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  1. Finally got around to finishing the Rice 9. Rear fenders are from 1206 std, added brass wire to fender to look like a bead roll which a real WDR9 has.
  2. redturbo

    Hi clear

    I have a dumb question to ask because don’t know the answer. What mounts to a high clear tractor? Seen a few HV & MV at RPRU’s over the years. Nothing mounted & nobody around to ask. I know the V is suppose to stand for Vegetable. Thanks
  3. Its a 1486 with WD9 sheet metal. Grill, hood, tank, fenders is were the 9 parts end.
  4. Assuming your planning on having it at Huron this June? I hope so, love to see it. The time & money look well spent! Did you use IH America adapter kit to mate the gm 700r4 to the 345?
  5. New engine parts are available for the 9 series in gas & diesel. Hopefully you don’t need any. What are your plans for the T9?
  6. Windy in Alberta because BC blows & SK sucks.
  7. $10 for an adult, prices go down as age goes down. Day I was there with my Dad, only us 2. Think volunteers help out. Pretty sure the Mez’s paid for most of the costs.
  8. Just read on their website this on the final year for Farmall land. Says their going to retire. Best wishes to the Mez's.
  9. Did you get the front end parts from local caseIH dealer?
  10. Mike, that tractor in question was RPRU 2019 in Bloomsburg PA. Sign said it was an O. Other than I don’t know much about it.
  11. Great info Worm. Did Gayon Works make conversion for all tractor companies? Or just IH? How long did they do this type of work? Is your 300 an utility tractor also? I took pictures of this 350 in Florida last spring at Stu’s.
  12. Have the outside of the building wrapped like a house before material goes on. Cuts down on any sort of wind trying to get in. Windows up high for natural light. I had 2 lower windows facing south. 2 up really high facing west. My overhead door has windows to the east. Get light from sun up to sun down. This is my air system. Instead of waisting floor space, I went up, upper tank is extra air storage.
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