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  1. 86 series top fender mounted lights

    Put a relay in and run it off off the original switch. Then the relay carries the current going to the lites and the switch just uses enough current to turn on the relay. I have done this when I add lites to not overload the circuit and still use the original switch to turn them all on.
  2. K&M door cylinder

    I bought one three weeks ago. 55 bucks plus shipping for one side. I've never had any trouble at all with them coming loose. I mounted mine at an angle so it wouldn't pinch my hand. I guess I am not saying it's perfect, but what is?
  3. 1486 Hard Start when cold

    I agree with Matt above, I wouldn't worry about it needing plugged in. Seems like every tractor has their own personality. I would run it a while and see what you've got. Looks like a nice 1486.
  4. nice original 7110 ----3900hrs

    How many hours? What did the 986 in the background bring. It looks nice too.
  5. 1066 oil drain plug w/pics

    I never thought those looked welded in. But I agree there must be some imperfection around that hole causing it to not seal. I would study that hole closely. Almost every tractor I have has that style pan and plug. I have never had one leak.
  6. 1466 dual hubs

    I assume you have the duals? Are they 9 BOLT?
  7. K&M door cylinder

    The phone number is 641 445 5517. Here is a couple pics of the cylinder on my 5088 door. If I didn't have the grab handles it would mount parallel to the bottom of window.
  8. K&M door cylinder

    If you want their number I can get it for you. I am having trouble locating their website
  9. K&M door cylinder

    There is a place called Mid-west Made in central Iowa that makes a kit that fastens just below the window that doesn't put any holes thru the door to the outside. I have three tractors with them. I think it's less stress on the door because of where it fastens. I think it is around 50 or 60 bucks.
  10. IH856 12V Dual Battery Help

    On my 1066 I have 2 12 volts wired positive to positive to starter, but each negative has its own cable to the frame. I agree there isn't hardly enough room on the post at the starter for to many to connect there. I used welder type cable so it would flex better and soldered all connections. I don't know the gauge of cable but it is big. It's been that way for several years with the same batteries. I would think if it was a big problem wired that way I would know it by know. The tractor will roll over better in cold weather with 2 twelve volt batteries. Good luck on what you decide.
  11. 5488 manifold

    Just curious if it is possible to get a new one.
  12. 5488 manifold

    My exhaust manifold leaks on my 5488 where the two halves of the manifold meet. Is there anyway to fix it. And is there a ring in there to seal it like a turbo?
  13. German overhaul options

    Ten years ago. Can you still get them?
  14. Hydraulic oil 1466

    I would drain it and put hytran in it. I am sure the cab amplifies the noise. With the cab off my 1066 was quieter. But I still put it back on after it was overhauled.
  15. Went for a hot air balloon ride today

    That's hilarious !!