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  1. IHRunner

    My run at River Falls

    This never gets old. Thanks for sharing. Congrats on getting second!
  2. IHRunner


    Was trying to figure out if i could train it to carry explosives lol
  3. IHRunner


    Nah couldnt be. My sister is 5'8 and would really make me look bad lol.
  4. IHRunner

    Almost made it a week

    What engine comrade?
  5. IHRunner

    Ficching Challenge!

    Well the challenge is over. Someone decided that a chair and a cold soda pop was more his style so he may have fallen behind. But the tally was Daelyn 72 fish in three days. Opal 71 fish in 3 days. And me. 59 fish in 3 days. I prefer shooting guns and i get distracted by pretty women ficching. But what can i say. I had a blast. We fished 7 locations in 3 days and caught some really enjoyable fish. Had a blast hanging out with my friends. What more can i ask for. I live a very blessed life.
  6. IHRunner

    Ficching Challenge!

    Sounds like it! Well done!
  7. IHRunner

    Almost Finished

    That might be a bad idea. They would get distracted by prarrie dogs
  8. Only two spooders in the USA have the ability to harm us. Black widows and Brown Recluse. Ive been bit by both. The brown recluse will cause some necrosis on me. Not quite like that. But some. The black widow will just ache for a bit. I stuck my hand is a nest 4 years ago however and got stuck in the er for a bit. You take care of that hand
  9. IHRunner


    Thank you buddy. I appreciate it
  10. IHRunner

    Ficching Challenge!

    Daelyn landed a gorgeous wiper and bass. Due to the extremely dangerous ficching location we couldnt get a ton of picchers And yes thats a big fat ugly bluegill caught on chicken liver. Idk how da **** dat happened
  11. IHRunner

    Ficching Challenge!

    Ill ship em out to ye
  12. IHRunner


    Im gonna commit to this and only upload my pictures of my project here. I feel like i clog up the works with all my posts so this time it will all go here.
  13. IHRunner

    Ficching Challenge!

    The challenge continues. We fished 12 hours solid yesterday. Daelyn landed a chubby carp on an ultralite and it was friggin hilarious. Opal caught a pink blue gill. Laughs were had all around. We ficched til midnight. And im in the lead somehow with 47. But opal caught a game changing wiper.
  14. IHRunner

    Almost Finished

    Shooting til sunset with the wee plinker.