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  1. Found this very cool IH umbrella today. Went to an antique store with dad and scored. Does anyone know anything about it? It's old but does anyone know the year? I've seen the older ones mccormick ones but none with an IH on it. Also the no dealer on it baffles me. Chris.
  2. They put those emblems on bread trucks. My uncle (you know him) robbed one off a bread truck in his early years. Chris
  3. I hear ya. I dont know how I lived without a loader tractor. This little h has been such a blessing. I use it all the time. Chris.
  4. Nah. Broke it carrying steel concrete forms. Fell and 60 pound form fell on it. Broke it Monday. Removed rim tuesday. Chris
  5. I should have explained better. When I got the tractor the tires were loaded. I have since unloaded them. But the damage was already done. I get to do the same with my m one day and well. I never run loaded tires. Much prefer wheel weight for what I do. Chris
  6. Rim on my h decided to take a crap the other day. Tires were loaded before I got the tractor. Had to get a new rim. Well I got the rim. Now I need to take the old one off. Luckily the nuts and clamps were on the outside. Little rattle gun action and off they came. Jacked it up and rim fell on the ground. I got lucky and am happy cuz I broke my finger yesterday. Couldnt fight a wheel too much. Chris
  7. They are torque sheer bolts. They use them for bolting structural steel together in buildings. A special wrench holds the star part and it torques down the nut. Then the star part snaps off when it's at the right torque. Chris. Union carpenter superintendent by trade.
  8. No hoops required at this time. They did mandate tethers on them for the rest of the show. Chris
  9. I was thinking there or yoder and freys auction. Which auction do you think would bring the most? Thanks. Chris
  10. I have a 1919 IH beet cultivator. It works good and is fun to play with but I just dont need it. My question is. Where is the best place to sell it? Chris.
  11. I had a 30 that was a bit bent up. Scrapped that and got a 31. Its been super nice. Lifts a ton! I also have the optional snow blade for it. As long as you have the weight it will push snow 9 ft high.
  12. For 2 they are 730. For firestone's its 850. Chris.
  13. I've been poking around for a set of tires. 11.2-38s. I have seen firestone's and crop max tires. We all know firestone's quality. My question. Does anybody know anything about crop max tires? Are they good. Do they last? They are way cheaper than the firestone's. Chris.
  14. Eww. Henry firearms are junk. Everyone I know that has them doesnt recommend them. They aren't accurate. (Like 2 ft grouping at 75 yards) and they dont cycle well. My one buddy has a .22 in octogan barrel and one in round. He has to be very deliberate when he racks a shell or they jamb up. Could just be the gun but they are both that way. I really liked henry when they came out and had high hopes for them. Oh well. I'll stick to quality guns. Chris.
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