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  1. Nothing you can do I would think. How can you possibly move that much material and at what cost?
  2. I hear ya. Im 66 and supposedly retired but still have irons in the fire. I dont actively farm anymore but I help some of the neighbors and I have an apartment building in town that needs some refurbing maybe as a prelude to selling it. I acquired an old building that once was a big chicken house but was being used as a meeting place by a local conservation group but are now building a new one so I said Id save them the demo costs and have it moved to my place as a garage. And then I got the idea to put an old fashioned wooden floor in it so I bought the floor out of a barn thats coming down stringers and all and now I have to excavate some kind of base for it. Not sure how thats gonna work. And then I have to finish the siding on our old Victorian farm house and other things need to get done on the barn. And Id like to get out on Lake Michigan for some salmon fishing. And I volunteered for a choral concert and another musical to boot so Im in over my head. And then on Monday I wrenched my back shoveling plaster I took out of a bad ceiling in the commercial space of my apartment building. So today Im taking it easy waiting for my back and leg to stop aching... And the neighbor brought over his New Holland haybine and asked me to torch out the old roller bearing that went bad. And on Friday we have to go out of town for a wedding. So yeah... I get it!
  3. No. Nothing at all.
  4. Well its not "NEW" it just looks like it was replaced not long ago as it is black and silver. But it has been sitting outside for years. It is definitely 3 terminals with only one small one. No click or sign of life on the solenoid terminal at all.
  5. If the solenoid is stuck can it be unfrozen somehow? Of does that mean that its done?
  6. The starter spins just fine. The solenoid does not even click. Could it not be grounded right?
  7. Yeah thats what I did and NADA. So I guess that means that the solenoid is bad? Odd because it looks new. I never had that class of tractor with a standard transmission so I was concerned about being gear but it had been towed to its current location and the engine wasnt turning. Guess Ill have to figure the shifters out wont i?
  8. OK its been a really long time since I worked on on this new so dont laugh. Im helping a friend get a 706D running. The starter appeared to be dead but when I jump to the starter side of the solenoid the starter spins but does not energize the solenoid which is the type that also pushes the starter gear into the ring gear. Now, if memory serves I should be able to short to the solenoid contact and get it to engage, right? It doesnt. So, does this mean that the solenoid is dead? The entire starter assembly looks pretty new so Im a bit surprised at that but it has been sitting outside for a long time. Also steering wheel just spins. Will this firm up when the hydraulics power up? My 966 did not do this. I previously posted about this tractor when we first found it. Lost 706 D
  9. Oh, nothing at all! Wasnt meant as criticism. Just that I doubt this is the end of it. I had suggested the injectors could be the source but if they were that massive fouling was present as a result. Just changing the injectors would not instantly fix that. His comment that it might have to run a bit to make the rings "completely happy" is an indication that it still isnt running right. Id still do a compression test. Please keep us posted! Its an interesting mystery.
  10. Thats exactly what I mean. I dont think this story is over yet.
  11. Its a little hard to figure how just changing the injectors fixed what seemed to be a blow by problem that quickly but you are there and I'm not. I figured that the injectors had something to do with it but I wonder if it wasnt blow by and something else then?
  12. My 966 Hydro had a roll top and canopy just like these! Brings back many memories!
  13. oldtech

    The Dog Thread

    Great minds think alike! My vicious English Setter attack dogs will rip you to pieces... when they get around to it.
  14. Would they really bring that much? These were from my era and I think they would work well today. What are they lacking? What would new ones run of the same HP?
  15. No. Sometimes when you are buying a house a warranty will be offered with it. Thats fine, but if in general the failure rate of these things is pretty low. Just have them serviced periodically and you will be fine. Nothing lasts forever. Just a note, my mom had service contracts on bloody everything and never collected a dimes worth of service on them.
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