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  1. Todays trip to dads was a success. Pulled about 1000lbs worth of stuff to dads and it ran flawlessly.
  2. It destroyed the rad,condensor,and trans cooler. It did get hot for about 5 seconds so i was a tad worried about head gaskets.
  3. Thanks mike! Just put the finishing touches on it tonight. Test deive tomorrow.
  4. Just look for an IH shaped "bat signal" in the sky!
  5. Ya know the saying "pics or it didnt happen"? Well i see the pic and i still dont believe it!
  6. Well give n take then i suppose. Sounds like they arent trying to take advantage of you if they paid you to stand around when they coulda sent you home.
  7. Mexican coke is mint
  8. I would take issue with the no overtime policy if you are working a lot over 40 hours a week. Im all for giving 110% and being a team player for a good company. However ive found most companies that refuse to pay overtime make their employees work a lot of overtime. If your happy great leave it be but if your being worked consistantly over 40 and its starting to bother you i would adress it as professionally but assertively as possible. No legally they dont have to pay you overtime but remember their is no law saying they cant pay it either. They are choosing not to for whatever reason.
  9. Your luck ill have fixed mine (because its a ford) if it has any problems it will be very,very minor and ill ending pulling you to safety!
  10. Oh anytime! I knew as soon as you did the starts with "C" thing! Then hp rating was a dead giveaway!
  11. Ya pennsylvania is a tad far but ya never know!
  12. Your gonna have to make it a little tougher than that! May i suggest a ring and pinion challenge? Take a picture of a random r&p and people start guessing. You give a clue here and there to get people closer. It requires tending the thread here n there but not too difficult. Its really a hoot.
  13. I carry fluids for my job anyway so i already have all that. I also have quite an array of tools so i can fix minor things on the equiptment i run if need be. As far as the spare tire goes yes i can access it but how far it will get me im unsure of. That should probably be adressed.
  14. Most definately. Im a little worried about reliability. I did drag a snowmobile 3 hours north with it over the winter but that was pre deer strike.
  15. Gracing the great state of south dakota with my prescense! My company has a job in the northwest crotch of i90 and i29. I just got done piecing my 2007 expedition back together after hitting a deer with it mid summer. Im hoping to take it out there and leave my truck home. Am i nuts? Its got a used rad,condesor,trans,and oil cooler out of a running vehicle. Gonna tow some stuff to dads with it before sunday to test it out. I figure if it makes hills and valleys towing for 30 miles it should make 4 hours on the interstate and back n fourth from my temporary home to the jobsite.
  16. Welcome sir and pictures of your red iron when you get time please!
  17. Happy belated maynard and piccys look great!
  18. I want beef and barley stew cooked in cast iron over a fire! Nicely done looks like a nice spot!
  19. Only issue ive ever had with a 3406 mechanical or electronic was a harmonic balancer. Ive probably driven 10 different 3406 powered trucks.
  20. Midwest diesel has always been solid. Never ever get rid of that engine!
  21. Ya these modern tv's have absolutely abysmal speakers. Its ridiculous. You can get cheaper,smaller sound bars that will work just fine. I hook all my tv speakers up with a fiber optic cable. Your tv should have a fiber optic port.
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