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  1. I would try grounding the panel itself to the frame, or a good known ground
  2. eeww. I wouldnt press my spoon against any of those seams............
  3. What’s the difference between the mini gac and the mini gac plus?
  4. What’s the best moisture tester you guys have found? I have an older version of this one, but it’s horrible when I’m testing warm corn. When I say warm, I’m talking temps in the 75-100 degree range. Thanks!
  5. Does anyone make a mirror that fits on an 88 series cab half way decent? I a lot of time last week installing a K&M mirror on my 5488. I had to modify the mounting bracket so the door would close, and also notching the corner trim on the cab. Once I got the actual mirror installed, it shook so badly that I took it off, not to mention that when the door opened it would hit the mirror glass. This tractor has the K&M door opener kits on it, and they open quite a bit further forward. I guessing I’ll have to come up with a mirror that mounts to the door instead?
  6. Yes, the after coolers used air to air exchange and look like a second radiator.
  7. A thermocouple generates small electrical currents proportional to the temp it sees, while a thermistor changes resistance. In the end they both do the same thing(read temperature),they just do it in 2 separate ways.
  8. Danny, My wife is from wheat land, Iowa. Not too far from where your 1086 came from.
  9. How about just getting a used tank?
  10. The cab solenoid is on the right side under the dash panel. Take the big square panel off underneath the swing out window and everything is right there. I’d pull the power from the switched side of the solenoid, and ground it to the metal right there, too.
  11. I have an Ag Leader PF advantage. I dont have an owners manual, and it isnt available on Ag Leaders website anymore. Does anyone here have one that I could buy, or copy?
  12. you remove shims to tighten the preload
  13. X2 what bitty said about rolling torque. I fought leaks on mine until I checked this, and tightened the bearings up to specs.
  14. If that black wire has a white stripe on it, it was there to provide power to an implement if needed. The other end of it is under the right fender
  15. I’ve been baling a lot of small square grass hay this year, from ditches to meadows to small corner pieces and waterways. I’ve been selling the stuff for $4.50/bale to mostly horse people, and it’s become a very good side business. My wife and I put up 3,300 bales this summer. My question is, I want to pay the landowners for the grass, what is it worth? I do everything, the mowing, raking, and baling, with my equipment.
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