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  1. I found these pictures online at the website of the construction company that built the Warrenville HQ (McShane Construction Company.) At one time, it did carry the International name. I believe later it was changed to Navistar. The Lisle HQ has always been labeled Navistar to the best of my knowledge.
  2. Also, if memory serves, I think originally the company name was changed to "International Truck and Engine Company" or something like that. (Somebody else here would know for sure, I'm sure.) I do know that the corporate HQ used to have an "International" sign on it; now it's labled "Navistar" Seems like I remember reading here something about Tenneco/ Case's permission to use the word "International." Seems like after so long, they lost the right to use the word, and from then on the name/ logo would strictly be "Case IH" Sorry if this hijacks...
  3. I can't really say for sure, but I don't think that's exactly right. International Harvester, the corporation remained; they just sold the Farm Equipment Division to Tenneco. Just like (technically, anyway) when they sold their refrigeration division, the Solar division, and the Construction Division. Of course, selling the Farm Equipment division drastically changed the company, and the name change reflected that, but basically the company itself didn't "change." (At least that's my interpretation from the things I have read)
  4. I'm 48, and I've been using them here and there for the last year or two. Most times I'm ok, but if the light is a little too low or the print is a little too small, I have to grab them. Medicine bottle or something similar? No chance... need them no matter how bright it is! Funny how quick it changed for me, too.
  5. I don't... I was actually trying to figure out what it was when I first saw your picture. I kind of thought it was a panel off of some sort of equipment. It wasn't registering to my eyes that it was a "3-D" item such as a box.
  6. I would love to find somebody reproducing that style of deere dealer decals... would anybody happen to have a source?
  7. I've been a couple times. First time was the year they hosted the RPRU, then went back the next year when it was some kind of national Oliver show. I really enjoyed the shows, but don't remember much of the details (hotels, etc). I believe the club behind the show is called the "I and I tractor club", and is largely the same group that puts on the Half Century of Progress (which, I believe is the undisputed king of tractor shows!) If I remember correctly, this is the club that bought and restored Orion Samuelson's family F series Farmall, and had the IH turbine tractor on loan from the Smithsonian. I'd love to get back there one of these years myself.
  8. Very interesting! Thanks for the reply. I live near Plano, and knew a little of Plano Mfg and their move to Chicago, but it will be interesting to hear more of the city of Plano's actual ties to IHC. I will keep watching for more info!
  9. A bit off the subject here, but when you say "spreaders built at Plano," did IH ever operate a factory at Plano, IL, or had all of Plano's operations been moved to Chicago by that time? That sounds like an interesting display you're putting together! Wish I could get there, but doubting it will work out this year
  10. Also, I see that today is the 33rd day of the year... 333 days left in the year
  11. Thanks for the reply. Good to know I'm not the only one, anyway. Must be a bug in their system
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