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  1. pump specs are nearly identical between the 986 and the 3688. Not sure how the hp went from 105 to 110, unless most 9's actually put out 110? Many times factory ratings are just that, a rating, and most diesel tractors I've been around on dynos (especially turbocharged) slightly exceed the factory rating, or Neb test result.
  2. broken spring in the return fitting causing low fuel pressure at low rpms causes one cylinder in the pump to drop out.
  3. I always laugh at these fuel additive "oil threads" and always hesitate to chime in lol! The reason ATF was popular back in the 70's is because it was a very high detergent oil, so it would clean varnish buildup. ATF is very different today also. Now there are many readily available fuel additives designed for that purpose. Believe what you want, but I've been inside of pumps that are from users of quality additives and those who do not, and there is a very noticeable difference! Stanadyne has been the go to for years, but after they sold that division off to Claircor (Baldwin's parent company) some people got let go of and Alliant Power picked them up and developed their own fuel additive, very similar to Stanadyne. To me the lack of lubricity isn't affecting the metal to metal parts as much as it dries out the seals and orings, then they begin to leak everywhere. I use oil additives in the oil, and fuel additives in my fuel.
  4. I send RD pumps to DK Fort Dodge.
  5. The RSV governor has a start spring that pulls the rack to start fuel as soon as the solenoid kicks it on. The RQV governor has to have the throttle moved to about 1/2 throttle to get it to start fuel position.
  6. Might be normal on one with an RQV governor.
  7. The return fittings on the 5.9 and 8.3 P pumps are a problem area. 'usually they miss at idle in gear, but the tractor idles faster so may not show up. The return fitting has been revised many times to it's current form which lasts now. It has a smaller hole in the center. (about .100")
  8. One thing to keep in mind, is the 8950 had P pump with an RQV-K (automotive style) governor. If the idle is set too slow, it may not be going to start fuel without moving the throttle lever to about 1/2 way up. The tapered shaft should not require loctite, but they need to be torqued to 150ft lbs when they have the 30mm shaft, 30 mm socket size.
  9. They actually had 2 different tornado hits on 2 different buildings in totally different areas I was told.
  10. well, a TO4 IS a Garrett. The S2E is a great alternative to the popular 3LM466, but unfortunately they have both been on backorder most of the last year. As soon as they get a couple, they sell right away. Borg Warner has been my worst supplier during the whole plandemic.
  11. I'm confused on this, isn't a "completely stock" 856 natural aspirated? Add a turbo at it will be 115hp without any other adjustments!
  12. Don't forget that darned old injector pump going out all the time! lmao!
  13. No flex ring in a DM pump, and that is what would be on the 404 in a 6600, same as a 4230 engine. You need to take top off pump and see what is wrong, and see if it can be cleaned up like cedar says. Otherwise, plan to get it off and have it serviced. When they get sticky, the old fuel can gum up the weights, so that could be the issue. I personally would not run it anymore without servicing it. I see too many come in my door that they miraculously got to run, then it seized the head. Other things are gummed up, transfer pressure regulating piston sticks and lets pressure spike, causing instant seizure. Don't wanna spend much money? Fix it while it still runs. Once they seize, you're buying a head & rotor now too. Driveshaft doesn't break in DM, only DB and DB2. Used heads are getting harder to find, as everyone seems to be seizing them up. New ones are available for some pumps, many being discontinued, but $1400, on top of an already expensive $700-900 rebuild. Choose wisely!
  14. It will be a little less gutsy than an 856, the 856 is more comparable to a 966 & 986, which replaced the 856 technically. The 886 replaced the 826 so to speak. All within 10 pto hp.
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