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  1. My unpopular opinion.

    This is awesome. Good discussion and not a whole lot of bickering . I am by no means the smartest guy in the room ever. I love hearing from other people and try to learn as much as I can always. Chris
  2. My unpopular opinion.

    I disagree.. haha Chris
  3. My unpopular opinion.

    Thanks for the discussion guys. Very interesting to read all the various view points. As for converting to 12v. I'm all for it in some applications. I have an h and an me that I converted to 12v. Like stated above its just more handy and practical. I do have a 1944 a that I'm restoring and I'm going to leave that 6 volt. My main reason is its gonna be for plow days and shows etc. And I hate the look of an alternator hanging on the side of an a. If I can hide Em then let's go. Chris
  4. My unpopular opinion.

    Ok. Allow me to get onto my soapbox for a quick min. More and more I keep hearing about electronic ignition. Guys ask why is my h/m/old tractor running poorly and you always see people suggest put an electronic ignition in. Always turns me off. . I've got 12v tractors and 6v tractors. They all start on a half crank or one full crank. All are points tractors. Dad is a tractor mechanic so he sees a lot of both electronic and points. Electronic ignition to me I don't see the point. It is a hundred dollars minimum. If you leave the ignition switch on or pulled out it fries it. If you jump a 6v ignition with a 12v battery it fries it. I have a buddy that would drive around and all of a sudden the tractor would just die. Start it up and drive around and then. It would die again. He put coil on. Condenser on. Didn't change. He put points back in and it works great. I don't see it as an improvement and to me it's a bandaid for people that don't know how to or want to take the time to set up their tractors properly. If you have good heavy battery cables on a 6v system it starts just fine. My dad's h and mine are 6v and we use Em to fight snow. They always start even on the coldest Michigan days. Here's my biggest point. Points are 10 bucks. 10 bucks. You can buy a ton of points for what you got into an electronic ignition. They usually last forever. So what is the point of electronic ignition? You can keep your Gimmicks and I'll wave to as I pass you when it fails. OK stepping down now. Chris
  5. 1944 Farmall A build

    Finally an update on this topic. I took the head down to harts machine in ohio. Full redo. New valves and all new guides. Decked it. And cleaned it. Always super impressed with their work. Got the head installed. Put the push rods in and torqued it down. Rockers also got installed. Gonna lash later. Now just have to replace some seals. Bolt the front cover down good and paint paint paint Jumping between this and my farmall m (brake seals. Checking fluids. Fixing grounds on the lights) and getting my beet cultivator ready for a local show. Chris.
  6. Well I went and did it again. Bought another project I didn't need. Lol. At plow days recently the ground gets ate up quick and then you can't plow anymore. Well I wanted a disc but they are expensive and don't really fit on my trailer. So I went shopping at my buddies junk yard. I found a 1919 no. 8 beet cultivator. I figured I can add sweeps to it and maybe even a couple disc gangs. Pics of me getting it home and breaking the rear wheels loose. I need to mock up a drawbar. I've got a mount coming for the rear seat. The hardest part is going to be breaking loose the lifting levers. The one pic is it mocked up.. I added the sweeps to the back. Need to attach them and make room for the rear wheel to swing around. So far so good. The plan is to get it ready for a local show in June then maybe refine it or paint it at some point. Chris
  7. Yup. Looks like $5000 was plenty for that hack job. It was so close to looking good. Chris
  8. Getting plow day ready

    Hey guys. My brother recently posted pics of us changing the dish on my 1948 farmall m. Well today I put a d ring on the drawbar and hooked up to my 3 bottom genius. I wanted to see if I needed to adjust the plow any. It looks pretty close at first glance. This is a new combo so I'm checking it out. I've got a few odds and ends on the plow to do and the darn needle and seat is sticking on the m a little (drips gas) so I need to work on that. Trying to get it ready for the national threshers show at the end of June in waseon ohio. I may be early but it jumps up on you. Need to put Coulters on the plow as well. Chri
  9. Farmall M wheel dish

    It's all good. Had fun and it actually went really well. Got Em switched around. Even put a new hitch on it. I then took it back home and moved the fenders out and updated the hydraulic couplers. The pic with my h in it was a before pic.
  10. Never saw one before IH 240 utility

    Kinda like an m only worse. Sorry had to. Ha Chris.
  11. IH auction

    Yup. I have heard the place has been cherry picked.. I know some of the really old stuff went to guys in ohio. And yeah.. from what I hear the fall auction will be held with all the stuff that didn't sell and memorabilia that was in the house. I know some stuff was sold at the state auction in wauseon ohio. That's why the same auction company got this auction. He had a lot of stuff in the gravel pit. Most ppl didn't know if was there. I plan on attending. I wonder how it's gonna go. Chris.
  12. Anyone want a W30?

    Yeah. Pics. And location Chris
  13. Letter Series at Work

    Yes. 3 bottom 60. Sm-ta diesel. Chris
  14. Letter Series at Work

    My h running a Baker fan.
  15. Letter Series at Work

    Pulling stumps.