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  1. Looking for a 20 ton bottle jack. Dont want one of those cheap China use once it leaks all its oil jack. What is a good brand and place to buy a jack? Thanks. Chris.
  2. Love the look of a straight farmall m. Most people think I'm crazy for liking almost a bare m. No super no ta. Now live hydraulics. Just pure simple beauty and utility. This picture makes me want to paint my m some day. I love ms for their sheer power and how you sit down and look over the long hood. But the h will always hold a special place in my heart. First tractor I learned to drive on and they are perfect. Light and nimble and easy to work on. I agree on the cockshutt 500 series. Amazing looking tractors. Chris.
  3. Bj why does it add photos upside down now?
  4. Yup. Got one on one of my hs. I affectionately call it pig pen. Looks horrible but works amazing. I even have an original blade attachment for it Chris.
  5. In Traverse city mi kicking it in the sun. Sorry I'll miss it this year. Have fun guys!!! Chris.
  6. Been thinking. Do you grease your hitch balls? Dad always does and I hated it growing up. Grease got everywhere. I tend to not to do mine. Hate grease everywhere. And doesnt grease attract dirt so it would hurt it faster maybe??? Just wondered what you guys do. Thanks. Chris.
  7. Is it bad I liked the original tires better? Not a fan of the new style. Chris.
  8. Working on my cub cadet 129. Removed the engine to paint. New wiring harness. Painted the back of the seat. New decals. New headlight panel. Getting it ready to be a primary mower. Chris
  9. I was thinking the other day. What is the Optimal number of tractors for a collection? ( I know n +1 but trying to be real) I have 5 now and dont think I'd want more than 10. Is quality over quantity better or vise versa? I know people with both types of collections big and small. I'm thinking have a smaller collection that are nice and restored. Have really nice tractors. So they can all get the attention they deserve. Chris.
  10. That's why I dont even waste my time with tires. I just take the rims off the hubs on tractors and take them to a shop. Go about my business and get a call. They are done. You owe me blah blah blah. I'll gladly pay rather than deal with all that. Chris.
  11. Are you nuts???? I'd rather crap in my hands and clap than listen to a 2 cylinder. Chris.
  12. I debated 17 hmr vs 22 mag for a while. But for reasons I decided to go with the 22 mag. I'm really into the savage minimalist rifles. I like a tube feed over a mag but ya gotta change it up from time to time. You will be very happy with the ruger. Amazing guns. Chris
  13. Yup. Keep rust away Chris.
  14. My buddy and his dad did that. My buddy would go in and distract the mom and his dad would take the guns downstairs. She never went downstairs. One day she did and asked how many guns they had. My buddy said guess. She said 16. He said over 600. Haha Chris.
  15. I have one in black. Dad has a silver one. Amazing guns!!! Worth way more than the asking price. Chris.
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