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Found 4 results

  1. After a years work of A LOT of research, help from good friends, and more money than I intended to spend, because I wanted this tractor done the right way, no corners cut, we finally got it running and driving. So it's time to share my Farmall 706 Cummins swap. It started as a 282D, bought new in 1964, first diesel 706 tractor that Robinson Brothers sold in Delta, Pa. After three overhauls in it's life I decided the fourth time we would try something new. A call to a good friend, Ed Leaman, and I found a source for the adapter plate and flywheel. It's a good thing his place is only a half hour from our place because we made plenty of trips over the river. Here are the beginning steps of tear down, engine pull, and after it was cleaned up, we swapped out the 15.5 38's for a used set of 18.4's
  2. I drained all hy Tran out of rear end including the 2 axle housing plugs. I guess this tractor doesn’t have the plugs removed to allow all the oil to run together. So I have a dumb question. I refilled the rear end and it’s not running out the axle housing plugs yet after a few days. I guess I need to fill the axle housings separate? The axle housings won’t fill through the center section? I guess I thought they would fill through the center section.
  3. Hey all, I’ve been playing around with the new-to-me 706 and I don’t think the 3 Point Hitch arms raise as high as they should. They move fast and quietly all throughout the lever positioning, but with the lever in the fully raised position, it only lifts my bush hog just over a foot off the ground. There’s no struggling or anything, just seems like someone set the limits lower in the past. Is there a way to adjust? This is fully raised:
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