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    Im sending my prayers to your Mom, you and your family DT.
  2. Looking forward to seeing the results of your efforts, Please keep us updated with lots of pics!
  3. I saw this on You Tube, very informative on the principles of a Hydro Transmission.
  4. I said a prayer for your friend and his family too.
  5. I would have bought both plows for that money!
  6. I had success today with bow, Rifle opens tomorrow.
  7. I am sorry for you loss Brother.
  8. Cant beat a new old Tractor for your Birthday Bill, Happy Birthday!!
  9. Nice find Bill, I watched a real nice Farmall 230 sell for $2000 today at Walkers.
  10. Happy Birthday Bill and Happy Combining!
  11. Is it your's yet?? the suspense is killing me..... lol 😁
  12. A 1256 is also another option if you can find one.
  13. I like your Tractors Bill, doors or no doors!
  14. I said a prayer for your friends family
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