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  1. Diesel Doctor

    Super H Manifold Gasket

    You are fine with what you have done. Run it awhile and retorque the bolts again when hot as they will loosen up a bit. This is normal.
  2. Diesel Doctor

    Opinion on saying.

    "Were'ya BORN in a barn?" was what I heard. My reply was, "I was born in the basement and never brought up?"
  3. Diesel Doctor

    Anyone else see this new Ford commercial?

    The song is by Jerry Reed and is the theme song to Smoky and the Bandit. Just watched some of it last night. Jerry was also the truck driver in the show, with his dog, Fred. You kids need to watch some of these historic old movies and see what we got to play with years ago. Before big government, disclaimers on commercials and pollution laws ruined all the fun.
  4. Diesel Doctor

    Shooting down a drone

    88 POWER This guy had an attorney and was to appear in September. You ever hear how the criminal case turned out?
  5. Diesel Doctor

    Hydro repair advice

    I've been into a few hydros and this is hard to say. No one can see into the future and predict further damage. The safest bet is fix it now.
  6. Diesel Doctor

    Congrats Ohio - New Law

    Why do people have to change what works? Old style math and cursive has worked for almost 250 years and will continue to do so. Perhaps cursive is not used as often as before, but it is a part of our country. This is the intentional dumbing down of the next generation. 18 year olds, just out of high school, who cannot write, read or do math and they certainly have no clue at history. We need to abolish the federal Department of Education and let school districts again govern the education of our children. The powers that be want mid numbed robots that get their info off CNN, vote the way they want, and follow them like sheep to the slaughter. And it is working!
  7. Diesel Doctor


    The dustless/water sand blasting is the way to go. The water cools the metal so you get no warpage of the steel. This is the place out of Texas. https://www.dustlessblasting.com/ Down side is it is expensive to get set up. May need to go into the business as car nuts love it to. You can completely strip a car in short order. Far nicer than chemical strippers and sanders.
  8. Diesel Doctor

    Isn’t it pretty?

    Who made that cab? Never seen those corner windows before. The old girl deserves a bath but that fine paint may come off in sheets.
  9. Diesel Doctor

    General battery question

    Your Avatar don't give your location. A lot of this depends on weather. If you see below zero temps, use the two six volts. If in the southern climate, it takes far less amps to get them running.
  10. Diesel Doctor

    Is this tank IH?

    Could be IH and can be the gas tank for a 77 New Holland baler that had a Wisconsin engine on it, or still others. Hard to tell?
  11. Diesel Doctor

    Fantastic Piloting - French Alps Evac Heli Pilot

    Those rotor blades were close. Excellent piloting!
  12. Diesel Doctor

    Broken bolt in bell housing

    When fixed, check once in awhile with a torque wrench to insure bolts are tight, and stay tight. Tight bolts rarely break. Kept breaking rear drive axle bolts and cones in Louisville 600 Ford trucks. Started torquing the bolts until no give. That stopped the broken bolt issue. Flexing breaks bolts. Torquing stops loose bolts, flex and broken ones. And simple to do?
  13. Diesel Doctor

    Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

    Cortez I do not trust. These three, I DO!