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  1. Have you tried Yesterday tractor forums? There is section for pretty much all colours of tractors. Seems to be few guys in the case section. Nice looking restored tractor you have there, thanks for the picture.
  2. Slowly picking away at the 766, figured very good time to adjust the valves with the fuel tank off & support bracket out of the way also. Have parts manual for the 300/400 series engines, made list for the local IH tractor dealer. The valve cover gasket is no longer available from them, but all the other parts are. 675389C1 is part number. Called local IH truck shop, good number & will have it tomorrow for you. I know the trucks likely used the D360 longer than the tractors guy did. Gasket fits 7 different IH tractors, not sure how many models of trucks used the same engine.
  3. This from 66 brochures I have, have an American & Canadian versions. Pictures are in different order, etc.
  4. Only reason knew anything about, been looking thru 66 series parts book making list of parts to order from dealer. Came across this, thought that’s odd to me. Also could get a belt pulley for 766 & 966’s. Sorry that none of this has to do with big wide fenders.
  5. What about 66 series with a single front wheel? Image that’s pretty uncommon.
  6. To me the holy grail of the 66 series is the 5 Millionth one.
  7. Has anyone had machinist do a repair of some sort to the spline for the knuckle/arm? I live in wrong part world for older tractors, meaning wreckers, parts, etc. Shipping is the killer on most parts for me, since the border is closed cant drive to Montana & pick them up either. Thanks.
  8. Awhile ago I replaced the rubber hoses from the transmission to the cooler. Loosen the hose clamps, tried to get them move off the steel lines that go over the rad. They didn't want to move, so I took off the bolts that hold the fan to the pump & took the rad out that way. The old steps didn't bother me that much, but my Dad might use the tractor once & awhile. He is short, so got the 4th step also. The previous owner had welded ugly looking plates all over the old ones. Since it was pretty much a wreck of a step, I cut it up to support the k&m steps better. Fi
  9. There appears to be some sort goop in bottom of fuel tank. Need to get the stuff cleaned out. Looks like the previous farmer poured diesel every where buy the amount wet dirt under the sheet metal. Mice had made a move home also at his farm, not here.
  10. Brought led lights from Triple R restoration’s for the grill lights.
  11. Took out the rad today, plugged with dirt so going to wash it out. Might even take my favourite rad shop to clean the inside out.
  12. Classic 5 spoke will look great on that old work truck. I see your engine has nice IH America aluminum valve covers, are they getting polished? The radiator looks awesome all polished up, how long does that shine stay?
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