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  1. What do you guys think of ihc painted black

    No sorry, but I will try this spring to get some if and when my uncle uses it this spring. Really want to get video of it in field. Purty sure they bought it new.
  2. What do you guys think of ihc painted black

    Yep, I posted that Video. Short clip but it sounds neat. Search 4786 and that pic will prolly come up along with video.
  3. New member has question in the front row

    Maybe you tried here but, here is a place that does cab kits Tractor Interior Upholstery LLC Northwood Ia. 641-390-0321
  4. Snowomobile trip

    Looks awesome. Nice white snow and sunny skies. Thanks for the pics!
  5. Snowomobile trip

  6. Snowomobile trip

    Trip to da U P
  7. Copper Dog 150

    Thanks for the link. Would like to see that someday. Looks like Temps will be favorable for spectators and Teams We will be headed that way Monday from Gogebic Lake most likely. 3 days of riding in da u.p.!! Don't let that Sun shine and get warm and melt that snow! Looks like snow chances Monday intoTuesday 👍
  8. Arctic Cat Atv stator repair pics.

    Good to know, will let my neighbor know not to boost it if battery goes dead sometime in future. Thanks. Cat Dealer huh.....here is a pic of wife and I on our Cats Danny
  9. Shop project on neighbors 700 Arctic Cat atv. He had taken to dealer cause battery would go dead, but of course, they said it's charging fine..... He had been fighting this thing for 2 years. So I said bring it over. We can figure this out. First we found stator plug melted, fixed it but no difference. Checked stator output and it had 2.3 volts at idle, and 2.5 ish when you revved it up. Guess it's suppose to be 60 volts ac at idle and over 80 volts ac revved up. The 700 has the better flywheel so the magnets aren't an issue like the 400 motor that the magnets come loose and mess up the stator. Found Stator had burnt coils after dissecting it. Little different, Suzuki motor, tranny, all one unit. Stator and flywheel run inside the case, in engine oil. Got new stator and regulator coming from RM Stator. Arctic Cat price on stator is jus stupid, think it was $350ish or more. RM stator was $139 & $69 for regulator, and free shipping.👍
  10. Old time photo of a 1206 super stocker

    Red Reaper on this forum, along with IH Brad, have been compiling serial #s of 1206's. List of owners and location. Thinking they are well over 1000 on the list.
  11. Old time photo of a 1206 super stocker

    RedMan1 Thanks for posting the pics! Very neat history. Do you think you could get the paint off the Serial Tag and post back here what it is so Reaper could record it and add it to the Registry. As I posted in other thread all that could be made out was the S-Y. Was neat seeing it at Louisville last week!
  12. National Farm Machinery Show

    No, the pullers. If they want to pull there, they need to apply to be considered. The committee will pick pullers from the applicants.
  13. National Farm Machinery Show

    Louisville is an invite from the pull committee. So you have to fill out an application, and have to be selected from committee.
  14. National Farm Machinery Show

    1206 on display in hallway. Couldn't see serial # cause they painted over it. All I could make out was the S-Y......sorry Reaper.....
  15. Who Rebuilds a TA that will last? 706-1586

    I have to correct what I said about the Sprague clutch used in the BMD TA, it wasn't a Renold it was a Forma sprague. Don't know if I spelled that right. My bad about my response earlier in this thread about the type of Sprague. I'M old now, got CRS....lol But my opinion of the BMD TA still stands, Top quality. I should ask my friend how many thousands of Ta's he actually rebuilt for BMD and A&I.