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  1. 806Jordy


    I remember when I was a kid a city guy asking my Dad why we were Harvesting the rocks.....
  2. You cant get much closer to looking brand new than that!
  3. Very nice Tractor, thanks for posting!
  4. I saved the photo's to my hard drive, thanks for posting!
  5. Oh No, I hope no One was offended.....😁
  6. I was about 10" deep or so, that particular part of the field was gravelly, those are small rocks for Delaware County NY! I was starting to turn when I decided to get a cold drink from the cooler, the plow kinda leaned over.
  7. You might have trouble with the animal rights people Bill, they want all animals to have square meals. Nice find!
  8. That looks very interesting, is it based on fact or is it fiction?
  9. Got some good seat time on the 1256 plowing my neighbors 30 acre field.
  10. I am sad to hear this, I will pray for your friend and his family.
  11. I am going t spend my day with friends and family and reflect on what Jesus has done for us all.
  12. Yep, thats what I did after I realized I had the plates stacked wrong. After I stacked them in the housing I realized the mistake....
  13. That would be the center plug on the outside housing.
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