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  1. It always takes at least two guys to make an auction I guess. I’m normally the first place loser but in this case my hands would have been securely in my pockets 😊
  2. Shingles aren’t fun at any age in my opinion. I’ve put on some over the years and it’s not my favorite thing to do.
  3. My mother stayed at home but was a full time substitute teacher. She could just choose what days she was there.
  4. Jim said he changed the 4 post for reasons seen in these pics.
  5. Yep, my wife is a teacher and I would agree 100%. Kids are a mess in the world today. There are good ones but the bad or lazy have taken over about to about 80/20% it seems. Luckily if my wife has to work and my son is off school (diff district) we have some family that can watch him. If I happen to be off in my schedule he hangs out with me but that doesn’t always happen.
  6. Nice pic. Best of luck for a good, safe harvest!
  7. I still think the story of your Father’s hired man and his brother taking the motorcycle to town was one of the funniest I’ve ever read.
  8. Yep. Just pulled it Saturday. Dual unit from a burnt 1486. It was recently rebuilt before the fire. Internals look normal. Had clean oil on it when pulled. None of the external seals were leaking. It needs a new home. PM me is you have any interest. I’m in southern Illinois. @Scarecrow379
  9. No, I know a few good people who live there. They are greatly outnumbered by stupid though as I have heard them attest to. To VT’s point though, a viable alternative would be nice before everyone is sitting in the dark wondering what happened. Of course some would argue that is the desired result of those making the decisions but what do I know...
  10. We have lots of bobcats but they deny existence of big cats. There are a few around I believe (not as large as the one pictured). If they “don’t exist”, you should be able to shoot one of it shows up. IF I came across one in that manner it would probably take a ride down the river afterwards
  11. I hope they have a Delorean with a good flux capacitor.....😂
  12. Would love to have made it up. All will depend on work schedule for me. It would be just over 4hrs one way for me.
  13. I unloaded from a combine into a Ford Ranger bed once because that’s what the owner said to do. It was plot corn and destined for a market. I think it fed some mules or something.
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