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  1. redturbo

    Free BS 1066

    Hilman, trucking must be dirt cheap in Ontario? Had the 766 hauled 90 miles, of coarse get charged both ways for $900 Cdn. Farmall1066, I will get you the serial number if it’s still there. Troy, you are right about just leaving it there. On other hand in 20 plus years it hasn’t moved either. My truck can tow it, but don’t have a deck over trailer with a winch. My trailer has fenders in the way. When I spoke to the county office they didn’t even know the tractor was there.
  2. IHBowden, how many 9042 do you have?
  3. redturbo

    Free BS 1066

    For close to 20 years saw this red tractor sitting abandoned in this field. Had no idea what is was for a model other than it was a 66 series. Fast forward to couple weeks ago was on a service call. Different job & hadn’t been done this road in 4 years. Turns out service mgr is friends with county administration mgr. Was told I can have the tractor for free. With permission went & had a look at it. She is rough shape, no idea what I would with it. Going to cost $400 Cdn to get hauled to the farm. Close to 40 miles away, it’s too big for my trailer. Have decent sized hills & don’t want to chance towing it down them with another tractor. Plus 1 rim is rusted thru. What do guys think? Take it or leave it there?
  4. 9042D weights 73 lbs & fits 18” & bigger. Which includes Super W6, W400 & W450’s. Saw these weight on Yesterday tractor classifieds for sale. This time I was prepared with part number, cardboard cut out the 18" hub with holes punched out. Also traced out the 16" rim weight so I didn't buy more of the smaller weight. Drove from Alberta to Iowa to pick them up & made a holiday of it.
  5. 6788D weights 42.5 lbs & fits 16” rims. Farmall type tractors are not that common out west I did not know a lot about them. Had gone to couple rpru's & noticed front wheel weights on them. Was in southern Ontario on holidays, found a set of front wheel weights in Buffalo & a set north of Detroit. Picked set in Buffalo & headed for Detroit. Hindsight should drove thru Cleveland, crossing from US to Cdn back to US was bad idea. US border guards could not believe I was going to ball games & buying old tractor parts. Image the time travel was their reason for concern as was 4 hr trip from NY via ON to MI. Car got ripped apart, mirrors on wheels, dogs, etc. Got to answer the same 7 questions times over a coarse of 2hrs. It was an eye opening experience for this farm kid from Alberta. Finally made to north of Detroit & picked up the other set of weights. Got them sent back home. Went to put them on the Super W6 with 18" rims & they don't fit. Started searching the net & learned what these weights are for.
  6. What a great name for a puller tractor.
  7. All RED tractors are special. Your 88 sure looks in good shape.
  8. redturbo


    Bitty, Ken Updike replied to a post years ago about someone wanting to put a rops on a Letter series tractor. IH didn’t build the axle housings to with stand a roll over with a rops. Image the number series & 460/560 was same issue. When did rops show up an IH tractor?
  9. Troy, what do you mean 2pt? I’m assuming your not talking about old IH 2pt system. Pretty much all equipment is single point off the draw bar. Nothing is mounted to tractor other than a hitch pin. For sure there’s some guys using 3pt for something here but not for seeding crops I seen. Once the sod was broken up in the steam tractor era, plows had done their job. Our soil inst deep enough to bury the trash. Nobody chisel plows/cultivates, seed right into the stubble of last crop. Catfish did get a price on that hitch for the 966?
  10. Out in Western Cdn, there is next to no use for a 3pt hitch on a field tractor. On compact tractors people use them for yard work. Sometime in the early 2000’s tractors that of any colour being sent out west are coming with 3pt hitches from factory. Most of the pivot balls are seized, seen lots of the arms just taken off. Lots have rubber strap holding them so they don’t bang against the wear plate. So finding a 66 series tractor with a 3pt hitch in a wrecking yard out here would be amazing! How much is the price of the Cardan hitch? It looks well built, have hydraulic power up & down is added bonus. Years ago there was a company called Hold-On industries from SK that made 3pt hitch. They don’t make them anymore. Used plates to sandwich around the D part of the hitch to mount it.,, Mostly for 50hp tractors. I picked this one up used for future plans. The plates were gone, so I mounted it to the D. The travel isn’t very good on this Hold-on hitch. I’m only using it for the snowblower. This mounted on a 766. Putting any 3pt attachment on is a pain. Sorry I'm no help on the hitch your looking for. But if I didn't find this one, I sure would buy that one you asked about.
  11. Any updates on engine oil pressure? Did different oil change that issue? What did you have done about the overheating issue? Different thermostat? A/C repaired now?
  12. This a new pump without a gear. Wonder if your off the m&w pump will transfer over?
  13. This new pump on a Farmall 400
  14. Yesterday tractor wants $530 for the pump & $60 for the manifold that bolts to the bottom of the pump. Steiner wants $600 for pump & $65 for the block. Like you have read that say need "400" timing covers, but why? Been told that it is BS statement, I have no way of helping you on that because don't have a M. Have SW6, W400/W450 & Farmall 400. Super & 400 series have a better support built into the case for the pump? Is the later housings deeper for the hour meter? If you measure between the bolt holes, I can measure off a 400 for you.
  15. The giant lives again! The largest agriculture tractor in the world finally drives again thanks to Goodyear Farm Tires for sponsoring eight of the world's largest farm tires! LSW1400 tires are massive! It was a match meant to be.
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