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  1. Ed Leaman

    Do Farmall 340 and IH 460 have same rear end?

    You better make the casting numbers match, and I assume you are going to put your parts over in that tub? I don't think you can figure on everything being the same between a 340 U and a 460U in the rear end housing.
  2. Ed Leaman

    826 engine replacment

    Word has it that the VE will do it, and there are a couple guys around that are knowledgeable on the swap. Think there may be some new pumps coming in across the pond that are fairly low cost as well. Are the guys up north still building their setup? We were told that that they had quit a few years ago.
  3. Ed Leaman

    ihc 4100 thru 4186 pto input shaft needed

    Part of the story is that if a used parts yard gets any of those tractors in with a good usable pto, the pto sells as a kit. And if its not fit to sell as a kit it is generally because the splines are bad. They can be a miserable tractor to operate but if its a wet year and the tractor has a PTO; they were sure sought after a few years back.
  4. Ed Leaman

    826 engine replacment

    Pretty simple install and yes the fuel economy is amazing. They will literally pay for themselves in a short time. As for the drive line they will take it as long as you don't overload them. In other words if you are going to put it on the same job it had before you will have no trouble. And with a little caution and common sense you can get a lot more out of them without hurting the driveline. With the improved TA's that are available and a 14" flywheel and clutch setup you will find the drive lines can take a lot of punishment. Rotary pump 5.9's seem to be the a little more user friendly, the generally make a good 165HP and are easier to get fitted with a load sensing governor. But lots of guys use the big inline pump and just go to the field or the track, and some do both. The 4BT and the 6BT share same bolt patterns and the kits work for either engine HOWEVER with the 4 cylinder you must use an engine with the factory balancing kit. Otherwise will shake the sheet metal off of the tractor to say nothing of your wrists on the steering wheel! RF Equipment is looking into an affordable retrofit balancer kit. I will ask if he can supply the numbers. 5.9 is basically 359/360 Cubes , Cummins. It is an easy sensible way to bring an older tractor back into productive use again.
  5. Ed Leaman

    ihc 4100 thru 4186 pto input shaft needed

    I wish I had one but we are out of them, and they are hard to find with splines left. we could probably build one for you. PM if interrested Thanks
  6. Ed Leaman

    826 engine replacment

    Here is another solution. Customer in Ohio owns three 826's has replaced 2 of the 358's w 6Bt's in last few years just ordered another kit for #3. Loves the results!
  7. Ed Leaman


    most likely a C3 with some chance of a C4 in a 1026 ed
  8. Ed Leaman

    Prepping for Bloomsburg RPR

    Guy that owns it claims It was a one off built by IH and was found on and owned by a golf course in Iowa somewhere several years back. I believe our hosts on this site may have some history on it.
  9. Ed Leaman

    2856 industrial value help!

    Others on here may know how to trace it back, I don't have the connections for that but its in much better condition than most industrial's; I think the tractor should bring in the teens some where. The wheels that most of them wore are readily available if someone wanted to run them down. Most likely the tractor had 26's or 30's on, I'm guessing that when the 3 pt went on they swapped into those wheels and tires,. The std size does not work in row crop situations very well. I have seen the solid center 2 piece industrial type wheel in 34's and 38's so the more I think about it the more I doubt if the light 38" cast wheels were on at the factory. Small group of serious collectors out there on those tractors, you may need to advertise it in The "Red Power Magazine" print version or venues like tractor house or Auction Time. Or consign it to a good IH oriented sale that will be advertised nationally.
  10. Ed Leaman

    1586 with 4 speed

    There is a whole lot of work and some parts involved in putting a four speed in one of those. The gears and shafts needed are custom items. Not an off the dealer shelf deal by any means. ed
  11. Ed Leaman

    B450 value

    they are gonna range from that 3K to 7500 if the right people are watching when it sells and if its solid all the way through. They dont' seem real snappy but they have a lot of torque, will hang on and lug if set up right. ed ps there are a fair amount of them found in Mexico as well as other distant country's with warm climates
  12. Ed Leaman

    Prepping for Bloomsburg RPR

    In the event you want to have the most unique golf cart on site, this one is for sale (not mine) just thought it was too rare to not post it here.
  13. Ed Leaman

    TA Factory Delete Question

    Towability is one of the few advantages to a TA delete setup
  14. Ed Leaman

    86 Series 13 GPM MCV Pump

    like wise
  15. Ed Leaman

    2856 industrial value help!

    That is a rare combination if it came that way from new. And I beleive it was possible to order that way, would be smart to document the history on it. easy to add the parts on the rearend, but even the wheels are unusual for the industrial's. Price has definitely slipped on the 2000 series tractors but they are still the lowest production version of the various series they started from. I think they will rebound but thts just my 2 cents