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  1. IHRunner


    Day wouldnt be complete on the big lake without a decent Wiper and a beautiful sunset. Dae landed it on the quantum ultralite. Lightest and thinnest pole we have, specifically for trout and crappie....and 4lb wiper.
  2. IHRunner


    Tiny bass and tiny carp head. And there's your damn hand comparison for those who think i only catch tiny ficch. My hands are just twice dae's
  3. IHRunner


    Big bluegill on the big lake.
  4. IHRunner


    BFE near the Kansas/OK border. Prowers county. Flatlands. Everyone thinks its ugly down here. I just find little creeks and stuff to entertain me lol.
  5. IHRunner


    Storms make for nice sunsets. But i could sure use a break.
  6. IHRunner


    Hello Dockness my old friend. Was using the dock demon to try and get some cutbait. Stupid thing catches bass more often than not
  7. IHRunner


    Got to see Dae briefly so we fished after a nasty storm. Caught like 20 catfish. Including this long skinny channel and this absolutely confused bullhead.
  8. IHRunner


    Schtorms. Never ending
  9. IHRunner

    At the gym

    Honestly. Id smash. Janea is looking over my shoulder right now...so what i meant to say is...what a fine lady both of them appear to be.
  10. Automatics are a class III regulated item. We dont own automatics here. Would if we could. Probably kill some pop cans and mass murder some watermelons.
  11. I need to rephrase this. This was an ex lover. One who moved back to Japan and we remained friends.
  12. Gonzo. You aren't arguing with reason. You're arguing with opinion. All of us are. Reason says that no one should ever want to take life in such a senseless fashion. You asked why anyone needs an ar. Not once on here have you said how you plan to keep bad guys from killing people. If you dont have an answer then your rhetoric and sarcasm is just that. Meaningless. Gun owners argue "why take my guns, i havent hurt anyone." Yet just like in school, you, the left leaning on gun control, seek to punish all for the actions of one. Drunk driver kills teenager. Ban cars. No wait. Ban alcohol. But wait. It's illegal to drink and drive. Oh crap. You mean the laws in place cant stop anyone from committing a crime? Well f*** a duck. Guess we should all just give up our cars. Then only the government will have cars and they can choose who can drive. Oh wait. Cars aren't a constitutional right....guns are. A tangent you say? Probably. But i just buried a lover who was murdered in an arson attack where guns are illegal. And where government is supposed to protect the people. But they didnt. And a shitload of people died because someone wanted to do harm to people. Arson is illegal. Guess now they better outlaw matches and gas.
  13. IHRunner


    Close. But an ocean away all the same.
  14. IHRunner


    J. A. Pan company MTO
  15. My sister defends her home with guns. Has a vagina far as i know. Might not be a fragile male ego. But i like blanket statements all the same. Why does anyone care. When an old man with a bad back and failing reflexes wants to be on equal terms with a home invader. Are you going to be the one to limit his use of force? Didnt think so. Keep that in mind moving forward. All men are not equal. Our talents. Physical attributes. Mental prowess. And our drive make us different. When someome else has the upper hand. Id like to think id do whatever it takes to meet hellfire with hellfire. Shall not be infringed. Also. Unpopular opinion. I agree with Atila.
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