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  1. Dt466 camshaft

    Opened up the box today for a new camshaft for the 5488. The cam is a new, not reground, cam from Federal-Mogul. The part number on the box is the correct number. The middle two bearing journals on it are almost twice as wide as the ones on the old cam. Has anyone encountered this before? I’m thinking it’s not going to hurt anything, but I just want to make sure before I install it, I don’t want to find something out the hard way!!!
  2. 5488 mfd pics

    I’m surprised that left handrail doesn’t get bent from mud, as close as it is to the tire. Nice tractor, wish I could find a set of front fenders like that!!
  3. 5288 fresh out of shop. Unexpected project

    Mike, what kind of seat is in that one?
  4. Owen and I have 5x88's coming out of our ears

    That’s a good problem to have! From my experiences in dealing with you, it’s no wonder you’re busy with work. Very impressed with your customer service and your willingness to help people through technical problems!
  5. 1586 TA

    Yes if you follow the linkage down on the right side, there’s a transmission brake that’s up inside right behind the bell housing. There’s a bottom cover you can take off and look up inside and see if everything looks ok there. You might have something else going bad, but if it were mine I’d check that first before splitting the tractor again. One other thing I’d check is make sure your clutch/TA linkage is all adjusted per the manual. I haven’t worked on a hydraulic one like yours, but I know that the mechanical ones have to be adjusted just right for longevity.
  6. WTB: 5488 plastic grille

    Thanks Matt!
  7. WTB: 5488 plastic grille

    I talked to Mike already, no luck. I was also looking for the trim plate over the shift handles, he Is no longer making them.
  8. WTB: 5488 plastic grille

    I'm looking for the plastic grill that sits right in front of the radiator, it holds the headlamp buckets, and is right behind the metal radiator screen. It has a part number of 148857c1. If anyone has a good one, let me know please! Thanks
  9. Clutch Housing Bottom Cover

    i might be wrong, but isn't that just a dust/access cover for the throwout bearing?
  10. 1586 TA

    Sounds to me like something perhaps in the transmission brake??
  11. 8930

    Are they the same as the early magnums, where you turn the key to accessory and the dash displays the hours?
  12. 826 Goldie

    I don't have the answer to your question, but when you get the serial #, there's a forum member(Red Tractor Fever), that would appreciate knowing what the serial # is.......
  13. 5088 fan shaft attachment

    Are you talking about the two long bolts that go through the discs, spacers, pulley and into the water pump? The bolts aren’t shown here, but the spacers are item#9? If those bolts are breaking, I’d check the water pump and fan shaft for bad bearings. Those bolts are 3/18-16x3”, Grade 8
  14. Piston sleeve O-ring install

    I believe Deere makes/sells a liner o ring lube
  15. 5488 engine

    going to go with a federal mogul kit, I talked to the machininst today any we're going to go std/std with the bearings. I was looking on the federal mogul website, and they list both a 3 ring or a 4 ring piston, according to the serial number. Does anyone know what the story is between the two? I'm assuming that that they're talking about a 1 piece vs 2 piece oil control ring, but I just want to make sure.