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  1. Sledgehammer

    Green contraband

    Very interesting. That one had a manual raise/lower system vs the hydraulic for the bar. I don’t have pics of my buddy’s in use but we used it for sure. Those are cool pictures. Thanks
  2. Sledgehammer

    Buyers guides

    I like that pic with the tractor on the bar mower.
  3. Sledgehammer

    another OSHA alert

    That doubles the weight rating 😁
  4. Sledgehammer

    Hauled in 18.5 ton boulder for grave stone

    Sorry to hear the story but a very fitting tribute. Good work Dad!
  5. Sledgehammer

    Tom's a hero

    Sounds like a good guy. Needs some positive media attention.
  6. Sledgehammer

    Runner where abouts

    Get to feeling better man. then, since you left your phone behind, I guess the stories can be as big as you want. Like the one armed man that caught a fish thiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiis big. 😊
  7. Sledgehammer

    New Rims for my pulling tractor

    Looks nice Danny
  8. Never had much use for them. Once they took their stance on guns I had zero use for them. Maybe their business sense will lead them somewhere but Caitlyn Jenner can only buy so many clothes....wait..... he/she doesn’t like Dicks to begin with...or does it? I’m confused..... Maybe this will be their emblem since that’s the mainstream ideals they are paralleling? Not trying to start a feud but the direction of the company is following closer to one side than the other.
  9. Sledgehammer

    Green contraband

    At one point he had that trencher, a CJ2A (on edge of that pic), a 2K mile M38a1, and a running FC truck. He got rid of everything a few years ago. His wife decided that she wanted another guy and now my buddy is divorced. He just bought a 57 CJ5 that is rough and is going to start again which is good for him.
  10. Sledgehammer

    IH 435

    Paging the good Dr.... 😀
  11. Sledgehammer

    Green contraband

    Not sure. He got a job in the city and didn’t have a good place to keep or use it. Eventually, I was over there and asked about it and he told me he sold it. He had taken the top off at that point because it was so hot to run with that on. All the parts and pieces to that trencher were like a messed up jigsaw puzzle. It was like an engineer took a bunch of acid and started tripping parts. Theoretically you could put that unit on any CJ2a, 3b, or 5 but practically it would have taken two good guys a week.
  12. Sledgehammer

    IH 435

    Did different year models of those have different color wheels and decals?
  13. Sledgehammer

    Finished my work for the day

    Preaching to the choir buddy 😊
  14. Sledgehammer

    got some wood splitting done today

    Nice pics