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  1. What an actor. Sam was great in Justified. They killed him off there, too. He played along side Timothy Olyphant who is almost a younger Sam. Tim also drips cool.
  2. It kind of matches the Democrats in Congress.
  3. The 1468 had baffled mufflers. They had a soft plug in them to push the exhaust around and thru the muffler. Had a guy with one lose one bank of cylinders on his 1468. We took the muffler off and it ran find. Put the muffler on upside down and brought it up to high idle. You could hear the pressure building until it shot that soft plug into low earth orbit. We put that muffler back on and drove the soft plug out of the other to make sure this didn't happen again. Made no difference in sound. So, the 1468's were baffled but they had a round muffler. I also made a stainless muffler for my H. I just drilled holes in the center pipe and it works fine and is surprisingly quiet. They do work with the open design.
  4. I just found that all motel rooms are booked for RPRU2020 in Huron. However, that does not stop anyone from attending. There are many rooms available within a 45 minutes drive from Huron. Mitchell would be the largest and South of Huron. Redfield, Miller and DeSmet are other towns with lodging. I also found that local housing is available as well as rental campers from the locals. Jack's Campers in Mitchell will rent you what you want also. Call them at https://www.jackscampers.com/jacks-rentals or (605) 996-3268 or 1-800-356-1812. Give the State Fair and Huron Chamber a call. They can help you get lodging for your stay. They will help you! South Dakota State Fair Grounds, 1060 3rd St SW, Huron, SD 57350 Call: 1-800-529-0900 or 605-353-7340 or FAX: 605-353-7348 https://www.sdstatefair.com/ Huron, SD Chamber of Commerce, 1705 Dakota Avenue South, Huron, SD 57350 Phone: 605-352-0363 toll free 1-800-487-6673 Fax: 605-352-8321 e-mail at cvb@huronsd.com or https://www.huronsd.com/chamber-of-commerce The Black Hills Bus Tour will be held prior to RPRU2020. See the information here. https://www.packplaytravel.com/redpower.html If you would wish to come early and go on the bus tour, your equipment and vehicles can be parked, on grounds, protected by security nightly. You can see the beautiful Black Hills of South Dakota. The lighting ceremony of Mount Rushmore should be on everyone's list of things to see. It is amazing. Sign up ASAP with your letter of interest, for the trip. The final signup must be completed by February 1st, 2020 so your place is reserved. Chapter #21 is doing everything possible to make your visit to South Dakota enjoyable. Feel free to contact us with any problems or questions.
  5. Thanks for all the help. That is the great part of this blog. Ask a question, get a straight answer. Thanks again. DD
  6. A friend of mine is a green mechanic and knows his way around them well. His customer needs a cylinder head on his 8.3 Cummins 1680. He has a head off either a 7130 or 7230 with the 8.3. Will those heads interchange? This is too new for me to know. Thanks
  7. What are you doing with the rear end? Most had such low gears, you were lucky to get 55 out of them wound up tight. Anybody know what the highest gears you can get are. 2.56 - 1 may be a bit much on 900.00 X 20's, so what would work. Something that will run 80 down the interstate.
  8. Gorgeous!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We have so many great things to see in this country. This is one of them.
  9. Watch the kids and grain carts, etc.. Those little squirts will crawl up there to play and get sucked in. Young kids and machinery are a poor match. Keep them away and safe unless someone has a hold of them.
  10. The old blacksmith said the wire wheel, long before eye protection, was the worst thing made for your good eye.
  11. I remember the Terrace Park Dairy guy driving one when there was still home deliveries. That has been a day or two ago?
  12. Diesel Doctor


    Mental health is being 1% tougher than what you are facing. So never give up! I hate doctors but there comes a time to listen, swallow ones pride and get it done. I seen RPRU2019 as well as the Rocky Mountains and Salt Lake this summer. 100 years from now, no one will care that I went on vacation. You can go on vacation and then hit it hard when you get home. YOU CAN DO BOTH! When you are taking that long dirt nap, the kids will usually turn everything you worked for into cash and move on. I'm going to spend a bit of the inheritance.
  13. Before the days of electronics, one could safely run 5% gas in the winter to prevent jell. Unsure if a person dare try that now?
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