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  1. Do you have to have an engineer’s license? That’s cool to be able to drive a train !
  2. Probably stakes to let the solar farm contractor know where to dig the holes for the solar panel posts….
  3. I know that long term use of chicken litter has incredible results on yield but man that stuff stinks! Several neighbors use it and wow what a stench!
  4. Is that the 14 that had the Chem Farm tanks on it last year?
  5. I like the truck! Always have liked Loadstars of that vintage.
  6. I know nothing about them but can only imagine what could happen. I have, though, seen footage of the intense incendiary capabilities of vape pen batteries malfunctioning in peoples’ pants pockets while they are in line at the Mini Mart. I’ll stick with internal combustion engines for the time being.
  7. I think most of us on here know who this is!
  8. Best money spent. Saves $$ and time. Go for it.
  9. It is definitely good to see you posting about this project again Zach! How are you doing these days? Hopefully you are doing great.
  10. Unfortunately there were a lot of hard feelings I believe due to a mis-representation of FACTS. I found it infuriating to be accused of “damaging” neighbor’s soybeans by my use of Xtendflex soybeans. The problem I have is that yes, I use XtendFlex soybeans and yes I’m odd man out in a strong area of Enlist use, but just because I use XtendFlex soybean seed doesn’t mean I use dicamba. Haven’t for several years. Yet due to a false narrative that can most certainly be traced back to “market share tactics”, I was and continue to be viewed as the cause of Enlist soybeans being cupped at post spray. It is easy to find evidence all around my neighborhood that the Enlist spray causes the “damage” by merely looking at what kind of job the sprayers did in a field of Enlist beans. I find it funny that corners of fields, the back side of electric poles, and various other sprayer skips never get “damaged”by the dicamba that I “use”. As I stated in my above post, “Enlist will cup the leaves of Enlist soybeans. Period.” I really don’t care what traited soybean my neighbors use, but they need to be absolutely sure they have their facts straight and backed up with actual evidence before accusations are thrown about so easily. Tissue samples are easy to acquire and answer lots of questions. My weed control program includes tillage, well timed residuals, and the strong agronomic practice of “start clean, stay clean”. It does not include using the “D” word and causing the cosmetic and economic ruin of a certain company’s traited soybeans.
  11. Enlist will cup the leaves of Enlist beans. Period.
  12. Have you ever used Clarity or Status as a herbicide in your corn?
  13. Looks like you ascribe to the “Noah” method of decoys. Two by two.
  14. So, which one of the ten would you call your favorite?
  15. How much corn will you plant in 36” rows?
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