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  1. This is what I worked at today, spread the manure pile from last year on to the garden
  2. Got the 530 spreader finished, just waiting for the ground to dry, then clean out the barn
  3. The first 3 pics of the pair of castings, are the hinges for the fold up wing extensions on the #45 viber shank cultivators, from basic 12-1/2 ft frame to a max of 18-1/2 ft, The 4th pic of the 2 brackets are the mounting brackets to mount a #10 bale thrower to the baler chamber, starting with the #46 balers and pretty much stayed the same through the 430 and 440 series. Carl
  4. Lare Give me a call 249-777-3217. I may just have some good info on what you need, you were not by chance a friend to Ed Erb and Charlie McDonald, or knew them. Carl
  5. Just finished off going over our 540 spreader, changed all the oils in the gear boxes, welded in some new metal at several rusted out shields, installed a splash guard at front of box, made up new rubber flap at bottom of front, so being 38 years old figured a new coat of paint would be well spent, next in line is our 530 starting next week. Carl
  6. The 3 screws with the slotted heads are for adjusting the finger height only. The other 3 hex heads with the jamb nuts are your PTO adjusters, back off jamb nut and turn adjusting bolt until a .080 feeler gauge goes between bolt head and back plate, do one, then rotate clutch to access all. When done if you depress clutch pedal half way should stop tractor movement and PTO still turning, push pedal all way down PTO stops Carl
  7. There was also a 454 Hydro 474 Hydro We owned a 474 Hydro on the Farm and a friend of mine still has a 454 hydro great little tractors Carl
  8. Call it quarintiene or what ever, we are quite comfortable to stay at home, Spring is here and were getting some things done early, like getting some new lawn seeded at the house, the shop work is never finished.
  9. Mark Yes that is a #530, we also have a 540, they were only made PTO drive, and build in Hamilton, Ont, Canada. They were the last style of spreader that IH and Case IH build. Carl
  10. We have a blade identical to yours, #15 Case IH, got it new in 1988, nice match for the 385 Carl
  11. Custom picked several 100 acres of corn a year, with 234 pickers on 504 Farmalls in the 70's up until 1986, for dairy and beef farmers and they would grind it into tower silos, called it high moisture cob meal
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