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  1. Always thought the factory original open stations as found on 786 and especially on 3088 would be great. Really like the idea of 88 series right hand shifter. If I was farming I would take a 3088 open station and set an inline 466 in place. Recently have been talking with a customer with the idea of a 402-T German motor in an open 3088. Direct bolt in and only a few could tell the difference until it started and hooked to something.
  2. 786 and 3088 with no roof, is as interesting as they get. Just need to put a 1486 up under the platform
  3. normal but not natural LOL
  4. I think the after market will work out fine. We haven't heard any complaints yet anyway
  5. pretty common to see, especially on loader tractors. lack of lube along with an abundance of mud and water speeds the process along. But both elwood and coleman are manually adjustable with tapered roller bearings carrying the load. Elwood requires shims on most of their axles and Coleman uses and adjustable wedge deal to preload the bearings.
  6. That is the bottom of the little 7" TA clutch compartment. did that so the clutch would stay dry if the seals failed on the ipto or front seals in the TA left loose. Those holes are quite often found plugged with dirt etc and the compartment has oil in it anyway.
  7. Ed Leaman

    TA replace

    As for the vacuum effect on pumps. AC had engineers that were ahead of all the others on that deal and IH could have easy done the same. We talked about building our own little elevated reservoir to try on an piston pump tractor just to see if it could be so simple.
  8. Ed Leaman

    TA replace

    Yep! Pharus, he and Lew are about the best east or west
  9. Ed Leaman

    TA replace

    I have mixed feelings on gear pump conversions. When they were cheap compared to the factory pump and the knowledge was limited on what caused failure of the original piston pump, we sold them. I don't promote them anymore, but lots of folks use them and seem to get along. But today If i owned the tractor I would be putting back in a piston pump. The cost to convert one to gear pump is high and too close to cost of a good piston pump. And it seems like a lot of people have headaches with installing them. One of the best mechanics at Hoobers told us a long time ago; that if they had put a charge pump in like JD had to feed the oil into the piston pump the system would have been much longer lived. Today I think there are ways to get longer life and more usable hydraulic power out with the piston pump system. But that's just my view from the sidelines
  10. Ed Leaman

    TA replace

    The info posted here from ag parts is for their lower priced TA and the three disc TA's which are ok in an 806 but not enough for a 2+2. Ag parts builds good TA's but you need to pick the correct combo. in a 6588 you want all the help you can get and should go with 13 spline input, 4 disc high side, support bearing on nose end and the Renold sprag, and if you are in hill country the extra disc on lo side of TA is a good idea as well. If you want more info PM me. You will need to go to the larger splined clutch disc found 37 and 6788's or from 1566 Ag parts builds that full face gear new and in a 6588 you will need the correct one. As for the 30, 32 and 3688 the original gear tooth combination was an unusual count (i think 24 against 51T) and tends to wear the face of the teeth out and make headaches to the point that we went back to the old 22 tooth to 51 tooth ratio found in the earlier 4 speed transmission tractors but with the full face gear of course. Has anyone else on here seen that failure in the 30 series?
  11. Controls in the cab most likely means there was an mfd axle on from new but if that axle was on from new its an early 86 series tractor. Have seen the controls in the cab but do not remember seeing many (if any) cradle mount axle on 86 series from new. The Coleman axle was used for the first few years of 86 series and I believe those controls would have been in that spot as well. Pretty good chance that tractor is the result of a mixed marriage of parts. ed
  12. working on a plate kit right now to put the 6BT, and 4BT into the W series tractors, for both both the 6's and the 9's, Will be followed by a plate for the IH motors. Pics soon. ed PS finished up a plate for the IH 6.9 and 7.3 IDI into the Sm through 56 series, and it will be available for the W series as well. details on flywheels and clutches still being worked on.
  13. Biggest difference is probably the external oil pump,, sump tube and shape of the oil pan that is used on the tractors. Not sure what the engine in the strippers were set up with, but you might need a front timing cover change out as well I know in the 782's we ran into a lot of external parts needing brought over from the tractors to get them to fit a tractor properly. The height deal amounts to 1/2 inch taller block. I think you can shoe horn the 358 right in the same hole as the 310.
  14. that is the Elwood axle built mid way through the 66 series and into the early 86's. We call them the "cradle mount" style. If that tractor is a true "pink" stripe tractor the axle was added to the tractor at some point. If so this brings another possibility into play, the ratio may have been off as far as tires size and tooth count in the transfer case which generally destroys the transfer case shaft and gear first, then the reverse Idler gear and shaft and eventually the Park gear. Or like several suggested it may have been dropped into park while moving and took a tooth or two off the park gear and the damage worked its way out to the driveshaft. IMO $4500 would stop that tractor at most of the wholesale auctions. ed PS the gear box that is posted here and listed on our website is a "two" shaft box and was only used for the old "FWD" truck axles with out planetary's. Pricey because of the fact that its a low volume item and has plenty of internal parts. We are playing with the idea of building the single shaft version transfer case that was used on the later Elwood axle's. Trying to determine if there is enough demand to invest the time and effort.
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