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  1. I dont get why you keep saying you have to wait a long time to check the oil. Dont you check it cold? Checking immediately after shutdown will always give a false reading. The oil is hung up inside motor and on top end. Takes awhile for it to trickle down to pan. We've run tractors that use gallons a year. If it's truely oil slobbering out, your still not working it hard enough, it should burn the oil out if its getting into the combustion chamber and into the exhaust.
  2. Its not, it's old men in general. Personally know MANY people that live by the "shift up and throttle down" thought. Then complain about low power....
  3. Per Google Aftercooler and Intercooler do the same functions. I prefer Intercooler.
  4. I could never understand why the 1480, 1680 combines never got intercoolers. My 1480 even had the factory inline pump, but no IC.
  5. Work the snot out of it. Not uncommon on any diesel that doesn't get worked regularly.
  6. Used to sleep with a the radio on, woke up to the guys talking about it. Ran to neighbors to feed horses, noticed my brick cell phone didnt work. Got home just in time to see second plane hit. Dad worked 2nd shift so I ran upstairs to get him. Mom had just started milking so I ran and got her from barn. I recall watching the towers go down on TV. I'd turned 19 just 6 days prior. Join the local fire dept 4 months later, youngest guy to join. They changed minimum wage to 20 the next year.
  7. Until they're reading to my kids, I could care less. If the parents dont care, that's their choice. There's much worse things to worry about in my life. I'll parent my kids, they'll parent theirs. Maybe these kids have never had a parent read to them. This could be the only book reading they get.
  8. Have you ever poured pure 85 into a jug to see just what "settles" out? Remember using gas back in the day to clean things? Gas must be fairly corrosive too if it's such a good cleaner...... I recall digging green slime out of fuel bowls before ethanol came around. Apparently gas is good at absorbing water too. Yes Ethanol is hydrophilic, but my understanding is it takes HUGE quantities of moisture before the ethanol is saturated to the point the water physically falls out of suspension. that's the great thing about any alchohol in fuel, it binds with the water and allows it to pass through the fuel system. No one has noticed how we never seam to hear about gas lines freezing freezing anymore? The little bit of ethanol in gas moves the water right on through.
  9. Your right, they dont. But they stand to make alot when they're out, and any report showing any advantage, in any way, to anything not oil related is sure to be dug up by the oil company that might hire them. Plus the college and professor over seeing them does stand to make money. I trust almost no "reports", real world experience here is my only basis for most anything. I recall with vivid memory of the crap gas we had in the late 80's and early 90's. We had older vehicles running carburetors, had a chevy truck that had to be filled up in the next town south because it would ping terrible if filled in town. Lawn mowers HAD to be ran empty before sitting over winter.
  10. What's the little gauge on the right that's flying all over?
  11. Why not run E-85, put a bigger main jet in and go, its 110 octane right out of the pump.
  12. PTO has it's own pump so if it wont shut off that's a separate problem. Sound like a plugged filter, or your pump is toast.
  13. Sounds to me like your lemon was the dealer, cant believe you let the same dealer rebuild it 3 times.....
  14. Very interesting. Any idea on how fast oil breaks down? I'm the change the oil at 175-200 hours type, typically in the spring if I'm within that window. I sat at a cat service school for our at that time new 2014? Terra-gator with the new Sisu engine. One machine we had was using oil, the techs said "DO NOT change the oil early to make yourself feel good". Our shop was doing the oil changes at 200-250. Factory called for a 400 hour engine oil change. I did mine at 400 hours and once the other machine got onto the 400 hour schedule, it stopped using oil. I thought it was very interesting.
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