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  1. Farmall #12511 for parts in Delaware. I found it on Facebook
  2. The CaseIH parts site is where I looked.
  3. I think they can be had from CIH as remanufactured. The part number is 631570C91.
  4. FarmallFan


    While Windows 10 can run on the same hardware that ran Windows 7, low end hardware would be better off upgrading the hardware and software. For example I've got a couple of ten year old laptops that were able to be upgraded to Windows 10. With 10 the hardware is really showing its age and leads to frustration by the those who have to use those machines.
  5. The 186 and the 986 both had the non-turubo'd 436 engine. Aside from the transmission, the 986 and 186 are the same.
  6. 186 is 105.02 PTO HP from the D436 engine 3488 is 112 PTO HP From the D466 engine. The fuel economy would show up in the Nebraska tests. I don’t have them handy right now but I think you could Google it and find them.
  7. FarmallFan

    Super MD

    The MD used the gas-start diesel engine. These gas-start diesel engines are known for having cracked heads if they weren't cooled down properly before being shut off.
  8. I've not had any problems with the range lever being in the way on the Hydro 186. Guess its a good thing I'm only 5'8" and 135 pounds.
  9. https://dayton.craigslist.org/grd/d/anna-ih-826/7049345717.html
  10. On the serial number tag it should say either F1206 or I1206. If its a F than its a Farmall. I is International.
  11. Right now to get a price, you have to select the dealer first, then find your part. The link you gave is similar to the one I was using from my dealer, which apparently doesn't work right now. If you have a CaseIH MyShed account it allows you to choose your dealer, and add your equipment.
  12. The URL that works is partstore.caseih.com/parts-search.html Even the link that Case IH has on their main site for the parts site is wrong.
  13. I saw a brochure on Facebook Marketplace that was for dealers to order those hats. It told what each color was for.
  14. Nice looking trailer! The hydraulic dovetail is so much easier to deal with than having to wrangle ramps.
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