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  1. Ed Leaman

    T-340 vs t-340a

    don't think the power changed much in C-135's but for sure there was several blocks for that engine size round bell and squareish bell and then a front mtd starter version is three that I can remember ed
  2. Ed Leaman

    What front end is this?

    slim to none, That is a cradel mounted type axle most likely from the mid 70's. Those parts are hard to find but are somewhat available through used sources and some new parts are available from and through truck driveline shops, the problem is there are very few places that know how or where to source them because Elwood isn't around and they didn't make it easy to cross reference what they used. The seals and bearings you take to your local bearings house, ring and pinion and diff parts are mostly GM and the hubs are spicer parts. As far as turning they are better than a Coleman but they are a far cry from modern axles in turning radius. Transfer case is elwood only and can be a challenge. We have made some new parts for them, try to accumulate used for parts when possible and stay away from any of the small stuff. If you keep oil in them they will go a long time.
  3. Ed Leaman

    R series Sleepers?

    hard to find. more of them survived in the dry country of the west
  4. If your are liftng heavy you are gonna need a lot of counter weight and that really speeds up the headaches with front axles. I think you will find the bucket will be 12 to 15 inches further front than most loaders installed on those tractors. might be good move to trade yours for a good 2250 or 2255 someplace and just bolt it on. Another factor some places especially with hired help is that the extra arm length also leads to higher lift height and potential to lay over quicker if carrying heavy.
  5. Ed Leaman

    1086 tourque

    I think the problem started there with an improperly done main clutch install. Unless you removed the snap ring and thrust washer before taking the photo. The snap ring and brass thrust washer look to have been pushed out of their groove. The sprag was way to light for the job and they fail easily enough but with snap ring off the shaft there the inner hub and the sprag gear can move endways apart from each other, this makes the sprag twist because it will load up on one end or the other of the dogs in the sprag and that leads to rollover of the sprag. Additionally as the shaft is forced rearward when pushed in a clutch install and this will also cause the pressure ports from the shaft to the clutch pacs to misalign which effects pressure to the clutch pacs and strange behavior when shifting. You would be amazed how many Ta's come in on the exchange program that failed early due to a hurried push together of the trans to the bell housing. ed ps good choice on the ag parts TA!
  6. Ed Leaman

    here we go, good old Massachusetts

    The only way to keep the drug runners out of it is to make it free, available but accessible only by a card like a prescription is. Legalizing it just makes it easier for the dope dealers to move inside of that state and gives them a price structure to market it with. Look into Colorado's headaches from a source that tells the truth if you can find one. Our nation is being sold a bad bill of goods so that a few can get wealthy. Its like the casino or lottery deal, the politician's will have their state get in it because they are afraid the money will leave their state and go somewhere else.
  7. Ed Leaman

    D358 questions.

    We bought new 310's and 358's from Anderson tractor back in the early 70's that were made in Mexico by IH, complete and as good as what came in the tractors at that time. IH had a plant down there that built a lot of "hybrid " IH tractors. 866 comes to mind and several others. I don't think you need to worry about the engine if its been cared for and not been tampered with. Had a good running 358 in an 886 on an auction here a week ago
  8. Ed Leaman

    Salter Farms Antique IH Auction

    I don't know Spencer's but it looked like they did a good job, and I have met Tony. I've sold him some of the tractors that were on the auction, helped him with finding others. He has always been straight up with us and did what he said he would do. I think sometimes its pretty easy to rush to judgement about situations when we only hear part of the story or if we base our opinions on second hand innuendo's. As for values achieved If you study the market I think you will find that there is a pull back on many of the tractors built before 1970 and that the current ag economy is effecting the "easier to find" collector/antique tractors a lot. Lo production items seem to be steady to higher as was evidenced by Tony's 3488 and or the two 7488's sold about 10 days ago. And just because a tractor was new when many of us were in high school does not keep it out of the "Antique class" now. For many of us a SM seemed old when we graduated, and they were only 20 years old in 1973. Now when in our 60's we still think a 66 series tractor is a fairly recent tractor when its actually 45 years old! Guess some of us are antiques too and we don't even realize it! ed just my 2 cents above; but like the good book says "let him without faults throw the first stone"
  9. Ed Leaman

    IH Unistar

    Based on what the design looks like there, I don't think the front axle was capable of being engaged for holding back going down hill.
  10. Ed Leaman

    G706 - need more power

    I think there are some other differences, cylinder head? maybe intake and exhaust manifold? governor and for sure carberation. We had some 92+ HP 856's around and I think it was more than displacement that got them there.
  11. One of 20 built or so they say.
  12. https://inlandempire.craigslist.org/hvo/d/1971-international/6741162036.html Thought someone on here would need this one. Read the thread on the above mentioned forum
  13. Ed Leaman

    G706 - need more power

    The suggestion to bolt in a 301 gas is probably the most bang for the buck. There was several different carbs offered on the gas 301 and one of them is superior and will allow 90 HP pretty easily. Not a real hard engine to find out in the parts yards around the country.
  14. Ed Leaman

    Salter Farms Antique IH Auction

    Tony buys the interesting ones for sure. He has put some serious money internally in several of them that I know about. He wants them to be right inside before they get painted up. Should be a good sale.
  15. Ed Leaman

    questions about 358

    I think there is a link from both auction zip adds to proxy bid. Gotta mouse over the one sentence about it untill a line appears and then click. Auctionzip has gotten a little harder to put links in on. They are protecting their "brand" and trying to grow their own online service. And I don't want to disparage them, for some types of items they are the best. but when it comes to farm equipment Proxibid is about the best. Although the new kid on the block from the "tractor house" conglomerate is really catching a lot of attention. Glad you guys watch us, hope you all enjoy them. These are both small and lower value sale's than some we get to do but there is still some great pieces on each one!