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  1. Are the roller cams fairly reliable? Also , can a non roller be converted to a roller?
  2. My 84 5488 with a B engine has wider bearings already too
  3. When I needed a manual for my inline I ended up getting one from peaceful creek. They don’t have it advertised on their website but if you call them they have the blue ribbon manual for the Robert Bosch.
  4. for those of you that run a 5x88 tractor, where do you hook up the return hose for a hydraulic motor? In this case its a vacuum blower on a planter
  5. Thanks for the inputs. I ended up buying a 7200 vacuum 12 row wing fold. It has precision eset meters, screw adjust row cleaners, half width shutoff, and is already set up for 20/20 seedsense. Most importantly to me it’s been shedded it’s whole life. Some of the ones I looked at should’ve been hauled to the scrapyard. I’m getting it home tomorrow, I’ll post pictures later
  6. I was always told that a vacuum planter is a lot more accurate
  7. I know it’s the wrong color, but I’m looking at updating my 7000 deere 8 row, going to either a 7200 or a 1760 12 row vacum. What are the pros and cons of the wing fold vs front fold?
  8. Like I said I might be wrong. The two pictures here are my 656 vs my 686. The 686 is the darker red. I’ve never measured them, so it might be the 686 is that way to make the frame wider.
  9. The steiner stuff has always worked for me, but like cedar farms said above I would put the sensor in boiling water and see what it does. I’ve seen quite a few tractors over the years that hardly ever came up to operating tempature just hauling stuff around. The coolant systems were designed for the tractor to be worked hard.
  10. Someone correct me if I’m wrong, but don’t the diesels have frame extensions? My 686 does. If that’s the case would that mean that he would need the sheet metal from another diesel?
  11. You mean the rear pivot pin? That’s the reason I tore it all down, the rear pin and bushing are worn. As long as it’s all apart now, it’s going to get the works, minus the knees/spindles
  12. Got it out, the bottle jack/heat and BFH finally worked. I actually found that tapping on the bolster right under the pin swinging towards the rear got it loose. Now my next question is, how much up/down play should the spindles have? I’ve got 1/4-3/8”.
  13. Trying to remove the front axle from the tractor. The front pivot pin is stuck. I’ve tried soaking in penetrating oil, and some heat with an air hammer with no luck. It won’t budge a bit. The little cross pin came out easily but the main pin is giving me more grey hairs than I can afford! I’m not sure how much heat I can put on the bolster with it being cast. Any tips?
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