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  1. Very nice Brady, and nice of the folks to have a parking spot in the garage for you.
  2. I was mistaken, 340D only around 150 of those ever made. Dont know about a 350 D Utility.
  3. Congratulations, I hope you keep us posted with lots of photo's as you progress with it.
  4. I believe the 350D utility is a fairly rare Tractor, I may be mistaken....
  5. Thats a pretty nice "Rough" Tractor you bought!
  6. I put a Iron Bull ROPS on my 1256 and serviced the brakes before mounting it because it will have to come off to get the brake cover off.
  7. Possem on the Pit Barrel Smoker!
  8. Nice pull, I say Brother did a good job of driving too!
  9. She is a keeper, wish I could find a Woman like that!
  10. Like a Harley Davidson at Idle
  11. Atta Boy Rusty! Nice Tractor btw.
  12. I'm single and cant cook, You guy's are making me Hungry!!!!!
  13. Government cant save us from death or sin, Jesus takes care of Both!
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