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  1. Sorry for all the lost time here, Been handling a bunch of auctions the last few months. Will try to answer a couple of these questions. Our deal and plan with Riley didn't suit their volume requirements and Pat was very interested and very gracious when the bean counters said it was not going to fly and offered to let us handle it on our own. But I could not gamble the 40K needed to start the ball rolling. So we went with what you see here because we can build them a few at a time and as ordered if they get too slow moving. Sorry about things at Harrisburg but we were only able to make it for one day, had a great time, saw lots of friends and customers from the past! will plan to do better for next year. The D-358 will be very similar to this one pictured here. Much more flow than the original, will probably have the bolt on neck but not for certain on that yet. Pretty sure the first one will be a weld on. it is in the machine this week being carved out. so will be on a tractor before too long. Joe Machado out of Rhode Island will probably be the first guy on the track with the 360 and the 358 is being built especially for him. Has a 310 that will run faster than fourth gear with ease on an old turbo manifold off of a logskidder w/ 358. They are very restrictive and bulky. The new one along with a tweak or two should get him into road gear. Thanks for your interest.
  2. Ed Leaman

    D-360 vs DT-360 truck vs. Ag

    Ive seen the front covers off of the 312 and 360 ag bolted onto the truck blocks. Now there is some chance a newer version that might not interchange but haven't been made aware of it. We have seen the front cover off of 400 series engines put on them as well. As to the cam question someone else might have that answer, i am uncertain, Never noticed a roller cam on a 360 but seems to me they would have been later on.
  3. Ed Leaman

    D-360 vs DT-360 truck vs. Ag

    Take the ag crank, offset grind it to the size of the truck rods and put the right sleeves into the right block and you can have 416 inches of fun out of a 312 appearing engine! get the head worked and put a well built turbo manifold on it and you can play with the 400 series motors
  4. We build them; is a close copy of the original and impossible to find cast manifold found on the DT 360 power units. By close i mean it bolts on the same and sets the turbo at the same spot. Air flow is much better on the steel one and it has the port size of a truck head and lots of flow. Is necked down at turbo to create a bunch of velocity. Will have some performance results in next month or so. Next one will be building is to bolt onto a D-358 or 310 . We are getting all the original parts together tomorrow and going to the machine shop with it. ps will be on display at Harrisburg this weekend.
  5. Ed Leaman

    986 FWA swap to 1586

    Don't even consider the tire swap thing; easiest is to find a correct transfer case and trade your way into the one you need, but you should verify which R&P ratio you currently have in the front axle. as there are two different gear sets used on the axles built in that time frame and two different gears used in transfer cases of the 3 speed trans tractors. ed
  6. Ed Leaman

    The D466 in a 3488

    what is the serial number of the tractor and the serial number on the block?
  7. Ed Leaman

    Bigger clutch in ih 560

    No but there is a way to put a double disc in and retain your same style PP, flywheel and pto function. and its available in cast or steel if you want to spin it fast. run the factory diesel starter as well.
  8. Ed Leaman

    Rare Axle Extension

    Was thinking I didn't pay attention when traveling, but then realized I am not the only guy that has seen only one or two. They should sure be able to carry some weight if the wheels were kept in close
  9. Ed Leaman

    another question 350 ta

    Sounds like you were talked into the mechanical diode Ta's on the those three tractors. Was a pure shame they were ever built. We have one customer that put one in a tractor for three years in a row. Said each time he did it his share of the "warranty" got bigger. Its been seven years at least and we haven't heard from him and we don't expect to anytime soon. The mechanicals are pretty easy, split two places take the Ta out the backside, replace seal and start back together, Experienced guy can have the tractor apart and back together easily in a day. if split and the housing is on an engine stand the work in that dismantle and replace in the housing is an easy 2 hour job. ed
  10. Ed Leaman

    another question 350 ta

    Most times you cannot go through a mechanical ta and do it right for any where near what the rebuilt unit can be bought for. And the two big companys are done right! You should be able to exchange the unit for $585 and we sell a bunch of them and rarely hear back from anyone with problems. I don't really know what Ag parts or Hy cap use for warranty terms on them. but we have not had a warranty claim on one in many years. Most of ours come from Ag parts but we cover our own warranty. There are certain units that the cores are extremely hard to find and rebuilt units are not on the shelf but done R&R. As for turning carrier and replacing rollers and going back together. Can be done but I think of the old adage that applys at a lot of places "We never have time to fix anything right but we always have time to fix it twice" the difference between $585 and what you can get it done for by dismantling is not putting much value on your peace of mind if you are going to use the tractor.
  11. Ed Leaman

    Rare Axle Extension

    rarely seen, saw one tractor set up like that in all my travels over the last 50 years. That set should be bought and set back, saved from china anyway. I think that the inner casting part of that axle is the same as the hycrop inner piece. I never saw another one to get a casting number to compare it to. I cn't blow that picture up but sort of looks like the big brakes on there like a 1456 wore?? ed
  12. Ed Leaman


    That takes me back! 1974 was 18 years old, old 4000 with a sleeper cab, a 318, 5 spd trans and 3 speed rears, old truck was rough to ride, impossible to sleep in when rolling and we thought we were in tall cotton. Hauled a lot of red iron from midwest to Pa though. Been looking for a clean one but they aren't out there anymore. There was something known as a 4090 built for just a short time or at least Ive seen advertisement literature on it, built for the NY Thruway. I would love to find one of them.
  13. Ed Leaman

    504 , no ta.

    you send them both in here and we will put all that TA stuff from the one to the other, for you. will even go through and make sure its not gonna have any weak spots. I just want the auburn box to look at and study for a couple days! pretty sure we can do that transfer here if we can find the I&T manual
  14. Ed Leaman

    504 , no ta.

    I would like to see one of them, Matt I think you are right but how does it get road gear to work? or the pto for that matter. Id like to do an autopsy on one of them sometime.
  15. puts the turbo up on top of the engine anyway. and under the hood yes the exhaust is to the front on the turbo as designed by IH but easily turned 180 if you wish