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  1. Ours was a 66 Chevy with the 250 six and four speed, radio delete and posi rear end. Never bought a posi pickup again after that. Was stuck all the time and then side ways. We also had the 21A Massey Harris that Dad had taken to Texas three years on the wheat harvest run.
  2. The 2-5 reverse was great for loader work. It was handy for that only and that 4020 never went to the field to be hard worked at our place. I always said if an 856 engine was put in a 4020 psycho you would have had a heck of a loader tractor. Anyone else find the reverse in the 4-7 quadrant. It was there if the linkage was worn, and it was fast. Like road gear reverse. Ours wore out a Farmhand loader many times. It was abused with fuel in the oil in the winter from being worn out. But it kept starting and running. I finally had to do the pump, which was one of the few things done to it. Green memories on an IH farm.
  3. This just started getting put together today. Contact Joyce in a few days at rvasgaard@iw.net and she will put you on the list.
  4. SD is taking a bus tour to RPRU2019 at Bloomsburg, PA. A side tour will be to the Hershey Chocolate Plant and the town of Hershey, PA. We have room on the bus for people, other than SD bus tour people, who may want to go along and see Hershey.. The Hershey tour will leave Thursday at 10:00 or 11:00 AM from RPRU and will return to RPRU by 4-5:00. If anyone would like to ride along, come to the SD Chapter Table early Thursday morning and sign up. The cost will be about $40 each and you are responsible for your own lunch, snacks, etc.. This is a first come, first to be served trip, so if interested, be at the SD Chapter Table early on Thursday to reserve your seat. More particulars will be available at time of signup.
  5. I got my butt kicked in the Menard's parking lot by a retired Crappie Cop. Must be something about the store? That is a sweet ol binder though.
  6. Many of those rolls were cut up for mechanics wire. Was soft wire and great for fixing things. You did answer your own question. Glad the memory banks came back to you.
  7. Is this the Model 100 press drill or is this one older? Ones like this was pulled behind the plow and we called the seeding Pony Pressing.
  8. Also check the ring end gap to make sure you have the right ring set on the pistons. These generally seat easily so there may be a reason why it is not.
  9. I timed the mag on my H by the book. Set at 1 one and then turn the mag in until impulse snaps. Lock it down. I only crank it. It starts right up and has never kicked back. I love a dyno. What a tool. But unless pulling, I would stay stock.
  10. If you find a place to get the thrust bearings, post where to get them. 14, 21 & 23 are the individual pieces. The balls tend to wear divits in the races and make steering difficult. Good hunting?
  11. BIL got rolled into a ball by a cow that did not like him. He is black and blue in places he should not be. He is not young any more so he don't bounce back as fast as before. Happened in a hurry. Be careful out there, boys!!!!!!!!
  12. Joyce says June 1 is the last call. Call it a Bus Tour, Car Pool, Uber, or what have you, it is a great way to travel with none of the issues. Come along!
  13. Those people need a purpose in life. You take away their ability to work and you are killing them. The "Do Gooders" need to listen to people. Different people have different needs. Do what you want, not what others want you to do, and enjoy life. Because it is too short!
  14. A lot of time and effort has been wasted in belief that one can soak the rust out of an engine. Most of the time it does not happen. If you get the starter off and can get a bar into the ring gear and turn it over, great. If it is set in stone, just bite the bullet and pull the head. Now you can see what is going on. We fought a W9 piston for over a week. Had the tractor setting on that rod. Every chemical know to man was in that hole. Finally had to drill holes in the piston and destroy it in pieces to get it out. It still took an hour to get this done. The rust bond of the rings to the sleeve can be enormous. You can literally be trying to move a mountain. Not trying to rain on your parade, but take it from someone who has seen more rust dust, inside an engine, and there is no magic cure other than pulling wrenches and parts. I am almost of the assumption if the starter won't roll it over, something is seriously wrong and needs looked into.
  15. The pathetic thing is that this conversation is even taking place. Think about what your grandfather would say about all this going on today, and he would be right. Our morals are GONE!
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