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  1. I have the service manual but am guessing the spec is in a separate book. What is the proper preceedure for installing it?
  2. Central Iowa, thqy moght be a bit of a drive😕
  3. I've got a 560 with rail type wheels that are full of fluid, the wheels and tires need replaced. The wheels are quite expensive, in excess of $800 each. I was thinking of going to the standard type clamp wheels. Do the cast wheel centers need to be changed as well?
  4. Hello folks, I've got this 806 with a generator, when running the amp light flashes. The voltage stays at 12.08 when running both at idle to wide open throttle. I can tell the generator has been replaced maybe within the last 10 years? How do I go about diagnosing this problem? Thanks
  5. What is the best way to check that? Swap couplers to a different circuit?
  6. I changed to a different outlet and works fine. Obviously #1 gets the most use. What should I be looking for? Thanks
  7. I replaced the cartridges in the valve housing, they are the newer style with a hex type internal end with a groove for the retaining spring lock to go. After getting them installed I went to hook an implement up to test them and the hoses would not plug in. They would Push in about an 1/8" or so and stop, after fussing with it for a while I finally got one of the hoses to plug in. I seen that a very small ring that went around the outside of the inner part of the cartridge had come off, I unplugged the hose and removed the ring and plugged it back in and worked like it should, I decided to remove the ring on the other cartridge and then the hose plugged on normally. My problem is, now, when the cylinder is fully retracted or extended and pressure comes up against it it blows the hose out of the housing. I am at a loss here. Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated!
  8. Greetings, I have a friend that has a leaking engine oil pan on his mx200, the place that does his repair work is telling him the cab has to come off in order to remove the oil pan? Is there any truth to this? Thanks
  9. Need to put seal kits in, I got the caps maybe 3/4" out of the barrel and can't seem to make anymore headway, any suggestions would be greatly appreciated
  10. I assume both 7/16" balls? I wondered that but what would keep it in place or tension against it?
  11. I bought a used transmission to replace the very clunky one in my 1480. I took the cover off to inspect and found 2nd gear had busted teeth and metal paste all over. I decided to disassemble, clean and replace all seals, the gear and a few bearings. I have got it mostly put back together but the issue I am having is the detent orientation. Looking at the parts breakdown it calls for a 7/16" ball to go in first then a 1/2" ball then the spring and plug. After installing using this arrangement I can take the 2nd and 3rd rail and move it in and out a little bit which seems wrong to me. When I took it apart I had troubles getting the bottom shifter rail out and seen I was fighting a ball on the topside of the shifter rail. There is a notch on the topside of the shifter rail facing the top rail and a hole between them. Is there a different orientation for the detent than what I am interpreting from the parts breakdown? Thanks
  12. I wondered if the were the 54°, the stem looks pretty steep. Basically I'm looking for all of the sweeps to do a 6 row narrow cultivator
  13. I'm an struggling finding any information on sweeps that fit these machines. The case parts guy looks at me and shrugs his shoulders. I looked in a manual I had but makes no mention of sweeps at all. Any help would be appreciated, thanks!
  14. Was running tractor, got out, went to open the door to get back in, won't unlatch or do anything. It's not locked. Any ideas? 7110
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