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  1. I love red tractors but it would be hard to give up a SG when chopping alongside pulling a silage cart to run a 1066... That's one place I dont mind the quad range either, chop in 1 or 2 then have 3 and 4 to get around quick at the ends. Have ran a 5288 along side the quads and the STS isnt quite as nice. It's good but more shifting in my opinion. The 8 speed is good for a cart too, not having to shift so many gears to get up to speed in the field. Again, not a precision speed/rpm operation like baling or pulling the chopper. The 15 speed has given more trouble in the 4450 that we run than the 8 speed in the 4440. I have run either very little in the last couple years because I'm about the only one on the crew that doesnt complain about being in the 4630. JD 15 speed doesnt hold a candle to the Magnums though, ran one of those on the cart and that is about as nice of set up as there is for us.
  2. Too much chrome for me. Long bar short bars and 1000 shaft only. If I was going to pay the almost 45k they are asking I would want one set up a little different. But a very pretty tractor!!
  3. Was reading some about the tobacco special tractors IH marketed down south and was wondering if those decals are available anywhere? Either the tobacco special or bright lightnin ones? I raise some tobacco and even though I dont have any of the models that were designated as such I think they are neat. What was "special" about these models? Thanks
  4. We get about 600 lath on a tier of a 32x60 shed I think, 5 tiers to the square log then one above it and the row in the peak. 600 in a 60 footer, I figured 300 in a 30 foot long shed 32 feet wide. 300x5 tiers is well over the 1200 lath per acre. In my head I think you could hang an acre in a 20x32 shed but as said, isnt practical to build one that size. Alternatively a greenhouse could be built to hang the tobacco and would be cheaper than a shed. A lot of guys around here have went that route but most of them have a traditional shed to strip and sort it in then.
  5. Yep! You dont have to pitch it up and you dont have sweat dripping down on you
  6. PA 41 tobacco for me here, no tilling it. I think a 1 acre shed would be around 30x32 or so, maybe not even quite that big. I grew up with a great big bank barn set up to hang tobacco in. No mechanization much to speak of in our tobacco production here. I love tall old sheds but labor to help hang them isnt always easy to find, let alone help to cut it.
  7. There's more than one Englishman like that too... All depends on the person. Steel wheels here keep getting better and better. By no means are they rubber tires, but they are better than whats pictured. Unfortunately a lot of good tractors have met their demise on steel. I guess horses don't need oil and some seem to forget that tractors do.
  8. Looks to me that the only 06 items are behind the speed trans. I'd venture to guess they coupled it together there and kept everything 66 series on front. I don't think it has the narrow bellhousing of the 06/56. Interesting project but there would have been a cleaner way to do it.
  9. Correct. I didnt mean to imply that's how each were manufactured, I can see how that could be confused though. I was just saying how each of the neighbors tractors were equipped.
  10. 4630 and 4430 are Quad range, I really like that. 4440 is 8 speed, been awhile since I've ran it, friend usually runs that one. 4450 has a 15 speed in it. Not my favorite for chopping. Almost too many gears. Somewhat prefer the 8 speed in that department but the 50 is the nicest of them all comfort wise.
  11. Chopping I would much rather be in a 30 series Deere than an 86. An 88 would be neat to spend a little more time on a cart in. The 4630 I've been around used to be a turtle on 18.4x38s but now is on 20.8x42s and it scoots along, well compared to other soundguards at least. But still always would prefer a Magnum.
  12. I'm interested to see what turns up here. My Super A does 15 mph but my Super C only does 11.9, according to my phone. I don't think my A serial number has any special letters.
  13. It's a 100 hydro, the white stripe is just the hydro decal.
  14. 400 series would require lengthening the frame and I think they are taller too and run into hood or fuel tank clearance issues. 300 series is several inches shorter and a couple inches lower from what I remember
  15. It should be reasonably simple to swap a 360 in I think. I put a 312 in a 756 over last winter and there weren't many hurdles. There is a good thread about putting a dt360 in a 706 around and I had a thread on my conversion too. A Google search might bring either or both of those up. It makes a nice tractor. I wanted a 360 but only found the 312 at the time. Now I found a 360 and am going to swap them again...yippee.
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