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  1. FarmallFan

    Verizon 3G cell phones

    They are not allowing any new activations of 3G devices. The entire 3G network will be turned off in 2020.
  2. FarmallFan

    Will we ever see another IH tractor/equipment?

    I agree with this. My Grandpa Kline said he was 55 when he bought the Hydro 186 and this year he'll be 95.
  3. FarmallFan

    The mysterious new member

    Most likely it was a bot, not an actual person. In any case, I took care of it.
  4. FarmallFan

    Bald Eagle population increasing?

    I've seen a few here in Northwest Ohio. I would agree that their population is rising.
  5. FarmallFan

    phone book transfer

    Is your phone an iphone or an Android? Older versions of Android didn't sync to the google account. I just went through that with my grandmother. Thankfully she only had a few contacts that needed moved to the new phone so I did them by hand.
  6. FarmallFan

    5488 powershift

    Is that the IH cab with Magnum modifications or is the the Magnum cab with the IH roof?
  7. FarmallFan

    Rear wheel weights
  8. FarmallFan

    Rear wheel weights

    Its not mine. It belongs to a friend of mine.
  9. FarmallFan

    One Smart Pooch

    I wonder if its because they have a slightly different sound and it hurts his ears? My dog hated my 5.9 Cummins but with my new 6.7 Cummins he doesn't bark at all.
  10. FarmallFan

    Rear wheel weights

    Here is what they look like when they are installed.
  11. FarmallFan

    Lost Thread

    Is this the topic you are looking for?
  12. The burgundy is shown in the 86 series brochure from 1979.
  13. FarmallFan

    Year-A-Round Cab for 86 series?

  14. FarmallFan

    Year-A-Round Cab for 86 series?

    It was on a 786. Hines Equipment Repair in Delta Ohio is the one who has it. They posted picture of it on their Facebook page.
  15. FarmallFan

    1206 Serial Number

    red_reaper is the one who is keeping track the 1206 serial numbers. You can contact him by personal message. To do that, click click this link: Contact red_reaper