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  1. Ye olde cabover

    I never liked 9's but this thing is kind of a little resto/working truck side project for these guys. Who knows how it will end up at the end.
  2. Ye olde cabover

    Been helping some local guys in and off and today we took an old cabover down to get a frame transplant complete with airride. 8v92 with a 9 gear.
  3. Ye olde cabover

    Ya i know cdn but its not my decision. The last 8v92 i drove was in a 1980 359 pete and it had a 15 gear. Stretch job is done. He had a guy do it for him. Pictures tomorrow hopefully.
  4. Ye olde cabover

    For now its keeping a 5th wheel plate but one day it could become a rolloff or a quad ax dump truck. There will be 18ft of frame behind the cab. It was purchased two years ago from a BTO bankruptcey sale. Frame is clean and it runs out nice. I slammed my hand in the door and we really ripped through the gears!
  5. Cream puff 2+2

    Oh god.....
  6. South African Farmers

    What a bad deal. Glad im in america.
  7. prayers desperately needed

    Awesome mark! Great to hear it!
  8. Ye olde cabover

    Was a touch smokey!
  9. Letter Series Brakes

    I wouldnt suggest grinding the covers down. Someone did that to our super m and we had a heckuva time getting them to work right again. Just replace the discs and they work well enough but you need to keep using them. We ended up buying replacement covers for ours so they could accept new discs and the ground down ones went into the scrap pile.
  10. My favorite International machinery.

    720 plows. We also really like our 2350 loader.
  11. IHC parts dept 1980s

    Ah the good ole days.
  12. What did this 466 come out of?

    52 or 5488 or a 2+2.
  13. Need Cummins 24v help PLEASE

    Any lights on the dash?
  14. 1456 gold demo S/N 13313 progress

    That is dead sexy!
  15. Potential engine faliure

    Yep get it out and pour the coals to it.
  16. DVT-573 Hough 90 Payloader

    3 words....Screamin Demon Detroit.
  17. prayers desperately needed

    Sounds like things are lookin up!
  18. Ever Done Something Really Stupid

    So im behind why were your gun cabinets atta hotel?
  19. Ever Done Something Really Stupid

    Yep almost daily here too runner. Sorry bout your window bud that stinks.
  20. Lost my sister this afternoon

    Sorry for your loss JD. My deepest sympathys.
  21. 150 years of IHC book

    Yep we got one. A ton if good pics and info in there.
  22. prayers desperately needed

    Glad theres been improvements and we will keep praying. Welcome ihcfarmersister!
  23. Something You Don't See Very Often

    Ooh im a ford guy but i would drive the wheels off that unit!
  24. New member

    Beautiful unmolested 10 and welcome sir! Your grandfather did an awesome job caring for that 10!
  25. Something From Mr. Sohn's Neck Of The Woods

    ^^this x100. What a waste of money and land. So are solar panel farms.