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  1. Small Ford tractors used a 3 cylinder diesel. A strange sounding thing.
  2. A bus tour is being planned to the Red Power Roundup 2019 in Bloomsburg, PA leaving South Dakota June 24th and returning June 30th. The cost can be $1,100 if 45-50 people go or $1,200 if 30-35 people go along for a single person or $1,300 and $1,500 double occupancy. You are then responsible for your food and other personal expenses. All transportation and lodging included. The 2018 trip to Alabama was a great time. Our friends from Minnesota and Nebraska also joined us South Dakotans so anyone can go along. We can also pickup people along the route. Think seriously about joining us? A number of stops and side trips are being looked at. Contact Joyce at 605-359-0386 to get signed up or for more info. Come see our great country and meet some new friends who all have that IH passion!
  3. There is hope, America? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Cb1EDmVtg5M
  4. This guy will do more harm to the Democrats than they have done to themselves. People are not as stupid as the Dem's think. Mark Levin is a constitutional scholar and always has very informative guests.
  5. What is a "Bomb Cyclone"? They keep talking of this last little winter storm as such. No bomb went off and it was no cyclone, tornado or twister. It is called a Blizzard! Or is this more Hollywood with the imaginary press?
  6. Watch and enjoy. https://biggeekdad.com/2017/09/good-people-world/
  7. And now England is in a mess trying to get out of the (EU) Eeropean Union. Looks like the Prime Minister will be gone soon. Unsure how that will help?
  8. There are good refills available and they last for years. Look for Piaa Pure Silicone Wiper refills. Be sure to order the right width, I believe they are 6mm or 8mm, to fit your vehicle. I then buy the longest ones I can get and cut to the proper length. You can find for $10-$20/refill. I put a set on my pickup 8 years ago and they still do not streak and are working very well. The silicone in the blade will coat your windshield to help repel water like Rainx. They have treated me very well. Looks like Walmart and Tire Rack may carry but I get online http://www.piaa.com/store/p/314-Silicone-Wiper-Refill-24-600Mm.aspx.
  9. I have a Sleep Number and love it. It is adjustable on both sides so if you like more firm and GF wants it softer, you can do it. Change GF's and easily adjustable to the new model. The normal or foam ones, you are stuck with that firmness and have zero adjustability. Mine don't have the incline either and gave about $1,300 for a king a few years ago.
  10. I thought today was National Grumpy Day?
  11. The value of a piece of equipment is in the eyes of the buyer.. If you want it, and am willing to pay the price, then do it. If it don't feel right, then walk away. No one will "Hee Haw" you over a few bucks for what you wanted.
  12. Kinda looks like Bill Clinton? Got that grin?
  13. Tens of thousands of rounds thru an RCBS Rockchucker. Never had a problem with anything RCBS. Hope you have someone to answer your questions. You will have a few that a book won't answer.
  14. Seen this in the past. What was found was the valve guide was loose in the head. The engine ran, the guide worked up until it put the rocker arm into a bind, snap. Look the guides over closely and be sure they are tight in the head.
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