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  1. Normal price before ammo got silly was $30-40 per box for match grade. That was dependent on brass and bullet brand it was loaded with. Factory loads, not hand loads.
  2. I was reading in a Kewanee cultimulcher manual a while back. (Different tool, I know) I am thinking it said 1/4” of play over the whole gang of rollers to keep wear at a minimum. I would have to look back to be for sure.
  3. Your family, your life, your choice. PERIOD Im not against vaccines for the record. I will come to my own conclusions about what vaccines I feel safe to take. This current one, I still say no thank you.
  4. Good looking for its age. Bring on the plow pics!
  5. And by the way, in case anyone was wondering, that is an internet pic someone sent me. I’d never be caught dead in a Chevy truck with a messed up bed mat like that......😊
  6. Thank You Roger! I’m not any sort of gambler but I would always bet on you fellas knowing the answers here.
  7. I don’t think you can go wrong with a ribbon burner. Great heat, fairly easy to produce vs Venturi style burners. I learned to give mine plenty of air. Had to buy a larger blower after I started my build. Another key I found was a rheostat for adjusting the blower. That way you can tune the air you need infinitely. It’s a bit like adjusting a carburetor when trying to get maximum heat. Between a needle valve for the propane, speed of the blower, and the gauge to feed the propane there is a LOT of variables. I had to ditch the gas grill regulator for a torch style propane regulator because min
  8. Poor anvils.... 😊
  9. Looks like a fun place to visit. Thanks for sharing. 👍🏼👍🏼
  10. It isn’t steam but I couldn’t help but think of my friends here when my mother sent me this picture this morning of her Grandfather on his first tractor. I’d like a little help identifying what it is? This would have been most likely shortly after he came home from WW1 if I was guessing. Location would have been central Illinois in the Arcola area. Edit: the back of the photo (which I got a photo of) says “coil box like a model T Ford” and questions whether it may be a Massey or a Minneapolis Moline product. That is all the info I have. Hopefully someone will have some
  11. Cool fix. Next time the hand hits that post it may break the equipment instead 😊 But then again, that may be job security for you also in a round about way....
  12. What type of burner are you planning to use?
  13. Keep us posted on the forge build 😊
  14. Nothing wrong with a guy liking them. If they work for you I’d stick with them. I just haven’t been able to find a pair that was comfortable for me to wear.
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