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  1. If your close to Rush City MN, I can get you all you'll ever need
  2. Very last ones were drive by wire. Truck is a 1989 Volvo with the Silver 6v92T, Turbo on top of blower. It wouldn't run right, he bought it cheap right out of high school, fixed a bunch of burnt wires on manifold and ran the crap out of that poor truck. Later it got yanked out for a 60 series.
  3. I've got some you cant touch the top on tiled, black ground, then 24 rows away right by the riser its knee high and yellow. Most of ours is head high, neighbor has a few tassels shooting out.
  4. Crazy, I had the exact same white contour after we got married, maybe that's where it went.....
  5. Did this with a friend on a silver 6-92 Detroit in his old Volvo semi on the mile board 69 rest stop East of Fergus Falls MN in the dead of winter. We had left St. Paul and headed west, noticed the voltmeter was getting low so he picked up an alternator on our way out of town, figured we'd make it 7 hours home. Nope, electronic Detroit's use slot of power, somewhere west of Alexandria it was dropping fast so we changed the alternator and replaced the belt while the truck ran, too scared it wouldn't restart. Took a few tries but we got the belt on and charging.
  6. Has to be photoshopped, I cant believe the wires, or the brackets on the pole would hold a car.
  7. 88 style flat bottom front weights too. Too rich for my blood.
  8. Pictures of the whole tractor for us to drool over would help alot too.
  9. Touch a screwdriver to the bearing cap on the end while it's running, if the cap is magnetic, its charging. Otherwise I'd do like ACE said, if that doesn't make it charge you've got a bad alternator.
  10. Find a long lever from a 94 series, 1 or 2 remote, 3 and 4 are shorter, and put it in your extra remote slot. The pivot should be in there, just need the lever and some cable readjustment to make it work on your pto This has been on my to do list for our 2090, but the pto still engages pretty smooth so no hurty yet.
  11. Was called a puller throttle. Plan on making your own.
  12. I'd remind them with hourly news briefings of what the castle doctrine is, and that it extends to place of employment and my vehicle. My business is my employment, I'll be sure to keep the looters between me and the door.....
  13. Call the fire trucks out and start spraying.
  14. Why does that 5088 have the lift assist cylinder on the 3-point. Somethings up...
  15. Buy anything outside metro 5 counties its 6.75%. Chisago added a .5% or something dumb, I think it's a tad over 7%, have to look at receipts I never understood the taxes me state thing, property taxes on ag land is pretty reasonable, I drive old junk so tabs are $50, I farm so we all know I dont pay taxes there..... just income tax I guess and after deductions that somewhere in the high teens I bet.
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