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  1. Super A_sepa

    Here is a International 1406 and thats no typo

    Looks to me that the only 06 items are behind the speed trans. I'd venture to guess they coupled it together there and kept everything 66 series on front. I don't think it has the narrow bellhousing of the 06/56. Interesting project but there would have been a cleaner way to do it.
  2. Super A_sepa

    JD 30 series vs 40 series

    Correct. I didnt mean to imply that's how each were manufactured, I can see how that could be confused though. I was just saying how each of the neighbors tractors were equipped.
  3. Super A_sepa

    JD 30 series vs 40 series

    4630 and 4430 are Quad range, I really like that. 4440 is 8 speed, been awhile since I've ran it, friend usually runs that one. 4450 has a 15 speed in it. Not my favorite for chopping. Almost too many gears. Somewhat prefer the 8 speed in that department but the 50 is the nicest of them all comfort wise.
  4. Super A_sepa

    JD 30 series vs 40 series

    Chopping I would much rather be in a 30 series Deere than an 86. An 88 would be neat to spend a little more time on a cart in. The 4630 I've been around used to be a turtle on 18.4x38s but now is on 20.8x42s and it scoots along, well compared to other soundguards at least. But still always would prefer a Magnum.
  5. Super A_sepa

    A Fast 140 ? But no JKK

    I'm interested to see what turns up here. My Super A does 15 mph but my Super C only does 11.9, according to my phone. I don't think my A serial number has any special letters.
  6. Super A_sepa

    What is this Tube strapped to the frame rail?

    It's a 100 hydro, the white stripe is just the hydro decal.
  7. Super A_sepa

    826 engine replacment

    400 series would require lengthening the frame and I think they are taller too and run into hood or fuel tank clearance issues. 300 series is several inches shorter and a couple inches lower from what I remember
  8. Super A_sepa

    826 engine replacment

    It should be reasonably simple to swap a 360 in I think. I put a 312 in a 756 over last winter and there weren't many hurdles. There is a good thread about putting a dt360 in a 706 around and I had a thread on my conversion too. A Google search might bring either or both of those up. It makes a nice tractor. I wanted a 360 but only found the 312 at the time. Now I found a 360 and am going to swap them again...yippee.
  9. Pretty sure that 1456 was a gold demo. Didnt look too special but had several pics that you could see a black dash. That would explain some of the price.
  10. Super A_sepa

    IH 780 High Boy Sprayer

    Any links or pictures? I got into growing tobacco last year and have been looking for a reasonable high clear sprayer. Being IH would just be icing on the cake.
  11. Super A_sepa

    Hydro 100 for hauling

    They are all we use, 2 100 Hydros and sometimes a 666 or 656 if we get into a pinch. They are nice for doing that, smooth.
  12. Super A_sepa

    Favorite Other Brand Of Tractor

    Maybe because its the only other brand I've spent much time on, but I always look forward to getting to run these during harvest. Maybe that's just because I'm happy to have a somewhat quiet cab that hopefully has ac and maybe even a radio. 4430, 4440, 4450, and a 4630, all have their good points and bad points. Then again, we have used some magnums on the carts and I'd much rather run that, but a little variety never hurt.
  13. Super A_sepa

    686 312 vs 756 310?

    It was out of a hydro 70.
  14. Super A_sepa

    686 312 vs 756 310?

    Maybe I should get some 726 badges made! That would make it stand out LOL! Here is the link to the thread I just put up on the projects board with some more pictures and details.
  15. I was looking for a tractor to do small jobs mostly involving raising tobacco. Something to spray pre-plant, pull the planter, move wagons in the field, etc. I was leaning towards a 666 to get the 312 as i didn't want a gasser and didnt want a 282. Then I found a 756 that was getting antifreeze in the oil, and had the idea to put a 312 in it. This was the tractor before I started, it was in pretty good shape but it wasn't the way I wanted it to be. I don't think the German is a bad engine, it's just not my first choice. So I started tearing it apart and got the engine out and the 312 in. I got a 400 series rear plate and had a welding shop cut it down to match the narrower bell housing. Got a 966 clutch and flywheel and bolted that up and hung the motor on the tractor. Once I did that I learned that I had a larger project than I anticipated. Then I tore it down a put a set of sleeves and pistons in it. Along the way it got a new radiator as mine didn't look too healthy, new water pump, sleeves and pistons, sent the head off to be gone through and cleaned out, new injectors, new fenders, new clutch assembly, and a new wiring harness. I should note that a 756 wiring harness is what I used even though I changed engines, and it worked and I only had to change one or two wires I think. I used 666 upper and lower radiator hoses and they were just right. I changed over to the new style alternator while I was at it and the harness was set up for that. I got the harness from Brillman and I was happy with it. I used the crossover throttle linkage that a big frame 66 series has that crosses over behind the starter. That took a little practice to get in the right position to get the amount of travel that I wanted. This linkage interfered with the German's either assist, so I used the 312's setup and extended the wires on the wiring harness to reach to the air cleaner where the 312's is mounted. The 312 front mount holes do not line up with any of the holes in the frame rails, so I cut new holes then put a plate on and welded that to the frame rail to hold everything in position. I put the tractor all together and ran it some and then went to put the sheet metal back on it. Then came the next problem. The hoods wouldn't line up. Then I measured the rear plates and found the German plate is 5/8" thicker, to take care of that issue, Ed Leaman had a set of spacers that were machined just for a case like this. Once I put them in the hoods fit perfectly. The hood off a 312 powered small frame tractor is just right to fit on the 756 and you need it because of the air cleaner door bubble. This one just has the pre-cleaner on it because I didn't get to take it off yet. I had to take a little more material out of the rear support of the wide front so it had enough clearance around the oil pan. So far I really like the tractor. We had it on the dyno and it showed 80 hp. Here it is next to our 706 with the 310 with an M&W turbo on it. It is a nice running motor but I'm still happy to have a 312 in my 756. Maybe I'll find a turbo setup to put on mine but it's not high on the list.