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  1. From what I have seen locally there isnt hardly a way to be in tractor pulling and be easy on the bank. Usually people get hooked and want this or that to make the tractor better. And that always means more money
  2. Shoup shows dimensions in there catalog. Maybe they would have something that would work.
  3. Do you think its possible that this gasket could have started your problem? Maybe something wasnt right with it causing the upper end of engine being starved oil?
  4. I am curious if this is a cnh reman motor since you said there are 1000 hrs on the engine or if you rebuilt it locally?
  5. I dont remember "Stomping Tom" saying that. I wont waste anymore time on this topic. Sorry I posted on here at all about this. It amazes me how some say this is such a great forum and theres no dumb questions.... and then theres your post. I don't post much on here. I will be more careful as to what I post. I obviously don't have your vast wisdom. Im just a dumb farmer that has had success at it for 30 years fulltime so I probably dont know any thing. Kiss my #$! Rustred. I dont need your advice
  6. Pulling plug wires I found that pulling cylinder1 or two makes no difference in how it runs. All other wires pulled one at a time is quite noticeable in the way it runs. The way it sounds when it runs isnt very noticeable. Its when you shut off the key that the sucking sound on one cylinder is VERY noticeable. I dont see how this could be a fuel issue. Hopefully later today I can do a little more investigating. Standing next to it shutting down it sure sounds like the sound is coming from the exhaust. But I might try spraying something around the intake.
  7. Maybe Im paranoid but my 706 blew the head gasket between 3 and 4th cylinder and sounded similiar a few years back. If a valve stuck would there be enough room that the piston wouldn't hit it? I think I will pull plug wires one at a time to isolate which cylinder it is and see if it has compression.
  8. I have had this tractor since 1993, the sucking sound I here is abnormal. A good workout with a bad head gasket could be disastrous. Im going to do a little more investigating before I do that but thanks for the advice. I know it is not the plugs.
  9. I was using my 560 with a gas motor on an auger yesterday. It was running around 1400rpm so not much of a workout on an 8 inch auger. I noticed it seemed to be running a little rough. I was thinking it needed a tune up. When I shut it off I can here a sucking sound as the motor comes to a stop. It makes me wonder if a valve is bad or the head gasket is bad. Either way the head has to be pulled. What should I check prior to pulling the head?
  10. My dad bought a brand new New Holland baler in 1976 or 7. He ran 12 to 13000 bales a year thru it the first several years. 1400 bales was a good day. I have 3 older brothers and the neighbor had 2 kids and a hired man. We wore out alot of jeans. A high school friend that was a jock wanted to help one day. He showed up in shorts. Had to put him in jeans. He didn't know better. At the end of the day he was shot. He had alot more respect for us after that. He didnt realize how he was strong but lacked endurance!
  11. How did you free up the stuck piston?
  12. It would depend on seeds per pound.
  13. I hauled a load of lime home on my tandem grain truck 2 days ago. I went to get it out to load it with corn yesterday and my tag tire had blown sitting in the shed overnight!
  14. If its a fairly open pasture that you can spray grazon on it in the spring do it. I've cleaned up some pretty nasty pastures with it after 2 years of spraying. It saves alot of messing around in the summer
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