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  1. Large domestic is my vote also. Whether or not it becomes a target is directly proportional to how much harassment it does (for me)
  2. Good for you and good luck to her!
  3. Or a pregnant male, which is totally “ok” now in the world....even though it shouldn’t be
  4. Some of those prices looked pretty fair to me. That’s one of those things though....if I had been standing there with money in my pocket looking to buy a 1486 or 706lp they would have gone for 2x what they did and I still would have come home with nothing. 😊
  5. Would it be a safe assumption to say that the victim was using the same thought process (beer first) that may or may have not led to the broken chair and need for a safety tie off? 😂
  6. Cannery Otto made some good stuff way back when. Great deal on the split weights. (Almost wasnt).
  7. Great pics so far. Looking forward to more 👍🏼😊👍🏼
  8. He used to check in here once in a while. Maybe just call and ask him? He has always been good to deal with when I have purchased things also.
  9. My Uncle (who did not drink) always said you get more corn in a crooked row
  10. I know the answer because we laughed about it the other day. I’ll wait and see if anyone else notices.
  11. Quotes are fine here. Helps people know in notifications that they have a response I feel. Yes, punched and drifted eye. Mild steel with forge welded bit. I agree. I like useful things much more than ornate. I would rather make a tool or sharp object than something to look at. Hammers for example are a lot of fun (although time consuming) and can be used afterwards. I don’t have a press or power hammer so it takes me longer than some. Probably the most rewarding thing I’ve made as far as usefulness. Face came out around 55 Rockwell, 1045 steel
  12. After a quick look I like what you are doing (assuming that is you). I especially like the looks of the axe. Not like axes others have made but an older looking design. 👍🏼👍🏼 I won’t derail your thread to far but I stuck to a belt axe size with a slight beard because it’s a shape I like and find useful. Really clean lines on the hammer also 👍🏼
  13. Interesting machine for sure. I like this also. Don’t see a good cross peen being used much any more 😊 And a large anvil.....be still my beating heart....
  14. I’ve had an itch for a Remington tac-14 lately.
  15. I posted this the other day but I like them on the wall also 😊 This was a firearm kill and not a shed or dead head.
  16. We are still planning to go. Wife and son both enjoyed last year so we are coming. Not sure on pickup or car yet for transportation.
  17. The hood ornament looks like a Nash on that car.
  18. Prayers for the right thing to happen.
  19. Looks way better than your last head shot pics Bill. Safe travels and looking forward to your plowing pictures 😊
  20. In contrast, when I used to work planting research plots, we planted some corn as slow as 0.6mph for the correct spacing and drop. Nothing higher than 2.6mph with what we used. That has no bearing on the OP’s question but...
  21. Happy Birthday Ron and all you others celebrating today!
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