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  1. Its definatly not fake news. It happened fifteen miles from the dealership i work at. The way the pictures look it was arson. Who did it wont know til someone starts running thier mouth.
  2. Got to be split any ways a bolt that holds the release bearing carrier came out so the clutch release shaft just sits there and shakes.
  3. Whats all required to do to put a transmission input shaft seal on an H? I know that i need to split it. Can i remove the clutch output shaft and access the seal that way?
  4. Alot of it comes from hansen/irwin. When i bought my big metric matco set a few taps were stamped hanson.
  5. Service manager at work pulled out the old dyno to clean up. Im curious did the dealers have tn buy thier dynos direct from ih or could they go direct to aw and mw?
  6. Should be able to take the fan clutch out and make it a direct drive so it delivers max air flow all the time.
  7. Getting ready to tear my dads 4391T powerunit apart to reseal everything. Was wondering if anyone out there had the Otc b series engine plate and could tell me dimentions for the plate that attaches to the side of the engine?
  8. Im getting ready to farmer rig a hydaulic puller to push on it, got two cans of pb blaster in there already
  9. Its the main pin everything pivots on, basicly heated it all yesterday afternoon
  10. Anyone got any good ways to get a stuck pin out?
  11. Abiliene machine has a kit to convert large 1000 to small 1000 and 540. Did it to my 7130 years ago
  12. Are you talking about the inching pedal cable on the transmission control valve?
  13. Ive got a picture of the 400 series plate i can print off and mail, does anyone want me to do that?
  14. Send me an address and ill print one and mail it to you.
  15. Ive had several tractors the filter got changed on and the steering would work but no auxilary hydraulics
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