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  1. Engine stands

    IThink this one is homemade. Not going to complain thou only paid a hundred bucks on bigiron for it. Use it quite a bit at the Case dealer I work for comes in real handy.
  2. Call Mel. at Green acres in Ulysses Nebraska  402-270-1339.

  3. Disk salvage yards

    Anyone know of any salvage yards around nebraska/Iowa/Kansas that have a bunch of disks in inventory? I'm needing a harrow for a 25 ft 490 disk and not having any luck.
  4. 400 series injector tube

    I have replaced a few before. Usually got lucky and it's usually been cylinders one thru three. I'm just curious if there's enough room to work with the tank in the way or not along with removing the heatshield below the fuel tank?
  5. 400 series injector tube

    I've got a966 that is leaking compression out cyliner4. Can you replace the brass tube with the fuel tank in the way or does the tractor need split?
  6. Splitting stand value

    They are twenty miles east in Aurora. I don't think they would be able to hold up a 5488 thou.
  7. Splitting stand value

    Got a set of splitting stands that I have sitting around and was wondering what they were worth?
  8. Our sons new service truck

    Just curious what happens to the old trucks that are taken out of service?
  9. 2188 feederhouse floor

    The curve doesn't go clear in. Sounds like you are getting hung up on the front support. A picture would help to know where the floor is sitting at.
  10. 2188 feederhouse floor

    How far in do you have the new floor? The channel I am talking about goes towards the rotor. You could also be getting hung up on the support that bolts to the feeder floor and sides of the feeder house with half inch diameter bolts
  11. 2188 feederhouse floor

    There is a channel iron towards the front that needs to be raised up as you slide it in
  12. Pickup flatbed

    I do plan on pulling with the pickup yes. Was just curious seems to be lots of used long bed flatbeds out there for sale
  13. Pickup flatbed

    Just curious if it would work to put a long box flatbed on a short box pickup frame?
  14. Piston ring compressor

    Who makes the best piston ring compressor? Have an old band style one the likes to slip down into the liners when I'm trying to install pistons and was wondering what everyone uses
  15. 7130 transmission presure problem

    I just had a 7130 speed transmission apart to replace the speed input shaft. I did reseal the pistons for the odd/even clutch packs. I got the tractor back together and moving. the tractor really isnt wanting to move in reverese. I installled gauges in all the test ports. My master clutch pressure is running around 170 psi. my regulated pressure is right at 270 psi. when I go to put the tractor into r1 and r2 the high medium low gauge drops to 0 psi and the tractor wont back up. Driving in forward gear gears all my pressures except master clutch are around 250 psi. I know my clutch cable and fnr cable arent quite adjusted right but I think its close enough it should be able to read the right pressures. Any ideas if I have a leaking clutch pack?