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  1. Thats way cool! Whoever has ser# 15967 756 D would like that. Even shows the district that it was ordered from.
  2. Take a look at the position of the rod that moves the park paw. This view is looking in on right side of tractor, between the Diff loc solenoid and the aux valve stack. When in park the position, the pic with blue arrow shows position. When lever is in neutral, high, low or reverse, pic with yellow arrow. Blue- park engaged Yellow- park disengaged That triangle piece that rod hooks to may be stiff moving causing it to not fully flip over center and get completely out of park. Lube all your linkages and levers in cab. First thing to do and check. Hope this he
  3. Watertown MN Craigslist 826 Calls only it says at bottom of add
  4. Good point, I stopped at my pump shop, owner jus handed me those 3 items and said, catch ya next time!
  5. Copper washer seals those straight threads at bottom of primer pump Would think your dealer would have quad ring and washer.
  6. 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️
  7. Some lesser priced solenoids have 4 slotted holes for mounting. Here are pics of each style. The one with 2 of the mounting holes not slotted make sure it is positioned correctly. I'm jus posting so people can jus take note there is a difference. I've had one act jus like yours. It jus wasn't slid forward all the way. Solved issue by sliding it forward farther. Also check clutch safety switch connections. Poor connections and wiring will limit voltage to engage solenoid properly also.
  8. If your solenoid has slots on all 4 of mounting screws, make sure it is slid way forward in slots. It will do exactly what you describe if not.
  9. This is how they are shaped. Gearclash's drawbar in his photo.
  10. Thinking drawbar is 426511A1 2010 I bought one from CaseIH complete with Hammerstrap and pin . $1600ish Wowser, now its like $2400ish All-State Ag Parts lists one under same # $900. Prolly don't include hammerstrap.
  11. Yep thats the Heavy Duty Drawbar. Thats an odd looking hammerstrap piece bolted to it though... hmmmm
  12. Yep, I have the same Heavy Duty drawbar in my 7220 and Mx240
  13. Happened few weeks back, I guess now I'm an official member of the club....😢 Don't let the clutch out with a low roof and door open, an explosion will follow!
  14. Thats OK, I'm going to post a new thread what I'm doing today.....☹
  15. Thats a water filter. J100304 is part#
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