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  1. Diesel Doctor

    Ih 1066 question

    The tank can be jacked up and you can get them out/in. I agree the split is a lot handier to get push rods out and head off, etc.. 86 series with no tank is a breeze.
  2. Diesel Doctor

    Another oil topic🤦‍♂️

    The line put them together, filled them with oil, fired them up and off they went to the dealer. There was no engine break in or oil change at the factory. I assumed they used IH #1 oil when new. New tractors are no different from overhauls. They all have contaminants in the engine that are flushed loose by the oil. The filter catches the majority and it is best to get rid of the contaminated oil ASAP. But with the cost of oil, filters, etc.., it adds up. Someone else may know when the new tractors were to change 1st oil/filter. I am thinking 50 hours for some reason. Generally if an engine goes sour, it was due to mechanical issues and not from lack of lubrication. Just change regularly and within reason.
  3. Diesel Doctor

    I had the best dream last night

    Maybe this will sooth the savage beast? This is a great ad. Someone was thinking.
  4. Diesel Doctor

    Believe it or not, you know who this is

    Suppose Trump has her successors name in his desk?
  5. Diesel Doctor

    The mysterious new member

    Don't the imaginary news networks do that all the time?
  6. Diesel Doctor

    Snow covered corn

    We are in a winter weather advisory here for 3-5 inches today. All beans out but a lot of corn left. Damn Global Warming.
  7. Diesel Doctor

    Custom fabricated parts - 3D printed or machine center

    Will 3D printers do repairs. Lets say a piece was broken off a casting. You scanned it and had it replace the broken piece. Is this possible or do you need to remake the entire piece? Just asking?
  8. Diesel Doctor

    Sound from rear end?? (1066 geared open station)

    I have put a few brake pinion bearings in and can't remember an inner axle bearing. The inner axle bearing turns really slow so that is a low pitched slow sounding grind. The brake pinion really spins fast and has more of a faster grind. Part of a roller may have fell out or a part of the cage. You can drain that axle housing as any parts would be in there. Worst case is the wheel need to come off and that axle housing can easily be removed with a cherry picker. That will get you to the brakes, brake pinion, bearings, bull gear and inner axle bearing. I would guess your issue is in that area. It's not that bad a job and with open station, a lot easier.
  9. Diesel Doctor

    Dumb stuff that cost money

    That would that be coming in through the muffler to do a valve job? Good job of taking control of your insurance/healthcare. Wife just had nasal surgery, $40,000.00 Nephew heart surgery at Mayo Clinic, 1.5 million, three years ago.
  10. Diesel Doctor

    Dumb stuff that cost money

    I needed a pre-op physical before shoulder surgery. A total joke. He said i passed so I looked at the wife and told her this is the guy to sue if I died on the table. Just one doctor passing the blame to another and muddying the waters. Healthcare was cheap before the government got involved in it.
  11. Diesel Doctor

    Haven`t seen one of these in decades

    Those double barrel stoves put out a lot of heat. They will, "Heat a hay rack!"
  12. Diesel Doctor

    You just can't make this stuff up!!!!

    His parents should be slapped for raising such an idiot!
  13. Diesel Doctor

    Lost another good one last night. Crap

    Too many people never see retirement. I am retiring today for this very reason. 4:00 I am done. I have never talked with anyone who said they retired to early! If you are close and can financially do it, then do it! Prayers for the family and his friends as it sounds like another great man was lost.
  14. Diesel Doctor

    Antique Ball thrust bearing identification help

    I see no numbers off this one. Have you found any or a brand ID? Thrust/face bearings are hard to find. If someone has a source, would like to know. A guy needs a set of spindle bearings for a W6 and they are non-existent thru Case/IH.