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  1. 756puller

    Flagship combine vertical auger removal

    Picture would be nice. Tire of it being a 2 man job to strong arm everything
  2. 756puller

    Flagship combine vertical auger removal

    Have you got a picture of that braket? Thought about making a small cable winch work so I could at least get it pulled up to the elbow and on the splines and hold it there
  3. Getting ready to replace the vertical auger on an 8120 combine. Has anyone come up with a good way to handle the gearbox and auger or is the only way the strong arm way in and out of the vertical tube?
  4. 756puller

    Magnum cab blower install

    Fan works if I hit the back of the cab. So i am getting power to there and thru the resister with the spring thru it.
  5. 756puller

    Magnum cab blower install

    Getting ready to install a hycapacity blower in my 7130. Got everything apart the wiring looks different than factory. Do I just need to figure out what wire controls what speed from the connector that plugs into the back of that factory resister and plug it in the needed speed poisition on the Hy cap resister?
  6. 756puller

    Dot approved?????????

    He's s salesman that I work with.he has been told many times to use chains but never wants to listen.
  7. 756puller

    Dot approved?????????

    Is this illegal and dumb as can be? I always thought you needed 4 points of contact with chains?
  8. 756puller

    Hay sweep

    Curious what everyone's thoughts are about adapting an old hay sweep head from a front end loader to be used on a skidsteer for gathering small square bales? Figured it'd be worth a try since they can usually be bought for fifty bucks.
  9. 756puller

    Farmall 560 steering

    Had the 560 apart for a clutch job last fall. Got it back together and parked it in the shed and just got it out to start using it. I have to strong arm the syeering. I checked the pump pressure with a gauge and I have 1400 psi from steer stop to stop. I have a little oil leak on the ujoint input shaft. Was wondering if that could be causing me to strong arm it? I did Jack up the front and seems to steer good than. Any ideas what my problem. Could be?
  10. 756puller

    In side delevery rake

    I'm curious what model hay rake this is? I've looked for a serial tag but can't find one.
  11. 756puller

    7130 even clutch pack

    Yes the accumulators are fully charged to 135 psi
  12. 756puller

    7130 even clutch pack

    Have a 7130 speed transmission apart for the second time for the even clutch pack not working. The first time I had it apart the seal rings were broken. This time they weren't.The clutch pack just got hot this time. Master clutch pressure is 260 psi and odd even pressures are 130 and 230 pending on what gears are engaged. Any ideas on what could be going on?
  13. 756puller

    Head bolt wrenches

    Anyone know of any place that makes these head bolt wrenches anymore? Don't need them much but they are worth third weight in gold at times
  14. 756puller

    2013 Magnum 235 clutch

    You can calibrate the transmission. Push and hold the program button as you start the tractor that will get you into the config menu. Arrow to get the trans view. View trans oil temp til it hits 60 degrees celcious then exit trans view than go to trans Cal. Let the tractor do it's thing til the astrik appears at each clutch than hit program to move between each clutch. Once it's done running the cal exit config menu and test. Can keep calibrating til your satisfied.
  15. 756puller

    Slow times

    Just curious what dealerships and independent shops do when things get awfully slow? This spring/summer is looking to be slim pickings in my area with no one wanting to fix anything. Do you offer special deals for doing stuff or just get out the playing cards and wait it out?