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  1. I just edited my earlier reply to tag him. Hopefully he will see it.
  2. Brad Twiss is a member here. He goes by @IHBRAD.
  3. 1948 is when the "man on a tractor" tractor appeared on Farmalls.
  4. I'm going to need some help making sure my H is ready to go. I still think it's got generator issues.
  5. Sorry to hear of your brother's passing. If you are not a member of IHCC Chapter 33, consider joining and coming to a meeting. Check out ihcc33.org for a membership application. Having more people involved that want to have the show in LaPorte again is really the only way it will happen. BJ
  6. Looks like a nice turnout. Every time I try to get to Theresher’s it usually is a muddy mess.
  7. The range lever in my 1978 Hydro 186 looks the same. Also mine now has the PFC covers on the Hydraulic levers. This is because they came with the replacement cab we put on it. Aside from the color of the levers, what leads you to believe this tractor has the PFC hydraulics?
  8. When I had my H rebuild back in 2011-12, I found it had a cracked head. When dealing with these old machines remember they were last built 68 years ago or as much 81 years ago. So anything is possible in that time span. My machine shop was able to find a good head for me. The shop I used was Hart's Machine shop in Cecil, OH. http://www.hartsmachineservice.com/home.html
  9. I visited in 2016. I don’t remember if the bridge was done yet.
  10. Looking good Tony. Maybe you could bring it to RPRU next year?
  11. I am closing this topic. If you want to share Facebook memes, please feel free to do so over there, not here on the forum. Since this joke topic has been shut down on multiple occasions, any future joke topics will be immediately removed. Please keep in mind that the Red Power forum is to be a family friendly site.
  12. All Farmall 460's were built at Farmall Works in Rock Island, IL.
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