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  1. Set up my planter for hydraulic drive and I'm finding all the quirks of the 5088. If I run the drive off the hydraulic motor port, I can't lift the 3 point, so im running it off the port closest to the seat. but that one won't lock forward, so I'm locking it back. Well now the spool itself is leaking bad on the top of the valve stack when I'm running the hydraulic drive. Can I just plumb the hydraulic drive into the capped of port right off the pump like a normal power beyond set up or will that make it run on high pressure all the time?
  2. Thanks. I've got a manual, just to busy yesterday to dig it out.
  3. Well..... no go. Gave it a few turns either way while planting. It pretty much stays at 5.2 regardless of which way I turned it. GPS said 4.4, pretty steady.
  4. That would require effort..... phones in my hand, filing cabinet is WAY over there.
  5. Any way to calibrate the speed readout. It reads 22mph wide open, GPS says 18. Planting at 6, GPS says 4.5. Not really a big deal, just curious if it can actually be changed.
  6. Can you post pics? Dad had a 1650 gas with a loader. Got traded off about 20 years ago. Curious if it's his old one.
  7. Can you take pics of your monitor mount? I need to mount one in our 5088.
  8. My old IH 806. Bought it with the turbo set up on it, told it had a bad motor, turns out it was the turbo. it currently has a T04 off a 1066 and a blown rear tire, new rears are in the barn waiting to go on after planting. Pics are from a couple years ago rolling beans with a 34' roller, cutting hay at my place and pulling wagons last fall right before the rear tire blew. Last pic is when I moved back home, pulled it home 4 hours across the state in the cover of darkness.
  9. It's crazy funny that you state a lawyer faked the research papers, and that not everything on the internet is truth, yet the only way YOU know anything about Israel and Gibraltar's covid and vaccine numbers is......Via the internet..... and maybe those same numbers have been faked by lawyers. And I love how you spun that thousands of kids died in africa, by completely ignoring it, and continuing to promote Bill Gates. So are you ok with kids dying in Africa?????
  10. Ok fine let me rephrase, FARM LAND OWNER. https://www.google.com/amp/s/amp.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2021/apr/05/bill-gates-climate-crisis-farmland And since your so adamantly defending Bill Gates. Explain to my why I should take an experimental vaccine that's being pushed and encouraged by an electronics sales man???? Bill gates is NOT a doctor, he's an electronics salesmen. You sure as heck wouldn't get on here and praise a vaccine pushed by the world's biggest real estate mogul, so why the other?
  11. So Bill Gates has no connection to the deaths of children by a vaccine he promoted and funded????? You have one interesting way of thinking.
  12. Why is Bill Gates the largest land owner in America? If his foundation is giving money to 3rd world countries, where is the money coming from to buy land? Do you realize Bill Gates is largely responsible for the deaths of many many children in Africa in one of his many attempts to "vaccinate" people of the world. How long before the covid vaccine is added to the hit list. Bill gates is an evil person. https://childrenshealthdefense.org/news/the-bill-gates-effect-whos-dtp-vaccine-kills-more-children-in-africa-than-the-diseases-it-targets/ Bill gates is giving millions to 3
  13. What the gates foundation puts on their website and what really happens are most likely 2 very different things.
  14. Provide a link please, when can I expect my check? Or is he only giving his fortune to those who he deams fit to receive?
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