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  1. I understand completely, I'm a full time case ih mechanic, but for the last 3 weeks I've been at the shop every day playing Maytag man with the exception of a hyd hose or belt here and there to work on.
  2. Shop overhauls might be more expensive, but lots of times the trained monkey at the reman centers usually don't seem to give a crap just slap in the parts and send it down the line. Least with a shop overhaul everything's tore apart and checked over by someone that knows what they are doing.
  3. I've never installed one in 15 years, usually on rolling torque if I didn't mess with the bearings I can just reinstall the same shim pack.
  4. Disassembly steering column plastics, remove rh air duct and remove 3 bolt on inside of the cab, once removed from the front of the cab there's two seals that need to be replaced. Don't have to bleed the brakes either.
  5. Might try a different remote on the tractor first to see if it's coupler or tips.
  6. Need to stick a 5000 pound gauge in #1 extend coupler to check high pressure so see what max pump pressure is.
  7. Sounds like a steering cylinder is bypassing internally
  8. Left it on the tractor, it was a bit of a challenge to to but I was able to do it
  9. Think it's also a problem if you can get the new equipment or not, had a nice 335 Magnum traded in a week ago fifteen minutes after it hit tractor house there was 20 phone calls for it.
  10. I just daily ordered it from the Cameron Depot, figured it was just one so It wouldn't be to bad on shipping.
  11. Rebuilding a d361 for an 806. Found one of the head bolts all pitted up and not wanting to use it. Is there anything special about these head bolts or can I just get a grade 8 9/16x5 3/4 and and go to town on it?
  12. Yes I'm thinking I'm clearly wrong, I'll set it to 18 next weekend and it will probably take right off.
  13. You might be right I just searched and had a post pop up by Injpump that said 18 degrees
  14. Was taught a long time ago by the service manager at the sister store to the one I work at is if you can see the mark on the head thru this plate your almost on top dead center #1
  15. I have tried this afew times, I set the front dampner at the TDC mark make sure the timing mark in the inj pump drive is right on and tighten it down.
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