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  1. We have a blade identical to yours, #15 Case IH, got it new in 1988, nice match for the 385 Carl
  2. Custom picked several 100 acres of corn a year, with 234 pickers on 504 Farmalls in the 70's up until 1986, for dairy and beef farmers and they would grind it into tower silos, called it high moisture cob meal
  3. - 54 designates 504 chassis - 21 is height of lift, 21 feet, with 3 stage mast Identical tractor to 504U farm application with diff flipped over. With forward and reverser the reverse idler gear is deleted, bought this unit 30 years ago with the engine in a box. Rebuild the C153 and its been one of the handiest lifts we own. We removed the original counter weight box as it was badly damaged from backing into things, just hang the suit case weights on as needed. Relocated some wheel weights today to gain some storage space. (Should probably just sell some cause there getting too heavy to install and remove again.) Carl
  4. Our 5421 IH Fork lift
  5. Our first Cub Cadet Original, and first daughter Patti 1 year old in 1971. Tractor was a 1961, had the Creeper drive, fenders, headlights, ag tires, a front mounted mower clutch conversion and the 3 blade 38" deck.
  6. Ruby Red

    Ih 80 snowblower

    Also added hyd cyl to top deflector, just need to be carefull and not turn spout more then hoses extend. If gone too far it will unplug the quick couplers. If this set up I can put the snow where I want it to go. Carl
  7. Ruby Red

    Ih 80 snowblower

    Removed the old troubled cable, hyd run rotator, cut a #50 sprocket into 6 sections, removed the spout mounting spacers, installed the sprocket sections in places as spacers. Installed a hyd obit motor into the A frame brace. With the gaps between the spout sprocket spacers it prevents ice from building up on the chain, can now rotate the spout and blow the snow over top of tractor cab in tight spots.
  8. Ruby Red

    Ih 80 snowblower

    Drill the shear bolt plates from 5/16" to 3/8" and weld a 1/2" wide bushing to each plate for more shear bolt area Carl
  9. The machines that we used to keep the corn fields weeded, and some still doing it now a days Cub, Super C and 504
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