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  1. They were probably the same as a 494 honestly. I was told at one point that these were out for a few years before the finger pickup metering system was done. This one had electronics running a gandy box on it and a reel because it planted via check buttons on a cable. All the extra was removed.
  2. I have seen this first hand. It’s called “West Side Water” in Evansville 😂. When I was at SIU the beer was $.50/ 16oz cup on Wednesday night. That was Beast Lite I believe in 2005
  3. Been planted a week today. Probably the best stand I’ve had in years. Might have to thin it a bit later on but that’s fine. I’ll take a few doubles over a bad stand any day!
  4. It was a research plot planter when I worked for Pioneer. A few years after I was gone from there it was put up for auction. I was the last person that used it at the research station and knew what shape it was in. It has served me well. I’d love to have a bigger planter but I just mess around in the garden and with food plots so this works
  5. Planted my sweet corn Tuesday. Got it sprayed Friday night and it all spiked Saturday. I would have planted about 5 weeks ago ideally but it has been too wet. Worked it with the #45 field cultivator first and then planted it with my 2 row ex-research planter. It’s the only green equipment I own. JD plate hoppers on top of a 7000 style base. I have never been able to find the mode or anything.
  6. Looks like a fun ride Mike! What is that model called there? Looks like a “Torino” from here but I don’t think the names always crossed over.
  7. A coworker is switching jobs to a location in Florida so I decided to make him a going away gift. I started like any other opener but added a little length to the blank. Made the loop with punch and drift as usual. Cut a slit in the bottom for a planned split. after it was split and drawn out I put a single twist in each side. folded the sides back in added some garnish of a sunburst since he is moving to Florida and his name along with my touch mark bent and overlapped the feet. Drilled a hole through them and finished it off with a little copper. end result.
  8. Anyone who would get mad about an update on the life of a young person in a thread certainly needs to reflect on their priorities. We need good news in a world full of negative a news. Please keep us updated however you see fit. God bless you and the family.
  9. I’m pretty sure everything from a 350/450 up to a 5488 had the same key. I could be wrong. May have been 300/400 on up. Find a junkyard and they will probably sell you some for cheap. I keep one on my key ring all the time and a few spares 😎
  10. Great present. Congrats on your graduation.
  11. Finally got the sweet corn planted. It hasn’t been fit yet this year to do so sadly. Normally I would have planted 2-4 weeks ago. It went in nicely and should come up quickly with good ground temps.
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