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  1. When I made my adapter plate, I looked at the picture in the service manual to determine which holes are used on the block(on the side). Then I made a sharpened stud for each hole, laid a piece of plywood over all of them and imprinted the pattern into the plywood with a hammer.
  2. First thing you need to do is rewire something to get the ammeter working. I’m suspecting that when you replaced everything that something didn’t get connected correctly. Do you have a manual with a schematic?
  3. If it were mine I’d start with measuring lobe lift and go from there. You might find that #1 is so worn that the rocker got too loose and the pushrod popped out. I believe the updated valve covers were installed with the top mounted breathers in order to get more oil mist up and across the cam/lifter area. I might be wrong on that, but if I am someone will chime in.
  4. Yep cap them off and get an air ride, you’ll never look back!
  5. Pete is correct, if the adjusting nut is not self locking the pressure is 185, if it’s been updated it’ll have a self locking adjusting but and the spec is then the higher pressure. On my 656 there’s a shoulder bolt and a triangle shaped piece that is part of the linkage. Mine was worn and wouldn’t allow the spool valve to come up all the way. Installed new ones and they made a big difference with the pressure
  6. A few years ago I got it real bad.....think of all the places a guy scratches himself when no one is looking🙄🙄. What worked for me was dawn dish soap in the shower. That was the only thing that lasted long enough for me to get sleep at night
  7. Yep they were the brass ones
  8. I did my 966 this last winter, I got everything from Hy-Capacity. Everything fit perfectly.
  9. A few years ago I was able to get those nuts from either steiner or All states. I believe they called them “high nuts”
  10. First thing I’d do is take the manifold off and get it surfaced, to make sure that the sealing surface is true to the cylinder head.
  11. If you’ve put 125lbs of air through it and aren’t getting any bubbles in water on the other end I’d definitely reject it. It’s a good thing you checked, most people would’ve just installed it without checking!! Good parts are getting harder and harder to find sometimes!
  12. I can’t remember the last time I saw a can of starting fluid with the International Logo on it!
  13. Didn’t Hiniker make these?
  14. Looks like decent rubber, fairly straight run and a full rack of weights, I like it!
  15. Did you get it figured out?
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