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  1. Dealership always jus pulled motor on 4586's. 4366 and 4386's easier yet to pull that little 6 cylinder out. Pull the motor πŸ‘
  2. Workin on my 1086 brings back lots of memories of the 80's at Dealership. Always a seal, clutch job, Ta job, engine overhaul or Tranny/rear end job going on in the shop. Times were tough for farmers. I felt bad for them having to pay $20 an hour shop rate and end up with a 1-2-$3000 bill. Living at home, Makin $5 an hour plus overtime at work....helping Dad on the farm.... Now we can almost call them the good Ole days. I put this seal in prolly 9000 hrs ago when I did rear end job. It didn't COST $74 THEN......WOW! It was $12.39 in 1989, I have a price book from then, but did the rear end job before 1989. IH Part# seal 144139C1 Square o-ring 529133R1 National Part# seal 417698SSR
  3. Gave the Ole Gal a bath. Gotta pull wheel off. Axle seal leaking.
  4. I can remember doing warranty work back in the 80's. Hytran wasn't covered under warranty. Like it says in procedure, clean oil with 10 micron filter and re-install. πŸ˜† we always put new oil in. To get oil covered under warranty you had to right up report like " breather came off combine final drive and was contaminated with water" Company would pay for the replacement of Hytran then....
  5. I know it's happened that a previous overhaul on that style engine. Somebody puts the oil pump in wrong, so that to get the tach cable to hook up in correct position the distributor shaft and rotor is not in correct spot according to cap designation of #1. To make it work, instead of pulling oil pan off, and correcting oil pump drive timing, they jump all the plug wires to the next hole, or whatever it takes. So #1 on cap may not be #1 plug wire. I know a guy that pulled all the plug wires off the distributor. And installed new ones in the "correct" position. He had a **** of a time trying to get it to run after the tune up.....
  6. You beat me too it. Lol Here is one more
  7. Guess absolute auction it was listed on, in that online July 19th last year jus meant it was absolutely on the Auction! Lol
  8. Interesting, so he has been trying to sell it since buying it in 2016 for 35000. So in 2019 it brought 28000, but it must not have actually sold. And it was on a sale last year in July of 2022, that Machinery Pete mentions Gary Perkins selling it with bunch of other 2+2's, but it must not have sold then either. Be nice if he, Gary Perkins, would have more photos of tractor, interior etc
  9. LSU is a good team, but sportsmanship.....hmmmmm We can see Clark is living rent free in their head. Lol https://fb.watch/jFMH-4KOJc/?mibextid=NnVzG8
  10. Bierman Sales - Marcus Ia
  11. Got the wheels out of the way on 7220 today. Need to work on Remote valves. #3 not working.
  12. Looks like the front knees and spindles are assembled wrong somehow. How bout that engine oil cooler, isn't that the small style used on early D361 engines? Or is that normal looking size? Jus curious I guess? Did you look at engine serial #?
  13. Guess it was that way in 70's when Dad bought tractor. I've never changed it. Your right thouπŸ˜†
  14. Here is a pic of a 450. Should be the same. Choke is far left, fuse holder between that and light switch. Kinda dark to see them. I think cig lighter to the right of push button. Dash light on top, under the hood. Painted white on under side to make it brighter.
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