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  1. See if they have or can get a test abs ECU.if codes don't come back maybe bad ecu? If they do it has to be in wiring.did they switch plugs for right,left wheels to see if code follows?
  2. Thanks,I will get new ones and see what happens.they are probably worn out anyway just like me
  3. I know worn out cartridges will leak out vent hose and cause hoses to pop out but could they also cause hard to remove hose's? I have to really have trouble getting them out.removed pressure,still hard to get out.9130 does it to.i think they use same cartridges.
  4. If it's a single wire sensor, can't you ground the wire out to turn light off and just put plug in hole
  5. I'm sure it in wiring.sometimes goes up,slow going down or won't lower till I reset my switch that is flashing.i repaired plug under cab on right that was all corroded.helped little bit but still does it.just don't use tractor for any 3pt work,just drawbar work so it's not that big of issue.
  6. Think you are right,my 7140 is acting up also and I might do same to it.
  7. When I finally got and chance to check out hitch valve it was bad and very spendy if one was to be found anywhere.about 900 bills. just ran hose's to one of the remotes and got it working again. not the right way but it works.
  8. This isn't about a slipping pto but I had a drawbar break on a 1466 with 500 but cart once just sitting on end row.now I put a chain on 3pt arms under draw bar in fully raised position to add little more support. Burnt pto is bad but so is jacking a loaded cart up in mud at 3am
  9. I checked for that other night,cleaned all dirt from under floor plate.didnt see any but it might be where I couldn't see.maybe I will leave plate off and run it to get oil warm.thats when it's loudest.
  10. I know this is old topic but was using the 5288 on chase cart and was loading semi on slight hill.when I just barely touch either brake the noise I hear stops.it has to be hydraulic related.someome out there must of had this at one time.it is driving me nuts.sounds like rear end chewing it's self up.
  11. Thanks Maynard, going to rain and put a hold on combining for a few days so I got some time to check that out
  12. Probably won't ever use 3pt on it but would like to get it moving rather then take arms off.
  13. Has anyone had 3pt trouble on 9130?what normally goes first? wiring?
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