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  1. Those platform/fender extensions are available lots of places, Riley has respectable set, pretty sure Abilene machine and ASAP do as well. Our little outfit has them sourced somewhere. And the correct platforms are available too. If you have a factory cab tractor the platform needs swapped out most times to look correct. If starting with aftermarket cab the platform is usually same as a fender tractor. ed
  2. I think you will need the 560 D flywheel, the neck will be a different length on the 706 wheel and the ring gear is wrong on a gas. 12" clutch setup from SM works fine.
  3. the parts guys were asleep at the wheel on that one!
  4. what are you shifting forwards and backwards? Has the TA been working in the lo side?
  5. Thanks guys, thought about smith just didn't get time to call, Recovery has been good just takes a long while to gain back strength. And I only started feeling like myself about a week ago, lost 25 lbs which wasn't all bad! but mostly was muscle mass. It seemed to effect my short term memory for a few weeks and had just kind of felt real "blah" ; not depressed just kind of no drive left. The last day or two starting to get some ambition back! And we are getting some sales set to roll. I also tore up a knee joint. Dr says he told me not to do anything strenuous and I don't really think I did but pretty sure the virus was key to it. I Don't know how or why but it started paining with out any reason. been about 2 weeks of gradual improvement there. but somethings torn and I guess an MRI is next step; Thanks for checking on me ed
  6. Thanks, running it on the used parts Hotline for a day or two. Found a thread on here from 2009 that had some info as well. Will try a dealer or two, been told the parts lists were not computerized at that time. Gotta find fiche or books. ed
  7. Not sure how to properly describe what I'm looking for because I've never seen one; only heard it was part of a package Komatsu offered sometime after they bought Dresser. I was told they marketed a repower kit to put the 4BT Cummins in several places where the old 4 cylinder "German" was original equipment. We get called about an adapter plate and flywheel quite often to put Cummins in a variety of different machines where the little 4 cylinder Nuess engines were standard. I do remember when it was first talked about and I think it was just parts from a newer version of the TD that had a Cummins in from new, packaged up to make a more desirable track machine out of the older ones. I would like to beg, borrow or buy one of them.Any pictures, part numbers or other information about what they offered would be greatly appreciated, Been asked to build a similar kit and think it would be smart to look at what the factory did. Thanks ed
  8. Prayer works! You will have to follow up on him keep us posted!
  9. Pretty sure you can find that already built but if not get a hold of me by PM. My guy can build it ed
  10. I have elwoods formula for figuring out interaxle ratios and tire matches somewhere around here. Will try to post it.
  11. Find salvage yard with a good running 666 hydro diesel , Hydro 70 or an early H-86 and buy everything from the flywheel front. The reason I say hydro is that the gear drives with good engines rarely get to a salvage yard whereas a bad hydro will often be the death sentence for them. Cheapest way in the long run to keep it IH and have a saleable tractor when all done. The small items you don't have will add up plenty fast. You will need to buy a gear drive aftermarket Diesel flywheel but they are cheap. and you will need the diesel starter. If you are stuck on a German engine just buy the front half of late model H86. Or call me about a putting a Cummins 4 BT or 6B into your existing tractor
  12. lucky break to catch one that matched that close.
  13. Not common here, Just that in our younger years we covered a lot of country buying and selling red tractors, Between buying for our salvage yard, order buying for others and retailing a few tractors, got quite an education. Before the internet it was different and we had a nice network of contacts. Sold a lot of tractors and parts to customers that we never met in person. ed. PS some how due to the internet we do get credited for knowing a lot more than I would ever claim to know about axles or red tractors for that matter. Lots of guys with more practical experience than I have out there. Some have retired but there are a bunch of guys that are very knowledgeable still to be found in the long term established dealerships.
  14. Looks to me that they are using it to move rail cars as well as the auger. ed
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