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  1. Beautiful country! Nice spread you have there!
  2. I’m a into my first pair of Thorogoods for 18 months now and for me that’s 6 months longer than normal. I will buy more Thorogoods when I need some but not sure when that is going to be! I recommend them highly.
  3. Good looking old cabover! I’ve gotten older and less limber than I was and don’t think I would want to climb in or out of one of those anymore.
  4. There are no stupid questions, only stupid answers. You wanted to know something so you asked a question. Don’t feel stupid.
  5. We deal with deer damaged crops but I did not know bears would do so much damage. Also since in my part of the world we don’t have bears I couldn’t imagine having to be on guard for them while I checked the crops! Crazy!
  6. So that all was in one day?? Wow!
  7. Does the friend live near you?? No bears here in Western KY
  8. I thought syrup making happened in early spring ? I have no knowledge of the process though so please enlighten me. Can one save the sap to process later?
  9. Awesome tractors! Looks like more fun than the law allows!
  10. Well that one looks great too!
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