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  1. Would you know the part # of the wiper motors, your needing. I have a new in box #1653909C91, which I think is for a Transtar? Carl
  2. Ruby Red

    IH B-414

    The B414 gas models had a red telite for the oil pressure and a green one for the generator charge system, Power steering became available as an option in the last year or 2 of there production, which was a slave cylinder on the drag link, with a piggy back pump added to the 3 ph pump and the radius rod on the front axle. The PTO and 3 PH are both separate functions, the hyd is live with a engine driven pump, the PTO is a dual stage, push clutch pedal down to foot board, engage PTO lever let pedal up 1/2 way and PTO will run, release clutch pedal up all the way up with transmission shifter in gear your away
  3. Hydro unit made by Sunstrand. Parts are available through any good Cub Cadet Dealer Carl
  4. All the cutting we do with a plasma - First made up a template, clamp it to the coulter blade and cut it out, then sharpen all the notches completely to near razor edge = With the template our coulters are all identical Carl
  5. Come and get your hamburgers
  6. Here's a pic of one of our club's plow days
  7. Notching the coulters on brindly plows enhances the performance of the plows, cuts trash and more like power driven. Just finished notching the ones on our 735 also.
  8. 735 1/2 scale vari-width plow, with grand sons checking it out
  9. The day we went for a little truck run, with a couple of friends - 77 Scout Terra, 67 Pick-up, 65 1500, & 67 1500, at the old feed store in Brunner, Ontario
  10. Our #30, hitched to one of our #52 gears
  11. Is it still the original 12 HP Kohler K301 if so pull it apart and check to see if still std piston; can be re bored to .10 ) .20 ) .30 ) not the cheapest repair but has worked well for me Carl
  12. Yes, Sunbelt rental is setting up shop in Ontario, they bought up some existing rental company's. I would prefer a case, and paint it up like some of them new Red Models I've seen at several Case IH Dealers Carl
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