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  1. Thanks, I thought cab was a little dusty, probably hasn't been working for a while. Ac may need a tune up as well, was a little warm last year
  2. Cleaned air filters today and noticed the cab filter behind the steps was pretty clean so I started tractor to see if fan runs. It didnt. A blower runs when key is on, but I was under the impression that for positive cab pressure, the one under the cab should be running, not the heat/ac blower under the seat. Am I wrong? If I turn fan switch by temp control down, fan speed decreases and stops when switch is turned to off. Thanks, Robert
  3. Definitely will change filter and fluid, not sure if or when it's been serviced last. Tried to raise a 12" auger last fall and it couldn't do it, I'll pull hitch pump and inspect when fluid is drained. I put new mcv pump in my 1586 last winter, shaft bushings were very loose, I'll bet the 806 mcv not far behind
  4. Neighbor wants help on his 806, pulls a 12 ft NH 499 haybine. Says hitch pump is slow. I plumbed a gauge in remote and get 1400 psi dead headed. Relief valve is 1600. I'd say it needs pump. Also, stops for a second when lifting haybine and turning. Lube pressure does drop to near zero when steering against stop in DD, but stays at 14 psi in TA. My book says DD leak in trans. Probably in TA, but anyone seen a jumper tube leak that could cause this? He wonders if a new mcv pump will get him going, at least for awhile? Thanks, Robert
  5. 1958560

    806 Bolster

    Got a 560 that must have been really abused. All 4 were broke and welded before it lived here. Has had an f10 or F25 farmhand loader mounted most of its life. Broken a couple spindles and knees from moving 2 1500 lb bales at a time but the 4 threaded holes have never given any trouble. As long as there is 3/4" of thread left in the hole I'd square it and add the bushing and possibly a longer bolt. The bolster can be replaced if the repair doesn't work for yoy
  6. About 15 min south of the state fair city of Huron, SD
  7. May have to use different gasket depending on how much material is removed. Gasket thickness sets pump gear clearance I think
  8. 1958560


    I have some hay and crop ground that borders neighbors pasture along an abandoned right of way. After his cows got into corn a couple times, he put a fence in. We agreed to run fence down center of right of way. He paid for all as I will never run cows there. Brother has pasture that needed new fence, bordering neighbors had no cows so we paid/did all work. Another neighbor has since told me that SD law is to split cost regardless of livestock situation, but broke landowners will never pony up anyway. If you do not need fence for livestock containment, I'd let neighbor worry about fence
  9. My son put this together Nov/Dec of 20. Started as an 89 f350 crew cab long box 460 5 spd. Sold motor trans all body parts for more than he paid for truck. Got 76 crew cab from a buddy, rest of parts came from his stash and a donor f150. Put a new flatbed on it and put in his built 7.3 IDI ih diesel turboed and intercooled and another zf 5 spd. Painted it all blue, cab was brown, fenders 2 tone brown. New carpet and door/window seals, 93 ford crew cab cloth seats. Body not perfect but good enough for a daily driver he says. Needed another truck after sold the 69 f250 in October
  10. You may be able to find someone to ultrasound the ewes. We have a local vet come and check the last ones to lamb about 6 weeks into lambing. Always a few opens. Opens are less on mature ewes but we our replacements always yield some opens. Late gestation the vet can only determine bred or open. If done early in gestation it's my understanding that they can tell you if twins, single, etc. Have heard about traveling person that does this service but have never had it done early here. As mentioned they usually are very fertile. Maybe try to talk to other local sheep producers to see if they know
  11. Some ewes just have one. Wife runs 300 ewes and we keep back replacements from the herd, try to keep only twins or triplet born and only earliest born. Our replacements will have lambed by the time they are 12 to 13 months old. Some have twins their first year but dont all feed twins. The next year we still have some singles. I always flush ewes before breeding by giving them a half pound of corn for a couple weeks before buck turnout and throughout breeding and for a month after to help retain multiples. This year they got grain all fall and up to lambing, but not sure if the lambing percenta
  12. Just replaced primary water pump in my neighbor's 12 f250 6.7. Only had 45k but was leaving a puddle. I think Dorman makes a kit of orings for that lower connection? My 16 f350 rolled over 29k recently, wonder how long before it gives issues. Son thinks I should delete the def and dpf, but I wonder how they will think at trade in time?
  13. I sent in my 2290 forms for our semi trucks a little late, early August instead of July and finally got them back December 10th, usually takes a few weeks. I didn't even tag my truck for fall harvest. Wife got jrs done online for a fee cause he was nervous. I guess I can buy tags now for 21 anyway
  14. 1958560


    My 1586 had 2 walmart group 24s that I installed July of 13. One failed last week, unhooked ground and ran on one battery until I could get replacements. It runs daily on a feed wagon. The 2388 got exide group 31s from caseih dealer before harvest of 14 and still going strong. Sons 08 Honda rancher still has original battery, my 08 Rubicon has been replaced once since new. Son gets battery cores from local o'reillys that are "bad" and takes used up cores to replace them. We use them for electric fence chargers until completely junk. Son uses napa battery, likes warranty. Guess we've had good l
  15. We have a couple semis for farm use, but I'm definitely not an over the road driver. Have also been behind 2 governed trucks, one trying to pass the other. Would it be so hard to back off and let truck 2 pass truck 1 then govern it out again, just to improve traffic flow and safety?
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