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  1. Bypass on a micro-trak is a butterfly valve servo.
  2. Heard lots of people say it was good. My 5 year old is going with grandma on Saturday, she liked all the others.
  3. Pull the flow meter out and split it in half. The 3 bolts in the middle come out, then just pull it apart. There is an o ring that seals it, its prolly swollen up. I had to freeze my old one to get it back in. There is just an impeller in there that the magnetic sensor on the side reads, my sensor went bad last year and it would stop reading the gallons. That other valve is prolly for agitation if it comes off after pump but before flow meter. I built my sprayer, use an MT 3000 controller, super simple. Google MT 3000 rate controller manual. You can download the PDF. Has charts on how they should be plumbed, trouble shooting, all kinds of stuff.
  4. guessing a conversion with custom decals. My 500 has the single large press wheel. If you were closer, and I hadn't half stripped it down, I'd give you my old 8x30 500 cyclo. On edit, just looked at Tractor house, there is 2 500's listed BOTH have full on JD row units under them painted red.
  5. One thing to remember is you CAN NOT deadhead a roller pump. You will need a bypass of some sort for when the booms are off but the PTO is still on. I built my own sprayer, version 3.0 now.... Old 60' Blumhardt truck booms mounted on the 3 point, hypro centrifugal PTO pump, Micro-trak auto rate controller, 3 section electric shut offs. Used to be 3 point tanks, just switched to a pair of 260 gallon saddle tanks. No foamers here, I spray all corn and beans in 30" rows. Building a sprayer is a challenge, and sometimes I get pretty sick of it, but when the coop wants $10-12 an acre, or rain is close by, I'm reminded of why i spray everything myself.
  6. I work for a shortline, 12 mph track. We had one engineer hit 2 cars in 6 weeks..... one old guy on his own private driveway, got complacent and didn't look. The other was a methhead who blew the stop sign.
  7. Every railroader's fear when running double track. People need to learn to WAIT till you can see up the tracks.
  8. Was heading down old 61 from Rush City to North Branch today, and sitting across from Cafe Stuga in Harris was a nice looking 660 LP on a gooseneck, facing south so I assume it headed that way. Came back an hour later and it was gone. Was it anyone on here?
  9. Can I get parts for my Ford at the Chevy dealer??? They're both trucks, they do the same thing, just different names.... should be able to right?
  10. Can you post the brochures for the standard and the wheatland? I'd love to see them, being a standard fan myself.
  11. Interesting. It's got 86 series wedge locks..... I know a guy a few miles from me with what I thought was a heavily optioned I-1206. Wonder if it was a rice special. His has the adjustable WFE, TA, 3 point, same fenders. Had a cab but that's long gone. Has clamp on 32s. High serial number too.
  12. Google says 46402DA is for Farmall A and B. https://www.google.com/search?q=46402DA&oq=46402DA&aqs=chrome..69i57j69i60.8376j0j7&client=ms-android-verizon&sourceid=chrome-mobile&ie=UTF-8
  13. 1896 all the way. Shuttle forward reverse shift for no gear grind direction changes, 3 powershift gears. A cab big enough you could have party in it. Console controls, AC that can freeze anything. That 1896 will have a 5.9 Cummins, they're great on fuel and super cheap to work on. Parts are EVERYWHERE for them. 2100 hours on the 1896, are you sure it's not 12,100? Wouldn't surprise me at all on those tractors. I'm all IH, but that isn't even a comparison to me.....take the 1896 and enjoy haying.
  14. I'm currently sold 150-170 BPA. It better stop raining so I can plant more......at least it's good prices, 3.55 cash and 4.06 HTA. My 3.70 cash offer missed by ONE CENT today. Hoping it fills next week. No bins here so I always Sell a good bit ahead of time.
  15. While I agree, we've got thousands of barn swallows around my place. Just dont want them on my house, they crap alot, build on the barn, grainery, pole shed, not the front porch.....
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