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  1. Both rims cleaned up, got Dad painting them today. Ordered couldn’t put new tubes.
  2. Grandfather, Dad, myself plowed snow with 53 SuperW6. It’s time for a cab tractor. Had a fan motor, but no heater core! Got one from local wrecker as core is no longer available from caseIH. Ran heater hoses, haven’t finished that project yet.
  3. Have this pile to replace the fluid weight.
  4. Calcium has been leaking out both rear tubes. Finally had enough of that, had tire guy come out. Valve stems were close to ripping off tubes. He hauled away fluid & tubes. Wired wheel one rim tonite, did it outside. What a mess that was. Left side is worse.
  5. Brought this 766 last summer. It’s only duty now is to plow snow in the winter. If we get big drifts, maybe spin the snowblower. Maybe 1 day it will looks nice Carl’s.
  6. Mike from southern Illinois or Don from Minnesota are electrall guys I know. See if can get ahold of them. Mike is this forum, maybe he will see this thread.
  7. These are the part numbers I used to reseal my hand steering pump on my 766. 86585473 for the upper seal, 86585592 for the lower packing seal. The lower packing seal had shrunk compared to the new one. The steel sleeve was really loose causing it to leak a lot. This the old part.
  8. redturbo

    Super W6

    Was any of my info helpful Meltfarms?
  9. You should leave the weights & bracket alone. Because you know, this coming winter that tractor is going to get a full paint job. Haha.
  10. The hand steering pump on my 766 was leaking also. I went to local IHcase dealer & got the shaft seal & the body seal. Installed them & the leak is gone. It was a bad leak, it leaked oil on the floor of the shop while the tractor was shut off. Did this repair in the spring, so parts should still be available.
  11. redturbo

    Super W6

    Tank & spool.
  12. redturbo

    Super W6

    This tractor used to have char-lynn pto driven pump. My Dad said what a pain I the ass it was. Always taking it on & off. Sometime in the 70’s he put the pump on the front, driven off the crankshaft. In 2012 I redid the system. Issue is engine only spins @ 1450 rpm. Hydraulic pumps that found locally need way more rpm. Used the biggest one could get. Only runs a cylinder to lift the blade up/down to push snow. It’s not super fast, but it works okay for what it is. The red piece is support of the ramp, also mounted pump to via the 4 holes at front of lower part of grill.
  13. redturbo

    Super W6

    This my late Grandfathers SuperW6 setup. Image your tractor looks like this at the right side of the engine? The pump replaces the cast housing.
  14. redturbo

    Super W6

    This my W450 with hydraulic pump driven off the gear train. About 12gpm if your lucky, replacement pumps are way over priced!
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