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  1. the 5120's that have a balancer had the older design like a german 4 cylinder, correct? drove off of the big gear in center of the crank, onto counter weighted gears, sat deep in the center sump pan? I don't think I ever saw one without balancer but you are the best cummins knowledge that I know of! The later ones and 5220 were basically same design as JD runs, with a pair of small diameter shafts running off the front crank gear right?
  2. that the AC at the auction west of Williamsport? what a shame they didn't advertise the engine conversion. I wish I had gone north the day before the auction. it was a pretty wet day! Local Ac parts guy was interested in it but didn't give us enough firepower to win online. Just remembered that the one we watched sell was a 4-305, and I don't know which engine was in it
  3. How much fuel would you estimate a Dt 436 (1466) go through in 9 hours when its set at 210HP hooked to the pto and pulling for all its got?
  4. One of Spencer diesels guys got to visiting a few years back. He asked who is installing the load sensing governor springs in the inj pumps on our cummins transplants. I told him that most guys are just bolting in pickup motors and running with whatever was stock in PU's. His words were " What a waste of a great repower! The beauty of a cummins is its Torque rise, You are missing the whole point of owning a cummins if you don't get it set up correctly." I make no claims to understanding those fuel pumps or how guys make the maximum torque. But I know that lower rpms will make a huge di
  5. This has been a most interesting thread to follow; I am going to toss a couple of my thoughts and experiences out there. I realize many of us that are vocal on here come from a fix it yourself background and our costs are different than the guy that goes to " franchised or full time shops". But if you are doing things "right" and don't value your time and parts at what it would cost to have it done as well or better than you can, you are selling yourself short! One) I cannot recall ever hearing back from anyone that bought one of our Cummins kits that was unhappy they went that route. (
  6. We have, and it can be done, and a 2+2 would be a good place for one but you better be careful who drives it. It will break something in drive line if put to the wrong job. To put one in an 2WD IH tractor with a frame, is about impossible. Think it could go into an 88 series frame,
  7. Been wanting to do that adapter plate for a long time, trouble with width at front end makes it a hard to put into a framed tractor. Anyonewant to repower we will build a plate and flywheel for the job!
  8. A 4bt installed in a tractor application MUST be an internally balanced engine or you will hate it. Look at the C/IH 5120 and the late 5220 to see what that balancer looks like and to see the differences from early to late. Is a very hard to find the balanced engine used unless you go to Ag related Parts yards. Balancer kits can be purchased individually but are pricey. But a balanced version of the 4B or 4BT makes a sweet combination in your smaller tractors, For a 706 I think a 6 cylinder is a better choice. You can fit a 6B or 6BT in very nicely, and have sold them to fit about anyt
  9. Lots of guys with loaders on them old girls would have loved a reverser, TA tractors and especially utility's, the speed in reverse and it was soo slow. But I don't think I ever saw a reverser in a 544 or any of the 5 speed row crops of that era for that matter
  10. easier to split even when doing the 11" Unless you are able to stand up from a horizontal position with ease, And then you still gotta be a creeper operator! But I guess in 1940 there were a lot more clutches replaced on dirt than on nice level shop floors!
  11. You can replace the little 7" clutch with one split at the bell housing. I misunderstood your posting; sorry, but Something made me believe it would always pull on the low side and stop moving when the lever went front. Don't think thats a possible scenario. Would it free wheel in either position? like run away down hill
  12. your description goes against the symptons you should be having, Most likely failure is when lever is back tractor stops moving. I want to say that its impossible to function as normal (or even to move) when lever is back if it ceases to move when lever is front. but there could always be a first. Not beating up on you just think its really unusual
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