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  1. Diesel Doctor

    Does this look right for an H?

    This is the IH parts diagram. There were different versions. I have my 41 back to original including the manifold heat shield. Mine uses 17 on the small tank and small tank to strainer 14 under big tank. The dual line strainer is very hard to find. I had mine helicoiled to fix it.
  2. Diesel Doctor

    IH skid steers

    Not sure if same model # but MIKEM has one. A nice unit.
  3. Diesel Doctor

    Suburban ac question

    Why was the compressor replaced? Did the old one grenade? If old one destroyed itself, was the screen at the expansion valve cleaned and the system flushed. It sounds like you have a blockage in the system and the high pressure relief valve is blowing off rather than destroying the new compressor.
  4. Diesel Doctor

    Custom harvesting documentary

    Rumor has it that Leonard Ode of L&O Acres invented the Steiger tractor. I heard he sold out to IH and IH thought they didn't need to buy his patent to the differential design. They were wrong and really paid later on. They say he gets any IH equipment he wants to us either free or on the cheap. When his IH equipment comes down the road it is huge and many of them. It is an impressive site. Anybody else know about this?
  5. Diesel Doctor

    150 H.P. CASE 'Road Locomotive'

    He was pulling 24 bottoms but they look small. Guessing 12" bottoms. It just played with that plow. A friend has a picture of a steamer plowing years ago at Raymond, SD pulling 50 bottoms. Not this 150 steamer and probably a 110 HP. Rumors of a bigger plow at Andover next year but nothing for sure. It is something to see work and real quiet for what is happening.
  6. Diesel Doctor


    The Imaginary News is now blaming Trump for causing this hurricane. Some people have less brains than a stalk of corn. Prayers to all in it's path and hopefully no one is injured or worse.
  7. Diesel Doctor

    Single Decals Made ?

    Unsure where you are at but I have a lady that will do small projects all the time. I just tell her to work it in with something else. A few days she calls, is done. I would look for a different shop.
  8. Diesel Doctor

    Open belt grinders/sanders

    Careful, that grinder with the wire wheels can screw up your good eye!😎
  9. Diesel Doctor

    Please do not take this the wrong way!

    This area was more diversified when I grew up, (60's). We had about four farms per section with corn, wheat, flax, oats, and no beans. Everyone had cattle, hogs, a few chickens and many kids. My class had 72 kids and last years was under 20. Now most farmers here are 1,000 acres, at least, and more. People have left and townships are having problems finding enough people to hold a meeting. Hogs, cattle, chickens, turkeys are all in confinement with a few cow/calf operations left. More confinement is going up as we speak. The change to bigger farms happened. Now corn/beans is the main crops. SD used to be very hot and dry in the summer. Now it is cooler and humid. I attribute that to the beans/corn which is putting the humidity into the air and that brings more rain. Over 100 degrees with zero humidity was the past. 80-90 degrees with 80-90 percent humidity is now the norm. It has been this way for the past 10-20 years, Rick. Change has happened and will continue. It may not be right, but it is what it is?
  10. Diesel Doctor

    2018 James Valley Threshing Show pictures

    The 150 HP Case Steamer was terrific. Appeared to be 1/3 larger than a 110 HP and super impressive. It played with the 24 bottom plow. Have heard it will pull a 50 bottom. It will be at Rollag, MN next year which is one of the best steam shows in the. nation. If you have never seen steam in action, you will be impressed. Super powerful and quiet compared to a tractor. Thanks James Valley Threshers and Cory Anderson as this was a show to remember.
  11. Diesel Doctor

    3688 Engine swap

    I do know there is a difference in the truck and tractor turbos which does make a noticeable difference. Move all the tractor stuff to the new engine in the tractor.
  12. Look up: http://dakotafoundry.com/ They specialize in small runs. They can help you. Unsure of the costs. I would get more made and sell to help with the costs. Keep us up on the project.
  13. Diesel Doctor

    806 Propane FWA

    That is a very rare bird. I wish I owned it.😀