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  1. Finally a non stressful vote where I feel sure the outcome will be ok. They are all winners no matter which one gets the most votes!
  2. PCB was 75 degrees and beautiful. 17 degrees at the house last night when we got home…..
  3. Just came from Panama City Beach yesterday. We have an uncle that lives on the beach. I was 49 before I ever saw the ocean. Now we go whenever we can. I do hate driving on I 65 though. Getting too old I guess.
  4. Thanks to you both!
  5. Is your new turbo doing ok for you? Looks and sounds great to me but I’m no expert.
  6. I see 3 bottoms in the pic, Todd. Is that what it is or is it bigger?
  7. Happy Birthday Bill , Eric and whoever else’s it is ! Hope it was a great day for you all!
  8. I’ve thought about pumpkins here at my place so the kids would have something to learn about “farm to market” concepts. I’m completely ignorant about pumpkins though. Any absolute things to stay away from? Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
  9. Pretty cringy right there. I do not do well with snakes.
  10. Yes the grain vac will pull grain that far. Not the fastest way to move grain but it does work.
  11. We have shoved some heavy plastic pipe the size of the grain vac hose in a hole cut in the man door. Started with plenty of pipe to reach the center of a 48’ bin but probably only was able to insert 18’ or so. Running the grain vac connected to this pipe while shoving it in the bin helps a lot. Like mentioned we didn’t reach the center but it was way better than unloading the majority of the bin from one side.
  12. Grew up around a 154. Would like to have a nice one now for some reason. I always liked how the little engine growled.
  13. Sorry to hear of your loss. We lost our 12 year old Great Pyrenees a year ago and it’s tough on all the family even the other animals. It gets better with time but it’s not a fun place to be. Once again I’m sorry to hear this.
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