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  1. Yep, that's what theirs is, too. Nothing warms you up quite like the heat from a wood stove. Like I said, theirs went in in 1982... been great ever since
  2. Vt, that wood stove looks identical to the one my parents have had for 40 years. Vermont Castings?
  3. Yep, the Sandwich, Il RPRU was held in conjunction with the Sandwich Early Days Engine Club show held annually in June; I believe the 2001 show was at Penfield, IL, and coincided with the annual show held by a local club there (I & I ??). I kind of understood that that was how most of the early Roundups were held, until they grew big enough to be a stand alone show. I'm sure there are advantages and drawbacks to each situation.
  4. Sorry, but I think that excuse is way overused. Way too many kids are learning this behavior right at home. In many ways I feel bad for many teachers, principals, coaches, bus drivers, and janitors, etc that have to put up with entitled, rude, disrespectful kids who learned their attitudes from parents with the same qualities. Reprimand a kid or give a kid a bad grade, and many times those parents are right at the school with "not my kid", or "you're picking on my kid." Just my observation, anyway
  5. Little guy in the foreground looks dejected
  6. I have always had serious doubts about arming teachers, and further, thought it was kind of a slap in the face to the level of training that police receive, especially those trained to deal with dangerous, high leveraged hostage, etc type situations. "Here you go, Miss Lillywhite... put this weapon in your desk drawer. Then, if some nutcase comes in with guns blazing, you just stand up here and pick him off. It's really no different than playing a video game, or flicking a ladybug off your sleeve at a picnic. Once you finish, you can go right back to diagramming sentances with your students..." I do know that looking back over my k- 12 years, there are VERY few (like maybe 1) teachers that I would have put anywhere close to that level of faith in.
  7. Everything I've seen reported says he was born in North Dakota
  8. Wow, I wasn't aware that there were people out there who lived such sheltered lives! 😆 Glad you discovered it! Corned beef and cabbage is one of my favorite meals, although I do only have it a few times each year. It's best to make plenty so you have a bunch left over... I'll eat it cold out of the fridge either plain or as a sandwich with mustard on it. Horseradish is good on it, too, whether eating hot or cold. Reubens are a favorite of mine, also!
  9. Have you tried any of the big salvage yards?
  10. The 1975 Farm Progress Show was held at the Willrett farm near Malta, IL. I'd love to see that film get the Farmington Implement restoration treatment!
  11. Pretty much any company is going to be protective and particular of their brand, logo, trademark, etc. It is, after all, the "face" of their company, and lots of $$ is spent by companies worldwide on such branding. Also, everything on a tractor, from the engine block to the valve stem cap started out as a drawing by an engineer. Someone, somewhere, put those specs down on paper before each individual part could be built. The outside contractor making decals, nosecone badges, or printing the Buyer's Guides need to know the exact specs, dimensions, colors, etc. of how IH wanted its logo to look. As far as it being foolish to waste an engineer's time when he could have been bettering the product... I sort of doubt that the guys doing the logo design were the same guys designing pistons or hydraulic systems.
  12. Some may say it's stupid, but I say it's pretty cool to see. Thanks for posting. I also think it's an iconic logo, and it was usually affixed to pretty fine equipment.
  13. "World's Largest Truckstop"... I've stopped by for gas and/ or snacks a handful of times over the years. Never took the time to go through the full museum, but if memory serves they have a truck or 2 in the main truck stop. One of these days when I pass by there I will have to take more time
  14. I know it's absolutely none of my business, and I don't know if this is even your situation or not... but I would be extremely hesitant to sell off a farmstead from a piece of ground I owned if at all possible. I figure even if you think you are selling to someone you think will be a good neighbor, you have no say in who he may eventually sell to
  15. I can't walk into church in my boxers blaring a boom box, either. Want to protest that lack of freedom, too?
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