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  1. I have 9, 75# marked weights I will sell to the first $75K that shows up and will help you load them. If you call in the next 12 minutes and say the coupon code RedpowerDiscount I will knock $6K off the total.
  2. Magnet won’t stick. I’d say they are not metal inside. Especially going off the little picture of the microwave on the bottom 😊. I stand corrected. Still heavy, good quality, and have served us well. Carry on….
  3. Just South of Watson on Rt37. No idea what it is now but it’s probably an hour and 15 min from me so I got curious and looked around for it.
  4. I could be wrong. I’m at work and can’t lay my hands on them this second. I am 100% certain they came from the Lodge factory store. They work well and I thought they were more than ceramic. I don’t see anything like that on the lodge website currently.
  5. I bought a 9x9 and 13x9 enameled lodge a few years ago at a factory outlet store. They have worked well for us.
  6. Lots of pics from shows since this machine is so iconic. Classic lines and unique paint scheme make it easy on the eyes whether in work clothes or it’s Sunday best 😊
  7. We are not allowed to deer hunt with dogs. There are some who hunt raccoons this way. I have no problems with dog hunters coon hunting that ask will ask and get permission. We have had so many problems with the coyote dog hunters that it’s ridiculous. I think that is due to the owners more than the practice in general. They do not ask permission, shoot from roadways, and trespass constantly. I have forced them to leave my private driveway multiple times. The same excuse of “I have to get my dog” every time. I told the last guy that got tough acting that if I saw his dog chasing a coyote on our property that I would shoot his dog first. They haven’t been back.
  8. I would not use postal service. If it’s within 12 months of Christmas they won’t process it on time…. UPS Next day air normally worked well for hot shot packages we shipped from work.
  9. You mean Daryl? Yeah I know him 😉 He has two brothers, wanna guess their names?
  10. Soldering irons. From the days of a blow torch style soldering setup.
  11. Spent a lot of time hauling seed with a 4700 flatbed and those same specs. It did a fine job bobtail with a load or pulling a loaded gooseneck.
  12. I’m going to stick to deer hunting. No movie tryouts for this guy. Now, back to your regularly scheduled programming….
  13. Everyone was so wound up I thought I’d try this natural camo. I came out to the attack shack and am trying my best….. Its a balmy 45° currently so I’ll be fine. (No artificial heaters either)
  14. I consider a hunt successful if I see a deer while hunting. It’s good time for me to reflect and pray. But, I enjoy being in nature when it isn’t hunting season also. I never played sports growing up, I ran around outdoors. That led me to buy ground to use and enjoy so that’s what I will do. We are 99%+ private land here which also makes a difference.
  15. I will respectfully disagree with SOME of the original post. #1 Deer do look up. Deer spend as much time looking all around as you do when you are in the woods. No, there are not natural predators in a tree waiting on them but they most definitely look up. #2 Lots of people enjoy deer meat. My family eats deer 10 to 1 over beef. I love beef but deer is much cheaper and as a responsible hunter I either process my deer or have them processed for my consumption. I have given away many many deer to needy families that gladly welcomed the meat also. #3 baiting is not allowed here. No corn piles in front of your tree stand. That’s multiple tickets in IL. Some places allow different things. #4 camo or Levi’s and longjohns, I’ve done it both ways. Deer were designed by God to live outdoors and we were not. We wear coats when we go out in the winter and deer have theirs naturally on them. #5. Deer can be taken by any legal means in that area. I am not allowed to use a centerfire rifle capable of long range shots. I have shot deer out to 150yds with iron sights and a rifled slug from a smooth bore barrel. I’ve shot deer as far as 265yds with a deer slug on a scoped shotgun. I’ve shot deer with bows and pistols from various distances also. Point is, it isn’t shooting fish in a barrel. Deer are a weary prey worthy of respect. It is an accomplishment to take a deer. It is more of an accomplishment to take an older deer that has seen the pitfalls of life. There are people who don’t respect the animals and there are those that do. A few bad apples will spoil the whole batch. #6 I’ve hauled deer out of the woods over my shoulder, with a stick, or with a rope. I’ve loaded them in the truck and onto 4wheeler racks. Do we still pull a plow with horses or mules? Has farm equipment ever gotten larger? Human nature is to take the easiest route. Would you farm 1000 acres with a two row planter and picker if you had a 24 row planter and a 12 row head in the barn? The deer I shot this year scored 148”. That is the largest deer I’ve ever shot in 25 years of deer hunting. I spent more than a year watching that deer and tracking his movements. I came within 20 yards of him more than once with both of us on the ground and I did not shoot. If anyone thinks it’s easy, I dare you to go try it and be honest with how things turn out for you. I couldn’t tell you how many deer I have taken honestly but it is a pastime handed down to me by my grandfather and uncle who I very much respect. It is challenging and not for the faint of heart. Hunting anything is constantly learning and paying attention to your surroundings. I respect the opinions of those who don’t agree but don’t tell me I’m wrong for doing something I love and cherish.
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