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  1. redturbo


    That 50 L-110 is a show stopper! Flip hood instead of to each side is a cool idea. Wish my 50 looked like that.
  2. redturbo

    Ron Berlage--Pilot Knob Restoration/Parts

    I have also brought parts from Ron at RPRU's over last couple years. 2016, I was in Dyersville for the National farm toy show. Had a list of parts, so drove over to his place. Very nice shop! For a working building, could eat off the floor there. Hope the Andy does well! A big loss for his family & our IH family. RIP Ron.
  3. redturbo

    C-7 cat engine

    3116 was called meui. Mechanical.
  4. redturbo

    What Live Hydraulic Pump is on my H???

    Sorry to Old F-14 for derailing his thread. I understand serial number breaks, etc. But who, where did the stg 1,2,3 come from? I'm doubting in the day that farmers talked about their stg 1 H or the neighbours stg 2 H. I'm looking at my Super W6 parts catalog TC - 47 right now. 501 to 3950 says cast iron frame, 3951 to 9084 channel frame. But no where does it say anything about stages. Assuming this term was made up by collectors years later? Doubt its an IH thing. Just looking for any info.
  5. redturbo

    What Live Hydraulic Pump is on my H???

    Where does this stg 1, 2 come from? I can not find any of this info in any IH manual from service, parts, owner, etc. thanks
  6. redturbo

    C-7 cat engine

    I worked on them for years before they changed the name to C7. Used to be 3126 A, then B, etc. Don't really have an injection pump as per say. There is a low pressure pump on the back side of the heui pump to transfer fuel up to the head. Then the high pressure oil pump opens the injectors with oil to allow fuel to spray into the cylinders. The 3126 were pretty good at keeping me employed, time the C7 came out our dealership had gone to Cummins or MBE. I'm glad to see Danny said to use 10w30 in that engine, Cat had been telling us that for years, but customers would never listen. The heui system works best with that grade of oil. For what your going to do with, likely be an okay truck.
  7. redturbo

    I.H, Water Jug ?

    Pilot Knob from Galena IL has the water jug brackets. Been to his business, outstanding place! No help on the jug thou, sorry.
  8. redturbo

    2018 crop pictures

    Canola crops around the yard
  9. redturbo

    McCormick OS6 Restoraton

    If you day job doesn't work out, think you have career is this type of work. Thanks for showing that it can be done at home in a small garage.
  10. redturbo

    Red Power in Review

    Randy told us that caseIH is working on new pickers again. There is 11 or so in Texas for testing . The issue is to do part that makes the module. When it need of repair, it’s $50,000 bill at dealer. Not sure how old picker is, would guess 10 years & less.
  11. redturbo

    Forum meeting today

    Tony, the guy I’m talking about is beside you in the red hat. Mike W, just not sure name he goes by on the forum. Mike Links/88 restorer is in front of you in the picture
  12. redturbo

    Vintage Ads

    The “W” came back on this brochure. Brought both of these at RPRU2018 from vendor from Wi. Same info other than last page has a Electrall on it.
  13. redturbo

    Vintage Ads

    The International “400” brochure is dated 1955. No “W” on the hood, as it was left off production for the first couple months.
  14. redturbo

    Forum meeting today

    Do know what name Mike goes under? ^^^
  15. redturbo

    Toy vendor at the redpower show in Alabama

    C1456, I'm going to send you a pm. I happen to take one of his cards from the show. He has been last couple rpru's & national farm toy shows. Have brought a few things from him over last couple years.