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  1. Friend of mine that farms had a boat he named “Barely Makin It”. I think he had to sell the boat....
  2. Man Ace you’ve had quite a stretch of rough years! I’m sorry you had this late flood. Hang in there....again☹️
  3. Happy Birthday Todd! Hope today is a great day for you!
  4. That is an awesome looking job Lorenzo! I’d call that a cool factor of 10 to the 560th power!
  5. Still trying to eliminate any other simple issues with the harness or solenoids. New module is over $1000!
  6. We have a 900 8 row that has the level lift/auto marker module on it. Planter won’t raise or lower and markers won’t function either. It has power to the module connecter but not back in the marker control switch. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Manual says something about an emergency harness to use if module is bad??
  7. Had a great time on Friday. Weather was really nice. Tons of beautiful tractors. Met some people from the forum. What else can you ask for?
  8. Flood damages so much so quickly. The erosion takes a long time to get right again. Sorry you guys have so much damage.
  9. He’s alright, just not a horse person.....
  10. Great show and awesome weather for the most part. Tons of beautiful tractors representing countless hours of sweat and effort of people who have the same “sickness” as most of here on this forum.
  11. Thanks guys. It’s the Big 50 for me. So far so good. Going to DuQuoin tomorrow so being 50 is great so far!
  12. I believe that’s the best thing I’ve seen in quite some time! Great tractor too!
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