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  1. Here are two blank dealer stickers. Use if you wish. I put these into Paint and put the dealer name, etc., into it and have a sign company print. The problem is most of these are locally made and are all sizes, shapes and designs. Those have to each be made by a sign shop.
  2. It would be nice if the national started a dealer site. Would be great to put pictures, dealer stickers, employees names and other memorabilia on the site. That would save the information on dealers which is being lost each day.
  3. I heard the earliest 39 H's had a different looking H decal on the hood.
  4. If you want cheap, go find an old Versatile 400 Hydro swather. Simple and easy to work on. Years ago, every farmer up here had one. Those things have cut millions of acres of hay and they done the job well.
  5. No ballast LED's in garage. -20 below and they fully light, immediately. They are worth the time to change. Got mine out of Menard's.
  6. Now the morons here are using their phones to video the bad accidents when they go by. They got to be the first to put it on Facebook. That works real well? You have to drive your vehicle and theirs to keep from being killed.
  7. Gentlemen!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Take a breath........ The intent of the law is to protect a young child from a possible mistake being made. We assume that all parents are good. This is not the case. Some parents may have issues and could order a doctor to change the sex of their child, for whatever reason, mistake or not. The doctor would have to comply. The law would just slow this sex change and not prevent it. When older, the child would then be able to be a part of the decision making process. I would much rather see a sex change be put off for a short period than to have a possible mistake be made for the rest of the child's life.
  8. Then I guess it is no longer Tractor Supply Store but ?????????? Supply Store? 😒
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