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  1. I own one. It has a canopy. If the one with the chopper in the picture was like mine it would really be smoking. I mow hay with a 7230 discbine with mine. I really like it. I bought it several years back. Maybe in 2014. It has been an ongoing project. The weather is hard on the wiring behind the dash. They are very quiet with the enclosed engine.
  2. I switched to a drago 2 years ago. Way less shelling than my 1063 I was running. I like the head. Parts are awfully high compared to other heads would be my only complaint. But they do last well so maybe the price is justified.
  3. Is your pipe good that makes the venturi in your exhaust pipe?
  4. I get nervous about keeping them past 10 years old but it depends on their condition. I have had a few last to 15 but that seems to be the exception
  5. They had on there that a new look was coming soon. Maybe it has something to do with that?
  6. No kidding? That must be the benefits of progress. I have never been around one. The old belt and pulley must be to simple. Sorry but I'm no help.
  7. On another note- I cant believe how some can bash people for taking the doors off. Its ridiculous.
  8. I had a 1086 with an eliminator and the original long straight pipe that thing was alot more quite than any I have heard with a curved stack. It wasnt noticeable in the cab at all. Ive always thought the staight pipe was the reason
  9. You should get caps for the lines if you order the correct bracket for an 88 application. I think the seat part number I got last spring was 6975. But I could be wrong. I dont remember the bracket part number. You have to take the floor up slightly under the seat to get the back bolts out of the original suspension and in the new one. Unless you're wheels are set out wide. Is it worth 1200 bucks? I guess I think it is. Its way cheaper than a new tractor, and they are a very comfortable seat. I changed mine because I was redoing the interior and I didnt want that hydraulic one to spring a leak. Plus I don't think the original seats are as comfy as an air seat
  10. It seems like bagging corn is getting more popular for temporary storage. I know that in wheat country some wheat is bagged.
  11. When I did that to a 1680 I used a portapower to hold them in place. Then I welded them in.
  12. I would fix the leak. Not mask it by putting in thicker oil. You are going to have to fix it sooner or later
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