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  1. I have shields on my gutters but apparently the wrong ones. Mine stop the leaves but the stems fall trough and break off, plugging the down spouts. I thought, problem solved, but I was slapped along side the head again. A person just can't win?
  2. I agree the kids are as smart as us and have the same abilities. The problem is they are not being taught the old ways in school. The diesel class at my old Vo-Tech does not teach the older pumps like the Roosa Master, IH, etc., etc.. So if no one can keep them running, they will go to the scrapper because they are only as good for a mail box mount. So the only way they work on these is reading the old books and trying on their own or having one of us old farts show them how. We do need to do better on helping the kids, but sometimes they do not appear to be interested. Keep in mind that the younger people of today grew up with Case/IH and not International Harvster. We need to embrace the Case/IH crowd or our state chapters will be soon history too.
  3. What do you mean "Licensed since 2008"? I have never heard of a mechanic license. Explain and where are you?
  4. I have a 1941 H and it had some either aluminum or pot metal seal holders on the counter shaft and input shaft. Those seal holders had expanded to the point that a new seal would not stay in them. I ended up finding the cast iron ones at a junk yard and replacing them both. Those worked fine. Has anyone else had this problem?
  5. My heart was all a flutter until I messaged him. The main bolster steering bracket I needed was for an M. Bigger 4 1/2" bolt pattern and 3/4 rather than 5/8 bolts. And I could have drove the round trip in one day. Thanks for the info. I was ready to go?
  6. The Case/IH parts site only shows a slab front weight that bolts on. Nothing shown that you have described. https://www.mycnhistore.com/us/en/caseih/tractors/utility/naaa87099legacy/farmall-diesel-tractor/miscellaneous-equipment/miscellaneous-equipment-front-end-weights-farmall-460-series/cn/7C51315A-8FBF-E111-9FCE-005056875BD6?modelCode=81CF6496-EFBE-E111-9FCE-005056875BD6&isSnFilterEnabled=false
  7. I picked up an original front tie rod H wide front end. Apparently the past owner broke the steering arm, #22 on diagram, off the bolster. Calls for part # 8171D and to order 67949D. A homemade one is on it now and the tie rod that goes from the center arm to the left wheel has been modified. I am also missing the plate, #26 on diagram 67946DAX that bolts the front end to the tractor. These parts are not available new so does anyone have these used. The front end is in very nice shape. I would either like to find the parts and install the front end on my H or sell the balance to someone needing parts. What is available?
  8. I have seen both Rotella and Delvac in 15-40 but not 10-30. Who can get the 10-30? Since Dad used Delvac forever, I am still a fan. Delvac has a rebate on now. I believe you can get $20 or $25 off a five gallon bucket of oil. Big rebates on a barrel of oil down to a gallon. The retailer should have the forms. It's a pain to apply for but the money is good.
  9. Not to be a bearer of bad news but they clean the heads up before Magnafluxing them. They could be cracked and that is why they were not on something. I would have them checked out before using.
  10. The parts book shows for a 444 Diesel: 226032R1 Seal - Limited Stock 379784R1 Shaft - Unavailable 379782R92 Service Kit - Unavailable 389397R92 Pump Assembly - Unavailable You may want to have a dealer verify these #'s and also check the system to see if any are available. It does not say what is in the Service Kit other than 4 pieces and the seal is not included? You may have to get by with just the seal. It would be worth a try as the old one must be as hard as a rock. https://www.mycnhistore.com/us/en/caseih/tractors/agricultural/naaa01089under100hp/international-diesel-tractor-north-america/steering-mechanism/steering-mechanism-hydrostatic-power-steering-hand-pump/cn/B0D3D84C-8FBF-E111-9FCE-005056875BD6?modelCode=4CCF6496-EFBE-E111-9FCE-005056875BD6&isSnFilterEnabled=false
  11. They are color coded but have been painted over. Use something a sharp knife, scratch the paint off until you get down to the wire color. Then with a wiring diagram, it will be easier to figure out.
  12. That is in a class of, "A Tony Restoration". A thing of beauty.
  13. It would be worth a try. Get a good charcoal fire going and try it. Heat will melt that tar from the old gas. Be ready to dump out the original water and then to rinse 3-4 times with good hot water. We need a report back on this method.
  14. The 292 is a tough six cylinder. Would I want to drive one to the coast, NO! But as a use it once in awhile and move a few loads of this and that, they work great. Just don't be in a big hurry? For a cheap knock around truck, it will do you great. Parts can be found for brakes and you can always find used, if you need to. A friend just resurrected an old truck like this with a 350 in it. Finding exhaust gaskets was hard and had to be ordered. E-bay usually has what the parts store don't stock.
  15. Then the lift pump needs to be removed and a new input shaft seal installed. The transfer pump fuel is pumping into the diesel pump lube oil and it should not do so. Those seals are very hard to find but there is a fix that I cannot remember right now. Any good diesel shop should have the answers.
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