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  1. Always had a bobcat around now bears a big cats are starting to show up. One hunting season we finished a drive and went back to dads to meet up. DNR drove up into dads yard like he owned the place and started asking for liscences. I asked if i had done anything wrong. He said no but do you have a license? I chuckled and said i did. Another DNR a couple years ago showed up and started pulling people over and handing put non game related tickets. He was told to stop and he didnt. People started challenging him and now hes gone.
  2. There ya go. I knew somebody would know!
  3. Gun broker is usually the high end on pricing. That 5 to 550 mark is pretty good.
  4. Do you have wide or narrow tracks? Pushing wet material off before you do any hogging is smart. Narrow track dozers struggle in soft ground. They sink outta sight much faster. Good luck!
  5. I actually dont leave til tomorrow. I hope yall have cooperative soil out there so we can get done quickly!
  6. Looks like the job is on the northwest end south of 680 and im staying in milard area so i may have a tricky commute. 680 looks like it ends before it connects to the milard area.
  7. Thanks for the food joints! Sometimes the reviews you find online are less than accurate. Some places are gimicky with ok food. Its the good family owned hole in the wall joints only the locals know that are usually the best. Im hoping we work 7 days a week then i make out pretty well on perdiem and i get home faster! Its only 200,000 yards so it shouldnt be terrible.
  8. gracing the people of nebraska with my presence. Lucky you! Lol! We have a little 200,000 yard job in omaha. Not sure on exact location yet but will update soon. I will be in an IH 580 quad pulling a deere 24yd scraper.
  9. One of tge last dinosaurs my company has left. The d8r left last spring. That 9n is our old landfill dozer. Was replaced by a newer d8. Now it goes to jobsites to rip frost and some heavy hogging on firm ground. 9's are not for mud! I ran the old cat for a day on a 10million yard job for a costco distribution center outside owatonna,MN.
  10. Welcome. The d282 was originally designed to be a gas engine but was pushed into service as a diesel. If theres a difference in the diesel blocks it will be on late production models in my opinion. Late model 282's had bigger valves but not sure if they changed the casting thickness. 282's were also used in dozers. Maybe those were thicker? The dozers were td9-92's iirc.
  11. Currently in Red Wing MN. Hope to move closer to the homeplace near Zumbro Falls,MN.
  12. Your a little lacking in the information department as usual.
  13. PM IHrunner and get his input. I have a 90's military grade one but it spent its life on a .308 ar10 so its quirky. I think the newest ATN's have a good reputation.
  14. Were there any holes in the wrap?
  15. Ya besides denny bergs brood,terry and randys kids there wasnt a lot. Russel and mindys kids along with dennis's were younger. Unless you count joe,jeff,and chad luhman. Grandpas service was at bear valley. I think we both know what nearly killed that church. Me and the wife were married there in '08 but i believe we were the last ones. Dont be a stranger. I miss all the old family ties/friends. Ill pm ya my phone number so if your ever around we can maybe have a beer or shoot clays or whatever. A lot of IH in the neighborhood yet so plowdays happen too.
  16. Heck ya! Was born in '78. I miss the way things were when i was a kid!
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