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  1. FarmallFan

    Daughter getting bullied in school.

    That is exactly what my parents had to do when I was in school. I have hydrocephalus and spastic diplegia (a form of CP). I got bullied some but that wasn't my biggest issue. The real problem was the school not wanting to make accommodations to help me. Only after my parents threatened to sue did the school make any concessions. Even then it was still tough going for me, until high school.
  2. FarmallFan

    Happy Birthday

    Thanks guys!
  3. FarmallFan

    XM radio question

    This weekend they had a deal where all SiriusXM radio were made active. It ends at 11:59 PM tonight. This might be why you have it. Also I know some "certified" used cars get it from a dealer. I know this is true with Chrysler.
  4. FarmallFan

    just ordered a new computer

    Are you looking to do QuickBooks online or will you use the Mac App version? Aside from that I think you will be pleased with its performance.
  5. FarmallFan

    oil filter conversion

  6. FarmallFan

    I wonder how far they made it.

    Your understanding of the ADA is WAY off. It does not REQUIRE a company to hire someone with a disability. It does provide for accommodations to allow those with disabilities. I can't count how many times I have had a phone interview and as soon as I WALKED in for a face to face interview I knew I had no chance. The employer just says they found a "more qualified" candidate.
  7. FarmallFan

    Site can't be reached

    Try power cycling your wifi router. If you have a modem try power cycling that as well. It sounds like a DNS issue to me.
  8. FarmallFan

    1086 digital tach - pros/cons

    Is the Data Center calibrated for the correct size tires? If you put different sized tires on you have to recalibrate the Data Center. The service manual tells the procedure for this.
  9. FarmallFan

    Good replacement for the old C3 battery

    Did you test the light switch? Just because it "looks" good doesn't mean that it is.
  10. FarmallFan

    Best thing to do with a barney knob

    That’s the name on the ones that are on my H and Super C. They sure help in my situation.
  11. FarmallFan

    Site can't be reached

    What do you use for a web browser? Google Chrome, Microsoft Internet Explorer, Microsoft Edge, Mozilla Firefox? I would try clearing the cache and cookies and see if that helps.
  12. FarmallFan

    Would I get hurt for this price?

    What’s the price?
  13. FarmallFan

    case/IH on-line parts catalog

    I think that is the link I posted at one time.
  14. FarmallFan

    376095 R91

  15. FarmallFan

    Sep-Oct Red Power

    Mine too!