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  1. Wonderful line up! You could start a dude ranch of sorts only the horses would be red tractors. People would line up to spend a week on a black stripe in a flat black field!
  2. I too have been towed at a high rate of speed on a riding mower. Nothing of the quality of a Snapper Comet as my chariot was a Murray and my view was limited to the lower section of a GMC emblem on a tailgate of a pickup. I have tried to forget the memory of that day and I felt sure that I was the only idiot to ever be talked into such a ride! 😏 I’m glad to know otherwise.......
  3. Now THAT is some ink that’ll make ya think!!
  4. Nice work! Have you tried your new cab yet with the sound deadening material installed? Does it make a difference?
  5. Cool1566

    Randy Sohn

    Sad sad news. I’ve read his posts many times. He’s one of the “regulars”. This covid19 mess is hitting too close to home now.
  6. Cool1566


    Congratulations! That’s a major accomplishment these days. You should be proud!
  7. Those weights are awesome! Were do you find those?
  8. I can’t wait to see this project develope!
  9. So I admit it I like watching YouTube videos about different farmers. Nothing on regular tv anymore anyway. What gets my goat is how pretty much every YouTube farmer calls CaseIH equipment “Case” like Jerome Increase made it himself. Not hardly ever any mention of the IH on the end of all the decals on the hoods of the tractors or the very obvious red color scheme. Is it a younger generation thing or did I not get the memo to call an Axial Flow combine a “Case”? Had to vent, sorry fellas.
  10. Cool1566

    They Got Us

    I hope it doesn’t come to that for you Todd. Locked in wouldn’t be much fun.
  11. Absolutely awesome work! That is something to be proud of! I have to ask is the SMV 1/2 scale also?
  12. I’m sorry you have had to deal with this for so long. We definitely can’t choose who we are related to.
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