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  1. Believe it or not, those are the original tires that came on it. I was able to clean up and paint the original hubcaps also.
  2. Should be finished. Yeah, I always liked the “International” script badges so if you see that decal on the back window of a super duty it’s probably me 😊
  3. Would be hard to say for sure but it didn’t get there with one bidder very easily.
  4. At $32K I dare say I’m missing something. In my opinion that day was “the day a fool and his money parted ways”…
  5. I’ve got a couple sets of the adapters that slide into the FH sockets for the lift arms. You still have to come up with a top link and mount for those though. This style looks a little more bulky but faster and handier. I’m still drooling over the frame weights 🤤
  6. Same with Dad. We have a couple Mira-fount ball style and they aren’t bad but these sound interesting.
  7. A guy here loves the one he has. Dad was talking about it and I wondered if anyone else had experience with them. Says farmer designed and possibly out of MN originally if I remember right.
  8. I really like the looks of that truck. What’s it got for a power plant?
  9. Has anyone got experience with a Cobett waterer for cattle?
  10. More work today. I’ve cleaned up the old tires and hubcaps to decent condition. Had to make the pin that holds the 5th wheel on from solid 1/8” stock and peen the ends down. new tubular rivet holding the 5th wheel together. These had a working lock on 5th wheel that was spring loaded which is pretty cool. Also a new decal for the hood emblem. I am waiting on a new windshield to arrive before finishing. @Big Steve gave me some pointers and advice from years of doing this stuff. Thanks for your help and kindness.
  11. I dont want to derail this thread too far. I watched a really nice 165lb American pattern anvil with stump sell for around $650 last fall at a sale that was well advertised and loaded with blacksmithing equipment. I bought 2 the winter before. One was a little smaller, around 125lb and the other was over 200lbs for less than $400 each. Location makes some difference on prices but stuff like that has seen it’s peak and is headed down currently. BUT……I have also seen several ASOs sell for big money that weren’t worth much more than what they weighed also. Time and place…..
  12. I feel like I got lucky choosing the color I did to match what I wanted. For $32K you could buy a real one, and have it painted any color you wanted professionally here I think. Probably have enough for a new set of tires even. Watched a nice running single axle 1600 sell for $1300 a month ago. It was wearing a grain box and equipped with a 345.
  13. They are out there. I’ve bought a few pretty cheap in the last couple years. Antique stores are not the place to look for sure. They aren’t worth $13-1500 at all. You should be able to buy a good vintage 150ish pound anvil for 5-700 if you look around long enough.
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