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    Interested mostly in IH Construction Equipment.<br />I have a 530 loader, TD15C, and a Dresser TD9-H, also a Dresser 520C loader. Have had older TD-9's and a TD14-A.

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  1. DWF

    Caterpillar engine

    I drive a school bus. The bus company still has a few left with those engines. The mechanic at the garage can't wait until they are gone. He said they never were a good engine, The company has had these since they were new. That;s all I know about them, at worst, I'm sure there is some truth. DWF
  2. Probably around 12 quarts. I had a TD8-E, but I can't remember how much it took. I have a TD9-H now and it takes 12 quarts, but that's a Cummins. DWF
  3. That's right, I bought one of them a few years ago for a front end loader, made by Bendix. DWF
  4. Friend bought a 510 a year ago and it had been repowered with a 4BT Cummins. Who ever had done it had done a nice job. A lot of those engine around. DWF
  5. I'm wondering too, why all the question marks here and on YT. More question marks being used than need to be. DWF
  6. That's what I thought too. A long ways to be working over by Duluth and then back to Perham and Detroit Lakes area. They must have had that swamp froze down real well for it to hold the truck doing the lifting and pulling. It would have been a mess if that would have went in. I used to haul logs and pulp in NE Minnesota. There was a haul road for many years that was made in the 1940's. It went from east of Babbitt east to and across state hwy 1. It was made through some swamps but near the high ground. They used it in the summer as well as the winter. At one point there was a curve around an area and then back straight. I asked one of the older guys what that was about (a curve in the middle of a straight road). He said a logging truck in the 1940's sunk in that spot and before they could get it out it was sunk beyond site. It supposedly is still there. The whole road has been re routed now on the high ground now. DWF
  7. I know that the 24 is now near Perham, Mn, but where did it go into the swamp. They said something about Island Lake. I know there is an Island lake just north of Duluth, but there is probably many lakes by that name in Mn. How long was it in the swamp? DWF
  8. If the machine does not need a lot of fixing to get it up and working ok, a lot of salvage yards fix them to re sell the machine. DWF
  9. I did nearly the same thing years ago. Had a tag along trailer for equipment behind the logging truck, loaded a TD-8 Dresser dozer, tied it down and went down the road to turn around. The trailer was slightly in the ditch and I mean barely, truck was empty and would not pull the trailer out so I decided to unload the dozer and the same thing happened slid off and rolled on it's side. Then with the truck pulled the trailer out. I unhooked the trailer and tried to pull the dozer over but just spun the wheels. Had to go get a load of pulp on the truck then it pulled the dozer straight. Hooked up the trailer and loaded the dozer and then I started to shake all over. Mostly just the pride was hurt. DWF
  10. A couple of years ago I needed a wheel seal and some other items for my Dresser 530 loader. I contacted a Dressta dealer in So. Illinois. They were very helpful and I had the parts in a few days. DWF
  11. I doubt it. A few years ago I got parts for my Dresser loader from Roland Equip, a Komatsu dealer. Called a few months ago and they said they have no parts for them. A good Dressta dealer or F.P. Smith in California will have some parts. You should have part numbers, a big help. Also used parts are available. DWF
  12. Looks as though they'll have to wait for "freeze up". Either that or just drain the swamp. That's what Trump said and he has done some draining. DWF
  13. X2 They had DST in the winter in the mid 70's, didn't get light till almost 9AM. I did not like it. DWF
  14. DWF


    Depends some on the length of the track frame. The TD9 92 series I had had 39 links on the track chain and the older 9's had 36 links, dnot only dozers but the Drott loaders too. I don't know about the 91 series but the older 9's were for sure 36 links. The 92 series may have had one more roller too. I would say 17000 lbs for sure although I have no written proof. DWF
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