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  1. Almost identical to what I priced out spring of '20, although I priced a pole building. Was gunna be 100K from bare ground to finished shop, I passed.....
  2. Good luck, turbo manifolds and misc parts are $1,500 if found. Do you still have the turbo thermostat housing or did that that changed too?
  3. Rotory pumps with the single plunger treat every cylinder the same because the same plunger feeds all 6 cylinders. A knock in a motor with a rotory pump is either an injector issue, or rotating assembly. On edit, could be a bad delivery valve but you usually get a miss from lack of fuel vs a knock from poor combustion.
  4. Seat behind the axle and a Detroit, it better be free.....
  5. 806, 1206 should be same head. Don't think they put any swirl- non swirl stuff in those heads like the 400 series heads. Original probably got bad valve recession so they just swapped a different head on.
  6. Guy I know sold a well painted pieced together M that wouldn't idle for $3,300 at a consignment sale 2 weeks ago.
  7. Bad ground will do that, after a few hundred acres my connector on the tractor will get dirty and needs a shot of brake cleaner, then it's all good again.
  8. There in lies what I think is a HUGE problem in the country.... I'm very much against more regulations, but a driver's license is the only license you never have to take continuing ed classes. I think retaking the test every 5 years would stop ALOT of traffic accidents, people get way to complacent.
  9. 454, auto, 4x4, super low miles, for 20K. It'll be gone Fast!!!!
  10. 2,486.42 hours. Hard to see brake pedals. Interior wear spots will tell if it's real hours or not.
  11. Should be threaded in. Weld a nut on and try to unscrew.
  12. Leave the hand primer apart, I bet after a few hours gravity will have it mostly primed for you.
  13. Custom pistons with a higher wrist pin location and shorter skirts to keep things happy.
  14. Took this in the 5088. Crappy picture from sun glare. Seat is to the left, door to the right.
  15. The FURTHEST from the seat in an 88 series is the motor remote. There is a float-lock tab thing on the front side of the lever to differentiate it from the others.
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