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  1. I have a cornhusker 3 point that I am thinking about installing on my M. I have access to a 420 3 point 3 bottom plow. Would this be a fun quality setup or am I wasting my time? Would I need a lighter plow like a 209 or 309?? Would it plow? Thanks.
  2. Ih little genius one bottom plow on steel. Seemed ok but it brought 550.00. That's insane. Chris.
  3. They are interesting and fairly rare. I know where one sits with no body work. To my knowledge they made one with and without body work. Chris.
  4. Thats excellent. I have followed max and Jerry for a long time. What ever became of J.R. Fueslein dealer??? I am from Adrian Michigan and went to school at Michigan state. I had a buddy that lived in Charlotte. Thanks. Chris.
  5. Thats awesome! May I ask what model Detroit that is? Chris
  6. Yeah the original use was a granary. Has a bunch of old waterlogged fertilizer in it now. That's gonna be a fun job for someone to remove. Ps. I'm the guy on the roof. It was a long hard day of work but it was nice to stand back and look at what we accomplished. Chris
  7. I will be down Friday. My H will be there the whole show. My brother is going to watch it. Chris.
  8. Here's the next question. I see there are alot of ones that are dual fuel and run on gas as well as propane. I can see the appeal but I don't wanna get one that is a jack of all master of none if that makes sense. Chris.
  9. I'm looking for a 5500 generator to run odd stuff and power part of the house during storms etc. I don't need the best one ever made or a pile of garbage. What brand should I be looking at? What gives you the most bang for your buck? Thanks Chris
  10. I'm gonna get crap for this but imo they are crap. You can have them. I will never own one. I've known a good number of people that own them and they jam and are not accurate at all. One friend of mine has a 22 with a octagon barrel. Looks really nice but unless you jam the lever back and forth it jams the gun with any ammo. It makes me sad because they are at a nice price point and look good. I want to love them but I just can't. Chris.
  11. I have a 1942 farmall H with a loader on it I use for odd jobs all year long. I also push snow with it. It has a strong engine but no matter what I do it seems to run a bit rough. Here is my question. It is a dual fuel kerosene model. It still has the kerosene manifold on it. Would it run better if I put a regular gas one on it? Thanks. Chris.
  12. I am a member of the Thrashers reunion in waseon Ohio. We had to do the same thing last year. Chris.
  13. Can I ask what the name of the show is?
  14. I agree. But a free calender for work is a free calander. Lol. Chris.
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