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    Tractor pulling and workin on old binders. 660,F-20,30,2 F-14's,F-12,W-30,460gas,1947 M,1929 22-36,'53 Super M,IHC model "M" hit and miss,IH 140,and a,'76 966 with hinker cab with 1066 turbo,cub 154 loboy, and a Super C with 3 point. We just added 2 '66 IH 1100 pickups and a '67 1300 4x4.

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  1. I kept up with 5 quad axle dump trucks building an access road with a t550 bobcat. 3 had breaker rock and 2 had class 5 on. The tracks are a must to compete with a dozer. The factory high drive tracks not aftermarket over the tire tracks.
  2. I used speedee to send an m&w turbo kit for a 414 to a fellow member. Worked great.
  3. Best of luck. Theres nothing like money and possessions to drive a wedge between family. Either want or rejection of said items seems to produce similar results when one party or the other has to get rid of it if that makes any sense.
  4. Sheesh......dont you have a pet snake to remove er somethin? Lol!
  5. Dad has '17 f350 with a 6.7. It has about 57,000 on it and has been flawless so far. We pull a '33 camper,a flatbed with tractors as big as our 966 on. Hes pulled that flatbed loaded with those 3'x4' concrete blocks for a retaining wall. Plenty of power and the engine brake on it works very well and saves your brakes.
  6. Thats awesome! I can barely find repop stickers for our tractors that have m&w stuff. Congrats on the score!
  7. Thanks a ton guys! Went to my inlaws condo on the river in lake city. We had beer and food on the grill. We stayed overnight.
  8. 660 driver

    Fire pit

    Very nice work!
  9. The wife found a "dont tread on me" mask. I love the gasden flag but to me it kinda defeats the purpose. Im fighting wearing them. Last thing i wanna do is breathe in my own exhaust all effing day. Im gonna try the medical excuse once and see how that goes. They legally cant ask you what your medical condition is. Commerade walz didnt arrest or demand the rioters that burnt down minneapolis to wear one so me as a healthy law abiding citezen shouldnt have to.
  10. Should have IH stamped on them. Plow looks newer than the little genius vintage but i could be wrong. A lot of things could have been replaced and changed out over the years.
  11. 660 driver


    I want them to be real. Would be.cool to see one from a distance. I cant believe there are supposed sighting around my area of minnesota along the mississipi
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