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  1. The only trailer I had with electric drum brakes made it 4 years before I started having problems with the insides of the drums rusting up. I’d clean them up and replaced bad parts every year, until I sold the trailer. Never again. If a person used the trailer often enough, it probably wouldn’t rust up like mine did, I only used it a couple times a year
  2. If all you have is small parts to do, I’d buy a small cabinet and do them myself. It’ll pay for itself in no time, and you’ll end up using it more than you think.
  3. That’s the first thing I thought of, is does it still have a muffler?
  4. I bought a new tester this fall, I hee hawed Around for a long time trying to decide which one to get. I had something similar to this one, only sold by deere. I ended up getting a Dickey John Mini Gac plus. Best purchase I’ve made this fall, it’s always within .1-.2 percent of the elevator.
  5. What type of header height control are you using?
  6. It’s 80w-90 gear oil, and yes turn the wheel until the plug is at 9 or 3, fill till it runs out of the plug.
  7. Mike56073

    1460 help

    So what’s the proper procedure for cleaning the hydraulic system when something like this happens? Just wondering because it’s a matter of “when, not if” for me I’m sure🙄
  8. Ok I’ll have to take a look at it when we get some downtime. In the meantime I’ll chop stalks with something else. It’s getting to the point where I could use a few rainy days to catch-up around here.
  9. Using the 5288 the other day to chop cornstalks, and the PTO lever will intermittently pop out on its own to the disengaged position. I’ve checked the 3” distance that’s specified in the service manual, for the cable adjustment inside the console, and it’s perfect. Any ideas? Thanks. Edit: I forgot to mention that when I shut the tractor off, the PTO doesn’t disengage. IIRC it should pop out on shutdown??
  10. Mike56073

    1460 help

    Even with the trans in neutral, if the hydro is good you should still hear the familiar “hydro whine” when you move the lever. The drain plug for the trans is easy enough to get to, you can pull it out and see if you’ve got any metal in the oil
  11. What about the screen over the grill, was that a corn picker thing too?
  12. Has anyone figured out how to keep down pressure on the front disc blades? Every one I’ve ever used, you had to keep an eye on the color gauge and constantly readjust over time. Just wondering if anyone has come up with a solution.
  13. I went to the dealership the other day, I usually show up with a list of part numbers and the descriptions. I showed up and told the guy no numbers list today because of the messed up website. His response was “I’ve had to go on the new site a few times now for one reason or another, and I don’t know how anyone can make heads or tails out of it”.
  14. Just installed a new set on my 963!head, from May Wes. They were $13.50 each, and when installed there’s about an inch gap on the row.
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