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  1. Ed Leaman

    606 Diesel Hi-Clear

    Have seen those emblems on a couple different models that had the HC version. There are or were 2 606 HC's in Connectcut about 8 years ago. one was used on a boat slip and was rough as sea salt can make one. the other I think was under a tobacco muslin canopy up that away.
  2. Ed Leaman

    1086 FWA

    I think you will find that the Coleman was used on 86 series for about 2 years, I don't think you will find a factory installed elwood before 1978 and it could be 1979 when the switch was made. ed
  3. Ed Leaman

    606 Diesel Hi-Clear

    I think the HC designation on any of the above mentioned tractors is a very low production variation with the possible exception of the 656. But a 606 HC is one of the lower build numbers for sure. Have seen 2 in all of my travels and have heard of about 6 or so around the country. We always called the utility tractors with the bar rear axles a "High Utility" in this part of the world and most folks never notice the HC on the tags. In fact I am not sure they all were stamped HC ed
  4. Ed Leaman

    Farmall 706 Cummins swap

    Alex, You certainly have made me proud tonight. Is the first time I caught up with and read through this thread. You have done a great job on that tractor, I would like to come over and run it some time. You are the best infomercial we have out there and I didn't even realize it. Thanks ed
  5. Ed Leaman

    Some more proof of the powershift 50 series 👍😎

    I was mostly on the sidelines on this tractor, helped with some of the parts and encouragement but the guy that built it shows up on this site once in a while. Always full of sound advise and has lots of experience and real world education. Glen Burkholder from Dayton Va.built it and I believe he still owns it. I think he is known on here as CIH tech. Would be a great tractor to have on display at Bloomsburg, now that I think of it! i'm gonna try to talk him into it.
  6. Ed Leaman

    Some more proof of the powershift 50 series 👍😎

    Quite possible it was a school in Iowa Its possible it was in Iowa, but I sure thought I read something about it being in a school that was closing down in Nebraska. There was a picture of it setting on jack stands in a shop and a story about it on this site at least 10 years ago and maybe further back than that. As I think about it it was in the same year or time frame as the 1206 or 1256 of one of the members on here had the honor of taking their restored tractor to Racine or some "Case" company publicity event. Maybe had found their Dads tractor and restored it. And i am sorry that I don't remember his real name or user name on here. I remember suggesting that someone with some inside pull at Case should try to save it from a trip to china. Shortly after that I went on some road trips and totally fell off of this site for several months. ed
  7. I believe it is the same taper.
  8. Ed Leaman

    IH 1086 locking up

    Not sure why we did this but If you carefully work at it you can drive the inner bearing off of the shaft while in place and the shaft will come out. And if you warm the bearing up or cool the shaft down you can put the bull pinion back in. Not the right way to do a thorough job on the final drive but is possible to do. Not 100% sure the bearing will come out from behind the bull gear on a 1086 once the shaft is out of it, May be we were working on one of the lighter tractors which had the thinner bull gears. And maybe my imagination has overpowered my memory. but I am pretty sure we have replaced a bull pinion and the inner bearing with out pulling axle housings on the big frame IH tractors at least once sometime in the past. Lots of guys will flip bull gears either from side to side of tractor or do a half turn in the same position depending on offset of the center and end up running basically on new teeth and if the bull pinions are same you take them side to side as well for clean start. Is low cost way to put same as new gears in.
  9. Ed Leaman

    RD450 Crankshaft

    provide us w/ a casting number would be a good place to start. You may find a running engine as reasonably priced as a crank,
  10. Ed Leaman

    IH 1086 locking up

    If it locked up you can bet that there is at least one tooth on the bull gear that is not perfect anymore. Like Matt said replace with a matched set (coming from the same tractor) if you can find them. I think once you pull the axle housing off you will have a different opinion of the bull gear. As for replacing the bull pinion shaft with out pulling the axle housing, yes it can be done. but its not easy nor a smart thing to do based on the damage you have reported. The metal pieces are most likely still in the lower part of the bull gear cavity and will continue to be a problem.
  11. Ed Leaman

    Some more proof of the powershift 50 series 👍😎

    Many years back there was a thread on this site about an ag or tech school in Nebraska that had a tractor that had been donated to them by IH or Case IH, it was something they would take apart and put back together as part of the mechanics cleass. Thread stated that the school was closing down and they were not sure what to do about the tractor as they had an agreement that it could never be sold. If I remember right it had 4" rear axles like the 88 series tractors did, they said it had a PS trans and I am not sure which engine it had. But they had me convinced that it was probablyn one of the missing PS 88 series. Does anyone remember it or know how to search on here for the thread. I do remember contacting someone on this forum to suggest they pursue it down before it got scrapped. But lost track shortly after that. ed
  12. Ed Leaman


    I have seen several with wide tires, none of the others were quite that wide. They also had the fenders cut back like this one. The big construction tires were hard to find and pricey and several of the tractors have had rims and all changed out to more common size's. Possible that Torgerson's or even Bob Adkins might know what they did with 1004 tractor. I beleive the one that is owned by Jere Mez had diamond tread tires and powdered lead in the tires when we bought it. That thing was heavy!
  13. Ed Leaman


    The tractor that was here in Pa and listed under Craig was also found for us by Bob Adkins back in the early/ mid 80's. It came out of Billings MT and was sold new by Torgersons. We sold to the Craig Bros. here in eastern Pa. and was one of the few "Red" tractors in their big shed of JD tractors. It has changed hands twice since then and is now back in Great Falls and owned by the Torgersons who had sold it new! Was an interesting time , we actually sold this tractor three times over a period of 20+/- years.
  14. Ed Leaman


    That should be Serial # 1004 the machine that once upon a time belonged to Red Gaedy, I bought that tractor at an auction in in Mt with the help of Bob Adkins of Adkins Tractor Parts from Joliet Mt. probably some time in the early to mid ninety's. We sold it to Mr. Gaedy. He picked it up at the auction site and hauled it to his ranch in Colo and used it in the field some. Tractor is somewhere in the neighbor hood of 14' wide as seen there. It had a flat tire front tire on auction day and was hard to find anyone willing to load and haul it. Red put it on a D-Drop and went down the road with it. When Mr Gaedy's estate auction took place I believe it was sold to a Mr. Look, who I assume still owns it. Think Brian is first name. Brings back memory's for sure. First time I saw it in person was at Madison.
  15. Ed Leaman

    Type of metal for power steering bolster 706

    your correct there Dale Same auction sold 66 series like you mentioned for $1600 and a few month earlier same location different one brought same price; seems auction market is steady on them. just got offered one today for just a little more than those brought. I think the Deere will cost $2500 plus if you find them.