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  1. It depends on the agreement the shuttle loader has made with the RR. It's generally easier and cheaper to leave the locomotives with the train and just send a taxi to pick up the crew, VS dropping off the cars, then running light engines 50 miles to the terminal, just to run the engines back out there 12-24 hours later. 99% of the big engines have auto start so as long as the air is up, the water is warm, and the batteries are charged, the locomotive will shut down. It will restart when any of those conditions fall out of a predetermined range.
  2. Careful taking pictures, alot of those have inboard cameras. BNSF is always watching...... My day job is a Railroader.
  3. Yes, the bottom one. that 90 degree fitting used to be a T and the line continued straight up to the seat.
  4. When the DOT is weighting you axle by axle you drop the air on the tag to make it weigh less, then crank it up when that axles off the scale.
  5. Being able to lift or drop inside the cab isn't illegal. being able to adjust the air pressure of said axle, while inside the cab is what's illegal. Would be very easy to crank up or down while being checked roadside.
  6. The exhaust port should be threaded???? Just add a short hose to outside the cab.
  7. Almost 2 years and no updates..... The 856 hit the show circuit this summer, did some field work this fall, then in Jan it got its turn in the shop. I put LED bulbs in the dash, and all new wiring to fenders courtesy of Porch Elec. They currently have incandescent bulbs but will get LED's as they burn out. Pulled the PTO back out to fix 3-point draft tube leak. Also put the correct 56 series single hydraulic outlets on it. Took off the homemade oil tube and put on good used parts from Knights Tractor salvage. As of now I'm satisfied with the tractor and will leave it be until the head gasket gets bad enough to need replacement.
  8. Pto shaft has a pretty good twist in it.
  9. So 2" short of "standard". personally I'd run it as is, IF it's not causing pto drive line issues.
  10. Your right it is, but spending another 10K for a bond, to scam the government out of money on their own scam sounds like a good way to get stuffed in jail, plus you have to deal with all the extras that come with "selling" grain such as.... "All license holders are required to have one examination each year. Examiners provide an onsite review including an audit of records and a physical measurement of grain bins and facilities to identify total capacities, shortages in storage, obligations, open storage accounts, contracts, insurance policies, and safety issues. Federally licenses grain warehouses are exempt from this requirement if they have had an exam conducted by the USDA during the license period."
  11. Purchasing grain with the intention of selling it again requires a grain buyers license and a bond to be posted.
  12. FSA office will finance to 40 years, stipulation is you must be refused commercial financing first. Those government backed loans are going the way of college loans, allowing guys to get in WAY over their heads. No reason not to way over bid land when you know the government will give you a loan, and at some point beg for forgiveness.
  13. Your right they do, but government doesn't think like that. They'll outlaw every practice that farmers use, then import food and bottled water from China.
  14. $100 to spray corn, Holy crap!!!! Corns $35 to spray, if hes spraying fungicides that adds up, but not $75 worth. I will add I own all my Equipment, no payments. Your friend is going to discover what $4 corn is all about, sadly government crop insurance will bail him out but that's a discussion for another day.
  15. Weird, the back axle is a solid mounted torsion axle, and it appears the cab is air ride.
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