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  1. Mike56073

    54 axle leak

    I’m assuming this is a 5488 rear axle?
  2. Replaced one on our 966 years ago when all it did was tillage. Plowing was really hard on the furrow wheels.
  3. It has the thicker spacer washer as compared to my 686
  4. I got the PTO all back together. Went to check pressure on it, the initial engagement is 45 psi, which is good. The full engagement, however is only 135. I then disconnected the linkage and manually lifted the valve up, and got 210. Better but still not in spec. So I know I need to get a new triangle piece and shoulder bolt, but still can’t figure out why I can’t get 235 out of it. Any ideas? When I air checked it on the bench it didn’t sound like it had any major leaks, so this is a surprise to me.
  5. You can use either stick or the tig to do the stainless. There are stainless welding consumables for both setups. As far as the cracks go, I’d try and stop Drill the ends of the cracks and then weld them back up. If the stainless is basically thick sheet metal I’d go with the tig setup. It has to be perfectly clean for the tig to work good. If you can get it out in one piece, it might be better to take it to a welding shop if you’ve never tig’d before.
  6. Thanks for the reply! I’m going to look for the pin tonight, it has to be in the unit, it hasn’t left the bench since I replaced it. I’m wondering if a regular roll pin would fit tighter.
  7. Mike56073

    656 PTO pin

    Rebuilding the PTO on my 656 gas. Got everything cleaned and resealed. I went to bench check the piston/clutch pack on the workbench with shop air, and had nothing. I found that the small pin in the control valve(that I had just replaced) was missing. Now I have to take it all apart to find the pin(assuming it’s in a passage somewhere) When I first replaced that pin it was a fairy loose fit, even with a new pin. Is this correct, or is it supposed to be a tight fit(like a roll pin)? Also, what is the pump pressure spec?
  8. What about those seats that used a wide left hand rest that folded down for a buddy seat?
  9. For small squares I have a JD 336. I love it. It makes perfect square bales every time. Last year I went through the knotters, they had tied over a quarter million bales with no problems!
  10. All that time working on the exhaust, and he couldn’t even fix the front cab light.........
  11. I put one in my 5288, and one in my 5488 last year. They worked great, no more spraying glue above your head making a mess, and no wrinkles! Well worth the money
  12. x2 on the anti-dieseling solenoid. It should have a single wire to it thats hot with key on. if youve got power to it, back it out and check the tip, and make sure it moves back and forth
  13. Thats exactly what I did, I used a 5/16 bolt 2" long instead of the ball. It fit perfectly and took care of all the slop I honestly dont know why they didnt engineer it with a shaft going through the hollow tube
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