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  1. I’ve spent a little time on a 190XT and a 200. They were decent working machines but always seemed very spartan to me. Of the AC tractors I always liked the look of a D21 but have never run one. There are a couple in the area though.
  2. January 31, 2023 Journal Entry by Emily Leinenbach — 9 minutes ago Solid work today. 8 hours on breathing trial. There also seems to be some subtle shoulder movement. Toward the end of the 8 hours there were signs he was wearing out but wouldn’t let them switch him back until he hit the 8 hour mark. Praying for good rest tonight and continued progress tomorrow. We are thankful for safe travel. We are thankful for today’s progress. We are so thankful for all the help and support from family and friends. We continue to pray for complete healing. We pray for independent breathing, return of “normal” communication, we pray for return of reflexes and muscle movement to protect that progress. We pray for full body nerve regeneration and functional muscle movement - and at sonic speed. We pray that we see improvements that allow time with intense rehab to be optimized. We pray for physical and mental strength. Thank you.
  3. I’m about 5 hrs too far south for that. Maybe a wooden barge for the Wabash or Ohio river. My guess would be work on old cabins or something with heavy Timbers like barns.
  4. I have been on that site before. Good info. There was a bunch of those adzes at a sale I attended. These two just happened to be in a basket where nobody saw them. People were bidding hard after the others. Lots of ship building going on behind the scenes in Southern Illinois I guess 😊
  5. Some sort of wood working adz? I need to consult the vintage catalogs I guess
  6. Not sure on that one but I’ve seen a few DMI plows that looked really overbuilt.
  7. January 30, 2023 Journal Entry by Emily Leinenbach — 9 minutes ago 5 1/2 hours of the breathing trial today. It seems like movements he has gotten back are stronger. We continue to be grateful for support, prayers, and messages. We are grateful for those that have and continue to step in- often in ways we don’t even know- to keep things moving in our ‘normal’ life. We pray for complete healing. We pray for independent breathing, return of normal communication and recovery of movement/reflexes to support and maintain this. We pray for nerve regeneration and healing body wide and recovery of functional movement so that we may capitalize on rehab time once we reach independent breathing. We pray for return to home and then back to “life” at sonic speed. We pray for both physical and mental strength and we pray for invested staff. We pray for the ability to get to rehab soon and “get to work” remembering we may be the builders but God is the architect. We are anxious to put things into motion. Thank you.
  8. Several people with birthdays today. I hope it was a good day for each of you. Happy Birthday!
  9. Nice looking deer. Interesting topic. Looks like a 10pt. Did you score it? How old would that deer be there? Sounds like you are managing it for nice deer and starting to see the fruits of your labor. Our firearm season is long gone. Archery ended a couple weeks ago. 95% of our deer are bred in Nov and early December. I didn’t realize there was that much rut difference in other areas. We don’t have hogs here as of yet. They seem very destructive. This deer was 245lbs on the hoof. That is above average here. 200-225 would be more normal.
  10. Not a sharp thing but a different thing. This is a 3/4” swage. Used for shaping metal to a certain size. It is labeled and in very good shape. It got a handle today also. opposite of that but for the same purpose is this swage. It is struck on the top with a hammer (just like the other one) to create an indention or fuller in metal. It could be used for making something like this in a hand made hammer. Compressing the metal vs grinding it out makes it stronger.
  11. For us in IL, the way I understand it is that it is whether or not local enforcement is going to enforce the state law that the glorious powers bequeathed upon us. The longevity of that law is dependent on hundreds if not thousands of lawsuits. I read of 860ish people/businesses that were granted the ability to sell the outlawed arms because they filed suit. Federal laws are on a different ball field.
  12. My local CaseIH dealer carries Viscosity. I have seen people go out of there way to get it though so if there isn’t a dealer close to you it is probably a good move. 👍🏼👍🏼
  13. Finished the Belknap double bit I picked up a while back. New handle fitted properly. I like the look of the scalloped axes. I didn’t even have to put an edge on it. That may be a first.
  14. Had several 205s and some are harder than others but never had to turn truck off. Maybe put tranny in neutral but never shut truck off. It wasn’t converted from a 203 at any time was it? I had a Ford with a “full time” 203 case and automatic tranny. The grinding on it was a worn out drive flange on the front axle. Set of manual lockouts fixed that along with swapping in a 205.
  15. It can happen anywhere. There is corruption in some local governments but not all.
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