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  1. brahamfireman

    IH 4386 Wheels

    10 bolt hub right?
  2. brahamfireman


    Just logged into the Case IH site to check parts. Spider gears, $250 EACH, takes 4. OUT OF STOCK. Short shaft, $400 EACH, takes 2. OUT OF STOCK. Long shaft. $395, takes 1. OUT OF STOCK. Not cheap to fix through CaseIH On edit, not sure why its listing a price but is saying out of stock next to quantity. Looked at some other stuff I know they have and says same thing. Maybe just the dealer I picked is out of stock, usually won't give a price if there truly NLA.
  3. brahamfireman


    My point was at least with an 86, you can get cheap parts, easily. I myself would hold out for a 7130 or at least a 7220, anything with the better diff. Think the Bootheal diff package was 3 or 4K.....
  4. brahamfireman


    No bearings on the spiders in the differential, once they go, diff is done, parts are NLA. I'd buy an 86 series before I bought a xx10 series magnum.....
  5. brahamfireman

    Bring on corn harvest!

    Shrink is shrink, weather it's at the coop, your dryer, or the field its all the same. 1.18% per point of moisture above 15. Some places take shrink and have drying charges, some take excess shrink and charge less. Dollar for dollar its usually the same.
  6. brahamfireman

    Somethings wrong with this 5288 see if you can find it

    Click the pic, make it bigger. It's been painted, terrible over spray down by battery, and inside rear wheel well. It's got a red interior, which isnt seen often on the 88s. Also has 2 remotes, red and black handles in cab.
  7. brahamfireman

    Added cost of farming deer country

    Carma is gunna bite me now, I live in the middle of dear country, so many here we get 3 tags for hunting season this year....In 33 years on this farm, I've never even found a shed. Think they all come off out in the woods. Spreading fertilizer 2 years ago out in western MN right along the Red River I found 4 in the same field. Almost got 2 in the left tire of a big 3 wheeled Teragator, that would have been expensive.
  8. brahamfireman

    756 Hydraulic Remote Question

    My only guess is when you let it down fast the check valve on tractor is acting up and stopping flow. Letting it down slow the flow isnt enough to make the check valve act up. Does it do this if you switch to the other hose on same remote, your leaver will work backwards but will help isolate possible problem.
  9. brahamfireman

    Somethings wrong with this 5288 see if you can find it

    Front weight bracket is upside down. Spotted it right away.
  10. brahamfireman

    756 Hydraulic Remote Question

    If I remember right it's a single acting cylinder with only one hose right?
  11. brahamfireman

    1256 turbo

    Ive got a turbo and elbow off a 1206, to bad your not closer...
  12. brahamfireman

    Bosch injection pump question

    Following, Ive got to do the same thing.
  13. brahamfireman

    1480 trans leaking oil, What's the fix?

    Dripping out of the vent pretty good when parked over nite. I assume it's the hydro motor seal, how bad are they to change. It's ironic that this happened the day after I had the hydro control valve apart for a leak too, is it possible I got something in the hydraulic system and the zero pressure return line off hydro motor is plugged somewhere and over pressure blew seal?
  14. brahamfireman

    Nike's Getting Burned... Literally

    I did!!!! True story. 12 or so years ago, got WAY too drunk with a bunch of friends, gut feeling said I'd never make the ride home, so I walked 2 blocks to the fertilizer plant I worked at. Didnt have my keys cuz I rode to town with friends, but I knew home to break in. Apparently I forgot to close service door and at 8 the next morning woke up on couch in break room to 2 cops yelling "show me your hands!!!!" Guns draw, flashlights on me in the dark room. Tell cops story, quick call to boss and they left, never once thanked me for not driving, or apologized for nearly shooting me.....
  15. brahamfireman

    Wrong Color - Oliver Super 77

    Fully agree, 6 cylinders, 6 gears, true live PTO and hydraulics in 1948..... far superior to most at the time. I have a 1949 Massy 44, dad has a 1950 Oliver 77, and a 1951JD 60, put them all in a line and I can't believe Oliver didnt own the world and JD didnt go belly up in the 1950's. I love IH, but those old Oliver's are right behind IH in my world.