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  1. That shop only has warm bodies now.they one by one drove the old guys who had experience out to make room for cheaper labor.sad that was probably the best shop in town at one time. now it's enter at your own risk and hope they don't mess your truck up too bad.they losing customers everyday but don't even care cause there will be new ones coming in who don't know any better.maybe I am a discrunald ex employee.kinda seems like it don't it? Still glad to out of that Volkswagen owned dealership
  2. The shop that was doing service work has a check off sheet for service work and king pins are on it.supposed to jack up and grease. They have 1 st year diesel tech students doing service work that don't get paid much and mostly don't care.I did work there doing mostly engine work and caught a few not even doing anything on sheet just on the phones.told shop manager to keep on them but was told not to worry about it.So glad to be out of there.I did try to warn the customer mentioned but at times he thought I was just disgrunted ex employee.He believes me now
  3. Talked to a local guy who runs garbage trucks.had his truck in a shop here that told him he needed king pins because they had not been greased in long time and were junk.he reminded them that they are the ones who had been serving all his trucks.they still presented him with large bil for repairs.he no longer takes anything there.wont say the name of the shop if you can call it that but there is a double diamond sign out front
  4. The so called service writer at the Navistar dealership I used to work at chases more customers away then she gets in but basically told them if they fire her she will sue them and win now days for discrimination.they just let her do whatever she wants.she diagnosis over the phone and promises times that have to be met and knows nothing.
  5. I will try that before I pull it off,thanks
  6. I checked and break over linkage is breaking over.it has to be in pump
  7. Linkage ok.runs fine otherwise.starts good just don't want to shut down.i got another spare 436 with pump I will swap them out and have this pump checked.
  8. This has been on here before but I can't find it.my 5088 won't shut down after it gets warmed up.sure it's in pump but could it be something else?
  9. Spelled it wrong,Olson Gasket,sorry about that.
  10. Look up Olsen gaskets,they say they can make any gasket
  11. Some have said get it running first but I think I will go through it first and get all gaskets changed out first and the crud in cylinders does worry me.nothing but air and exhaust should go through the valves.
  12. I did look them up and will get from them.they do have lot of parts for older ones.busy in field now, after I get all done I will get back at it.would be nice to get it going again after all the years it sat forgot in back of shed
  13. When I said I have other running ones 2 are olivers,two H's and 1 JD b.cant use a green one to start a red one so it would have to be one of the H's
  14. Carb is rebuilt and good.i did blow cylinders out like was suggested and did get lot of crud out.got the magneto to spark after filling points.i have diesel,tranys fluid mix in cylinders hoping rings free upto get compression up.I think the belt start might be not best way to go so I will hand crank and see how it goes.
  15. it stays with frame rails.i leave the bolts in holes
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