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  1. These are what we have at work: https://mshop.aramarkuniform.com/shoparamark/s-catalog-wearguard-deluxe-long-sleeve-industrial-work-shirt?style=1013&assort=catalog
  2. I've been following him on YouTube for a while, interesting look at California.
  3. Then there is what is being done in Defiance County Ohio (the county in which I live): https://www.wane.com/news/local-news/ohio-health-department-testing-defiance-sewage-for-covid-19/ 🤢
  4. FarmallFan


    Where are you located in Northwest Ohio? In western Defiance county we got 4/10ths.
  5. I've heard of them, and have heard they are not very speedy at all.
  6. 573-649-3628 or 1-800-527-9954. I still have his card in my wallet.
  7. The 436 has a turbo in the 1586's.
  8. Be glad it’s in the bottom end. My boss had an ‘04 that had a 7mm bolt fall into the the number 7 cylinder and ruined the piston. That was the last straw and he sent it down the road.
  9. I have edited the topic title to be correct.
  10. Exactly. Its been repainted as it has the later tri-stripe decal, which was not on the 1978 models.
  11. You can get air ride on the 2500 as well. I think it's optional on all trim levels.
  12. That doesn't sound like short trip driving to me. Perhaps the 3.0 would work well for you since you wouldn't be short tripping with it?
  13. Thanks for sharing your photos. I hope you don't get in trouble with CNH for posting the current photos here.
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