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  1. 656 surging?

    The reason a 656 surged a lot more than a 560 was they finally made the governor work. It took a lot of IH experimenting to get a thrush bearing in that governor that actually did the job. That bearing is extremely touchy and can look perfect but not have a active governor. That and weights that actually match the rpm's engine is designed to run. The carburetor was changed also as the air intake was now from the front where as 560 came in the from rear so they had to change the throttle shaft to other side along with different idle ports in carb upper half. The reason bushings wear out prematurely is due to the governor rod being adjusted too long and slamming that carburetor throttle shaft back against the stop pin every time governor opened up. Proper adjustment of surge spring makes for a good governor. Note, most came from factory with screw way out too far. Also, to check for carburetor problem just hold the rod to carb by hand and open it up manually and hold it at the speed you want. If it has a float or other problem you will be able to detect it by doing that.
  2. 3088 auction

    That is one tractor you want to keep in out of the weather. We sold just one open station and it went on his estate sale as always shedded. Well, it sat outside his house here in town all winter. I did some work on it for the sale and every darn linkage that you could think of was rusted, some solid. Gauges under the dash and wiring etc was in bad shape. Sold for a premium over the phone, sight unseen , at the auction.
  3. 7130 vs 7120?

    The 7130 is the best of the early Magnum's . Power train better matched to it's original horse power and least amount of extra junk on the engine that gives problems when new or with age. I don't know if you are using the 540 shaft on the chopper but I would sure consider going to the 1000 for better and smoother life of those shafts and knuckles. No comparison.
  4. 656 surging?

    First thing is to make sure the rod between governor and carburetor is not binding or misaligned. Adjust with throttle lever wide open throttle, and butter fly in carburetor wide open, and adjust length of rod to just match that length with no pressure against stop. Then run engine to the rpm's it is surging at and adjust the bumper spring screw on lower rear of governor housing. Turn in just far enough to eliminate surge without effecting low idle speed. If you can turn that screw all the way in with no change, the leaf spring inside governor is broken or bent out of shape. Also, don't over look possible too lean of an adjustment on the main jet of carburetor but that is doubtful on that tractor.
  5. Forum issues

    Yup, last few days on desk top and tablet.
  6. 3688 slow hyd remotes

    Really difficult to tell from here. If it was in the shop I worked at I would put the isolation flow rater hookup to determine if problem was in pump or in the outside parts like signal check valves. Could be lazy swash plate , suction leak around pump internal backing plate, compensator sticking , poor seal on pump suction tube etc, etc. In other words, many things and I would hate to just start tearing into things without some trouble shooting .
  7. Super MD Questions.

    On the rear seal, straighten out the seal retainer. No doubt it will be pulled out of shape . Use a good gasket sealer that will fill in any gaps between engine and retainer and between the two halves. On the felt, you should have to work pretty hard to get it all into the groove if it is a good quality felt. If it just about falls into place, it will not stand the test. Do not cut any off. And , like said, soak it down good with engine oil. Of course, you don't want any excess movement up and down or back and forth on the crankshaft or the seal cannot hold. Should not be a problem.
  8. 806 Frank

    Not getting which shaft he is referring to because he said split at the clutch. Yes you can remove speed transmission shaft with a single split but that is split between clutch, TA housing and range transmission. If he means input shaft from the clutch end, no, I cannot be removed without disassembly of TA from rear.
  9. 1466 steering arms and pivot ball

    If the steering arm fits loose, torqueing the nut down will just push the snap ring out of it's groove. Unless you use undersized arm or redo the arm so it clamps tight you won't be able to tighten that nut very tight. The 450 lbs torque would be appropriate if you had the later spindle with helix in spline but not with snap ring style spindle.
  10. 1466 steering arms and pivot ball

    Well, if hole is good and old ball shank fit tight, machine the new shank to size of old one. Maybe let it be a few thousands larger for tighter fit.
  11. Identify the problem on this IH Farmall 1066

    Not fair. I took you seriously. Replacing a broken axle out in the boonies is no fun if those duals are actually taller than inside tire.
  12. 1466 steering arms and pivot ball

    With those worn spindle splines you will need the aftermarket undersized steering arm to make a good tight fit. Other way is to split the arm and weld spacers to arm so a bolt can be used to tighten arm down onto worn splines. Not a real desirable fix but done often. Later spindles have a helical spline and do not use a snap ring. The arm tightens down tight on them. Spline has slight twist near the bottom. On the ball , I would try to drive it in if at all possible for a very tight fit. Brass drift to drive it back out if it won't go so as to not damage threads. Original was peened from factory on some and nut on others.
  13. 560 mystery spring at throttle linkage

    Spring is used on gasoline tractors because the governor has a heavy spring because throttle will creep back whereas the diesel governor spring in pump has much less pull. Spring just hooks on cotter key side of that link. I usually put a washer on linkage so spring has a better hold than just against the cotter key.
  14. Case 94 vs IH 50 Series

    I don't know who designed the Maxxum, but, like the guy said at our first service school on them. Who ever did design them decided to do everything just the opposite of how the Magnum was made. Operations that were hydraulic on the Magnum were electronic on Maxxum and what was electric on Magnum was hydraulic or mechanical on Maxxum. After I left the CASEIH dealer, they had a Maxxum giving them grief. Young feller tore it down in preparation for co. rep to come out and try to solve the problem. When the rep got there, it turns out it was one of the engineers from England. He asked the young fellow why he took it apart like he did as he had designed it to come apart differently. I still had pretty good contacts with the guys at CASEIH dealer. One of them would come into the Deere dealer and ask me about different things that they were working on. Engineer never did solve the complaint and I talked to the owner of tractor at a later date. He traded the tractor off for another one like it.
  15. Stiff steering on 706

    You need a 3000psi gauge for steering and connect it right in that plug with the 5/8th head on rear of mcv. A 600 psi gauge into the lower rear plug, (where steering relief valve is located) for regulated pressure of around 240 to 270 psi, and a 60 psi gauge hooked into port the lube red light sender is in and should read about 18 to 22 psi at moderate engine speed. I have in recent years found pretty good reasonable priced liquid filled gauges at the local truck shop.