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  1. Got out "The Roar of Dust & Diesel" book. Its about IH factory @ Doncaster England. According to it, only M & W models of tractors where built there. Which would include Farmall M/BM, BMD, SBM, SBMD, SBW6, B450 Farmall & International. Nothing is listed about anything to do with the H, I or W4 series of tractor. Not sure if there was any other IH factories in GB that might have made smaller ones?
  2. Forgot one! Drive by twice a day. This wagon used to sit in a bush behind the house. When I pulled it out it fell apart. Had drug this rock out the field. Made it look like was hauling the rock & broke the wagon.
  3. Appears to be a W4 or I4 with a hood from a H.
  4. After WW2, my late Grandfather pulled this jd plow behind his H. I know it’s green.
  5. Neighbor lady that I helped sell off her late husband tractor collection gave me this tractor. It’s a Mccormick, tag is gone so I don’t know what it is. It’s across the road from the combine.
  6. I rode the school bus from 1980 till 1993, (kindergarten to 12). Looking at this old pull type combine. Asked neighbor, said I could have it. So it’s moved 6 miles to this spot. It’s 1/4 mile from driveway. Sitting on top of knoll overlooking couple sloughs. It’s a Massey Harris.
  7. A noose was left hanging in the #43 stall on Sunday night @ Talladega garage. Only people allowed in the garage are race officials, team personnel, drivers. No fans. Confederate flag was flying over the track, with writing to defund NASCAR.
  8. Dale, the side shot of the Magnum with the mower. Is that Hull / Ottawa in the back ground?
  9. You very well could of Kevin, just because I never saw one doesn’t mean they didn’t make them. Dealership I worked for sold mostly Cat engines in those years. I have been wrong before & will be again in the future. Yep, I was wrong. Sorry to all for incorrect info. Just found online a FL60 with a 8.3.
  10. The FL60 is a lot smaller truck then the FL80. I worked for F/L for 20 years, never seen a 8.3 Cummins in a FL60. The FL60's use smaller tires, truck sits lower to the ground, cab is mounted closer to the frame rails, usually only 2 springs on front axle. Far as I can remember could get a gas 5.9(Dodge), 5.9 Cummins & the 3126 Cat in the FL60's. The FL60's aren't very nice to work on compared to the FL80's as access to most areas was better because the unit is bigger. Worked on a few S50 in the FL80's, it sure filled up the engine bay! If there is a will there is a way, not it wont fit. But the 8.3 is a really tall engine compared to the 3126 or 5.9. The cab of series of trucks came from Europe, it was a cab over of some sort. When you open the doors, will notice a opening that's curved. That's where the front tire went.
  11. I seen deer clutch & brake linings come off using hy gard.
  12. The fan mounted in the wall sucks out welding, paint fumes. Behind the furnace filter is fan one would use to move air around a room in the house. I turn it on when cleaning rust off pieces of metal with the wire wheel on the bench mounted grinder. Sorry I didn't explain the set up more. The furnace filter & the cheap room fan has nothing to do with the fan that's mounted in the wall. The in the wall fan was added to the building after, was an after thought.
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