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  1. Most likely your bushings failed first causing the sieve to fail. Sieves seem to last a long, long time if you keep your bushings good. Don't use aftermarket bushings. They do not last. I think caseih has better and poorer grade bushings. Don't skimp on the bushings. Make sure your eccentric bearings are good also while you have it tore apart.
  2. This is probably highjacking this thread but in 2013 I bought a new JD 2210 field cultivator. It has a valve you turn to lock up the implement. I don't understand why this seems ok to engineers. My 960 had cylinder stops. With that valve you have several feet of hose to the cylinder. I will say that any darn monkey can lock it up with that valve but there many things that could fail dropping the implement on you. By the way, this is the only Deere piece of equipment I have.
  3. I pray that 2020 is more cooperative weather-wise. I am wore out trying to fight the weather this year. It's been tough on everyone in agriculture.
  4. I m probably biased but I really prefer the finger pickup. It is simple, proven and you could plant without a monitor if you had to.
  5. Is it a finger pickup or vac? I am assuming finger pickup on the 3200. I don't think you would have any problem. I pull mine with a 5088 2wd. I have done it without duals. Power was never a problem. My brother use to use a 5250 Maxum on his
  6. I just gotta ask. What was the problem?
  7. Is there a bolt that goes thru the floor into that bracket? I had mine break one time and then the clutch wouldn't act right.
  8. Did the wife suggest putting the couch outside for you to sleep on? That safe looks huge! Merry Christmas to you.
  9. tractorholic

    1066 ih

    My 1066 has an eight blade fan. Actually all of the 414s that I have with a turbo have an 8 blade fan.
  10. I don't understand how it could scorch the oil? Wouldn't the oil warm and rise and circulate away from it? We are talking alot of oil in the tranny.
  11. Would it be more cost effective to buy enough for the whole head rather than piecing it together? They are very easy to install.
  12. I wouldn't want it on...especially if you don't have rocks.
  13. Well I wouldn't recommend a reman. The circumstances were water in the oil right after I bought itand the dealer said they would put in a reman and split the cost. I should have just asked for some money off
  14. My 560 has 10500 hours on it . Had it since1993.
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