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  1. Yep, I use a fitting with jic nipple, or you need a plug that has been drilled and tapped, jus depends what you got for gauge fittings. That is the steering relief valve. That stays up in there when checking. Fitting holds it in. Have never used that other port, so maybe it works, but jus dont know, its regulated pressure but not sure if it gives you the same results when you are diagnosing with putting lever in middle position etc.... Maybe pete23 will chime in, he is way more knowledgeable on MCV than me.
  2. That's not the right port to check pressure for ta. Bottom plug of MCV is the one
  3. Need to get my sled out. Have a few miles on the trails but it's been the groomer. Not quite the same.....
  4. Morning chores Well.... not real livestock like some of you. Boy, hats off to you livestock guys getn them fed and watered during and after snow storms. Can remember well growing up feeding the cattle, and farrowing in February. Heated Hog house was the warm spot. No shop back then! 70's Scooping snow all along fence by hand so cattle didnt walk out of lot after a blizzard Thought I would post since I got that IH emblem in the photoπŸ˜‰
  5. You can split tractor at clutch then remove engine from frame. Or remove front end by lifting on sides of front castings. Will need to remove one side rail while sliding front end off of engine block. Easy to work on front of engine while it is hanging there. remove timing cover etc....
  6. Finally... 2019 is behind us!! πŸ‘
  7. Stumbled across this. Very Nice! Is this one of our members? Really like that gray interior, nicely done to match the Magnum door. https://youtu.be/1Ze-LFpmxr4
  8. ole 815

    1066 ih

    No, because the handle moves a valve that directs oil to clutch pack when engine is running. There is a pump on the input of PTO unit. Also, you shouldn't be able to turn the PTO shaft by hand. Guessing the brakes are shot and unit needs rebuilt. The brakes are spring activated. They are released with oil pressure when PTO is engaged. The same oil pressure that locks up the PTO clutch plates. So..... PTO needs pulled out and rebuilt likely.... Edit, unless your using some sort of bar hooked to PTO shafts and turning it by hand that way. Then I guess you could get the PTO shafts to turn.
  9. Some kind of announcement Dec 23rd on the facebook page. It appears it is running again. Jus a neat piece of history. Screen shot of facebook page
  10. When your done using or at cleanup, make sure you take rod off the black boxes on throat and lube them. Make sure they swing free. If shaft freezes up in box, arm gets twisted on shaft etc. Insane price for parts to fix. So take a few minutes and lube. It will save alot of frustration of not having header control work and header height read correct, next year first day of harvest.
  11. Seen this on some others also. Cant find the pic but 2 4586's pulling plows had rotary screens.
  12. Thought I would share what I did to help a flooded basement from happening. When we built new house I didn't want to have to count on a sump pump, 24/7 - 365 days a year to keep water out of basement. The tile around house is hooked to field tile. But with heavy rain periods tile system will push back towards house and would have been able to put over a foot of water in basement. My main sump system is located outside the house. I installed a check valve that will prevent tile water pushing towards house. If checkvalve closes, water will flow out drilled holes in pvc and fill pit, the sump pump will kick on when water is above pvc, then pump out the pit and dump away from pit. I also can dump on top of tile water down stream of checkvalve if I want. This is an under ground pvc setup I plumbed. If checkvalve fails, I can shut a slamgate located in sump pit also. If outside sump fails during an event it is needed, I have the typical sump pump in a sump basin in basement also. I drilled a hole in bottom of sump basket. The water table will rise enough that the tile around house will seep into it, and it will fill from bottom. Sump pump will then lift water out of basement. So all but maybe 2 to 3 days a year the water flows straight thru outside pit down the tile line. If electricity went out, I have plenty of time to get a generator to run sumps. Takes quite a while to saturate ground around basement walls and start flowing excessive into sumps. The basement sump wont kick in if outside sump pump system is working correctly. I also have 2 sump pumps in basement sump basin if one should fail.... so.....checkvalve, slamgate, outside sump pump, 2 inside.....backup to the backup and a couple backups to back them up, lol The green PVC is the check valve clean out access. I can pull up the flapper checkvalve that is 8ft in ground and wash it out periodically to keep it clean and working. I've measured water level 3ft higher in the green tube compared to white pvc in the sump pit. The sump pit is a 30" dual wall. I can put a ladder in and get down and work if I need to. Can you tell I've had a flooded basement before! I've helped some relation that have had there basement flood multiple times because they dont keep an eye on there sump pump.....
  13. I always shut water off when we go on vacation or away for a few days, Wife thinks it's a waist of time. Today cleaning up after Thanksgiving Day , there was water dripping out of first level floor onto basement floor, not much, but starting to add up. Could hear dripping in cold air duct on furnace filter. Also dripping out of hole where supply goes to toilet, and dripping out of hole where toilet pvc goes thru floor. Hmmmmmm, ok somebody plugged toilet and wax ring leaking. Nope, Bathroom floor is dry but water dripping out under the floor from every thing going into bathroom from below. Water seems to be between floor tile and wood floor. Ok, snow in attic from blizzard, running down wall somehow.....nope. Ok a hour has passed trying to figure this out....ok water is starting to drip out of cold air ducts in multiple spots..... what the heck is happening. I had looked at copper tube feeding fridge water, but was dry going thru floor to fridge.. it is opposite the wall to bathroom. Pulled fridge out....bingo!! Fitting leaking!! Water was running off the edge of kitchen flooring and under wall where it could get to sub floor. 4 years ago sitting in living room thought I could hear water start running or spraying in basement. Went down to find a plastic fitting on water conditioner decided to crack and start spraying water. Glad I was home......
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