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  1. farmallman77

    Iowa Trucking

    I've wanted a voodoo rope ever since they came out. Really neat concept. Now they have clevises made out of the rope dont get metal flying. Chris
  2. farmallman77

    SMV Mounts. Custom and purchased

    I don't have a picture off hand but I bolted an L bracket to the pto shield. I can take off and put on the smv sign just by dropping it in the bracket. So all that stays on the tractor at shows is the little l bracket and holder. Chris
  3. farmallman77

    So ya think ya got snow?

    I am currently in Tahoe. Theres that much snow. Chris
  4. farmallman77

    Weird magneto.

    Dad has a 10 20. Well most of them came with e4a ihc mags. Dads has an american bosch zr4 mag. It has always been on it as long as dad has had it. He got it in the 60s. Would this be factory or an option or has anyone seen another one on a 10 20? Chris
  5. farmallman77

    Handyman corner

    I own the Milwaukee one and honestly I'm not impressed. I also own a dewalt corded one as well. I will say that the milwaukee is better than the ridgid but I'm not a fan of the battery on an angle so you cant stand it up. And the blade change with the cam and then having to unscrew the bolt a bit to take the blade out is a joke. Most others just have a lever on a spring. Pull the lever blade falls out. The dewalt is also runs at a higher rpm so it cuts faster and better. I also like the push button on the dewalt that can be locked. Sometimes you just need a couple second cut. But still very very handy. Once you get one you'll wonder what you ever did without one. Chris
  6. farmallman77

    Ihc wrench

    Found this ih wrench the other day. What was it used for? This one is broken on the left side. Chris
  7. farmallman77

    Morton Buildings - Anyone Use Them?

    They are junk. I'm a builder by trade and I wouldn't give ya 2 cents for one. They don't have enough wood in them and they are constructed poorly (just not thought out on roof attachment etc) and they are overpriced. Chris
  8. farmallman77

    What brand is this 3 point???

    Correct. I always wondered why they went under. No demand? They had quality stuff. Chris
  9. farmallman77

    What brand is this 3 point???

    Cornhusker makes the best 3 point for h m 300 400 etc in my opinion. Dual cylinders. Can use original drawbar. Compact. Beefy. The ones from saginaw are nice but they are expensive and kinda bulky in my opinion. Thanks for alll the comments and please keep posting. I think I will get one of these because I cant seem to find a cornhusker. Chris
  10. farmallman77

    Where to find quality top link.

    Where would I look for a quality 3 point top link? Not the junk tractor supply sells. Going on a farmall h. Chris
  11. farmallman77

    What brand is this 3 point???

    In what situations does it hit the drawbar? Chris
  12. farmallman77

    What brand is this 3 point???

    How were they? Good hitch or junk? Chris
  13. farmallman77

    What brand is this 3 point???

    What brand is this 3 point? Will fit a farmall h/m Chris
  14. farmallman77

    Ih power unit??

    That was my other option. Then i dont need to worry about a starter or battery etc. Chris
  15. farmallman77

    Ih power unit??

    I have an engine cradle for an ih 135 engine. I took the engine and put it in a farmall a. Well I have acquired a farmall a engine. Can i put the a engine in the combine cradle and make a power unit or will the starter not work? The rear flange on the 135 is cut out for the starter. Chris