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  1. You might have trouble with the animal rights people Bill, they want all animals to have square meals. Nice find!
  2. That looks very interesting, is it based on fact or is it fiction?
  3. Got some good seat time on the 1256 plowing my neighbors 30 acre field.
  4. I am sad to hear this, I will pray for your friend and his family.
  5. I am going t spend my day with friends and family and reflect on what Jesus has done for us all.
  6. Yep, thats what I did after I realized I had the plates stacked wrong. After I stacked them in the housing I realized the mistake....
  7. That would be the center plug on the outside housing.
  8. Looking for suggestions for brake reassembly on a 1256, I got one side back together without too much trouble but the right side is being a bear for some reason. I stack the parts in order. knock out the plug on the housing and reassemble. Just wondering how the pro's put them back together.
  9. Looking reall Good! Keep us updated please!
  10. 806Jordy

    Covid Rifle

    Did it come with Blue Jeans too?? lol, Very nice rifle!
  11. I have the Frontier in 22 Mag, shoots great, reliable and butter smooth!
  12. I have the original one like that on my H, it needs to be replaced as well.
  13. Great photo's and stories Bill, thanks for posting them!
  14. Yep and the fake news and AOC are going after her already!
  15. Very Nice Tractor, the cab looks to be in good shape too!
  16. That Tractor looks purty! Can we see some more of it please??
  17. OK, I got it now, thank you!
  18. Thanks Iowa thats what I kinda thought, I cant tell from the photo though.
  19. Can someone please explain what a "Wet Bolster" is, how do you tell from a photo?
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