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  1. 1958560

    Mixed twins

    Last spring we had an older cow had 1 healthy calf, I saw it born and tagged it. About 2 weeks later, she had another! Local vet says he seen it only a few times. Had 3 sets of twins so far, only 4 made it
  2. Yeah I know it'll be more than I wanted to spend, but after this it should work for us for many years. It has scales, all hyd load/unload functions as well as unload auger hyd swing and rotate functions. Dont see many around here, if nice they bring in the 10k plus range, wont have near that in this one
  3. Update, we couldn't get the auger to come loose, so I took it to a local machine shop where they lifted on the auger with a forklift and applied heat, beat, etc. They finally got it apart. Its supposed to lift off, it's just a square drive. Bad news is that the square coupling that bolts onto gearbox output shaft is nla and had to be cut off tapered spline shaft in order to drop gearbox out the bottom. They found a coupler that fits the tapered splines on the shaft and are modifying that to a square drive. Input shaft splines were half gone, tapered bearings were a little loose and upper bearing on output shaft was contaminated with feed, dirt, etc that had gotten past seal and was nearly ready to fail. Coupler supposed to be done by end of week, I'll get some pics while reassembling
  4. Steering acting funny, turns, but takes more wheel revolutions to get it to turn. Sometimes at steering stops, the wheel firms up, other times I can probably keep spinning the steering wheel at the rate of 1 turn per 2 to 3 seconds. If i had an internal steer cyl leak would it heal up like that? Do these hand pumps give much trouble? Also drifts when reading, I have to keep correcting with the steering wheel. No external leaks, thanks, Rob
  5. My dad bought me a 79 Fairmont futura, very similar to that red in color also a 2.3L and 4 spd. Had a bad cam and it would spit a follower out but cost 275 in 1990. I put a cam in it and drove it for the last 2 yrs of high school then both my sisters drove it. Had a buddy that had a turbo 2.3 that developed a knock in a merc capri, I wanted to put it in my ford but never got it done. Later got an 81 merc capri and built a 289 for it. Didnt do my homework on it, it was an early one with 5 bolt bellhousing and had to find a 2 spd cruisamatic for it, always had trans problems. I thought I had it made back then, had a job that bought tires, stereo equipment, etc. I loved the independence! If that was my daughter, shed be walking too! That is a beautiful car that brings back many memories!
  6. The main drive shaft had spun on the front bearing before I got it last spring, so shaft was cur out. So I pulled shaft and had it welded and turned down to correct size. With shaft removed, I can see that the input shaft of the gearbox has some play, so I planned on checking it out, input splines have some wear also, may end up replacing the input shaft.
  7. I think I can get it hitched to an overhead beam in the shop to pull on auger, I thought about trying to jar it in the opposite direction of rotation, but ran out of time and ambition tonight, haha. I'll try these suggestions tomorrow hopefully. Thanks!
  8. Anyone ever dropped a gearbox out of a 358 New Holland mixer? I have a book and it doesn't show any bolt or pins holding the mixing auger on, online looks like a square coupler that should slide out, but I cant get it to budge. Wondering if I need to cut an access hole in the mixing auger lower part to get in with a torch to apply heat, theres not enough room to go underneath
  9. Thanks superih, I'll check that out! Here's a couple pics of the thin spot that I can see, it has 2755 rotor hrs on it
  10. I dont think any vane bolts are gone, but there were 3 or 4 missing before 18 harvest where cone bolts on in front of concaves. Might still be one gone that we couldn't reach. I'd like to upgrade in a year or two, but dont want trouble at harvest time. Sloan Express has 10% off parts till end of the week too. How do I pull rotor out? I have a skid steer w pallet forks. The lower clean grain auger pan developed a hole on the right side near the elevator opening too. Do I need to pull sieves to replace that? It has around 2900 separator hours on it. I put in new rasp and separator bars and clean grain elevator housing and upper shaft/bearings along with lower clean grain cross auger and both elevator chains/ drive chains when it had 2100 sep hours on it.
  11. That's what I thought also, I put a set on my 7120 a couple years ago after the Michelins did the same sidewall cracking with nearly all the tread left.
  12. When I got this 2388 in fall 2013, they said transition come was thin as paper, but have used it for 5 seasons and got by, but it is sharp where it meets concaves. Looking at aftermarket ones, they list 3/16" or 1/4" wall, do they bolt in the same or is this serial # specific? Also my auger bed wore thru when an auger broke, I patched it underneath, but lip is cracked loose on the right side, so I am considering replacing that when the rotor is out. Is that easiest way to replace? Thanks
  13. My 5288 has Armstrong 20.8x38 radials, one has developed a sidewall crack and went flat, guessing it pinched the tube. So looking at new radials, Firestone at 1350 each and harvestking at 1000 each. Anyone have any experience with the cheaper radials? Mostly pulls a v rake for a couple weeks during summer, silage cutter for a week in September, a bale processor to feed cows for a few winter months. Only hard pulling it does is an 18' Salford @ 8 to 10mph some springs, only if we are wet. Bias would be cheaper but I like the way the tractor rides and pulls with radials. Any opinions?
  14. Pic from machine shed roof last January and Mrs and her ewes in the addition
  15. No existing structure here, my carpenter neighbors built the structure and we did doors, insulation, interior steel, wiring and a 12' square office in corner. This is our lambing barn, run a little over 300 ewes. Main barn built in 08, we added 24' lean on north end last year. 60x100 with 24x100 addition. My wife really enjoys it when it's cold in january/February, she loves her babies!
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