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  1. Cream puff 2+2

    You are all missing out! That is a factory open station wheatland, one of one, so I'll price it at $50,000 to start lol!
  2. 1586 help

    my flat rate labor on those is $525. Rest is parts, and installation kit.
  3. 1586 help

    pretty typical model 100 rebuild pricing. In my shop they range from 900-1200 when using a reman head. It may have other issues, but likely the head is worn out.
  4. 86 series 4post value?

    up north here, people seem to go nuckin futz over open station and open ROPS tractors lol!
  5. Hydro option models

    just an fyi on the power consumption. The tractors will generally dyno very similar numbers as far as hp output goes, whether gear drive or hydro, but the fuel injection pump settings are very different. The hydros to get set to a higher fuel delivery setting. Depending on tractor model, the rated rpm will be higher on the hydro as well. Same is true for later console JD 4020's, syncro and power shifts have different fuel settings, ps higher delivery, to result in the same basic hp output. Those are same rpm as each other though.
  6. 1586 help

    I too would bet money the head in the pump is tired. If the injectors tested that poor, imagine what the pump is like! It may pump enough fuel to make it smoke, but it's not a quick and robust enough of an injection event to get it to fire. The ether helps spin everything faster, and also starts the fire.
  7. 1066 Boost ???

    That is just an open elbow you put in the manifold, right? I've seen guys try to screw the boost line to the ether atomizer, and it has such a restriction inside it, that boost never reads on the gauge.
  8. 1066 Boost ???

    My IH tune up manual shows 7.5-10.5 for air research turbo, and 9.5-12.5 for schwitzer. I also use the rule of thumb 10 hp / psi boost. So a 125 hp 1066 should be right around 12 psi under full load. If you're pulling a small implement that may not take more than 75 hp to pull, then it may only build 7 psi boost.
  9. 1066 Boost ???

    why are you checking it? Is there a low power issue? It may not build much boost at high idle with no load, but I'd think you should see at least a pound or two. Makes me think you do indeed have a performance issue. Good luck Lowell!
  10. Stu's show IH equipment

    Mark Kelsey is a very good guy, and extremely sharp! I take great pride in his entrusting me in his fuel system work.
  11. Stu's show IH equipment

    Awesome to see 3 of my good friend's / customer's tractors! I saw Marks 2 runs on FB, but didn't get to see Lawrence's run. Those 2 12's are all my fuel and air system work, and the 10 pump was just here getting a quick look over and rpm drop from open rpm. Looks like they hold their own down there too, just like up here at home lol! Thanks for posting the vids S! One of these years I'm going to get to go down there for all these pulls in Feb! Forgot to mention, I'd love to have those 4 BFG's off that ant eater! lol!
  12. Forum problems??

    me too! Had to get on from google search, favorites won't work!
  13. BigBudGuy

    one thing that has not been mentioned here, is that hand clutches are usually an "over center" style, so they snap in or snap out. I'm thinking some people in those days just were used to the hand clutch on the old tractor, so that's what they wanted in the replacement tractor.
  14. White 9700

    very cool about the 9520. I knew about the 9320 that only a very few got built, and after the massey takeover, they had a very few of the 9320/9720 as well. Then Massey changed the 9320 to the 8560 I think, later becoming the more popular 8570. Don't remember off the top of my head what they changed the 9720 to.
  15. White 9700

    the 7600/8600 were offered with the 318, I ran an 8600 gas for several years, gas guzzling dog! They regretted not spending the extra thousand for the diesel, which would be a natural aspirated perkins 354. The 5297/5555/7800 used either the 383 in early ones, and 400 Chrysler in later 7800's. I'm guessing the 8800 could be had with a 400, but only saw diesels, turbo 354. Most 7300's I saw were also NA 354's, but could have a 318.