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    Tractor pulling and workin on old binders. 660,F-20,30,2 F-14's,F-12,W-30,460gas,1947 M,1929 22-36,'53 Super M,IHC model "M" hit and miss,IH 140,and a,'76 966 with hinker cab with 1066 turbo,cub 154 loboy, and a Super C with 3 point. We just added 2 '66 IH 1100 pickups and a '67 1300 4x4.

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  1. Would you be speaking of vietnam? You can thank johnson for that loss. Wasnt our militarys fault. Even with all the rules of engagement forced upon our fighting men we still had em on the ropes when that gutless administration threw in the towel and betrayed our fighting men by not allowing them to complete the mission. Politics lost us that war NOT our military. Touchy feeley transgender BS is exactly what destroys militarys. Transgenders are sick in the head period. We should get them help not train them to use weaponry.
  2. Sweet deal! Thats one tough lookin 5488!
  3. I think dads are LED and one has gone out after a year. Supposedly its under warranty so it should be fine. Other than that they provided good bright shop light. Painting the walls and ceilings white helps too.
  4. That garbage pile of a female reminds me of my mother in law. Glad hes finally getting care and hopefully shes locked up. Good on ya for checking in a doing the right thing. Yall saved his life.
  5. 660 driver


    Unless you reload i would stick with a more common round. You see i have been bitten by the milsurp bug. The only milsurp i own that has easily obtainable ammo is my binder m1. It gets old trying to reliably source reasonably priced 6.5x50 and 7.7x58 jap ammo. 7.62x54r is still out there but nothing like it used to be.
  6. Dad has a ithaca/skb over under 12 guage. Very nice shotgun. He also has a benelli auto 12 guage which is the smoothest shotgun ive ever shot. Both are great trap guns. I have an ithaca model 37 12 guage pump and im pretty good at trap with it. Its a 1949 model so its very well built. Difficult to clean compared to my mossberg 500 slug gun but always functions even dirty and underlubed.
  7. The new aftermarket ones arent as good so a good used one or even a repairable one is best. You could try steiners or yesterdays tractors if you cant salvage the old one. All states ag parts is another source if your willing to get it shipped. Ebay may have a good used one too. I have bought salvaged tractor parts there too with success.
  8. It will but deer,turkey,coon,and pheasants can wreak havoc on yields over the winter. Godspeed nate! We are fortunate enough to get ours done in a day. We still didnt get anything plowed but we will no till beans in the spring.
  9. Ahhhhh! My eyes! Only reason im not blind is that its red! Hey if it serves you well thats all that matters.
  10. I thought for sure you woulda found a way to blame this debacle on fords engineering but alas my friend you have proven me wrong!
  11. Mules are great animals. Tough,dependable,and smart.
  12. Great movie. It explains why shelby modified mustangs command such high prices. Their well worth it! I dont know if the other 2 companies in the big 3 coulda pulled that off in such a short time from scratch. I sure dont think ferrarri coulda done it. They had decades of experience when ford and shelby came in and won. Over,and over.
  13. Then they shoulda built a faster car. Not hard to beat an electric car. Not only that i can drive indefinately with a gasser. Takes a lot less time to refuel too. Why dont they try LeMans or the cannonball run in an electric car? Or have they?
  14. Pump setup is my guess.
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