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  1. Know of 2 big square balers that burned here in the last two weeks. Nothing fun about it.
  2. I think I had read on here before that when IH was selling bolts to other companies, they complained about the IH on the head, so they changed to the WP for West Pullman. All that to say I'm not certain when they switched.
  3. You're right, but till everything is replaced that appears broken its not that tractor either by much. It'll be a part of several tractors. If lucky the center and rear housings will be OK but I'm not sure I wouldn't at least have in the back of my head that everything besides that could need replaced. Becomes hard to do that on a tractor with no sentimental value.
  4. I wonder too. Easiest way to fix "that" tractor is going to be move that serial tag to one already in one piece. Sure not much left the way it looks in pictures but they sell parts everyday to fix them. Just a big project
  5. From what I hear in a lot of places, yes there is a shortage. Mostly caused by people AirBnB-ing houses and then in turn locals can't rent them.
  6. Shouldn't have been overweight with those three tractors. Almost looks like the 756 that was posted in the RU pic thread? Hope not. Hate to see it.
  7. I know them enough to know I don't want to be one of them. Rules vary, and change several times in a zip code. For every rule they have one of them is working on coming up with a loophole to work around. Usually they have to find out for themselves how bad an idea could be. "No putting oil in the tractor after you ran it out won't fix it" Woah will not stop your tractor.... Engine oil goes in the engine, not in the transmission Out of feed, did the bottom sneak up on ya? Yea! Yea it did! "It's like a driveway but dirt"...no, Today it's mud Best quotes coming to mind right now...
  8. Think I saw on his post on the projects board that it had the other lines and 66 couplers on it. Edit: I looked again but didn't see it so I'm not sure why I thought that.
  9. For a lot of things I'd rather have a chassis then a gear, get some tongue weight that weigh. Know some guys that use old flat beds and semi dollies for hay trailers for a fraction of what that gear would cost I'm sure. Definitely built heavy duty though. Horst makes nice gears. I didn't have anything bad to say about the Knowles gears we had under silage wagons though either.
  10. Been waiting for that haha. You're probably not wrong but to keep my road speed I'd have to stick to Euro spec tractors or go new enough for the 31mph American tractors. I have all the wiring and lights set up the way the US magnums were and everything else set up really nicely for its job and didn't really feel like going through that again so soon. If I was running with bigger newer tractors I would certainly lean that way but I'm not. Leaning towards getting a Water to Air off a bigger magnum since that will be simplest to install. Haven't ruled out the CAC but it's tight. Probably will do away with the fan clutch as well, put a new head gasket and injectors in it 300 hours ago so that should be closer to the beginning of its life then the end, check the valves etc before the cooler goes on and hopefully not have to get in there again for awhile.
  11. 312 and 360 blocks are the same, but no 360 went in a small frame tractor from factory. The front cover off a 312 will fit on a 360 (on up through a 466) with no problems. The 360's wider cover can be cut or machined down to fit the narrow frame rails fairly easily. I did the one of mine with a portable bandsaw. A 312 out of a 70 (small frame) will have the wrong back plate to fit a 756 (wider bellhousing) but a 360 out of a 766 etc will have the wide front cover that needs cut and have the back plate with the right mounting holes. The back plate should be trimmed as well to fit the profile of the TA housing but have seen guys leave them too. Or you can buy an adapter plate that is made for that swap. 312 front covers are hard to find.
  12. I have no existing cooler, so either one would be added. 7220. Working around the W2A on the 40 and 50 magnums is always an aggravation so I'm trying to learn if piecing a CAC together is worth the hassle over getting a used setup off a bigger Magnum. Room to route tubes over the radiator and below the hood is pretty slim pickings and the factory setup a much easier install. Short of getting a cooler custom built I haven't found one that will fit the space and flow enough CFM yet.
  13. Would I need tubes bigger than the stock intake? 2.5in I think. Will have to do a little closer measuring once the tractors out of the field, I know it might be tricky getting them routed up front. Was looking for the consensus of whether I'd gain enough with the CAC over the factory setup or if it's not "that" much better then I'd lean towards the factory bolt on parts. It seems to be if I can make it fit the CAC is the more desirable setup.
  14. I keep reading different opinions on this but most articles I can find pertain to cars and or street racing. What makes the air to air that much better in this situation? I know the MXs went to and air to air and since CIH already had the water to air for that motor, I'm assuming they didn't do it just for the challenge and wanting to try something new, that they saw benefits with it. Been searching many websites for an A2A that already has the right dimensions if I could find one. Not many MXs locally that I could go measure, from what I find online it would look like one from them is just a little too big to make fit in front of the radiator on a Magnum.
  15. Bore and stroke are different on the truck 360 if I remember right. The Ag 360 has longer stroke from what I remember. 312 or 360 will fit under the fuel tank. It gets a little tight but fits. Not much room under the hood for a turbo, but an M and W will fit, if you can find one. I put a 312 in mine when it got water in the oil (I bought it that way) but also rebuilt the 312 before it went in because it had sat too long and got tight. Then it was the best starting tractor I was ever around. I wouldn't mind having it back.
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