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  1. Here is a pic of the nose of that bus. I’ve read into the story. Kind of strange and sad the way that all happened.
  2. I once drove a John Deere tractor....
  3. I’m glad there were no cell phones when I was in high school.... because I was an angel 😇 Once got towed behind a VW Rabbit at 30mph while riding a Snapper Comet through a bean stubble field. Think tubing only no water and a 3’ higher center of gravity.
  4. My Father has been a Vet for over 40 years. I mentioned this to him (a man of few words) and he said “it would be nice, but I don’t think so”. He followed that with he thought it did have a human label for an eye parasite of some sort but that is totally different.
  5. We tend to see several 1 pass tillage tools. A lot of guys still disk a lot. Haven’t seen actual plowing much since the early 70’s according to others (I wasn’t around yet). Stalks get worked more than bean stubble. Zero dairies and very little fed corn. Where corn on corn is planted stalks get worked in the fall if possible and then a quick pass in spring and plant. Ground around here is everything from gumbo and creek flat to white clay. Not nearly as flat as the first pictures or as dark.
  6. Randall is iconic. Craftsmanship is amazing. Almost artwork in my opinion. I’ve got a Randall Woodsman that I’m not afraid to carry in the woods. I purchased this one from a Local custom maker at a charity auction last year. All made in house at his shop south of town. It is “Feather Damascus” This one is my go-to woods knife. It was a custom build I had a guy from Northern Indiana make. It’s stainless with a razor edge and micarta handle. Stainless pins. The sheath is something I made
  7. There will always be an internet superstar know-it-all to tell you what to do. The problem is, they aren’t willing to pay you to change or make payments on your ground. Most people here have gotten away from no-till and have seen better returns. @billonthefarm maybe you should park a tractor and plow in a pasture and take a pic for them labeled “no-till” 😁
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