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  1. IHRunner


    Cant see the sun. Pray for Colorado i suppose. Pretty bad when the smoke blocks out the sun 450miles away from the fire.
  2. IHRunner


    Welcome to the club ma dewd. Love the black roofle.
  3. Its an axis believe it or not. Thats a test gun. Savage axis precision. 22in heavy barrels. MDT chassis. I have the 110 elite coming in 300 prc. But its a left hand platform.
  4. To be fair. Its the scope off of a new gun of mine. The Bull was just using it lol
  5. All pretending we know what we're doing.
  6. IHRunner


    Still upright. If barely. But im a pretty durable critter
  7. IHRunner


    Id certainly like to. But these are most likely going to a friend in NC who works at the NC museum of history in Raleigh. they also do reenactments so these need to be serviced with period correct oils and grease. US cleaners are nice. But they're a bit rough depending on the "solvent" you use. And in short i dont mind doing a bit of labor to learn about history. I always get a bit emotional with prewar and wartime firearms. God only knows what they have seen.
  8. IHRunner


    So yesterday. Caught a grass carp on a topwater lure....W**. Then today...caught a bigger grass carp on my ultralight
  9. IHRunner


    Thats how that crazy revolver comes apart lol
  10. IHRunner


    Scrub scrub scrub.
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