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  1. Truckers years ago, when diesel fuel had sulfur, would go up to 5% gas to prevent jelling. With low sulfur fuel, and gas takes away the lubricity of the fuel, I would get the majority out, if at all possible. A 50/50 mix is way to much for the pump and nozzles to handle. Then I like the 2 stroke oil idea which may counteract the gas. Maybe a quart of 2 stroke oil may do it. It will be your checkbook that takes the hit if this don't work so your call on this one. And assume you will be without the equipment for a few months. If you have a 500 gallon diesel tan
  2. The dead varmints along the road will be replaced with dead idiots who eat rotten meat.
  3. There are two different input shafts depending on serial #. 52945DE is for serial # 501-391357, 18 and 35 teeth, (will work for 47893D and 66192DA) or 358024R1 is for serial # 391358 and above, 18 and 35 teeth Since there was a mid-model change in the gears, I assume they changed the pitch of the gears as all else looks the same. I also agree that when you put a new gear against a well used gear, you will have gear whine. Also, the old gear appears to have the 5th gear teeth on it. The 5th gear lockout is in the cover and just ahead of the shifter, remove the
  4. Unsure if CNH/CIH is buying their rebuilds from China. If so, getting one to work is hard. China rebuilds are just junk. Keep taking them back until you get one that works or find a different supplier.
  5. Setting in the seat, if this is under your left hand, it is probably the hydraulic clutch assist. If under your right hand, then Snoshoe is right with the hydraulic transmission brake.
  6. Dawson, MN has a big truck salvage yard.
  7. No thanks. I have enough mowers. If I remember right, I looked the Alice-Chalmers over and I believe it was made by GE for Alice.
  8. We have rocks! A local farmer put a rock board on his flat bed hay trailer. The board had a hole in it that was sized by this college educated farmer. He, or the help, would pick the rock and put it on the board. If the rock fell through, he left it in the field. If it did not fall through, it went on the flat bed. Then you went to the rock pile and threw the rock off the flat bed onto the pile. All kinds of fun? Dad bought 40 acres of native pasture in about 1968. We broke that sod with a 460 diesel and a 3-16 IH plow with the trip hitch. It h
  9. I seen an electric Alice-Chalmers lawn tractor in Mansfield, SD years ago. I wish I had bought that. If I remember, it had four 6V batteries in it.
  10. Who would we be violating if we only let conservatives move to South Dakota? Talked with a nurse today that just moved from MN to SD. I didn't have the guts to ask her political affiliation.
  11. I ran propane in a 1998 Honda Accord. I worked super good. On a high temp and humid day, you could see frost coming from the center air outlet. One day a line broke and propane was coming out by the windshield. I kicked the cruise off and grabbed the ejection handle. The propane disappeared, the air quit so I hit resume and went home. A few weeks later a deer killed the car, dead. I would run propane in a diesel tractor with no problem. All you need is to make an adapter from LP tank to gauge set and you are in business.
  12. I never been to Mobridge, let's go and I'll buy coffee?
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