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  1. Cool1566


    Some people are allergic to the bites. Guy I work with had to go to the emergency room with the bites making his eyes swell shut.
  2. Nice to see the IH filter element but the scrap metal not so much.
  3. Thanks for posting all of those! Interesting and handy too!
  4. There is a Sears house in my county still being lived in. Not quite the style pictured above but it is a two story.
  5. Cool1566

    The Dog Thread

    She’s pretty! Enjoy!
  6. Cool1566


    Nuff said!
  7. Cool1566

    The Dog Thread

    13 months ago we got a female of the same lineage. Smart smart dog. We are amazed how smart and quick to catch on to our family routines. I believe you’ll like her!
  8. Cool1566


    I don’t think it’s that bad. I like the wheels. White in color is always classy.
  9. I used it in the past but quit until this year. Trying a different formulation and have been seeing better roots on the beans with starter. Won’t know if it’s worth it till the combine has its say. One on the left has starter, one on right does not
  10. For seasonal use on farm roads I’ll take Chinese virgin tires over recaps any day.
  11. I’d say even possibly the morgue...
  12. Cool1566


    I do believe you can find one better than that and still not break the bank. Good call on the pass.
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