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  1. 66 series, cab or no cab?

    Here's to the Folks who prefer open station 66 series tractors, I've been driving, farming with these tractors since 1972, 766, 966, 1066 gear and hydro's, most with cabs. My hearing is as good today as it was 60 years ago. Remember when these tractors were new they had the quietest cab ever on an IH tractor. Some people always like more noise by eliminating mufflers. So keep your exhaust muffled and the cab seals and floor mats in place and you will not go deaf from your almost 50 year old 66 series tractor with the deluxe cab Carl
  2. Just picked up 2 plows

    Still lots used on hobby and smaller farms. All the ware parts are readily available new or used. That 710 model was only build for a short time, as that tail wheel design rode out of the furrow and also served as the depth wheel, plus it stuck out to the left too far, made it impossible to plow close to fence line or obsticles. Carl
  3. Just picked up 2 plows

    You got yourself a Canadian, Hamilton build #46 trip beam plow, same frame can be adjusted to accomadate super chief 14" bottoms. Hundreds of these were sold in Ontario. There was also a #26 two furrow and a #36 three furrow all with common parts Carl
  4. Ruby Red's IH Equipment at Work

    New life for a rusted out 1961 Scout tail gate, the 3 Scout 11's are model kits, and the Walnut wood frame was cut from our dead walnut tree, in the back yard
  5. M, what oil in rear?

    These old tractors were build to run 80/90 gear oils, unless its a TA. If you want, fill it with hytran, but be prepared to fix a lot of oil leaks shortly after, them old leather seals at 50 years old will not stop hytran from going past them, I've been there. Carl
  6. M, what oil in rear?

  7. Vintage Ads

    Just got this original Farmall Wall Poster today, from 1939, - Wow 79 years old and lots of these old tractors still doing their thing
  8. Ruby Red's IH Equipment at Work

    Kevin - I believe this is what your referring to, the first time we met, approximately 30 years ago, see the 966 Black Stripe, unloading sow feed from the 1250 mix mill into a feed bin through the barn door. See the 350 forage harvester spout sticking out of the shed and it was hooked up to the WD9. Thats brother Royden beside the 1976 Scout Terra, and just see the roll bar and sun roof of the 385 tractor, and the S1600 parked at the barn waiting to load pigs, and the 4166 hooked to the 25 ft. #45 vibra shank, no green roofs - new colors will be red with white roofs. Carl
  9. Shouldn't we be celebrating 186 years?

    Navistar is alive and well, so new generation of engineering kids have gone too far by destroying the engine line caused by the emission laws. Since partnering up with their new partner they will be a global company, and with some of the worlds most trusted engines, in the navistar units. The numbers in certain class may be down but over all rank high in sales, give a year or so to get their ducks in a row and they'll be back to #1 spot. Carl
  10. Ruby Red's IH Equipment at Work

    And oh Santa please bring me a fishing pole for Christmas, I'll leave you a 6 pack of Manitoulin Swing bridge beer and some snacks, also a bale of hay for the rein deer. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all Carl and Mary Ellen Ruby and family
  11. Ruby Red's IH Equipment at Work

    And here's mowing the lake lot, I'll be going fishing and never leave the farm
  12. Ruby Red's IH Equipment at Work

    Mowing the barn yard grass for the first time this year, was much needed with all the rain this year, and Mary Ellen and her broken arm, so I got to mow the grass this year
  13. Ruby Red's IH Equipment at Work

    1st trip up waiting to board ferry for 1-3/4 hr. trip to farm
  14. Ruby Red's IH Equipment at Work

    Merry Christmas to all Red Power friends and family and a Happy and prosperies New Year. We will not be spending as much time on the forum in 2018 as we are preparing a total relocation to a larger land base, 28 acre farm on Manitoulin Island, (in Northern Ontario)
  15. Anyone Have a Part Number for IH Heat Housers

    These were of the grey canvas type material, always were more flexable and didn't melt when in contact with the exhaust manifold like the later plastics did