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  1. IHRunner


    Knew I liked you bud.
  2. IHRunner


    Just had to re-agree to terms and conditions as they have been updated. I'll add my 2c and then might take a break from RPF. The problem with political restrictions on a forum is 1) who decides what is politics? 2) do they remain fair and unbiased when handing out judgment? Human rights are not politics. But if I say. "Such and such is immoral and so and so should do something about it". Suddenly it becomes politics. I try not to tread on the political here. Mainly because I f***ing hate politics. But what happens when guns. Hunting. Fishing
  3. IHRunner


    Dunno. Guns in general now border on "politics". Kinda sucks for a dude who built his life around the outdoors lol.
  4. IHRunner


    Wonder when my TBOP Topic is gonna get poofed. Isn't tractor related. Might have to call it soon lads.
  5. IHRunner


    So beautimus. Hanging out wif their correct capacity counterparts.
  6. IHRunner


    Lol depends if it fires 45 or not lol
  7. IHRunner


    Tanks bud. She's used. But I really like it. I'm not a huge 1911 worshiper. But. I still love em a little bit lol
  8. IHRunner


    Welcome home little champydoo
  9. IHRunner


    Sorry I meant 4in 1911's. I have an xd service in 4. A g3 in 4. Xdm operator in 4. I'm sure others. I've just always been a 5in 1911 snob. Idk why. It's stupid. But well...they look cool lol
  10. IHRunner


    I don't think I have any 4in models. So I guess this will be my first. I'll let ye know how the ol super tune springfield shoosts.
  11. IHRunner


    How...dare you. Lol I love my xd's But. My TRP and Range officers are pretty sexy too.
  12. IHRunner


    Commander size. 4in. Don't know the overall yet. Beefy little critter.
  13. IHRunner


    I see a springfield. I buy a springfield.
  14. IHRunner


    Thank you my friend. I'm a month away from knowing lol.
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