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  1. Why isn’t I, O & W not part of the letter series? Last time I checked those are letters. Also the 4 & 6 were built in the same factory as A thru M & share a lot of the same parts.
  2. What was the idea of the square baler needing an engine? The tractor didnt have enough power? All the square balers that I have been around used the pto to power them. Thanks for showing me different farming equipment. Nice job on restoring your baler, something to be very proud of Tony.
  3. The TV/Radio station WGN was started my one of the McCormick’s. Not sure which book I have that I read that info. If I find will update this.
  4. Thanks, I had tried it there but it didn’t just fit right. Once I took the gauges out to wash it. Could see my issue, for some reason the spline shaft moved towards the center of the dash. Which didn’t allow room for the spacer. My first time working on a 66 series. Have only been around a 100 Hydro as kid that neighbor has & this 766.
  5. Any pics of inside the cab? I have white cab 766 & curious how things look in yours as this was kinda of a mess.
  6. I took the steering column out of the tractor to clean up from the leaking steering hand pump. Got from the clutch housing to hitch clean up pretty good with varsol now. But when I lifted it out the door of the cab this spacer fell out on the floor. Holy cow is that column heavy! Here couple pictures of the spacer/bushing. It’s 3/8” thick, 1 1/2” wide with a 3/4” hole. I looked thru the parts book couple times & dont see it. Any idea where it goes would be great, thanks.
  7. The filler tube idea must of be passed on from the letters series engineer group to the 66 series guys. Since this 766 we got here doesn’t have a factory 3pt hitch I was able my own. Went to local hardware store & came up with this.
  8. Appears number is from the Kenosha WI area. By the phone numbers I can make out, looks like north of Yorkton SK area. Image most of these items would be a tough sale locally, might be worth having an USA auction company sell them off. Kinda surprised BJ hasnt taken this down yet as for sale post. Carl when are you planning on coming West?
  9. redturbo

    farmall land

    Don’t care for Girard new shipping process, Shipping Saint seems to have lost my item from sale 2 & costs more to ship.
  10. I looked up the serial number that was in the ad. Info from warranty says it belongs to a farmer in Nebraska. Had a warranty claim at 200 hrs, the add says has 0 hrs. Wrong serial number in the ad?
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