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  1. Finally finished 2019 crop this evening. I think it gets harder every year to plant and harvest a crop..... Hoping everyone that has crop out can wrap it up soon.
  2. Happy Birthday! Hope you have a great day! I too enjoy the videos of your dairy.
  3. Hang in there! Praying for you and your family.
  4. I try to keep it under 14 hrs a day. Our planting and harvest always seems to be 3 months each so I take the marathon approach. Also most of my help lives thirty minutes away so they have an hour of driving a day also.
  5. Neighbor here has one on a 766 with a canopy. Has used it like that for years and years. Might be similar to your tractor clearance wise.
  6. How is harvest moving along where you live? Good, bad, slow, stuff of nightmares? Mostly complete in Western Ky except for late soybeans on floodplain ground that were planted mid July. Weather here hasn’t been too bad but is wet now.
  7. Happy Birthday!
  8. Several guys in my neighborhood built a drawbar hitch that attached to the three point hitch. Helps in transport with height clearance and also moves pivot point back some giving more turning clearance also. Fairly simple to build just be sure it’s stout enough.
  9. Looks like IH heaven to me! Awesome lineup of 66’s and everything else too!
  10. I thought the purpose of lightning rods is to help equalize positive and negative charge imbalances between the ground and sky, which allows the building to not be such a target.
  11. How about a star on top come Christmas time?
  12. That’s awesome! Good vision on repurposing items.
  13. Nice! Is that your latest purchase?
  14. Funny story in hindsight- a buddy of mine went to haul a dozer for a guy with his lowboy and R model Mack with twin sticks. He had the parking brake button in to adjust his brakes and the the truck in low gear (engine off) so it wouldn’t roll. Long story short he starts climbing on the trailer with the dozer which push starts the truck which he then bails off the dozer to chase down the truck to stop it. THEN he hears the clack clack clack of the dozer he had bailed off of......while it was in gear...headed towards him! My buddy got the dozer stopped too with no damage or injury but my ribs hurt for a week from laughing so hard after he told me about it!😂🤣
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