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  1. Delta, I didn’t know the coils/spools can be cleaned. Is it a pretty straightforward job?
  2. Have you checked the coils? They could maybe be shorted internally, or on those I have seen the wire insulation shrink back to the point where the bare wires can touch each other right where they go into the coil
  3. Originally it did from the left battery, but when the sentry wiring is updated the power wire is moved to the solenoid.
  4. Originally it grounds at the relay on the right side of the pedestal. Part of the wiring update is to ground it to the pedestal itself. The ground is the single wire connector coming out of the sentry. As far as the cab ground goes, it’s under the right side. One side goes to the step mounting bolt, the other goes to a bolt that attaches the right battery ground to the frame. If you want the specific wiring instructions, message Mike Links. He can email them to you.
  5. Have you updated the power and ground locations for the sentry module? The cab needs to be grounded properly too.
  6. I’d at least unplug them, swap them around( to see if problem follows the switch), and check the pressure. There’s a small pipe plug next to each switch. Take a pressure guauge(at least 300 lbs), and check the pressures at those ports. A flexible grease gun hose will thread into them, you just have to adapt it to the gauge. Check the pressure at high idle, there should be at least 250 lbs there. Ideally it’ll have 270 ish. I’ve had pressure switches that were only 2 years old fail, even the new style switches
  7. Have you checked the pressure switches?
  8. I would think so. You should disconnect one side from the solenoid before measuring resistance. Multimeters give messed up resistance readings when there is current going through the circuit. I’d disconnect the right terminal(switched side) and see what the resistance is with the solenoid switched on. Anything more than a couple of ohms is too much.
  9. I just thought I’d share this with everyone. I replaced the cab solenoid in my 5488 a few weeks ago. It wouldn’t switch on anytime the key was turned on. When I bought the (hy-capacity) solenoid I picked up one for my 5288 as well, on the hunch that something wasn’t right with it also. The last year, the 52 has kicked out the sentry about once or twice a day, for no reason. I’ve replaced pressure switches, checked the coils, wiring updates, even swapped sentry modules, with no luck. I pulled out the cab solenoid today and ohmed it out when power was applied, and found that it’s junk. This tractor has no other issues electrically. I’m thinking that there’s just enough resistance in the old one to give the sentry module fits. Computers need good clean power all the time, this is probably what’s kicking mine out, even though nothing else is acting weird. The test light lit up perfectly, but the meter shows a poor connection internally. If anyone else has sentry problems and the wiring updates are already done, don’t forget that solenoid! The first pic is of the old solenoid, the second pic is the new one
  10. I don’t know those systems, but I know jet engines well, and they use lots of thermocouples. Most of those actually create electricity, in milivolts. The hotter the temp the more they put out.
  11. That picture needs just a hint of smoke rolling from the exhaust pipe.......
  12. I see you’re in SE, I’m in New Ulm
  13. Am I reading it right, that tractor is 184 from the last one?
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