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  1. TheIHMan, why are you surprised with the amount of red tractors at this show? Only asking because I have never been to either of these shows. Have a room booked & golf cart for my Dad & myself for Half century of progress show next month.
  2. This was at rpru 2019
  3. Thank you Bitty for the schedule, helps out with planning. Do you know times the IH dealership will be open to the public?
  4. redturbo


    Carr's Repair out Barwick Ontario, also have US shipping out of International Falls MN. Met him at RPRU 2014 in Huron S.D. Had a display of the parts they have for the 9 series. The engine parts are new, not old stock. www.carrsrepairvintageparts.com
  5. Send Bermuda Ken a personal massage via this website. Image he would be very interested in stuff you have or suggest where to get ride of it.
  6. I know your 66 model is not listed, but least they know about IH trucks. Might be worth a phone call. Sorry I didn’t say that in previous post. Think they list up to 57 model year.
  7. Tony, truck is way better than any 567 club chevy. Have you guys looked into Fatman Fabrication out of North Carolina? They even list International on there website. Might be worth a call. Good luck with your truck, hope to see it at Huron next year.
  8. #502 is Fredericksburg Ohio, its a SW6. #525 is New Zealand, its a Super WD6.
  9. If you get red power magazine, there list of low to high serial numbers in it. I’m not home to look. Good reason to get magazine.
  10. Been to jensales store & purchased a bunch of manuals. Thought they okay since I didn’t have any service manuals for the old IH tractors I have. But will not purchase from them again. For the price, the quality is not there. Found out about Binder Books, placed good sized order. Very well packaged product. Pictures are very clear, info isn’t missing. A year ago, a 766 arrived at the farm. Found out the Binder Books moved from Oregon to California. Saw no difference in service or quality from IH parts America. Jeff has been into IH for long time. I’m happy with the service, brought truck parts from them.
  11. My shop door faces due east. First year winter always had frost fingers. Found the snirt stopper, real dumb name but works great. Doesn’t freeze to the floor, have snow turns water to from snow plow tractor that misses the floor grate. Had it for 5 years now. 18ft wise door.
  12. Like the W9/WD9 brochure, never seen that one before.
  13. This tractor was rpru 2017. Don’t think any IH models after it?
  14. Is there any rhyme or reason to the solid front wheels to open spoked?
  15. Wasn't from ebay, girard auctions of South Dakota.
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