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  1. Early model had a half moon brace from radiator to thermostat housing instead of that long rod to the rear.
  2. Lady in parking lot had low tire. She called a service station from across the road. Guy says I'll pump it up and then you can drive it over to my shop. No way was she having any of that. You remove it right here . Guy was frustrated as he knew it would not hurt it to drive across the street after he aired it up as it wasn't completely flat. Don't know what he did.
  3. pete23

    Mystery pin?

    The TA dry clutch where a similar pin was used is a dry and separate housing. Doesn't look like that pin though to me.
  4. pete23

    Mystery pin?

    Yes, it was sabotage from factory. I heard there was a couple other ones that got similar treatment. They were the very last 60 series to come off the line as they shut down for retooling for 06 series.
  5. pete23

    Mystery pin?

    Ok, I didn't know that.
  6. Use bottom port where steering relief valve is. You are reading steering back pressure in other port and not regulated pressure. I was wondering why you had such a huge drop when in middle position.
  7. You can pull mcv back off a little and insert a shim to block the two tubes feeding direct drive and ta to find out if your losing the oil internally. Or put a plug in each jumper that won't move into tube. Not lube jumper though. Another thing, in the middle position, the normal regulated pressure should drop 20 psi. If it drops much more and is doing it on both direct and TA that also indicates leak internal in TA unit, like sealing ring on shaft or damage to TA when assembling clutch housing to engine.
  8. pete23

    Mystery pin?

    I would guess something from the draft control. The pto is self contained so it shouldn't get out of there. As for extra pieces in a tractor, I have a nice large chisel marked IH Farmall works or something to that effect I picked out of a tractor years ago. Worse though, a nut that was apparently in the manifold of a 560 gas that , after I had run the engine to warm it up to torque head and adjust valves, it poked a hole in the head. When taking engine down I found several other parts in strategic places in the engine. Replaced all affected parts. Now the story get even better. We sold tractor , guy drives it home about 25 miles. Put it on an auger and walks off, come back to a dead locked up engine. Well, I am thinking, must have damaged something I missed. Boss sends me out to haul it back to town. I load it up and on the way back , stop to check the chains holding it down. See gas dripping out of engine. So, when I get it back to shop, pull spark plugs and cylinders are full of gasoline. Pull carburetor, find float full of gasoline. Get it all back up and running. The guy who bought it wants nothing to do with that tractor. Boss gets him to come in a listen to it running and he decides to keep it. End of story, it turned out to be a very good tractor for him. No problem.
  9. pete23

    Old Hat

    Many years ago, bunch of kids were poking fun of one of the younger ones as he was wearing a IH cap. They took it from him and threw it under a running lawn mower. Great fun. Their dad found out and promptly sent them down to the dealer I was working at and made them buy a new IH cap, with their own money, for the distressed youngster.
  10. Well, you will need the roller to roller dimension given in the specs for that application. Then you need a method of pressurizing the head with spring , plungers and rollers assembled and adjust to that spec. Or, just screw it back down to where you think is was and when you get it running if you have excess smoke you screwed it down too much and if smoke and power is lacking you will have to screw it down some more. Requires taking a few parts back apart to make adjustments.
  11. pete23

    656 PTO pin

    Then it has the low pressure spool and spring. I saw a lot of 656 tractors that were difficult to even get the 185 psi but worked fin e.
  12. pete23

    656 PTO pin

    Also, most likely it has the original lower pressure spring and spool. Does it have a lock nut(newer style spool,higher pressure) on the adjustment and a washer about 1/8th inch thick or does it have a thicker spacer and no lock nut. At any rate, 185 was original on an 806 so you don't have to get near that 235 on a 656. Lucky on finding that pin where you did.
  13. Well , here is the deal. Most of what I did is now obsolete . The IH store moved out of town a few years after I quit. The Deere dealer, I just worked on older tractors most of the time. The guy who was shop foreman at Deere actually started under me at IH just out of high school, going to vo tech. He didn't like IH and I didn't like Deere. KInd of funny, he worked under me and I worked under him. We are great friends and he is ready to retire now this summer. One other guy, good friend, worked under me and is a few years out from retirement working for an independent. I would say maybe forty guys worked kind of under me over the years but almost all just went and like they say, found a real job. Not really interested in making it a career or not that much into it. Now days, I don't even know any of the young guys at Deere as it is incorporated with 13 dealers. And, I quit working on my own time on others tractors about three years ago. And so it goes.
  14. Speaking of shot, why does steel shot (the ammo you buy) cost so much when lead is under so much scrutiny by enviromentalists . It must have something to do with the process of forming the shot at steel is sure more plentiful than lead.
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