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  1. You’re ahead of the game for next year Mike! Where’s the snow?
  2. Perfect! Thank you very much. I believe what I looked at was a 630. It needs some work but I think I am going to try to buy it. It will look good behind the 2856.
  3. I have heard of this and would bet this is his problem. Any other 66 series nearby that you could compare it to?
  4. If the brakes will stall it out I’m going to guess master clutch is shot or dumping oil pressure.
  5. We are running one for soybeans. They are easy to set and do a good job. Ours is set up for 13 row 15”. If planting conditions are right planting in the tire tracks doesn’t seem to matter. Ours has 4 lift wheels. It is heavy when full of seed and there is negative tongue weight when lifted. The one you’re looking at has the Pto pump that you would need to use with an older tractor. Biggest complaint would be it is not the easiest to fill seed boxes on main beam with splitter behind
  6. I just checked that out. That is not it. Never knew they made a thing like that. Pretty neat. Thanks for the help
  7. From the tongue looking back it had a cylinder on the right side about 3 feet long for lift. On the left where the tongue pivots it had an adjustable link with spring cushion. Where the wheels pivot there was a triangle shape coming down from bottom of frame. It had four tires that were very narrow.
  8. Anyone have any literature or manuals for international offset disk models? Looked at one the other day, didn’t find a model number. It was construction yellow and you could adjust the the pitch of gangs to cut harder by dropping a pin in a different hole. Thanks
  9. That is my thought, Dampener springs break and hang up once in a while.
  10. There is one not far from me in Albany Mn. It’s on YouTube if you type in “Albany days 2013”
  11. My nephews birthday party was this last weekend. Finally found what I was looking for. Got this little 382 hydro for him. He was born with spina-bifida so his legs don’t work. Now he can help his dad do chores!
  12. Those v type spreader I’ve found are suited for more loose manure. If I was hauling mostly pen pack I would look for one like you are currently renting but a smaller size.
  13. Usually the tractors that I hear that have diff trouble are spinning one tire a lot. Plowing in greasy conditions,or too big of plow for tractor and lots of spinning is hard on them
  14. Great pics! That ground of yours never seems to roll over slabby like ours does.
  15. I agree! He has water problems now, why put someone else’s metal shavings, dirt, etc into the mixture
  16. nate

    2+2 action

    Looks like some new sneakers would help it out! That is where the 2+2 shines. A 2wd of the same or more horsepower wouldn’t even pull it.
  17. Sounds like the pickup tube o ring or screen on pickup tube has crap in it. If you pull the Pto weld the hold down to the tube.
  18. Bought it at a furniture store. I’ve seen similar on Craigslist and FaceTime. Search for display cabinet or similar
  19. Looks pretty decent but those rear tires just kill it for me. Seems high to me. A set of fenders would help.
  20. Got this one in the basement, Sounds like it fits your description…
  21. Thanks Carl, I took the rear cover off the frame and found the fill plug for the transaxle. Changed that oil and will suck out the oil out of the cup as you suggest.
  22. How do you service the hydro on this little fella? There is a drain at bottom of transmission, but when I started draining it the reservoir “cup” stayed full..
  23. nate

    Rolling rice

    A couple questions Ace: does the roller ever ball up or plug up? Does it take a 4wd to pull it or does it just go through mud better?
  24. This is what we have at work. Will start a stone dead semi below zero! It's crazy but so is the price at 8-900$ It’s the size of a twelve pack.
  25. Just a guess but looks like it’s to crimp the little slug on cable
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