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  1. The 80th and now they surpassed the 100th 2 years ago. Congratulations to the Smith Family
  2. Here's a couple Canadian dealers, IH and CIH
  3. Ruby Red

    Back tires

    Always try to keep on hand several refurbished rims
  4. Ruby Red

    Back tires

    Plus an assortment of hard rubber and pneumatic for projects
  5. Ruby Red

    Back tires

    Spares for the 1816 skid steer 5.00 x 15 About the only thing available traction tire for a unit like this. New Carlisle 6 x 12 original style tread for the old original cadets
  6. Ruby Red

    Back tires

    Converting our Cadets over to BKT AG tread as the old turfs are wearing out, have more tread bars then some other brands good plow tires, and work well on turf too. We keep 26 x 12 - 12 23 x 10.50 - 12 23 x 8.50 - 12 We prefer the 5 rib steers, better flotation and good looking BKT 16 x 6.50 - 8 18 x 8.50 - 8
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