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  1. Unfortunately he is the former governor of KY. Dems got in after only one term by Bevin. I will refrain from further comment. I live in KY.
  2. Do you have training in electronics? You being able to put together your own auto steer and section control is absolutely amazing in my book!
  3. Hoping to also as Duquoin is less than an 1-1/2 hrs from me.
  4. I know you ran a Deere planter for a lot of years prior to your new planter that is pictured. How do you like the Early Riser units compared to the other brand? I’m contemplating going from a green to a red planter in the future. Any insight would be appreciated.
  5. Congrats! Glad you delved into the 66 series. I know you like 86 series but I have a feeling you’ll like 1566 a lot.
  6. Happy Birthday! Hope you have a great day!
  7. I’m not much on Drs either. I hope you can get some relief. Working hurt is never fun and the work doesn’t stop for hurt people.
  8. Uhhhh maaaaybe go to a Dr? I know old cowboys are tough but dang it man see a Dr! At least see your favorite vet if nothing else!
  9. Cool1566

    66 cab

    There is a lot going on there...
  10. Cool1566


    How do you ever survive the practice runs???
  11. Jesus paid the price for our sin and conquered death so that we may live! May we all spend some time thinking of what a good God we serve today!
  12. You have that many 1066s?!
  13. So how did the ole girl handle the plow?
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