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  1. A friend of mine ran a pump shop for years. He tried a Stanadyne kit. It ran, but not well. Why, he could not put his finger on. The only thing he knew was going to conferences and finding the same results from other techs. The pump is not matched to the engine and it shows. No owner would have accepted the Stanadyne as a replacement.
  2. Stay with the 756 and the 310. You then know what you have. It sounds like yours is better than 90% of them out there. Just do it! With the garbage fuel we are now forced to use, nozzles are a must to keep adjusted and clean. The nozzles can have an effect on the engine hard parts too. Use a good fuel conditioner and have them tested every 10 years or so. Have them run the nozzles now with the overhaul.
  3. Don't let this happen. Bite back? We have been too lax with this and it is time to take the world back as it was.
  4. Buy yourself a spray glue gun, similar to a paint gun but with a lot bigger tip. (Abt $35) Then use headliner adhesive. That is made to take the heat a headliner has to endure without letting go. Far better than contact cement. Dynamat and a good kit should give a guy a pretty comfy cab.
  5. If unable to find a shop who can fix yours. Then you need a kit. The Stanadyne replacement kit never worked right. Stay away from it. No one is happy with it. The Bosch VE kit is the way to go. Rust in a diesel system is not supposed to be. The Reverend Diesel Doctor again preaches! Use Standayne Fuel Conditioner It's that important.
  6. They had better tell me about this charge and also have it posted at the counter. Otherwise, I walk in to get the part, find out about the charge, I will turn around and walk out of that dealership. Dealers are getting greedy!
  7. Kids like cash over anything else.
  8. The lumber yard will probably be there if you have a problem. The fly by nighters will be long gone. Service is part of this. We put in Anderson single hung vinyl from the local lumber yard and love them.
  9. Watch the news and you immediately head to the liquor store. The press probably owns the liquor companies too.
  10. A friend is looking for used 13.6x38 tires. He gets a lot of laughs from the tire dealers when he asks. Rare as hens teeth.
  11. Could be as simple as the cam ring or transfer pump cam ring in backwards. There is "C" marking for clockwise or "CC" for counter clockwise rotation. It has to be right.
  12. We lost our IH shop foreman this way. And it was an IH that got him. RIP Bill Alexander Please, be careful!
  13. There is talk of the auto industry going to 42 volt. This is due to the heavy electrical load from all the bells and whistles the industry thinks we need?
  14. My H, on #2 cylinder, will not hit on that cylinder right unless the gap is set at 0.060+. I have moved plugs around and different brands. That cylinder will only run with a very wide gap or the plug wire off and jumping the spark to the plug. One of those this that makes you go, Hummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.
  15. A Roosa Master rebuild kit is great at furnishing all needed parts for a pump rebuild. If not in the kit, you will need to go see a pump shop. If not pumping fuel, have you cleaned out the return line? You need to be able to blow air from the return line on top of the pump and hear it return to the tank. (Remove the cap first) Best is to remove the return line at the tank and blow backwards without the pump hooked up. A plugged return will shut off a Roosa Master. If return is open, then you could have stuck pumping plungers. Work on the return issue first if not already done so.
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