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  1. Sympathy to the Thorburn Family, George will be sadly missed on Red Power Forum, Always enjoyed a visit with George at our tractor days, was always up on IH and Case IH, very knowlegable on anything in life, spent many hours with him during our many years of selling memorabilia for Chapter 20. Sad how such a sickness can eat up a strong healthy man as he was the last time we met, Carl and Mary Ellen Ruby
  2. The basic loader is of 1/8 formed materials, the mounting brackets are 1/4" and some parts of 5/16. The boom arms are formed lefts and rights and welded together. All cylinder and bucket piviots are bushings with grease nipples. There's no extra hydraulic pump, we run the hyd off the hydro charge pump, which is approx. 800 psi. Will lift bucket full of snow, and light material, gravel or rocks 1/2 full, as for steering and traction, its like any thing with out power steering, or no rear ballast, its a boy and we don't ask it to do a man's work. Carl
  3. Dual dash valve for loader operation, works out well on left side, with hydro on right
  4. Hyd. bank, hoses and couplers color coded for easy hook up
  5. Getting the Cadets out after a long Winter Removing the mount-o-matic loader
  6. The eyelets are thumb screws to turn tight into weight bracket to prevent weights from unlatching, we also run a wire or plastic tie straps from one to the other, also security at shows to prevent them from growing legs and taking a hike. Give me a call at 249-777-3217, as we are headed down to the Kitchener area with in the next week to pick up a load of tractors. Carl
  7. Mobile cart makes it easy to move saw closer to work areas and handy welding bench
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