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  1. Change the oil. If your wondering what kind if oil to use just ask. There will be plenty of input!
  2. Dad has one of the little ones he carries in the sled for snowmobile trips. Works great. Had it for 3 years now.
  3. Does it have a water pump? Regular C's didnt have water pumps but late model super c's did. Early model super c's did not. Look on tractor data with the serial number. That will tell tr you what range it falls into.
  4. Local dirt contractor has an old vplow sitting in front of his shop. Cant imagine that much snow!
  5. I hope to get our setup up and running soon. Dad built a big ole table on wheels to mount both presses. Just need to find more supplies. You have a nice setup there DT.
  6. My grandpa used to say s#$thouse mouse! Or " that things a jittney". Or theres " hes too dumb to pour piss out of boot". My grandpa wasnt worried about offending people!
  7. Try autabuy.com mike. Not sure what ya wanna spend but might be one there. Love bronco. Pull the top off and head to the party!
  8. They are awesome but get the biggest capacity you can. You can cook about anything in em but they dont hold a lot.
  9. Yep those old screamin demons always started in the cold.
  10. One day we will reclaim this state from the twin cities. Right after we get rid of walz,ohmar,ellison,klobuchar,and so on.
  11. Yep she sure can sing but i wish she would shut up concerning politics!
  12. Unless tim jong walz is your governer.....
  13. All of them. 2020 came out of nowhere.
  14. Dad used to pull me behind our '47 m when there was enough snow on the road. Road gear with the tire chains jingling sounded like christmas!
  15. Too many to list but on my homeplace we started with an oliver 77 then moved on to a '47M. Still have it. Heavy tillage and snowblowing/animal feeding is done with a 966 with a 1066 turbo. Our last combine was a massey. Cant remember tge model but i believe it started with a 5. Gasser and always ran hot on oats. Grandpa would open the engine door and run it that way. Then it was fine.
  16. Im a heavy equiptment operator. Currently we are 4 hours away from home on the northwest edge of sioux falls. Big amazon warehouse going up. About a little over half done digging 15x15 footing pads. There is almost 400 to dig. Mass excavation is done.
  17. I may be alone here but i have had nothing but bad luck with stihl saws. I have an old jonsered thats gonna get a new piston,rings,and maybe jug. That saw cut wood for 30 years flawlessly never rebuilt. It probably cut at least 13 cord wood a year for the 1st 25 years we had. Our 2 new stihl saws had problems out of the gate and 1 saw still isnt right.
  18. The 406 was good but the the 427 ,428,and 429 were downright nasty. The 427 in a little different form won lemans. Served enzo and his minions their but on a platter.
  19. Sounds great and godspeed with getting it going again!
  20. Yessir. As would boss 9's. The little boss's were nothing to sneeze at either but the 9's really ran. Great find lorenzo! Even my diehard mopar engine builder buddy would be jealous of that pick up.
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