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  1. redturbo

    Has anyone seen a block heater for super w4

    Block heater has been installed our Super W6 for likely 50 years plus this way. It went out into the field just about ever day with no issue of overheating, no issues of coolant reading incorrectly! So I did my W450 the same way. The coolant gauge has no numbers on the face, so real idea what the temps are even. I used my laser heat gun, its fine. You will have no issues hooking plumbing up this way. Its not like your going to farm with the tractor in the winter to matter much at all anyways.
  2. redturbo

    Has anyone seen a block heater for super w4

    This what installed onto the W450.
  3. redturbo

    Has anyone seen a block heater for super w4

    Here picture from a W450. I took it off cause it was not working. Assume it’s factory or from IH parts? Have couple parts tractors with same part installed. Of coarse W4 block is smaller than the W450. Image if found one would be the same.
  4. redturbo

    Its snowing! lets see your winter gear/toys

    Yamaha snowblower
  5. redturbo

    Its snowing! lets see your winter gear/toys

    660 Grizzly
  6. Far as I know its sold to someone in WI. It came out of Central Alberta. Sounds like the guy is helping getting them across the line. Seller in Alberta had 4 AC tractors, this one of them. Buyer in WI took all 4 of them. Not sure what the other 3 are, 2 are already gone south.
  7. Tony & John, it all depends where you grow up. I had to covert C to F, any day above 70F is hot enough for me. I couldn’t image being 100F for much time. Was at rpru 2012, that heat just about killed me. There is no doubt it’s cold, just part of our life. Don’t know any better. Out west, we get pretty wild temperatures swings. -40F to 100F, not in one day thou. I seen days where hotter than Texas. Then days feels colder than Siberia. Lady engineer I got to know @ Detroit Diesel told me we have one worst climates because temp swings. Have few head gasket failures on there MBE cause of it. They track failures, we have most head gaskets issues. Not sure what he was doing for antifreeze, I know my junk pile of dozen tractors at home our empty. Drained the coolant out & took to work, drained into holding tank for disposal. The H my Dad got from Iowa had water in it. It looked green, but strength wasn’t very good.
  8. Has single axle semi with a tri axle goose neck trailer. Saw the winch apart in sheds that he showed me. The good stuff as he called was inside. I didn’t go buildings after he left, felt awkward being by myself taking pictures outside in the open. Had feeling just likes old tractors, tinkering with them, sell the odd part or tractor to help people out. Asked if advertises, nope just reads want ads & calls people up. Not sure if weights where a good price? I tried tractor wreckers in AB & SK. All the guys doing old tractor pulls brought them up years ago.
  9. He sells them. Not sure buys them thou. First time seen his display at the NFTS in 2012. Had Graham Holme cultivator model similar to one that’s still on the farm that Grandfather used. His asking price of toy was $550 USD. Said it’s only left, 6 years later it’s still sitting on display table for sale. Couldn’t image price of plows or discs. Yes I agree there a work of art! Maybe one day I buy it.
  10. Row crop farming isn’t really done in the west. Not enough rain, not enough heat days, lucky if got 6” of dirt. The rest is clay underneath. So hence standard model tractors with implement towed off the draw bar.
  11. MB, I would guess maybe couple dozen run. Good thing his yard is 2 provinces away.