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  1. IHRunner


    Of course we caught more and splored an shite. Oh...also. Sketchy. Muskrat dam holding back like thousands of gallons of water that i realized i was ficchin the whole time lol.
  2. IHRunner


    Just a short trip after work today. But 7 species in 3 hours. One Creek. And we didnt land the two remaining species. Species 1. Of course the beloved Bluegill Species 2. A very healthy 20in rainbow. Species 3. The Bullhead Catficch Species 4. My personal favorite. The Channel Cat. This one is a hybrid of all tings. Species 5. An "almost" largemouth bass. And a largemouth ass as well holding it Species 6. The absolutely stunning green sunficch. And species 7. The heavy hitters. The big ol Carp head ficch.
  3. Look at the muscle tone on that ting. No tanks. One of its turds could break your toe
  4. Happy birthday. Push the skinny pedal through the sheet metal and have a good day.
  5. IHRunner


    Wasa good day all around doh
  6. IHRunner


    Always hard to tell when i hold ficch how big they are. I have creepy long fingers and im 6'2 so they do seem smaller than when 5'5 Dae holds dem lol. But this was a big boy. And that wee 5'0 pole was having a **** of a workout.
  7. IHRunner


    Zebco triggerspin set a new pb today at 3.4 lbs. Big fat bugeyed bass.
  8. Mrs. Hillskine is on here too
  9. IHRunner


    The stormfront and the sunset.
  10. IHRunner


    Had to fight through some seriously bullsh** storms today. Hail. Rain. Wind. Wind. Dirt. Wind. But...ficch. We couldnt take pictures of all of them. The wind was blowing so hard that we didnt want to dry them out. But. Catficch that was a team effort because of a bad hookset. Big bass And tiny bass.
  11. IHRunner


    Living in Colorado we have Eagle Claw company not super far from us. So fly ficchin is popular. On that note. I tried fly ficchin once. And broke a 500$ pole. Daelyn will fly ficch when the top water bite is good. But even she doesnt do it much. Since you run the risk of snagging a bass cat or carp doing fly ficchin down where we live. You have to be a bit more careful.
  12. IHRunner


    Oh. And i did a ting while adventuring. On a zebco triggerspin. I may have cheap gear. But when throwing a 6 dollar lure. Even i can occasionally hit a ficch in da face.
  13. IHRunner


    Happiest human on earth right now
  14. IHRunner

    Celtic Women

    The hidden joke me tinks.
  15. IHRunner


    Thats cause i did the conversion kit. Im terrified of dem airbags going catastrophic and draggin the arse end through a dip lol.
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