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  1. Mike56073

    IH 806 remote required??

    x2 The ones Ive done that leaked out of that hole had a bad latching piston. Part # is 396582R1, about $30. With the O rings, you'd have less than $50 invested. Like said above its hard to explain how to do it, but if you have the time its easy to do. That piston looks like a small pin, the ones I've taken out always looked fine, but it takes a new one to fix the leak. I know if it were mine, Id definately fix it instead of remove it.
  2. Mike56073

    Bolts for pto shield

    try a salvage yard?
  3. Mike56073

    IH 806 remote required??

    where is it actually leaking from?
  4. Mike56073

    IH 1456 vs Pecan Tree

    Nice find! it looks like a few hours with the buffer and she'll be good as new! I wish I'd find stuff like that up here in MN. Around here the only time you see old iron is when its on a semi on its way to the scrapyard.
  5. Mike56073

    Rebuilding a 784 engine cost

    I’d start at the very beginning, with a new battery, good clean cables/connections, and a known good starter. Take it off and have it tested to be sure it’s working properly. I’m not saying this is the tractors problem, but cranking speed is huge on a diesel!! Definitely try to get it running to determine if it really needs a major.
  6. Mike56073

    686 brakes

    Not necessarily. There’s usually a lot of adjustment available with those shims. Do you have a manual?
  7. Mike56073

    686 brakes

    I thought I was the only dummy that’s done that!! It always seems to happen when I don’t have the pedals locked together too!!
  8. Mike56073

    686 brakes

    if I remember correctly the end of that reaction pin shows through the end of the cover? you should be able to hit it with penetrating oil, then try to work it loose. You could also try removing those 4 bolts and then depressing the brake pedal to get the actuator to spread and help push the cover off.
  9. Mike56073

    New Rims for my pulling tractor

    Auto steer?🤪
  10. Mike56073

    5488 clutch control spool valve

    I’m not sure, is there any way to tell by looking at it?
  11. Mike56073

    got some wood splitting done today

    I’ll burn just about anything that falls down in our grove, but when I go off the farm looking for trees to cut up I usually favor ash and red elm.
  12. Mike56073

    New to me 5488

    Very nice! It’s hard to find them that original.
  13. Mike56073

    5488 clutch control spool valve

    I got the part In the mail yesterday, and it took care of my problem, there was a definite ridge worn into the old stem. I still can’t believe I found a new one for $20 shipped on EBay!!
  14. Mike56073

    got some wood splitting done today

    It was nice enough today that I was able to get some firewood split for next winter. Thought I’d share some pictures..........
  15. Mike56073

    Monitor Orginizer

    If anyone has one laying around I’d be interested in buying it