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  1. I would agree with that. Also I would want to see before photos to prove its a legit Gold Demo.
  2. It's neat to read "the rest of the story" from someone who was part of it. Thanks!
  3. I think the part number is 121897C92. The price from CIH is $360
  4. Or what if you have a non-turbo tractor?
  5. According to the Nebraska test they did use 18.4-34's. https://digitalcommons.unl.edu/cgi/viewcontent.cgi?referer=http://www.tractordata.com/farm-tractors/000/3/5/352-international-harvester-686-tests.html&httpsredir=1&article=2705&context=tractormuseumlit
  6. I am sorry to read this news. May he rest in peace.
  7. If it was low on hydraulic fluid (aka Hytran ) would that explain releasing the remote allowed the faster travel speeds?
  8. Please tell me this is sarcasm! If not, are you sure you should be taking on this job?
  9. Bates shows that they have #11 and 12. Call and ask if they have the other two items. Phone number is 800-248-2955.
  10. Yesterday I helped my parents tear out some fence and part of a cement pad. We got the Hydro a bit dirty. This picture looks almost like the one in the Buyers Guide for the 2455.
  11. 596548R91 subs to 63285 from Case IH, my dealer shows a price of $15.
  12. We had a Wheel Horse 518-H when I was a kid. Dad sold it to my uncle when the Onan engine died. My uncle repowered it with something else and used it to move snow.
  13. According to tractordata.com the 806 is about 13.5 feet long. I’m not sure how long the plow is but if you drive the tractor as far as you can onto the deck, you have ten feet before the tail. I would think you could pick up that much weight. Does your trailer have a wireless remote to control the tail? If so, once you get the tractor on the flat deck, couldn’t you then raise the tail and thereby pick up the plow?
  14. We usually have a couple beef steers for our freezer but since my sisters and cousins are done with 4H we have't gotten any more cattle. So if you want to sent us some we could definitely use some. This is the first time in 35 years we don't have our own beef.
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