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  1. Watching these 2 on auction. Closes June 17th.
  2. I've been calling him since January, first he couldn't get good thermocouples, then he found some he liked but limited supply, best to call him first. I've got 4 guage clusters now that I need to send him!!!!
  3. My thought also. Alternators almost never go to full charge when they fail. After the 2nd alternator went to full amps, you should be looking elsewhere. My vote it bad ground and the sensing wire is getting low voltage, thus trying to charge.
  4. Far from an expert but a known, verified gold demo is worth big bucks regardless of condition. 10K wouldn't surprise me even with the list of problems.
  5. Many, many thousands of acres have been planted with 8 row drums on 6 and even 4 row machines. Just duct tape around the drum to cover the unused rows of holes. My 12 row cyclo uses 2, 8 row drums with 2 rows covered with lots of duct tape. Hard to see unless you enlarge the pic but the 2 rows closest to tractor are covered with black tape.
  6. 656 gas hydro. Interesting little guy.
  7. If you switch remotes and it still moves, that says bad cylinder.
  8. Short of knowing the pressures, it's all speculation. 200-250 on the high side and 30-50 on the low. Pressure difference means temperature difference.
  9. The solenoid is there to shut gas off when the key is off to avoid dieseling or backfiring out the muffler, you'll hurt nothing by having it unhooked. I don't understand how you can have gas coming out of the manifold, when the manifold should be completely sealed up. Are you sure it wasn't condensation running off? They'll frost up if temp and humidity is right.
  10. I push the lever closest to the seat forward, then use the neutral lock slide to hold it forward, been doing that for 3 years now, no apparent issues.
  11. You bring up an interesting tid bit. I've always been told they were early 706 only, but have seen them on 806, and 56 series machine. I always assumed they were swapped, but I think your info sounds much more plausible. Do you happen to have any advertising or literature showing the lighter rears for 66 and 88 series tractors?
  12. I run my hydraulic drive off the remote handle closest to seat on the 5088, motor remote is the furthest one. Reason is if I run hydraulic drive off motor remote, none of the other remotes work, can't lift planter. Return goes to the motor return on lower right side. Have said that, I have no clue how the turbo till system works, and if it needs constant flow, or just constant pressure. If just constant pressure, I'd think motor circuit would work, because the excess flow would go to other remotes. I dont think you'll want to hook to motor return because how will you lift the wings.
  13. I bought a 2002 classic in March to go riding with the kids. liquid cooled, 2 up, front and rear hand warmers, electric start, reverse. Only put 75 miles on it so far but the kids and I had a blast!!!! Good luck, they're great sleds, them fan cooled motors don't make enough power to hurt themselves, they go forever.
  14. Why not just use the 8 row machine?
  15. 400 cyclos used drums specific to the row count, 4-6-8, so the drive shaft inside drum is shorter on the 4 and 6 row machines. Thus an 8 row drum won't work. 800 and laters all used 8 row drum with rubber band covers for 4 or 6 row machines.
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