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  1. I had been using the 52 all winter to grind hay, then the wife indicated that ac when raking would be nice. Put it back on the haybuster a few weeks ago and no pto, wouldn't even spin empty. Finally pulled it out last night and found this. The clearance in the clutch pack looks good. I had a dual speed unit on hold for me at a salvage yard, but think I'll put the 1000 back in since it looks so good yet. The gear was laying behind third link cover and the bolt and washer were in the bottom. Any more parts to be looking for? I think a bit of blue loctite is in order. Any idea on a torque value?
  2. Dads 656 is hard to start if it runs out of fuel, even after bleeding air from filters and have a clear stream.at pump. We pull start it, sometimes takes a fair distance, but much better than grinding on the starter. My planter pump has a hard time displacing air in the system after winter, this may be no different
  3. Happy Birthday! Sdman has provided me a lot of help! Thanks for the forum participation!
  4. Worked on a 95 PS for a neighbor once that diagnostic connector was dead. It shares power fuse for cigarette lighter, his grandkids had dropped a dime into lighter socket and popped fuse
  5. Thanks SD, this close to planting I'll probably just run back to remote if it doesn't make too much heat. The vac fan is pto powered so the deltaforce is really only hydraulic load except when raising/lowering. Seems like AC worked better after pto pump was installed
  6. Yup, the meters are electric, plus the air compressor for the clean sweep set up, electric auto steer and the planter monitors/controls and then add lights at night and it's more than the tractor alternator can cover
  7. Yes it's a 16 row 1250 that we added the deltaforce onto. What do I need to add to have correct motor return? This double coupler on top of the hydraulic couplers is only return that I know of on the tractor. Last year I had pressure and return from deltaforce hooked up to the #3 remote
  8. Finally got a pic of my mx200 drain set up. Is this a sufficient case drain? This is where vac fan drain went until I installed the pto pump set up. But had to spin blower wheel to get fan motor to run when warm.Just wondering if this contributed to its failure? Only thing hooked up there now is the case drain from the precision hyd powered alternator which is tied into the down force set up. Also, should the return hose from the down force be plumbed into the same drain or is it ok to run back to remote?
  9. We try to run odd number of bulls, so if pairs are fighting there is at least one to be breeding
  10. Bottom is IH and right side is #1, can tell because between 2 and 3 is larger hole in gasket for rocker lube pressure on left (pushrod side). Gasket can easily be installed backwards which blocks off oil to rockers. Some blocks have guide dowels, I've had a couple without, just use a 1/2" cut off bolt for alignment front and rear of block. There are studs available and what I put in. The right side head bolts (exhaust side) go thru what looks like a tube pressed into head, I've seen where the tube rotted out half way down and after torquing, the spacer under head of bolt would press into the head also
  11. So does return oil go thru filter then ? Hose sprung a pinhole leak that leaks whenever tractor is running, so might just get a tee and make up new hose to go trans. All it runs now is a hydraulic hypro pump on my summers sprayer
  12. Oops, picture rotated. Top is bottom now
  13. Top gasket has 134400A1 stamped in it, came from CIH, looks exactly like the felpro 8334 that used to be commonly available at napa. Lower one is an aftermarket, possibly reliance but no markings on package or gasket itself. Even felpro uses a rubber washer for coolant passages on right side of head. Cheap gasket came missing 5 of the rubber gaskets. It was ordered from Bates using the ih number 134403A1 head kit. They sent me another, but it failed in half hour, forcing compression into coolant, but no external leaks. My tractor was rebuild less than 10 years ago and block was decked and counterbores machined to set sleeve stand out at .004. Putting a felpro gasket back in and using the spray can trick solved problem for now. When head was off the second time i had it pressure checked and was fine. Good luck!
  14. My 7120 has a drain plumbed into the top rear port of hydraulic filter base. It was this way when I got it 3k hours ago. I had the hydraulic drive motor hoses off my sprayer pump last summer and started tractor for some reason and the drain hose pumped oil out, so not sure this is the correct place to put the drain?
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