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  1. When I switched to a sanded pump, I used the original belt.
  2. I just love running them. I have to admit I like my 7120 magnum for some things, But I love the 88's. I have an air ride seat in my 5088. I plant about 1000 acres a year with it. I just think it is a comfortable tractor to run. I think the tach display should have been in a different place in a magnum. When the steering wheel is comfortable I can't see the darn tach in it!
  3. Maybe everyone that has one should buy another. It might help cheapen up the first one. Actually I have 3 88's. A 5488, 5088, and a 3088. I think a 5288 would be nice to fill in the gap.
  4. I had that happen on my truck 3 times. The dealer figured out they were cutting the oring putting it back together. I couldn't get 30 miles on it before it gave out every time
  5. A week ago tonight I buried our border collie. She was to be 17 years old in October. She died of liver failure. She had other health issues that we figured would get her. I found her in the yard conscious but couldn't get up cause she was weak. I thought she had a stroke. The vet gave her maybe a month. She didn't last 48 hours. I was glad she went fast cause I just couldn't bring myself to put her down. The next morning was the hardest. That dog seen our kids grow up. She was really a family member, that helped feed cattle everyday.
  6. If it is a one owner, it might be worth a look. It is hard to get that many hours on it without taking care of it. It might be worth talking to the previous owner.
  7. X2. I put a booster on my 1066. Looking for one for my 826 and 756. My 766 and 966 had them when I bought the tractors.
  8. There was a local farmer that had problems with grain being stolen out of a bin. He put up a camera and caught the people stealing. He lost in court because he didn't post a sign that he had a camera. It is sad how the courts protect the criminals, and the person taken advantage of gets screwed even more.
  9. I couldn't successfully draw a tic tac toe thingy. That is really cool!
  10. $97 per what? 5 gallon bucket?
  11. How is the rest of the snapping roll? I've been told it is a pain to change the spiral. Have you considered the kit where the knives and everything else would be new?
  12. I know what you mean. Here in Iowa it looks like the first weekly forecast in a long time that doesn't have rain in it. I hope it doesn't shut off the water.. Temps are suppose to be in the 90s in a few days for a while. In 95 it was wet in may and then didn't rain til after the fourth of july. Things really looked tough then. But I guess we will get what we get and our wives will just have to put up with us!
  13. If your block is good rebuild what you have. Just my two cents.
  14. Why do they turn better? The reason I m asking is I have a 7120 mfd. That thing sucks to turn with or without the front engaged compared to my 5488. I would rather run the 54.
  15. Which bolt are you talking about? Do you mean on the hub?
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