU 2024

    Ouch, That’s a good enough excuse. Better than I had to stay home and watch the crops grow!
  8. nate

    White 2-135

    Sent you a fellows info. Never dealt with him but parts a lot of Oliver’s out.
  9. nate

    RPRU 2024

    There will always be work to do and money to make Blaine. Take some time to enjoy things. I’ve seen too many people bust their tail waiting for retirement to do things. Then pass before retirement or are not physically able when they retire.
  10. I’m gonna say 806 with 34’s. No turbo, just a pre cleaner.
  11. Well, the 2150 paint hasn’t turned pink yet…. My brother had to replace a leaky water shutoff valve. Hopefully will be planting in a couple days. Need to get it washed up too.
  12. Must be a MN thing…. Brother just did that to his…
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