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  1. You can't tell me that not being able to work on your own tractor has not hurt Mother Deere? It sounds like the farmer is lucky that Deere allows them to operate their equipment. That is just arrogance. Back in the 80's, every farm had at least one Versatile 400 swather on the place. Dealers were all over.
  2. The 10DN Delco with the external requlator was used on the later 806's and 56 series tractors so it should show you what you need. https://cngco.com/wiring_diagrams.html
  3. I believe 1939 -1944 had McCormick-Deering. From 1945 on had McCormick only.
  4. Diesel Doctor


    Ah, to have a dyno again. That would put the snot to it and bring it up to temp. If that did not loosen the rings, then you are in for a re-ring or at least tear it apart to loosen them up. These tractors are for the most part parade queens . If one was using it as your main horse, then yes, sleeves and pistons and bearings. My Dad loosened up a Chrysler Industrial out of a 21A Massey Combine. He picked at each piston until the rings were loose. He put it back together using the old gaskets. He had zero money in it but a lot of time. It used one quart of oil that fall. That was it. Like brahamfireman said, drive it like a rented mule and see what happens.
  5. Farmall Fixer is right on the spring. The spring in the top photo is the one he talks of. It don't look like it has been hooked in years. The second photo is a problem. That eyelette should not be broken. Either find a replacement or pickup a new one. This is why that brake does not work. Looks like the part # for that link is an A30911 thru Case/IH and is about $24.00. Take the two halves apart and clean out the holes where the big marbles run and clean up the marbles too. I always put a real light coat of grease in the holes and on the marbles. Those little short springs then hold the two halves together. If the disks are shiny and glazed, either replace them or run them over the wire wheel to deglaze them. These usually worked rather well until someone drove off with the brake locked again. That would glaze the disks again.
  6. Except when the Tax Man comes???????????????? A friend has in floor heat in his shop He comes home, drives his pickup inside for the night, strips off his wet coveralls and lays them out on the floor. The next morning the pickup and his coveralls are nice and warm. In floor is great. If you have not been around it, try it out. You will be sold immediately.
  7. Don't throw it away or give it away? Some Rat Rodder would love this. It's a Hemi!
  8. If you buy anything to stop bleeding, Vet Wrap can put the pressure where it belongs. Handy stuff.
  9. Diesel Doctor


    They were short barreled and noisy but handy as a truck gun.
  10. My favorite was a Remington 550 semi-auto tube fed. It would shoot shorts, longs and long rifles and in any order without a miss Traded it for a 10/22 and less than a year later, traded the 10/22 for another 550 Remington. Has the big rifle feel and the accuracy that goes with it. 100 gophers a night and rarely missed. Shot most at close range out of the pickup window. Shot most in the head. A heck of a rifle.
  11. That is far more scope than you need on a .17 but overkill can be good. BSA's are a cheaper scope but with little to no recoil, it should work just fine. Some use the rule of thumb of the scope costing the same as the rifle. Rimfires don't need that good a scope, unless you want to. Then it is OK. Whatever blows your dress up?
  12. It appears that traffic stopped the UPS truck. Far more happened than the 30 seconds max of video we seen. Ballistics will prove who shot who. The pucker factor was beyond belief for those cops. Ending this appeared to be their goal as death would continue if not stopped. It's awfully easy to "Armchair Quarterback" this after the fact. This will be settled by more knowledgeable people than us.
  13. Saw squat toilets in Yellowstone for the orientals. And a picture of how not to squat and pee on the normal toilet seat. I am not saying that some people should be beaten, but there should be a place you can take them to have it done.
  14. We had a 911 call asking which grocer had lettuce on sale. That info was not given out. Privileged info. IDIOTS!
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