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  1. An old horse drawn corn planter would work lightyears better. That garden equiptment is usually pretty lightly built.
  2. Brakes on the back. Use em like a johnny bar on a semi.
  3. My cousins husband put the tubes in amd they are at 1' spacings. Thanks so far guys.
  4. We recently acquired a 10,000lb 2 post car hoist. We have in floor heat in the shop. Looking for suggestions on the best way to find the lines in the floor so we can safely drill in anchors. So far all ive come up with is a thermal camera.
  5. We run a 2350 on our 966. Plenty of lifting power and the tractor handles the load well.
  6. I would sell it not scrap it. Probably worth more sold to somebody who wants to use it.
  7. Does it whine at all when you pull the lever?
  8. If it raises and lowers properly i would offer 300 but wouldnt go over 350. 500$ is two bottom hydraulic plow pricing. Thats on steel and has a mechanical lift which can be very finicky and frustrating when its not working right. Rule of thumb round here for an old plow like that is 100$per bottom. I added 150 tops for pricing maybe being higher in your area
  9. Is that a kraut or a 282? Either way shes a beauty id keep it.
  10. Ya this is a stroker 360 build i guess.
  11. Well cancel that. He found one about 5 minutes after i posted this.....i suck!
  12. I have an engine builder buddy looking for a single plane intake for a ford fe block build. Any help is apreciated!
  13. Congrats! You got a stout little workhorse!
  14. I woulda readjusted his millenial nose for him. Little douche!
  15. My eco's get synthetic and my 3 valve 5.4 gets syntetic blend. All my 5.4's and 4.6's hace run synthetic blend 5w20. No leaks and my expedition 5.4 is at 155,000 and dads '05 5.4 is at 160,000. My ecos dont leak either. My f150 is at 105,000,and the wifes explorer sport is at 85,000. Both 3.5 turbo engines.
  16. My uncle has a pair of german 706's with big rubber. Those d310 krauts really swing above their weight. He used to pull a 720 5x16 with autoresets with it. Runs it on the discbine and pulls his new holland 295 spreader with them.
  17. My buddy sells polaris and bombardier utvs. He said they are very hard to get right now. Used ones and high priced right now. If i were you i would wait til prices come down some.
  18. Still dont understand why you hate one of the best tractors ever made rick but to each his own.
  19. Will be viewing this tomorrow. Came home from camping early.
  20. God bless you all and GOD BLESS AMERICA!
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