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  1. Sledgehammer


    That spear fishing looks like fun for sure. I’m hoping we get good enough ice to try some normal ice fishing here this winter.
  2. Sledgehammer

    Great service from Super Scout Specialists Inc

    I have bought parts from them in the past for my Scout and always got great treatment. They are good people to deal with.
  3. Sledgehammer

    3 years ago

    Good for you!
  4. Sledgehammer

    Lonesome Dove

    That’s one I need to watch again. I remember having a day to kill in college and buying Lonesome Dove for $5.00. I watched the entire thing minus 30 minutes in one sitting.
  5. That’s a sweet looking rig. Quite a step up (not knocking the 86s) in size there. A good addition to any stable.
  6. Sledgehammer

    Good things come to those who wait

    Looks great. Lots of time spent and it shows. Grandpa should love it.
  7. Sledgehammer

    I-1456 S/N 10279

    Way to go Jim. Looks like a nice one.
  8. Sledgehammer

    Hydraulic sliding pallet forks

    Never used a set on a skid steer but have used several sets on forklifts of various sizes. Very, Very handy. As was mentioned, moving barrels of oil is easy. I use the feature daily at work for moving various sized items. They are not designed for clamping but sure will do it. 😉 you will be glad you got it.
  9. Sledgehammer

    Shooting down a drone

    I agree with eyes in/on the field. This particular company was doing other things as well with taking trait information on their own fields. Have the drone take the info and then send a crew in to take the same info physically and the crew was much more accurate. Then, it takes on a man/hr vs machine cost scenario. Since Ag companies are all about more work for less money, people lose jobs because of drones and automation while in many cases the company is attaining sub-par information. The bottom line looks better to the shareholders so people are out and robots are in while the rich get richer and the middle class gets one in the rear (sorry for the soapbox)
  10. Sledgehammer

    Shooting down a drone

    They had a fancy one where I used to work that would take photos, heat maps, and all sorts of intricate things. It was around 40K and there were some real duds that ran it. It was funny watching the operator freak out and crash it. Large ag companies think they are the future of crop scouting but in reality, every time they tried to prove how accurate they were they inadvertently proved themselves wrong.
  11. Sledgehammer

    86,s tucked away for winter

    Good looking crew!
  12. Sledgehammer

    Shooting down a drone

    Need some sort of “fuzz buster” for signal between phone and drone. Hit button, signal goes bye-bye and drone problem becomes self correcting. 😁
  13. Sledgehammer

    Shooting down a drone

    Don’t know anything about those laws but I do think it would be fun to shoot one down. 3.5” turkey load would do a number on one of it get very close.
  14. Sledgehammer

    Opinion on saying.

    Around here it was “were you born in a barn?” As for your situation, I can think of lots worse things to wear on a shirt than that saying.....LOTS worse. The one that got me laughing the most in the last couple years was “Don’t be a Richard”.