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  1. Blew the straw into the barn with the 350 Farmall on the 56 Blower
  2. Chopped straw today for the next year's bedding for our layer hens - 766D, 550 harvester and #51 forage box
  3. We got our first New 526 IH tiller in 1972, still have it and acquired several more for family members, they were first sold in 1971. No this is not a IH Sales Ad, its my wife Mary Ellen tending to her garden Carl
  4. Off loading into the #100 flare box pulled by 385 tractor. Hope to finish harvest tomorrow, then take in the straw.
  5. Combined mix grain this afternoon, this marks 58 years of service for the old 93 Combine, gave her a good pre harvest check over, replaced several bushings, some little bearings, grease job and a coat of Dakota shine.
  6. Yes we did spread the manure with the 530 spreader, and when finished spreading we always wash up clean. There was also a 555 spreader build, same size as 550 but the apron chain was hydraulic driven, there was also a 560 model made, was a very long box and also single axle. Carl
  7. Swathed the grain crop at the neighbours farm with the 275, got some rain the next5 day, hope for sunshine next week and combine
  8. Ruby Red


    Made in CANADA NOT JAPAN Could easily be made in USA also Carl
  9. Ruby Red


    Puddle welded it to the inside of the hood through holes which had been drilled for the barn hinges, installed a 1/4" bolt on each side, by the (782) to secure the side panel, could pass as factory made but much stronger. Carl
  10. Ruby Red


    Here's one of my 782's when I bought this tractor it had 2 barn door hinges bolted to on top of the hood. Made up a new bracket with 3/8 x 1" steel.
  11. Just got a much needed 1/2 " of rain, Saturday night, the sun came out and we got over shadowed by a beautiful rainbow. Sunday morning got another 1" more rain.
  12. This is what I worked at today, spread the manure pile from last year on to the garden
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