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  1. Dayton was a brand that made cast spoke wheels. They were purchased by Meritor and Meritor killed the brand, why. is a mystery. Gunite is also a brand still in business and still making cast spoke wheels. I had a Ford LTL 9000 truck that I needed a replacement wheel and all dealers said the truck came with Dayton wheels and NLA. I found a lady parts person at a different dealer and she spent some time looking and got me a Gunite wheel in a few days. Gunite supplies or at least did, supply for Navistar. Sure they make trailer wheels too. DWF
  2. I responded to your first post in General IH DWF
  3. Yes, when you start on gas there is no throttle control. You have to move the choke lever a little to vary the engine speed as the engine warms a little before switching to diesel. Is it a four or 6 cylinder engine? A four would probably be a UD-14 and a six probably a UD-16 probably 502.5 cubic inch. DWF
  4. About 20 years ago when I was looking for my first 15C I saw a couple of 15C's that had heavy duty rippers mounted on them. Maybe you could check junk yards, maybe one around yet. DWF
  5. I had one of them out on a 92 series years ago. I didn't know what it meant to stake the big nut and put it back in and that nut backed off and everything came apart. Don't remember what I did, but I got it out and working again. It was 45 years ago so I can't remember what I did. If it was last month I'd have a better chance. DWF
  6. Yes the clutch should be depressed before engaging the pto (moving the red knob). then let the clutch back up. DWF
  7. It's an air shifter, so air pressure has to be up. Then pull up on the yellow knob and move the red knob to in, DWF
  8. DWF

    85 9370

    It's an 85 truck, but the M11 didn't come out until the 90's. Would have to have been a replacement engine, you'd have thought they would replace with a similar engine as the original. DWF
  9. I had a TD9-92 series and a TD9-B both had turbo 282's. Neither had a pyrometer, don't know if any type of dozer would have had them. I operated D8-H's and they didn't have then either. DWF
  10. Looks cool sitting there with the lights on. DWF
  11. Glad you got it apart, now you have to figure out what to do. Good luck! DWF
  12. When I first started driving dump trucks in the early 70's, one of the guys I hauled for had a Unit shovel with a straight 8 flat head Chrysler engine. Really smooth and a sound all it's own. The buick's engine compartment was narrow, hence the straight 8. When they went to V-8's. they were made different so they fit in there, had a unique sound too. DWF
  13. Early 15B's had the DT361 and the later 15B's had the DT407. The 15C's had DT466 until late 80's then a Cummins.
  14. A few had these in NE Minnesota in the 80's. Most of them were happy with them. I was logging then too, but ran Timberjacks. DWF
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