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  1. Just have to learn to shake your head at some of the comments sometimes and move on. An hour later the topic could very well be buried on the next page to never be seen to much again.
  2. Forgetting the 24 Inch adjustable hammer/hitch pin.
  3. I've got the big snap on one for my job during the week. I use this montzuma on the weekends. I do like my snap on but it's just to big to have on to pull trailers to.
  4. Got just a plain shortbox flatbed for right now. Use it for hauling goosenecks and working extra jobs on the weekends right now.
  5. Thought about that also. Just not sure if I want to just yet.
  6. There any road boxs out there that would hold all this mess? Got a midsized montezuma now that Im hating with a passion. I probably carry to much for a personal pickup bit if I get a clutch job on a guys place it all seems to be handy every once in a while.
  7. I'd try a hyd filter first. Seems like everything works but not up to par.
  8. Perty much just going to have to fix the range shifting there. Its a feed tractor so I'll be short of time to get it fixed anyways working off farm and living 40 miles away.
  9. Have to rebuild the high low shift linkage beside the steering wheel on my dad's 966. Can you get the center and right hand panels off with the cab on or does the cab need to come off?
  10. Did hear a rumor about an established pack around but we'll nebraska. But then again it's just rumor.
  11. Send some my way. Been sitting not doing a single thing for the last three days and I know it's just going to continue at my main job. Sat around all last summer taking turns mowing and trimming.
  12. The 4240 came in from Florida and needless to say everything that should pivot doesn't. Plus it's also a 40 harder.
  13. Some of the big iron boys personal stuff I'm getting the pleasure of working on. Might be a drop in the bucket to them but someone's got to do it lol.
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