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  1. cyclo seed drums

    If they're an 8 row drum YES.... I ran a 240 hole bean drum off a 950 on my 8 row 500 for a year, now that drum is on my 800. Diameters are the same on all drums.
  2. And even stranger yet is the wheatland version of the bigger Oliver tractors has a flat drive and I have be trying to find out the answer for years now.
  3. IH856 12V Dual Battery Help

    You'll want two positive cables going to the starter to maximize CCA available to the starter. If you run one you will start getting voltage drop while cranking. I'd also put two ground cables to anywhere on the frame.
  4. Strange 800 planter

    Can't add anything but if I ever repaint my 800, it's definitely going to get painted like that, I like it!!!!
  5. 2590 Case

    Sounds to me like you have a blown seal in the C3 clutch. I don't have the book here now but 185psi sound low too, I thought it was supposed to be 210 hot.
  6. 1086 Exhaust Location

    Home made muffler eliminator. The factor muffler was behind the turbo and then sent the exhaust forward, with the stock stack location basically above the water filter. Muffler eliminators for the 86 series were no fun cuz you had to make a U-turn under the hood to use the stock hood hole. You can see the screwed on patch over the factory hole in the one cab shot.
  7. forum for 2390 case

    Lots of smart case guys right here on this forum, give us a try.
  8. 3588 electric transfer fuel pump?

    Looking at it again, that pump is different than the combine one. The pipe out the bottom is quarter inch but it does look like 3/8 on the top. The one on my combine, and the one I got at Napa is quarter inch on both sides. On edit, just called Napa the part number for the pump is 6101077. It looks like an exact replacement for the one that is on the 1480 combines. I have also used them on my Powerstroke pickup for years. I used the pump and filter head off of a 1480 combine as an auxiliary filter on my Powerstroke pickups, the spin on filters are way cheaper than the factory Powerstroke filter.. Have yet to break one and they've kept 200 plus horsepower engines fed, even with the smaller thread size they still flow enough fuel.
  9. Engine stands

    My NTPA tractor builder neighbor uses old combine Final drives. He made a U-shaped lower part with casters, then used heavy tubing for the upright. bolted the old Final drive to that, then made adapters for various blocks, and transmissions to bolt to the old wheel hub on the final drive. He also made a slick little crank so you can turn over what ever your working on, using the gears in the final drive. I thought it was one of the coolest things I'd ever seen.
  10. 3588 electric transfer fuel pump?

    Looks like the exact same pump used on the 14xx-16xx combines. Mine quit and I walked into Napa and they had the exact same pump on the shelf...
  11. 500 hour M on page 33

    I don't know much about H's or M's but I'm pretty sure it's a high dollar machine because of the serial it some experimental super M prototype with the X1 designation?
  12. Chaffer questions

    Peterson style non adjustable chaffer on top, even with my specialty rotor in corn the sample was super clean, just ground up more then I'd like.
  13. Yes, the 900 and laters use the standard roller chain sprockets, the 800 used the older style long link chains, the name escapes me right now.... Its a PITA because the population charts are adjusted for the style of chain and sprockets, the 900 and later planters will use a 30 tooth sprocket, where the 800 will say 15, etc. Here is an old thread that covers all the differences.
  14. 900 is same as the late 800 planters. Offset covering disc, cast units vs stamped steel. There are some other differences I've discovered to like 1 less hole for down pressure springs, and none adjustable spring pressure for covering discs, but that stuff is minute. The 950 is same as 900, but half the row units have the right disc leading and other half has left leading, makes them pull straighter.
  15. ISO 1066 blackstripe rockshaft top cover

    Early last summer beiwers tractor salvage had a 1066 BS sitting way in the back lot with some parts already missing off it. Call them and see if they got one, other wise Petes Tractor Salvage out in Anaamoose ND might have one. Will the cover off an '86 series work?