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  1. Already made plans to bomb the plant.
  2. I do a lot of training in the mountains. But it's always amazing to me how one step off a trail and you can just be lost. Obviously people who live in the wilderness have more luck that I do lol.
  3. Doing some recovery work and managed to get wonderfully lost in the mountains.
  4. Heck yeah. Can I guess which 3? Beretta. Sig. Springfield.
  5. Lad how have ya been? And a good choice indeed my friend. Good for any game in 99% of the world
  6. Honestly just popping in to keep this from getting archived. Good to see everyone. Just been busy with work. I don't get much free time anymore.
  7. I zoomed in a bit. Black diamond or BG engine I believe
  8. If that stamp says 220 it's a silver diamond 220 engine Or is the model of machine a 220? I'm confused
  9. God bless ye lad. Thank you a ton. I'm currently pulling and archiving all of my stuff again.
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