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    Interested mostly in IH Construction Equipment.<br />I have a 530 loader, TD15C, and a Dresser TD9-H, also a Dresser 520C loader. Have had older TD-9's and a TD14-A.

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  1. It's a 1977. DWF
  2. At least it has the cat style tracks, a lot of them, that vintage still had the old shovel style flat pad type tracks. I had 1973 Bantam that had the new style tracks and looked at buying a 690A John Deere same vintage that still had the old style undercarriage. DWF
  3. like Hardtail says, ag tractors like Farmall MD or International WD6. DWF
  4. I can't help you other than you would need measurements. They did use a 414 in late model H65's. Good to see you back on here again. DWF
  5. I have a Dresser TD-9H dozer and run 10W oil in the hydraulics but the transmission has Shell oil like hy tran. I bought a 624G JD loader and the manual said to use HyGard in everything but the engine. I asked the shell dealer about using the oil I used in the TD-9 trany in the JD. He said no because the JD needs an additive in the oil otherwise it hurts the wet brakes, differential and hydraulics are common fluid on the JD. DWF
  6. I don't believe there is any way to get that info, a lot of that type of info no longer exists. DWF
  7. That's very near me where they are at, but I don't need either and not both for sure. DWF
  8. You will have more speed with the bigger tires, but less power. Your jack looks like mine, have had it for years and have others in between but that orange one is the best. DWF
  9. 590D was the same as a Hitachi EX 150. The last truly built John Deere was a 690E in the mid 1990's. All 690's were John Deere designed. The 590D had a John Deere engine and the Hitachi had an Isuzu engine. DWF
  10. Early 530's had a DT414 and later one have a DT 466 but both are rated about the same horse power. DWF
  11. I had several older TD-9's, This was in about 1973 or so and was, if I remember right a 1950 TD-9. Sleeves needed to come out and we were using ready rod which kept breaking. Went to a shop and had a rod made and threaded out of much stronger steel. Sleeves still did not want to come out. I got some dry ice and put in the inside sleeve area and hot water in the block and they all came out fairly easy. Don't ask me any more info as it's beem too long for my memory. DWF
  12. Lulich Implement in Mason, Wi. Mostly NH they have some Kubota and short lines. Been in business since early 60'd selling Ford and NH then. DWF
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