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  1. I am so sorry about your loss! Your brother was part of a great program in Agriability and I’m sure I have probably run across him in the past. Such a small world! Hang in there Rob and when you feel like it we will all be waiting for you to post some more of your awesome old puller pics and other cool stuff you always find for us!
  2. This is off topic, but how did harvest go for you this year Dan ?Were crops late in your neck of the woods? Did you have to fight any snow or mud?
  3. Cool1566

    The Dog Thread

    Is mutton a staple in New Zealand ? It’s a regional meat where I live. Not many people will eat it.
  4. I believe David Hula and the heavy hitters in the NCGA started the 2x2x2 for contest corn. Makes sense for root development but I’m with bitty on the maintenance side. A guy can spend all his time tinkering when he should be rolling.
  5. 2x2x2 is same as 2x2 just on both sides of each row.
  6. I remember my dad having different color IH caps (sorry not quite on topic) during the seventies. They we’re all from the local dealer and I assumed they were just different colored for variety. I remember him wearing a baby blue, yellow, and he even had a brown IH cap he kept for good. I still have the brown one somewhere. Of course there were numerous red and black caps that seemed to be the norm.
  7. Cool1566

    Dog toys

    Neighborhood cats work for mine...
  8. That’s a new one on me.....I’ll have to check into that.
  9. They are becoming commonplace in my area anymore. The population has really grown in the last 15 years here.
  10. My wife and I took her father for his latest scope. Some of the things he said while coming off the anesthesia were “priceless”! Funny stuff for sure!
  11. That is a really awesome quilt!
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