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  1. If oil is clean coming out of plug on bottom of axle housing, and bearing looks good when you got axle cap off and installing new seal, make sure you check the brg preload and adjust it. If you jus going to leave it loose, Might as well just let it keep leaking...... and not waist the new seal and the time of taking wheel off.
  2. Mine came factory with 16.9x38
  3. Neighbors used Pioneer hydraulic couplers on their pulling trucks engines to hook up coolant hoses from the bus they were hauling them on. Winters indoor pulls it worked great. They would have them hooked up, and when a certain distance away they would turn on a valve to flow coolant thru puller truck engines. Fire up engine once at event. Unplug hoses and drive in.
  4. My brother has an 856 gas. It's a nice looking one. Has a cab.
  5. No big deal, jus knock it out. Stick a broom handle in from the front and give it a tap.. They were jus being thoughtful because people forget to plug ports and then blame the machine shop when oil is squirting out of their small block chevy and the cylinder head is in the way to put plug in oil gallery....🤣
  6. Went this past labor day. Rented a Polaris General at Spearfish Canyon Lodge. What you want for a trail map is one from Trailshead Lodge. They laminated a map and highlighted the main points of interest and trails. It is waaaay easier to read understand than the State map. Not sure what they charged for it was jus happy to be able to make sense of trails. We rode out of Spearfish Canyon Lodge. Cement Ridge Lookout great lookout spot. Rode south from there to Trailshead Lodge. Rode thru pastures. Had to open and close cattle gates.
  7. Our 1086 has slotted weights. It came with them from New and where probably dealer added. No IH emblem on them. They vary in shape jus slightly. 2 different styles. The slots don't lign up perfectly. So when angle iron is slid thru, it holds one style up a bit. They weights came from 2 different vendors obviously.
  8. I put a small hose clamp on it to keep it from working out, which also makes it start to bind from mis alignment. This helps especially on one's that had to be taken out with lots of lube and twisting back and forth. Sometimes the hole in bracket seems to get a little wear and or metal removed when getting the broken piece out. I've seen them work almost all the way out and bind the cable and bend the L end
  9. I think I saw some 1991 Halloween cob webs fly out when I started it...... Glad it still works! Only been used for 8 days in 1991. Even found the 1000 to 540 adapter in a drawer, prolly Been laying there since 1991.
  10. Blew thru here NCIA bout 2 hrs ago. Scary. Went to basement. When it hit, it was bang, 60 to 80 mph winds. Not sure of damage. But I'm sure I'm less some shingles
  11. If your a "young mechanic" it's time to build a hoist. Your back will thankyou in 40 years! I needed to pull motor in my 1660. I built this overhead hoist. Gets used alot! Here are some pics for you.
  12. The whole registry thing jus helps if somebody was looking for a tractor. I guess it's a Red Power Forum thing. It would get recorded as you described it. I looked for my Dad's 1206 for 14 years. Because of the internet, and serial # reporting it surfaced. It ended up 2 states away after not owning it for about 35 years. I now know it was a survivor. Keep in touch with owner of it today. So that is why I brought it up. Every 1206 I come across, I look and report serial #. Red Reaper is still looking for the one his Dad had. Mark
  13. When my Dad traded the 1206 for the 1086, after a week he wanted the 1206 back! The 1086 was a turd. Took it back put it on dyno. Had 126hp. Suppose to have been 131. Company guy said close enuff. Still under warranty. Dad told them that's Bs. It's a gutless wonder. Dealer broke the seal and turned it up to 135 It was still a turd. No pep. Couldn't hardly take off when letn clutch out in higher gears. Always lugging down pullin. After putn up with it for 3 years, sent pump in and pepped it up. Dynoed it at work afterwards. 151hp and it had some spunk now. Has around 13000hrs runs great never been touched except pump and injectors.
  14. Totally agree with what he said 👍 Jus put the kile flights on your Standard Rotor, Rebuild your threshing area, new vanes, rotor bars etc. It will perform fine. Your not missing a thing by not having an AFX......well except throwing corn out the back. It's a Rice Rotor! Not a corn Rotor
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