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  1. Yep! I didnt have the new pilot brg yet, but had the rebuilt ta sitn here and jus happened to try old pilot brg on rebuilt ta ......
  2. Came across this first time for me. IH would turn down pilot brg surface on Ta input shaft if bad when rebuilding Ta. They sent along an undersized pilot brg with Ta for installation. Here's where this could go way bad... #1-Person re uses pilot brg or replaces it with identical when doing the next Ta job. New aftermarket Ta input is standard size or knurled to standard size. Ta isnt going to fit into pilot......bad things will happen trying to get it together during frustration! #2 Person is jus doing clutch and gets new pilot brg according to parts book. There will now be .034 thousands slop in Ta input shaft to pilot. So check your pilot bearing to make sure it fits Ta input shaft correctly before you assemble!😁 #6304 standard brg .7865 Id Left one with small Id measures .7525 Outside Diameter is same, photo makes them look different. Mark's Tip of the Day!!
  3. The kit I got, the linkage pieces are going to have to be honed out so they will slide onto the stub shaft. They wont quite fit over. They wont go onto the old one either.....always something. Thanks for the tips and info!
  4. Anybody got experience replacing this stub shaft that the shift handle pivots on? Guessing after I remove the inner shaft, use a slide hammer setup to pull it out? Haven't ever replaced one. Got the other pieces that pivot on it also, but those are the easy part. Thanks
  5. 955 row units are different than 950. Rights and left's leading disk openers. Guessing you need left and right trash whippers? Would that help maybe? Am I thinking right with that change from a 950 to 955? Jus a thought, getn old I prolly got CRS....lol
  6. Thought you might like a few pics....see what your gonna get yourself into
  7. Here is a video of it. Found this channel on youtube. Guy is doing a Ta job on a 1066. Be the same as your 966. https://youtu.be/E64cgGlGEck Dont be all worried about the nut being torqued to '300' ft lbs. Get it tight, heck most are loose and you can move it with your fingers when you go to take them off. Prolly been that way for 1000's of hours and dont come loose and fall off every tractor. Most times the locking tab holds them from falling off. The roll pin is easy to do and best way to insure it doesnt fall off along with locking tab.
  8. Thought you might be interested in my shop project I jus started today. 966 bad clutch & Ta. Shift linkage needs attention also. Here is a pic
  9. Awesome truck Tony. Thanks for taking time to share all the pics and steps along the way....both times!! Great job! Have fun showing it off and cruisin' in it!
  10. Are you needing a radiator? I have one sitting in shed that jus needs soldered where fan shield rubbed thru. I will message you in case you dont see this.
  11. Cant remember which way it needs to be but range shift deck needs to be in a certain position to assemble onto transmission. Say it's high position, put fork in that position also, then install. I'm thinking the cam will land on top of reverse arm and bind when trying to bolt it down? Maybe I'm wrong. But thinking that's the deal. Also have to make sure reverse arm and shifter mechanism line up when installing deck. Hope this helps but maybe this isn't your issue? Jus a thought.....
  12. Tach shows 614hrs, obviously tractor has more, repainted, front tires wore out, rear tires 50%.....nothing to get all excited about, as in not a 600 hr all original looking by pics. But prolly an ok tractor. I say repainted because axles are red, and heater hoses have paint covering them.
  13. Ed, hoping for a quick recovery for you. Stay strong, beat the Cov 19!
  14. He don't care one bit about tractor, only how much he is gonna make. Couldn't even put a radiator cap on it to at least plug the hole....geeez
  15. ole 815

    There was a time

    I'm sure there is a photo somewhere of a 6 year old making the distance as an older gent uses a 6ft piece of pvc lol
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