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  1. Great Video, love the 806 running wagons! Now I'm humming Amazing Grace!!
  2. I'd he got all he could out of her in that pull, Impressive!
  3. You are going to need a seat at some point.
  4. Are you sure you dont want to keep it??
  5. I like your sign hanging overhead too Rusty!
  6. I say it looks pretty good just the way it sits, batteries and covers will help as far as looks.
  7. Nice 544, I like the Tombstone seat. Did the 544 come from the factory with the Tombstone seat?
  8. I bet its quite the horse on that tedder no matter what it is!
  9. I said a little prayer for little Zeke tonight.
  10. I am happy to hear your good news Gearclash!
  11. Impressive! I bet Grandpa loved that!
  12. Thats a nice Two Point Hitch right there.
  13. Very nice video, Thats a Sweet looking 806! I enjoyed the banjo's too. Do you still farm with any of those tractors? particularly the 806?
  14. Those damn carpenter bees love untreated White Pine, hope fully you treat the rest of the board too. I use CWF on my Log Home and that seems to keep them away.
  15. It's when I quit looking that, I find what it was I was looking for....😎
  16. Maybe he couldn't Quite make to them thar woods....
  17. Thanks for the info DT and FarmallFan!
  18. So was Allis Chalmers a real person? anyone know the story?
  19. Very nice Brady, and nice of the folks to have a parking spot in the garage for you.
  20. I was mistaken, 340D only around 150 of those ever made. Dont know about a 350 D Utility.
  21. Congratulations, I hope you keep us posted with lots of photo's as you progress with it.
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