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  1. Every tractor I have bought that didn’t have hytran in it has had more hydraulic and oring issues than those with hytran. My 1086 I have had since 1993 and it has always had hytran in it and has been one of the most trouble free tractors I have when it comes to hydraulic and transmission systems. Fwiw
  2. My back gives me enough trouble that I figure 1000 bucks for an air ride is better than being miserable after riding in a tractor all day
  3. If you can pull 11 shanks 10 to 12 inches deep with 135 hp its probably not the type of soil that needs chiseled. Imo
  4. Maybe this is the reason all of the gators in our neighborhood are awfully slow! Lol
  5. It sure doesnt match the old one.
  6. How do you buy land to avoid taxes? Ive never got a tax deduction for the land purchase. Only for the interest I paid on the principle borrowed.
  7. Fwiw my 1086 had 18.4 38s on all 4 rims with the insides16 inch wide and the dual rims are 18 inch. I never had any troubles with it. I have seen 18.4 42s with 20.8 38 duals before. I wouldnt be scared to run it that way. They are the same height. Or diameter.
  8. Wow! That 966 looks nice and original. Do you know was it a one owner? How many hours are on it? I seen a run down, open station, grill missing, wouldn't start, rode hard put away wet one sell a few weeks ago sell for 4250. I dont need another but that one but that looks like a deal in todays markets. I think the one for 4250 went to salvage but I could be wrong. It coulda been brought to life but it needed alot!
  9. What did have for a motor? Im guessing its a gas since it isnt smoking! Those germans seemed like they always smoked in them. Unless he isnt actually combining when those pics were taken.
  10. I bought new rims cause I was wanting them for 18.4-38s and thought by the time I blasted and painted a used rim I just as well buy a new silver one. The costs may be different now though.
  11. Mine didnt like that a few months ago. But I don't think it was reliance. I know the one we took out had round holes too
  12. Do you have hubs? I know I bought hubs for my 5088 and then bought 10 bolt rims from worthington ag.
  13. Sometimes I think I should upgrade to something newer and then the feeling goes away after I look at something newer and think about working on it. Maybe I shouldn't be nervous but it sure looks complicated!
  14. It seems like angus bulls are pretty aggressive when they fight. I think two angus bulls together will fight worse than other breeds
  15. I was told once buy 3. Two to fight and 1 to do the breeding. Seriously...buy a good bull. Try to get some numbers on the bull. Hopefully the seller has epd's on him. If you can buy a pair or bulls for 950 each they cant be very good bulls. That sounds pretty cheap. The cow influences half of her calf. The bull influences half of every calf in your crop. It seems like the pickier I get on bulls I am the better my calves grow and the bigger they finish. I buy alot of calves to feed out and Im not bragging but there is a difference in genetics. I do realize its hard to buy an expensive bull for 9 head. But if you yield 25 more pounds per calf how expensive is it in the long run over the life of the bull
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