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  1. What about drilling hole little and put little bigger solid pin then pein hole little to keep in?
  2. I will have to remember that next time if I can, getting old and wore out just like that 1466
  3. If your liners dropped down below .003 they will blow head gasket. Changed lots of them,but you are getting in a rebuild now
  4. Get a compression test.Napa has them,if fluid turns green you have head gasket or maybe inj. cup. If air comp. didn't change anything.
  5. All that and it was just broke roll pin,guess I might as well redo the lose linkage up top while I'm in there
  6. Hey,thanks for flipping them over.what do I need to change to get pics right side up
  7. Just raised to get tin off, probably let it down now.my luck it would go south as soon as I get in there
  8. I have done lot worse things I guess.what ever works works
  9. Am I the only one who would do questionable stuff like this? Broke range linkage and trying to get at it.i know they upside down
  10. When you pull fuel pump be sure to check the drive coupler splines for wear on the pump.might need a pump too or if you have a injection shop close they should be able to change shaft
  11. I cultivate with heavy ridge till cult with 5288 and need them then but after I broke the axle knee I think they should come off for rest of the time or some of them at least
  12. I will,if they won't fit I would like some weight on the rear of 9130. Been trying to figure out a way to mount a spare front bracket on and hang some of the ih weights I got stacked up not being used.has anyone done it that could show some pics.
  13. Will they hang on a boxcar front mount? They look like they might. My fwa 7140 needs some up front
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