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  1. IHRunner


    That would have made a nice trolling motor lol
  2. IHRunner


    Never have tried to land a deerficch. Looks kinda big. On that note I threw a crank bait at a beaver one day and almost lost a really nice ficchy pole.
  3. IHRunner


    The creek I was fishing has walleye in it. Forgot about it and was wondering why I kept breaking off. Is that mainly a trout stream you feech?
  4. IHRunner


    Swung a 400$ baitcast combo at it instead. Total girly panic mode
  5. IHRunner


    Not this sheit again. These brown water danger noodles are the bane of my existence ficchin
  6. IHRunner


    The beautiful lepomis macrochrius. Boojillian headed feech.
  7. Isn't it sad. The smaller the caliber the more aggressive the name became lol.
  8. Sadly. How well I know. 3032 Tomcat. 2025 bobcat. All those critters
  9. Hey no biggie. That's why I hate alpha numeric names and crap. Just call it like the savage potato beetle or whatever.
  10. I'm confused. The 25 Is A Bolt gun. 25 Walking Savage. What problems come from a bolt gun lol
  11. Could be. I only owned 1. I had great luck wif it.
  12. Also if you want to try the 22 hornet but don't want 1000 entry fee. Look at a savage 25 in 22 hornet. One of the nicer bolt guns you can get without sacrificing a paycheck to setup with gun and scope
  13. I have two slings in barrel down orentation. One on a shotgun and a single shot 35 whelen. Keeps me from snagging branches with the barrel up position. Not saying that's why his is on like that. But where I use that 35 I almost always want barrel down
  14. IHRunner


    I'm not a huge fan of the american. Nothing to do with reliability or anything like that. Mainly just don't like the massive beaver tail. I like the security 9 a lot more. But. The ol hammer fired trigger isn't my favorite. For my money I prefer the security 9
  15. IHRunner


    An unfortunate spalling splash.
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