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  1. I feel what you are saying for sure. I’m 36 and went over the handlebars of a motorcycle last spring (dirt bike on dirt). I’m not sure why that ditch was cut through the road but I felt like I had been beat up. I still try an go hard but am more calculated than I used to be about risk, that’s for sure
  2. Rain moved out sometime around 3-4am. Opening day of firearm deer season for me. Legal shooting light was 6:10. So far I’ve seen 4 bucks, 2 does, a yearling, and a few gray squirrels. Sitting in a fence row overlooking a cut corn field and a hay field. Corn was shelled about a week ago. Probably going to head hunt today and tomorrow and then fill the freezer. a buddy is getting married at sunset tonight so I can’t hunt the evening.
  3. It isn’t deer but you guys will still like it. Neighbor sent me this last night. We have to buy a chance in a lottery to get a bobcat hunting/trapping tag and it is good for 1 per year. I gave them my money this year and did not get drawn. They say there aren’t enough around.....I beg to differ.
  4. This one got shot with a bow this morning. Neighbor kid.... Had been watching him for 3 years at least. Have both sheds from 2017 and one side from 2018. Bummer
  5. Drifting stand for making hatchets or hammers. The bottom is cut out and welded in like a slide so when you flip over your work to knock out the drift it will slide right out to be picked up again. The round stock is welded on pins Off center allowing different widths depending on how they are dropped in. Round stock keeps the piece you are forging from being marred when beating on it.
  6. Our gun season doesn’t even start until Friday (22nd). Saw 4 bucks with one doe yesterday from the house. One was a shooter. They were 1/2 mile out. I’m ready to spend a little time in the woods.
  7. Haven’t seen the movie but would like to. Thanks for the review 👍🏼
  8. It’s a little bit far off but my favorite of the ones I had was this 79’ F250 4x4 snow plow special. It had 15K on the ticker when I bought it in 2007. Original red paint. The only options on that truck were 4x4, Auto trans, and the snow plow prep package. It was radio delete.
  9. Looks like an interesting find.
  10. I have parallel parked a semi w/ trailer and truck/gooseneck but was not required to do so in my CDL exam. I have been told that more recently they have started requiring that during testing here in Illinois but I’m sure it depends on the facility and the testing agent.
  11. If the government is indeed subsidizing these alternative forms of energy, then they are the “boogey man” to an extent. I have nothing against alternative forms of power. And, so far, these alternatives are inferior to fossil fuels. The climate has and will continue to change in time both warmer and cooler in a cyclical pattern like it has ever since we have recorded weather. Climate change is a whole different argument. Somebody call Al Gore...
  12. Adversely no doubt. There could be green gubberment funding for that also. I don’t know. 🤷🏻‍♂️
  13. The wind and solar energy can be used efficiently but not to the scale of coal. The wind mills are proven to cost more than the electricity they will produce over their lifecycle much as Runner said. Solar isn’t all bad for a person to reduce their own costs but large scale solar is a joke. example...1 acre of solar panels makes 357 Megawatt hours of power in a year. The coal fired power plant I work in can make 3400 MWH per hour. 3400 x 24 = 81,600 mwh per day 81,600 x 365 = 29,784,000 mwh per year at full capacity which is never actually reached but is still the capacity. 29,784,000 / 357 = 83,428.6 So, I’m not very good at math but that tells me it would take 166,857.2 Acres of solar panels to make the same power (total capacity) as the single plant I work in. The 83K number has to be doubled because the sun only shines roughly 12 hours a day and a turbine can run 24/7/365. That is also assuming it never got cloudy and was perfectly sunny every day, all year.
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