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  1. Little A holes keep getting in my shop. Lookin like they're gonna ask me for donations
  2. People like modifying dumb stuff now. I get paid to do dumb stuff.
  3. The stuff I do to guns I can't usually post here. No legality reasons. Just inappropriate
  4. IHRunner


    Bopping around in the rain. Waiting for clear sky's so I can fly the drone.
  5. IHRunner


    And occasionally a tiny wheelie blue tote tdub
  6. IHRunner


    From Blue Tote Bike To Semi Restored Blue Tote Bike To Worlds Tiniest Rally TDub Blue Tote Bike. Which is a mouthful. But still a basket case of fun
  7. Bopping around the desert on the xt600 today. Fishing and shooting innocent birds
  8. Slurped it right up huh? The tw200 isn't really made for deep water crossings. It gets a bit light with its balloon tires. But I've done it on my old one. Luckily the air box is as tall as the seat so they usually don't suck up water.
  9. I did 😆. That's the only way I can fish that area is if I ride through. Luckily it was only a foot or so deep.
  10. They do not indeed approve 😄. They have limited cab space. But boy are they handy. And they stop me from getting handsy.
  11. Out shooting flying rats today. Getting to many piggeons at the hill so I sometimes thin the herd. And flying rats that only eat corn their whole life are pretty dang tasty
  12. Listen. I'm not sure the forum is quite open enough for that joke.
  13. So. There's another special trip planned for tomorrow oddly enough. Also secret squirrel. I'm having to take all my trips at once before my knee surgeries.
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