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  1. brahamfireman

    2+2 serial Numbers

    I noticed the person listed on the above serial number tracking thread, hasn't visited since 2012...... Has anyone else started or taken over the 30 and 60 series 2+2 serial numbers?
  2. brahamfireman

    Fluid in tires get rid of it or leave it alone

    It was a semi rhetorical question, went to make the OP ask himself the same questions. My answers would be no for hay, and yes for snow, in his situation. You run over the hay fields 3, maybe 4 times a year, fluid just leads to compaction. Is the compaction caused by fluid worth the few times you'll need it in the winter? To me no, I'd ditch the loader and find a snow blower and tire chains, no fluid needed. But again, I'm biased, I hate fluid, and loaders....
  3. brahamfireman

    Fluid in tires get rid of it or leave it alone

    Why do you need fluid cutting hay? Why do you need fluid plowing snow? Ask yourself that and decide if you need fluid all the time or just added weight at certain times. I myself think fluid is a waste. But were all row crop and compaction is my worries. I took the fluid out of the 5088 and never take the duals off and I'm stuck WAY less now without fluid.
  4. brahamfireman

    Monsanto roundup vs generic cornerstone5

    It would be the other way, they made it more dense to cheapen trucking. More product for same weight. Where I work, Round-up Powermax is same as generic, so we only sell the real stuff. Work good still for me, but water hemp is showing up so it's tank mixed with residuals.
  5. brahamfireman

    What I found in field this Spring

    I got a new to me 35 acre piece that hadn't been field cultivated ever....I pulled up a bunch of old step in rebar fence post that were bent in many different shapes. I found 7 while planting beans, thankfully none in a tire, but I'm dreading what the combine will find.
  6. brahamfireman

    School Me On 66 Series Cabs

    Doubt it, those look like 20K pound Dayton axles, plus it's a gooseneck. Those tractors are Prolly 14K each on a good day the way they sit.
  7. brahamfireman

    No Tilling Soybeans with my Cyclo Planter

    So how did it go?
  8. brahamfireman

    No Tilling Soybeans with my Cyclo Planter

    I've got an 8x30 800 with dry fertilizer, and I no tilled beans into 6" tall sod 2 weeks ago. I had to set the down pressure at max to get the beans down in where I liked them. I've planted into some pretty heavy corn trash with mine, no row cleaners or anything fancy. It's hair pinned some residue but I wasn't to worried about it. Only thing I did change was to put a tractor tread tire on the one that drives the drum, for some reason IH thought that using only 1 of the 4 tires to turn the drum was a good idea......
  9. brahamfireman


    "Call for price" means OVER PRICED...... I won't ever call for price, if they're to ashamed to put price, don't list it for sale.
  10. brahamfireman

    carb cleaner

    SIMPLE GREEN!!!!! All natural, smells good too. Dad left an 806 fuel canister in a bucket to soak over nite, next morning all paint was peeled off, shiny bare metal, oops.....pour it on your hands, cleans off oil better then anything and I've used Dawn, or gojo, for years. It's all we use now to clean stuff, unless you need the spray effect then I'll use carb cleaner.
  11. brahamfireman

    Trucker question

    Same here, this day cab is the extended cab, 10" longer then standard. My entire upper body is behind the side window, I have to lean forward to look out the side. That's what fisheye mirrors are for. IHIrondiesel, to much of your hood is showing.... Good lord my windshield is dirty....stupid bugs.
  12. brahamfireman

    Difference one word makes...

    The better one is "never criticize your husband's choice, YOU were one of them...."
  13. brahamfireman

    Trucker question

    Young people in cars is a fad that just won't go away, 20 years ago when I got a license they would do it, seat back way low, arm stretched WAY out trying to steer, not for me....., I do it in the semi to avoid distractions to my side and stay back from vehicles in front of me. One other thing is with air ride suspension, air ride cab, air ride seat, you kinda of get that car with bad shocks thing going on, seat bounces all day, not alot but your hips and knees bend and move all day, put it on the floor and it's like riding in your car, seat is solid to the floor. I suspect this is why some guys put 300psi in the seat, so it doesn't move. On my old corvette dash 359 you couldn't get very low so I put a tall bug deflector on the hood. If you could still see the cars rear wheels in front of you, you were about 2 seconds back, which was Prolly still to close.
  14. brahamfireman

    Trucker question

    I drive a 2015 long nose day cab Pete, with no air in seat the top of the dash is eye level. I sit like that to force myself not to tailgate. I tell everyone that asks, " don't you want to see what's around you?" No, if it's that close to me it's to late... Sitting low creates a blind spot to the front, but if your paying attention, no one will be in it anyway. Side mirrors work fine if you take 1 minute to adjust them.....I can see my trailer wheels just fine sitting low. I've tried the air up the seat and look all around send all day looking right in front of you instead of half a mile up were you SHOULD be looking.
  15. brahamfireman

    Cyclo 900 Planter Wont Go Up/Down -Help!

    There is a section in the book on what solenoid to pull and what plug to replace to disable all the auto toolbar height. You most likely have a bag solenoid or ground issue. I poked around with my Voltmeter on my and never could figure out the wiring. All I know is mine works, for now.....