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  1. I just posted about my shifting issues also. Heading to the shop to test mine. Hopefully that solves my wacky shifting
  2. Recently finished painting and interior work on my 5288 and I'm preparing for planter work with it. Last spring it would blow the low side fuse once a day, high side would continue to work. I finished planting last spring and began on cosmetic work, finished putting it all together this year and spread some fertilizer with it, sentry light would come on for low side (odd gears) but would work fine on the high side until it started blowing the high side fuse and that would make the tractor stop until fuse was replaced, I put two new pressure switches in, it had the power and ground update for the sentry, I wired up a new fuse block to clean up wiring, cleaned all grounds, new batteries, cables, alternator, ground cables. Works fine with a test harness in place, now when I shift to the low side, it makes the shift, then shifts back to the high side and the sentry light comes on, all without moving the shifter back to the high side. I've never heard of it shifting back on it's own? Possibly the micro switch? Any input would be appreciated
  3. 990121N part number for IH non glare black in rattle can. Recently used a case of it painting cab interior and rops on my 5288. I'm using PPG Shop Line automotive paint for the sheet metal in IH Gloss Red
  4. I did my fair share of shopping around for a new 15 foot cutter 3 years ago. We never had a good mower, I was always borrowing one and would always end up working on someone else's junk. I ended up buying a Woods. I didn't have $15k to spend on something to mow water ways and corn stalks. All the large farmers around us, 3000 acres plus, were switching to woods. I paid $11,500 for a brand new BW180XHD, 540 shaft, all around chain shields and aircraft tires, singles on the wings and center duals. I love the mower. I haven't had a problem with it. But I'm not out reclaiming the forest with it either. Used to run it on a 1066 and now have upgraded to a 7110 magnum. Good luck with whatever you go with. Also the one thing I like about woods is you can run the wings 90° and not hurt any driveline components. I mow a lot of our road banks and it makes things really nice. I have each wing on a different remote so I can work them all individually.
  5. Currently in the middle of painting my 5288 for the second time. First time was with Case IH brand paint. I've always steered away from the automotive paint because I thought it was above my skill level with all the different products and steps involved. I decided to take a leap and go to my local PPG automotive supplier and the walked me through everything and got me set up with everything I need along with a new HPLV spray gun. It's been a breeze. I sprayed a epoxy sealer on all sand blasted sheet metal. I will be putting down three coats of base coat in IH Gloss red, then two or three coats of polyurethane clear. Its ppg shop line brand. It's been very easy to work with and I wish I would have switched years ago.
  6. Sometimes that big snap ring that holds the clutch discs in place will pop out and cause it not to lock up. Used to have a 1586 that would constantly do that.
  7. My 706 made it up there but of course I was busy at home cutting wheat. Any questions on doing a swap, dont be afraid to get in touch with myself or Ed Leaman. 😎😎
  8. Also everything bolted right up, I did not have to drill and tap anything, but my 706 had the support already for the draw bar pin to side up in under the belly of the rear end. It is a 1964, but never had a straight draw bar from factory. We bought new in '64
  9. Hopefully I can help, I added the brackets for a draw bar and the bottom support plate and added a used draw bar. I also have a fast hitch. I can get you part numbers. Hopefully my pics help.
  10. I tried it this morning when I went to put the planter away... pushed the clutch in, fired it up, put it in gear.. and away I went. I'll try to get in the habit of doing it the correct way. Washing it up good today then I'll start checking wiring and get a solenoid ordered just to have on hand..
  11. Yes I had it on ag talk. Most likely it isn't going anywhere. Going to give the cab a good work over this summer, I have new doors for it with seals, dust still makes it's way into the cab. I think I'll treat it to a 3LM turbo also. It's a **** of a tractor. And the 706 is far from stock. I have a write up on here about its transformation.
  12. Just finished corn this evening. Here's a few from this spring and my completely restored and rebuilt Kinze twin line. Last picture is what we did for the first few weeks when the planter should have been rolling but the rain on the shop roof put us to sleep!
  13. I usually dont use the clutch to start it so that makes sense. Could be a bad habit on my part. The fuse wasn't hot today nor was the wires, I pulled the fuse seconds after it blew. I'm fairly particular when it comes to my wiring, so its tidy in that steering column. I'll have to pull the floor plate and check the wiring on top of the transmission.
  14. I'm having an issue with the fuse blowing for my 1,3,5 speeds. I first noticed this issue probably 3 years while the tractor was on grain cart duty. Hired hand said he lost the odd gears, I replaced the solenoid with no change, did some reading on here, did Mike's wiring update and noticed a blown fuse, replaced it, problem solved, also all my fuses have been changed to blade type holders. Now this spring while planting with new to me 12 row kinze twin line the problem arose again when I would run in medium 3rd when I had to pull hills or hit rough ground. One time it happened three times so I started just staying in 4th. Planting my last field today and it's a rocky one, I was running in 3rd and it happened again. So I figured I should search for some answers now that all the corn is in and I wont need the tractor for a little while. I will add that ever since I have owned the tractor, when I start it, I have to cycle the clutch two full times, or else the sentry light comes on and the tractor wont move until I cycle the clutch. This will only do this once you shut the key off and restart. Other wise it will run all day without issues if the tractor isn't shut down. Thanks in advance!
  15. I forgot to mention, take your air hose and blow threw the lines also. It helps a lot to get all the oil out. Whenever I'd start having air pressure issues I'd change oil and it helped a lot. Good luck
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