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    Interested mostly in IH Construction Equipment.<br />I have a 530 loader, TD15C, and a Dresser TD9-H, also a Dresser 520C loader. Have had older TD-9's and a TD14-A.

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  1. DWF

    Walmart parking lot

    I have a friend that just bought a 1938 F-14 with a two row cultivator from a 90 year old gentleman who was the second owner. He said the original owner was disappointed that he didn't know that the H was coming out in 1939. The 14 is a good original tractor. DWF
  2. DWF

    Anyone can buy a saw

    That's impressive! I have a large oak tree next to my house I will be cutting soon. It's close to the house but I have at least 90 degrees area to fell it. I will be using my excavator for leverage and will still fell it when it is calm. DWF
  3. Really nice pictures! Thanks for posting them! DWF
  4. Also, if the pins and bushings are wore, the tracks will like to come off on uneven ground especially a side hill. DWF
  5. Mesabi & Iron Range. Corrected your Messaube. It is now owned by Canadian National and DM&IR is gone. I lived in NE Mn most of my life. Loaded many DM&IR gons with pulpwood. I also own a 1990 Ford LT9000 dump truck which was DM&IR's lowboy tractor when it was new. DWF
  6. I don't think 500 parts will work. The trouble with something that looks close will not work. The pitch (distance between pins) is usually off and then won't fit the sprockets. Same thing with the pin bushing size although a larger size worn bushing has been known to (kind of) work. DWF
  7. I think you could use 10W oil in the transmission, would be pretty light for engine this time of year. I don't know if you could use heavier oil in trany or not. DWF
  8. DWF

    466 in line fuel pump

    Thanks! That's what I wanted to know. DWF
  9. Going to look at a Dresser 3 yard front end loader soon. Been looking at pics of it and you can see the in line pump and also a pic of the serial number which has Dresser on it so the loader has to be newer than the IH sale of Construction Equip to Dresser. Was wondering when they switched over to in line pumps. I had a 79 IH 3 yd loader with a DT414B engine that had the rotary pump. I have an 86 Dresser equipment guide that shows at that point in time they had a 466 engine. Must have the 466 derated a little as it is rated as similar horsepower as the 414. Thanks for any info! DWF
  10. That engine was used in Adams and Galion graders for sure. About 10 years ago I was at an auction and there was a UD-16 power unit with a clutch, fuel tank, and radiator. I was out of my mind for a minute and got the high bid ($35.00). I could have had it hauled home, but what did I plan on doing with it? I talked to the other bidder and he took it for $35. I had pictures on here of the engine, but that's been awhile ago. DWF
  11. Bought a red Ford LT-9000 dump truck in 2004. Paint was really faded so I got Mequiar's Solo polishing kit from TPtool.com. It had different buffer pads and Mequiar's Solo Cut & Polish cream. It was just great to work with. Some people thought it was a new truck. In 2011 I bought a 1995 Ford LTL 9000 red dump truck and had enough Solo left to do that one too. TP tools has just the buffing too. DWF
  12. brought this back for exSW DWF brought this back for
  13. Someone on this forum just did that swap 2 or 3 months ago. He had several posts on here about the swap. DWF
  14. I've been wearing Carolina steel toe boots with good luck. The last set I bought from americanmadeboots.com . They also sell different brands only USA made. DWF
  15. I have been told to add Power Service in the gray bottle. Howe's makes an additive too, never used it. but used a lot of Howe's for winter use when I was logging a few years ago. Stanadyne also sells an additive and some people add some 2 cycle oil which I have never tried. Glad you got it running again! DWF
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