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  1. I sent in my 2290 forms for our semi trucks a little late, early August instead of July and finally got them back December 10th, usually takes a few weeks. I didn't even tag my truck for fall harvest. Wife got jrs done online for a fee cause he was nervous. I guess I can buy tags now for 21 anyway
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    My 1586 had 2 walmart group 24s that I installed July of 13. One failed last week, unhooked ground and ran on one battery until I could get replacements. It runs daily on a feed wagon. The 2388 got exide group 31s from caseih dealer before harvest of 14 and still going strong. Sons 08 Honda rancher still has original battery, my 08 Rubicon has been replaced once since new. Son gets battery cores from local o'reillys that are "bad" and takes used up cores to replace them. We use them for electric fence chargers until completely junk. Son uses napa battery, likes warranty. Guess we've had good l
  3. We have a couple semis for farm use, but I'm definitely not an over the road driver. Have also been behind 2 governed trucks, one trying to pass the other. Would it be so hard to back off and let truck 2 pass truck 1 then govern it out again, just to improve traffic flow and safety?
  4. Son has a nice 428 he wants to put in his 67 mustang gt, that intake would make it go. He has an aftermarket old school dual quad intake that he'll probably use. Glad to see that fords are alive elsewhere too! Nice parts you are finding/saving!
  5. Sons 1456 broke one rocker last winter, we replaced with a good used one and has worked fine since, but just last week noticed that the belt pulley part of the damper is loose and wobbling. I'm sure we checked that at the time of rocker replacement, but dont remember for sure. Its sidelined until seal gets here later this week, got a new damper here already. Better take a look at your pulleys too
  6. If I remember right, remove filter and then remove the adapter nut that filter screws onto. Then push it thru the housing. We're up in SD and haven't had trouble without the heater during winter, just run #1 during coldest months
  7. We have popped it out after filter is removed then tapped hole with 1/2" pipe thread tap and install plug from the bottom, as long as you dont need the heater. A little hard to keep tap straight and square in hole from bottom going up but can be done.
  8. I usually bale about 100 corn stalk bales for bedding for sheep barn and calving pen. Have a neighbor who chops/windrows in one pass, makes very nice bedding that can be spread by hand with a pitchfork. Have been using skid steer for last 8 yrs, but still best way to bale them. Last year he broke down, so we raked with an 18 wheel v rake. Much courser in the bale, and it is hard on rake and baler pickup teeth. Haven't replaced a tooth in pickup last 7 yrs on 2 different balers, but have a dozen to put in after last years taking corn stalks. Best route as mentioned is to have cows process the r
  9. Worked on a buddies 5.4 that showed misfire, we swapped coils around with no change. Pulled fuel injectors out and just blew them out with compressed air, put them back and has been running great for 5k now and counting
  10. Yes, hand clutch is probably correct term, sorry. He'd like to get it back to how it was when he grew up. Have to see what hes actually still got and what he needs. Anyone know of a take off unit or one for sale?
  11. Got a neighbor with an M with a few M&W add ons. The clutches wore out years ago on the live pto attachment and was removed. He is looking for parts or a replacement unit, is there any available? I've never seen one personally, anyone have pictures? Thanks, Robert
  12. Hi, all, I have a friend who is trying to clean up his folks equipment after his father passed a year ago. They have a 211 pay scraper they would like to sell, but do t have a clue on value. It looks like decent condition but I have only seen it from the road at 70 mph. His dad had a dream to build his own fishing pond and had used it for that purpose. Any ballpark estimates on a selling price? Thanks, Robert
  13. Had a fuel leak and broke clean grain auger first night of wet corn. Fixed those next day then an hour later the double sided cleaning system drive belt let go. Got that replaced along with the return elevator drive chain and fired it up to see air screen not moving, so pulled that off to clean debris from behind and found 1 roller bearing out as well. Fixed that and next day the 5/8" all thread for adjusting separator drive belt let go. But Thursday and Friday went great and we finished the pile. Wife runs the 2388 and was ready to quit, lol
  14. Took these this morning as we finished our wet corn pile
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