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  1. Most of the brochures I have brought come RPRU's that have attended over the last 10ish years. Some from ebay also, Girard Auction's out of Watertown SD has couple auctions a year that are only paper only. That's a good place to look.
  2. Thanks for the pictures db1486, always thought his 100 would be awesome snowblower tractor. Pretty sure he wrecked the engine & it just sits in his yard. Image he will never fix it or sell.
  3. I meant to say, Cdn banks wont take loose yankee coins. I have tried couple times in Alberta, my sister in Ontario with same result. They wont give out change, just bills. In the long run it doesn't really matter. When I came home from RPRU 2019, left tips for waitress in coins instead of paper. No I didn't cheap out & give pennies, it added up to good amount.
  4. Canadian Banks won't take change either.
  5. I would drive down from Alberta for the loader on the wide front M, way better shape then the one my 400 has. Would even take the weights. All depends on price thou.
  6. Just outstanding building you have their! The 0S4 is cool looking tractor. The SRX was sure a unrated sled, the was one of the smoothest running Yami's of all time. The howl of the triple piped engine is music to my ears. Thanks for sharing your stuff.
  7. What an awesome shop you have there, any more pictures of it? Couple pics from the mezzanine would be great. What is the red tarp in the corner for? Dirty work I'm guessing. I see a Super H with an Arts-way mower, have older version of that setup with a regular H. What is the W series tractor with the odd looking rear wheel weights? 67-72 Ford a farm truck or getting restored? Yamaha SX 600? Feels like my kinda my shop, very similar stuff around. No F30 thou, looks like their in good hands on repairing them.
  8. 12 guy has the correct info. Here what front cover looks like. If need to know certain decal goes, can take pictures from book if like. Nice looking H.
  9. db1486, you have pic of the hitch on the hydro? Curious as neighbour has hydro 100 with no 3pt hitch either, like you said no point in that type of hitch in the west.
  10. Tractors are still being built in Winnipeg. Their even building Kubotas on the same line.
  11. Put some 766 decals onto a 1066. Brought the blade damaged at toy auction. Only thing that was savaged was the blade. Cut up piece of aluminum & job welded to blade. Made up some frame work. It’s pretty crude looking, but for me best I’m going be able to do.
  12. Here is the 766 sitting inside to give idea on size a tractor takes up. I’m happy with the size, any bigger likely just more crap in it. Got lots cold storage buildings for that. The twine holding the hydraulic hoses has been replaced with proper holders. No idea why the farmer we got the tractor from put implement tires on the front of it. Once the mechanical things are fixed up those tires will be getting replaced. The other tractor with the loader is Farmall 400 gas.
  13. Here my 2 post host, it’s 13’6. So had to go with a 14 ft wall. I had it built at the farm, land is rented out. I will never have a combine myself. Had no reason to go taller. Can see the light coming in those windows. Blue tank in the corner is extra tank sitting over air compressor. Use space up instead of floor space i thought. My later Grandfathers 1952 L-110 he brought brand new on the left, Dad's Tacoma on the lift.
  14. Here shot couple windows up high, I don’t have any issue with anybody looking inside other than myself or Dad. There facing west, lots of light in the spring till fall months.
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