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  1. Ruby Red

    6 Cylinder M. How's It Done?

  2. Ruby Red

    6 Cylinder M. How's It Done?

    This 504 I found less a engine, installed a 221 6 cyl. from a retired 303 combine, used a intermediate plate and fly wheel from a 606 diesel , starter from a 504 diesel. Lengthened the frame channels, all the hood and side panels and steering shaft 7". Ran with original 504 rad, did not have enough cooling capacity, so made up a new rad, same width and height, only deeper, (more tubes) cools fine now. There are a lot of connections to alter, such as air cleaner and connections, throttle, choke, wire harness, fuel lines and it does require some hours of work. Carl
  3. If you got your clutch from CIH or a reputable parts supplier your pressure plate fingers will be adjusted correctly, just install it. Carl
  4. Unloading, never need to shovel, just pull to lower gate pins and the box cleans out
  5. 100 Barge Box on a #52 Running Gear Box has a Mid West Sissor hoist (Iderntical to the IH one we have on our flare box)
  6. Our box needed some fixing and the #52 wagon needed lots more
  7. Ruby Red

    IHC jacket

    And the Material for a new skirt for Mary Ellen and if there's enough material left, might make a Shirt for me self
  8. Ruby Red

    IHC jacket

    Summer Sunday Hat
  9. Ruby Red

    IHC jacket

  10. Ruby Red

    IHC jacket

    My Summer Coveralls
  11. Ruby Red

    IHC jacket

    Also my Truck Winter Gear from the good times
  12. Ruby Red

    IHC jacket

    Some Winter Apparel (I call them block heaters)
  13. Ruby Red

    IHC jacket

    Also all received a Bulova Acutron Watch at the same Introduction
  14. Ruby Red

    IHC jacket

  15. Ruby Red

    IHC jacket

    Still got my jacket from the Introduction of the 86 Series in 1976, don't have the hat, it was very nice, wore it a lot. Was quite a sight to see the big theatre filled all IH people, all in Red Hats and Jackets (in Chicago and had the New 86's on stage)