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  1. but it is there. You are so contrary.
  2. There is a channel on right side under the hood to pull heat and fumes forward from manifold area .
  3. US ARMY never supplied or told us to wear ear protection. Never had any in the shop for first 10 years or so . I picked up a pair of muffs when duals and air wrenches came into regular use. With your head in side of the dual rim center taking out bolts I would grab the muffs. Other wise, running a tractor while checking it out or adjusting things, even on a dyno, I wanted to hear what was going on at the time and not later when pieces were flying. .
  4. Art Warsaw delivered a dyno to our dealership back in the 70's I believe it was. I worked with him all morning not having a clue he was the owner of the A & W company. Asked him what he thought of the M & W dyno and he said, well, I was the W in that co. and we didn't see eye to eye on how a dyno should be made. I used that dyno up until I left CaseIH dealer in 1995. Went to Deere dealer that had a M & W. Could not pull the tractors down and test over load torque rise with the M & W. Maybe just that model, don't know. Just felt the A & W was a better machine to
  5. This subject went off the rails a long time ago. Time to move on. Worst than a political discussion.
  6. I would say you most likely caused excessive wear on hitch pump .
  7. My 52 H Farmall had the Auburn clutch which I replaced with Rockford style when I went through the whole tractor. Saw a few of those Auburn over the years but never liked them as they were much more difficult to adjust the fingers when repairing the pressure plate.
  8. Parts book shows both types and apparently the internal red lamp was the only one available later as it says to order that style in place of one with external small red light on top.
  9. Originally most tractors had a small thin spring retainer that used a solid pin that was riveted on both side. Later they went to just a washer and a cotter key holding it down.
  10. When Dad bought the Farmall H in winter of 46 he got the new fangled tunnel shields plus the regular ones shown up top. The tunnel shield was about 6 inches or so across and half moon. That worked like a charm as you could go a good speed on that first time through the corn. No root balls as in those days it was small grain, corn rotation. When corn got taller you just raised the shield and threw the dirt under shield but still protected corn from dirt covering it from the top. Then took them off as corn got tall enough. I worked at IH dealer, starting in 58 and never saw that s
  11. pete23

    I love 86s

    Why all this green talk on here. I worked at Deere dealer for four years. I found out about a lot of lies that were told to me in the 37 years I worked at IH dealer. When ever I go a chance I would grab hold of the throttle of an IH 806 diesel just to hear what an engine was supposed to sound like. Put more money into those SCV's in four years than I installed in IH hydraulic valves in all my years. They were job security. I have told many people. Deere made and makes a lot of good tractors and machinery , but I never liked Deere and never will. Their better than thou art attitude j
  12. Both nuts are right hand thread. You guys are. making way too big a deal out of this. Normally a few good wacks with a good sturdy brass drift and a hammer will loosen the nut. If top shaft was still in transmission, locking in two gears and a bar in the slot and a heavy foot turns most loose akso. Problems come in when something locks pump and then threads get damaged.
  13. But is it worth the drive? I'm thinking Milbank. Tried there a couple times and right now I am getting in dire need of doing something. He offered me lK for my pickup on a over priced used Minivan about five years ago. I would take that offer for it now. Seems he sells a pile of vehicles in this area.
  14. I quit the CaseIH dealer because of the crap they pulled. I fully intended to end my career working on Red tractors but the green dealer down the road offered me a job and I took it. When I told the manager of CaseIH dealer I was leaving he said that now he would be catching heooooooooo for six months because he fired me. I told him, you're not firing me, I quit. Don't like the way you run the bussiness but it is yours so you can do what ever you want. I took it for four years after my previous employer retired and sold dealership. They set up an incentive plan. I made more money
  15. On our 25th some years ago, kids decided we needed a family picture. The photographer told us two older kids (wife and I ) to sit down in front. We started out a little young but I didn't think we looked that young anymore. Just got past our 65th last month. Won't mistake our ages now.
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