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  1. Cool picture. The skinny duals are pretty interesting looking also.
  2. The police officer I talked to told me everything he knew. Conditions were changing just as fast for him as they were for me. They were all hands on deck and doing what they could. FD was working just the same. To say the people with uniforms and badges weren't doing their job is simply not true. @nate is spot on.
  3. It sure looked like a demo to me from up close. A big glob of grease was intentionally put on the serial number tag by the owner I was told. I saw it on there. Not sure why you would try to show off your tractor while hiding anything about it??
  4. I've got a 5 gallon one but that's BIG... I bet whoever originally bought it was an awesome cook 😊
  5. I'm thinking this was parked there a while but still, you don't park a combine in the water or the low spot typically.
  6. This fuzzy pic was beside where we crossed the water to get to the south side of town. Water up to the cab of the combine. It was in a lower spot than the road but not in a hole.
  7. We barely made it out of Spencer. Water is coming up fast. We had to drive through moving water and all other roads were flooded already best I could tell. Rescue crews were out with zodiac boats. It's bad.
  8. Might pray for the people of Spencer and those at the show. Torrential rains last night and high water already has turned Spencer Iowa into an island this morning. We planned to leave anyhow and had to drive through moving water to get out of town. It's the sort of thing you see on the news. We encountered several more road closings but with some local advice found a road that got us far enough away to get away from the flooding. Stay safe everyone.
  9. My last pics. Weather has been on and off the entire show. Lots of inside room to move into during a shower here. It has not darkened the mood at all. Lots of friendly folks. Talked with old friends and made several new ones. It's been a pleasure. Red Power people are pretty high class.
  10. Nomadic generator salesman buying Christmas presents πŸ˜‚
  11. I have one and it's the best insurance policy against snow a man could buy!
  12. I believe so. I never made it back to look but a NY native told me they were here.
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