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  1. farmallman77

    Poor mans power steering.

    Little bit to add tonight. I added paint and installed the bracket for good this time. And then I welded on some pieces for the brake stop. A previous owner broke the casting and welding on a stop but it only stopped one pedal. Annoying when not locked together. Yeah it's not original but this is far from a beauty queen. And it does the job just fine. If I wanna replace the casting i can always do that later. More to do but its coming together. Chris
  2. farmallman77

    Poor mans power steering.

    Finally got back at it tonight. I was able to fab up a mount for the behlen unit. Actually didn't go too bad. I just need to paint it. The shafts line up really well. I also mocked up the lines. Gonna run em up the loader arm. Chris
  3. farmallman77

    Van Wert, Ohio plow day

    MooAs my brother had stated before I was originally not gonna be able to go but then our schedule opened up so I loaded up the H and went. My girlfriend went with me and has driven a few tractors but hadent plowed till yesterday. She did an amazing job. We plowed with my H then ran 2+2 guys c. Thanks again. So much fun!!! She she liked the H better cause it was bigger. Lol. It was nice meeting wes and his wife. And great to see bj. John and mark again. As always had an amazing time.
  4. farmallman77

    Little wonder plow vs. Little genius.

    Are the wheels on a little wonder plow the same as on a little genius? I've got a little wonder that I need new wheels for. Talking about steel wheels. Chris
  5. farmallman77

    Van Wert, Ohio plow day

    All loaded up and ready to go. Need to air up tires and check fluids and should be good to go. Sorry you guys have bad luck and gonna miss ya Jerry. Chris
  6. farmallman77

    Van Wert, Ohio plow day

    Couple pics of me on Mark's 560. Such a sweet tractor and I was floored and honored I got to drive it let alone plow with it. Almost didn't wanna go back to the h. (Lol kidding. Love my letter series) Can't wait for Saturday.
  7. farmallman77

    Poor mans power steering.

    Ok. No pics tonight (was busy) but I got a behlen unit and now I'm working on a mounting system. Just need a couple steering shaft couplers for it to hook up. Then plumb it and get a longer drive belt and it should work. Chris
  8. farmallman77

    Dot head bolt question.

    No dots on square heads. To my knowledge the single dot was ihs way of saying it was grade 5 Chris
  9. farmallman77

    Poor mans power steering.

    Here is the follow up post to my behlen vs char lynn post. I decided to go with the behlen unit. I haven't got it yet but I will. This past spring I bought a used power steering pump. I got my tractor out so I decided to blow off some steam and work on it tonight. I fixed the throttle that was slipping. New bolt and hardware. Then I cleaned up the power steering unit some and worked on bolting it up. I still need another bracket but to my surprise the pulleys line up perfect. And it clears the loader arms. Will post more as I work on it. Ps. I can just plumb this up to the behlen unit or do I need the tank? Chris
  10. farmallman77

    Char Lynn vs. Behlen??

    They fit under m hoods just fine. Seen a lot like that. Char lynn that is
  11. farmallman77

    Char Lynn vs. Behlen??

    Its not for the whole system. Just the units. And they are take offs from tractors not rebuilt.
  12. farmallman77

    Char Lynn vs. Behlen??

    On a budget..... Chris
  13. farmallman77

    Char Lynn vs. Behlen??

    I've got a question. I've got a loader on my h. I've been wanting to put power steering on it. I have a Chevy power steering pump that I'm gonna use to power it. Question 1. Will that pump run a behlen unit? Question 2. Dad hates behlen units. Says they leak and don't work. I know char lynn Units are better. Heres the problem. I can get a behlen for 100 bucks. Char lynn units are 400. What one should I buy???? Thanks Chris
  14. It actually has 4 wheels if you can believe it. The rear ones are very close together. It's called the city slicker. Out of Ohio I believe. They have a Facebook page and post often. Still around and still runs with the national tractor pulling legends series. Ran like crap back then and runs like crap today. I love it but its proof that just cuz you are different doesn't mean you're good. Chris
  15. farmallman77


    I have used it. Sloppy shifter fix is the name. I looooooove it. Stiffens up the shifter and you can remove it with a wrench if you ever have to work on your shifter trans etc. Well worth it. Chris