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  1. South Dakota is covered with it too. It is harder to kill than a Mother in Law. They say the tap root can go down 20 feet.
  2. I'm the same as Danny, I would need to get the Service Manual out. But out in the open, like this is, would be far easier than working behind the radiator replacing the seal on the tractor. You just got a lot of stuff to be in line when you tighten it up. Just follow the book.
  3. A heck of a saw, but they are heavy.
  4. Ask them pointed questions, like, if we find your bodies, where do you want to be buried? Casket or cremation? Maybe they will get the idea? This is the part of Mother Nature you don't mess with.
  5. Well that took the easy out of this? I see nothing out of place. I assume you had the dots lined up on the drive shaft and on the hydraulic head so it was timed correctly. Are the bearings OK in the pump drive shaft and have you changed the seals? Would be a great time to do it. Other than that, you could have someone put it on the test stand and see if it knocks there.
  6. I believe those would flip up and out of the way so you could stand and drive. Then when you sat down, the whole seat and you came back down in the normal position. Is there a seat section in the operators manual that explains all the adjustments?
  7. To bolt to an H bolster, the holes are 4" center-to-center using 5/8 bolts. M uses 3/4" bolts and 4 1/2 center-to-center.
  8. Magnetos do not use any power. They generate their own. Check the points and it will probably run.
  9. Any shortage of creature comforts could set off the masses. We need to be kept happy or the results will be catastrophic? I'm just headed out the door to recycle a truck roll off of aluminum cans. Doing my part to keep the beer drinkers happy! I need to invent a roller device to crush the cans and get the air out. That way we can get more cans in the roll off. Any brilliant ideas?
  10. The governor weight retainer should slide onto the head and be held in place with a snap ring. It appears the weight retainer is floating around loose. There is your knock. Turn the governor washer over so you see the bevel on the outside when you slide it into the weights.
  11. When I see a ball of rust inside a diesel pump, due to the fuel, that causes an issue with me. It ate away the timing mark on the governor weight retainer of the last pump I worked on. It seized the pumping plungers on a pump that was overhauled less than six months ago. It does not need to be as bad as Matt says to be an issue. It is costing diesel owners a great deal of money now.
  12. In South Dakota you can if he is bothering the livestock. PS: An older lady shot one out of a tree in the Black Hills with a .22 a few years ago. One shot, one kill! They never persecuted her so I would guess a standard has been set in South Dakota.
  13. Wouldn't it be far easier to get rid of ultra low sulfur fuel. All the issues are costing the consumer WAY to much.
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