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  1. Lesuer MN swap meet

    I live an hour north of the swap. Weather forcast looks very good. Got my fingers crossed they are correct. It is still muddy around us but is drying. Looking forward to the swap no matter what!
  2. Neat as heck in my opinion

    Better idea yet! Something about 1/8 scale and a slot parralel to the driveshaft to hold cards. With a 1/8 scale 806or 1206 in front! Now I'm getting carried away....
  3. Neat as heck in my opinion

    Very nice Pete! Looks very realistic. Don't recall the model of dyno but looks like the dyno we have at the farm. Wouldn't the magnum be a little much for it? Lol. I'm sure you will have to get all the different dyno models made in the future! That will look great on your sale table at shows!!
  4. Trailer best quality made to haul tractor ?

    Towmaster trailers are built just down the road from me. Very good product. Not the cheapest I'm sure but you get what you pay for. If you don't have salt to rust them away it would be a good investment to buy a better quality trailer to have it for life.
  5. Lesuer MN swap meet

    Just heard that they don't want any vendors on the grounds until Tuesday the 24th so the snow can melt. Bring your mud boots and a smile!
  6. Cub Cadet 982

    Good find. Looks to have all the options on the 982. Those tillers are heavy old beasts. Got a 982 in the shed that needs a lot of love. Want to find a tiller like that for it someday.
  7. Calif . Antique Equipment Show is here!

    Tony- class act!!! Your friend looks like he takes as much pride in his iron as you do. Don't over work yourself and pleeease take more pics. Good luck with the show! Nate
  8. Thoughts on a 2588

    Sure looks like a nice one dale!
  9. Lesuer MN swap meet

    It doesn't really bother me too much. It is at a good time I think. Usually before fieldwork and everyone has spring fever. I got my fingers crossed for 60's during the swap.
  10. Lesuer MN swap meet

    Stop by and say hi Pete. We will be in the same spot.
  11. Lesuer MN swap meet

    April 27,28,29
  12. Lesuer MN swap meet

    Who is all going? My mud boots are ready! Always a good time. Hats off to all the workers that put hard work in to put the swap meet on. Hopefully the over foot of snow melts before then.
  13. 5288 fresh out of shop. Unexpected project

    Looks great as always mike! Don't work your right hand man too hard so he gets burnt out! I surprises me some of the money guys stick in this older iron but it will last just as long or longer than the first go round and it will be reliable without all the electronic garbage. Nate
  14. 826 Hydro Gasser

    That is a very nice looking tractor!
  15. IH 1456 S/N 13961

    Nice save Brian! Did you happen to get any drawbar pieces? Was it ripped off or did they take the drawbar related stuff off? The thing with the shed full of junk and tractors sit out side is probably more common than you think.! Lol