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  1. Different perspective here as I'm more of the generation you're talking about. I think good friends are a big part of it. It's easy to get caught up in the going with the flow group but I was fortunate to have some really good friends throughout high school and the years since. I was active in FFA and youth group but most of those were the same people I'd run around with the other nights of the week too and grew up going to church with and knew since preschool. Definitely had friends that knew how to have a good time but nobody was ever into drugs. We knew the kids that could probably get or h
  2. The 766 was nice but 24,500 is a lot of money. I thought that 9,000 for the 544 Hydro Diesel rowcrop that had sleeve cavitation issues was way more than too much for it. Definitely glad I don't own any of the tractors that sold there, nice but too expensive.
  3. I'm not sure I would spend too much time in trying to make that fender perfect. I like original fenders but that one is gonna take some work. I had originals on my 826 and when I painted it I put new ones on it and my 756 from Abilene Machine. The yellow ones. They are the right width and weight I think, maybe slightly heavier than the originals. I think the lights might be further up in the fender which would probably be noticeable if they were mismatched on a tractor. A&I fenders have a nice paint ready finish but there's no hiding being .75 of an inch too narrow. Abile
  4. That 79 Red Power one you posted looks like the low hour one that sold on auctiontime or some other auction last year or somewhat recently? That tractor passed through here on its way to its new home I think to switch trucks or something. The hour meter was not counting at that point, hopefully it was as low hour as it was supposed to be. It was still a nice tractor though. We have a 79 Red Power 1086 as well, I'll have to get on the computer for those pictures. There's still a lot of them earning their keep but it's harder and harder to find a nice one anymore. It mowed most
  5. Would have been fun to come up for a couple days Tim! Looking good. Down here have very little alfalfa to chop and finished rye/triticale a couple weeks ago.
  6. Exactly. I'm not sure why that is so hard to understand. But then here you're trying to explain that to people that forget their tractor needs oil because their horse doesn't...
  7. The only thing we have seen around here with the spring loaded park is they are quicker to knock a reverse tooth off it seems because of how they drop. When that tooth came off versus when the update was installed is hard to measure but that seems to be the general pattern that those with it more often have teeth off than those that don't, because the adjustment rod will bend. We have both of them at home and I don't prefer one over the other, but there aren't many monkeys running my tractors to mess them up either. As far as popping out of high range, I just replaced the shift fork and
  8. Have used Miller Diesel in Harrisburg and been pleased with their work.
  9. Federal Mogul should be every bit as good as the Mahle parts. Sounds like a great option.
  10. Some neat things on that one. But I wish I could find those steering knobs still. Everyone loves the irrigation pump ones but these are my favorite. We have a 706 with a 310 and an M&W on it that is a good runner, I imagine a 358 would be even better. I'd like to find an 826 Hydro to put a turboed 360 in sometime.
  11. If you could find the clevite number that would be best. I'm not sure if they have a way of crossing the IH number. If you ask them about bearings for a C113 they could probably find the number too but if you find it you know what it is. Amish machine shop is a thing here, have almost Amish everything it seems in this area.
  12. Spring Garden Repair in Kinzers deals in Clevite though they are also into Maxiforce as well if you don't find one closer. They are the go to machine shop around here. Amish shop so you might have to leave a message and them call you back.
  13. I would agree going with Mahle, good products.
  14. I see that now. The big rubber looks good as long as it has big enough rubber in the rear!
  15. I'm pretty sure those are just 11.00x16s on the sales picture. We bought an early 1586 new and it's still in the family but it needs a little love to be nice again. I'll have to search the computer for some older pictures. Dad was always impressed with how it would pull. He never has seemed to really think our Magnum was much of an improvement if you kept the 4wd kicked out. It was our big tractor and was mostly a tillage tractor most of its life until we got the Magnum and then went no till. It's mostly relegated to loader work now, it's loaded a lot of silage out of Ag Bags. Think it
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