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  1. My bucket list has only one... 1970 Farmall 656 Hydro Diesel Gold Demo. If I had unlimited funds I know where to find the one I want but will take lots of cash.
  2. FarmallFan

    Update stinks

    When you were on the road were you using the same satellite internet provider? If not, then I think I know what is going on (but I'm not sure how to fix it just yet).
  3. FarmallFan

    Update stinks

    What happens if you hotspot your laptop to your phone? Does the site load as it should?
  4. FarmallFan

    Update stinks

    I didn't do anything. I think the real underlying issue is because the company we host the forum with changed their server provider and I think there was data that got cached that had not been refreshed.
  5. I just tried a few seconds ago to reply to you and it hung up on "Saving", again.  But yes, I used " All Time" as the time range.  I just went back and cleared browsing history/cache, again, to post this message. And that didn't work either.  So now I'm on the 6th retry but now I'm trying to send to your private inbox.  It's weird.

  6. FarmallFan

    Update stinks

    When you clear the cache, what time range do you select? I would recommend choosing "All time".
  7. When grandpa redid his 100, we got the decals from @Bermuda_Ken and they were pretty much self-explanatory. I can get you pictures if you want.
  8. The driver of the equipment must be at least 16 years of age. This was announced at the Chapter 6 meeting held this past weekend.
  9. @DirtBoyz07 can tell us for sure but I think the dash is the standard 7100 series Magnum dash.
  10. FarmallFan

    Update stinks

    Try using a different browser such as Mozilla Firefox or Microsoft Edge. I can’t reproduce your issue, neither can the support team.
  11. @IHC5488 has a 550 that was rebuilt once before he got it.
  12. And another video from Tony.
  13. Here’s a video of the 55W with Electrall in action.
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