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  1. I'm the exact opposite. I'll tube everything just to save time and effort vs doing it twice. I also never run fluid, although of the last 4 tires that I pulled the fluid out of, 1 leaks super fast, and 2 now leak slowly.... karma I guess!!
  2. My 856 custom with no weight or fluid, 18.4x34's was 9310. I belive it was almost out of fuel.
  3. I'm still AMAZED they let you use that wheelie bar setup!!!!! That thing would never be allowed, even in brush pulls. Needs to be solid mounted with NO movable parts.
  4. Yes, I read it wrong, 51 is estimated gross HP. So you are correct, slightly smaller than a 460, which was 55 gross HP. I edited my first post to show the same.
  5. I'm with snowshoe, run straight from pump to boom controller. Use regulator off T to to control pressure. The regulator between pump and boom controller is most likely 100% of your issue. Those regulators are designed to bleed off excess pressure, not restrict flow. Only issue I've run into with running regulator back to agitator is I couldn't get pressure low enough, I like 30-40 psi.
  6. 51 gross HP, so slightly smaller than 460. Production started December 1961, so slight over lap with 460-560 production.
  7. Are they regulators, which are adjustable spring loaded valves that open when pressure raises. Or are they T handle valves? You listed both. FWIW, I sprays 700 acres a year and only agitat when mixing, I've never agitated in the field.
  8. You are correct, you'd need the wet bolster to put adjustable wide front on, or a narrow front. You could search long and hard for an adjustable wheatland axle......
  9. Normal axle has the clamps and pin at the end of the center tube in the vertical position. The HD row crop version has them at a 45 degree angle to the back. Also the rear yoke is cast with the center tube vs being bolted on from below.
  10. Your confusing gross vehicle weight rating with gross combined weight rating. Gross vehicle weight is the physical weight you can put through that vehicle onto the tires. Weather the load is all in the bed, the cab or applied via a hitch, at no point ever can your truck have more weight on the tires than the gross vehicle weight, I.E. 8800#. Now gross combined is the total the vehicle can HANDLE, when coupled to a trailer, that number is hard to find, but usually big, 20K to 30K. If you load a 1586 onto the gooseneck and put about 2K# of tongue weight onto the truck, and put the remaining weight on the gooseneck. As long as the gooseneck is rated for whatever the remains weight is your "legal" 8800 gvwr is why mn has a 10K tag for 1 tons. A crewcab diesel will have a very light rating because the base truck is so heavy. A single cab long bed will leave you the most available weight to pile on because the truck is lighter. Clear as mud right!!!!
  11. GVWR is more than just axle rating, it's also brakes and tires. Emissions are also a factor, plus manufacturing commonality, it's entirely possible the axles are the same across many different models, but brakes are different. A lower gvwr will effect emissions standards. Anyone remember the 80's with the "heavy half" from chevy???? Emissions work around. It was literally 1 more leaf spring with a higher GVWR, pushed it to a lower emissions standard.
  12. All mine get used, no trailer queens here!!!! It pulls wagons in the fall, runs augers, spreads fertilizer. It was on the grain vac this spring, loaded 4 semis. I just melted the PTO together Thursday pulling the discbine......
  13. I've always loved 806's, my first big tractor purchase was an international 806 on black Friday, 2010. 14 years later it's still 1 of my favorites. What's the serial number on yours? I see it's a dual oil hole block, so first couple years of production, and an IH pump. Odds are high that rainbow tach isn't original.
  14. Then putting a TA in it will make it unoriginal. Plus it'll be expensive, and lots of work. You'll need a new MCV valve, clutch rod, TA lever, with the 2 rods and lower pivot. AND still have to buy the TA from hy capacity, and with no core to return, add lots more to the cost.
  15. Then maybe instead of telling all of us here on the internet, you should contact the MN DOT and tell them, because their missing out on millions of dollars in fines....... By your logic every moving van, straight truck and uhaul truck should require a cdl, because we all know a straight truck has a GVWR above 26K. BUT it's LICENSED under 26K, therefore the driver doesn't need a CDL. Same applied to the dual tandem gooseneck......IF you license it for 10K, no cdl required, but your stuck with never hauling more than 10K. Yes I understand what your getting at, a triple axle gooseneck will put you over 26K also, but it's not automatic that you need a cdl, there is loopholes.
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