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  1. M & W Power Governor

    I would check carb adjustment and timing as well as a full flow of fuel to the carb. If that doesn't stop the surging , next check that the governor is in sync with the carb by removing the breather cover at the top of the linkage housing.Then remove the 1/4 " bolt that connects the upper ball joint to the throttle shaft lever. Next, with throttle in wide open position, and holding the lever to the top of it's arc of movement, the bolt should just fit through the ball joint into the threaded hole in the lever. Many things can add up to cause surging including wear in all the moving parts. The M&W did use a spring similar to the IH spring. All the bearings are available from your favorite dealer. If none of the above helps, you could try a Century c-175 spring. Let us know how you turn out. Bob
  2. Shout out to Bob In Iowa

    Thanks for the update Scott. Been getting stuff together to take to the Roundup. Looking forward to talking to you again there. Bob
  3. Shout out to Bob In Iowa

    I do work on the M&W's,660. If you do decide you have one you want rebuilt, bring it along. Save shipping one way. I'm hoping to say hi to you as well as many of the Red Power fans on these forums.
  4. Shout out to Bob In Iowa

    dale560, Usually able to ream the old weights for new hardened pins. Also reshape flat spots on the levers and balance. Last time I checked, a new set was right at $600.00, so haven't bought any new ones. Bob
  5. Shout out to Bob In Iowa

    Hi Scott, always good to hear back after someone has installed the governor. Have you had a chance to use the 400 yet? Are you planning to make it to Red Power Roundup this year? I had the opportunity to attend the Iowa Chapter 5, International Harvester Collectors Inc. spring meeting at Manning Iowa. I can say that they are really a well organized outfit and have been putting in a lot of time and energy into this year's RPR. Should be a good show! I plan to be there someplace in the Varied Industries Building. Bob
  6. Kate Smith sings God Bless America

    Thanks for posting that Diesel Doctor . One of my old favorites. Bob
  7. Difference between Farmall 400 and 450?

    Bigger gas tank on the 450. I think 21 gallons vs. 16 on the 400 .
  8. Hi, I would like to get a copy of the instructions for installing  the HEISLER 9-SPEED kit in an  m also .

    Glad to pay for your time and postage.

    Sincerely, Bob Lenz

    624 Capistrano Ave.

    Carroll, Iowa   51401

  9. Farmall h mechanics

    oneharvester, #1 It is possible to get air through the governor throttle shaft tube. That should not be a problem if your carburetor throttle shaft and bushing are in good shape. I've seen where a 1/4" hole has been drilled in the bottom of the tube to drain out excess moisture. #2 The small felt seal is for the choke shaft. This wouldn't affect the idle but dust may be sucked in there. You might have to go back into the carb and make sure all the small passages are clean if adjusting the idle screw doesn't get it running better. On the idle adjusting screw, start at about 1 turn out and go from there. Turn in for richer and out for leaner . Good luck ! Bob
  10. Head surfacing for increased compression?

    Ron, my calculator says shaving .010 off of the head would reduce volume of the combustion chamber .1336 of 1 cubic inch per cylinder if the bore is 4.125 .
  11. Governor rebuild for a 400

    What are you asking not sure.I've only messed with a few and they dont scare me like they used too. I was wondering if a 464 governor was similar or the same as a 460 . I just looked it up on line in the IT manuals and they look exactly alike. The M's etc. use an enclosed throttle tube assembly which take time to rebuild that wouldn't be involved with a 460 type that use an external link to the carb. AK, I don't know if there's any performance to be gained with the gov from a 460 or not. Maybe some tractor pullers or others can enlighten the subject.
  12. Governor rebuild for a 400

    cwinn, Are they similiar to the gov. on a 460 or a 656 gas? They would be easier with no throttle tube assembly to rebuild.
  13. Governor rebuild for a 400

    Thanks for your order and the kind words Gonzo . I think it should be there by today or Monday.
  14. Governor rebuild for a 400

    Troy,sorry I don't have parts to rebuild the 464 governor. I can rebuild the governors for H and Super H, M, Super M, and Super MTA , W4 and W6, 300, 350, 400, and 450. Bob
  15. Governor rebuild for a 400

    Gonzo, I can help you out. I have been rebuilding the H-450 governors. I also have M&W's and Thompson 2-weight rebuilt governors on hand. Reasonable and guarnteed. If your interested, my phone is 712 790 9965. Bob