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  1. I know this won’t affect you on this rain but years ago on a late harvest year we had freezing rain followed by snow and then prolonged freezing temps. The grain tank and auger bed augers got water in them and turned to ice. That combine was froze up and a bear to thaw. We put a space heater in the back on seives and used hot water pressure washer in the grain tank to thaw augers as we had no heated place to put it in. I would drive it ten miles if something like that was coming! Otherwise I wouldn’t worry much about it. Just clean grain out around sump in grain tank so it doesn’t stay wet and rot that area out.
  2. I would say 15 ft. And 540 pto. Seems like 1000 ptos are more likely to wear out and need maintenance,
  3. You would have to live with your mother to be a true Cliff
  4. With the troubles they have had I wouldn’t get on that thing.
  5. Do you mean you changed the hand pump after you had this problem and you still have it?
  6. 1460s never seemed to have brakes
  7. You say “it went up a bank and lost steering”. Did it damage the hand pump? Did you jar the steering or something?
  8. I have to ask…. If you have a key why do you need one?
  9. If you’re in front of the fan when it’s running and the bearing is getting dry you can here it if you have a trained ear. I have removed the fan shaft and stood it up vertically and pooled oil on the bearing and let it soak into the bearing seal. That will give it extra life if it sounds dry. I done that 200 hours ago on my 5088 and it still sounds good
  10. Sat 2s are not near the tire an all traction radial is. I have sat2s on a chore tractor and you definitely get what you pay for. They are cheaper for a reason
  11. Is the final drive oil level low?
  12. Could your park lever need adjusted? I know mine goes in range gears easier if the park lever is lifted a little bit. If it’s clear down I really struggle getting it in any range
  13. I know they can fix the display but I think the numbers will be red instead of gold.
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