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  1. Wow, I wasn't aware that there were people out there who lived such sheltered lives! 😆 Glad you discovered it! Corned beef and cabbage is one of my favorite meals, although I do only have it a few times each year. It's best to make plenty so you have a bunch left over... I'll eat it cold out of the fridge either plain or as a sandwich with mustard on it. Horseradish is good on it, too, whether eating hot or cold. Reubens are a favorite of mine, also!
  2. Have you tried any of the big salvage yards?
  3. The 1975 Farm Progress Show was held at the Willrett farm near Malta, IL. I'd love to see that film get the Farmington Implement restoration treatment!
  4. Pretty much any company is going to be protective and particular of their brand, logo, trademark, etc. It is, after all, the "face" of their company, and lots of $$ is spent by companies worldwide on such branding. Also, everything on a tractor, from the engine block to the valve stem cap started out as a drawing by an engineer. Someone, somewhere, put those specs down on paper before each individual part could be built. The outside contractor making decals, nosecone badges, or printing the Buyer's Guides need to know the exact specs, dimensions, colors, etc. of how IH wanted its logo to look. As far as it being foolish to waste an engineer's time when he could have been bettering the product... I sort of doubt that the guys doing the logo design were the same guys designing pistons or hydraulic systems.
  5. Some may say it's stupid, but I say it's pretty cool to see. Thanks for posting. I also think it's an iconic logo, and it was usually affixed to pretty fine equipment.
  6. "World's Largest Truckstop"... I've stopped by for gas and/ or snacks a handful of times over the years. Never took the time to go through the full museum, but if memory serves they have a truck or 2 in the main truck stop. One of these days when I pass by there I will have to take more time
  7. I know it's absolutely none of my business, and I don't know if this is even your situation or not... but I would be extremely hesitant to sell off a farmstead from a piece of ground I owned if at all possible. I figure even if you think you are selling to someone you think will be a good neighbor, you have no say in who he may eventually sell to
  8. I can't walk into church in my boxers blaring a boom box, either. Want to protest that lack of freedom, too?
  9. As far as clothing in stores goes, I don't think it can entirely be blamed on supply issues. It seems to me that this is normally the time that spring and summer clothing starts showing up on the racks. Similarly, I know in past years I've had a hard time finding something like "carpenter pant" style shorts after about Aug 1, because they are all gearing up for fall/ winter. Think about those places, too... Sep 1.... all the Halloween stuff is out. By Halloween, since hardly any of them seem to think Thanksgiving matters, the Christmas stuff goes out on the sales floor, then before the big ball drops in NYC, all the Valentine's stuff is on the shelves. Just the way it goes
  10. Boy, not that I know of, but possibly they do...
  11. Yep, they are still independent. They run, I believe, 5 stores
  12. I am not too far from Ottawa. I have never heard of the Russ Johnson dealership, but I poked around a bit on newspapers.com, and found a few mentions of this dealer from 1971-1974. My memory of an IH dealer in Ottawa only goes back as far as post Case IH merger days when J. Merle Jones & Sons ran a truck dealership there (i would bet the same location as Johnson was in.) There was a JD dealer a little farther south on Rt. 23, as well. Both are gone now, replaced by fast food joints, cell phone stores, etc. as the town spread northwards. Somewhere I have a matchbook and bullet pencil from Tipton Sales & Service of Ottawa, which was, I'm sure a predecessor to Johnson. This dealership can be seen in a few of the movies on the Farmington Implement dvd series. (I believe the 460/ 560 intro for one, if memory serves) About 15 years ago, Stoller International expanded to Ottawa and built a new dealership a couple miles north of where the former dealership stood.
  13. Almost nothing aggravates me more than when someone refers to a "Case combine." If you're going to refer to it by only one of the names it should be an IH. What is Case; 45 years or more removed from building a combine? One of my biggest pet peeves!!
  14. Pretty nice job by the camera operator, too. Nice and steady, not bouncing all around, and you could hear the old SM running along without a bunch of wind noise as well
  15. I believe he's quite a collector of M & W products, as well. He always has a very impressive display tent at the Half Century of Progress show. Several nicely restored Farmalls featuring about any M & W improvement you could think of.
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