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  1. From the scoring at the top of your piston is a indicator of your carbs, butterfly shaft and carb housing wore bad, draws unfiltered dirty air in, destroying piston and rings now you have an oil burner. Carl
  2. Anyone thats bashing International Harvester build tilliage and planting equipment has obviously never had anything to do with any of it. The plows never took a back seat from any competitor from the structural design, ease of adjustments and nothing in the time of the 720 design never come close to plowing down corn stalks, or any trash no matter which way you plowed, with the rows, cross way or what ever way you wanted to go, the tilliage equipment such as the 4 5 vibershank and later models were the toughest frame design of any cult, the most shank obstruction clearance and the best weed killer tilliage machine ever build, today a 50 year old 45 vibershank is still selling for 100s of dollars more than new. Same with seeding equipment take the old #10 seed drill up to the last harvester build 5400 drills, no competition could match them for hopper capacity, ease of adjustment, swing out fertilizer floor for easy clean out and more. I have assembled, delivered, owned and ran a lot of this equipment in the last 55 years.
  3. 1977 Diesel 4 x 4 with 39754 miles
  4. Finally got the Scout Terra back with its New Paint Job
  5. Hi Martin We mailed off today a New Primer bowl, you should have it in 12 - 15 days, Hope it gets there safely Ruby Red Carl and Mary Ellen Ruby
  6. We are doing fine, was a long Winter, Spring has finally come, Birds are chirping, grass is growing. We were unable to log in on Red Power for some time. Got things up and going again. Carl and Mary Ellen
  7. Another Project, 1972 International 1510 33114 original miles, truck was build in September of 1971, has a 1971 grille insert and 1972 front bumper.
  8. Got my Birthday Present Home, 3820D loader, back hoe wasn't to be found, will be a good unit to remove stones and small trees, to break up more new ground. Records show only 611 units build. This is Ser. #600. Carl
  9. Gave the 766 a little run and worked up a bit of ground, and a bit of rain today again
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