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    All International Harvester build products, cadets, farm equip., trucks, light industrial equip., hobby farming, lots of gardening, finding, using and refurbishing anything IHC build in my time, my wife, kids and 10 grandchildren.

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  1. Hi Martin We mailed off today a New Primer bowl, you should have it in 12 - 15 days, Hope it gets there safely Ruby Red Carl and Mary Ellen Ruby
  2. We are doing fine, was a long Winter, Spring has finally come, Birds are chirping, grass is growing. We were unable to log in on Red Power for some time. Got things up and going again. Carl and Mary Ellen
  3. Another Project, 1972 International 1510 33114 original miles, truck was build in September of 1971, has a 1971 grille insert and 1972 front bumper.
  4. Got my Birthday Present Home, 3820D loader, back hoe wasn't to be found, will be a good unit to remove stones and small trees, to break up more new ground. Records show only 611 units build. This is Ser. #600. Carl
  5. Gave the 766 a little run and worked up a bit of ground, and a bit of rain today again
  6. Finally got the Scout out of Winter storage, see if we will get it over the 40 thousand mile mark this year
  7. Changing the clutch in your 108 is a easy task. Remove the tunnel cover and you will easily figure it out, also noticed your seat suspension springs are turned backwards, turn them around and you won't slide off the seat, for the clutch disk we make our own of aluminum and they are in destructable. Carl
  8. TD5 Jordon I have a complete manual on the 8A gear matic winch, It covers operation, disassembly, rebuilding, trouble shooting, complete parts break down and all original part numbers. There mailing address was 7400 - 132nd street, North Surrey, B.C., Canada. If you still need one I could make a copy and send to you Carl
  9. Red Turbo My trucker Dell will be coming to Lloydminister, Al. to pick up a 1680 Combine and to Derwent for a IH deluxe cab, could be in the next couple of weeks. Send me your email or phone # and I will get in touch with you Carl
  10. Agislife We're interested in your tractor splitting tooling and more. Where in Sask are you, as we would also be making a trip to our friend Gerald Parker up at Hudson Bay, Sask. Also have some IH things to pick up in Derwent, Alberta from Gary Algot Carl
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