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  1. The problem is that they are exploiting loop holes created by the fact that copyright laws never anticipated involvement in mechanical devices. I dabble in theater a bit and I know that when even a community theater group puts on a show they are obligated to follow the script and then it has to be the correct licensed script too. Recently there was a blow up over the new official script for the stage version of To Kill A Mockingbird where some high schools had licensed the original version but because a deal was cut between the author of the new one and the book's author's estate they schools were then banned from presenting that version. The new version's agents did then allow the schools to do the new more expensive version without additional charges. Copyrights also allow the authors to demand that you make no modifications to the show. You cant alter the music or the dialogue to suit your own desires. On a stage with a show that has a particular message I can see how that could be abused. Its putting words in the mouth of an author. But making field mods to equipment for entirely practical reasons is an entirely different matter. I have a problem with that on several levels because it just screws the original play writer over by effectively banning his work from the stage forever. I think that's wrong! Imagine if Deere decided to contract with some new software firm to rewrite the control system. Under that theory they could tell you that you cant use your machine unless and until you did the upgrade and they could charge whatever they wanted for it! That would be like saying that we changed tire vendors and you have to take your Firestones off and put on new Good Years! And what if someone wrote a completely new control package for your tractor? Can Deere then sue you for that? That would be like Case/IH suing you for putting M&W pistons in your old Farmall. As this article points out, a ban on all modifications also means you can alter anything even to comply with things like new emission standards leaving you caught between the manufacturer and the government. You can argue about the emissions issue but you see what the problem is none the less. https://www.wired.com/story/john-deere-farmers-right-to-repair/
  2. Yes, and for some reason Farm Bureau (aka Rural Insurance) has decided that they agree with the manufacturers. Again and again my opinion of that outfit has gone steadily down. Who buys their stupid insurance if not farmers? https://www.wired.com/story/john-deere-farmers-right-to-repair/
  3. Ive seen plenty of tractors of multiple brands show yellow coming thru the finish coat. My neighbor has an Olver 1600 back hoe unit that while painted green has yellow underneath. I figured that they painted them yellow by default and since this one is green it got repainted from the industrial color to the ag color for marketing reasons. But thats just a guess. Industrials share a lot of parts with their ag counter parts. Not at all unusual to see them repainted to match.
  4. Apparently the need to haul these all at once was worth more than a set of shackles and springs...
  5. Cam across this on my facebook feed posted by a friend. These guys mention John Deere but I think its an issue with all the manufacturers, right? Vice Magazine - Repairable Tractors
  6. You asked the right question yourself. Who is going to enforce it? No, it wont be the UN or the EPA. It has to be the industry itself. Its the only way to sustain it.
  7. May I suggest that the goal here is to find a way to long term profitability while maintaining customer confidence in the product? The only "enforcement" there is likely to be is that of listening to a changing market - much like ensuring that BGH free milk is available in the stores because most consumers dont like it.
  8. OH MY GAWD! They want us to "... manage animals to ensure their health and welfare."! The ********! Did you know that there are people who want us to marry livestock? YEAH! They call it animal husbandry! How sick!
  9. Well that one was pretty hard to beat. It had all the elements. A diabolical plot. Fear and loathing. Unspecified terrible outcomes. Gawd help us all if we found a "sustainable" way to raise and process beef.
  10. Nothing like a good and wild conspiracy theory for the Halloween season!
  11. It does have to ... without that in and out motion on the gear box end the power steering will never activate. Coming up with something that will move as freely I think would be quite an engineering challenge. Right now at least that hose clamp I put around the dogs seems to be working pretty well but I have concerns about wear. But then that fabric piece wears out pretty fast too getting ripped up. But that might be partly due to the face that that tab is out of alignment too. Its just too soft and rips. Whats needed is a much stiffer material like a piece of flat belt material. What would be better yet would be that same material with some kind of reinforcing ring that securely holds those dogs in place like the hose clamp is doing now. The factory part is just too soft and after a short time the dogs get out of alignment and you can feel them bind up when you turn it. This is why I didnt notice the fact that that long tab was hitting the radiator. All in all, this has to go down as one of the dumbest patents ever together with a poor choice of materials and THEN on top of one of the WORST repair jobs Ive ever seen! I think that an opportunity to make an upgrade repair part exists here. Surely others have had this problem. My 85 seems a bit rare but Im guessing the 65s and down have the same stupid patent.
  12. How do IH power assist steering units work? Isnt there something very similar with them? Just not this klugie gizmo to allow it to move.
  13. No, it wont work, trust me! Just the fact that the universal would be pinned to the shaft will not allow it to move in and out enough to operate the valve. I may have to make a video of it if you dont believe me. It is the whole reason for the fabric and dogs. It moves in and out like a membrane.
  14. I thought about that but if I did that the power steering would not work. The joint is designed the way it is to allow in-and-out motion. As I explained above, when the wheel is turned the first thing that happens is that the shaft screws in or out a bit depending upon which way you turn. Without that freedom you get no power steering!
  15. I like that idea but where to find some? The new part is available, yes but if you knew how soft and spongy it is you would know why this patent sucks. It stretches and shreds up in no time. This is my 3rd time replacing it!
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