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  1. Finding the correct springs for a 22 degree distributor will be a real challenge. Not clear on what shaft you have in there now but sounds like maybe a 30 if you say you get 22 at full throttle and 5 after at low idle. I have filled the hole in distributor shaft with liquid steel just enough to obtain 22 at full rpm and tdc at low idle but it takes some figuring and trial and error. Also, done a lot of squeezing ends of springs to change tensions. Don't over look the condition of the weights on their pins. The thing with the advance though is you want a gradual advance from low speed to high speed and not quick jump. In other words, when running like 1000 rpm it should be about half total advance. It should be steady also with spark not jumping around several degrees back and forth. If you get that then you are good . I'm thinking though, like others, you have a manifold leak. Get the spray can out and spray around all contact areas of manifold to head. A lp torch is good, WD 40 used to work good, not as good now days I guess. Ether is rather dangerous. Set the main jet on carburetor, warm engine, full throttle, screw it in until engine starts to slow or die, back it out till rpm is back, then screw out another half turn. Should get you pretty close.
  2. We always made fuel lines, gasoline lines from bulk roll as instructed in parts manual. Letter series up through 86 series except the hose from filter to pump on the diesels where used.
  3. Unfortunately in a impulse, the weights wear badly on the pins often. If that is true, it would require replacement or major improvised repair. Springs don't amount to much and some don't even have any. The ends of the weights and the pin they strike against wear and weights can be squared up and pin removed and reversed for new side.
  4. Winding up would be spinning the engine complete revolutions rather than cranking only on a upwards pull. This messes up the impulse in a Magneto and it may very well fire way ahead of top dead center. And like others have said, never wrap thumb or even fingers around crank handle, keep it in palm of hand so crank will just pull out of your hand if it kicks. Still can come around and wack you though depending on your reaction time. This kind of goes back to my saying all along that the second mark on H or M Farmall is the correct point to time a magneto to . People will argue this but your magneto still has the proper advance when running done this way. Those impulse weights and pins get worn and may just let go a little earlier than top dead center if you time it to top dead center. On battery ignition, you want to make sure static timing is not one bit before tdc and that the automatic advance is free to readily return to full retard if you intend to hand crank and engine.
  5. As was mentioned, the only problem might be matching two sending units to a fuel gauge that reads some what accurate with the two tanks. Would take some trial and error I believe.
  6. The memory picking begins. That cup with holes on the side at the bottom was a field change. I put in a couple of them back in the day. Now the problem is remembering just what it was for. On one hand I think it was to prevent the spool from going down too far and allowing a port to line up causing pto to start running when shut off. Other thought was to prevent spool from hitting bottom hard and shearing that little pin when shutting off by letting lever just snap off. I will look over my bulletins but doubt I have that one. Only have a certain year range from some books I was able to buy at a dealer auction. At any rate, the shims go under the cup , number 28 , to adjust partial engagement as described. Make sure that small thin washer is put on spool before that cup other wise spool will just go through hole in cup and no heavy partial engagement tension will be felt.
  7. I saw guys being held up on both sides in the Army for regular shots they gave us. Not unusual to pass out from a needle . i worked with a guy who passed out when he bled from wacking his finger or whatever. He knew it was going to happen and he ran to service mgrs office that had carpet on floor and layed down real quick.
  8. Why are some allowed to make them and others get poofed? Gets a little old.
  9. I think our senior senator here in Minn has her eyes and ears open waiting for a cabinet position. During the question and answer process of the last supreme court justice, she made the remark that she thought she would be in the other chair answering questions in stead of asking them. Not sure if I would mind getting rid of her or not as I am sure the governor would pick someone just as mixed up to replace her. Junior senator is a lulu also.
  10. Pretty easy to weight the bullet to determine it's weight. My scale weights up to 500 grains, 437 grains per ounce so you could easily tell the weight of the bullet. Now, as to the type of bullet, well, I would have to be familiar with them to tell. A reloading manual would tell you what powder, amount of powder to use etc. A micrometer would measure the dia of the bullet to determine caliber. I was just up this afternoon and looked at my 30-06 O3A3 Springfield, made by Remington. I used a 150 grain nozzler bullet for deer hunting and a 120 or 125 grain Hornady (i think) for varmints , fox etc. I am trying to figure out how much it is worth as I need to start getting rid of a few things at my age. My brother sporterized it back in early 60's and I bought it from him. One of my niece's husband is a gun nut and selling him one of my shotguns. Might see what he thinks about the rifle. I never reloaded a lot of rifle ammo, let my brother do that for me, but I did a lot of shot gun in 20 gauge. Sold all my loading stuff a few years ago. Practically gave it away I guess. Still do a little pheasant hunting but it is kind of like playing pool with no balls on the table. Not many birds around. Used 3 shells so far, shot one, lost two out of my pockets.
  11. I remember reading about that a while after 911. While I was up there at Harmon, Stephenville, Nfld, the Russians went into Hungary and we had a lot of refugee's coming through and stop over for refueling etc. I ended up on KP duty for a couple of days at what was the old Hospital at that time right next door to the air port. When a plane load of refugees would come in we would serve them lunch. The funny part was, the Red Cross Gray Ladies would come in and sit and converse with them, help them get some food. Then after the refugees left, the Red Cross ladies had their lunch, then left and we cleaned up the mess and made lunches for the next bunch.
  12. I spent about one month in Pepperell Air Force base, St. Johns Nfld in 1955. Then went over to other side of the Island at Harmon Air Force Base for about two years. Got to know several Newfies , as we called them. Good people. Snow, oh yeah. And, the guys almost always wore neckties. Even those working out in the woods. That looked a little strange. Both of those Bases were given back to the country before 1966 or so.
  13. I had that memorized when about 8 years old. Can do a good bit of it now but not always in correct order. Rudolph wasn't around yet at that time. Waiting and looking for Santa. Great fun. In our country school, the teacher even had one of the older students go out and hold the reindeer for Santa when he arrived after the Christmas program. Then it got all messed up when I figured out the neighbor could change his voice and , there was Santa.
  14. I have the H I learned to drive on that Dad bought new in winter of 46 and then the 52 he also bought new plus 50 M my brother picked up years later. Like everyone else I have way more in them than they are worth.
  15. I sure missed the boat on this one also. I went back and read the original question and I guess I just went by information given. I just looked in my 656, 666 etc repair manual and they show the reverser and don't specify if it is on any particular model. I have never even seen one on any tractor.
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