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  1. Can’t get any better than that! Congrats! Plus he looks happy to be wearing IH !
  2. That’s some itchy stuff right there.
  3. I only wish I could be HALF as cool as Danny!
  4. I applaud you on being certified organic for 23 years! I would love to learn more on how to grow healthy looking crops like in your pictures. Something about it just seems “right”. Don’t get me wrong, I use whatever chemistry is available and commercial fertilizer as much as anyone on lots of acres, but as I get older and hopefully wiser I wonder about raising crops the way they were raised for centuries before. Seems like it would be very rewarding to one’s “farmer” soul.
  5. Danny I like the “mode” switch on the front. I’d say things get a little rowdy when it’s in the pen!
  6. That’s one cool old bull!
  7. I like the “turbo”! Nice touch!
  8. Cool1566

    Good news!

    That IS good news!
  9. It’s always nice to deal with good people. Nice Oliver too!
  10. Looks like a summer full of fun! Those tractors have a very high cool factor Danny!
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