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  1. Here are a few pics. Second was an insert for the 686 and the first is from the 1977 buyers guide. I have a 686 so I’ve grabbed a few brochures including them also.
  2. I have a couple very close friends that are in the State Police here. They have told me the consensus of officers (around here at least) is just that. They think people should be armed and would refuse to take peoples firearms. Mike, I certainly hope it doesn’t come down to turning in firearms. If it does, I certainly hope you have several that aren’t registered and might get “misplaced” somewhere safe. To what end does this go? Take hammers from carpenters? Fences away from ranchers? Take tires away from people with cars? In this country, our freedoms are being taken away slowly as to not “poke the bear”. I’m certain if officials came door to door in some areas that they would find themselves on the wrong end of the firearm.
  3. That is very sad Mike. It’s also sad the “knee jerk” reaction of those not smart enough to find the truth themselves in these situations. Best of luck to you in keeping your beautiful collection intact. Marlins are some of my favorites personally.
  4. Congrats Matt. Sounds like a good day!
  5. Congratulations on 40 years!
  6. It never hurts to talk about it. You were there for a reason and that may have been just what this boy needed. It’s not about nerve or the lack of it. You’re a caring person doing what you do. Thank you for that and to you and rest of those like you, keep up the good work.
  7. We had one open about an hour away 2-3 years ago. Not a bad place. Pretty decent selection of sporting goods.
  8. These are from Red Power 2016 in Union Grove. RPRU 2017
  9. Try a 9mm AR for trash pandas or the old fashioned .22mag. I had a Ruger Scout Rifle years ago in .308. It went bang but that’s about all I can say for it. I don’t want to take this too far off topic so I will leave it at that.
  10. I’ve got an AR in 556/223 because it was cheap from a guy wanting money much as you describe. I don’t like the round at all but it can be effective for certain things. The 223 was originally designed to wound a man in the M16 platform. It has sub-par ballistics when compared to many similar rounds in roughly the same size give or take a little. I agree with your diagnosis on the 223 Rick. Try the 300 and see. You could get your money back easy if you or the wife don’t like it. Before people turn the flame on about the 223 and what I said that is MY opinion and despite the military use of the round with much success in recent conflicts I would still have you ask yourself how much of the time does the government do something because it is the best option vs the cheapest option???
  11. They meet size requirements in some states to use for deer. I have been told they excel when used with a suppressor because they are fairly slow to begin with. I do not own one but know some who do. They, of course, live in non-communist states where suppressors are legal.
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