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  1. Sneks for days. We could probably do a rattlesnake hunt if we were bored. Every now and then you see some crazy badger trotting along with a snake in its mouth and i just kinda have to give it the thumbs up and let it waddle by lol.
  2. The Spectre is fine. However we're talking smartscopes vs mech scopes. My ATN Xsight and Thor are used to track and record wildlife movements and patterns. Easiest way for me to keep an eye on things is to have a physical recording. Im not saying i dont like other military grade optics. But im not gonna knock a digital scope for breaking due to my negligence. Never have even sniffed a Hensoldt. They come with a pricetag i couldnt even contemplate. Only ever heard nice things about their quality though. Definantly some nice looking glass there lorenzo. Thanks for sharing.
  3. I sent an email. But i personally feel i should eat this one. This falls under abuse and or neglect in my opinion. I may send it in a pay for repair if it can be repaired. But i dont know yet. This was 100% my fault and im willing to take responsibility for being an idiot. If anything I'll just buy a new one. The xsight 2 isnt near as expensive as when it first came out. I can get one for under 600. And i paid more than that for some of my nikons so i dont mind buying new glass. Just a crappy ordeal. If i barrel tweaked the total replacement cost of the scope/bipod/upper will be about 1700. And i think thats what im the most upset about lol. That will take me a few months to scrape up the funds to replace everything.
  4. I must be spacy. I have three atn smartscopes. The one i got recently was number tres. Idk how i never got around to explaining that. Ive owned them for years and i like them well enough. They are insanely tough. None of the glass broke on this one. So they must be pretty solid. I plan on doing a full writeup on my very first one i ever bought back when they were almost 1000$. Ill post some video that they record too.
  5. No no no my friend. The owls and the badgers are my comrades. They eat all the snakes and mice on my property. I was keeping an eye on the coyotes and the bobcats. They are the ones who have been terrorizing my poor property lol
  6. Damn. Badgers and Barn Owls were counting on me. Gonna have to let em down this time.
  7. Looks like i have b&w only right now. Date is all fuggered. Zoom only functions part time. Neato
  8. Note. Not all. But most scratches are new. This is one of my older ATN smartscopes. Just took a 14 foot leap off the top of a grain bin. Took my blacksnack 300 with it. Broke an inexpensive harris bipod. Lost the rear eye peice off my atn. Scratched my handguard just a smidgen. And pissed me off more than anything. Scope wont cycle between green/b&w/day modes now. Its my oldest one and i just bought another recently. But damn. Not how you want to end a night.
  9. Enzyme-catalyzed oxidation. Bioluminescent fungus. That good stuff right? Only a single creek here where i live has this happen. Scared the crap out of me the first time i saw glowing crap on a downed tree while hiking.
  10. I like this forum. Kinda smells like cat pee and old people. But its a good place to be. I mainly troll now. Just hoppin along and looking at all the cool stuff. But its still a forum that soothes the soul.
  11. IHRunner


    Gun confiscation laws. Phone call from someone saying im crazy and have guns and local pd can seize my firearms without a warrant and without a courtesy knock. So im very careful now. Law isnt in effect yet. And local sheriffs vowed not to support it. But....id rather not be on a watch list.
  12. IHRunner


    I shoot twice a week still. But im by myself and dont post much in the way of guns. We have redflag laws now though so i dont post as much
  13. IHRunner


    Since i shoot almost exclusively by myself now i dont take picchers. But when friends show up. Gotta post em right? Doing a bunch of glock vs springfield stuff lately. Ol cody has the single stacker glocker. Put it against the ol XDS. Still a good ol pistola
  14. IHRunner


    But we all know what im usually doing. Id rather shoot than build. So i always get wayyy behind.
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