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  1. Kinda sounds like horses pulling that plow, doing a nice job plowing though.
  2. I would like to see a photo of whatever it is.
  3. The can came off a 66 series, the seller included a plate that was supposed to fit a 56 series. The problem is the plate is about an inch too wide to fit the cab and fits waayyyy too tight to the hood of my 1256. Do any of you out there have or know where I may find the correct piece?
  4. All the parts that came with it
  5. I bought the cab, want to put it on my 1256 in photo.
  6. I believe everything is there, going to go look at it this am. No rust everything is intact.
  7. Looking to buy a Diamond Cab in real good condition near me, what would be a fair offer?
  8. Yep Thin Lizzy " Whiskey in the JarO" is where I got the title from. Good Tune!
  9. Sorry for your loss, sounds like he was a great fellow.
  10. Sat down to read the new Red Power with Some Tullymore Dew and almost swallowed a moth that musta landed in the glass.... I spit it out and finished the drink.
  11. Good to hear no one was hurt Bill.
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