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  1. pete23

    1066 oil flow

    pete, I think this is the bulletin you were looking for? In reply to SD man. Yes, that is the bulletin on head gasket. As he did nothing to engine I guess we can forget about that gasket being a problem. If no oil is getting to rockers with that much oil pressure we must have a plugged passage or spun and moved rear cam bushing blocking oil flow.
  2. Need to know what number spark plug and type of fouling. To say using IH recommended plug tells me nothing because they changed their minds more than a few times. We went through this back in the early seventies. Different. plugs , new style intake valve guides, improved valve seals , better rings, new manifold gaskets and bolts and washers. And to top it all off, low ash oil. Has little to do with change in gasoline formula unless running rich at light loads.
  3. pete23

    1066 oil flow

    For sure need to know the history if problem developed or showed up after a repair was made. Head gaskets were changed to accomodate a different passage to oil rocker arms. I don't remember the details but it goes something like new will work for old but old will not work on newer block. I was looking for the bulletin but can't come across it and probably is one of those I don't have.
  4. pete23

    1086 A/C

    Interesting as I have never seen one or maybe I didn't pay attention to what I was seeing. Put a lot of seal kits in over the years and a few gaskets. Of course, I left CaseIH 25 plus years ago. Worked on some AC's with York since then but not all that many. None in last several years. Done, Kapoot, wore out, me, not the compressors.
  5. pete23

    1086 A/C

    Good discussion going on here. I have never seen a relief valve on a York Compressor on new or rebuilt compressors. Doesn't mean there were none, just that I never saw any from first 66 series we sold with Air Cond to last 50 series tractors. I also let a few pounds of R 12 hit the atmosphere in my day. Also used refrigerant to chill valve seats when installing them in cylinder heads. I contend that every ounce of refrigerant ever manufactured will some day be released. Maybe 100 years, maybe more but will go zip, up, up and away. Also, on the 86 and 88 series IH tractors, along with many CaseIH models, the warning light will come on and shut compressor power off with either excessive high or low pressures if it is still wired up correctly. I have seen a 5288 that was wired wrong and had been running that way for years because the wire to high pressure switch and compressor were mixed and, the 50 series were known to run very high pressures compared to 86 series but it never blew.
  6. Well, with dump valve pulled either by hand or when depressing clutch, the lube pressure should be zero. Those senders operate at about 4 psi if I remember correctly. Anyway, I had that happen just one time. Don't remember the tractor model but after a lot of head scratching and studying the flow, I decided that if any amount of oil over a few drop could get past a certain land on the regulating pressure spool in MCV it could show some pressure in lube circuit with dump valve pulled. I put in a new regulator valve spool and solved the problem. Those spools get pretty scratched up some times and I would say the same thing could happen to the bore in the MCV but in this case, just a new spool took care of it.
  7. pete23


    And never, ever ever ever put the short suction tube in the pump when installing the pump. It goes in from the filter side or you will for sure damage the seal in rear frame that is behind filter. So many make that mistake. Those seals are tender and need to be replaced if no tension is felt on tube when sliding tube through the seal......... and installed properly, not with a tapered end socket.
  8. Sentry smooths the shift by not releasing current gear until next selected gear is starting to engage. Only one of it's purposes of several.
  9. What part number on rocker arm. Early engines had lighter rockers and many bent and over the years the ones that did not bend could still be in that engine. Just a heads up. I don't have the part number if it was just advanced or different number completely
  10. I have been reading all the posts and replies on this subject, but you have to be careful with the reference to cracker jack box as I made some remark about it some time ago and poof, never did see the answer to my post. Lot of other crap was going through before I said anything.
  11. pete23

    Darn it

    I had to remove one dual to get the tractor into the shop or both if necessary for required repair. If dual was not loaded (very few were) I prefered to do it alone. Bottle jack & air wrench. Align one bolt hole, install that bolt , then rotate wheel to align others. Did hundreds over many years. The hubs with studs were more difficult but doable.
  12. pete23

    Corona virus

    Was this a double blind test and if so, how many who took the placebo had serious side effects. Just wondering while thinking a vaccine is still a ways off.
  13. Tighten them even, inside ones first. Lubricated threads. No lock washer, just hardened steel washer. Over tightening stresses all parts but mostly the bolts or studs. Recheck soon after using. Three hundred pound man, four foot bar, looks to be 1200 ft lbs. Four hundred is book spec on outside clamps, inside is some what less, don't remember figure. Rusty, dirty threads don't torque up.
  14. 270 psi WAS never normal . Factory was 185 if you were lucky. A ne w spool with heavier spring and lock nut could be used but far exceeds the power available on a 656 and just causes more problems. Will. need to pull and repair unit.
  15. Try to find something as every day as All Bran Buds. Out of stock, out of stock. Regular All Bran is available but it doesn't seem to do the trick well. Was getting it at the hated Walmart but they can't get it now. Found some today at a near by town for nearly twice the price. Not tractor, but makes for moving parts.
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