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  1. There are alot of them in tractors yet. Some jus like to get away from the oil mess, and not have to fix leaky seat cylinders.
  2. Cap the lines where they come up to floor. There are 3 bolts where the back wall meets base of seat assembly at the floor. 2 on the front near your heels. Lift entire assembly up. You don't need to remove anymore of the seat stuff from the base. It should be manageable now. Edit: I missed part of your post. If your putn air ride back in, yep jus cap the lines under the floor board and ditch the rest.
  3. Split at front of Range cover. Complete tear down of rear end. Take the nut and bearing off front of pinion shaft and slide it out to the rear to get the park gear/reverse gear off and out of range tranny.
  4. Went for a ride today. . NCIA crazy winter, in the 50's again today
  5. Yes that is the normal procedure. You don't remove side cover or fuel tank. Pivot the park lock linkage up on shift deck and put a nut under to hold it. This keeps the park paw disengaged. Remove the reverse arm from shift deck, and there is a tool that attaches to deck and pushes against the reverse shift shaft and helps raise deck up. So without the tool you need to get the deck raised up without the reverse shaft rising. If it does, then it comes out of reverse fork and half moon key falls off shaft most likely and fork falls off to side. Then you get to remove fuel tank and side cover. When reassembling there is a tool that clips against dowel pin and reverse detent lever to hold it over a bit, so deck can be lowered down while the reverse shaft comes back up thru the hole. For somebody that's never done it may seem a little challenging, but it's not a bad job at all. The worst of it is the couple brake lines being right next to deck and the fuel tank being somewhat in the way of the tool holding the detent arm when reassembling. Tool pic. Set screws clamp to tower of reverse shift shaft on deck. Screwing the T handle down against the reverse shaft and working the deck up at the same time until deck is completely up off of reverse shaft. The other tool(reassembly) is what clips onto dowel pin while the v end of it pushes the detent arm over so it clears and roller can end up beside the detent notches on reverse shaft. It can be removed when the deck is most of the way down, leaving just enuff room to slide tool out from between rear housing and deck.
  6. The rebuilt TA's are more than just replacing the Sprague and clutch disks. Housings are machined, input shaft machined for new sealing rings, pilot bearing area knurled, Bushing in housing replaced for new seals on input shaft. Hubs machined for Sprague clutch and then housing and hubs are hand picked to match new Sprague. Upgraded to more clutch disks which requires machining more maching. I've seen it all done. Assembled and tested. Lots to it. Back in the 70's & 80's when many oem Ta's were failing frequently, the place near me doing the rebuilding were doing over 200 a month. If you were trying to rebuild one and have a bad housing or other parts what ya gonna do.....?? You can't jus grab another part from the 100 cores laying and waiting to be rebuilt. You will soon figure out a quality rebuilt is best option with 5 year warranty. At one time you could buy a Sprague gear assembly to rebuild your Ta, back in the Aer-Vac days. But that jus lead to people trying to claim warranty cause the Ta they rebuilt didn't work. Nitemare for machine shop doing the kits. These kits were coming from right down the road from me also. Have over 10,000hrs on a rebuilt Ta in 1086. It was installed in the 80's a (BMD TA)which was also sold as an A&I for many years. But now an A&I is a High Capacity TA. Original machine shop doing Ta's for BMD/A&I isn't in business anymore. If you take a Ta apart and it has a big thick machined brass ring pressed in next to sprague. It was rebuilt down the road from me. I worked at IH dealership in the 80's. We used BMD Ta's, the IH rebuilt units weren't as good.
  7. Here is an old advertisement. I would think the extra reservoir would be fir maybe when it would have the one way cylinders like in pic. If it had different 2 way cylinders, you only lose the cu/in of oil from reservoir of the size of ram being extended, (less oil returning than what it takes to extend)
  8. Ha funny. Here is the first pic I took, I was farther to right ...lol jus a bit farther and it would have been perfect 🤣
  9. Saw this in Clear Lake Ia. Illinois plates. Somebody on a road trip. Jus thought I'd post. Always fun to see if somebody knows who it is or where it is going.
  10. Did some riding today, in a warm cab! Lot of groomers jus starting fir the season in Iowa. From the 2 snows last week my area got maybe 7" or so total. It blew and filled up the ditches. Other areas of the State got more
  11. Was waiting for this thread also! Lol No snow here. 1 1/2" of rain over Christmas was nicer than snow actually. It soaked in. We have been working on Groomer. Torsion axles and frame mounts getn beefed up. Common issue of them cracking on these Troopers. Found some cracks in frame starting also while it was tore down.
  12. This is a local one that got put together by kids in a farm shop. Both engines and trannys run. They had fun driving it around our local county fairgrounds.
  13. Somebody messed up on the handout publication it appears. That's an 806. I saw those murals painted on the wall at the Farmall plant. A 606 is a utility tractor from pictures I've seen Google searching.
  14. Not sure where it's at? Hope we get a Bonus this year. Can't wait to see everyone at this year's 'Self Checkout' employee Party.......
  15. Tractors got mentioned and some air time in the beginning of the Floracing broadcast tonight. Started the broadcast sitting on the 1206 😄 https://www.youtube.com/live/sJHafQ0rzYk?si=SGunixExmZF9RkvP
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