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  1. My view in the shop i work at. Been perty well empty since middle of april.
  2. If you have any way to pierce the wire a ways back from the pins id check for continuity between there and the pins. They usually like to break in that area
  3. It does use a combination of transmission and engine speed signal to determine what gear its in
  4. If memory serves the ohm range sounds in the ballpark. Sounds like a broken wire or pin in the harness. Ive had a few do that over the years. If it cant see the ground speed the cluster cant decide what gear its in.
  5. Pull the front cover off where the pump drive gear is and line up the timing mark in there. Pull the cover off beside the rotor and make sure there is a mark towards the rear of the rotor if there isnt turn it over one revolution and youll be in time
  6. Just put a ta in my 806. Was checking pressures and found i have no lube pressure with clutch but push clutch pedal half way in and i get fifteen psi. I do have the hyd clutch assist on it. Would the assist cylinder need rebuilt or am i needing some adjustment on the clutch linkage?
  7. Tried all the adjustments all ready and it didnt work. To much wear on the pivot where the ta handle rod pivot point joints the horizontal linkage. Did find anderson tractor parts carries the reproduction parts.
  8. Took my remote spool out to reseal it on my 806. Dissasembeled it a while ago and cant remember where the #7 retainer sits. Does the retainer sit on the inner part of the pipe or does it sit back by the rear plug ? Ive tried both ways but nothing seems to work.
  9. Just got done putting a ta in my 806. Was testing the ta pressure and noticed it was low, i pulled up on the ta spool and pressure jumped up to where i wanted it. Got to looking at the linkage and noticed how sloppy it was. Has any one had a linkage this sloppy they were able to fix?
  10. Id say heaviest id ever haul would be a utv or a ford 8n.
  11. Wanting to build a 6 foot bifold ramp for my utility trailer and was looking for ideas on material to use to build the frame. I am for sure going to use expanded metal for the floor of it and was thinking one inch heavy wall square tubing would be about right. Not planning on ever loading anything heavy but never know.
  12. My neighbor has a great bend 760 loader on a 7110 magnum. The spool valves are giving him fits and he wants a new vavle to put on there. Its a two spool valve with an electric valve for a grapple with joystick controls. Does any one know where i could source a valve for it?
  13. It has a plyboard floor that is already sitting on four 2x4 boards.
  14. Ive got an 8x10 lawnmower shed that was given to me. I want to pour a cement slab to set it on. Would i be better of to get a load of cement from a ready mix company or just go to home depot and get a pallet and mix it myself? I do have access to a cement mixer. Also what thickness does everyone recommend for the slab?
  15. Torque spec is 30 on the m10 Bolts and 22 to 24 ft lbs on the m8 bolt
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