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  1. Good to hear no one was hurt Bill.
  2. Did anyone see the JCB Backhoe with the V8 Race engine, I took a video but cant get it to upload.
  3. Where did you get your engine parts? Recommendations? Im getting ready to have my 806 rebuilt.
  4. That is a cool Old Tractor, what the heck did they do to break it like that?
  5. And it looks Good!
  6. Nice 560, I like the fuel tank on the Pickup too!
  7. That Tractor was a no sale at their summer auction today.
  8. I've said it before and say it again, Wish I were on Bills Farm!😀
  9. That was Funny!
  10. The one at my house is used to hang laundry on...
  11. At about 11 min into this video Pete makes the repair you are talking about, hope this helps.
  12. Well now I do know Jack Schitt and the whole family! Thanks for the education....
  13. I had a straight pipe on my 806 and ran a 4/16 plow with it for a few yeras when I was younger. I finally put a muffler on and like it much better now.
  14. Your Friend is a Good Ol Boy, I am sorry for your loss...
  15. Welcome to Redpower Eeyore!!
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