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  1. Looks that way, you can see the headphones wrapped around the steering column.
  2. Best way to watch Mecum is in fast forward.
  3. Curious if that console picture is your machine, because that's a 16xx series dash. The fan hub shield will piss you off after the second time you try to grease the bearing. POOR DESIGN. I picked up couple shields from a salvage yard few years back, expensive.. ..
  4. No. Trans brake is activated by the clutch pedal, its the rod under the trans and a turn buckel on right side of transmission. There's a flat pad that presses against a gear in trans to stop rotation when shifting. Park brake is the lever by brake pedals you push down when parking tractor.
  5. I couldn't read that thread, way to sad for me. my best friends 2.5 year old son went to bed and never woke up back in 2016. Hit me hard as my oldest daughter was 6 months older than him and we'd found out 3 days before his death we were having another.. I feel for anyone who's ever lost a child, or even had a sick kid.
  6. Yep, you might have to set up an account. Then you select what dealer you want to go through. You can also just call any dealer with that part number and have them send it to you.
  7. Shows still available, $40.50, Part #688189C1 https://partstore.caseih.com/us/TitanMachineryMoorhead/parts-search.html#epc::mr53841ar1232848bi1330764-31
  8. I feel for that guy, snow SUCKS!!! I started working on the RR 5 weeks ago, just as all the snow started..... I've put 65 hours on a brand new T770 bobcat, just pushing snow. Last Friday I was on the rails pushing, caught a derail and sheared 5 bolts on cutting edge of bucket, later caught the edge of a long tie, and later yet caught a frozen rail in the middle of nowhere. Never did hit my face on the door but my hat did twice. Drove the bobcat in the shed at lunch and walked away, I'd had enough snow removal that day!!!!
  9. https://stores.allskidsteers.com/72-skeleton-bucket-for-skid-steers-not-eligible-for-free-shipping/ $600, for a brand new one. Rent a bobcat for a weekend and be amazed at how much you get done. At the time our rock bucket was the best attachment ever, then I bought the grapple bucket version on the rock bucket, THAT is one sweet attachment. Then I bought a brushhog for the bobcat, and then metal tracks, and now I've gone down the, "BOBCAT RAT HOLE"...I'd prolly quit farming if we didnt have one.
  10. Yes, that small rod is the dump valve adjustment. The thick plate sounds like your hydraulic clutch assist bracket. What position was your TA lever in? If it's back in TA, the clutch pedal won't move threaded rod as its already dumping pressure. It will only move threaded rod if TA lever is ahead in direct.
  11. Rock Bucket on a bobcat will do WAY more then you could with the 300. Use a field cultivator to pull the rocks up, then fly around with the bobcat, do it every spring up here.
  12. You'll get much better replays by changing your title to reflect your questions. As for the weights, can you get a part number off them?
  13. Take the positive of each battery to the starter. The stud on starter might be a bit short for 2 cables. Ground each battery to big bolt on flywheel housing under the tray.
  14. Talk to Biewers tractor in Barnesville mn if you truely want to ship it to the UK. They send stuff over there from time to time.
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