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  1. I will need to buy an 88 series repair manual then. Need one at the farm anyway...
  2. Was there ever a book to show all the pieces for the IH splitting stands? Friend bought some pieces for the splitting stands, they were announced to be for 88 series. The main pieces for the set is not there that I can tell...
  3. Yep, after the tri stripe 86 series they came out with the tri color 88 series. Lol Did they use different paint suppliers when they painted these tractors or sub out some of the parts to paint?
  4. nate

    My rainy days!

    Damn. So it locked up going 20 mph down the road??
  5. I haven't driven it yet.. Too busy trying to finish beans. Dad was really happy about how it worked. It will go in the shop and get cleaned up when we get time.
  6. Had been looking for a magnum for a little while now. Nothing that really fit us for the price and condition. Stumbled across this 5288 and dad bought it. Put it to work the next morning. We are the second farm this tractor has been on.
  7. This is why this forum is so great. An answer to what is wrong from a few paragraphs typed up. Granted it's not good news but he now knows the checkbook will hurt. Glad you are a member on here SDman!!
  8. Cut some alfalfa down today. Looks pretty tough from the hard winter and the cold wet spring. Rained last night again and weather guessers said dry for a couple days. We'll see...
  9. Lots of spots for the ducks north of you too.
  10. Dad mudded in the first of the beans today a few pics. Put some tile in the other night and brother disked in some manure on corn stubble
  11. Looks like you have a good system of making wood! I need more pics of the homelite garden tractor. I collect old garden tractors and you don't see to many of them around.
  12. Time for new shocks and struts in our 2014 Acadia. What brands are good quality theese days??
  13. nate

    Really ......

    Simple$$$$$$$. Bet it pays more than farmin!
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