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  1. IHRunner


    Wonder why I never get anything done while testing gear. Gotta carry a Koala on my back checking targets lol.
  2. IHRunner


    Testing one of the Folds Of Honor poles from Zebco. Miserable weather but always fun.
  3. IHRunner

    What do you see?

    SpiderBird. Saving the day.
  4. IHRunner

    Old Willie still after it

    Matt Heafy.
  5. IHRunner

    Old Willie still after it

    Leave Colorado out of this lol. Colorado died a long time ago. Now its tiny California
  6. IHRunner

    10/15 Birthday Boys

    Who is thos Art you speak of? Never heard of him. Sounds like a quiet timid lad. Happy birthday buddy
  7. IHRunner


    Bout 25 miles south of my hometown. Not to far.
  8. IHRunner


    65° where we were! Bout died of a heat stroke. Supposed to get a few inches of snow tomorrow to offset the hot day today. When i woke up it was 38° and i put on a long sleeve and some heavy pants. By noon i was shirtless and swapped out to hiking shorts.
  9. IHRunner


  10. IHRunner


  11. IHRunner


    Doing some hiking today and ficchin.
  12. IHRunner

    Something To Ponder

    Difference between him and the rest of the mud. He's an ivy league grad with a buisness degree and respects the constitution. But no. We dont need him either. American people on the whole are good. Honest people. But. Government has made them weak and selfish. Both parties. Just pick your poison.
  13. IHRunner

    Something To Ponder

    Can testicular cancer be handled in a similar manner?....asking for a friend.
  14. IHRunner

    something got,Lost one of our Turkeys

    Yote that got spooked. We get it with critters here. Coyote will grab something. Break its neck. Haul it to safety. Then get spooked and abandon it. Something to ponder. May not be right. But it happens