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  1. Well he does! Listed on his website,, advertises in Red Power Magazine. I spoke with at RPRU 2014 in Huron SD. Very nice man & knowledgeable. For customers south of the 49th, they ship out of International Falls MN.
  2. I was able to buy the GB 🇬🇧 book, can’t find the German one thou. Did buy the Canadian book. Wasn’t overall impressed with it.
  3. They have rebuild kits for all the 9 series engines gas or diesel. Appeared Cwinn is asking about a gas engine parts?
  4. Toronto thinks it’s the best thing in the world, so won’t be surprised they claimed that. Yes, the one that lives in Ottawa.
  5. That stupid tower makes us money! It’s one few things we have up North that does. My sis works for federal govt doing audits.
  6. Spring time neighbor passed away that my Dad grew up with. I grew up with his daughters. Before he went farming full time, was an IH Blockman for abit. I went & visited the family. Asked the daughter that I was close to if Mom leaving the farm, getting rid of his collection of IH tractors, etc. Couple months later she called me & Dad to help sell off the tractors. He had 21 tractors in various conditions. Manage to get rid of 20 so far. I posted pictures of his tractors at our local IH show in July of this year. He had a Super A that’s been getting a 18 year rebuild. He wasn’t much of wrench, but tried. A young man with Dad, brother & sister approached me about buying the Super A. They came next week, the widower was not concerned about money. Sold the young man the tractor. Never seen a boy so happy. For the next couple months he has been working on it. Yesterday received a phone call that he passed at the age of 11 years old. He was backing quad out of the garage. Door was partially open. Sounds like back of his head it the door. His younger brother found him with face resting on the handle bars. Took him off life support. Chapter 38 is looking in finishing the tractor for the family. Not looking for any $ from the this online group. Just passing on sad news, had to tell someone/somebody. Since the red power group is great family. Bothers me to write this, not sure the family is taking this. The family that owned tractor was so happy it live on with a new owner.
  7. Like you, I have been around the letter series a lot. My late GF's Super W6 that he pretty much got new, my Dad's project H. They both used newer IH tractors to farm with, so that's what I grew up with in the 80's. Once I was done high school in early 90's, told to get a job. All these years later the SW6 still goes & pushes snow with front mounted blade. Well that's getting really old(lack of cab), I found a 766 with a cab, front blade, etc. Paid $3400 USD for it, it needs some tlc here & there. I asked the same questions about a year ago on this forum. Got the same response as you have, buy it already! Hope you are able to pick it up.
  8. It could of been OEM, the owner passed away 9 years ago. Their catalog was full of sheet metal.
  9. Got wheels back on. Clown I used to work with threw this wheel dolly in the scrap metal bin. I took it out & took home, been sitting in old milk barn for years. Finally had a use for it.
  10. Local farm here in eastern Alberta had 5 of those, 9720’s. Must ran them for close to 20 years. His brother had a 9700. Once & awhile the 6 would be a field together, cool sight to see.
  11. Great looking building! I have the same posts in my shop.
  12. Square bolts are ridiculous priced here! Used square nuts instead.
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