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  1. South Dakota was looking at a huge refinery south of Sioux Falls. The people nixed that. Not in my back yard? Well, it has to be in someones!
  2. Why not? Getting that up to speed will keep you out of the bar. Is that similar to a Cockshutt?
  3. The first of these I seen was on a Harley Davidson. It does get your attention. It flashed three-four times and then went solid on. But, it is a small electronic device that is now $9.99 for four of these on SleaseBay.
  4. You should speak to the cops about this as this is STEALING! If they stung your family twice, they are doing it to others. Help everyone and get it stopped. PS: A friend bought a nice three wheel motorcycle. She took it into the dealer and gave them the OK to do what was needed. She picked it up, paid the rather big bill and took off on a trip. It broke down in less than 100 miles and needed to be towed in. The mechanic was steamed at the owner for not taking care of the bike. He said no updates had been done and things were neglected. She showed him the recent bill. None of this had been done. I told her to go to the cops as this is fraud and theft. She refused. I guess it was her call, but, I told her to give me the money next time. I would at least appreciate it and tell her Thank You!
  5. South Dakota has Sioux Falls heading in the same direction if we don't watch it.
  6. Can I use the 2150 red? I love it!
  7. I seen this the other day on FB and thought of you. It's a buy with three new tires. Only $1,000 and in Ottertail, MN.
  8. Sorry Illinois, you sat back and let this happen. Now you have a huge problem, so fix it.
  9. IH uses felt seals all over. Like rear axles on most all older stuff and the front wheels on the H/M. They do allow the hub on the front wheels to rotate around the outside of the felt. I just put a thin film of grease around the outside of the felt and also inside the hub where it runs. But, it may need to run dry? I don't know. If anyone has the IH service manual for any of these tractors, look it up and see what IH says to do. This is far from a life or death deal but it would be nice to know the thinking of IH on the installation?
  10. That is right. Used on the 706/806 models only. #25 in the parts diagram. Mostly discontinued and sells for around $40 if you can find one. This was not a wasted day. I learned something!
  11. I agree with everything Matt has said. After a major engine overhaul, I would hook it to the dyno wind it up until up to temperature. Then I would lite a cigarette and throw the nuts to it. It would set at full horsepower for 15 minutes or more. All the time I was listening for any signs of doom. You will usually hear it before it goes, "BOOM". Being gentle only delays the inevitable. Use it and don't abuse it! PS: Use the mechanical advantage of low range whenever you can but don't be afraid of high range if it works well for you.
  12. The only way I know of is to put in clean oil, run it awhile and then drain. Keep doing this until the oil remains clean. But this can get very expensive with the cost of oil. They make a machine for automatic transmissions and they usually use 16 quarts of ATF as the flush oil.
  13. There should be no need for reservations to show your respect for the people still entombed in that sacred spot!
  14. Most farmers are AC-DC when it comes to equipment. You buy what you need and is available at the time. Speaking of the yellow wheels here is one thing but pictures are blasphemy? 😀
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