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  1. That chirp is because the turbo can't keep cramming air in, it literally escapes back out through the air filter. When this happens Boost pressure drops, excellent combustion is now over fueled and power drops fast. This all happens within seconds.
  2. If you removed every other wire I'd run for sure one cover plate. What size head, how much yield? Doubt you'd ever overload the rotor and throw them out the back with large wires and every other pulled.
  3. So what's the story on this thing, did you build it, did it start as a cabbed or open station tractor?
  4. Pretty sure the DT means Diesel, Tractor. DTT would be turbo. Non tractor applications would be Dx whatever the application code is.
  5. What Dale is saying is "wheatland" was a dealer ordered option only available on the International tractors. The Farmall tractors were the row crops, Internationals were the standards. You could order the Internationals with any options the Farmalls had. 3 point, TA, dual PTO, even an adjustable front axle. I've personally seen a 1206 standard with adjust front axle. The "wheatland" option was TA delete, no 3 point, no PTO. Just a roller drawbar and big wide tires and fenders. I personally owned 1206 side panels that had the "wheatland" sticker on them. I've since sold them to Knights Tractor. So to answer the OP's question, if the rock shaft isnt in the tractor, than no, you cant have a 3 point or quick hitch.
  6. 1460 prolly has the tiny final drives and transmission, that would be enough for me to put it on the 1480.
  7. I personally would pay more than a normal 1466 just because it has a slight rarity factor.
  8. FYI no mandate is enforceable outside your work place. HIPAA laws and ADA laws protect you from having to wear them. I haven't worn one in 4 weeks. 1 gas station clerk asked if I had one, I said no and kept right on going about the store.
  9. Putting the trans in neutral and moving hyrdi full ahead will bleed the air out fast. Better question is, where did your oil go. Mine will leak by the seal and fill the trans up. Check that yours trans isnt over full.
  10. What are the differences in the nozzles? Same hole #'s just bigger on the 466?
  11. Larson Implement in Cambridge has a 2394 that's been hiding behind a shed for a few years. Worth a shot.
  12. Did you number it or was that a crazy coincidence?
  13. If the foot and inch pedal was bypassing you'll hear a high pitch whine from it. I don't remember exactly where the hydro bypass is, if I remember I can look at my book tomorrow.
  14. Proper way to bleed the hydro is put trans in neutral and push hydro lever forward for awhile, then reverse. If your not getting movement after that, and the lines to trans are still cold. Your bypassing somewhere. There's an arm inside the housing in 3rd pic, I'd start there. Drain oil and pull the 4 bolts out.
  15. I'll never forget where I was or how quiet the skies were in the days after. I'll also never forget that day because 2 months later I joined the fire dept right here in my home town.
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