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  1. Looks like it could be a whole lot worse. Good luck with your new purchase. 😊
  2. I still want a “Bitty Built Mfg” T-shirt. 😁
  3. Sadly, there is a lot more of this going on than what people realize. The entire situation is crushing small businesses.
  4. I know the one and only owner of this 856. (Picture isn’t the best). He had a turbo put on when it was new. It’s always worn a filter like this. Tractor was restored in 2010
  5. Just think of the poor horse that lost its shoe...😊
  6. Seriously, give your opinions in a respectful manner and If you hurt someone’s feeling, then maybe they shouldn’t get all sad about a backhoe...just saying. I’m also not saying you weren’t respectful. Your posts here always seem to be so I have no reason to believe they aren’t elsewhere also.
  7. Wife and I watched it. Some cool views from sky cams since they are in a baseball stadium. Not a huge rodeo fan or anything but I do respect their athleticism a lot.
  8. It’s made to go bang. Keep sending them down range!
  9. That’s more than you would find around here. I’d consider myself lucky in all honesty.
  10. Not a bad haul considering the current ammo environment.
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