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  1. From the back side on the coupler on tractor, push it to rear of tractor then insert your adapter, wiggle it in, then let coupler on tractor slide back in. They make levers to bolt to coupler housing on tractor to help push coupler to the rear. Once you have adapter in and hose plugged in then you flip that lever so it is pointed back. It opens the ball on coupler You can leave adapter on your hose also, prolly easier to get it wiggled into coupler while your holding coupler pushed rearward and inserting it. You will feel it slip into coupler, then let it all slide back forward, then flip the levers straight, pointed rearward
  2. I think it is same gearbox all of them My 1660 and 2388 have same. Would look it up but thanks to Case screwing up online parts lookups, reference # is skipped on diagram.....arrrggggg
  3. Good head. Just follow the maintenance recommendations and use the correct grease. Because of the narrow throats on our Red Combines and the small auger, you may experience feeding issues into the throat. Here is a pic of the fix. Lowen Posifeed Drum. Will make a big difference Series 1 &2. Installed one on my 1660. Here is a service video link with videos that will cover lots of stuff about your head. Click on the library link to Series 1 &2 Excellent videos about maintenance and repairs. https://www.dragotec.com/service-video
  4. Always better to look at the positive side of things, right?
  5. It looked as if was meant for that tractor. You walk up beside tractor, lift lid, and could easily look into it. It opened both sides.
  6. You should post the serial# so it can be recorded. Member FarmallTom on here is keeping track of them.
  7. Was this IH option? Just never seen one like this. Tractor sold for $2100 on auction yesterday I went to. Local area sale of a great guy that we lost earlier this year. https://youtu.be/KMhM-6VPWnw
  8. Doubt that it would wear the pad off. Not anything pushing on it to make it rub hard. If it's bad, somebody prolly put a crappy one back in after stealing the hydraulic setup. Makes you wonder if somebody stole the hydraulic brake out of it, and didn't have the c clip and key for shaft when replacing stock brake or hydraulic brake never got put in because you have to change one of the gears to a smooth face, so never finished it.
  9. First thought. One would think that, but this is a 15' No diff loc on them
  10. Bottom cover of tranny would have a hydraulic line attached if it had hydraulic brake. It wouldn't have this tranny brake actuator rod from clutch shaft and arm on bottom cover. Little confused on switch thing also. You said you couldn't find it, but .....now you say there is 2 on clutchπŸ€” guess you found it...
  11. The other switch your trying to find is probably if it also has the hydraulic tranny brake installed. That would be installed so it would be activated when clutch is down. Edit- or could be mounted by Range lever So your tractor prolly don't have that. Mystery solved 😁 So it doesn't shift to low when clutch is pushed, and you still need that dump valve operating and adjusted correctly..... Thanks IDPlowboy
  12. Correct, but I mentioned they don't move the shift shift spool when you push clutch down.
  13. Never seen an add on kit, but why does it need to put the Ta in low side(shift spool) when you push in the clutch? Tractors never did this. Only thing they do is operate the dump valve with that rod from the clutch shaft to mcv dump valve. Even if 'your' system is suppose to shift spool to low, it still needs to operate that dump valve. That's not redundant as you mention. Are you sure that switch on the clutch firewall isn't the neutral start switch? Sounds like it may be. Just throwing this out there. But like I said never seen an add on kit and don't remember how the 30 series worked for sure.
  14. Nice having people on this forum help out. It always nice to see a thread about something exactly like you may be experiencing, and have people provide info, pics, and manual details. πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘
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