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  1. He is a good front man and has done well promoting his “brand”. I think he could be a little more tastefull on some of his builds but, then again, I’m not buying them either. If he worried more about quality and less about time, Miller Lite, and bedazzled blue jeans, he would be remembered someday as a car builder and not a car clown.
  2. Burch tractors as mentioned before. Price is high but they know their stuff and have a good website to pick through
  3. Which direction is North? What kind of wildlife can I expect to see?
  4. You wouldn’t have any trouble getting rid of a good 4bt either. I always thought that one would be good in my Scout.
  5. It is a 110v electric fan that I am using. Here is a video I made to show a friend that shows the parts and firing. This was just quickly put together. Once attached to the forge body (pictured a couple posts earlier) I will keep it clean, square, and tidy to the forge itself. I have always used a hand crank blower on a coal forge. I am doing this to save time and streamline a few processes for myself. (And I like the personal challenge of building what I want). I cannot take credit for the idea itself but I ha e changed things from the base idea to suit my needs and wants
  6. That is why I’m building it. I hope it will be quicker for small things and also cleaner when forge welding. Someone asked if this was like a rosebud so I took a picture of the burner next to a rosebud.
  7. I would be happy with any of those Gary. Mine was mushroomed when I found it on the dirt floor in an old shed after an auction. I had not purchased it but knew what it was and asked the seller if I could buy it. He asked me what it was and told me if anyone had left it that I could have it. I gave him some money and told him it was worth it to me and he seemed touched. A flatter is good property these days with metal forging shows on TV being popular. They dont do much by hand or use a flatter on TV though..... I’m still building on my forced air forge. Parts of it are ready for refractory cement lining. I even have a high temp thermocouple sitting on the work bench that should tell me interior temps. I’ve been very picky about this build to ensure proper fitment and finish. There is quite a list of things yet to do.
  8. Glad nobody was hurt. Never can take anything for granted safety wise.
  9. Both look to be good and clean. Should be good additions to any operation.
  10. Nice pictures and a great family story. Illinois is also making it hard to live here. If it wasn’t for family history and roots, I would seriously consider a new location for my family.
  11. I would love having paved country roads...
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