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  1. None of the 23/2450 or 55 loaders did.
  2. It seems odd to us but maybe they had a good reason to do it over there. I have no idea what it could be. It would seem like it should be simple enough that it's a matter of moving a wire from here to there but I don't have a schematic to compare to. It does have a working beacon that is bright and should be enough to get people's attention. This tractor will probably spend a fair amount of time on the road and I may not be the one running it so I wanted it to be simple and functional.
  3. It has a switch on the side of the dash where the Shutdown Override switch is that controls the flashers. It has a turn signal switch in the same place as normal. But if you have your flashers on and want to signal a left turn you have to turn the flasher rocker switch off, flip the turn signal, make the turn, turn off the signal, and then flip the flasher switch back on. I would like it to work that when you turn the turn signal on that it flashes the one side and holds the other like normal to make it that the flasher switch has to be turned off and on. I do like that t
  4. I bought a European 7220 that has the flashers on a separate switch from the light switch, and a second flasher unit as well. I want to make the turn signal flasher unit "talk to"/override the independent flasher switch. Ideally I'd do away with the extra switch and have it set up like a NA magnum. I emailed peaceful creek about a service manual but I don't have one yet. Turn signal flasher combo and light switch are the same PN as the NA models so I think it should just be a matter of getting the wires going the right place. I'll add the flashers up on the cab roof as well as I
  5. The pull arm and lift arm look like an early 06 setup that the lift arm I think is the same as a fast hitch tractor. They look the same I've never measured them. The sway limiter bar looks shop built. Look kinda light duty and I see it has no slide out at the implement end. Maybe thats what your question was about. That part I'm not sure I have seen.
  6. The couple magnum pawls I have seen have had numbers on them as well.
  7. I have done at least one or two of these swaps. Steel wheels in this area are rough on the connections on the digital 86s and cut off cabs are a strike against them too. It doesn't take long to notch the dash a little to fit the round tach in. Of course you could get an early round tach dash and change it put but that is a lot of extra work. Or make a plate and bolt it on. Adding the tach drive is fairly straightforward.
  8. I have one, bought it at a sale cheap because I wanted something to chop my tobacco stalks so they would flow through a vee spreader and break down faster in the field. As I was going over it it looked like the guy before me used it as a wood chipper. For what I was doing it worked great. I had to buy another blower to get the other half of the PTO shaft I needed though. I got a manual for it but I don't know when they were made etc or have any experience using one to chop hay or ear corn etc and blow it in a silo. It's a neat compact unit that I'm kind of surprised we didn't see more of.
  9. 4 remotes, weights, tilt wheel, should have dual pto, cab looks fairly solid from here, should more than pay for the tractor if it goes to pieces.
  10. NO! Towing an IH hydro is a quick way to destroy it. If you're going to tow it, make certain the range trans is in neutral.
  11. The FnI pedal on our small frames always seemed easier to modulate movement on. They operated smoother. It is a lot harder to be smooth on the big frame hydros we have. It can be done but seems much touchier. Dad is more of a fan of using them than I am, with many thousands of hours on them I can't say that I remember them giving trouble because of them getting used but I prefer not to use them much. Stopping to think about it though, I'm not sure he hardly ever uses it on the big frame hydros we have.
  12. I am guessing that Connecticut or a Wisconsin variety might be able to be made to work or maybe if you make a small greenhouse with some old windows even just to get the plants started and then transplant them. All production tobacco that I know of is transplanted.
  13. My opinion is that the sprays etc applied at the farm are of little to no effect on the actual health effects. They all have harvest interval limits etc that sprays for everyone's corn and soybeans have. Tobacco raised on production scale (half acre or acre on up) is a complete disaster when tried to raise without spray, for commercial use. Too many leaves with damage that aren't worth anything and aren't wanted by any buyer. Organic tobacco was a thing here for a few years but it went away since there was no market for it. If you are raising 15 plants in your garden you can probably pic
  14. All of the processing happens after we deliver the tobacco. Mine would go for cigar use mostly. As I understand it, the lesser grades would be ground up and blended to whatever ratios the customer wanted. I do not know how they make Copenhagen. I have helped on the farmer end of tobacco that gets used more for chew several years ago but I don't know much about it since that wasn't the tobacco I decided to grow. For the OP, Lancaster Leaf's website has a crop timeline and a little info on some different varieties of tobacco. http://lancasterleaf.com/TobaccoType.htm
  15. It is very labor intensive but on a garden plot it shouldn't be too bad. As said you would need to start the seeds in a greenhouse or have some way to start the seedlings. Tobacco seeds are incredibly small for the size plant it makes. Smaller than the ball in the point of a pen. I'm not sure what variety or combination would get you the flavor and characteristics you are looking for. Most greenhouses in this area will get seeded in early to mid March. I just finished stripping and sorting my 2020 crop (dark air cured PA41 and some Connecticut broadleaf) last week, I
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