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  1. Ooof... that's a depressing thought, and I sure hope you're wrong! I haven't been able to attend for the last couple years, and unfortunately, that trend is continuing this year. I have attended several RPRU'shows over the years, however in IL, IA, WI, MO, IN, and OH and have enjoyed each of them immensely. Also usually try to take advantage of a little local sightseeing of some sort along the way. Hopefully there is a long, bright future still ahead for RPRU
  2. Lots of places you can take a leak in your front yard, but there is only one house that was your great grandparents. Family farms and family history are very important, and once that farm is gone, it's probably for good. I'm in a spot about like you, Sledgehammer... in IL, and a little too close to suburbia for my tastes, but I hope the only way they ever drag me off this place is with a hearse
  3. I have a Case 580D backhoe and had a problem last fall with, I believe, bad biodiesel. Got rid of the fuel, changed filters, ran some diesel treatment through it, and eventually seemedto work through the problem... until this spring. Kind of had the same issues... loss of power, it would idle way down and die. I limped it back up to the buildings by running a few yards, it would die... let it sit a few minutes, start it back up, lather, rinse, repeat. Pulled the filters again, they look good. Took off the check valve on top of the stanadyne pump, and sure enough, there was some crud in there. Cleaned it out and hoped I was home free when it fired right up and seemed to run good, but that only lasted a few minutes. Idled down and cut out again. It will fire right back up, but die about as quick as it started unless you let it sit for a bit. Sitting seems to allow it to run a little longer, but not by much. Any more ideas or will the pump likely need a rebuild? Thanks for any help.
  4. Red Collector

    Vintage ?

    My guess would be mid- 60's
  5. Ha! That was my first thought, too... I didn't figure #1 on the list was too bad of a chore til I moved on to the second line!
  6. Just a personal opinion; of course the decision is yours, but in that picture, anyway, the paint doesn't look too bad. Would a good washing and waxing dress her up enough? I think nice old originals are kind of cool
  7. Terrible, sad things to read about. I guess it's good that we do read about them, though, if for no other reason to maybe drum it into our heads to always work carefully. I feel terrible for those victims and their loved ones in these above stories.
  8. Several years ago, I bought a set of plug wires that had "IH" in raised letters on the boots like the originals; I believe they were from OEM tractor parts, and as many here know, they are unfortunately no longer in business. Does anybody know if and where these may still be available? Thanks in advance for any help.
  9. I never got to see it; in fact have never set foot in France, but watched a bit of this on the news earlier and have just felt almost sick to my stomach ever since. I saw elsewhere on the internet (so I can't claim for sure it's a fact) that it took 182 years to build... think about that! That would be like finishing a project today that was begun in 1839! And as someone else said, to think of the strife, wars, and disasters that it withstood for 800 years or so, and we were watching possibly the complete destruction of such a beautiful structure on live tv in only a matter of hours. Very, very sad.
  10. Very sorry for your loss
  11. Anybody keep much gasoline on the farm anymore? I have an old overhead tank that I am trying to decide if I should keep, or haul off and be done with. Don't run through a whole heck of a lot of gas... lawn mowers, utv, and a handful of gas tractors that don't burn too many gallons in a year. Will today's gas keep, or am I just best off to keep hauling 5 gal. cans from town and scrap the tank?
  12. Where did they add a roundabout on 47? Man, I hate those things. Bad enough in a more residential area, but seems extra dumb on a state highway
  13. It's easy to complain about USPS service, and I have been aggrivated by it, too; but when you think of the millions of pieces handled each day, there are bound to be a few mistakes along the way.
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