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  1. Changing the clutch in your 108 is a easy task. Remove the tunnel cover and you will easily figure it out, also noticed your seat suspension springs are turned backwards, turn them around and you won't slide off the seat, for the clutch disk we make our own of aluminum and they are in destructable. Carl
  2. TD5 Jordon I have a complete manual on the 8A gear matic winch, It covers operation, disassembly, rebuilding, trouble shooting, complete parts break down and all original part numbers. There mailing address was 7400 - 132nd street, North Surrey, B.C., Canada. If you still need one I could make a copy and send to you Carl
  3. Red Turbo My trucker Dell will be coming to Lloydminister, Al. to pick up a 1680 Combine and to Derwent for a IH deluxe cab, could be in the next couple of weeks. Send me your email or phone # and I will get in touch with you Carl
  4. Agislife We're interested in your tractor splitting tooling and more. Where in Sask are you, as we would also be making a trip to our friend Gerald Parker up at Hudson Bay, Sask. Also have some IH things to pick up in Derwent, Alberta from Gary Algot Carl
  5. Our gem 1965 International 1500 also got packed till Spring. Dry and warm with the Cubs
  6. Just had 30 + Cubs and Cub Cadets out, run them all and realigned them for the Winter
  7. Kevin What part of this do you not understand, the silver solder method is the exact same process as used on the original, manufacture of these lines. I do not come on to this forum to ager members, just to try and help out where I can? I didn't get to be 70+ years old by being completely stupid, have only worked on IH tractors, farm equipment and trucks for 58 years. I rest my case Carl
  8. Do not Braze fittings to pipe with bronze rod, bronze has a very low tensile strength, and will not stand up to vibration. Use only silver solder, do not butt the ends, over lap fitting to pipe, tin both parts, set together and weld, much higher tensile strength and will with stand vibration, just like OEM. Carl
  9. That shield fits every 06 56 and 66 series, Farmall, and Internationals. Its the shield at the lower end of the dash / steering pedistal enclosing all the Hyd. steering lines and transmission shifter linkages Carl
  10. Harlo is the Company supplied the Fork Lift attachment to International Harvester, and many assembled at the Hamilton Plant Carl
  11. I have seen IH 240, 340, 460 and 560 in factory Fork Lifts, set ups. 404, 504 and 606 were the last of the Farm tractors used, The later ones were all based on more of an industrial design. Carl
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