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  1. Pulled my 475 over 200 miles, hook up and go. I went Atleast 40 with the thing but I was using a crew cab diesel. Stopped and checked hubs every so often As for loading on a trailer, my 475 hitch is only 4 or 5 feet long. 2 pins and unthread hitch pressure spring and its off.
  2. I saw -20 on the way to work today it was 0 by noon and up to 12 at 3pm. I think this was the first time I've seen above zero temps in 10 days. SE breeze for the last 24 hours, hope is on the way.
  3. Definetly gunna need pics of that.
  4. Let's see the pics from last night. I had -28 in front of the garage, half mile down the road saw -35 in the low spots.
  5. All electronic 7.3 diesel were turbocharged, so being its na it's the old IDI motor with mechanic pump. Could be numerous things, poor glowplugs, air locked pump, no power to shutoff solenoid in pump. If its smoking most likely isnt spinning fast enough, or no glowplugs. If it's not smoking Crack a line at the injector to check for fuel and possibly help purge air if the pumps full of air.
  6. According to a conversation I had with Danny Anderson a few years ago, yes they are the same door, just hinged on the back, same cab dimension just different top and interior.
  7. What's the article saying? Knifing in manure is one of the best ways to apply it. I guessing everything that the idiot plant manager from Des Moines that sued the upper Des Moines water districts did, is coming to light again with the current administration.
  8. For only $500 difference I'd take the 5140 all day, every day. Front wheel assist is huge seller for me.
  9. Blue beacon wash, which one? I used to bring work trucks up to the Fargo one till the company built its own wash bay.
  10. To expand on that, the old IDI motors cycle the plugs. The 7.3 PSD they remain on solid, no cycling, for up to 2 minutes after the WTS light goes out. Both help to lower smoke at initial startup. I have both motors in the shed. We put LED lights in the dash to verify the controllers were still good. Easy way to see what GP's are doing.
  11. We got ford ambulances and freightliner trucks. Never been overly impressed with the freightliners.
  12. Our 2016 ford edge fired right off. The 2013 F150 work truck sat outside all weekend, it fired right up too.
  13. Dads 5088 has the original cabin air filter. The inner on the engine intake has an original 81 date on it as well. My 64 model 806 has an early 80's date on the intake filter too. Next month when napa has their filter sale everything will be getting replaced on every piece of equipment.
  14. Ohh we were. There's always a big crowd around the prony brake there. We backed the tractor up so the shaft was as short as possible, made sure no one other than the brake operator was behind the wheels. He was pretty nervous but said it was alot of fun. Really wish I had a pic, the exhaust even runs through the factory hood hole.
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