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  1. 1086 brakes

    Were the wheels stopped and sliding on the grass if that steep?
  2. spiral pin replacment

    IH was big on using super duty double roll pins in most places. Instead of one wrap of steel there was almost two. Thus called the double roll pin. If you look at the end of the old one, it probably is that way and these were also used on the shifter linkage. If you use a regular roll pin, it will probably break soon as only about 1/2 as strong. If I remember right, taking the seat out helps get to these roll pins. They are not fun to change.
  3. My favorite International machinery.

    Funny how some things almost all farmers had. Our area was a Versatile swathers and a lot of IH windy Cyclo planters. Very few IH grinder/mixers in our area but a lot of Axial Flow combines.
  4. 1066 Boost ???

    One of the jobbers does make an IH looking voltmeter. When I find it, will post who it is. This isn't the one I had seen, but they are available for $23 off Ebay and out of India. https://www.ebay.com/itm/IH-Tractor-Volt-Gauge-Voltmeter-VDO-type-2-1-16-52mm-12V-w-wire-Harness/262916494983?hash=item3d370b5687:g:dKAAAOSw4CFY3Tnl
  5. Engine stands

    With no stand I have laid the block across the frame rails. It then takes a loader or chain hoist to move it around. We had an engine stand at the shop that would hold a 1456 center section when doing a TA, but this was very heavy built and had a crank to roll it over. The 310 is not real heavy but not light either. The 414/436 is heavier yet. If you build something, do it right, as I have never dropped an engine and don't want to. How much will you use it is also a question?
  6. 1947 Farmall H

    Glad it's still in the family. The can is still on the muffler but the plug wires are hanging. It may need some work before the first parade. But that is part of the fun. Enjoy the H!
  7. 350U overheating until it's not

    Sounds like the thermostat is stuck. But you get it so hot, it snaps and opens. Not a good plan as things can go "Boom" getting that hot. Like they said, radiator to shop, a new thermostat and a functioning gauge. Or it can get really costly.
  8. Toilet in the shop.

    The dry well will do just fine for as little as you will use. Can always add a drain field if needed. The 110V demand water heater will do what you need. Will beat being puckered up and trotting to the house.
  9. Deal breaker!

    Local car dealer tried to charge me $299.00 to do the title paper work on a van I bought. I will not pay any fee when the dealer is required, by law, to furnish the title and other paper work to register. I will walk out first.
  10. Guns

    A bit of sanity in this crazy world. The Governor of Kentucky has it figured out.
  11. 1466 cavitation

    Keeping coolant quality where it belongs seems to help. Is anyone using a volt/ohm meter to check the PH. Everyone generally has one of these handy.
  12. Is there such a thing as a 560-era volt guage?

    Old style look with new tech! A nice find as never knew these were made. The day was not wasted, learned something.
  13. New member

    Welcome Wildcat66. We will help you out in any way we can. Keep it running for Grandpa.
  14. Shotguns

    I have shot a lot of shotguns and always seem to come back to the 870 Wingmaster. Mine has a 20" barrel with screw in chokes and I will not go back to a long barrel. The short one is easy to swing and quick and I have dumped pheasants past 50 yards. Sister has a 20 gauge 3" express youth with the plastic stock and just loves it. Just my 2 cents worth. PS: Remington just filed for reorganization bankruptcy. But they will still be in business.
  15. Guess ill spend the night in town....

    I see you guys and ND are getting hit. SD is to start tonight. The weatherman has no idea what we will get but they say it will be big. Encouraging? Schools are closing and it hasn't even started yet. Glad you are safe and warming up. Everyone be careful with this weather.