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  1. farmallman77

    When on a tractor ride...

    Oh not even close. Chris
  2. farmallman77

    2+2's, what to look for

    Front axle assemby parts are hard to come by if they break. Chris
  3. farmallman77

    These 68s are just getting to high

    They put a truck engine in a tractor because of the big v8 races back during that time. It was all about stacks and v8s. Very thrown together not well thought out. And my father has been an ih mechanic for literally forever. He can label a tractor junk or an engine junk and I believe him. Like the rear main seals on early magnums. Not a bad tractor or engine. Now the 68 series engines... junk. Best way to ruin a 66 series. Chris
  4. farmallman77

    When on a tractor ride...

    It does. A little but I does. Chris
  5. farmallman77

    When on a tractor ride...

    Has a factory snow blade on it at the moment. No trippy here. Plus it's a great loader. Built to last another 70 years. Chris
  6. farmallman77

    Removal of super h fuel tank

    Yup. Studs. If the nut and stud spin just keep on turning. Itll come out. Chris
  7. farmallman77

    Helping ID loader

    It's a model 31. Little bulky but it's a great loader and pushes snow well because of the I beam type construction. Very hard to bend. Chris
  8. farmallman77

    706 front bolster came loose!

  9. farmallman77

    I guess we all remember what happened today in 1984

    Dad said his boss went to texas and came back and said they had merged. The local case dealer closed down that was in town. Case made the ih dealer take the cases on the lot and sell em. Took forever to sell em. The dealer didn't even want em. He said there was never much change just worked on other tractors. I never liked that they still had case center cap on the steering wheel. And i hated that it said CASE international and the international was behind the muffler. Dad hated working on those. Said if you worked on anything you had to remove the muffler. Work on radio. Take the muffler off. Another story. Guy came in after the merger and wanted a combine. Said that case had nothing to do with the combine so he would only buy it if the case decals were peeled off. Immediately they had 3 guys tearing off the case decals. Sold it. Chris
  10. farmallman77

    Happy birthday, farmallman77

    Thank you sir had an annoying day at work but my lovely girlfriend took me to a great dinner so it turned out to be a great day!! Chris
  11. farmallman77

    Ih little wonder plow question.

    Thank you!! I searched it cuz I knew I asked it before but I couldn't find it. Chris
  12. farmallman77

    Ih little wonder plow question.

    What size steel wheels (diameter) go on the front of a little wonder plow? I got a plow today but I need to replace the front wheels. Help a brother out. Thanks.
  13. farmallman77

    Starting the C, H, M and F-20 after sitting for a year

    Lol. Well I landed the woman driving the old m so you could say that yeah I did win the lottery.
  14. farmallman77

    Starting the C, H, M and F-20 after sitting for a year

    My farmall m. Before I got it sat for 20 years in an open field. New starter button. Blew out fuel line. New plugs and wires. 2 revolutions and it sprang to life. Little carb adjustment and it purrs. Love old tractors!!!
  15. farmallman77

    Its snowing! lets see your winter gear/toys

    I have a 42 h with ih 31 loader and original ih blade attachment. Pushes snow like mad. I love it cuz I can stack it way high. I have a windbreaker I wanna put on it. Just gotta find the Time. Chris