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  1. I grease mine occasionally otherwise it creaks with a load of cattle in the livestock trailer.
  2. I spray my hay fields 10 days after every cutting except in September. You can really tell who doesn't spray their hay. It makes a huge difference on the health of the alfalfa
  3. 900 hours ago I overhauled my 1066. Probably was done 4 or 5 years ago. This past 6 months or so I have trouble keeping the bolts on the exhaust manifold on the number one cylinder tight. The rest of the bolts stay tight. I am wondering what's causing this, and how to keep them tight. Should I put studs in? I assume this is possible. Any thoughts or suggestions would be great. Thanks!
  4. A local tire shop buys John Deere ether by the case. They said every thing else didn't work well. When the told me that a couple years ago I thought who needs better ether than Deere
  5. On your 240 I would fix your original tach. Star speedometer can fix it and make a new cable. I have had a few fixed there and have 0 complaints. My 1066 tach has just shy of 1000hrs on it since it was fixed. I haven't heard much good about aftermarket tachs.
  6. You have to order more. Some companies discount the seed on replant. Crop insurance will help also in different cases.
  7. Where does it mount? Do you have any pictures? And why is it better?
  8. What the heck difference does it make! Point is people die every year. And it doesn't look like this year is any different than any other. All this is nuts.
  9. I would probably just change all your lights to leds and see what you think first then. You could always add lights later if you need to. The lights I put on the cab on my 5088 really helped but was time consuming to mount. I didn't do it on my 54 because of time but I never have needed to take weights off and on. The higher you put the lights the better it lights up the ground. I plant with my 5088 on a 12row planter
  10. By the way..... nice looking 88!
  11. Are those 11L-15s on front? I can never get a 4 rib that worn. Stubble damage always does my tires in before the tread is gone
  12. I put leds in the grill of my 5088 3 years ago or so. Bought them from Mike Links. I tried the high-low lights but those throw more of a spot for a beam. He exchanged them for the ones I think he recommends for the cab corners they are more of a flood beam. I love them. They made a huge difference. They don't have high and low but being a flood pattern I don't think they are as blinding to oncoming traffic. A few years earlier I had put 2 halogen lights between each flasher and the wiper on the black strip on the top front of the cab kinda like a magnum has. That and the leds have made that a terrific tractor to run at night. On my 5488mfd I put leds everywhere the factory lights were except the ones below the grill I made a bracket to go across above the weights and mounted 2 trapezoid and 2 flood beams as well as putting the same square led in the grill as my 5088. That tractor really lights things up. Mike has been good to work with. I think he has good products. By the way the four lights above my weights are 4 inch round lites. I think look like they belong on the tractor since they are the same shape as the ones on the rear fenders. I would put that 54 up against the new tractors for brightness
  13. I wouldn't think duals would be necessary at all on a 2wd tractor. Is much compaction really caused by front tires? I doubt it.
  14. Fyi. I always take the seat off the suspension, makes it way easier to handle. Any I have bought come all one piece. They are heavy and awkward to get in and out of the cab that way. If you have trouble, k and m has very good tech support.
  15. K and M has good replacement seats and suspensions. I think their website is tractorseats.com
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