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  1. Since we are talking red power roundups what is the best one you've been to and why? You can say the worst one and why as well if you want. But I dont want this to be a bash thread. The best I've been to was la porte IN. I liked the auction as well as all the pre 39 equipment there. It was a nice set up. Lima OH was good too, seemed to be the size. Union grove WI. Seemed to have a lot of engine swaps which was neat. Chris
  2. I've literally been to these exactly except oakley mi in 1998 when I was a kid. Chris
  3. Did you guys have to pay to plow again..... Chris
  4. Now you know why it was a raffle tractor Chris
  5. Good information! It's mainly gonna be a trap gun. Chris
  6. I'm in the market for a vintage (used) double barrel shotgun. Perfer to stay under $500. What are good models? Kinda been looking st Stevens 311s. 12 ga. Chris
  7. How many of you have raffled off a tractor? What was it and how much money did it make? (Ie. How many tickets were sold) Restored or not? Chris
  8. Kinda. Lol. It's got a saginaw junk yard pump on it and I've only got around $100 in the behlen unit. I wish I had a Char Lynn setup but I digress. Chris
  9. Exactly. That's why I asked. Sometimes grade 5 is actually better in some applications. Chris
  10. Thank you for your kind and helpful reply. Chris
  11. I'm gonna replace the bolts on my H front wheels. It has a loader on it. Should I use grade 5 or 8 bolts? Chris
  12. Works great. I use it for everything. Has power steering. Push snow with it. Move dirt. Lift stuff. Saves the back. And I have well under 1000 dollars in it. Chris
  13. Well I had fun over the weekend with my trusty loader h I call pigpen. Its hideous but works good. Well I was unloading an Ih 304 v8 from my truck and moving it around. Well I heard a woosh of air and look down and both front tires are flat. I guess an engine with cast iron tranny were too much for junk original tires. Lol. I knew I needed to replace them but you know how that goes. Well I took the front wheels off in 108 temps. Was loads of fun.... the stuff we do for our hobby. Ran to miller tire for a set of carlile tires but they were out so they offered crop max. Not too keen on those but we will see how they hold up. Tires are being put on as we speak. Chris
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