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  1. I think this has been discussed before, but my search results aren’t finding it. Does anyone have a cheaper source for the flange head front wheel bolts, CNH is $18 a piece, thanks
  2. Can you get us a part number for the higher pressure switch, and the pressure spec for it? thanks, Shawn
  3. My bad, I was running my 1486 about 8:00 last night when I realized none of those controls go with the cab, probably still would be easier to modify the 86 cab than find an 88 cab. Is the fuel tank the same? I don’t think drawbar visibility is any worse on the 88 series, if I have some time I’ll do some measuring and try to figure out the difference
  4. I might be wrong but I don’t think the 88 cab is longer, it has a shorter rear deck behind the seat. Maybe someone can figure out how to modify the 86 cab, it would be easier than hooking up the 88 trans, PTO, and hydraulic controls, it could be a popular modification
  5. Danny, drop us a picture of that cab swap, sounds cool
  6. Hey Zach, I bet we got you beat all day! No growing season in sight here
  7. We still need to know the extended or retracted length, thanks
  8. No, I don't know my ih trucks very well, but ya it's obviously older than the engine. I don't have any info at all on it, but it is a very cool piece
  9. You don't think there's a chance this is original do you? Less the turbo of course
  10. These are one piece weights with a split weight to start, looks ok to me
  11. Please tell me someone is getting a kit ready to sell. Farmshow magazine had an article in 1982 that kelderman mfg was selling a kit, but emailing them a few years ago got no response
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