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  1. redturbo

    Orchard models after 1953

    This tractor was rpru 2017. Don’t think any IH models after it?
  2. redturbo

    49' McCormick ODS6

    Is there any rhyme or reason to the solid front wheels to open spoked?
  3. redturbo

    49' McCormick ODS6

    Wasn't from ebay, girard auctions of South Dakota.
  4. redturbo

    Another pole building question.......

    I’m in eastern Alberta. My builder only uses Perma columns, think there made in Indiana. They put down a cement cookie looking thing. Then put cement post on top of it. Then 3/4” crushed gravel around post.
  5. redturbo

    49' McCormick ODS6

    I was told OS4 & 6’s are wider than the O4/6. Is that true? Brought this brochure online last month.
  6. redturbo

    Two 6 volt or two 12 volt in 1466

    Group 31, 1000 CCA’s. Brought them years ago at truck dealership I use to work at.
  7. redturbo

    Two 6 volt or two 12 volt in 1466

    If you have a tractor with a cab, it’s pretty easy. With out a cab I’m no help. Flip the battery tray up side down. Ignore the oil mess, hand power steering pump was leaking from previous owner. Finally got that leak fix. Opinions are like @$$holes, everyone has one.
  8. redturbo

    R-110 gas tank question?

    Just fuel tank back from being cleaned out. I knew it looked bad inside, truck got parked with gas & sat for 22 yrs. Yes I know, bad idea. Rad shop told this pretty close worse they cleaned, had to do 3 times. Then put some sealer on the inside, had no idea what it would look like. Some reddish film inside, can’t get phone inside to take a pic. Sure is clean thou, cost over $300 to do.
  9. redturbo

    Err....Interesting 86 series cab

    Sure make getting hand steering pump out a lot easier. But it’s ugly looking thou.
  10. redturbo

    R-110 gas tank question?

    What’s wrong with your tank? I have look for years & never found a supplier selling new. I have tank out my late grandfathers 1952 L110. It’s rad shop that cleans fuel tanks.
  11. redturbo

    Shooting down a drone

    Come June 1st Ralph your going to need a drone pilot license & numbers on your drone just like real airplanes.
  12. redturbo

    My W series collection

    Think the WD6 might be from Dakotah toys. Rear wheel weights look the same as they sell still today. Was a toy show in Saskatoon Sk on the weekend. Older man I have know for a long use buy kits from them & sell the 6 at his tables said have plastic pedals. This tractor does have plastic pedals. Odd looking front axle on it. The WD6 decal is in the wrong spot, I tried to see if would lift off. That's a no go, so leave it alone.
  13. redturbo

    My W series collection

    Since ertl only made WD9 in 1/64. Had some made. Farmall 400, 450 & IH 560 turned into W400 & W450’s. WD9’s became 600 & 650. 3 out 4 have 3D printed spoke wheels!
  14. redturbo

    My W series collection

    There was an IH dealer in Grimsby Ontario that was selling off his personal collection of 24 restored cub cadet garden tractors, 500 toys, etc. If you search Shafer auction co, it’s listed under pass auctions. Bill Vickers. Of coarse there was a W6 I didn’t have. Won the bid, the gong show started. My CC wouldn’t go thru on his end, turned out visa turned it off cause bs charges on it. Get new visa, pay for it couple weeks later. Parcel arrives at work, ups don’t come to the farm. I knew was wrong, there was two 404 in the box. Call auctioneer up, month & half later I get my tractor. Has broken off light, wheel, muffler. Whole deal was a head ache from the start.
  15. redturbo

    My W series collection

    Never seen that version yet, another one to look for. Have a Grove/orchard 6 & a Rice 9 in the works. Found a Super W4 from Teeswater Custom Tractor going up for sale next month, about 8 hour drive to go bid on it.