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  1. where did you get the kit from?
  2. has anyone found a good replacement for the bucket cylinders on 2350 loader? I might have one with internal leak was just wondering if it was cheaper/cost effective to replace or rebuild the cylinder TIA
  3. I took my Case 85XT skid loader to the shop and they got it started, it just needed a good warm up and fuel lines bled. Does anyone know about the thermostart system? I think mine is supposed to have it. the mechanic didn't have much knowledge about it. I have a hold down button near the key switch but I don't know where it is on the engine. A picture would be great[ I know it is hard see with the cab down] TIA
  4. Thanks everyone for all the good advice. Unfortunately I have not yet got skid loader running. I put on new fuel filters and put 911 in the tank. It cranks but no fire. Block heater plugged in knipco running. Might have to try to get it on a trailer and to a shop.
  5. I had mine running for about 20 minutes then it died in the yard
  6. I have a Case 85XT skid loader that died with loader arms half way up. does anybody know how to move them up or down with the engine off? I need to move them to tip the cab to get at the fuel filter. Or is there another way to ungel it TIA
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