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  1. Me 25 yrs ago

    Great pictures... and great memories. Thank you for sharing.
  2. 2017 World Series

    I never understood that, either. Grown men will knock each other over scrambling for a foul ball, but throw back a home run ball hit by the other team. Started years ago by "Bleacher Bum" Cub fans at Wrigley Field. Looks like the guy in the middle was a little upset with his buddy for grabbing it away to toss it back.
  3. Bought some old slides on Ebay

    One last slide in the bunch. Neat shot of a dairy farm with mountains in the background... now I'm not so positive, but at one time I thought the Harvestore on the left said "Riverside Farm." Hope everyone enjoys these old photos
  4. Bought some old slides on Ebay

    This one of the ladies posing by the new silo was developed in July of 1959
  5. Bought some old slides on Ebay

    More from May of '59. Maybe a JD 520 pulling a 495 planter?
  6. Bought some old slides on Ebay

    Should have put these before those Aug '59 pictures... I think this is the same farm constructing a new silo. These are dated May, 1959
  7. Bought some old slides on Ebay

    These two are dated August, 1959
  8. Bought some old slides on Ebay

    last two from Oct. '58
  9. Bought some old slides on Ebay

    Note the Pannier feeder in the 1st picture 2nd picture has a DeKalb seed trailer and fuel barrels full of Sinclair and Texaco products. Also, neat to see all the cars in the parking lot... today's Farm Progress Show parking lots are full of pick- ups picture #3: right behind the Producer's seed sign is a yellow trailer advertising d-Con products; also, to the right, Tingley rubber boots had their own tent. Also, in the background I notice, among others, Moews seed, Knoedler, Smith- Douglass fertilizer, and Swisher Feeds.
  10. Bought some old slides on Ebay

    I always liked that old P-A-G logo
  11. Bought some old slides on Ebay

    The next 11 slides are dated as being developed in October, 1958, and look to be taken at a farm show. I am guessing it is the 1958 Farm Progress Show held on the Warren North farm in Brookston, Indiana. Just now noticed the ferris wheel in the background of the 2nd pic... e
  12. Bought some old slides on Ebay

    A couple years ago I bought a few old slides of various farming pictures on Ebay. I scanned them to my computer a while ago, and it occurred to me that maybe I should post them here. I don't know a thing about them, have no idea if they were all taken by the same person, I don't even remember where the ebay seller was located. I have made a few deductions, and will include them with the pictures. Hope you guys like them... it would be really cool if anybody recognized any of the people or places in them. These two were dated June 1958. Kind of blurry, but looks like an M-TA pulling a Fox (?) chopper and forage wagon. Second pic looks like a sign advertising Hillsdale Landscape Co.
  13. On my 3rd reading of this book

    I have read the book a couple times and enjoyed it. The author makes many good points, but with the advantage of hindsight, I would bet that many mistakes could be picked out even from "successful" companies. I think the thing that ultimately broke the company's back was bad timing. If they could have kept trudging forward for a couple years and gotten through the worst of the farm crisis, who knows what may have happened? After all, more than 30 years later the truck division continues as Navistar, and we all know how much "IH" heritage there has always been in "Case IH"
  14. For you old gleaner fans

    People liked to joke about them, but I always thought they did a nice job in soybeans. Replace the bottom sieve with the "bean screen" and you would have nothing but beans in the grain tank