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  1. Take my advice, replace the axle housing gaskets while you are this close. I did not and later regretted it and then had to replace mine. Yes, do one side at a time and be careful as those housings are heavy.
  2. Many have been built out of sheet steel and made as needed. A metal guy with a shear and break can run one out in a hurry.
  3. Open the plug gap to about 0.060 on #3 and see what happens. Mine done the same so opened the plug gap and has run perfect ever since.
  4. Should someone call the Queen on your behalf?
  5. GOLF CAR INFORMATION AND REQUIREMENTS Personal golf cars/UTVs are allowed and golf cars are available for rent. Whether a personal car or a rental, the following requirements apply to all: All golf cars are required to have a permit ($40). Permits are already included in golf car rental. If you are bringing your own car, permits will be available on site: A Certificate of Liability for a minimum of $500,000 liability for all cars is required and must state in the description box “for the use of a golf car on the South Dakota State Fairgrounds”. Permits can be emailed to shelley.noonan@state.sd.us or must be presented upon arrival. There will be a waiver of rights and release of liability form to sign upon arrival at the show. Only licensed drivers can operate any type of vehicle on the grounds. The following are NOT ALLOWED: Four-wheelers ATVs Motorcycles Mopeds or bicycles Golf Car Reservations: Call 605-275-4653 for reservations. Rental fees are as follows (permit fee included): 2 passenger car - $110/day 4 passenger car - $135/day Paddle-lock: one-time fee of $25 (Optional – you can bring your own lock) Hours of Operation: NB Golf Cars will be available on-site August 7-10, 2020, 8 AM – 5 PM. Pickup Policy Please have driver’s license and sales order number available when picking up a car. Individuals must be licensed and at least 18 years old to pick up car and fill out both a NB Golf Cars rental and Red Power Round Up waiver. Cancellation Policy Rain or Shine. No refunds will be issued once reservation is placed. Cars must be returned by 5 PM of last day of reservation period to avoid a late charge. NB Golf Cars reserves the right to charge for cars that are not returned to golf car compound after the rental term is concluded. Lost or Stolen Cars Locks are STRONGLY encouraged to avoid theft. All cars are similar in style and age. Keys are interchangeable. NB Golf Cars will have bicycle locks available for a $25.00 rental fee. Lock codes must not be changed after issue. NB Golf Cars reserves the right to charge for lock replacement if the lock is not able to be opened after the car is returned. No additional cars will be issued due to a lost or stolen car. Damages: NB Golf Cars reserves the right to charge for all damages.
  6. GREAT NEWS! We have golf cart rentals at RPRU 2020. The company will be on grounds, at Gate 8, where the handicapped will park. More info to come on the company and a phone number to get your rental. Terrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrific news!
  7. Most 560's were old enough and did not use the elastacast ring on the governor weight retainer. The older used a mechanical spring to dampen the governor. But the older used a short advance piston that would bind. If the advance piston is about 1" and the pump looks like the same as 1456, then it can be the ring. If a shallow advance, that is where I would start first. Metering valves usually cause galloping/hunting and not loss of rpm's. Unless the high idle screw came loose and worked it's way in. A thought and easy to see. If the pump hasn't seen a shop in years, it may be time and take the nozzles too.
  8. When running on gas, open the throttle with the nuts loose on the nozzles until fuel is coming from all four lines. Lock down all the nuts, open throttle wide open and switch the lever from gas to diesel. It should run on diesel now.
  9. They will never "TAKE" my gun!
  10. The people of Pennsylvania elected Tom Wolf (D). You can also throw him out?
  11. Give it a try Tony? Most shops will not use full synthetic until after the break in period of a new engine Trying to find conventional oil is getting tough. I'm still using Mobil Delvac 15-40 in about everything. But it is getting harder to find. We may be forced in the future to Case/IH or Mother Deere for all conventional and straight weight oils that will keep flat tappet lifters alive.
  12. Antifa trying to disrupt the He!!'s Angels? They may get to see where Jimmy Hoffa's buried? PS: The Lions Pancake House will be open early in the AM starting Friday. If you get up early, want coffee, breakfast and B.S., stop by and set down in an open chair. The food is great. In 2014, the day started here and it will do so again in 2020. There is no more fun than people?
  13. Damn little or the tank will swell up big time. Better off bleeding the lines at the nozzles.
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