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  1. You better buy it or send me their number. I'd pull the triples off and run duals all around. I pull a 24' IH 4500 with my 3394 at 5.5 mph in our hills. I bet 30' on flat ground would be nothing for a 7140, they were hot from the factory.
  2. 800 900, 950 are same. 955 and 1200 use a left and right row unit. The leading disc opener is switch on the 955, 1200 so they pull straighter. I'm sure other little things changed too. The 800 used a stamped steal unit, late 800 and after used a cast unit. Staggered closing discs on late 800's and later. Lots of little things but same basic units.
  3. The last year of 5488's had the inline pump from the factory. Only way to know is by serial number.
  4. No clue what interst is, never used it but the elevator I worked at had it as an option when purchasing seed, chemical or fertilizer. I also saw it on my seed sales this year from a local seed salesman, had a checkbox for JD financial.
  5. One of the biggest things deere does is finance. You can finance any farm input with JD financial. Huge money maker, also telling of the times if everyone is using JD financial to purchase inputs.
  6. 369180R1 is a 560 hood ornament , 544 uses the same. Cant find the other one, which is probably 369169R1, I called my IH guy, hes thinking it's off a truck.
  7. Left looks like a x56 hood ornament. The 2nd is part number 369169R1. Shows in parts site, but no application.
  8. I wasn't being condescending, you never know who's read the old threads or not. One of these days I'll remember to actually save the threads where it was gone over. I've never seen the decal on anything but 06's. Infact my 806 came with 1206 side shields with the wheatland decal, like a dumb azz, I sold them prolly WAY to cheap.....
  9. Been hashed over before. IH made a standard, which was the short knees on the front axle, headlights in the grill, no holes in the radiator side panels. After that the fenders, TA, 3 point, pto, even adjustable front axle were all options on the IH. The standards have there own serial numbers, the start with I-501. And the say international on the engine side panels. The "wheatland" was a dealer optioned standard. No 3 point or PTO, wide fenders, no TA, heavy roller drawbar. And they had a wheatland decal above the 806. The one in the pic is most likely a true standard, serial number is only way to tell.
  10. It saddens me my kids won't grow up on the same farm I did, but I also don't miss the cows that much...... Corn and beans are easier.
  11. And electing true general population citizens, that get in these spots is how we solve the problem, sign me up for term limits, heck sign me up for county official. I'll start gutting spending day one.
  12. Way to go, now I just spend $90 on sweatshirts. They are sweet looking.
  13. The park on my 806 didnt work when I got it. I tore the top cover off expecting to find broken parts. It was all fine, just way out of adjustment, little fine tuning and it works great now.
  14. Are you the guy selling it for 9K, or did you recently by it? I'd put a normal 2 wheel axle up front and drive it. You'll go broke trying to fix the 4x4 on it.
  15. Exact same motor as the 7.3 powerstoke in the trucks. What trans? I've been halfway looking for one with an auto to swap into something.
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