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  1. I never got to see it; in fact have never set foot in France, but watched a bit of this on the news earlier and have just felt almost sick to my stomach ever since. I saw elsewhere on the internet (so I can't claim for sure it's a fact) that it took 182 years to build... think about that! That would be like finishing a project today that was begun in 1839! And as someone else said, to think of the strife, wars, and disasters that it withstood for 800 years or so, and we were watching possibly the complete destruction of such a beautiful structure on live tv in only a matter of hours. Very, very sad.
  2. Very sorry for your loss
  3. Anybody keep much gasoline on the farm anymore? I have an old overhead tank that I am trying to decide if I should keep, or haul off and be done with. Don't run through a whole heck of a lot of gas... lawn mowers, utv, and a handful of gas tractors that don't burn too many gallons in a year. Will today's gas keep, or am I just best off to keep hauling 5 gal. cans from town and scrap the tank?
  4. Where did they add a roundabout on 47? Man, I hate those things. Bad enough in a more residential area, but seems extra dumb on a state highway
  5. It's easy to complain about USPS service, and I have been aggrivated by it, too; but when you think of the millions of pieces handled each day, there are bound to be a few mistakes along the way.
  6. Unfortunately, I never visited a "true" IH factory, but when I was in high school my FFA chapter visited the Case IH foundry and tractor assembly line in Racine, WI. This would have been right around, or maybe just before, the introduction of the first Magnums. Highlights in my memory were casting engine blocks in the foundry, and the robotic arm spraying paint in the paint booth. Wish I remembered more, but this is 30 + years back now. One other thing I remember was that our tour guide was quite obviously an old Case guy. He kept pushing how the new tractor line was more "Case" than "IH." He also claimed that the red paint was temporary and that eventually the tractors would be painted in Case colors. I didn't believe him then, either.
  7. We met briefly at a "forum meeting time" at a Red Power Roundup a few years back (I believe it was at Lima in 2013) and I will always appreciate the outgoing friendliness you showed me. As many others on here have said, tractors can be fixed, sometimes humans are not so fortunate. I'm sending prayers and best wishes for your speedy recovery
  8. Good luck to you... hope you can turn up your 656. We are very fortunate in that we still have all of my grandfather's tractors, but there are a few of my uncle's that I would love to find. Unfortunately, I don't even have serial numbers, so that is a complete dead end.
  9. I've picked out several items that I'd like to order!
  10. I'm pulling for the Bears
  11. In my opinion, school is mostly about "learning how to learn." Sure, my HS offered computer classes back in the late '80s, but how much of that is relevant today? But, those study skills that you were taught while you were learning in those classes (whatever classes they may have been) is what helps you continue your education as you move through life. Actually, as much as I hate to admit it, also, you probably do use some form of algebra quite often in life. For instance, sometimes when I am figuring percentages, my mind can't help but think of the formula my Algebra I teacher taught us. And using that calculator on your phone? I have an uncle who always said "that's great, but you better at least be able to estimate a little bit, anyway, so you can catch a mistake" like hitting a wrong key or something. Ever seen somebody used to punching keys on a cash register look like a deer in the headlights if they have to try and make change without that cash register for some reason? There are many good points to learning some of those "old- fashioned" skills. It's kind of like spell- check... it's a great tool, but if that person punching the keyboard doesn't know the difference in the words "since" and "sense," for instance, that tool cannot work correctly.
  12. Or quite possibly a "doctored" photo. Something about where the base of the antenna meets the roof doesn't quite look right to me
  13. Nice pictures. I love that pair of barge boxes!
  14. Shoup Mfg. from Kankakee, IL carries the Fimco heat housers. I know they have a website, but offhand don't know the address. Last I knew, anyway, they also offered them in plastic (they say it's mildew and rodent resistant) or the old style canvas. I bought one years ago for a 4020 and have been happy with it
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