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  1. 2 models. Not that it matters too much in this case.
  2. That is very impressive. He should be proud and you should be proud of him. 👍🏼👍🏼
  3. Hang in there buddy. Like your pulling pics you love so much. Keep the throttle open, the tires rolling, pointed straight, and you’ll see things through to the finish. Unfortunately, there are tough times in life. I pray you and the family find comfort and peace despite the tough times. We are pulling for you.
  4. Found it. They were nice to deal with and I would buy from them again if I needed a spear. I believe they were made in Germany.
  5. I couldn’t find a business card and the picture didn’t have a phone number but I believe this herding stock came from the same place. Edit: removed pictures the stick came from a different place I will look for the card some more
  6. The small ones I made myself from drill rod and tubing sized appropriately. The large spike was purchased at the Farm Machinery show in Louisville. I have a pic of their booth at home with contact info but I’m not at home. I will try and put it up later on.
  7. I made a couple Of these two years ago. Has gooseneck, and Reese style receiver. The bale spikes are removable. you can buy a 2” receiver made to mount a pintle hitch on.
  8. How many original leather boots have lasted forever? On a show machine, maybe but having worked with leather I cannot imagine much longevity in any real use situations.
  9. Might have caught something from the hookers too....
  10. We see them all the time around here so it is more normal. Always amazing to see the differences in seemingly common wildlife from place to place.
  11. Your local gentleman did a very good job. It looks like he has a nice shop and a real eye for craftsmanship. Most of all, he didn’t let the time crunch get to him. Good for him!
  12. Use some files or if you have access to a belt sander you can re-tip one fairly easily.
  13. Have to grind it down and re-tip it. If you made it straight it would ruin the tip or break it.
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