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  1. Saw an auction ad on fb that it’s for sale next month.
  2. Thanks, have few W400/450’s parts tractor's. When bought it didn’t have any fenders. I think it turned out okay looking.
  3. Brought this Allied blade for $60 at an auction. The frame is like new shape compared to one have on the 766. Used the 400 Farmall to unload it today.
  4. I been most most rpru’s in the last 10 years. Always a good time to look, talk, buy, etc about IH. Seen #503 Farmall H twice now. Great owner to show it off & talk to. Sure seemed a lack of vendors this year, but that is only my opinion. Crowds disappear in the afternoons. Will rpru even make to year 40? Would like to go to one in Indiana, NY & Michigan. I know the show will never make it north of 49th parallel, so will continue come south where ever it’s held.
  5. These prices are in Cdn dollars. I would like to buy some of the items. But it would be a 10 hour round trip, plus loading. So didn’t bid on anything. Plus my truck & trailer are both broke down
  6. I’m sitting a gold mine at that price. Got 3 of them. 1 even runs & drives.
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