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  1. Kinda sounds like the wastegate needs adjusted doesn't it?
  2. Best thing to do would be get someone with an est out there. If it doesn't fire it could be a few things crank or cam sensor, no communication from ECU, low rail pressure. The trans 60 code if I remember is clutch pedal pot out of adjustment.
  3. The 2208 stalk roll had a bolt the whole length of the stalk roll that liked to snap off, on top of that that bolt got loctited in also.
  4. Think it's either a pipe thread or boss oring thread
  5. Might try a new seal around radiator door and check the brushes on the rotors screen.
  6. Do you have to rear of the rotor supported? Sounds like your just bottoming out against the housings
  7. Think it's basically the same transmission all the way thru current production just a matter if it's controlled by a shift cable or by solenoids.
  8. Usually the shop I work at is open til 5 on Saturdays for harvest. If you need parts after hours it costs you an extra 30 dollars to get someone to come in. It's set up that I get $60 an hour if I get back to my house than have to head back out on a call, needless to say it's been two years and I haven't got the extra pay yet.
  9. What's everyone's local dealer/repair shops policy for weekend service during planting/harvest?
  10. Display probably has to be sent in.
  11. No I've only got about 10 inches between each roll of flighting, usually can use a a 90 degree air drill
  12. They say with the shortages right now as soon as a swather is completed at grand island they get it on the truck they don't even test run it. The case IH combines they keep robbing parts off completed machines to keep the line moving.
  13. Needed quarter inch holes, ended up butchering it with that plasma cutter.
  14. I think I will just use the plasma cutter. I usually don't have much luck getting the holes quite right bir I'll just have to do it.
  15. Think it's around a 1/4 or 3/8 thick.
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