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  1. We always run two strands. No raccoons or deer. Run a jumper from the pasture fence. It will light you up!
  2. They are gifted to be certain. Honestly, I never had any use for sports on the world stage or any other so it won’t affect my viewing much either way.
  3. Wife said it was before or after anthem, not during? (Doesn’t make it right) Just my opinion but taking a knee is disrespectful and does not prove anything but the fact that you are ungrateful of being a US citizen and gifted athlete. All of them that want to be disrespectful like that can stay in Japan. We do not need your selfish attitude here.
  4. Sharp looking tractor and great pics!
  5. I know a guy who related a story about shooting a beaver one night while bow fishing. “and then the fight started” it was hilarious.
  6. I’ve got one that I might donate to a good cause like that....😉. What’s terminal velocity on 150lbs anyhow?
  7. I would guess 1900-1920. Could be a little earlier.
  8. Monkey wrench is correct the way I was taught. You can weld a handle on the other end and twist hot metal when you are blacksmithing like the internet pic below.
  9. We haven’t seen nearly that many around but numbers do seem really high this year. I ran up on one in the open early one evening on my way home from work. He got an axe handle because that is what was handy at the time.
  10. I’d say there was about 16” of visibility or so.
  11. I have always been told that a ground hog will pull a normal trap stake but I’m a very novice trapper. I’d think a body trap would work better maybe?
  12. Or the metal fuel bowl so the corn ears supposedly didn’t break the glass.
  13. The last time I was whaling away and smoked my hand with the glove on (thick welding gloves) my finger still nearly blew out. The “Mechanix M-Pact” gloves are pretty decent. Have Kevlar in them which helps from cutting and ripping also.
  14. I’ve been shooting ground hogs since I was about 14. That is when my Father, (not a hunter) let me get a centerfire rifle. He paid me a bounty for a couple years for every one I bagged. This year I’ve seen more than ever. Coyotes are thinned out some due to bobcat number rising I believe so there are more ground hogs around. I’m up to 12 this year so far. Never seen a badger or wolverine around though.
  15. Took a short 4 mile trip the other night down the creek and back. Too bad our water always looks like chocolate milk... Saw a few gar but that’s about it. Water is about 8-10’ higher than usual with all the rains we have had. Normally this wouldn’t be navigable.
  16. That’s the first good use I’ve ever seen for a peg board 😊
  17. I will start to be fair 1) My Grandfather’s 1086, he purchased it new and it’s never been out of the family 2) W450 gas, interesting tractor to me based on limited “standard” tread tractors in the Midwest and I’d like a plow day tractor for my 4btm #70 plow. Row crop could be a suitable substitute if the right one came along. Always liked the color combo and would be a big brother to my Farmall 350. 3) T-6 crawler(or something similar vintage), again, not many in the Midwest and I find them interesting.
  18. So the topic came up yesterday with a member finding a tractor on their “bucket list”. I’m sure we all have a list similar to this that if we had the funding we would pursue. What are say the top three tractors on your bucket list? Don’t have to be actively pursuing anything but realistically what models would you look for and why?
  19. Gorgeous pics as usual Mike. Thanks for sharing and I, for one, never get tired of seeing them.
  20. Agree. I know a guy who uses one for feeding hay all winter. Starts any time was his reasoning.
  21. Nothing wrong with that list at all. I think deep down most of us have that “list” and all sorts of reasons for what’s on it. One step closer! 😊
  22. Just three more on the list? Sounds like me. Ha ha. Looks like a good one. 👍🏼👍🏼
  23. That could be a “Birthday Tractor” any day as far as I’m concerned!
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