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  1. I’m curious… why did you wait so long to get X-rays if this happened December 28th?
  2. It look’s pretty decent. I would look to see if it has a sentry but Im not sure it’s a deal breaker if it doesn’t because you can get one. My first impression is it must’ve had a good home by the looks of the interior
  3. Where is your oil pressure switch sender located? Couldn’t you put a tee fitting there and put a guage sender and your oil pressure switch there in the tee? I think that’s how my 826 is cause it just had an oil light originally.
  4. It would be really cool if you could save it. If the motor isn’t seized it would really be a plus
  5. I have to agree. Twine takes too long to tie a bale and way too long to get it off! Our baler doesn’t have twine on it either!
  6. Ace how many years do you think that 5088 has sat there? I wouldn’t blame you to be interested but I wonder how much work it could turn into all at the same time.
  7. He’s only talking BKT’s
  8. I’ve replaced quite a few on atvs because they split. What are you working on or wanting to know?
  9. Maybe you should put the motor in the 66 back in the 86?
  10. That’s how I do it. To do it like shown in the video you need two people. If I had a second person there we would throw the chain over the tire pull ahead a bit and be done.
  11. What is wrong with your tach? Ag express in Des Moines works on the display. I’m not sure what else they can fix on them That looks like a nice 5088!
  12. What’s even worse is when your fueling and one of your kids shut the door and dust falls into the fuel tank!
  13. I agree. I know I have bought a few things that I’ve waited a couple months to ok it being delivered to avoid the crap on the roads. If it’s snowed they are a mess and if it’s sunny but snow might be coming they’re spraying the roads. And if it hasn’t snowed in a while and they are bored they go spray the roads
  14. I know several people with vertical mixers that run bales thru them. I understand why they do but it takes a lot of time and I can’t believe it wouldn’t be more time effective to grind the hay and just mix with the mixer wagon. I bought a tub grinder 10 years ago and really no regrets. It cut feeding time way down. I know grinders aren’t cheap but neither are mixer wagons. They last better if they are not doing all the work.
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