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  1. I ended up installing a new 12” flywheel, a large 4 pad disc, and a 12 spring pressure plate with a heavy duty center hub. This thing doesn’t do tillage anymore, but it still does a fair amount of PTO work. This picture reminds me of new pistons/sleeves in a block, they’re almost too pretty to cover up!!!
  2. X2. I’d tear it down and see what’s broke, and go from there.
  3. no Dale, I had to replace the spacers on the speed trans countershaft. fixing all of the loose shift linkage too. Its all in another post labeled 966 no power steering.
  4. So most of these 1400 series final drives that fail, do they usually start leaking before breaking?
  5. 536648R1 is the part number, and so far I can’t find anything aftermarket.
  6. What’s the flywheel thickness? I believe the min spec is 1.514”? I’ve got my 966 split right now, I drained/removed the fuel tank, then used an engine hoist(cherry picker) to hold everything else up to remove the steering supports. In this pic you can’t see the engine hoist, but you can see the strap attached to it
  7. Very carefully grind the staking off. Reinstall with new screws part #43-13114.
  8. Ok, so a 4 pad will be heavy enough for what I need it for? The hardest use it sees now is pulling wagons, no tillage. Another thing I noticed tonight when going through the MCV, the book calls for a power steering check valve/spring. All I have in that spot is a steel slug.
  9. I received the new spacers. Here are pics of them for those that haven’t had the “experience” yet. The short ones look the same but the long one is way thicker. I took pictures of the end of the shaft with the old vs. new spacers installed. Big difference! Now, as long as it’s torn down this far I looked at the clutch, and the disc has broken damper springs. It’s a 6 pad disc. I see they originally came with a 4 pad. What should I put back in? I’ve been told the 4 pad shifts easier(less rotating mass). This tractor is used for spraying, chopping stalks, and occasionally pulling gravity wagons (450-500 bushel). Last question is I see on hy-capacity’s web site they have a heavy duty IPTO roller bearing available.(I need to replace the IPTO gear anyways). This heavy one fits right in place of the standard 15 ball bearing?
  10. I don’t think so. I ran that exact same drill for a guy on a 7150 magnum MFWD. Even with weights on the front we never could fill it completely, otherwise it wouldn’t turn worth a hoot.
  11. Mike56073

    Fuse size?

    X2 3 amp if you convert to LEDs😄
  12. I dont think so, it looks like a casting line
  13. If youre wanting to keep it all original, I would find any electronics place that repairs things. That radio is so basic, anyone should be able to repair it. After that, I would sand/repaint the outside myself........ I just did a google search, and there are tons of places that refurbish old radios.......
  14. I answered my own question, I took the nut and bearing off and was able to get the 2 short spacers out, and they are definitely wore. Now to get the housing off so I can get the shaft out enough to get the long spacer off
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