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  1. My 5288 spends a lot of time on a hay grinder. When its loaded down and working, the governor in the pump will try to hold pto rpm. As load decreases, the rpms will go up until its fully loaded. Wide open rpm and governed rpm are 2 different numbers. If you can run 24-2600 rpm during tillage, you are not using all available power
  2. Finished beans here this week after nearly 2 inches of rain in the last week. Dry here this summer, but happy with yields, anywhere from 30 to 55 and with a good price, we'll be around to farm 1 more year! Had a few hiccups with the new to us machine, but seems to be working well now. Been on corn for a couple days now full steam ahead
  3. Got my mx 200 on the grain cart because 7120 radiator started leaking at top seam. Used the 200 all spring for planting but this fall sometimes when I fire it up the a post lights up then goes out, tractor still running. Have to restart, sometimes a couple times to get them to stay on so it can be driven. Is there a relay or something that is giving up?
  4. We finished up here Sept 9 after what we called a dry year. This was a 105 day silage variety and another 104 dual purpose split every 16 rows throughout field. The 3950 chopper/ 2 row head would only take it at 4 mph or less. The 5288 could go faster but just end up plugging the feed rolls on chopper. This was on james river riverbottom which helped and we at least had subsoil moisture to tap into. We figured it did about 17 ton/acre
  5. Make sure to roll down hill only in DD, in TA bad things happen
  6. Looks good! How was the hay crop there? We got by pretty good here but was less than last year. Sure could use some moisture!
  7. Shorten the link between the clutch and ta clutch release shafts half turn at a time until it doesn't bind
  8. I have a 86 series starter on my 560, it can be clocked in many positions, I didnt think 806 starter was. Dad had one on his 560, believe the steering shaft bracket fits around the solenoid bump. This is a picture of my 560 w a 10/1486 starter. The hydraulic pressure line needs a slight bend to clear starter
  9. I think diesel has more head bolts than a gas, and in different places
  10. I pull an 06 summers 90' with my 7120, had this one since 13, before this pulled an older dragging boom 90' summers for about 8 years. Like tractorholic said, one of the best investments I've ever made. Around 1500 acres per year sprayed twice. Local ag dealers get 7 plus per acre. The sprayer pays for itself pretty quick. Would be nice to upgrade to a self propelled
  11. May have to shift down a gear on that tall stuff
  12. Isnt there still 2 small half moon keys to lock release bearing carrier onto shaft? I was thinking the set score just kept carrier from moving side to side?
  13. Got the 4408 locked down. Was my cousin's, she added and bought new in 15. One year had green snap bad and another had hail and last year he hired harvest done. Only had maybe 2k acres on it. Should keep the mrs happy if we dont break down, shes the combine operator
  14. We got by ok, but 2208 seemed bad on butt shelling and had a few stalk roll bolts break or spin out. Also broke a couple stalk roll shafts. Otherwise it worked fine, but it is time to upgrade.
  15. Upgraded the 2388 to a 7088 and need a corn head. Just wondering what you guys know/think about either of these. My cousin has a 4408 that has maybe a couple thousand acres on it that I could deal with him on. His comparison was like a 1066 to an 8950, lol. Had a 2208 and got by ok with it, but time to get something better, thanks
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