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  1. Yup. The Good Lord had a reason for everything he put on earth but I’m not sure we have figured out the reason for those little deemons yet.
  2. What kind of gun do you take?
  3. Stay safe. This year has been one wild weather ride.
  4. I’m working Monday. Went across The river to Vincennes IN today with the family and took in a revolutionary war reinactment. William Henry Harrison and Ft Sackville. Interesting history from that period in time when this was the frontier. Period correct artisans and lots of other things going on. I remember Mom taking brother and I as kids. I had some projects going but they went on the back burner today.
  5. I saw Waylon Jennings this morning. Should have asked for an autograph I guess but I did take this picture.
  6. Sledgehammer


    Have had them since March here. Bites leave large welts and last several days. We didnt have them 10 years ago. They plague the livestock and send deer running around in the middle of the day.
  7. Lots of wash outs around here also. Back in college the landlord got a 36” x 20’ plastic culvert dropped off for something around where I lived. One afternoon I was talking with my buddy and his girlfriend and we decided to push that culvert to the top of the hill and ride the inside down to the bottom. Ready....Set.....GO! The girls shoved us off and down we flew with him in one end and me in the other. The speed bumps in the road proved to be like small ramps for two idiots in a big culvert. We made it out alive and laughing. I don’t know about my buddy but I had not been drinking. Hadn’t thought about that in several years but this topic brought it back to the top of the memory files
  8. It’s not a goldie but they can be used for tillage. I would not want it for my primary tillage tractor on a lot of acres but mine pulled 3 x16’s easily in our clay. https://youtu.be/LXdyqSLcHSQ
  9. Sledgehammer

    7.3 idi

    I liked my 7.3 IDI. It was thrown together for a trail ride. Stock suspension, welded spider gears, nasty tires, IH semi grille, and a stack with rain cap. It scared women and children
  10. Sledgehammer

    Dirty trick

    I’ve heard that before. Once had a guy looking to plant white field corn for his “sweet corn”.
  11. Sledgehammer

    Dirty trick

    I wasn’t necessarily insinuating you did it like you perceived. I know you wouldn’t do such a thing. It is, however, an interesting prank.
  12. Good work. It’s a shame you couldn’t load the “log” up with lead 😁
  13. Another good one from back in the college days. Saw these guys live 4 times and they always brought the house down.
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