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  1. Sledgehammer

    This followed me home yesterday

    Yup. That's the big one. They came in 10' widths if you wanted. Good score Alan!!
  2. Sledgehammer

    Lets hear your famous salesman phrases

    "You could take this girl to the prom"
  3. Sledgehammer

    Public Exposure At....

    Nice lineup!
  4. Sledgehammer

    New 856

    Looks good. Congrats!
  5. Sledgehammer

    Last of 2017 soybean crop

    I bet it feels good to be done with it.
  6. Sledgehammer

    Getting Buzzed Yesterday

    Been there, done that. The tassels are pulled out to make a certain cross to obtain the desired hybrid. You have a male and female population in the seed production fields. Corn will self-pollinate if left alone. The pollen is in the tassels (male) and the silks lead to what will eventually become the seed (female). Before this happens in the field the same type of thing is done by hand in a "nursery" run by corn breeders. Some are "selfed" (taking pollen from a plant and breeding that plant) and some are "crossed" (taking pollen from one and breeding another). This is done over the course of about 7-8 years in two different hemispheres before you get a commercial hybrid with modern characteristics and traits. Not all varieties respond to traits the same. When I worked in the industry (peon) a breeder was considered successful if one in ten thousand tries became a commercially available hybrid. By this point there is a bery large amount of time and money invested in that hybrid. Add that to the trait rights purchased by that company from the owner of those traits and you get $300+ per bag corn. Clear as mud?
  7. Sledgehammer

    Getting Buzzed Yesterday

    Don't lie 😁
  8. Sledgehammer

    Thanks to Tripple Tractor

    I've got a box of his stuff sitting at home for installation also. 👍
  9. Sledgehammer

    Almost Finished

    Mine is a 25 MN. It got stripped down and all the metal primed and painted black. The wood was scuffed and painted with Rustoleum texture paint. It has worn really well and is easy to fix blemishes 😊
  10. Sledgehammer

    Almost Finished

    I got to thinking. I used to see about using a different caliber every time I went just to add a new one to the list. Here is what I have used that I can remember. Axe .22lr (pistol and rifle) .22mag (pistol and rifle) .38 special snub nose .30 carbine .17 centerfire .223 22-250 (by far the most kills) 243 30-30 a pickup truck
  11. Sledgehammer

    Almost Finished

    This guy moved in around the barns. Most of the ones I get are fairly close range and not in an open field. Ive shot several with pistols from .22 up to .38 special. Even got one with an axe once but that was in the wide open. These are the reason I got my first center fire rifle. 😊 Dad put a bounty on them when I was a kid. They are still one of my favorite things to hunt. I need to dig up the picture of the one I shot with an M1 carbine. Sorry to get off topic Runner.
  12. Sledgehammer

    Picking corn like in the 40's

    Never seen a wrist worn version. We used the hand held version where I used to work. Still have several around the house also. This one is too small for my bear paws.
  13. Sledgehammer

    Almost Finished

    Sorry I forgot the pics earlier. The good 22 mag is a Ruger 10/22 magnum. It wears an old leupold fixed 4x scope. I don't like over 4x or adjustable scopes on any .22. Also got a couple more 22 mag pistols. They are loud but sure do the job well. That S&W model 51 in the above pic is my baby.
  14. Sledgehammer

    IH Tractors on Montana Farm

    It's hot here tonight in the shop.... weather on my phone says 90* and feels like 99*. Humidity only at 55% according to phone. It's been worse in the last few weeks but today has felt especially warm. Everyone be careful if you have to be out in it. My sweating has no one to blame but me. I'm adjusting a few things on the 686 tonight.