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  1. Even made the return trip. Alive no less.
  2. Had to prove I could still do it. 7° outside this morning. Took off to my dad's 21 miles away. And literally froze. My helmet had so much ice on it I kept having to chip it off. And my phone shut off half way into the ride. But. Don't wanna admit I'm older so I made the ride with no windshield. No handguards. No heated grips. Just cried the whole way 😆
  3. Might end up that way for sure depending if I keep buying old junk or not lol.
  4. Doing some adulting. Ish
  5. Ripping it in the snow...fun. Ripping it on the ice....fun but with tears running down my legs. Not using the garage door...priceless.
  6. Having never held one. I can only say that it looks incredible. The overall size looks nice and they used the correct steel for sure
  7. Nah. Just sorta like thrashing bikes in the winter months. 🤔 but....maybe lol
  8. Full send. We're gonna go thrash it at the hill in full riding gear so if something let's loose I'm less likely to loose my vital bits. But if it's awesome...maybe I'll order a few more while I wait on my 2023 yamahas to get here
  9. I bet you're right. All the bolts are those green Chinese color. I'm unconcerned. I have enough Japanese bikes to fill my whole shop. Might as well enjoy a few Chinese ones til they explode ya know?
  10. Looks like a kawasaki or honda clone. Stupid thing is fuel injected. And like...not totally awful
  11. It's coming off. It's electric start. I'll just toss a very small one on it for emergency starting...the stupid thing came with a lithium battery.
  12. Chimnesey motor cicle. And it sorta rocks
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