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  1. brahamfireman

    Differences in 2+2s?

    FYI, that console light is a Case thing, sorry... the 20, 22, 23, 2590 series case tractors had that EXACT same light in them. I switched mine to a blue LED, its sweet.
  2. brahamfireman

    Looks like some REAL snow coming for some

    Yep. I was right in the butter zone. Got 1" of wet snow over night, then it dried up and moved east. Raining now....I'll be surprised if we get more than 4".
  3. brahamfireman

    Looks like some REAL snow coming for some

    Double post
  4. brahamfireman

    4500 Vibra Shank

    Did it last year with mine. Spring chisel, then disc, then spray bean pre emerge, then work it in with field cultivator. I was amazed it work but it did. We had to roll the old corn ground that got this treatment before planting, I couldn't see the marker if it wasn't rolled.
  5. brahamfireman

    Case IH 1660 Combine

    Gear oil in finals is good, they need all the help they can get and gear oil is better than hytran. I WOULD NOT put gear oil in trans, when the hydro motor seal goes it pumps all your hydraulic oil into trans. If the trans already has hytran in it, you just drain and reuse the oil. If it's full of gear oil, your SOL on 10 gallons of hytran AND gear oil.....
  6. brahamfireman

    Cyclo Planter? What is 20/20 Row Flow?

    How did it turn off each row? I assume this is a later 1200 or 1250? I REALLY want to find the thing for the old 800, 900, 950's that let's you turn off half of the rows, I seen it once, forgot the name.
  7. brahamfireman

    Odd worthless knowledge

    I don't recall mine saying there was no insurance taken out of it, for all I know it is bigger. I'll never know, its direct deposit. That must be why my tractor money never gets any bigger....
  8. brahamfireman

    Odd worthless knowledge

    FWIW. December 2017 had 5 Friday's, Saturday's and Sunday's... The 5th Monday of a month is called Blue Monday. 2nd full moon in a month is the blue moon My wife the accountant, loves months with 5 mondays. We both get paid every other Monday, she says we get an extra pay check that month when theres 5 mondays. I can only assume she's right, no way I could prove her wrong, 10 years, 2 kids, 2 houses we still ain't broke so...
  9. brahamfireman

    An Observation for the Fuel Debate

    Thank you for your service.
  10. brahamfireman

    Ge stock

    I always found it ironic that Sears and Roebuck started out as a mail order catalog, went brick and mortar, then were bankrupted by the "new" mail order catalog business known as Amazon.
  11. brahamfireman

    An Observation for the Fuel Debate

    No, they want to outlaw outdoor stoves. They can do nothing about indoor fire places or stoves. Not that I care, converting to a corn burner next year, need to use more corn, raise the price more.
  12. brahamfireman

    An Observation for the Fuel Debate

    Rick started 2 pages back that he doesn't buy anything with corn in it, besides chips. And nothing with beans, SO.....Technically ethanol doesn't raise the price of his food. Organic and grass feed buzz words do.......😏
  13. brahamfireman

    Ge stock

    That's funny, I just said GE is going down like IH yesterday to the wife.
  14. brahamfireman

    An Observation for the Fuel Debate

    Sounds like a great idea, force a business to do something... Isn't it YOU that's all in a tizzy because your FORCED to buy something you don't want. Now your all for forcing something on someone else. The true colors are coming out more and more every post. I've got to run, got to go stock up on some renewable fuels, WOOD for the boiler.