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  1. Bezos spends his money as he wishes and so do I. This is called, America!
  2. If I was a coach for any Olympic team, it would be known that any disrespect towards our country and you are off the team. That should be a standard for all coaches and all of America.
  3. A friend of mine is a John Deere mechanic. On the newer FWA, he says to grease the front axle pivot with each tank of fuel. To much grease and to little grease is both bad. This is very costly to fix. I would bet the Case/IH's are the same.
  4. I have been to at least two spray plane wrecks. Both guys lived. One pilot was spraying Parathion and caught a wheel in a fence. Yes, he was that low. He was soaked in that Parathion. The farmers knew what he was spraying, had been trained and knew what to do. They loaded the pilot in the back of a pickup, took him to the nearest farm, stripped him naked and continued to wash him down with the garden hose until the ambulance arrived. The pilot was kept in the hospital, was doing well, but he figured he would be a mess in a couple days when that Parathion hit his system. The training the farmers got probably saved his life.
  5. That does keep it on the inside for easy clean up?😀 Don't ask how I know.
  6. If out in the open, and not under or near buildings, put about 6' of open hose on your propane tank. Put the hose down the hole, open the valve and turn it upside down. Liquid propane comes out and settles at the bottom. It don't take but a couple seconds to get enough to do the job. Propane is heavier than air and suffocates whatever is down there. No more problem and no mess. I have shot a few Badgers and they have an attitude far worse than any woman.
  7. The first is a Massey Harris 21 or 21A. The 21 had canvases in the header and the 21A had an auger.
  8. These guys balance rotors in Redfield, SD. http://www.burdickbros.com/ May be a ways for you but someone closer may need the service.
  9. And when is the last time that pin was greased? Years and years of abuse just caught up with it.
  10. A roll? You were far better off. We had the Sears catalog. And you hoped it was not down to the shiny pages.
  11. And the only way to get a Snap-On fixed is thru the company. No parts are available. I'll pass.
  12. Will that thermal feature tell you if Momma is warmed up and ready to go?
  13. And they make quite a site when they self-destruct and burn!
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