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  1. I am doing more of a "refresh" than "restore" of my LA engine (a 1935 model), and wondered if anyone had any good suggestions for a close match for the old farmall gray in a rattle can? I picked up Rust-Oleum "dark gray" and "charcoal gray", but the old paint on the engine almost seems to have a blue-ish tint to it. Searched for an answer here a bit, and seemed to come up with good answers for actual paint codes, but I'm looking for just a quick rattle can job on this one. Thanks for any help...
  2. Very cool! As an old concrete guy, I sure have an appreciation for those pictures. I passed on one at auction probably 20 years ago that had an old Economy gas engine belted up to it and have regretted not buying it since then. I wonder if the builder, salesman, or first owner of that mixer could have had any inkling that it would still be out there doing its job 114 years later?!?
  3. Thanks for the tips, guys. I will bring the armature to a shop to get checked/ commutator turned. Thanks also for the video, Dennis... it's a coincidence that you would post a video by "Tubalcain", I just happened to find him on You Tube about a week ago, and binge watched several videos about Atlas/ Craftsman lathes. I enjoy his videos; I believe he is a former teacher, so he does a very good job conveying his message. Also, looks like he lives within an hour or so of me.
  4. Surely this is old hat to a lot of you, but I am going to tear into a generator for the first time. Hoping brushes and bearings will do it. Is it pretty straightforward, or are there any tips to pass along? How much wear is acceptable on the commutator? I just popped the band off, and it looks fairly worn down to me, but I'm hoping a little shine on it will be good enough. Thanks for any pointers.
  5. The flip side is, as farmers, we depend on world trade
  6. Thanks, Driver! It's a little different this year, for sure! Hope you have a safe and happy Fourth, as well
  7. I don't have the spring on mine. As I understand it, only the gas models used that. I do seem to have a free range of motion at both the pump side and the throttle lever side when I took out that "top" ball joint and rod
  8. Any advice on what to look for? My 560 D seems to have gotten out of adjustment. It started by seeming very "sticky" in the lowest idle setting; you would have to give it a pretty good yank to get it to move, but then the rest of the range of movement was ok. Now, it will only move in about what I would call the middle third of the throttle range. I wound up looking under the batteries , and that's all that the linkage seems to allow for movement. I took off the ball joint and rod (19323R1 and 370263R1) and the throttle lever obviously runs free and smooth through the whole range. I don't think that the adjustments on either of the ball joints/ rods could have come out of adjustment... the stop nuts were all still tight, etc. Could the lever assembly (370260R11) get out of whack? It seems to move along with the shaft as it should, so I'm guessing that the roll pin is still holding it. Hope my description of the problem makes sense, and that someone can give me an idea what to look for. Also, is there a good diagram or description as to how to adjust the governor whenever i get it fixed? My 806 manual has instructions, but neither the Operator's Manual nor the Preventive Maintenance Manual for the 560 covers it. Thanks in advance for any help
  9. That looks like a nice job!
  10. Thanks... figured there was a good chance i was missing something simple
  11. I am just now trying to access the new site, and either I should feel real dumb, blind, or extremely unimpressed with the changes. I'm looking for parts diagrams for my M-TA... go to "tractors", then to "Farmall"... nothing there, only 14 models to choose from. Ok, click on "heritage"; 56 results there, but about half are Case tractors, no M's of H's of any type in sight... very frustrated right now...
  12. Like it or not, or agree or not, the first amendment does not apply to Facebook, Twitter, Red Power Magazine Forum, etc. While in a sense, they are public forums, in that they are accessible to the public, they are still privately held institutions. (Think capitalism vs. communist regime.) Those institutions have the right to set up terms of service, etc. that users must adhere to, or the moderators may, totally legally, in effect sensor said violating speech. Users have the right to use or not use those particular forums, or even set up their own such forum, where they then can "call the shots." The first amendment states that the government cannot arrest or prosecute you for your statements within reason (slander, libel, the old "yelling fire in a crowded theater" bit, etc., etc., etc.) Can we all agree that a deleted comment or a time-out from Twitter or Facebook is quite a different matter than being prosecuted by the government for our speech??
  13. I replaced the hand pump seal on my 806 last winter. So far, no more leaking problems. It's a pretty simple job, but before I figured out what the actual fix was, I thought the whole hand pump would need to come out to be re-sealed kind of like rebuilding a Char-Lynn pump. Removal of that pump looks like it would be a pain... the hydraulic lines are in a tight spot and the pump is too big to come up through the steering column area. I'm glad that could all stay in place to replace the seal.
  14. Amana Colonies are not Amish
  15. Unfortunately, I let my club dues lapse several months back, and I guess because of that, I missed the news that Mr. Darst had died. I can't really say I ever met him, but I always enjoyed reading his work in Harvester Highlights and his displays at several Roundups. Just the other day I was just thinking about my dues, the magazine, and my M-TA seat that I always intended to have him recover. Sorry to hear he's gone. 70 is way too young these days.
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