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  1. Seriously, you can't tease us with specs like that and not show pics!!!!
  2. My in laws live there, 3 hours from me. I won't be up there again until Thanksgiving. Let me know if I can help with anything. I could haul it down to IA maybe after harvest if you guys wanted to wait that long to start the corn sheller relay.
  3. Ha, it does look like that!!! It's the front of the saddle tanks on the 5088.
  4. Was hoping to get some install pics today but got busy elsewhere.
  5. I know what it is, do you? And when was the last time you saw 1. I personally never have seen 1 in person until this one. $10 well spent.
  6. Gave up last week. House was close to 60, even though I live in MN, I hate the cold!!!! Furnace is running as I type.
  7. Sold the machine over winter, I would have fixed it had I kept it. I'd crawl over 300 acres and at the end it would spit oil out the trans vent on the road. It never got bad enough in my eyes to warrant an in season fix.
  8. Not uncommon. For the last 3 years I had to drain the trans on my 1480 through out the season. One year it filled the trans while sitting over winter, next year it didn't. Seamed to be worse when I was on the road alot.
  9. I stood up one last fall, think it was 30' or more. I took the bobcat with the brush hog on it and used it to lift the one end as high as I dared. Then with a long cable wrapped around the top ring I used dad's 77 oliver to stand it up. Just put it in gear and rode the starter. When it was close to over centering I again used the bobcat with the bucket and "caught" the legs that were still in the air. I then used the bobcat to set it the rest of the way down. I took a few pics but they were lost on the old phone, probably for the better.....
  10. I don't pick junk, I pick treasures. I will not allow myself to go into an automotive junk yard because I'll leave with enough 80-96 ford truck parts to probably build a few complete vehicles.
  11. Picked up a complete single front wheel off an M, Plus 2 other forks. All 3 are different. The complete one has a 23744DB part number, 8.5" spread between forks. The other in almost identical but the spread is 9.25". The 3rd is 9.25" spread but 2" taller. Can't find any numbers. Appears the 23744db was modified to fit the M that we took it off. Anyone know what it came off and where to find parts to make the correct fork fit an M? The wheel assembly won't bolt into the wider fork, not enough bolt.
  12. Pics from the day after. Unfortunately the 5488 was gone.
  13. Yes. It was a 37xx number. If it's there tomorrow I'll get it.
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