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  1. farmallman77

    Best hay tractor?

    If you were gonna start a little hay operation (small idiot bricks maybe the occasional round bale).what tractor would you buy to run the baler? What tractor is the best bang for your buck? Hydro. Vs standard? Chris
  2. farmallman77

    Behlen trouble

    Farmall h. I'm not sure on pump brand. Gresen adjustable relief valve. Took the return side off. Flows like it should. Do I have enough fluid in the system? Dont need a tank? Chris
  3. farmallman77

    Behlen trouble

    Yes. It has a pressure relief valve plumbed into the system. Chris
  4. farmallman77

    Behlen trouble

    So I hooked up my behlen unit. Works good for like 2 min then the oil gets hot and it doesn't wanna move. Locks up in both directions. New shim and gasket in unit. Plenty of pressure. Running hytrain. What's the problem? Thanks Chris
  5. farmallman77

    Poor mans power steering.

    Moved the pulleys around and fixed the belt slippage issue. Now just want to check gpm out of the pump. And I blew the main gasket on the unit. Have to take that apart and fix it. Lol. One thing after another. Chris
  6. farmallman77

    Poor mans power steering.

    Tinkered on it a little lately. Got the shafts back from my machine shop. The couplers worked great and went right together. Now just monkeying around getting the idler pulleys right. Still wants to slip a little under load. Have about 3 or 4 ideas if one doesn't work. Lol. Chris
  7. farmallman77

    Best thing to do with a barney knob

    I know most people love spinners or barney knobs but my family hates them. I prefer starting without one and never had a problem spinning a tractor around without one. They just seem to get in the way. Well we restored grandpas allis b. And it had one on it. Didn't wanna throw it away but was just laying around. I finally found the best use for it ever. Put it on my drill press so I've got a spiny handle!!! Works great!
  8. farmallman77

    150 H.P. CASE 'Road Locomotive'

    Nice!!!! Big ole girl Chris
  9. farmallman77

    150 H.P. CASE 'Road Locomotive'

    They just put it on a lowboy. Looked big but cozy up there. I wonder what it weighs. Didn't look too bad to haul. Chris
  10. farmallman77

    150 H.P. CASE 'Road Locomotive'

    It took 10 years to build and cost him 1 million dollars. Very interesting!!!!! But sad that it's never gonna leave SD. Chris
  11. farmallman77

    2+2 web site

    I'd love to see what one looks like without the goofy long hood. I wonder how it would have looked if they kept the 1066 grill and had it stop just beyond the front tires. Chris
  12. farmallman77

    1256 farmall from michigan

    Yeah exactly. They are preserved but they aren't out in the wild. I know he plays with a few at half century every other year but he can't run 600 + tractors. And the guy next door can't own a rare or unique tractor because kinze owns em all. Just like bates Corp. If they are at an auction just give up bidding. They have deeper pockets and more leeway. You only get something if they don't want it. If ya want it you can go pay the price he wants. Don't get me wrong I know the guy and hes a good dude but just saying that the little guy doesn't win (much) anymore. But that's another story. Chris
  13. farmallman77

    1256 farmall from michigan

    I'm all for saving tractors but its kinda sad that the little guy can't get a rare one. Guys like kinze spend the money and buy em all. And it's sad that they will never be in use again. Ya know when kinze dies all his stuff is going in a museum Chris
  14. farmallman77

    Poor mans power steering.

    Nah that belt is just fine. It's the other belt that's slipping. as soon as the power steering pump puts a load on it it slips. The p.o. didn't have the belt from.the crank to the fan tight enough Chris
  15. farmallman77

    Poor mans power steering.

    Finally got back to this one. Found a belt fully mounted the pump. I needed an idler pulley so the belt would clear the water neck. Then I made it adjustable. I filled it with fluid and checked it. Pushed out some air but didn't leak. It worked but when it got pressure on it the main fan belt would slip. The belt is fairly loose so i just need to adjust the fan pulley tighter. I got my couplers in the mail yesterday. Now just take the shafts to the local machine shop and get woodruff keys cut in. Hook it up and we should be in business. I also pushed back the bent bucket. Chris