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  1. AG Parts in Humboldt IA. can do it also.but if your not close to Iowa there should be someplace closer to you that can do it.
  2. If noise is in front maybe the bull gear went out?
  3. And yes change water pump and idler,new belt of course
  4. It might be the wrong one.part number on back side I think.is the seal leaking at all? I have seen the bushing in front cover spin in cover or the thrust in accessory drive go out from running belts too tight.
  5. The pulley for fan belts come off with 6 3/8 bolts.the water pump pulley has a single nut holding it.pull it with a T-bar puller.you will need a special installer to press it back on.take fan belts off and see if there is any movement in and out or up and down of the pulleys.your accessory drive has a bushing that might be bad
  6. I work at a Navistar dealer and you can get dt kits but not sure where they come from. Haven't had any issues with them yet but who knows when Volkswagen starts messing with things
  7. Spencer a lot closer,won't have to get a loan for gas to get there
  8. I'm sure you know what you're doing I just meant with the part shortage maybe just make it run it's best at rated HP or if he needs more power trade up for it
  9. And remember parts are getting harder to find so you don't want to just dump more fuel in it like Dale said.
  10. And injectors.if it's mechanical it's probably a late nt88. N14s have electric fired injectors
  11. What is the hp set at now?you might have to change base timing and cam.
  12. Might be a blown oring for lockup piston or the PTO just needs rebuilt.not very hard to do.
  13. I like what you're pulling it with,they go together real good
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