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  1. They put on one heck of a show! I am beat. I will post picks if I get BJ’s blessing. @FarmallFan
  2. Rollie hit the nail on the head! They have four wheel steering. It can be switched to two wheel steering where only the front turn. We have one, Haven’t used it much lately. Needs an MCV pump at the moment.
  3. I would say you need to figure out the lever so you get weight transfer. Take a pic of the rear so we can see drawbar or where you are pulling from.
  4. Nice line of hay equipment you have there! Those firestones on the back just scream don’t mess with me. Looks tough!
  5. Yes it is. It’s stamp is camouflaged with grease!
  6. We are going to camp this one. Been working hard all summer, time for a break
  7. Albany,MN show is sept 16-19. Featuring IH! Hint hint. We are going, and going to bring a few things
  8. I was just reading through his post. I fought my deere with a k series kohler twin. It was the key switch!!! not letting it charge. It would start and work like it was suppose to, just not charge
  9. nate


    If it’s not too late that the engine is back in, Pull the flywheel and make sure all the magnets are still there and blow the dust and packed dirt out. It made a world of difference on mine.
  10. Looks good Blaine! Where did you take it? White pine? Saw a video from a friend from there and there was a 706 in background…..
  11. None! If you’re lucky it still has the big wrench hanging at rear of machine!! Cleaning a plug usually depends on crop and how hard it’s slugged. A battery powered saws all is sometimes the best tool. I would look for a 1460 if it was me. 2nd choice would be 1440 in that series.
  12. Sooo.... when is your book coming out? I like reading the stories you’ve posted on here!
  13. I would pull the starter and see if anything is noticeable. You could just have gotten a bad reman. Or if you don’t want to work on the tractor anymore you could sell it to me! We would love a 3488 to use on the farm.
  14. Hope all goes well. It should be as much work getting cab and loader off as the rest of the repair
  15. Dale, I know the principle of the dump rake, but what do you do when hay is uneven? Do you just dump and make short swaths where it is heavier?
  16. nate

    Correct seat

    They seemed to be something similar to a heavy canvas weave. There was someone recovering and recrimping your original pan. There’s a few aftermarket. Pick what you like.
  17. Check the clutch safety switch if still hooked up
  18. nate

    149 Hydro fan

    Pull the cover between legs, take the 4 bolts out that hold the motor in, then it take the engine drive coupler loose. Then I believe it comes out. It’s been a while since I did one
  19. nate


    61635c2 should be the part you are looking for. One shows up with an internet search.
  20. Dang that’s got wear on it Steve! How many hours on it?? Looks like a very good repair job you are doing to it
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