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  1. I was going to say hose clamp pliers but @snoshoe beat me to it.
  2. It says “marking outfit for anything metal” on the lid. Military green. They are 1/8” metal stamps I know but it came with jigs for marking specific things. I’d love to know what else should have been in the “kit”. Maybe a hammer? This came from a local sale.
  3. I’d say it’s for sickle sections. I see places to set rivets and things like that. Never seen one with that many functions though. Mine says “chain detacher” on the other side.
  4. A 1026 standard would be much more rare for sure.
  5. Happy Birthday to everyone celebrating today. Several regular posters on that list.
  6. I wonder if the sisters used it at the monastery there? 😊 https://thedome.org
  7. How many tractors for that price?
  8. Those SP’s are built tough. Even the .22 was the same size as a .357 with smaller holes in the barrel and cylinder.
  9. Several regular names on the birthday list today. Happy Birthday to each of you including our forum mechanic and moderator BJ.
  10. That’s my guess also. I know they made some specialty machines for that purpose in other eras of war.
  11. Amen! It takes a special mentality to work an assembly line. I say that with the utmost respect for those that do it also.
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