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  1. I saw that as well. I also wanted to note that I am leaving this topic up for now, so long as everyone behaves themselves. https://www.booker.senate.gov/news/press/-booker-warren-gillibrand-announce-comprehensive-bill-to-address-the-history-of-discrimination-in-federal-agricultural-policy
  2. What browser are you using to access the site? I would try clearing the cache and then try getting on the forum again.
  3. FarmallFan


    Sounds like you have a Gold Demonstrator. It's worth a bit of $$.
  4. My cousin has the all wheel steering in his 2002 GMC Denali. You are correct that parts are expensive. Also on the Denali GM used a lighter duty transmission behind the 6.0, so it eats transmissions too.
  5. Grandpa's Hydro 186 is a 1978 by serial number too. He is certain it was also purchased in 1979, and also thinks he still has the records from back then too. I sure hope we can find those records.
  6. Yes, they are OEM quality. Maple Hunter is licensed by CNH to reproduce their decals.
  7. Looks nice! The side panels must have been on a tri-stripe 186 to be red like that. The patina matches very well.
  8. Mrs. Robert G. Diener phone number is 304-599-4027
  9. Are they .jpeg or .jpg? The first one sometimes behaves odd.
  10. Are you loading to the forum directly from the memory card that was in the drone? If so, download to your computer first and verify that the files are good. Perhaps the memory card is faulty?
  11. I have moved this topic to the more appropriate board.
  12. You can send a PM to him at https://www.redpowermagazine.com/forums/messenger/compose/?to=66501
  13. My Grandpa Kline served in WWII in the Army as a truck driver but he doesn't talk about it. Grandpa Coolman was in the Army in Korea and spend his time as a driver for Generals. My youngest sister was in the Army Reserve but was not deployed.
  14. I wonder what the price difference between the Year-a-round cab and the IH cab was? Here is an old topic that talks about the ROPS options on 86 series.
  15. I think the "taco" tractors were all 4 post ROPS. Dr Evil would know for sure.
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