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  1. Sorry for the situation Seth. Just remember it isn’t your fault and you can’t fix someone who doesn’t want help. I’m just a couple years older than you and I was offended when I was notified one day that I was a “millennial”. I won’t go into my response. All you can do is question things like you did and try to be a better influence through facts and actions.
  2. One of my first favorites as a kid. Always got the impression he was a real guy, not just a performer. Sad news
  3. From a Ford book. 1959 truck with the scoop as a scoop before they spun it around.
  4. I wonder how often they use the air horn and how that is set up?
  5. Was at a small gathering last night with a sprinkler set up for the kids. Mine and my nephew were off to the side playing in the run off mud puddle created by the sprinkler while all the other kids were playing in the clean water. I just laughed.
  6. Weren’t you dead? And now....Jesse Owens
  7. Nothing wrong with that. Thanks for the video. 👍🏼
  8. There was a lot more than average around me. They were still going off at 11:00 last night. Went to a small gathering with friends and everyone chipped in for a few fireworks. I couldn’t care less but the wife likes them. We were done by 9:30 probably. This was all several miles from town.
  9. That should look really nice when you get done.
  10. Small racket with a 9v battery. Bugs sound like a fire cracker when they cross the wires 👹. Once took a 12 gauge after a nest of ground bees (it’s what I had with me). Never got stung.
  11. Sounds fun. Better let us know how it goes. I know you talked about taking the 1456 but are you taking the 560 also?
  12. The wife and I went in 2016. I found it very interesting. I know there is all sorts of controversy about it coming this morning after the President’s visit last night... I found it to be a very respectful place when I was there. We also visited the Crazy Horse monument while in the area which was exactly the opposite. My wife is very calm and keeps an even keel. When she saw a Native American woman wearing an American flag over her shoulders asking for money inside the building she looked at me and said “we are leaving”. I had the same thoughts. That is after we paid $30 just to get in and park..... I have the utmost respect for Native Americans and I do feel that as a people, they got shorted in the past but the feeling I got visiting this monument was gimmie gimmie gimmie
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