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  1. First thing is your vehicle is your vehicle and not some turd$ way of making money. It is sad that WE have to take precautions against the idiots of society. Steal a car is illegal and one with a kid in it is kidnapping. That should get the idiot a long time in jail. The jails are full but there is a lot of room in the cemetery! Problem solved?
  2. I put ARP stainless studs in mine. Problem solved.
  3. The ballistic coefficiency of the 6.5 bullet is the best ever seen. The 6.5 Creedmoore is a low recoil version of the 264 Winchester Magnum. Those that have one, really love them and ammo can be found cheap or high quality for long range. If I did not have a 264 Win Mag, I would have a Creedmoor. Your choice.
  4. Those who have many of the 20V batteries need to look at the electric string trimmer. You can buy them without a battery. Then use the ones you have. One battery can do what most have to weed eat. And they always start.
  5. They say this is pretty good stuff after they have been cleaned.
  6. We may as well have been married on the first date. I ran into her at work. She was quite vocal so decided to ask her out for supper. When that was over, it was to early to go home so stumbled into a bar. She drank beer and smoked cigarettes like a sailor. Found out she used to help pit for a dirt track racer. I always said it would be a cold day in he!! when I got married. End of December 1990 it was -30 below when we tied the knot, 30 years ago. I guess I'll keep her.
  7. June 15th-17th, 2023 at your State Fair Grounds.
  8. Makes me think of Randy Sogn. RIP
  9. Prayers from South Dakota. Don't be afraid to ask for help when you need it. When back on your feet, you can then help others who need it. We are all in this world together.
  10. I have shot a Remington 870 Wingmaster for years. Then went to a Browning and then a Benelli. When serious, I still grab the 870. It just fits, is lighter to carry, less bulk through the receiver and just perfect for me. I shoot a 20" ribbed barrel with screw in Tru-Chokes that really make this a quick pointing gun. With the faster burning powders of today, the long barrel is not needed. The downside of an 870: It can kick hard with heavy 3" lead shells.
  11. Is a whole new cab available? Do it once and you hopefully will be done for the rest of your life. Sometimes this is cheaper in the longs run.
  12. Our first loader tractor was a 1941 H under an F10 Farmhand. We parked it out of the wind on the East side of the barn. Had a tank heater on it to insure it started. We only cranked it as the starter and generator did not work well. It started easy if you blocked the clutch forward when it was about 30 below. Then let it run for a couple minutes to warm up a bit. Then let the clutch out slowly. The 90 weight in the transmission and the 30 weight in the loader was very stiff. It would almost kill the H as it pulled that hard. It took a few minutes of running so the loader would go up and down. No such thing as a cab then but we did have an IH Comfort Cover later on. We then pitched the silage out of the silo and it fell into the Farmhand bucket. That warmed you up a bit. Ah, the old days! PS: That same H was at RPRU2020 this year and still in it's work clothes. The 6 volt system has been restored but I still crank it for old times sake.
  13. Looking nice. It does take a lot of time and equipment to clean up what mother nature put there. What kind of hoops do you have to jump through to burn anymore?
  14. Most of those steel tanks are full of rust due to ethanol. That may influence your decision to fix or replace. I heard Briggs & Stratton are bankrupt. Getting parts any more is iffy at best. A lot of this older parts are no longer available. i
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