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  1. Mike56073

    Nice pair of 1456s

    Neighbor up here has 13 of them, with 3 numbered together, and another 2 numbered together.if he could find the right one, he’ll have 6 consecutively numbered
  2. Mike56073

    450 Farmall rear end patch

    wow, thats a nice repair! You rarely see workmanship like that these days, everything is replace replace replace
  3. Mike56073

    How hot should a DTI466 block be

    looks good!
  4. Mike56073

    How hot should a DTI466 block be

    Got a picture of the whole machine?
  5. Mike56073

    5488 draft sensing linkage bolt

    Ok, thanks Mike! Hope you made it through the bad weather ok.
  6. Mike56073

    5488 draft sensing linkage bolt

    I have the hitch cover off of my 5488 to put a new piston seal in, it was leaking. I was about ready to go back together when I looked down inside the rear housing and noticed that I have a bolt missing on the draft linkage. There’s a piece of linkage that’s connected to the torsion tube, and another link that’s connected to the first one, this sencond link looks like a fork on the end. On this second link, there’s a threaded hole for an adjusting bolt, part number 1286706C1. What is that bolt for? I’ve looked through the manuals and can find any info on it.
  7. Mike56073

    66 Series Deluxe Cab Parts

    I believe Grote still makes something very similar to that switch. I googled "signal stat" and came up with a few options
  8. Mike56073

    My Winter Project- 5488 Rebuild

    Very, very nice! Did the new rod ends make a difference on the shift linkage?
  9. Mike56073

    Heated Seat

    He used a hy-capacity part number S1999934, it’s right around that $1,000 range.
  10. Mike56073

    Heated Seat

    I just did some measuring, and compared the cab to a "mid back" truck seat, yep way too tall, plus no air compressor like you said. At this point Im going the same route as Matts 5488, adding a heating element underneath
  11. Mike56073

    Heated Seat

    yeah, I checked on that exact seat, I wouldn't be able to have that for anything less than $3,000........PLUS the armrest.........
  12. Mike56073

    Heated Seat

    how hard was it to adapt to the floor? Ive found a couple really nice aftermarket ones, with both armrests, heat, air ride, lumbar, fore/aft isolation. The sales guy at the truck shop said that $1,500 would buy a really nice one in just about any color a person wanted. im also curious as the the height of the seat, wondering if the high back would be too high for looking back at the implement?
  13. Mike56073

    Heated Seat

    has anyone ever tried installing a seat made for a semi??
  14. Mike56073

    88 series door handles and door glass seals

    so in other words, I need to buy it in bulk, cut and miter the ends, and glue the pieces together?
  15. what is everyone doing with these door handles? Mine all work fine, just cosmetically ugly. HAs anyone tried sandblasting and painting them? Also, I need to replace the window glass seals on the doors. CaseIH has a part number for them, but it looks like its sold by the foot instead of a one piece molded seal.