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  1. Might be a bit of a drive. I'm located in central Iowa.
  2. It jumps out of 2nd and sounds like a concrete truck mixer when moving.
  3. I'm looking at a used transmission for my 1480. Did all 1480's use the same transmission? Mine is a electric over hydraulic machine and the one I'm looking at is an older model. The only thing I can think of would be speed sensor location? Anything else I should look for? Thanks
  4. I am a dealer. If you should ever need anything I can drop ship to you.
  5. I believe that channel is shut off. I'll check it tomorrow. Thanks for the information
  6. I use Hy cap parts extensively. Have had very good luck with them.
  7. You also need to remove inspection cover up front behind elbow, there is a pesky 1/2" pin and hardened cotter pin that has to be removed before auger will come out. Keep track of the clock positioning. Lots of times the auger will sieze on gear box output shaft, may need a torch.
  8. My 1480 fan speed reeds zero when the dial is in fan position. When I hit the increase or decrease switch the it changes from 10 to 1100 to 400 ect very rapidly. Trying to figure out if this is a connection or a sensor problem. Is there a test for the sensor? Should I be looking for voltage at the harness? Thanks
  9. No, the Delco 10si alternators are used in a wide variety of different applications including hot rod small block Chevrolet engines that spin in excess of 6000 rpms. In fact a smaller pulley may aid in alternator performance. On a smaller scale when using a single wire 10si on say an old M you would have to jack the throttle to make it start charging as it turns fewer rpms. In short I don't see any problem with using the pulleys you mentioned.
  10. Thanks for the information. I just bought this combine. I did check the shaker bearings and rubber bushings, they had replaced them along with the top sieve last year. So apparently this was broke prior to that.
  11. Extremely hard to tell for sure I'd say 4-5 ft maybe? The channel itself is roughly 3" wide.
  12. Hard to get a decent picture. Advice on what it is and how to get it out? Thanks
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