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  1. Looks like nor you or I took pics of my h and windbreaker... oops. Chris
  2. Sorry. It's a farmall a engine. I forget the number off hand. Chris
  3. I have a power unit that I will be restoring but I'm kinda at a loss as to what to do with it. I will take it to shows but I wanna set up a display and have it power something. What could i have it power??? Chris
  4. Came with bias ply China tires. The front 2 are junk. I knew that going in. Surprised they lasted this long. Chris
  5. I'm in need of a set of 225/75/r15 trailer tires for my 10,000 pound equipment trailer. What brand and tires would you recommend. Chris
  6. I'm just curious. What do you not like about this trailer? Not a dig just wondering. Chris
  7. Do you have pics of your trailer? Chris
  8. We need more pics of this tractor please!!! Chris
  9. I was against redwings for a long time. Spent some good money on usa made thorogoods. They didnt last a year on the construction site. They broke in hard and then wore out in a way that my foot overhang the sole. Hurt my foot. I finally caved to redwings and I will never go back. If you have a pair of boots that fit you good and you like just stick with em. Imo Chris
  10. Since we are talking red power roundups what is the best one you've been to and why? You can say the worst one and why as well if you want. But I dont want this to be a bash thread. The best I've been to was la porte IN. I liked the auction as well as all the pre 39 equipment there. It was a nice set up. Lima OH was good too, seemed to be the size. Union grove WI. Seemed to have a lot of engine swaps which was neat. Chris
  11. I've literally been to these exactly except oakley mi in 1998 when I was a kid. Chris
  12. Did you guys have to pay to plow again..... Chris
  13. Now you know why it was a raffle tractor Chris
  14. Good information! It's mainly gonna be a trap gun. Chris
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