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  1. 2019 Ford edge here and a 2018 F150 FX4 at work.
  2. Tips and tricks. Usually with a bearing that far gone you can remove everything but the inner race on the shaft. If there's not much of a fire danger you can torch off the inner race by blowing the slag at a 90 degree angle to the shaft. If you go slow, but quick you'll never even knick the shaft. Only need to torch off the "top", the heat will expand the remaining race parts and you can slide it right off.
  3. Beautiful, just a couple small holes drilled the lip on the very back. I wanted them because I'm guessing very few people knew they were 1966 only fenders.
  4. Guy painted the block, the head surface, and top of pistons red.... Looked like all original rotating assembly. 1966 Set of flat top fenders with only the left side hand hold sold for $1050.
  5. No Bostrom on Saturday. I did watch 2 806 gassers sell at the north branch sale for 2500 in pieces, and 3700 with water in the oil. I passed on both. 706 went for 3500 or 3700.
  6. I just watched a nice clean 806 diesel with a GB loader and bale spear sell for $6500 at auction Saturday. For prices like that just buy another tractor and be going tomorrow. You'll have $4000 just into a rebuild, plus down time.
  7. Sitting at an auction waiting to bid on a couple 806 gassers and I snapped this picture for you. Off, dim, bright, road.
  8. You'd be miles ahead to just buy a diesel then to convert it. Plus those 856 gassers are pretty rare.
  9. Educate this poor row cropper on what's different from a disc mower vs a discbine.
  10. Either should handle a 14' discbine no problem.
  11. I wonder if the boom controller is using more flow than you think and once you turn up the flow, the excess it can't take goes to the pump. Have you tried switching them? Would in theory max out the pump flow and make the booms slow. I too run my hydraulic motors on the valve closest to the seat.
  12. Are you running both valves pushed forward all the time?
  13. Dang, I have been on the hunt for an 856 gas and was looking at that one but didn't want to pull the trigger on it until crops are in. If you decide to go a different direction let me know.
  14. Order the 1066 dipstick for a little more oil capacity.
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