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  1. D301 Diesels in '61-68 Light Line Trucks

    No, I don't know my ih trucks very well, but ya it's obviously older than the engine. I don't have any info at all on it, but it is a very cool piece
  2. D301 Diesels in '61-68 Light Line Trucks

    You don't think there's a chance this is original do you? Less the turbo of course
  3. IH Split Rear Wheel Weights

    These are one piece weights with a split weight to start, looks ok to me
  4. 966 MFWD INFO

    Does a truck axle have planetary hubs?
  5. 86 and 88 series foot throttle

    Please tell me someone is getting a kit ready to sell. Farmshow magazine had an article in 1982 that kelderman mfg was selling a kit, but emailing them a few years ago got no response
  6. Wisdom of buying an Elwood axle to farm with?

    This 1486 is a strong loader tractor, turn radius isn't bad at all, we use it year around hauling hay, feeding, seeding, hauling manure, cutting hay, and anything any other tractor does.
  7. 2350 loader on 86 series?

    All I can think of is it would build up heat in the oil
  8. 2350 loader on 86 series?

    Really? All the foot and inch pedal does is dump oil pressure, you can do that forever with no damage. I shouldn't have to explain how slipping a dry clutch turns out
  9. Correct front wheels

    Thanks George 2, I think that answers my question, I wasn't sure if my hubs work with the hub pilot wheels and flange head bolts. Messick's lists the magnum wheel bolts for $17.49 each. Ouch! Does anybody know of a cheaper source?
  10. Correct front wheels

    These wheels have stood up to heavy loader work so far, but it looks like it puts a lot of torque on the wheel centers and bolts. The tires are 14Lx16.1
  11. Correct front wheels

    When I changed my 5288 to the hi capacity front axle the seller told the wheels are the same and didn't send me any. My wheels fit but the offset isn't right. CIH has the same part number for the wheel for both axles and magnums but the magnum uses a flange head bolt not tapered seat bolt.
  12. 5488 axle

    No, the bolster is different, it has bigger pivot pins, already did mine. Had to hang the whole radiator support on a hoist to swap the bolster.
  13. 5488 ac question

    Harbor Freight gauges I bought a year ago are good, only about $65
  14. TX 189 questions

    That's what I was thinking, IH spindles with a Case center housing. Thank you