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  1. I would make sure light works ok. Take that wire that plugs to pressure switch and ground it. The light should stay on. Shorten the rod to make light come on sooner/ stay on longer when letting clutch up. You want that light to go out just before tractor starts to move. Having it that way insures the clutch packs in Ta are pressured up before engine clutch engages. Note: make sure when you assembled that bracket onto dump valve right. Is it operating correctly. I have made service calls because people didnt get the fork and pin and washers all lined up correctly onto the valve.
  2. 75 day corn planted June 5th. Picked this tonight Aug 24th, dang it's ready, wow, 70days Good thing I checked. Guess we are doing corn tomorow! Waaaaay ripe enough for me.
  3. Gonna have to keep my eyes open when combining the beans, sure looks like the pot of gold is on my side of the fence🤞 Sure dont want to run it into the bean head.😁
  4. Serial tag and pic of grill
  5. I will look, and get a pic of serial tag tomorow.
  6. This is sitting at our local fair tractor display. Why is there a second gas fill, it is a small one. Decal says "gasoline" I was thinking this was for gas start, diesel motor. Oh wait, it is gas engine. Hmmmm. Serial tag has HC but there wasn't model # on it. Very nice tractor!
  7. Does it have clamp style wheels. Seen an axle strip out the wheel casting. Tractor wouldnt move. It sat, and axle spun inside the wheel. Differential sent power out to that axle. Didnt make a noise while axle was spinning ...... So like mentioned. Try diff loc and/ or brake pedals to see if it will move. Simple stuff first
  8. Glad no one got hurt! Wow, how can it fall that far and not catch a latch. When you raise hoist, each post has safety latches that click into slot as it raises, don't it? To lower dont you have to hold the release for safety latches? I can see it maybe possible to fall when lowering. It looks like same brand of hoist we had in a place I worked.
  9. Flew over me while spraying beans this morning. Jumped out stood and waved, and grabbed a pic. Jus cool to see it flying. It is kinda far away. Was trying to line up tractor and plane....I took too much time.😜
  10. Works great like pete23 says. Dont even have to take the hoods off. Remove the battery from under seat so battery box isn't heavy. Jus remove the starter. I use a bigger floor jack under Ta housing, split it at clutch, separate it, and lower it down and roll rear housing and Ta housing out from under fuel tank and steering column. I do the same with 66 series when doing Ta job
  11. It looked terrible on the local news 'Kimt' They were caught up in the current, and headed down the river. Some, kinda floating, but several with heads sticking up out of water bellowing. ☹
  12. Hope everyone has a good time at the show. Been sitn here thinking about all the nice Red tractors I'm missing out on seeing
  13. It is at Mason City Ia Airport for a few days. $475 I could have went for a ride. This plane was finished being built May 1945. Never saw combat duty. Pilot today said it was used for some surveillance and mapping. Later duty it was used for spraying some insects in southern states. The spray had linseed oil in it, that is what preserved the rivets and panels. It was parked for many years before it was restored. Engines are 9 cylinder. Was neat to see take off and land. Smooth and slow.....jus awesome. Cant imagine what it would have been like sitn in those turrets running a gun.
  14. Thanks guys. Seems like they get closer together the older you get!
  15. How many times has flywheel been ground? Every time it moves the clutch assembly farther from the optimal release travel and geometry of throw out assembly. I would install an assembly from same clutch supplier. Replace flywheel most likely. Hard to believe but these tractors are 40ish years old. To be able to get the clearance on throw out bearing and clutch fingers and not worry about, use a spring to help with the slack on all the linkage. I dont worry so much about a certain pedal freeplay measurement. I make sure bearing has clearance and clutch releases. Then I adjust tranny brake and dump valve, my opinion and method......right or wrong.....it works😁 Edit, also make sure your cab isomounts are good, they can effect your travel of throw out bearing as you push clutch pedal down.
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