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  1. Red Collector

    Long time salesman finally hangs it up

    Neat story... too bad he couldn't make it to 90 like he had hoped. Think of all the machinery he moved in his career! Best wishes to him and his wife
  2. Red Collector

    Liver & Onions

    I've never purchased it or prepared it... but I sure do love it! Don't get it that often, but my late grandmother and an aunt of mine could both whip up a mean batch of it. Both of them also threw some bacon into the was great hot, and just as good as leftovers out of the fridge... wow... making me hungry just thinking about it!
  3. Red Collector

    crop prices

    Yep, they did... bringing cash beans delivered to the elevator "here" to a whopping $8.40. Regardless of "good news" or "bad news" grain markets will still move up and down, and as we have seen for the last several years, sometimes the markets (especially beans, it seems to me) have big swings either way on some days. Lately I can think of several more days down 18 to 25 cents than days like today's up 38. Again, I'm not arguing "for" or "against" this policy... I am the first to admit I have no idea how this will all play out... but don't say it has had no affect on the markets
  4. Red Collector

    crop prices

    Regardless of how you feel about the president's trade policies, denying that the threat of tariffs and a trade war isn't one of, if not the biggest, reason for the steep drop in grain prices is simply untrue. Pick virtually any news source, whether it's main-stream press or farm press, leaning either left or right. Listen to several "farm state" representatives, again, either Democrat or Republican. Even listen to Sonny Perdue and President Trump himself... all have said that farmers stand to take the first hit. Again, maybe it will work our for the best, maybe it won't, only time will tell... but in the short term, anyway, it has put a huge dent in the grain markets. Also, by everything I have read, and heard at a recent marketing seminar, world ending stocks of corn and beans are at relatively quite low levels now after several years of large carryouts
  5. Red Collector

    Happy birthday,Red Collector,A.W.Gonya

    Thank you!!
  6. Red Collector

    Neighbors may/may not like this

    Makes me glad I don't have close-by neighbors...
  7. Red Collector

    Alabama & Mississippi Cotton

    I can remember years ago hearing my uncle talking about how heavy the corn was planted... "if a rabbit wants to cross the field he has to go to the end rows"... and I would guess those populations would have been 10K under today's populations at least!
  8. Red Collector

    If I were the devil...

    I miss Paul Harvey on the radio, as well. I would sure like to hear his take on so many things occurring in our society today.
  9. Red Collector

    If I were the devil...

    Oldtanker, I think you are overly obsessing on one word here. I really don't think Mr. Harvey "attacked" the egg, or that he was saying an egg is inherently evil. Obviously, Mr. Harvey was using a little symbolism of his own. Maybe he would have been better off (at least in your eyes) had he said "Easter Bunny." Although, the Easter Bunny and Santa Claus are not "evil" or "immoral" either. All he was trying to say was from his Christian point of view, don't put either one ahead of Christians' "reason for the season." I kind of liken it to Memorial Day. There is nothing in the world wrong with a long weekend, cookouts, etc., but we should never forget what Memorial Day is really all about. Don't get so hung up on one word that you ignore a whole good message.
  10. Red Collector


    Anybody know any details on Southern IL''s location plans for '21? Back at DuQuoin?
  11. Red Collector

    Think I Just Found My New Favorite Song

    I don't follow the NFL near as close as I used to, but one thing I would say is to not be too quick to paint all the players with the same broad brush. Don't ever forget Pat Tillman; he walked away from an NFL career to join the military to defend all of us, and wound up making the ultimate sacrifice. Also, last year when the Bears played the Steelers, the Pittsburgh coach made the decision to stay in the locker room until after the National Anthem, not out of disrespect, but with the intention to avoid "controversy." (Not that I agree with that decision, but that was his reasoning.) In any case, I don't remember the player's name, but one of the Steelers players was formerly in the military, and he came to the end of the tunnel and stood with his hand over his heart for the anthem. Also, to the best of my knowledge, I have heard that no Bear player or Eagle player (and I would bet that you would find the same for several other teams) ever had a player perform the stunt of taking a knee during the anthem. As is many times the case, a few bad apples make the whole bushel look bad.
  12. Red Collector

    Graphite or talc

    Not sure what Kinze calls for, but my 800 cyclo called for graphite, the deere vacuum planter I run now calls for talc. Not real sure why the difference.
  13. Red Collector

    New member

    "What in the world do you need that for?"... What a silly question! Welcome to the board, and congratulations on getting your grandpa's tractor. If something like that were to get away, it could be next to impossible to ever get it back. And judging by that picture, my opinion is that one is just beautiful as an original, but like another here said, that decision is up to you.
  14. Red Collector

    Me 25 yrs ago

    Great pictures... and great memories. Thank you for sharing.
  15. Red Collector

    2017 World Series

    I never understood that, either. Grown men will knock each other over scrambling for a foul ball, but throw back a home run ball hit by the other team. Started years ago by "Bleacher Bum" Cub fans at Wrigley Field. Looks like the guy in the middle was a little upset with his buddy for grabbing it away to toss it back.