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  1. The problem is once a farmer drove the IH, there was no way in Heck he was going to get on that AC and farm. You might get lucky and find an AC guy that jumped to IH, but odds are they'll never admit they used to farm with an AC!!!!!
  2. Having never driven a 2 speed rear can you split each gear or don't the ratios work out?
  3. Still kicking myself for not buying that 856 gas last year. Local jockey has one on a 560, never looked to see who made it. but it's scary what you can load and that cute little narrow front takes it.
  4. I'll ask, do you have one? I really want one too.
  5. Because the current aged leaders know full well that challenging a law that takes away freedoms granted by the constitution will require a lot of money to get in front of a federal judge. So they make the law that blatantly goes against the constitution, knowing almost no average citizen will be able to afford to challenge it, thus new law.
  6. In all my 40 years if you would have told me WI is looking better every day, I'd have called you a fool. But the last 4 year I've sure changed my mind. It's a dang good thing Duluth has 2 big bridges and stillwater built the new bridge because they're gunna need them!!!!!
  7. The loones in MN are full on go mode with the "weather extremes" we've been experiencing this year due to man made things we can't say..... My wife had to fill me in on the deal in Memphis since I don't watch the news anymore. If I don't read it here or nat, I don't know it ever happened.
  8. I've heard LED dim with age, I read it on the internet so it's worth what you paid. Are you sure it's not just dust on bulb and lamp?
  9. Well, we're gunna have to talk if I get this thing bought because it's exactly what you want,but only a single speed rear end. I've got 2 septic systems I need to build this summer so my plan was haul tons of sand then pull the dump box off, but if the right replacement could be found....... your not that far away. The cab is getting rotted below the doors and front mounts, but that fixable if it's set up how you want it.
  10. No, I'd most like swap in something with more gears if 300 HP isn't enough.
  11. Held a cdl for 22 years so not worried, I planned on an electronic brake controller. I figured if I'm going to get 6-10 MPG's pulling the gooseneck, I might has well have something with big brakes, tires and suspension.
  12. What's the basic differences in the 16, 17, 18, 19 series? Looks like alot of engine/Trans combos were available but what about wheels, rear axles, creature comforts? I see some with Dayton wheels, some with buds, some with hydraulic brakes, some with air, looks like all had round headlights? See some single axle, some twin screw. I'm looking at one that's got an IH 466 and a 5 speed, single axle with air brakes, want to use it to pull the gooseneck instead of the 96 powestroke. What's the Good, bad, ugly about these trucks?
  13. They were available in the early 06 time frame but you'll probably never ever find one.
  14. I've never named any of ours, my favorite IH is hard to narrow down, probably my 856 because a 407 just sounds awesome.
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