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  1. I zoomed in a bit. Black diamond or BG engine I believe
  2. If that stamp says 220 it's a silver diamond 220 engine Or is the model of machine a 220? I'm confused
  3. God bless ye lad. Thank you a ton. I'm currently pulling and archiving all of my stuff again.
  4. I'm assuming this site. Like others. Has an algorithm for "inactivity lock" where, after a certain period of inactivity on a post, it becomes locked. Is that suspended as well when a forum is locked? Or after a period of inactivity will those posts be locked like others when you scroll back in time?
  5. I've been googling my individual pages of TBOP and downloading my pictures. It is the physical and intellectual property of BarnOwlProductions LLC. so the images still belong to me. This might also be a way for OBG to retrieve some of the stuff he posted. Just Google "IH tractors on a Montana far" followed by the page number. And the images will still be there. Troy. Sledge. This might also be a way to recover your stuff. And everyone who had long standing posts. TBOP was a small thread. But it was still my stuff and my hard work. I can't imagine they'll ditch OBG's national gem of a thread. But I doubt all of the others will be recovered. So I'm snagging my stuff before it disappears.
  6. I try. I live in a stack of books at work so my job is a bit different lol. I have unlimited part numbers at hand
  7. Also. I think that is 4651 terminal spacing. So you can probably run into any parts store and buy a headlight connector for a 4651 bulb
  8. Standard pn# potentially I'd CG49
  9. I believe Dorman/Conduct Tite is 85342
  10. Give me a bit. I'll find you an SMP part number
  11. A legend had joined the Project
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