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  1. Did the wet bolster front ends steer any better/worse than the standard front ends? I’ve never seen one on a ‘66 series tractor.
  2. I have always loved looking at aerial photos like these! Fun thread for sure! Thanks for posting, everyone!
  3. Cool1566


    I just heard that tonight Finney. What a disgrace and insult to the rest of us in the state. UK basketball used to be a rich tradition that many in the state were proud of. No more.
  4. If P&K levels are ok try upping the S levels. A good bean crop will need 30-40 lb/ac of S. Number one factor in soybean yield 99% of the time is sunlight. Plant as early as you can and maybe earlier than you are comfortable with. Soybean seed handles cold weather early better than corn. Consider seed treatment with fungicide and inoculate.
  5. I know what you mean. I don’t feel comfortable at all letting my boys do what I did at my age. I remember the first time watching my youngest boy head off down the field without me in the tractor. Kinda scary but all went well.
  6. Congratulations! Huge accomplishment in these days.
  7. You do really good fab work, Bitty. Always enjoy seeing your pics.
  8. Thorogoods are my brand. Was loyal to Red Wing for 20 years then Rocky for 10 years. Tried a pair of USA made Thorogoods 21 months ago and are still wearing them. Usually 12 months and a pair of boots are done with me. I dare say most guys on here would like Thorogoods if they tried them. Just my two cents though.
  9. I have driven two different twin screw tandems that had a 5 speed with two speed rear axles. Not very common as far as twin screws go. They weren’t a single axle with a tag axle added. Both rear ends had the two speed actuators.
  10. That is really neat! Thanks for sharing this. Cool old trucks for sure.
  11. On the other hand I’m excited to have a chance for RPRU to be 1-1/2 hours from me. I’m hoping to be there and celebrate my 50th birthday there. Hoping politics do not spoil it for everyone.
  12. Well I’m in KY within sight of IL and our state must be taking notes. We’ve had some pretty controversial actions taken by our new governor since he entered office.
  13. So true! Had a lot of pressure last summer from the “bears” to sell lots of beans below $9/bu because we were headed for sub $8 prices. Glad I didn’t listen to them very much. Almost $5 difference between first new crop bean sale and what price is now. Unreal !
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