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  1. Diesel Doctor

    H tack

    I strand corrected on both the hour meter and the drive housing instead of distributor.
  2. On the other side of the coin, the motor quit on my 18V Ingersol Rand D650 drill. I easily found a new one for $30 shipped in. Fit perfect and back running. I have a trigger switch bad on a Snap-On CDR7850 drill driver. Snap-On wants $120 to overhaul it. Parts for this are virtually non-existant. Anyone able to get parts for a Snap-On? Parts and service are a big thing for me. Not furnishing parts is not a plus for Snap-On. It will be Milwaukee or Dewalt next time.
  3. Road Trip??????????????????????????????????????????????
  4. Diesel Doctor

    H tack

    If running a distributor, you can go to the newer one with the tach drive underneath, then use a cable and tach off a 300, or similar. This is the one IH sold for the H, back in the day. 356735R91 was the part #.
  5. BIL just lost the wobble box out of his 1100 mower. Case/IH told him $1,700 for a rebuilt one. His old one is then sent in for rebuild and he then pays the extra, if over $1,700.00 Nothing is cheap anymore?
  6. South Dakota's Governor wants to bring back the pheasant numbers of the 60's. I do too as I love a good pheasant hunt! To do so you need to get rid of the coyotes that think pheasant tastes like chicken. Also the Racoon and Skunks that like the eggs in the nest. I looked into hunting coyotes, at night, in SD as that is when they are active. It appeared by the regulations that coyotes are pretty much protected. No hunting with artificial light, no fancy scopes, must use natural light and the list goes on and on. It appears SD GF&P is afraid someone may shoot one of their precious deer. The same deer the state says they own until they run into the path of your car. Then they don't own the deer anymore. I am tired of watching the government reintroduce Wolves, etc that they feel should be in an area. The reintroduction of these animals only cause far more trouble in the future. There is a natural order of things. To protect one, pheasants, the Coyotes, Skunk and Racoons need to go. Allow us to take care of the problem and it will be done. Don't hamstring us with regulations. We want to get rid of the Coyotes and they are being reintroduced somewhere else. The government needs to quit messing with these issues that can bite into the pocket books of farmers/ranchers. When they want to go do this stuff, they want public input. Go tell them "NO". PS: A tracking collar in a 2 1/2 gallon oil jug floating down the river puts the heat a long ways down river.
  7. The idiot in North Philly who wounded 6 cops had a rap sheet longer than your arm. His last felonies were dismissed by the prosecutor. If he would have been in jail, where he belonged, no one would have been shot and this would not have happened. We don't have a gun problem, we have a lack of prison bed space problem with an overloaded criminal justice system.. You cannot leave these violent criminals on the street and expect peace. Their life is drugs, booze, women/men, boys/girls, gangs and violence. Only a politician believes a new gun law will help stop these crimes. You want to stop this in a civilized way, build jails/prisons.
  8. Here is the tool for the adjustable lifters if you install or have them. I put these in a flat head Ford a long time ago and they worked great. These are on Ebay!
  9. Asphalt is far cheaper than steel. Steel is usually put on high hail or wind areas where people get tires of re-shingling. I looked into it, and was not ready to pay the price for the steel.
  10. Perhaps a bit of Johnny Cash is appropriate here. Enjoy!
  11. 100 years from now, will anyone care if you bought another tractor?
  12. I would like to know what a diesel could do if the government was taken out of this equation? What would the mileage and emissions be if they could engineer things right, rather than adapting all the crap to the engine. Crap that stifles the engine, adds weight and adds to the costs.
  13. I just caught a glimpse of that car on Motor Trend. They were in San Francisco I believe. Did anybody else watch it?
  14. I can't read off pic. What are these brackets for on the M? Thanks for the pictures, they are great!
  15. Last time I seen here she was looking great for her age and considering all the chemicals she ingested. What a voice. White Rabbit
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