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  1. FarmallFan

    Farmall 240 Fix Up

    You need part number 368973R1. Here is a source for them:
  2. FarmallFan

    Looking for

    Talk to people, its the best way to find them. If Harvester kept records of which pieces of equipment went to certain dealer, those records haven't come to light yet.
  3. FarmallFan

    RPRU meet and greet

    I will be there all week.
  4. FarmallFan

    Flatbed for F150

  5. FarmallFan

    bedliner concerns

    I like the LineX as well. Mine needs resprayed as its got some spots where its cracked and flaked off. Its got a lifetime warranty on it so I just need to get to the LineX dealer to get it fixed.
  6. FarmallFan

    RPRU meet and greet

    We usually meet at @88seriesrestorertrailer at 4 or 5 PM. If Mike is OK with it, I image that's what we would do. Unless @High Cotton has something else in mind?
  7. FarmallFan

    Red Tractor just sitting in the Bush

    Yes lights were an option on those tractors.
  8. FarmallFan

    Forum upgrade completed!

    I have completed the upgrade to the latest version of the forum software. If you have any trouble with the site, feel free to send me a Personal Message or email me at Thanks! BJ
  9. FarmallFan

    Putting her to work

    One of the guys I work with has a 300 Utility and he says he has top link and Fast Hitch. So when I saw yours I was confused.
  10. FarmallFan

    I`m disgusted too

    Was that comment really necessary?
  11. FarmallFan

    Putting her to work

    Looks good. Am I seeing things right; there is no top link used?
  12. FarmallFan

    Forum upgrade time again!

    Hello, We've got another new version of the forum software that is ready to be installed. I am planning to do the upgrade tomorrow evening (May 19). There should only be about thirty minutes of downtime while the new version gets installed and I make any needed adjustments to the theme.
  13. FarmallFan

    Wanted 1951 H Gas Hood ?

    You are looking for the gas hood. The distillate hood had the 3 holes. It is not a matter of "Early" vs "Late".
  14. FarmallFan

    Wanted 1951 H Gas Hood ?