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  1. That should be an ad for birth control. Can people get any dumber?
  2. Do you have 11678? Its on fb for sale in west central Missouri. Ad says it was a pulling tractor from Iowa 1990 era.
  3. Maybe it’s a Cockshutt combine with a Chrysler gas engine? How quickly are you need of this? Do you have pictures of what 407 looks like? Only IH engines been around are 4 cylinder gas & a D360.
  4. I’m 2 hrs away to the west. What are needing looked at?
  5. Good to hear it back on the road. That’s a pile of $. For sure would be good to have the valves, injectors & brake adjusted.
  6. Any update on S60. Assuming your truck is on the road again?
  7. What does this mean? Did he port match the gaskets to the cylinder head? Or do you mean it needed valve seats? Guides & seats take time & good equipment to do the job right. For sure he should of told you what the cylinder head needed before doing anything. I kinda had a similar thing with a Farmall H head. Took it only machine shop in the area, got the round around for close to 3 months. It was winter time, so really didnt need it as mows grass in the summer. Finally had enough & went in & found the head had been resurfaced. Machine shop told me they cant find valves or guides it. Did a google search while standing there & found valves/guides all over the internet. I asked why did you plain the head first? No real reason was given, asked how much is the bill? They were confused as it not done yet, I said Im done with you. Paid the bill & haven't been back in years. Ordered the parts & took to a machine shop 2.5 hrs away. They were really concerned about the head being planed already, told them do your best. Its really tough to find shops that good work, guess only thing I would ask is why quote on what head needed.
  8. Here is a picture from the rear. D360 in a 766. I tried to remove it to see if it’s an oil gallery. It won’t move so I’m leaving it alone, sorry can’t be anymore help.
  9. redturbo

    IH stool

    Never seen just seat cushion by its self. I have 2 of them & try not use them a lot cause plastic cover cuts easily.
  10. Behind the SW6 tractor with the electrall, can just see the nose of the blue 56 S-110. There is an electrall mounted in the box that runs off transmissions pto.
  11. Why is one blue & the other white? Seen toy models in both colours. Any one know which museum had one? When I was in DC, couldn’t find it.
  12. Brought a Porch Electric wiring harness for my 766. Got 3 wiring harness for the tractor, then laid them out beside the old harness. Found a wrong eyelet was installed on one of the harness. The other 2 harness had the part numbers switched. Called up Eric, told him what had happen on the harness I got. He went above & beyond to repair them to his standards. Very impressed with his business, if ever need another harness for a IH tractor will call him again. After a 20 year storage of my later Grandfather's IH L-110 half ton, it needed some tlc. It need some new spark plug wires, could only find carbon suppression wires locally. Found Brillman website, called them up. They would make me solid cores wires for the truck. They didnt have set premade for engine. Measured up the lengths & sent them the info. Couple weeks later they arrived. Got great services from them also. Told they could make a new harness for the whole truck if I send it in.
  13. Great looking tractor! Image if you power polished the paint it would like new again.
  14. Our measurement system up here is so screwed up. Measure rain fall in 1/10's, speed is km's, land measured in acres, temperature in Celsius. So confusing for someone that was only taught the metric system, not a day of the imperial system. My Dad told me the other day were just over 8" of rain here in eastern Alberta. I replied, oh that's 20 cm's then. Just got a glare, lol.
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