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  1. Yeah. It became Tdub seat height very quickly. I had to do the "walk beside, clutch dump" for longer than I'd care to admit. But we've had just a bit of rain this year lol.
  2. May have sunk her in the mud today
  3. For sure not planning on a trip or anything....nope. not me.
  4. Working on the beautiful Mil-Spec from springfield
  5. Well I hate snakes so fair buddy 😄
  6. The season of even poopier weather is here https://youtu.be/KMQcMUXjAgE
  7. I'm working on it buddy. I really am
  8. The queen of it all. My wonderful 95 year old grandmother
  9. There may have been just a tiny bit of that going on. Not that I can say. Lol.
  10. Ficchin with the Fatman
  11. Yes indeed. Working with fatman leather out there on some stuffs. Secret squirrel and whatnot
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