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  1. Worth a try. I would get the piece out in some way. If you don't, that will be ground up through the gears and will hopefully get to the filter. That can make a real mess. I would start with the big plate on the side, where the transfer case bolts to the case. Hopefully you get lucky and is is right there and easy to retrieve. If it has been started and driven any, it is to late. Take the time and do it right. Make sure the nephew knows he is not the first, nor will he be the last, that this has happened to.
  2. Does the light ever come on? When you turn on the key, before you start the engine, is the lube light coming on. This is the test to insure the bulb is not burnt out? After starting, that same light should come on any time the clutch is pushed?
  3. If you just pulled the capillary tube out and then pushed it back in, you should be OK. Check to make sure that is back where it belongs. It is rather fragile but it should stand that move. If that tube is broke, the system needs to be pumped down, that piece replaced, vacuumed down and recharged. It gets spendier! There is a lot of questions with your question? Is the center of the compressor turning? Is there any cool air at all? Did this stop working in the middle of something? Or did it not work one day when you needed it?
  4. Is there any place on grounds to congregate in the morning for coffee, breakfast and BS? Just to get the day started?
  5. They make a fluorescent dye that you can add to the engine oil. Add it to the oil and run it awhile. Then use a black light flashlight and look for the bright color. Follow the color up until it stops. There is your leak? This is similar to the dye they put in air conditioner systems to find leaks.
  6. The most important area is the ring groove and they make a tool to clean those.
  7. Globull Warming The ability of politicians and other people in power to utilize the government to their advantage, refusing science and establishing programs for their own personal financial gain, all in the name of protecting the environment while stealing the hard earned taxes from the people.
  8. If that is the case, those people should be hung!
  9. I have used rubber 3/8 fuel line and cut off the amount needed. Worked just fine.
  10. I wasn't aware that anyone remained in the states. Glad to hear and I go through there a couple times a year. I may have to see if I can find the place. Thanks
  11. I have a Remington 700 long action in .264 Win Mag with the stainless barrel. Stainless was used here because of throat erosion problem in the 264. It did slow that process. Stainless will shoot as straight as steel. Mine would not hit a barn until I found the lug was loose in the stock. The action would move 1/4" back and forth in the stock. We Acra-Glassed the action into the stock and she shoots "Dead Nuts" on now. There are a number of issues why a gun is not accurate and the factory missed it. I think you will find a problem, like I did, and after it is fixed, you will have a great "Shooter".
  12. Can't get the photo to come up. Times change and something bigger and better is being used today. Don't mean you will not miss the old girl! I wish we still sent our scrap to the US Steel people.
  13. The LP starters were bigger without going to a diesel starter. Cranking speed is required more on a diesel than a gas. But, that gas starter should wheel that engine over properly and fire it right up. Do what RedPower5488 says. You have a voltage drop problem.
  14. Don't ever tell a farmer it can't be done?
  15. Coors Beer was the first I seen with the push in cans.
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