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  1. I've always had good luck driving an air hammer bit in the bottom pin to get it broke loose and out
  2. Has a t4b magnum apart two years ago for parking brake than same one back in January for plugged filter warning. Pulled suction screen out and found a lot of iron in it. Ended up having to pull cab off and split it for the forward clutch. Needless to so it was a lot of labor and tore apart half the tractor to get it repaired.
  3. The best thing about Milwaukee is the huge amount of tools on two platforms. Plus the batteries are spose to last around 1000 charging cycles is what my tool truck guys tell me.
  4. Found this non working sealed power clock in junk that the dealer I work at is throwing away. Is there any value to it?
  5. That's what I was figuring but I wasn't entirely sure
  6. Not sure how they will run. I'm thinking it's perty much the idea of the tractor being able to run without problems by taking out the problematic pump
  7. They do, I'm a dealer tech but it's been over five years since I've messed with a caps pump.
  8. Going to be replacing Injectors and adjust valves while I have to hood off.
  9. There's a six inch tube that goes from the outside of the head to the injector itself on the inside of the head that has orings on it, since you just have the injection lines shown I assume you didn't pull out the tubes. You just connected the new lines and called it good?
  10. It was 10000 for the owner of the shop to get it not sure what his markup will be
  11. Weekend boss has a mx285 coming in we are going to do the conversion on. If memory serves the injector lines fasten to a fuel supply tube then injector. Does the conversion kit come with new tubes or at least seals for the tubes?
  12. Got one kid graduating in May from tech school coming on full time and had a high school junior start last week that shows promise. I think the help is out there it's just wages need to come up and have to hit up the high schools to stir the nest.
  13. Transporting more in or doing a checkup on them?
  14. Aurora Nebraska case ih dealer 135
  15. I can probably get some. Ones spose to be more of a parts machine. They have been down south thier whole lives so should be fairly rust free I think
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