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  1. My opinion, about $60-80 at a sale here. Unless you have the forge that needs the bracket on it or the pan that it’s made to mate up with. Very few people run hand crank coal forges any more. It’s old school and still works great but most of the modern guys have electric blowers on them if they use coal. Many use propane in some fashion. Example @jeeper61. I paid $7 for this a couple weeks ago. Slightly smaller but still has gear reduction box. Just dirty but ready to use.
  2. Looks clean. That is no bargain. Buffalo forge was good quality but not considered a Cadillac model. Gear reduction box helps it some. Just my opinion though.
  3. Nice pics 👍🏼👍🏼
  4. Last time that happened to me I had to drag it up and out. Clutch dumps would do no good in this clay soil…. The more I lifted up the more the bike raised and the more I sank….
  5. No, he farms and uses that ahead of an excavator when clearing. He is a good friend from college and offered to let me rent it for a short amount of time while they cut wheat. I have run equipment for him in the past when he was in a pinch. A true friend beyond this kind gesture. Our 3-5 year plan for making trails on this property turned into 12 hours with this machine.
  6. The only good thing about doing that is you can step off the bike and it just stands there and doesn’t fall over. Don’t ask me how I know 😂
  7. Making trails with a machine I rented from a buddy.
  8. Not offered for the 756. 544, 656, 826, 1026, 1456 were the offerings. Hydro or gear drive, utility or row crop if the machine was offered as such. No 1456 utilities for example. 😊
  9. Glad to hear all is running well at this point. 👍🏼👍🏼
  10. Sad to hear it went that way. People all agree but nobody willing to stand up to the problem. Kinda like the country at this point…. I digress… Obnoxious people are all over. You can effectively neutralize them with tact and wit but they normally don’t take kindly to that either. Had someone like that tell me he was going to whip my butt once. I replied “it follows me everywhere I go, get to whippin”. That probably wasn’t the right answer either but it was a means to an end. I was willing to take the chance that he didn’t have the guts to make that move. Not sure about the other guy but I had zero alcohol in my system so that was not a factor for me.
  11. I will reiterate the last two replies. I enjoy the stories and the way they are shared.
  12. My idea of truck/camper/hiking gun must be different than a “Walmart gun”. Some of the beasts at Wally World would take more than a 9mm to stop…..
  13. Yep. Didn’t have them around here but that’s what it is. All the holes here were dug vs pounded as far as I can tell. No hedge posts straight enough to pound I guess 😊
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