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    Tractor pulling and workin on old binders. 660,F-20,30,2 F-14's,F-12,W-30,460gas,1947 M,1929 22-36,'53 Super M,IHC model "M" hit and miss,IH 140,and a,'76 966 with hinker cab with 1066 turbo,cub 154 loboy, and a Super C with 3 point. We just added 2 '66 IH 1100 pickups and a '67 1300 4x4.

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  1. Those are stout loaders. We have one on the 966 and man you know its there. I agree with the pricing thats been mentioned. Maybe a touch more with the quick attach. Changing attachments on ours is no fun.
  2. Ya they dont dig to cool off here. They just get in the woods,stream or lake.
  3. Ill bet theres a quite a bit of editing out select wording! Just watched him use a hotshot on an old cow in labor with a big calf. She kept kept sitting but not completely laying. He was trying to pull the calf. You could tell there was some editing there. He was getting pretty frustrated with her.
  4. Hes old school and thats what i enjoy. Im gonna wager his show is much closer to reality than most reality based shows. I watch one episode when he drilled a hole in a horses sinus to releive a puss buildup from an infection. He stuck the hose up to the sinus hole he made and flushed the puss and gunk right out the horses nose!
  5. Rest in peace Mr.Daniels.
  6. Yep totally missed this post.....lol still recovering from camping!
  7. What about a paint on epoxy mark? Like they use on concrete floors? Would be seamless.
  8. I think a lot of people will miss him once hes gone.
  9. 660 driver

    Polka Party

    My grandma klindworth always had polka on the am radio in the kitchen. Since shes been gone it just hasnt been the same visiting there. Grandpa never has the radio on. Hes either sleeping,reading the paper,or watching tv. My mother loved music as well. She always played christmas music around christmas time on her cd player. Once again dad doesnt play music at home so its not quite the same. I dont mind polka,it reminds me of old legion halls with fish frys and grandmas kitchen.
  10. So im catching some rare tv time after a nice long weekend of camping so i decided to watch the incredible dr.pol for a bit. I enjoy him. He seems a no nonsense,no frills but dang good vet. What are the panels thoughts that have seen the show? Incredible or not?
  11. 660 driver

    Emails sent

    This video sums it all up. Its 100% right imo. I STAND READY. Likeminded individuals just know you always have shelter here if needed. I will never kneel to any man. This union IS worth preserving.
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