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  1. On our 863 I can push on the back of the seat and get it to work. I think the switch is way in the back of the seat. Ours has lights on the back wall to the right of the seat. A quick glance down and you can see if your gunna move or not.
  2. My understanding was all 361 heads had to be cut down and new seats put in to renew valve protrusion.
  3. it's sad, but good. Might as well get through it now so Christmas, and most of winter is in the clear.
  4. Heard that too, the 1468 and 1568 almost prove its true.
  5. I bet the year advertised is wrong. Sure looks like a 2008 CaseIH 70.
  6. Those 361's are tough as nails. Get the injectors rebuilt and check the valve lift. Dads 806 had a ton of slobber, he was convinced it was a bad cylinder until he pulled the valve cover and found bad cam lobes.
  7. That is the normal "standard" adjustable front axle. Notice how the clamps are horizontal, the row crop adjustable axle has the clamps vertical.
  8. http://benchmarks.scaredycatfilms.com/mobile/index.html This site is rather confusing to use, but once figured out you can find all kinds of data about your marker. The one pictured is used to set elevation points for other references.
  9. I've got 2 of those in my yard, ones on a field edge in a bad spot, but what do you do....
  10. Uranus, now named doug I guess.
  11. Looks to me like a real I-806 propane that someone replaced the center section, the paint is slightly different and a propane tractor would have an L stamped after the F806. Also I think someone put Farmall side emblems on it. It's got the correct grill, grill side shields, front axle, rear wheels to be a standard.
  12. 1946 is the "unofficial" switch, more tractors on farms than horses. https://livinghistoryfarm.org/farminginthe40s/machines_13.html#:~:text=The number of horses peaked,on American farms – was 1945.
  13. Pretty sure my 3394 burns a little over 1 gallon an acre pulling the chisel plow.
  14. I wonder whose willing to help. Days after they announced they were defunding, all the surrounding counties and even hennepin county said they would not offer services within the Minneapolis city limits.
  15. Cummins powered 1680 belongs to my cousin, currently storing it for him. Got to looking it over and it's a short shoe machine. Looking over the Axial flow time line, looks like 89 and 90 were short shoe. 91 the long shoe came out at serial # 47412. Weird thing is his is 48147, so could you order them with the short shoe, or is the serial number break wrong???
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