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  1. I wouldn't want it on...especially if you don't have rocks.
  2. Well I wouldn't recommend a reman. The circumstances were water in the oil right after I bought itand the dealer said they would put in a reman and split the cost. I should have just asked for some money off
  3. My 560 has 10500 hours on it . Had it since1993.
  4. That drill would be way better on a caddy.
  5. I had a caseih reman put in my 5488 2 1/2 years ago. The block always attracts dirt on the right side from the head gasket seeping. It has 400 hours on it. I don't add oil at all and change it at 150 hours. It is not that it uses oil. If the damn head gasket was dry it would be great. Every reman I see has a leak somewhere. That tractor is a real workhorse.
  6. I have had several fixed in Florida. He does a good job. I haven't heard any good of aftermarket ones.
  7. It seems like the vehicles are so idiot proofed it is ridiculous. Reading the comments I think it is safe to say the people on this forum could get by without the hassle of sensors. Meanwhile the rest of the population waits for an idiot light to light up instead of looking at the tires in the first place! Makes me love my 02 F250 with a 7.3 liter more all the time.
  8. Any idea on the cost Danny? I like the concept of how they work. I would think any style would make it hard to get out of gear if not adjusted correctly.
  9. The biggest challenge is getting a complete one.
  10. I think the one I bought was $3500.
  11. I bought one there 3 years ago. Wasn't bad to put on. It is nice if you can take it off yourself and take lots of pics. That is what I did. The only thing we had to go back for was the feeder jack shaft because it was a little different on how it mounted with the different feeder face. This was on a 1680. You will never upgrade as cheap as you can put that on that 1688 if you can find one. But I don't think one on a 1680 is the same. Good luck.
  12. Isn't there a lip that it bottoms out on. Been a little while since I done one but can you tell where the old one set?
  13. I would agree. My 1680 always did that after an oil change.
  14. I had mine break once in the 300 hrs I have ran it. There is no bracing on mine any where either
  15. I would have to agree with you. I just don't care for Goodyear tractor tires. The only tires I like are the Goodyear implement tires. I have some on a meyer feeder wagon. It is always in the elements outdoors. It is a bunk on wheels. 15 years old , and those tires don't even look like they have been in the sun. They are 11L15's.
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