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  1. I just posted about my shifting issues also. Heading to the shop to test mine. Hopefully that solves my wacky shifting
  2. Recently finished painting and interior work on my 5288 and I'm preparing for planter work with it. Last spring it would blow the low side fuse once a day, high side would continue to work. I finished planting last spring and began on cosmetic work, finished putting it all together this year and spread some fertilizer with it, sentry light would come on for low side (odd gears) but would work fine on the high side until it started blowing the high side fuse and that would make the tractor stop until fuse was replaced, I put two new pressure switches in, it had the power and ground update for the sentry, I wired up a new fuse block to clean up wiring, cleaned all grounds, new batteries, cables, alternator, ground cables. Works fine with a test harness in place, now when I shift to the low side, it makes the shift, then shifts back to the high side and the sentry light comes on, all without moving the shifter back to the high side. I've never heard of it shifting back on it's own? Possibly the micro switch? Any input would be appreciated
  3. Also everything bolted right up, I did not have to drill and tap anything, but my 706 had the support already for the draw bar pin to side up in under the belly of the rear end. It is a 1964, but never had a straight draw bar from factory. We bought new in '64
  4. Hopefully I can help, I added the brackets for a draw bar and the bottom support plate and added a used draw bar. I also have a fast hitch. I can get you part numbers. Hopefully my pics help.
  5. Yes I had it on ag talk. Most likely it isn't going anywhere. Going to give the cab a good work over this summer, I have new doors for it with seals, dust still makes it's way into the cab. I think I'll treat it to a 3LM turbo also. It's a **** of a tractor. And the 706 is far from stock. I have a write up on here about its transformation.
  6. Just finished corn this evening. Here's a few from this spring and my completely restored and rebuilt Kinze twin line. Last picture is what we did for the first few weeks when the planter should have been rolling but the rain on the shop roof put us to sleep!
  7. Thanks! I'm an IH fanatic. I take a lot of pride in the equipment I have. They dont make them like they used to and I want to do my best to keep these old red tractor's around and looking like they should. The mrs told me I'm anal about my equipment.. I take it as a compliment anymore ?
  8. Here's our two farm dogs. Randy and Harley, Randy's a 4 year old Australian shepherd, and Harley is 3 years old, German shepherd border collie mix. They both love their tractor and combine rides.
  9. Its pretty straightforward.. local guy ran it through a metal band saw and took the front end off and welded a plate over the front of it. That was it. He is a very very good fabricator. He made a cap out of an old ih fuel cap we had and we put a tractor tire valve stem in the top with a gauge tee and old spray gauge and tested the pressure. No leaks so I moved forward with the project. Ed, thanks for that comment. I wouldn't have taken this project on with out you and Danny being in driving distance for knowledge and parts. Look forward to finding a 4166 for a 8.3 and a heavy TA swap.
  10. I've heard guys talk about having to do some governor work, but I didn't do a thing to the pump except have it rebuilt. The tractor has been worked and I didn't notice anything different. I'll work on getting a video posted of it running sometime.
  11. A little update on this project. I worked closely with Ed Leaman with this project, he has found a local shop to make the reduction adapters for the Cummins/Case IH Mechanical tach drive that will make the tach correct. I've been getting a lot of questions about that so they are available from Ed. We also added his canopy which I came to love and isn't noisey like i was afraid of. Any questions on this build please let me know or contact Ed for tach adapters!
  12. I plan on exhaust temp, boost, and fuel pressure for the 66 series panel, once I get some sheet metal fabbed up to cover the rear and make it flow like it should be there. As far as what it is next to a 282 or German diesel, it would walk all over them, it's double the horse power now, our guess is 160. Still have some pump tweaking to do then maybe get it on the Dyno. We have two local pulls I'd like to take it to. Not getting into major pulling. Maybe two or three hooks a year. I have a chassis decal set on the shelf that includes the "ether assist" decal for that switch. I'm the only one that knows it used to be the horn button. Again thank you all for the compliments. This was a very meaningful build for me since the tractor was in the family since brand new and I have no plans of it ever leaving.
  13. Finally had some time to finish the hoods with a couple coats of 2150 red. Not perfect but I'll let them harden for a couple months and then shoot them again. I was having trouble with starting in cold weather so I added a ether assist kit available from case Ih. Dealer had one in stock. I wired it to the factory dash button that was for a horn. Works perfectly. I mounted the canister behind the front grill by drilling and tapping two holes. All the wiring is finished, LED lights work great as always, oil pressure gauge fitted into the old glow plug gauge housing. Ed had some weight brackets that were made to mount on each side, with a pair of steps for each side also, with KM steps on the main side, I had to move the weight brackets forward and built a support frame to go between the two. I picked up everything used to put a two piece straight drawbar on this Tractor too. Just something I wanted to add because pulling with the fast hitch was always sloppy even when mounted in ridged position. I love how this tractor turned out. Thanks you to everyone for the compliments. Please is you have any questions, ask away, I want to help anyone I can. This can be a very nice project if you take the time.
  14. Just finished that project today. With the new HX35 turbo, I used a 4" "Cobra Head" elbow. It's for very tight 90° bends. Then added a metal 45° to a rubber 90° then straight to a Donaldson blue 6637 filter and mounting bracket. Then made a bracket for the filter bracket and mounted it to the front of the head right at the end of the intake housing plate. If you need more pictures let me know
  15. They're all over tractor house as far as the 5.9s out of a Maxxum or MX. Little more money but they have all the water outlets and fan hubs in the correct place. No sourcing used stuff. Sadly we were told the motor was gone through. It was, VERY POORY. Horrible head gasket job, seals thrown in place half A$$, all the rocker brackets were loose. We had to do a head gasket job and all the valves checked out. Bottom end checked out. If you're tackling the swap, the rebuild shouldn't scare you at all. Heck you're practically already there. Kits are $800 to $1000. Compression test it and plastigauge the bottom end would be my advice. Thanks for all the compliments!
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