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    Tractor pulling and workin on old binders. 660,F-20,30,2 F-14's,F-12,W-30,460gas,1947 M,1929 22-36,'53 Super M,IHC model "M" hit and miss,IH 140,and a,'76 966 with hinker cab with 1066 turbo,cub 154 loboy, and a Super C with 3 point. We just added 2 '66 IH 1100 pickups and a '67 1300 4x4.

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  1. Looks cool! I forgit hcop is this year....
  2. Hi owen! I actually got that head stud for the super m after we found the leak from owen here.
  3. My uncles 5088 is proof positive that the '88 series are tough as nails and reliable. That tractor has been rode hard and put up wet more times than anyone can count. Still does heavy tillage and almost all the winter manure spreading. My only complaint is the ac dont work and the original preset buttons on the radio are more of a suggestion than a sure thing on station tuning.
  4. Ya looks like exhaust slobber to me as well. Nice lookin tractor!
  5. Drop the oil,then the pan. Fill suspect cylinder with diesel fuel then shine a light up from the bottom and look for signs of leakage. Thats how we found the leak on the super m. If it dont leak right away leave it up to 24 hours and look for leaks periodically. The super m held the fuel but we could see where droplets started forming after a little while. Some of them wont leak til their up to temp so that can be tricky.
  6. this is gunner "the stunner". Part black lab,part beagle. Hes a rescue dog and very low key and affectionate. Was cheap too!
  7. 660 driver


    Hope hes ok mark ill say a prayer. The night the monkey was hit was horrible. He laid in my lap the whole 50 minute drive to rochester vet emergencey gargling with every breath. He pulled through for us but you all know how his story eventually ended. Dogs are very resiliant mark!
  8. Prayers sent out. Im workin with a guy from elk river right now ill ask him about it.
  9. Anybody that says a 460 wont run out is fooling themselves. That was with post 1974 heads too! If i coulda afforded trick flows i woulda been tire poor! Handed a dart with a 340 its rear end in our 1/4 mile stretch of highway.
  10. Very nice and congrats on your nuptules!
  11. I had a '77 ford camper special. 460 with a 650 holley double pumper and headers. That truck would really run!
  12. My main deer gun is a mossberg 500. Actually a wards westernfield but same thing. I have a rifled barrel and a bushnell illuminated AR optic on it with variable power. Its a jackhammer! Can hold five 3" slugs or six 2 and 3/4". Never failed me in 20 plus years.
  13. If they sit the brakes on those 660's lock up tight. Ask me how i know......
  14. DD i would not play tenor saxophone with slick Willie unless Hitlery turns herself in!
  15. Ill have you know mark im an evil genius when it comes to musicalities!
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