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  1. when he mentioned fast movement of the front wheels it jogged my memory a bit but I may be thinking of another route we took one time when we put an 06 type wet bolster in the frame rails of a 66 series (w shims). it was really touchy like a close ratio sports car. I will get a good parts guy I know to check it out ed
  2. I think that there is also a difference in the hand pumps or an orifice somewhere that effects the reaction time and creates a sports car effect at the wheel. Can't remember for sure but I think on 66 series when you go from a factory wfe steering cylinder to a wet bolster the front wheels react rapidly it takes some getting used to especially at road speed. Some like it and some don't. I'm sure there are others on here that know more about this than I do.
  3. You may have to copy and paste this https://www.proxibid.com/Leaman-Auctions/Ben-Rock-IH-Tractor-Collection/event-catalog/160657 Sorry for the short notice on here
  4. replace the mcv pump, get a spring kit for the mcv, gear on pump needs inspected, usually worn loose by 7000 hrs, You run a better than 50% chance of needing a quill shaft in the rear side of the TA and i would replace the ipto shaft, bearing that carry's it and usually the casting that holds the bearing. Thats the main things that come to mind anyway/
  5. Good used gears are most likely a better choice than aftermarket anyway as far as standing up for the long haul and they can be found and in good condition if you ask around a bit! Often been asked why would someone would put used gears in a tractor they have apart when they can still buy new. If you ask the same person why they don't replace the all rest of the "good" gears while in there they will say but they are not hurt. Which pretty much gets the point across.
  6. The 1086 pictured here is one of the early "66" series axles sold by Elwood, Was based on an FWD truck axle, had no planetary's These were actually a pretty good axle for their time and had diff lock of a sorts built in. However the transfer cases didn't stand the torque load when the spinning tires locked the diff up. goint to an axle with planetary's solved the problem for them ed
  7. Coleman axle, missing a hub cap
  8. Cast rings are what we like best and they Save your clutches when the oil is cold as well. Teflon shrinks when cold
  9. Ed,

    Mike Links recommended you to me as an expert on Elwood axles.  Grandpa has a 186 with Elwood.  I was using it to haul hay yesterday and I noticed that the front axle knob was very easy and more importantly, a lot of drivetrain noise at higher speeds.  After jacking up the front wheel and watching the shift linkage, I have come up with the shift fork is not moving the sliding gear.  The mechanism turns the fork shaft, so it must be internal.  What's you opinion on this? Is the fork not connected to the shaft? Is the buttons on the fork wore off or????????






  10. backwards and it will steer funny at road speeds
  11. What size is it and how many bolts to hold it in? should be something around that would interchange or fit with modification.
  12. Your name come up twice with my project..... I have a 656 gas gear drive that I want to “turn around “  and make a chore tractor a honeybee if you will.  I’m told there is not enough room to simply flip the differential. But I found out that there was a option for a forward and reverser lever in place of the TA. So now my plan is to remove and replace the ta and instal the reverser any  idea where I can find one or a part number? Thanks for your time

    1. Ed Leaman

      Ed Leaman

      I noticed they passed this one on to me.  I know they made them the transmission in that tractor, but much more common in the smaller utility tractors like 504.  I have parted one or two of them over the years. but I don't think I have any parts left here. You can do the install of parts in your housing if you can find them but my suggestion would be that if you do it just install complete center housings If you can find one still complete.  Call Martin Tractor Parts at 717-776-7542 ask for Nelson (owner) he is one of the better IH guys and with a huge parts supply.  And knowledgeable! Let him know I recommended him, and if that don't work call 717-768-2365 ask for Earl. He handles used parts for local IH dealer here and has vast resources to pull from. I will think about where I may find one.  I think that most of the parts in the reverser tractors are the same except for the output shaft, which needs to match the constant mesh gear on the lower transmission shaft. There is some hope that you could mix and match.


      ps Don't turn the tractor around unless you find the reverser.  It is way too slow in current reverse to be usable.


    2. Brian1256


      Thanks for your help... i seen videos a 4020 turned around on you tube and I feel like this 656 will be in stoppable...I get a mix of “are you stupid?” And “this is going to make that tractor a tractor!” In the back of my mind when I bragged about getting this 656 I had more that one IH man tell my “I’m so sorry for you”  Can you tell me that for certain that I can’t just filp the differential I’ve also ben told to flip the ring gear.... (pretty sure it’s the same part just different terminology depending on your location in the world) ..because of lack of room?

    3. Ed Leaman

      Ed Leaman

      I cant tell you for certain if their is room. But I think that the hydro's may have the ring on the opposite side of the pinion? I say that with out being sure. take a look in a parts or service book. I might be wrong. But keep in mind that you will end up having a really slow speed in the reverse position. I think the reverser is the way to go  if you can find it

  13. Has mostly to do with the internal diameter of the steel fittings. Factory is considerable bigger than hydraulic therefor passes more fuel.
  14. Have seen those emblems on a couple different models that had the HC version. There are or were 2 606 HC's in Connectcut about 8 years ago. one was used on a boat slip and was rough as sea salt can make one. the other I think was under a tobacco muslin canopy up that away.
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