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  1. 1958560

    5288 cab power

    On my 1586 last winter I had some problem. Can solenoid and circuit breaker under cab roof was good, problem was a corroded wire connector under the floor to the right of the starter. It would lose its connection when too much current was required
  2. 1958560

    806 cooling problem

    Hoses were removed and holes plugged. The tank heater went to a tapped hole in t stat housing so temp gauge bulb was not disturbed, it's still straight into head. Even after replacing the t stat, it still buries the team map needle near the H and sucks the bypass hose that goes to water pump shut.
  3. 1958560

    806 cooling problem

    Neighbor has an 806 that is getting heat gauge near the H when cutting thick fine bluegrass and wiregrass with a 12 ft haybine in low 3. Also sucks the bypass hose shut. He replaced the thermostat and seal and still does it. Never any pressure on cap and he said that thermostat housing looked clear when he had it apart. Doesn't put any bubbles in radiator either. He's 30 miles away and will do some temp checking with a laser gun today. Funny thing is it used to run barely over C mark until he removed a tank heater that he never used last fall and now it runs warm. Any ideas? Thanks, Robert
  4. 1958560

    460 Diesel Question

    I have one that is the yard tractor and pulls a rowse double 9 mower and an 18 wheel v rake during summer. Was my wife's grandpa tractor. The 236 would now all day on less than a gallon per hour. It has a 282 in it now after #6 sleeve and block bore cracked and I put in a spare 282. Handy machine but operators platform is smaller than a 560 and seems harder to get on/off
  5. 1958560

    Tried Spraying some Corn Tonight A little Muddy

    Aerial application is getting popular here, even on drier years. No corn gets run down when the custom applicator gets off the row at 15 mph. I just finished my last beans last night with my 7120 mfd and a 90' Summers sprayer. Left a few tracks in the low ground where I drove thru water but made it thru. I try to run tank low on volume for the lower ground. Just cuz it holds 1000 gal doesn't mean it has to be full
  6. 1958560

    1086 front end

    Fixed one for a neighbor a few years ago, the axle tube was wallowed out too much to hold the bushings so we had a machine shop ream it and fabricate a sleeve to go in new hole that would be tight on inside to hold bushings. I cut pin between axle tube and front casting with a torch, then axle can drop down and casting can be removed, only 4 bolts, then use press to pop pin out
  7. 1958560

    EPD for intelligence

    Had this happen this spring, cows got a couple uprights broke loose as nd she crawled in. Had to tip haystack on its side to get her out
  8. 1958560

    Ok enuf Rain

    SE central SD getting dry on top here, got around an inch 10th of may, but have missed any rain since then until June 1 got quarter inch. My no till beans are ok, but some sandy ground we worked yo level it out has some beans laying in dry dirt
  9. 1958560

    FM750 monitor

    I have an FM750 that runs my planter and autostart that just decided to keep cycling the power on and off. Battery connections are clean and tight, but as soon as the screen comes on with the fast restart menu, it shuts off. I did get a warning about memory getting full, but it won't stay on long enough to delete anything. Anyone have any experience with This? Thanks, Rob
  10. 1958560

    560 TA

    Neighbor brought a gas 560 for a few repairs, noticed that it freewheeled when coming off trailer. The ta release beg is shot, and someone installed washers between pp and carrier so it's in ta all the time. Also ta housing over half full of oil and I can wiggle the ta clutch carrier side to side. Probably more likely ta carrier seal leaking to fill housing than ipto seals? A few drops coming from clutch housing, looks like hyd fluid. Can the ta carrier be tightened up or does it need a new assy? Never done any ta work on my 560 yet, im sure it will have to be split at ta housing to fix, right? Hes also complaining of the steering wheel squeak. Anybody ever had housing machined for bushings? I would guess after all this time that everything is worn to far for plastic bushings. Thanks, Rob
  11. 1958560

    April 14, 2018 Blizzard

    I am south of you aways Casey, sounds like you got by ok. We got 16" plus and the 2 day blow made drifts around any obstacle. We calve on grass and have some limited windbreaks but it was too much too long. We lost a few calves but still feel lucky since could have been worse. My local vet mixes a claiming shot I use for grafting. I put pair together in a small pen for an hour, pull cow out then skin dead calf. Give cow 5-6ccs and let new calf nurse for 5 minutes then tie skin on new calf and let them back into original pen. Shot has tranquilizers and hormones in it which puts her to sleep for a while. When she wakes up, she wants to mother. It works at least 80% of the time. Remove skin after a day or two, then let them out with here. Vet also mixes an idiot calf shot that wakes up the dumb ones, it seems to work well also. Good luck!
  12. 1958560

    Hough h50 payloader

    I found a Hough H50 payloader for sale not too far from me and I was wanting to see if anyone on here has/had any experience with them? Looks in pics to have a 282d in it and guy says it has a clutch like a tractor, not a torque converter type trans. I'm wondering what areas to look at closely when I lay eyes on it. Can a 3rd valve be added for a grapple very easily? Are there any parts available for these? Any insight would be appreciated, thanks
  13. 1958560

    Head gasket for D-282, best one.........

    Last couple we did got the felpro head kit from Napa, it's cheaper than CIH and also includes the injector rings and lifter cover gasket, which cih does not. I also put studs in from Murphy's. I've had a lot less head trouble since
  14. 1958560

    Grinder mixers bearcat, nh, etc

    Yes the mixermill market is unbelievable! Neighbor wants 1800 for the bearcat, think I'll pass. I have seen a few nh sell at auction and they bring way more than what I can justify spending. Guess I'll keep using owatonna until I find something different!
  15. I would like to upgrade our grinder mixer. Have an owatonna now that does work, but I'd like to go to hyd drive instead of all these bevel gears and chains. Neighbor has a bearcat 950 for sale. Has 1 turn left on hammers, drive belts have a few holes in them from small rocks looks like, shedded, 1000 rpm. Anybody have one of these? It looks like after going thru hammers, feed is blown into the duster then falls to auger that goes to hopper. Does this ever plug? Can the hammers be disengaged so the loading auger can be used to fill mill with shelled corn? I feed out my lambs all summer and don't grind corn just mix shelled corn and pellets. The owatonna must be filled in the back because the loading auger only runs when hammers are running. Used to have a farmhand that would work using loading auger, but it wore out. Any one have suggestions on mixer mills? Scale would be nice too