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  1. Mike56073

    Led Lights

  2. Mike56073

    5488 flutter sound

    checked the air intake system tonight, it all looks perfect. Starting to wonder if its a push rod ticking, or the drive plate behind the engine rattling? It looked perfect 20 engine hours ago. Its hard to diagnois when it has to be under a load to get it to make noise
  3. Mike56073

    What is this Tube strapped to the frame rail?

    I wonder if someone extended the radiator overflow tube, so it wouldn’t drip on the front axle?
  4. Mike56073

    1460 mph question

    Pull the tach box out, on the back side there are 2 adjustments, one is for low RPM alarm, and the other is for MPH. Take the combine out on a hard surface(where tire slip isn’t going to happen), and compare the MPH with something accurate. I usually use an app on my phone for true MPH. Then it’s just a matter of adjusting the box until you get it fairly close to where you want to be.
  5. Mike56073

    5488 flutter sound

    Been ripping the last 2 days, and ive got a noise that i cant pinpoint. I was wondering if anyone else has had this. I've got a flutter type sound when the tractor is under a light/medium load, between 2000-2500 RPMs. Sitting in the cab, its loudest down by my left foot, near the clutch pedal. Under no load, or a heavy load, it's gone. It almost sounds like an exhaust leak, but it's the wrong side for that. It hasnt gotten any worse as time goes on. Any ideas?
  6. Mike56073

    5388 getting updated 😎

    Damm Danny, that is pretty cool!! I may have to load up some more Coronas and go on a road trip!!
  7. Mike56073

    Air Cleaner Indicator

    What tractor is this on?
  8. Mike56073

    5288 fuel pump

    X2, on what Danny said above, he knows what he’s talking about!! I’m assuming this still has the original rotary pump? If it’s been upgraded to the inline it’ll have a different timing spec. I’d also make sure that your dampener is still good, not that it’s spun a little inside itself and you’re timing in the wrong spot.
  9. Mike56073

    Made a little progress finally!

    I gave $18,500 for it last October. At the time I didn’t think that was too bad considering the tires were like new and the trans had been gone through 2 years prior at a dealership
  10. Mike56073

    Made a little progress finally!

    it actually does, dont know if its the fresh paint or upholstery, but it still has to aquire that "dirt and diesel" smell yet!
  11. Mike56073

    Made a little progress finally!

    ok, so with the wet weather we're having here, i had time to add up all of the receipts for this thing. Wow, very depressing. Like my wife tells me, I get so focused on a project that i just keep spending. Anyways, here's the final: Total parts cost: $30,433.22 I also broke it down into subcategories as follows: 1) Front Axle/steering ...$4,567.16.........Line Boring of bolster, complete overhaul of front axle, steering cylinders, new tie rod ends, and new steering hoses. 2)Bolts/hardware.......$665.00...............Cost of new bolts, nuts, cage nuts, hose clamps, etc. 3)Engine.......$7,652.47.................Complete engine overhaul with new camshaft and gear, new pistons/sleeves, new water/oil pumps, dampner pulley, radiator cleaning, injector repair, machine shop work, etc. 4)Cab Interior...$5379.26......All new interior, headliner, seat, various trim pieces ,all window/door seals, blower motor, radio/speakers, numerous switches, and used data center. 5)Lights...$1335.31.........All new LED lights, exterior and interior 6)Wiring....$1442.75..........Cost of new wiring, terminals, loom, new batteries and new right battery box 7)Guidance......$1071.94........Cost of used Trimble EZ Guide 500, new AG15 antenna, ram mount and cables 8)Tranmission/Hydraulics......$2277.46.........Cost of various parts for trans shift linkage, have sentry module repaired, repair rear hitch cylinder, and repair/reseal rear ISO couplers 9)Body.....$3759.92......Cost of any repairs on the exterior, excluding paint. This included door handles, used engine panels, used K&M steps/handrail, Decal package, used front fender brackets with new plastic, used plastic grill, etc. 10)Paint....$2002.00.....Cost of all paint, paint supplies, and sandblasting supplies( I only sandblast whatever i can remove, i do not sandblast on the tractor!) 11)Fuel Tank.....$259.13........Cost of a used auxilary tank. For the record, if anyone ever has to remove the bottom fitting which is in the tank, you might as well get a used tank as well,(long story) Soooo, there it is. As far as my labor, I never kept track of it, but I'd guess between 400-500 hours, and that doesnt include the time spent researching/procuring parts. Wife thinks i'm nuts for posting this, but it really doesnt bother me passing this on, had I known it would've been this much I would've thought twice about buying a newer model instead!
  12. Mike56073

    Need help with 1460 speed sensor

    X2. All of the RPM sensors, plus the sensors for the shaft monitor are fairly sensitive to the air gap between the sensor and the shaft
  13. Mike56073

    TA Lube Pressure Issue

    Man, I would think even a hairline crack would still make some sort of pressure
  14. Mike56073

    Anhydrous toolbar hp required

    Ok, so how many feet does that equal?
  15. Mike56073

    Anhydrous toolbar hp required

    Thinking about applying our own anhydrous. How big of a toolbar can a 5488 MFWD pull?