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  1. Farmall M Front Wheel Bolts

    When I used my Ms back in the day I always had a heckuva time keeping them tight so I went to a jam/krimp type nut and that seemed to cure it. But then I used them a lot, quite a bit for hauling loads down the road. You would be going along and then start hearing that clunk like someone clopping coconut shells on the pavement. Used to drive me nuts!
  2. Looky what I found!

    Yes, I was somehow thinking that the cross rows were diagonal but no, they were perpendicular now that I recall the whole mechanism. The idea was that they would drop an entire hill's worth at the same time from each row and if you placed the wire end correctly you would have rows facing at right angles to each other. Could there really be that much wire on that spool? With the knots its pretty thick. My guess wouldnt be more than maybe 5 to 700 feet!
  3. Looky what I found!

    I think i made a mistake. It does not plant 3 war rows, it does 2 ways like a CHECKerboard. When the knot trips the wire it drops the accumulated seed via the dump gates on all the rows at once.
  4. Looky what I found!

    Yeah there was la clevis-like fork on the end. I still cant figure out how it would have worked on a 4 row tho unless there was a different rig for that? Its really pretty Rube Goldberg when you think about it. That wire is more the gauge of a kids swing set so I cant imagine its more than a couple hundred feet long. Can you imagine how long it would have taken to plan with that?
  5. Looky what I found!

    Ive seen it mounted on an old junk 450 planter. I had a 450 long ago that must have had it on it once or maybe the dump gates were standard on it? I didnt see those parts on the table. I dont know how it would have worked on a 450 tho based on what I saw here because you would need to work each row in a different timing sequence. Maybe this is just the two row version? Maybe someone else could explain that. But I do recall looking at my planter and seeing a shaft that ran thru the castings with a metal gate that the knotted wire tripped to dump a hills worth of seeds in a single spot causing the resulting rows to run in 3 directions so you could cultivate each way. I dont expect you could get a lot of planting done in one day with this thing!
  6. Looky what I found!

    Was browsing at a local Habitat for Humanity store the other day and looky what I came across! A completely NOS and as far as I could tell, complete check row planting kit with the wire/cable and everything! It is still tied together in a bundle with the original wires and parts number tag which (I THINK) was PA347 but didnt write it down. No, I didnt buy it, the wife would kill me and I dont have a planter anyway and probably wouldnt check plant anyway but isnt this cool?
  7. Looky what I found!

    Was browsing at a local Habitat for Humanity store the other day and looky what I came across! A completely NOS and as far as I could tell, complete check row planting kit with the wire/cable and everything! It is still tied together in a bundle with the original wires and parts number tag which (I THINK) was PA347 but didnt write it down. No, I didnt buy it, the wife would kill me and I dont have a planter anyway and probably wouldnt check plant anyway but isnt this cool?
  8. milk price for jan.

    The price of unbridled expansion....
  9. Lost 706 D

    Thanks and Im sure you are right. When we first bought this place I didnt know him at all and only learned little by little about his behavior and history. And of course I had little idea of what was going on up there. I didnt even think anyone was living there. I thought he was living in town and only visited the farm. Only in the last couple years did I figure out that he was living there and that that came to an end rather abruptly. It seems he had a sister who had been a county agent home ec person up north somewhere but was living here now and she must have convinced him to live with her. The last time I saw him he pulled into my driveway with two county cops right behind him! Just by coincidence a friend who is a local assistant DA had stopped in to say hello! It seems he had been driving erratically and I think they took his license away which I think made living up there impossible without transportation. A few months later he showed up at a neighbor's that he knew much better than me and demanded that he be taken up to check out that 706 to make sure that the engine wasnt tight. He said that he had some special project in mind for it. So, not wanting to offend the guy the neighbor took him up there (he had managed to call a cab to take him there but couldnt get up the long steep driveway in all the snow). So they go up there and I guess confirmed by taking the starter off and budging the ring gear with a crow bar. Of course he being in his 90s had a hard time in the snow and fell down and the neighbor had to almost carry him back down. That was the last time he was out here and died a few months later. Its hard to square his hermit like behavior with the fact that he could talk your legs off and seemed to love telling people about all his ideas. One of them was a new kind of air powered post hole digger. He bought an old Kools blower and wanted to dig holes in the ground by pointing the air blast at the ground and letting that blast the soil aside.... Who knows what this secret mission with the 706 was that he had to go see it in the middle of winter and the snow like that? Yeah, he had his issues. I said a few times that he needed an intervention. But who would want to make that judgement? Its still a free country I guess. He never struck me as unhappy. What is normal anyway?
  10. Lost 706 D

    Well thanks for that... I certainly didnt want to be mean to him. And I did enjoy hearing some of his stories about the original owners of my place and the rest. Ive been pretty rootless in my life and here was a guy who was all root! And I have to admit that going thru all that stuff has been like an archeological dig wrapped in a mystery. I will post a couple pictures from time to time if they dont seem offensive to the old man's memory, something my friend the owner is sensitive to. Who nows what else is to be found there yet?
  11. Lost 706 D

    Another thing I noticed is that half of these vehicles and tractors all have chains hooked to the fronts. Its like he towed it to those spots and just dropped them there and never evey botherd to take the chain off! He must have had quite a few chains because they are laying all around in the dirt. He also had a number of old semitrailer vans parked up there and each one has got all manner of things from building materials to furniture set up in them like he might have been living in them too. When I go up there I dont know whether I should be scared or just depressed. He had no family other than his sister who also had no children. There was nobody to intervene and get him out of there.... Maybe thats why he thought the world was ending? Ill never forget that he used to come and ask to have any pumpkins we werent going to use. He said he had read that eating the seeds would extend your life... He'd get really happy when I let him take them and he would spend the day scooping them all out...
  12. Lost 706 D

    You would have to see the place. Its kind of a remote hill top farmstead. The old owner was a strange old man who I got to know a bit. My buddy bought the place when the old guy died and Ive been helping clear it with him. The old guy made it clear that nobody should ever go up there and was pretty paranoid. We found receipts for things like tear gas canisters and other scary stuff among his papers. Others said he had the place rigged with dynamite but we didnt find anything like that (yet). Fortunately, (or not) an old machine shed burned a number of years ago up there and there were a number of small explosions as it did. The local FD didnt want to go near it and just stayed back and watched it that it didnt spread too much. The house was so packed with old papers and magazines and books that there were only paths going through the rooms and it stunk like rats. In the summer he had been living in a tent and often in the winter you could see that a car was up there running with the brake lights on. Im pretty sure thats where he was sleeping then. There are tractors of all descriptions and cars and trucks going back to the 40s. Theres an old Studebaker deuce and a half with a tree that has grown up thru the bed! When I took the last two pictures here I was up there cutting some of the box elder that is grown up all over to be able to get around and got my second flat up there. There are things like machine tool parts that were just thrown on the ground and have settled in and covered by grass. For some reason he was collecting very large fuel tanks. Since he has a near new Oliver back hoe up there our best guess is that he was planning to bury then as a bomb shelter or something. Theres a ton of end times kind of books and literature up there too! Its really hard to reconcile this feeble little man who would just come and sit and tell me stories about his family and and all the other farms around here while I was working. I used to get a little annoyed that he demanded so much attention and would pull me away from what I was doing but now I just kind of feel sorry for him....
  13. CAD software?

    What nobody seems to be asking here is, what's your budget for this. All the packages mentioned here start at around $3500. Then, what exactly are you trying to do? You said, you were trying to figure out how things would work. Timbo1946 mentioned mechanical animation. i.e. putting together parts and seeing how they move. If that is what you are after then you dont have much choice and the price tag is going to reflect that. Im not familiar with Co Create. Ive been out of the business for a while now. Is that the latest thing from Autodesk? Just by coincidence I was cleaning out some of my old tech manuals this week and I came across a really old copy of Generic CAD! You want it?
  14. milk premiums

    The bottom line is that has been far too much expansion without any regard as to anyone wanted to buy it. Never mind cheap milk coming into Wisconsin, there is plenty of it right here! The state has had their 30x20 free money grant program in effect for a while. Dont know if they kept it with the new budget but the race to overproduce has been going on for a decade now even without that. The plants just dont want and cant handle the volume and in reality the bigs dont sell thru them. They sell directly to the big buyers and top bidder of the day using their own trucks so none of this applies to them. I wonder if there enough small operations left that can go out of business to bring that back into line anymore. Something has got to give!
  15. CAD software?

    I checked and they do have a free student version if you can qualify for it. Its a one year expiring license via download. http://info.kubotek3d.com/keycreator-student-version-free-software I didnt see the Lite product anymore but there could be some still floating around on Ebay or somwhere. Fact is a tossed a number of them when I left the business...