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  1. I like the PB Blaster solvent PWS in the 5 gal pail(140* flash), but for my final filtered rinse I prefer the generic black pail of mineral spirits (104* flash) solvent, it dries much faster, and cleaner. The PWS is a higher flash point of 140 so works great in my recycling parts washer that cleans the solvent. Don't want to use 104 flash point solvent in that machine.
  2. Many of my commonly used Stanadyne parts went up over 50% before the first of the year! It is a way to force us to quit fixing the older stuff and buy new junk, which many times no one can fix!
  3. Can't go wrong with a Hellcat! Just wish I had a nice holster for it. Maybe they're available by now.
  4. The correct gp for the IH engines is made by Diesel RX, they bought wellman. The new ones are a fast glow, so only 15 seconds needed, and they go right in. But they are not as cheap. I have had a couple of guys burn the new ones up by holding the glow after it's started, when equipped with an alternator, charging 14V will smoke them.
  5. wish I'd known about these last fall! lol!
  6. My thought exactly! A readily available, high speed, high hp diesel, without a doubt, NEW ROD BOLTS. The old 6:1 1500 rpm engines, probably not an issue. Remeber when fitting new rod bolts with automotive style bolts(SBC/BBC) they can require resizing the rod big end.
  7. If they torque fine, they are likely ok. If they stretch when torqueing, as in, they just keep turning and won't click the tq wrench, then replace. Reliance has rod bolts for lots of engines, maybe these are covered?
  8. I'd reuse before re-engineering something else!
  9. New generation DT466, very different engine than the IH DT series, though there are some similarities. It is a 2 valve per cylinder design. There's a thread on this about once a month.
  10. There's a guy around Peoria IL that has an IH (around 1965) that came from the factory with a D301. I rebuilt the injection pump, and they added a turbo from a 5.9 cummins, but it was too big and lazy so they wanted to put something else on. I quit working in that shop 8 years ago, so never did hear what they put on it. I seem to remember he had more than one of those pickups that came with the IH diesel. Seems like they were 1/2 tons.
  11. The problem with those who become "stupid rich" is they become "stupid" in the process! They become so out of touch with reality, and they get the "God Syndrome". While they guy is extremely smart at what he does, it seems the more "educated" someone is, the less common sense they have.
  12. the injection pump on the new generation (408/466/530/570)runs backward too, compared to the IH 414/436/466.
  13. with an inline pump, it turns 1/2 of crank speed, so it it's marks line up, it will be on #1. The Model 100 running at engine speed is the one that can confuse people.
  14. Inline pumps have no timing advance mechanism. So they need timed around 28-32* or so. The DT with a Model 100 is timed at 18* but has a 14* internal timing advance, so 18+14 is 32*. Doing the job the op is, I would have timed it before pulling it off to see where it was timed previously. Cummins B/C engines are timed at TDC, but there is a certain number of degrees between beginning of injection and where the pointer is located. Deere is same way. The theory is there's less room for mistakes. Pin the engine, pin the pump and voila!
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