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  1. Copyright laws. Can't post a picture a real tractor so they change the colors.
  2. I had to go and look. My 84 model 1480 was ordered with every option except the accumulator. Header is pretty smooth without it.
  3. I've never closed the accumulator off on my 1480, heck I don't even know where it is. I thought only the twin stick machines had accumulators.
  4. What problems were you having? Were the 90's a powershift?
  5. I stand corrected. Per the Nebraska test, 2268 RPM is 1000 PTO rpm. 2600 engine rpm is 1145 pto rpm.
  6. Auto height sensitivity to high??? The old 1020's with the cable to the pot would get sticky and jumpy, check to see if it's moving freely. There's also an adjustment screw on the side of the spool valve next to the cab, adjustment it in to slow down oil flow.
  7. Fluid changes rarely ever fix problems. You most likely have a mechanical issue.
  8. What did it do before when you say it didn't work correctly? Did you get a new pot with the rod conversion kit?
  9. I got a steal of a deal on a 1020 with an air reel last year. Definitely noticeable the power the fan takes. Maybe use a 1/4 gallon of fuel more per acre???? I used to be spot on 1 gallon and acre, now it's higher but not much. For the first time ever I'm seeing germinated beans in the field. most are right in the middle but some out on the edges, assume shatter from the sickle. The beans bouncing off the windshield is almost nonexistent, short beans are a dream to combine now. Other than the gearbox to maintain and extra fuel I see no major con to an air system.
  10. Looking at the pictures in the book that's what I thought too, it pushed the frame forward slightly in relation to the tractor rear axle. I have both subframes, plan was to use the hydraulic one. Looking at the book it appears they are the same frame, but I'll look at them closer after harvest.
  11. Detailed measurements of the front frame mount would be deeply appreciated. Most likely make my own. I see the book list different axle mounts for 806, 1256, and 1066. Any idea what's different?
  12. The end goal is to put my 234 on a 7, 9 or 1066. Slowly gathering parts.
  13. I've ran an 844 on my 1480 and the neighbor runs a 944 on his 1640. Both use the stupid long hex shaft coupler. I've allingned mine numerous times and things always move around in the field. Misalignment will cause heat. As long as it's not eating up the shafts or coupler I'd run it.
  14. Sounds like the header height sensor is thinking the head is still up.
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