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  1. Thanks for the Information folks!
  2. The Dogs dont seem Impressed, but I say Nice Rig!
  3. We are, and they happen to be a Deere family. But that field he is hand standing in I plowed for them with my 1256 and 720 4/18 plow.
  4. Ok, so it will bolt right up. Will I need to change out the hood too for a 407 non Turbo.
  5. My neighbor checking his corn,
  6. How hard would it be to do?
  7. Please keep us updated with photo's if you can!
  8. 806Jordy


    That tractor is not far from me, anyone want me to check it out for them???
  9. That thing looks Powerful!
  10. My father never has anything good to say about the one he had. I was very young and can barely remember it.
  11. I just checked, not the same 1566, this one is not a Black Stripe.
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