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  1. Diesel Doctor

    45 years ago

    Congratulations to you two. I also got a good one and we plan on keeping each other, for life!
  2. Diesel Doctor

    RFD Delivery??????????????

    "Neither snow nor rain nor heat nor gloom of night stays these couriers from the swift completion of their appointed rounds" Except??????? USPS has stopped delivering mail to my sisters RFD box at her farm. The current mailman has been complaining for years about the height of her mailbox. He drives a small car and she has a GMC 2500 4X4. He even, without her consent, came and cut the post down to a height he liked. The snow plow got that post so she put in a new one and set the floor of her box at 45 inches, the maximum height as prescribed by the USPS website. The mailman complained with notes twice and she blew it off since it is within the USPS guidelines. She then got notice that on July 6th, her service would be stopped unless she lowered her box by 8 inches. 8 inches would lower her box floor to 37 inches with is less than the minimum height of 41" as set by the USPS website. She has a large box that is 15 inches high from floor to top. She spoke with Postmistress who is standing by her decision. She now has to go to PO to get her mail and just received a certified letter that on July 21st, she will either need to open a PO Box in town or her mail will be returned. Sister informed Postmistress that the height was set to the height as described on the USPS website. she was told that the mailbox will gladly be lowered when she is furnished with the written requirements as set by the USPS. Sister has a "Postmaster General Approved" mailbox that has stood at our farm for over 60 years. No complaints about the height of this mailbox were received until this mailman. She has tried to talk with someone higher up but cannot get anyone to answer a phone in Sioux Falls or she is to put her complaint in writing and expect a reply in 4-6 weeks. Sister he will be discussing this with our Congresswoman. The Postmistress believes she is right in requiring the change for the easy of delivery and ergonomics of the mailman. Someone higher needs to settle this matter and sister will live with the decision but she is now in compliance and without service. She just wants a reasonable explanation. She feels this not too much to ask. Service to the customer is apparently dead at USPS too. PS: The USPS now wants people to put up a Next Generation mailbox to accept bigger packages. The dimensions on this are: 13.63′ WIDE x 7.75′ TALL ON SIDES, 12" TALL AT CENTER x 16.5′ DEEP. This is bigger to accept all the priority packages you will be ordering.
  3. Diesel Doctor

    Lets hear your famous salesman phrases

    Auctioneer said for a stuck W9: "Runs on ether" ?????????????????????????
  4. Diesel Doctor

    Calling all gardeners,,

    Do a soil sample and have it tested. Just like farming. that will tell you what you have too much of, or too little of, in the soil anyway.
  5. Diesel Doctor

    1086 front engine seal

    Many of those seeped when new so had to be change. Pry out the old and tap in the new. A new seal and wear sleeve on the damper and it was fixed.
  6. Diesel Doctor

    856 cab identification

    Have someone hold a piece of cardboard over the hole and trace a pattern on it. Take it to any automotive glass shop. They will cut the glass smaller to account for the gasket and will also have the gasket on a big roll. One stop shopping. Most gaskets are the same. It is an easy install/fix. Ya just gotta love those 856's.
  7. Diesel Doctor

    1206 Solar turbo rebuild

    Leaking to the exhaust side brings up memories. Blue smoke at idle but pulled perfectly and clean. New turbo fixed it. (1975 though)
  8. Diesel Doctor

    Either injection?

    For those of you who do not use the ether option, there was a rubber plug in the ether injector from the factory, to keep the bugs and other big stuff out of it. The plug had to be removed to install the can of "Ether she blows, or she goes" Anyone have this plug to be period correct?
  9. Diesel Doctor

    No fuel at this fitting

    If it sends fuel to one cylinder, it should send fuel to all cylinders, as the same pumping plungers are uses for all cylinders. Each cylinder injects fuel only one time every other revolution of the engine. The Danny fix would help it if no fuel to any cylinder. If you need it, and it is cheap enough, buy it. It will start if not parked for some other mechanical reason.
  10. Diesel Doctor


    It must be fun around your house if the kids cranked up the heat on your water bed. I give them an "A" for thinking of that. That's a classic.
  11. Diesel Doctor

    Looking at 856

    The high idle is easy to set to the right rpm. The popping could be as simple as timing, fuel filters or a bad nozzle. I have a lot of respect for the 856. It was a tough tractor that just kept running and well.
  12. Diesel Doctor

    Miramar F-14 Tower Fly by.

    A classic of a movie. I have to watch it a couple times a year for old times. Cool to see the inside while filming. Top Gun and Hunt for Red October were two of my favorites.
  13. Diesel Doctor

    "Northern" Australian tractor

    X2 on the bucket. Someone cared, a little?😕
  14. Diesel Doctor

    another health care story

    ER for a mosquito bite? Sometimes you just can't stop stupid. Healthcare used to be cheap until the government got involved!
  15. Diesel Doctor

    7 passenger suv recommendation

    Have heard of these issues with low voltage, which a vehicle computer hates. Could be a weak battery or a bad ground. Your issues should not be happening.