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  1. Haha yes the inlaws found the lord which is a good thing but they have gone a bit to far in my book. I'm sure there's lots of scary stories from out in the sand hills. Makes me wish I'd have starting going with my grandpa to the basset and Burwell sale barns alot more than what I have thru the years to visit with all the ranchers we get cattle from.
  2. Nope, my house is supposedly filled with evil spirits so she hardly comes over. I was just helping the two young kids at work try to knock apart some ujoints on some power shafts and was taping out the caps when I hit my thumb just right
  3. 756puller


    Does anyone know if any company makes a nice mitt to have on your hands so when your whaling away with a hammer and miss you don't rip up the hand your holding the shaft with?
  4. What do roller tractors usually bring at mecums? It'd be worth not letting it rot away.
  5. Where's jmech when ya need him haha, might be worth a try you surly wouldn't be out much since they don't make them anymore. It is a very collectable tractor of done right.
  6. Ive got a champion 12000 lb winch I have pulled a 5288 up on my light gooseneck trailer. It did the job but I needed more battery than just running heavy duty jumper cables from pickup battery to trailer. It was just a single battery also
  7. It's a wood deck it won't slide like a steel floor.
  8. I've usually found when the drive shaft ujoints are about to go out the tractor shakes from 900 to 1300 rpm. Get around 1400 rpm or better and it goes away. This is on the large frame magnums though.
  9. One thing about it of you fix stuff for a living you will always be busy.
  10. Wonder if it couldnt be the suspension accumulator needing charged up. Had one a few months ago that seemed to hunt for position all the time but no faults. Charged up the accumulator down by the left hand fuel tank and the problem went way.
  11. What's every one that has a lot of tools doing about tool insurance? The shop I work at has a policy but I think it covers only up to $10000 worth of tools. I supposedly have my tools covered under my homeowners policy but still don't know of that covers stuff that isn't on sight.
  12. Have to place brackets around the 4 corners of the roof and lift from there.
  13. Didn't think of doing it that way. Usually I end up piling the fuel tanks and everything else around the sides of the tractor it just comes natural to lift from the back.
  14. How is every one lifting cabs off of the magnum tractors? I've got all the brackets I need to hook up to them. My problem is the shop I work in has an 18 foot roof. The 15000 lb forklift is just to tall to raise up the cabs on the tier 4b suspended cabs. The telehandler is about the same boat just clearing the roof by inch's with a cab on the forks.
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