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  1. Looks like it was working nicely. 👍🏼
  2. I’m sure it’s state by state on rules and regs but I know here the dog must be quarantined if it doesn’t have up to date vaccinations with proof. I would have pushed for the dog to be put down or have done it myself. There is no place in this world for a mean dog in my opinion. Sorry for the pain Bill. Hang in there buddy.
  3. I smell one of these in your future 😊
  4. Here is mine. Absolutely zero upkeep expense so far....... ....even with a 4 year old putting it through its paces.....
  5. That looks like a Red Bibs Bill possibly. Super nice guy and a really pretty machine.
  6. Brother took this this morning looking for a turkey.
  7. I know you said neoprene, but I have had far better luck personally with Lacrosse. Neoprene is inherently warmer than rubber. I own a pair of Muck boots and won’t have another pair. Everyone I know that uses them complains about zero arch in them and briars are the death of neoprene. Just my 2 cents. Hopefully you can find something you like.
  8. Good for you Tony! All that detail is noticed by others also. Might have to haul the trophy home on the flatbed. That’s some serious hardware....😁
  9. Welcome to the forum. Jump right in and enjoy the ride 😊
  10. Ape tit for $200 Alex.....or maybe anal-bum-cover for $300 😂
  11. Nothing wrong with that! It stinks that it is broken but still usable. Won’t bring as much in an auction setting as it would complete. If someone wanted for a user or just to straighten things occasionally, it would be fine.
  12. I can’t see the marker lights on top of the headlights in that pic (truck) though which has me thrown off. @jeeper61 pointed that out. The reason I mentioned the older trucks was they don’t have the marker lights in a different location and still have the grille the way this one looks.
  13. I had a 4430 kit when I was a kid that I won as a door prize or something. I wouldn’t build it as a kid because it was a JD. Ha ha edit: that was in the middle 90’s I’d guess. Maybe a re-release of the original?
  14. Got a good point. The late 60’s trucks had the FORD on the hood also but the side of those trucks didn’t look quite the same.
  15. I agree with all that. Looks like an older grille than the 78/79 trucks to me in the pic. I think I see the chrome center ridge.
  16. I don’t see rocks, just a few clods. Better than turning up tombstone sized slabs for sure. Thanks for sharing. Nice pic! 👍🏼👍🏼
  17. I think those will be a cool looking pair. I found one of their Scout models a couple years ago on a quick run into Wally Mart. I had to buy it. I was trying to make it look like the real one in the bottom pic. It was a desert racer in its day. Possibly even one of the Baja 1000 Scouts, not sure.
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