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  1. Cool1566

    This happened to me...

    Wow Todd ! I’m a day behind on reading this ! I’m sorry that you are going through this. Injustice is always hard to take especially when it is happening to you.
  2. Cool1566

    Happy birthday ,Sledgehammer & Redflyer

    Happy birthday Todd and everyone else.
  3. Cool1566

    This followed me home yesterday

    Show us more pics when you have it hooked up and ready roll!
  4. Cool1566

    IH can Koozie

    That is cool!
  5. Cool1566

    IH 1456 S/N 13961

    Do those rears ride rough? Used to hate rice and canes on combines when reading them.
  6. Cool1566

    This made me smile!

    Cool! Nice pic too.
  7. Cool1566

    IH TD-25

    Good old tractors. IH 817 motor is the best starting engine I’ve ever seen. I wish they’d have put it in the 4wd tractors instead of the V8.
  8. Cool1566

    1957 Farmall 450

    Looks like you live in a cool neighborhood! Is there a tractor in every yard?
  9. Cool1566

    IH 756 w/Case IH 2355 loader

    Wow! That’s a long distance sale! Where will it have to go to get on a ship?
  10. Cool1566

    IH 756 w/Case IH 2355 loader

    Awesome! Do you plan on keeping all of them or do you sell some after you give them your touch?
  11. Cool1566

    1066 serial number

    That’s cool! Hope you get a lead on it.
  12. Cool1566

    Kidney stones

    Glad to hear it ! Hope you weren’t in horrible pain the whole time. I’ve never had any but the toughest guy I know said in his words “ it’s bad” so I KNOW it must be! This guy doesn’t stop for anything and at 73 out works everyone around him!
  13. Cool1566

    Black Stripe 66 Series Tractor Mechanicals

    Bill your black stripe collection is awesome! The 14 with the cultivator is my kind of fun (if it’s not too hot)!
  14. Cool1566

    Never-ending Fun

    Is there not a tree anywhere? Wow! I’m not used to that kind of horizon.
  15. Cool1566

    Kidney stones

    How are you Mike? Better I hope.