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  1. This isn't the bash. We can be a bit kinder here. I dont collect scale models. But i understand the sentiment. Fit and finish is important im anything. Hot wheels has been having problems for years. Heck i can name a few firearm companies that cant seem to fit a gun together anymore lol.
  2. IHRunner


    Boy if only that werent hurtfully true lol. I've done it about two too many times lol
  3. IHRunner


    Doing some desert stuff with a desert gun.
  4. IHRunner


    When you know that rain is about to start and you're fed up wif the wind.
  5. When i was in Alaska i was hunting with a BLR rebarreled to 35 Whelen. Funny enough it broke during elk season the next year here in colorado. 30-06 with 180g bullets or 220 will take dangerous game just fine. My competition guns are all savage platforms and i assure you. We shoot a **** of a lot more rounds than hunters. And ive never broke one. Dunno.
  6. Show me a gun that doesnt break and ill show you a liar. Worth noting however the 110 was updated with heavier internals. So i suppose its a possibility. I have several 110's and ive never broke one.
  7. IHRunner


    Sure does for us left hand morons lol
  8. IHRunner


    25-400 yds i use a savage 110 in 243 with a weaver grand slam. 400-850 i use an ultralight axis in left hand bolt 25-06
  9. IHRunner


    Raised Catholic. Disagreed when they "elected" this pope in the first place. He seems to have plenty of time to criticize people's beliefs and America and how people are treated. And how conflict in the middle east is handled. But he sure hasn't done much to quell the pedophilia in his own churches. I guess the treatment of people doesnt apply when the ones floating the bill want you to keep quiet. Haven't been a practicing "anything" in years.
  10. IHRunner


    My thoughts exactly. "Just gonna stare into the middle distance so no one suspects a thing"
  11. IHRunner


    Trying to do work but BuDog constantly tangles herself
  12. Normally i attend 3-6 concerts a year. With many concerts being shut down. Many bands have been performing free concerts on YouTube. And I've had time to watch them. Musicians usually try their best to keep their fans entertained. And putting on free concerts really has raised my opinion of many groups.
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