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  1. That would have been a bad dude in 1966 I would think. Looks like it has survived nicely.
  2. Prayers for the man and his family. Evidently the Lord felt he needed to come home. We don’t always understand that need. There will soon be no pain and things for him should be WAY better than we can imagine.
  3. And state employees found out last night from what I’m told.
  4. That’s just what worked for me 😊 Listen to whatever you want
  5. We always said AC/DC gained you 15hp in the mud so maybe you need to crank that radio up 😊
  6. It’s “the” special tractor for me family wise.
  7. I use, “the little guy likes it” and “he wants a plow day tractor”. Still waiting to see if it worked. Tractor hasn’t come along yet either, just prepping the wife. Depends on the machine. The next one I get a chance to purchase may be my Grandfather’s so that is all the reason she needs (and when we got married over 9 years ago I had a verbal disclaimer beforehand that stated I would be buying that when it came available and I haven’t let her forget it) 😊
  8. I think your boy is ready to throw some weights in that last pic. 😁
  9. I’ve got several more hours to go yet
  10. Really nice tour Aaron 👍🏼👍🏼
  11. I plowed furrows between rows by hand today and put N on the sweet corn patch. Good character builder in this heat. I’m not sure what my HP rating is but I was a little red from the sun when I finished. Does that count? 😊
  12. I’ve had the same thoughts and there are some very good answers above. I would add to try and put them in a place where they will find and keep good friends. I dont mind a beer once in a while but last 6 pack lasted 2 months. I never did drugs because I was not going to disappoint my Dad like that and none of my friends did. I have had the same core group of buddies since I was in high school 20 years ago. My high back then was about 25-30’ up in a tree all fall/winter chasing deer. I feel like having good friends kept me away from that stuff more than anything.
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