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  1. I disagree just a little bit, there... i would say that4- 7 year old kids, who would be the prime candidates for a pedal tractor are just like kids that age have always been, and would pedal the h_ll out of one if given a chance. They are too young to be addicted to electronics on their own. If it is the case, blame the parents in that instance, not the kid.
  2. People watching is one of my favorite hobbies! You're right, the airport is one of the best places; I always enjoy picking up or dropping off someone, and usually try to get there early and/ or stay late just to do that. Another good spot is a county or state fair... grab something to eat... pick a spot on a bench... and just watch the people go by
  3. I'm admittedly no lawyer, but I'm pretty sure that unless the government prosecutes somebody for something posted on this site, NO 1st amendment rights have been violated.
  4. Here we have an H, M, M-TA, 400, 560, and an 806.
  5. I picked up a small ultrasonic cleaner the other day after being curious about one for a while. One thing I've heard is how good they are at cleaning carbs, so I think one of my first jobs will be a carb off an M that I would like to rebuild. My question for guys that use them is, what cleaners do you use in them. I thought about Simple Green or something similar for dirty/ greasy stuff, but is there something better for all the little ports and jets on a carb? Also, I've seen guys using Evapo Rust on rusty items... does this do a better job than just an overnight soak, or is it just quicker?
  6. Took me a minute to figure out who "Dr. Gates" referred to... to be honest, I really haven't put a lot of thought into his opinions on this matter. I guess his billions could fund a lot of research into matters such as this, although he would be paying the guys in lab coats, not putting one on himself. A quick Google search, though, did turn up a Reuters article from May 2020 that debunks the rumor of him wanting to implant a chip with the virus. A "digital certificate" seems to indicate more an electronic database of health records... not that I'm totally comfortable with that, but the w
  7. I do understand your concern about the rush to market of the COVID vaccine. I wonder about that myself, but in the end I believe I will trust the science. I also understand your feelings about the list of politicians. I agree about most of that list. My point was just the fact that from Pence and McConnell to AOC and Warren, and everyone in between, the political spectrum is covered, and there is a fairly short list of agendas that you could get them all to agree on. I really do not understand, though, the great opposition by much of our population to vaccines, however. (Even before COVID
  8. Among those that have received the vaccine: Biden, Pence, McConnell, Pelosi, Ernst, AOC, Graham, Harris, Rubio, Warren, and Romney. Pretty much a cross section of the current U.S political spectrum. Honest question... why would these people band together and take a saline solution to fool us "little people" into taking a "population control" shot? And just how do you suggest it works? Does it kill us outright? Make us sterile?
  9. I'm not saying I agree with any or all of the pork projects listed, but to say that they are included in the COVID-19 bill is a bit misleading. In actuality, the COVID legislation was added to the existing omnibus bill that includes all these silly/ special interest items. The way I understand it, both sides agreed to this addition, because the felt that was the best and / or easiest way to pass the COVID bill. Whether it was added or not, those other projects were being pushed through congress.
  10. I passed up on one just like that at auction more than 20 years ago. Don't remember what it brought, but I seemed to think it was worth it at the time. Still kick myself over that one every once in a while... ha! I just think the art deco styling is kind of neat, and I like the different shade of red/ maroon on them.
  11. You may want to take it apart and check it out before tossing it or ordering a rebuild kit (if you haven't already). Sometimes, I believe, a good cleaning and re- lubing will fix a slipping ratchet, a broken tooth is another story.
  12. Good for you to think that way; I'd much rather see something like that get saved rather than junked also
  13. I would sure be willing to buy/ cover shipping for a couple of the older IH filters. If that works out, please let me know how to proceed. Thanks!
  14. Re- visiting an earlier post here... as I said before I was just looking to do a quick refresh on my LA engine. Nothing fancy, but it sure looks better than it did, and is good enough for me. Thanks for the ideas on the gray, in the end, I just went with the Rust- Oleum dark gray and 2150 red I had on hand. As you can see, I still need to make a fuel line, and I am planning to buy a more correct muffler. Thought I'd share a couple photos of my modest rattle can job...
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