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  1. there's a thread about this very subject in the "forum talk" section, at the bottom of the page, just below the "politics" section. Which btw, don't go to the politics section if you have a weak stomach lol!
  2. The PCV valve so to speak on those goes bad and allows oil to get sucked in the intake, causing oil consumption and blue smoke. Seems like it's called an "anti depression valve", But I know if I had a 6.5 I'd sure be depressed lol!
  3. What does my wife's "device" have to do with the internet? lmfao!
  4. I really like my "twister" engine stand. The guys pull an IH and usually bring them to the Gordyville pull to save shipping. Not sure they'd have the needed plate, but they can be easily adapted. I just took my 6.7L Cummins off it. Handled it like it was a small block chebbi!
  5. Seems to me a lot of guys had to create new user names. This site may have had that too. Ctucker is a good one to ask. That and this are the 2 I get on several times a day lol!
  6. Just proves my point, is the gun grabs are always about money. Pay a ridiculous "tax" and you get to keep your guns, and magazines. So those who pay it will not ever use them for illegal activity? lol!
  7. When a pump is starved of fuel, it can affect it's timing advance (VE/VA, Roosa, and CAV pump types) which can cause the miss/sputter and white smoke. The NAPA filter pictured above, I've never seen them restrict fuel flow unless someone mistakenly adds the seal inside the lip on top, and the seal blocks the flow.
  8. You are thinking of it's predecessor, the V6 ToroFlow, they did have the oddball American Bosch PSJ pump in the Vee. A real boat anchor lol!
  9. I think those use a unit injector much like a 2 cycle Detroit. I am not sure where the transfer pump is, but it could be a source for fuel in the oil, as could it simply needing the injectors replaced.
  10. While there's a lot of value in this statement, the problem is these days no matter how popular something is, the bean counters can and will ax stuff for no apparent reasons. It's sad that inventories are governed only by cost, not usefulness. I am sure I stock way more parts than most "inventory analysists" would like to see lol!
  11. I thought about that while typing it, but he referenced 010/020 and really didn't want to confuse this issue. Race engines do have odd options but they are for dialing in tighter or looser clearances, and about the only thing available for is SBC/BBC. I wont even get into the fact we mix a half set of .001 with std to dial in even more exact clearances. lol! If a crank is worn enough to use a .010 on a std crank, it isn't worn very round, usually oval. I guess this is why so many engines rebuilt back in the day were so tight they had to be pull started, and the old mechanic would say, "she's g
  12. More cubes never hurts. Undersize bearings are only for reground cranks sized to match. You'll likely never find a crank so evenly worn that it'll fit just fine with undersize bearings.
  13. not sure about the filter, but if it's a Roosa Master pump, the return circuit is likely the cause of it surging and dying.
  14. The pictured turbo is just a stock TO4 like used on a 1086 etc. A 3LM466 or S2E are both much better (and larger) turbos if fuel is turned up. The pictured turbo will work, but it's not the best option.
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