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    Tractor pulling and workin on old binders. 660,F-20,30,2 F-14's,F-12,W-30,460gas,1947 M,1929 22-36,'53 Super M,IHC model "M" hit and miss,IH 140,and a,'76 966 with hinker cab with 1066 turbo,cub 154 loboy, and a Super C with 3 point. We just added 2 '66 IH 1100 pickups and a '67 1300 4x4.

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  1. My uncle has a pair of german 706's with big rubber. Those d310 krauts really swing above their weight. He used to pull a 720 5x16 with autoresets with it. Runs it on the discbine and pulls his new holland 295 spreader with them.
  2. My buddy sells polaris and bombardier utvs. He said they are very hard to get right now. Used ones and high priced right now. If i were you i would wait til prices come down some.
  3. Still dont understand why you hate one of the best tractors ever made rick but to each his own.
  4. Will be viewing this tomorrow. Came home from camping early.
  5. God bless you all and GOD BLESS AMERICA!
  6. Ollies were good machines. Their brakes were not so good though. I would take a 450 gasser over the competition.
  7. Our 660 pulls 4x16's pretty well in clay. Usually run pretty deep too. There were storys about a local farmer who wouldnt buy a 660 unless it pulled 5x16's. He bought that tractor. I would try it with ours but it would be a battle i think. Ours has big ole wheel weights on the back wheels. That makes a big difference but those old pigs are pullin sob's.
  8. Will the shooting be documented for viewing?
  9. Problem is i refuse to wear a face diaper. That being said ya got any campgrounds in the area?
  10. Agreed! I was closer for a couple of months but that was work no playtime.
  11. I may or may not have ended up with a savage 720 as well. Always wanted an A5 but this is better since it was grandpas.
  12. Nice! I recently inherited gpa klindworths fishing poles and tackle. They are in various conditions but hope to do some fishing soon!
  13. Good to stay in practice and 379's are decent to work on! Class pays!
  14. Used to wear levi religiously. Then they discontinued the carpenter jeans. Now i wear ariats. Ive got tree trunks for legs so not just any jeans fits me right. Ariat jeans fit awesome and are very high quality. Thicker denim.
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