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    Interested mostly in IH Construction Equipment.<br />I have a 530 loader, TD15C, and a Dresser TD9-H, also a Dresser 520C loader. Have had older TD-9's and a TD14-A.

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  1. TD-15C pilot valve

    I sent the part to dhutch. DWF
  2. TD14a

    You could go to Yesterday's Tractor and put them in the classified section or if you have pictures in the for sale picture section. I'm sure there are more sites too. You could also place an ad in the Red Power Magazine. A little slower than getting it on line but a lot of readers for that magazine, some that are not on line too. DWF
  3. I drive a 2011 Intl School Bus. No Logos but it has both a amp meter and a volt gauge. DWF
  4. Peterbilt 359

    Used Baldwins for years on everything, even 3406's in trucks. Plan on continued use. DWF
  5. Tractor Repair - Minnesota

    Dirtboyz07 on this forum I know Dirtboyz (Danny) works on injector pumps and more. He fixed a pump for me. Pine Island, Mn just off Hwy 52 south of Twin Cities and north of Rochester, Pine Island Mn is the city. DWF
  6. Calls on Cell Phone

    I've been getting some calls on my cell phone that come up as Restricted. I have not been answering them as they don't seem right and never leave a message. Last week while driving the school bus the phone rang it's normal amount of rings before going to voice mail then did the same thing two more times within a minute or two. I've had scam calls but they always show a number vs these restricted calls. Anyone else have had this happen? DWF
  7. Something You Were Always Told As Kid

    I worked on my Uncle's Farm when I was growing up and that's what he said to me too. DWF
  8. WD9 clutch conversion

    That clutch setup is like the old crawlers were set up. All the IH. Cat and only the few AC's that I operated were that way. DWF
  9. TD-15C pilot valve

    dhutch, I have that part. Sent you a PM DWF
  10. TD-15C pilot valve

    I had a couple of 15C's. Sold one of them and the other was parted out and I still have some of the used parts but no longer have the parts book so I don't know what the part looks like. If you could get a picy or copy something from the parts book I'd look to see what I have. DWF
  11. 706 Diesel Electrical Problem

    I don't think you're batteries are hooked up correctly if they are like you described. DWF
  12. Heet ISO

    I put IsoHeet or sometimes other branded iso propyl in any diesel that I use in below freezing temps. It says on the container safe for diesels and it must be as I've used it for years. It's not meant to solve gelling only for moisture problems. I use Howes for anti-gelling. DWF
  13. TD18 injection pump issues

    Is that a drain? Just a thought. I have no experience with that type of engine. DWF
  14. Deceptive sales tactics!

    I have a trailer with 2- 6000lb axles that I was doing a brake job on it. Went to NAPA to get wheel bearings and seals. $85 for one wheel with the seal. I went on line to ETrailer and one set with the seal was a little over $20. Chinese bearings of course but so were the ones from NAPA. I bought one set from NAPA and three sets from ETrailer and also the brake parts which were U.S. made. No shipping either as the cost of parts was over $100. DWF
  15. Thread-in/frost plug heater 856

    What about the "Freeman I believe" headbolt heater which was invented and made in Grand Forks? DWF