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  1. What happened to the dealership in 1979? Did it close or get sold? I'm just curious
  2. I did the same thing- traded a 1063 for a drago. I guess I haven't met someone that doesn't like a drago head. Hopefully it serves you well. I'm sure there is a reel going on mine in eastern Iowa.
  3. What was the corn suitability rating on that 80?
  4. Does a t bar have the same tensile strength as a pintle chain?
  5. There are several grain elevators in eastern Iowa that were destroyed and will not be open this fall. Many many grain bins between hwy 20 and hwy 30 are destroyed. There are no way all these bins can be replaced by fall of 2021, let alone this fall. The amount of damage is horrific. You can't believe it if you don't see it for yourself. I'm sure 10 million acres in Iowa were damaged. I thought I heard 41 million total through the midwest. Maybe someone will chime in from Illinois or Indiana as this derechio traveled something like 700 miles. The only positive I can see from this storm is t
  6. I have never removed one from an MX but any I have removed I take the seat off the suspension. It makes it waaayyyy easier to handle.
  7. On second thought that may have been someone's cross dressing son.
  8. So was that hairy-arm-pit girl you didn't have a second date with in another thread! Lol
  9. I grease mine occasionally otherwise it creaks with a load of cattle in the livestock trailer.
  10. I spray my hay fields 10 days after every cutting except in September. You can really tell who doesn't spray their hay. It makes a huge difference on the health of the alfalfa
  11. 900 hours ago I overhauled my 1066. Probably was done 4 or 5 years ago. This past 6 months or so I have trouble keeping the bolts on the exhaust manifold on the number one cylinder tight. The rest of the bolts stay tight. I am wondering what's causing this, and how to keep them tight. Should I put studs in? I assume this is possible. Any thoughts or suggestions would be great. Thanks!
  12. A local tire shop buys John Deere ether by the case. They said every thing else didn't work well. When the told me that a couple years ago I thought who needs better ether than Deere
  13. On your 240 I would fix your original tach. Star speedometer can fix it and make a new cable. I have had a few fixed there and have 0 complaints. My 1066 tach has just shy of 1000hrs on it since it was fixed. I haven't heard much good about aftermarket tachs.
  14. You have to order more. Some companies discount the seed on replant. Crop insurance will help also in different cases.
  15. Where does it mount? Do you have any pictures? And why is it better?
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